TTG Chapter 122

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 122: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (65)

Damn it, why did the devil’s arm suddenly move? !

‘The fox cub is back! ‘

Wei Xun immediately recalled the fox cub and the magic fire. The scarlet flesh and blood around him wriggled and trembled like alive, swelling and contracting, shaking violently. In order not to be shaken out, Wei Xun clung to the flesh and blood folds beside the golden bell. The leopard cub curled up on the golden bell.

‘Master, I ate it! ‘

The remnant soul of the fox cub quickly returned, wrapped in magic fire, and slipped back into Wei Xun, and said excitedly and nervously:’I have eaten it, I have eaten a whole finger! Let’s go quickly! ‘

Oops, ‌Did the demon awaken from being eaten by the fox cub?

Wei Xun has a dilemma, and it is not suitable to stay here for a long time. The return of fox cubs and demon fire stimulates the devil’s flesh and blood. A thick scarlet muscle is drawn in the air, and the hot and devilish air is distorted. Xun transformed into a human form and cut the magic tendons with a single blow. The magic tendons broke and fell from it, and the next crystal knife shattered directly, and Wei Xun’s face changed suddenly.

“not good!”

Wei Xun immediately turned into a snow leopard, and the demonic energy within him was rioting! It is the special environment within the flesh and blood of the devil, the rich blood and the devilish energy are intertwined, the resonance of the devil’s power, he will be violently demonized as long as he takes a step!

Can’t restore human form!

I have to quickly slip away with the golden bell.

But now the situation is really bad. The devilish energy that has lost its target is chaotic and crazy, fighting against the pure and hot mana on the golden bell. Under the agitation, there are countless new crimson spider webs extending from the bulging flesh and blood on both sides. The center is closed, as if it has strong vitality to heal the wound.


But there is a golden bell in the wound! The sizzling sound like frying, the smell of burning flesh and blood hits, the half of the fallen magic tendons are directly roasted into coke, the five meters of magic energy around the golden bell is swept away, and the flesh and blood of the devil is changed. It was extremely dry, like being emptied of blood. Especially the meat film attached to the surface of the golden bell, at the moment it is scorched and fragrant, like fat and lean beef jerky that has just been roasted from the oven.

Wei Xun was shocked by the confrontation between the devilish energy and Jin Ling. The whole leopard was stuck on the Jin Ling, and the rich fragrance rose from his face. Wei Xun conditioned it to lick. Licking, biting off some minced meat, then he was taken aback.

No soul?

What’s going on, the meat tastes the same as before, although it is full of demonic energy, it is pure flesh and blood. Wei Xun did not feel the existence of a demon soul inside. Of course, the soul shouldn’t exist in flesh and blood, but Wei Xun had a hunch.

He devours the’talent’ of the devil, or the soul, it is more appropriate to devour the devilish energy. Wei Xun is particularly sensitive to demonic souls, perhaps because of his racial talent for metamorphic demons. He could tell that the arm that moved suddenly was not controlled by the demon soul, and there was no soul in it.

No soul? interesting.

The finger-eating incident on the fox cub was the second one. Wei Xun originally thought it was a fault lama and they couldn’t hold it anymore, allowing the devil’s soul to return and controlling the body, but it doesn’t seem to be the case now.

‌You have to take advantage of the moment you want to escape, the demon energy gushing out of the devil’s flesh and blood is wiped away by the golden bell, and no new demon energy comes out. The fiery heat and pure mana radiating from the golden bell immersed the surrounding space. Wei Xun wondered if he was now in a human form, he should not be affected by the resonance of the devilish energy. There will be no problem soon.


But Wei Xun really wanted to know what was going on with the devil’s body. It was clear that the devilish energy was gone, but it trembled and vibrated more severely. It was almost spinning, and the ice and snow on the surface was crushed and collapsed. Wei Xun was dumbfounded. The wounds on his arm were all overwhelmed, and he felt that the arm seemed to be turning its direction.

From sloping upwards to sloping to ‌. Obviously there is no demon soul control, then why does this demon body move?

Boom——! !

