TTG Chapter 121

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 121: Exploring the Secrets of Northern Tibet (64)


Regardless of the worried cry of the White Wolf King calling out, Wei Xun’s soft claws ―T‌ stepped on the cracks on the edge of the stone and jumped in.

This passage is not really meant for people to enter, but rather a sacrificial path left when the altar was built. The seven-story altar is built to connect the sky, leaving a sacrificial path inside, which means to connect the earth, and the sky and the earth are connected, and is a real altar.

The sacrificial path is very narrow, and it is very difficult for the snow leopard cubs to drill. At the same time, it is almost straight down, and there is a steady stream of torrential rain flooding in. Drilling inside gives people a claustrophobic suffocation and the illusion of being submerged by water.


The magic fire glows brightly to the sacrificial road. This rain water is also full of magic energy. It forms a small area of ​​waterless space between the confrontation with the magic fire. Only the little snow leopard can take a breath, and then continue to hold his breath and go down.

Wei Xun was wet, roughly calculating the distance from ‌.

Outside Selin Co Lake flooded, flooding the wasteland around the lake, and it will soon be flooded to the altar. This is the lake that seals the Great Devil. If Wei Xun drips from outside to the lake, and then finds the wrong lamas, it is too dangerous to find the Devil Seal. And this seal is likely to be down on the surface of the lake.

After all, Wei Xun had just taken the sacrifice of the man, so it’s better to keep a little low-key.

It’s much safer to walk from the sacrificial path. The ancestors of the Eagle Flute had tampered with when they built this altar, and built an inner altar in the underground, like an inverted pyramid. Let the altar, which was originally connected to the sky and the earth below, added the meaning of’connecting to the bottom of the devil’.

Wei Xun secretly asks Xiao Cui to summon the insect swarm, which can swallow the earth and rocks in this big underground, and the insect swarm who is good at digging the ground is the best detective.

The more you go down, the less the water seeps, and the rain that goes down doesn’t know where it is going. The inside of the sacrificial road is getting colder and colder, the temperature drops abnormally, and a layer of frost is condensed on the tips of Wei Xun’s hair.

This frost is extremely thin, yet heavy, like a heavy armor. No, it’s not that the frost is heavy, but the devilish energy contained in the ‌ is resisting Wei Xun. The demon fire burned the small layer of ice around the leopard cub’s body, as if bewitched by the aura of the big demon on the demon fire, the frost no longer adhered to Wei Xun’s fur, but the surrounding temperature was still dropping.


The little snow leopard sneezed, and Wei Xun became more vigilant. The demon seal took Selin Co as its core. The surrounding land and mountains were all part of the seal. The place where the altar was built is just above the seal, and it may even be a gap in the seal.

He should have been down to the ground now, and then continue down, it is the inner altar. The place where Yin Baitao and the witches were taken was only at the junction of the inner and outer altars. Although they were also in the altar, they were not too deep. There was no way that Wei Xun was walking closer to the devil.


Threads of magic energy entangled Shang Wei Xun’s body, and plunged into the magic fire like a small snake, digging into Wei Xun’s hair. The path of worship here is no longer narrow, but gradually widened. Wei Xun shook his hair lightly and shook out all the devil qi. He endured not eating the devil qi, and his breath became more and more faint and concealed. The concealer’s characteristics are utterly extreme.

Wei Xun knew very well that he had taken advantage of his food since he came down.

The great demon Chabalen possesses many relics of the elephant male, the crown is in the devil’s skin, and the bone flute and the golden bell are in the body of the great devil. At any rate, the former is just a ghost shadow, and it has been sealed in the nine-fold swastika crystal tower and weakened for more than a thousand years. The bone flute was given to the descendant of the eagle flute by the great devil, and it was easy to seize it.

Only this last golden bell, which is still embedded in the body of the great devil, is definitely the most difficult to obtain. And it is ‌ that makes the big devil’s right arm not afraid of the seal.  If this problem is not resolved, even if the wrong lamas use their lives to reinforce the seal, they will definitely break the seal in the future.