The deafening sound of thunder blasted, even if it was underground, it could be heard clearly. Wei Xun clutched the golden bell firmly, even his tail was wrapped around the folds and raised. His arms shook suddenly just now, like a earth dragon overturning, almost throwing him away.

what happened? !

* *

“Oh My God……”

Feile’s pupils shrank suddenly and his face was pale. He was soaked and embarrassed. The rain water flowed into his eyes, but he refused to blink, staring at the distant lake. The travelers standing with him all had the same expression. The veteran travelers such as Jiang Hongguang even knew more, and the expressions on their faces were even more ugly and distorted, and they didn’t even dare to make a loud noise.

“The arm is broken.”

Yin Baitao murmured, seeing an incredible horror scene in front of her. I saw that under the thick clouded firmament, the torrential rain fell on the surface of the pitch-black lake, as if all the lake water was boiling, and between the black lake and the firmament, there stood a huge shadow of terror that penetrated the sky like a demon.

It was darker than the night, and the surging energy of unknown terror surged all over its body. It was so terrifying that it made people tremble instinctively at first sight, and there was no resistance at all. But just now, a dazzling golden light cut through the darkness and severed its’right arm’!


The broken shadow was supposed to be newly connected, but the blood-red light and shadow that rose like a big sun blocked it, and then the white-gold swastika appeared out of nowhere, accompanied by the sonorous sound of chanting, the big sun directly collided with the swastika. When the shadow’shoulder’ broke.

Suddenly, the lake water surged wildly, and the altar at the lake was half submerged in an instant. Even if it was only from a distance, everyone was still terrified by the terrifying momentum and stopped breathing, and their brains were blank.

“come here!”

At the moment of the collision, Yin Baitao covered her ears in pain, and Fei Le was so panicked that she hugged her, but she saw that Yin Baitao’s eyes were blank and blood was flowing out of her ears. Upon seeing this, Ji Hongcai directly pulled them to her side, and shouted, “If you can’t stand it, you won’t listen, don’t watch, take a deep breath!”

Not only Yin Baitao, Feile felt his heart beating so fast that he rushed out of his chest, as if he was hit by a sledgehammer on his head, his brain humming, his dizziness, nausea, and nausea, and his condition was a little bit after being pulled by Ji Hongcai. Get better. He immediately went to see Yin Baitao, but saw that she was still trembling all over, her face full of panic and fear.

“Bai Tao, Bai Tao, wake up, how do you feel? Are you okay?”

“Big Brother Ji, Bai Tao didn’t respond!”

Feile looked at Ji Hongcai anxiously, but saw that his face was also pale and his expression condensed, and his heart suddenly became more panicked.

“Don’t be afraid, there are guides.”

It was Jiang Hongguang’s words that did not allow the fear to continue to spread. He looked at Yin Baitao’s situation, and then firmly said: “There are guides, we don’t have problems.”

“Yes, but…”

 The battle on the lake was beyond Feile’s imagination, and there was no excitement in dreaming. ‌ Can the horrible battle eagle flute descendant really be able to bear it?


Feile looked forward subconsciously, and a tall black figure stood in front of all the passengers, standing with arms folded, looking at the fiercely fighting lake in the distance. Obviously he was wearing a tattered gown with injuries on his body, but his overall aura was completely different.

Deep, mysterious, and powerful, is it still a descendant of the Eagle Flute?

Fei Lezhi and other newcomers are wary of not standing too close. Jiang Hongguang and other veteran travelers have guessed that they have not personally experienced it, but they have collected all kinds of information and heard various legends.

After seeing Fei Lezhi and Yin Baitao standing behind the eagle flute heir, the situation improved, Jiang Hongguang confirmed his guess.

‌Not the descendant of the original Eagle Flute.

It’s a guide who was replaced by a hostel!

Only the guide who is replaced by the hostel protects the passengers, they can’t leave the Eagle Flute in any way, it is he who is protecting them.

In this super difficult, it involves the battle of the devil. Fei Le until they were attracted by the fierce battle, did not notice that the earth’s shaking stopped abruptly when they reached their feet. When the heavy rain mixed with pollution and devilish air fell, it became normal raindrops, and the surging lake water surged. At this point, even the strong wind seemed weak.