 If you tell the wrong Lama about the news, let’s not talk about how difficult it is to rendezvous with them. Just according to the Lama’s sexuality, it must be the way to destroy the golden bell, cut off the big devil and then destroy the seal, Wei It is difficult for Xun to take away the golden bell.

No head action.

Little Snow Leopard rolled twice, completely shaking off the devilish energy, because the space above and below is still too narrow, and I am afraid that it will be prostrate before becoming a human, Wei Xun still maintains the state of Snow Leopard. The snow leopard he incarnates is too young, and the fluff between the fingers to increase the friction has not grown, and it is a little slippery on the ice.

That’s right, an unusually smooth layer of thin ice has formed on the ground under your feet. There are ice layers on the front, back, left, and right. The cold temperature is explained. It seems that this is not a sacrificial way, but a certain ice cave. The ice surface was glowing with a faint blue light under the demon fire, and there seemed to be a dark shadow in the ice layer that sensed the devil energy, and gradually approached Wei Xun.

Wei Xun extinguished the magic fire, and the surrounding area suddenly fell into darkness.

‘Are there any signs of it? ‘

Wei Xun asked the fox cub and Xiao Cui.

‘Yin is heavier over there’

The fox cubs refer to the north. According to their geographical location, they should be the Lake Selin.

‘The devilish energy is heavier here’

Xiao Cui was referring to the feet. They are equivalent to having just reached the top of the inner altar and have to go down to reach the core area of ​​the inner altar.

Yin Qi may be some corpses, like various mummy and demonized corpses driven by demons. The devilish energy should refer to the demon body.

But time is precious, and Wei Xun did not make a decision. He simply took out the crown of the golden-winged Dapeng bird’s horn. When the crown was taken out, all the surroundings lit up, like a spotlight. You  is a touch of gold, just like the noon sun shining on the golden-winged bird in front of the crown. The bird Z is two rubies, shining like flames as if they would fly down from the crown at any time.

Even the cold and cold ice layer is glowing with warm and radiant light. The dark shadows hidden in the ice before disappear all, and I don’t know where they are hiding.

After being convinced that * * * would not snatch blood from him, Wei Xun moved the blood of the golden-winged roc bird back into the crown. After all, he has an opponent of the Devil Merchant in the east-west confrontation mission, and he always takes out the pendant to expose the possibility.

Don’t take the crown, anyway, after he became the king, the audience outside the crown should know.


The snow leopard cub gave a puzzled voice. The golden bird’s shadow on the crown actually pointed to the north, which is what the fox cub said, the place where the sullen air is heavier, rather than the devilish feet.

Wei Xun actually tried it too, after all, when looking for the pendant before, it was the crown that reacted when he was in the Buddhist scripture hole. However, these items related to the Roc garuda have mutual induction.

After adding the blood of the Golden-winged Roc Bird, this ‘guide’ will become clearer.

‘The Devil’s Insects: Thousands come out, continue to dive down’

Wei Xun ordered that there were still about 6,000 worms in the evil ghost swarm, which were mainly damaged after entering this demon-polluted area. Sending a thousand insects to explore downward is also included in the loss calculation.

‘good! ‘

Xiaocui should be clean and tidy, anyway, this is just an ordinary insect, and it is difficult to leave the environment of the Tibetan Plateau. He picked out one or two hundred male insects with a little potential, with magic honey and Wei Xun’s blood. It is not difficult to expand the insect swarm. After that, his insect swarm must be dominated by demons.

These worms are just out of use now.

Xiao Cui said:’Master, be careful, I think it’s dangerous there.’

‘Then, bite me first’

Wei Xun put away the crown and recruited Xiao Cui’s body when the surroundings returned to darkness.

‘Strike with all your strength’

The emerald green  magnified version of the female dragon lacewing appeared on the little snow leopard’s neck, bent her forelimbs to lick something, simmered for a while, and then took a bite at Wei Xun’s fatal throat without hesitation.

【love peace! 】

[You have been hit by a peace lover. In the next half an hour, you will not be afraid of poisonous, radiation, hallucinations, and devilish pollution! ( Little Cui class goes down)]

But Wei Xun had studied the curse of King Xiangxiong a little before, and found that the curse was not simple.

The original words of the King Xiang Xiong were that any attack made by the elephant will make the opponent healthier, and any curse made by the elephant will make the opponent more fortunate…’ That is to say, this is a compound buff!

As long as Xiaocui’s attack zone has more negative states, Wei Xun will receive more positive blessings.

However, the mother worm originally did not have much attack power except for its own radiation because it swallowed radiation ore all year round, and at most it would make people hallucinate.

In order to let him play a bigger role, Wei Xun thought of a way. He asked Xiao Cui to drink the venom before biting him!

——Anyway, there are too many poisons from Ding Gou. Xiao Cui was not afraid of this level of poison, and it was okay to drink it.

I just held the attitude of trying before, but I didn’t expect it to succeed!

As a result, there are more attempts that can be made on Xiao Cui, and Wei Xun thought about this, and he began to wonder how to maintain the curse effect for a long time-at least Xiao Cui could not face the Devil Merchant.

Although the conditions are limited now, I can only try an anti-drug, but it is also very important for Wei Xun. After all, he can only wear five titles, there are travelers, wild minds, archaeology, adventure, magic After more important titles such as Insect Dominator, Wei Xun, the two titles of Toxic Resistance and Strong Resentment Resistance, has been rarely used, mainly because there is no time to wear it.


It’s the devilish pollution that should be a new trick Xiao Cui learned. The previous sacrifices were made to the ‘Great Demon Wei Xun’ under the ceremonies of various Bon deities in the Holy Lake of Snow Mountain. It can be said that Wei Xun’s identity as the Great Demon was recognized by many gods.

Although he has not yet reached his strength, he is a hypocritical big demon, but with this identity, Xiaocui and Xiaojin Blood Ladybugs have also gained a lot of benefits, and each has changed and improved, but the current time is too tight, and Wei Xun is too late.

Take Xiaocui back to the orb of the devil, and follow the direction pointed by the golden bird phantom, Wei Xun heads northward. The tunnel was slanted downwards. Originally, it could be seen that the black stone was covered by a layer of ice, but gradually the layer of ice has become thicker than what is underneath, completely impervious to light.

The upper and lower space is still very narrow, which can only allow the little snow leopard to walk normally, but the left and right are slightly wider. This ice was formed by condensing demon energy, and it was a deep and pure dark blue. Wei Xun let the fox cub come out to bite a few pieces of broken ice full of demon energy, and continued to move forward.

There may be corpses or ghosts in yin-qi places, and demons are not necessarily feminine, just like magic fire. Chabalen can control magic fire, he should not be a pure feminine demon, like he cut out the rainstorm demon before, as a ‘daughter’, but there may be attribute conflicts between the rainstorm and the magic fire. .


However, Xia Mohuo has long been sealed in Xiaolin Temple, and Chabalen has been sealed at the bottom of the lake for so many years. This time, he mainly uses Rainstorm Demon Generals. Maybe he is more feminine now?

Wei Xun pondered the attributes of the great demon Chabalen as he walked. Are the attributes of the devil predestined by heaven, or can they be gradually changed according to his own talents? What kind of demon is he?

In addition to being particularly good at eating and being particularly hungry, Wei Xun has no talent so far. Maybe Devouring is his talent? He had previously drawn the alienation of the demon he dreamed of in his nightmare, and searched the Internet, but did not find a similar demon.

According to Xiaojin, demons have magic patterns. Perhaps the language of the demons is not clear, and the inferior demons cannot even speak, but the magic patterns contain a lot of information in the family, which is like an ID card.

Like Xiaojin, it looks like a magic bee, and the black and yellow pattern on his body is to imitate the pattern of that kind of magic bee, so he can trick the guard Xiongfeng to steal honey.