It was the guide who blocked all power, and it was absolutely safe to stand behind him!

“Look carefully if you can bear it. It’s the battle between the Bon Lama and the Great Devil.”

Jiang Hongguang said in a deep voice, diverting the attention of Fei Lezhi and the others: “Even on a dangerous journey, it is rare to see such a scene!”

Even people who don’t understand the Bon legends will instinctively feel terrified when they see this battle intuitively, not to mention that they have checked all kinds of information, and they are considered to be familiar with the Bon classics.

“The devil wanted to get out of trouble through the sacrifice. Now the sacrifice has failed. The angry demon and the wrong lama fought with the high priest Yangjin. However, because of the failure of the sacrifice, the demon’s strength was weakened, and the Lama cut off his right arm and fell to the wind.”

Jiang Hongguang explained according to his own understanding, he looked at the descendant of the eagle flute, and the other party did not move or make a sound, like a standing sculpture.

A chill passed behind him, and he bowed his head in fear, not daring to look at it again.

“ The sacrifice can really sacrifice a demon.”

Fei Le realized that Yin Baitao’s breathing gradually stabilized, and finally had the mind to look again. He still couldn’t believe it and muttered: “Is the journey like this before? Are we still on earth now?”

“We are still on Earth, but the journey is not all like this.”

Qin Xinrong listened to a wry smile: “My fucking, I have never seen a posture. Not to mention the difficult level , I have never seen it at the dangerous level.”

“At least by getting a journey of extremely dangerous level, it is possible to encounter this level of supernatural fighting.”

The super difficulty was too much, Jiang Hongguang didn’t dare to think whether this demon was made by Wei Xun. It’s really that he is too abnormal.

How did the sacrifice fail? They couldn’t see it from a distance before, but Xu Yang was there at the time but now he refuses to say. Is Jiang Hongguang’s brains up, is it because the descendant of the Eagle Flute has no good intentions, he treats Wei Xun’s hand, and is killed by him. Of course, without the’king’, the sacrifice will not succeed?

The descendant of the Eagle Flute is definitely dead, otherwise the hostel will not replace the guide!

Moreover, the guide is extraordinary and powerful, and can resist the aftermath of the demon fighting. Usually, it is the “customer service” of the hotel that replaces the guide. When those newcomers first enter the hotel, they inform the “newcomer customer service” of various rules, the “shopping customer service” in the virtual lobby that guides passengers to purchase things, and so on.

There are various theories about what the “customer service” of the hotel is, some say it is artificial intelligence, some say it is an assistant of the will of the hotel, and even it is said that this will become the customer service of the hotel after the passenger dies.


There are different opinions. It is said that the brigade even has a dedicated ‘personal customer service’ for the powerful top big passengers. The stronger the passenger, the higher the customer service level. Of course, the more talented newcomer travelers, the customer service level of the initial reception is also…​​ Relatively high.

‌ ‌ Is Wei Xun’s customer service?

The customer service who can come down to replace the guide should be related to the people in their brigade. Jiang Hongguang boasted that they had spent many journeys in the hostel, but their talents were really mediocre. A customer service can resist the aftermath of the demon-fighting just by standing here, I am afraid that the level is not low.

Therefore, only talented newcomers such as Wei Xun can be equipped with various levels of customer service.

“The devil’s arm was cut off, then, the battle should be over soon, right?”

Fei Le’s deadline Ai Ai asked, “Brother Wei hasn’t come back yet, is he going to kill the devil with the wrong lama? It’s too dangerous, it’s really…”

It is too dangerous!

Although we all know that Wei Xun is very strong, this kind of surreal and terrifying demon is really unimaginable!

“There should be no need to kill the devil, according to the level of our journey…”

Jiang Hongguang laughed half-heartedly when he said that, not to mention the level of the journey, now there is no level division at all, even the devil has come out. The only difference between their journey and the extremely dangerous journey is that they are just watching in a safe place, and there is no real sword and gun to fight the devil.

“I think it should just be to seal the devil, not to the point of killing him.”

Lin Qiming, who has been taciturn since not following Ding Yi, suddenly said: “Ding Yi is not dead…Be careful.”