The magic lines on Wei Xun’s body are not clear. He was still a young demon when he was alienated. Many demon races have a protection mechanism when they are young. The magic lines are chaotically, and it is not clear which race it is. The province is recognized and eaten by the hostile species.

Does the great demon Chabalen have magic patterns?

Wei Xun has been thinking about a question, this big demon Chabalen, and his demon army, demon country, are they the same thing that Xiaojin Xiaocui said about the abyss?

According to what we said, Demon Insects cannot be completely regarded as Demon Races. To be precise, they are “Abyss Species”. In addition to Demon Races, there are also Ghost Races, Modified Species, Giants, Fairies, etc. The whole world.

However, Xiaojin couldn’t remember how ‌ came on the journey and how ‌’s companions came.


The claw tip of the leopard cub is slipping on the ice. The tip of the claw is too immature and has not grown well. When the tunnel slopes downward and the ice surface is too slippery, it cannot maintain its own balance.

Wei Xun just got down on the ground, like a penguin gliding on an ice surface, sliding down the slope. Now the entire passage is like a very thick cylindrical water pipe, with an inclination angle greater than 15 degrees. The fluffy abdomen rubbed against him so that he did not spin. Wei Xun controlled the speed of his descent and watched the front vigilantly. Leopard’s ears leaned forward.


When there was an obstacle in front of the road that was now smooth, he calmly grabbed the ice surface, and the little snow leopard slid forward a few meters amidst the rasping noise, and finally stopped in front of the obstacle.

What is this?

Wei Xun took out the magic fire, and there was an icy ridge in front of him in the faint light. The height occupies most of the channel and is not very wide. At first glance, it looks like a layer of ice, but carefully the material is different from that of hard ice. is bone-white, and the fire glows with a cold white light.

bone? Corpse? jade? Ice board?

Wei Xun tried to climb up and walked a few meters inside, and then he discovered that the bone-white jade-like thing is a whole piece, the wider and taller it goes back, the ice cave channel also follows it. It expanded and widened. When Wei Xun walked about ten meters, the height and width of the ice cave were enough for people to stand up and walk.

“Crystal? Gradient color?”

Fifteen meters, Wei Xun walked to the end of this ‘crystal’. From the tip of the bone white to the current color gradually darkened, and finally turned to scarlet. When I got to Scarlet, it was five meters wide, and it was still cylindrical, and it had a certain height when I walked on it, and it was almost a floor high.

The scarlet giant cylinder is a lot wider than the ‘Crystal’ and has many folds, and the folds are embedded with ice and snow.

Wei Xun took out the crown, the golden Dapeng bird light and shadow still flew forward. But Wei Xun did not continue to move forward. He put away the crown and returned to the connection between Scarlet and Crystal. He transformed back into a human form, put on his clothes, took a knife, and tried to dig out a piece.

It was too hard to dig, even the fox cub could not bite. Wei Xun tried all kinds of methods. Finally, if he burned with magic fire, a small layer of the burnable’crystal’ cracked and rolled up, and rolled out a parchment-like crystal plate the size of a4 paper.

This is enough.

The title of Archeology Specialty didn’t work, maybe this is not a relic. After all, it is only a green title, and it is normal for limited functions.

But Wei Xun is also an adventure! If you know that you are taking risks, you can definitely know what ‌ is from the feedback!

【adventure! 】

[Successful adventure! You get the crispy Chabalen middle finger nails that are baked to the finish! 】

This rolled white ‘crystal board’ immediately became browned and crispy, and the surface was glowing with caramel color, which was the unique burnt aroma of barbecue. But Wei Xun’s rare focus is not here.

This is the nail of the Great Demon Chabalen!

Wei Xun’s heartbeat accelerated suddenly, and he instantly turned into a snow leopard, running towards the tip of his nails like a silver whirlwind. But after running a few steps, the guard Xun stopped and looked back, his silver-white beard was shaking quickly.

Many people are panicked by giants. When they know that what they are standing on, exploring and researching, and even the ‘large crystals’ roasted with magic fire, they are just the nails of the devil. Many people will be scared and sweated. The fear shocked my mind.


But Wei Xun would not be afraid. He changed into a snow leopard almost instantly, because changing from a snow leopard to a human was the fastest way to undress at the moment, and he could provoke * * * chatter or even stare at any time. The snow leopard jumped two steps away like a temptation. Is this a trap for the devil to seduce people?

 If the fruit demon still has no signs of movement…

Wei Xun calmly walked back to the junction of Bone White and Scarlet, where there were the clothes he dropped when he turned into a snow leopard, and the’crispy devil nails’ that looked like large slices of bread.

The snow leopard cub squatted in front of this nail, making a difficult choice. In the end, he resolutely lowered his head and took a bite.


It is indeed crispy to the finish, just like the puff pastry on the best meringue cream mushroom soup, fragrant and crispy. But Wei Xun only gnawed a bit, and after confirming, he received ‌ into the fox cub’s abdomen.

He chewed this not because he was hungry, but because he contrasted and tried.

It’s just a piece that doesn’t explain the problem.

Wei Xun performed the same trick again, using magic fire to’roast’ a small amount of scarlet flesh, and then ventured.

[Successful adventure! You get grilled meat of the extremely poor quality Chabalen Devil’s middle finger! 】

Wei Xun noodles ate a little without changing the color, and tore this piece of meat in half, feeding half to the blood ladybug, and half to Xiao Cui.

Xiao Cui was very happy, thanking her host softly, but eating the charred charcoal black with relish. The blood ladybug was painful to eat. After two bites, it pretended to be dead, and didn’t eat it no matter what.

‌ ‌Wei Xun knew what they were doing.

The fifteen-meter-long, narrow-to-wide ‘crystal plate’ is just the nails of the great devil. The scarlet giant cylinder is the finger of , and maybe even further down, it is his complete, sealed body.

But there is no soul in this body.

The feeling that the devil ate was different from what Wei Xun ate before. It was a matter of absorption. He used to eat the devil shadow, and when he ate all kinds of devil qi, he absorbed it immediately after eating.

But when eating this, although there is devil energy in the people, the devil energy gradually overflows with the ‘digestion’ and is absorbed by Wei Xun.

This is a real demon body.

It is completely different from the devil’s remnant soul, devil qi, demon shadow, devil qi condensation and alienation body, etc. that Wei Xun had seen before.

It is a sturdy body…It can be said that it is the first time that Wei Xun has arrived, a complete demon body.

The reason why it is said to be the body, not the corpse, the first blood ladybug does not like to eat, and the second, although the devilish energy in the body is silent, it is not weakening and dying, it is more like being sealed.

It turned out to be like this!

Wei Xun has the feeling of hitting the gate of the new world.

He has encountered so few complete demons (not counting Dinggou), so that Wei Xun always thought that even if there is a devilish energy, even a complete demon, even the “devil army” encountered in the assessment task, is just The strands of remaining devil energy were condensed, not real entities, Wei Xun’eat’ them, just biting the devil energy on their bodies.

The same is true of the burning ghosts in the Xiaolin Temple and the mutant demonic energy attached to the lama’s soul.

So that he realized for the first time the difference between the devil’s body and the devil’s soul!

The soul of this great demon didn’t know where it went, leaving such a big body—maybe the soul of ​​fighted with the wrong Lama in Selin?

Wei Xun excitedly moved forward, walking more than sixty meters before reaching the end of this finger. Z‌The front is suddenly loud, the back of the devil’s hand joints are raised One hill, five fingers stretched in different directions, inserted into the ice and snow,  five caves, Wei Xun is from one of ‌ Walked out of the’cave’.


Wei Xun tried to pose as a demon. Now, if the big demon itself is used, he should straighten his arms diagonally, palms with five fingers open, and try to move upwards and forward. Explore. Wei Xun  When a large block of ice and snow fell, the ice and snow in the scarlet skin folds were loose and newly accumulated, instead of being frozen in it forever.

There are also new traces of friction on the surrounding ice wall.

‌Outward, in the direction of the altar, reaching out to the world.

The successor of the Eagle Flute said that one of the devil’s arms was “unblocked”. If the fruit sacrifice is complete, I am afraid that the entire body of the devil will be completely unblocked!

But perhaps because the sacrifices stopped suddenly and there were no sacrifices, or because the faulty Lama and Yangjin High Priest strengthened the seal, this body no longer struggled outwards. The soul also detached from the body and fought against the Lama and others.

In other words, what was placed in front of Wei Xun was a pure and powerful, great demon body.

good chance!

But Wei Xun’s face showed various expressions of heartache and regret.

He didn’t give up, and said in a very sweet and soft voice: “Zab, can—”

‘can not! ‘

The fox cub was frightened and burst into tears:’I can’t eat it, I really can’t eat it! ‘

‘Allow all yang qi to be used up to expand abdominal volume’

Wei Xun laid down his blood:’Magic honey, eat as long as you want, and ghost fragments. By the way, bee eggs should also taste good’

‘I can’t eat it, I really can’t eat it’

The fox cub whimpered and said sadly:’I’m just a little fox! ‘

The nail is 15 meters long and the middle finger is 60 meters. How big should this whole demon be?

The fox cub can’t even think about it!

Wei Xun has done ideological work for the fox cub for a long time, dedicated to digging the limits of the fox, and finally the fox cub becomes strong and said that he can eat at most one finger.

Really can’t get more!

‘Then eat the middle finger’

Wei Xun murmured, the middle finger was longer.

You can eat as much as you can. Now there is no time to choose, and the devil may come back at any time. Although he knows that the Z beads, the heart, or other places are more precious, it is difficult for Wei Xun to find out from the length of the Z, after all, his goal is the golden bell on the devil’s arm. .

Dig out the golden bell, and the devil will definitely appear.

Greed more and more steps, the right way is to accept if you are good.

Without hesitation, Wei Xun left both the fox cub and the magic fire at the root of the devil’s fingers, allowing him to freely use the contents in his abdomen. Then Wei Xun continued to move forward—it was the right arm of the demon inlaid with the golden bell that could break through the seal.

In other words, the last main item of the journey, the golden bell is in front!

The devil’s arms are broad and it looks like a runway, but it’s too long. Wei Xun still runs all the way to his elbow. Maybe the devil doesn’t have an elbow? Every once in a while, he took out the crown to confirm the position of the golden bell, and finally fifteen minutes later, the golden bird-shaped light and shadow no longer flew forward, but hovered in place.

This is it!

Wei Xun’s Z‌tip, ‌ There was a trench-like crack on the side of this arm, and there seemed to be a little golden light flashing inside. Little Snow Leopard ran over there, and found that this place was not as hard as his scarlet skin, but bloody, and his skin was trembling and beating, as if the wound had not healed. And the more you go inside, the higher the temperature, and there are black burn marks.

The heart of the Dapeng gold-winged bird can burn all the dragons to ashes.

The golden bell is embedded here!

The little snow leopard jumped into the fleshy wound with the golden-winged roc bird’s crown. It was burnt and corroded close to the bone, and it was extremely deep. To the little snow leopard, it was a cliff. Wei Xun disregarded himself and was covered with blood. He jumped very accurately and landed directly near Jinling.

This golden bell is several times larger than the one hanging on the devil’s neck T‌, like an apricot T‌, half of which is exposed, while the other half is covered and swallowed by the flesh and blood of the devil. Wei Xun found the snow leopard claws. It was more convenient to deal with the flesh and blood of the devil. He immediately digs up the flesh and blood and takes out the golden bell.

But at this moment, the ‘earth’ shook violently and suddenly lifted upwards, and Wei Xun fell directly into a pool of blood, his claws hooked tightly on the golden bell. Desperately condensed the breath of the whole body, completely hidden.

The devil’s arm moved!


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