“Ding Yi…we have a guide here, he doesn’t have a chance to do anything.”

Qin Xinrong said solemnly: “I’m afraid he will go to the guard.”

“Brother Wei’s White Wolf King is gone.”

“It should also go to the guard.”

Fei Lezhi guessed: “If it is really Leopard, then it is very loyal to Wei, and it must be looking for him.”

“Wrong Lama, High Priest Yangjin, White Wolf King, Brother Wei, , it should be easier to seal the devil, right?”

Feile eagerly asked Jiang Hongguang and the others for verification: “Right?”

“It’s six o’clock in the evening in one and a half hours. We should leave soon.”

Jiang Hongguang and the others have not experienced any level of battle, but it is right to use the time to calculate left and right. There is still an hour and a half of “sightseeing” for this attraction. Although there are occasional delays, it usually takes no more than half an hour at most.

In particular, they had to drive to the Qiangtang Safety Zone at the end. There could be a long distance from wherever they were. Even if they didn’t sleep or rested, they would have to run for two days, not counting the dangers they might encounter on the way.

If they delay here for too long, they will not be able to rush to Qiangtang in time and get on the bus sent by the hostel.

“That’s good……”

“Cough cough, cough cough cough cough cough—-”

Before Fei Le Zhixin let go, Yin Baitao in his arms coughed violently. He was helpless and patted her back quickly. I saw that Yin Baitao’s absent-minded eyes were finally bright again, but she looked extremely weak, and her lips were pale and peeling: “Laughing…”


A bolt of thunderous purple lightning struck the sky, and it was slashing in the center of the black lake. In an instant, the entire lake was filled with dazzling electric light, like a pool of plasma, dazzling and strange, the electric light overflowed even the huge demon. The phantom is dimmed for an instant, and the power of terror is permeated, making people frightened and suffocating with fear.

“What, what?”

Fei Lezhi was startled by the natural vision and his breathing was stagnant, and he didn’t hear Yin Baitao’s words clearly.

“Laugh, it, it’s laughing.”

Yin Baitao said hoarsely, squeezing Fei Lezhi’s arm, the back of his hand bursting with blue veins, and doing his best to say: “Devil, it’s… a devil.”

“It’s laughing wildly!”

* *

“Fuck it!”

Lightning struck the Black Lake, and the entire lake was flooded with lightning, Wang Peng Pai jumped up and exploded directly. He stared at the live screen, his eyes swept back and forth between the split screens of other hotels and Wei Xun’s almost black live screen. The Coke can that had just been opened was crushed by him, and the Coke splashed all over his body.

“Impossible, ,  impossible, 艹, Xiaole, 艹.”

Wang Pengpai’s consciousness wanted to communicate with his teammates, only then did he remember that they were all out. Wang Yushu pretended to be An Xuefeng, Mao Xiaole and Wan Xiangchun followed Bing250, and Mao Xiaole and Lu Shucheng went to northern Tibet. It is estimated that they are all nervous now.

He stared at the live broadcast screen, holding the phone in his hand and putting it down. After doing this several times, he couldn’t help but dial a number. As soon as Wang Pengpai was connected, he asked, “Did you see the lightning?!”

The person on the other side complained: “I saw it, Fatty Wang, my ears were not deafened by thunder and thunder, and I must be deaf by you.”

“The devil deliberately!”

Wang Pengpai said in a deep voice: “It deliberately asked the lama to chop off his soul’s right arm. I saw that after its soul’s right arm was missing, its body’s right arm was also disconnected from itself, and the soul’s corresponding body was synchronized.”

“It is on the surface that it is resurrected and out of trouble with the soul, restraining the wrong Lama and the High Priest of Yangjin, and deliberately letting them cut off their right arm. But in fact, it separates its demon body from the right arm. Bold, smart enough, Qi Lecheng, you have studied deeply, what level of demon do you think this is?”


Qi Lecheng said: “It’s hard to guess, Wei Xun is too dark, so the magic fire only shines a little. ‌ It’s good to be able to see the devil’s body clearly. It is not good to check the level by watching the soul through the live broadcast. ”

“But I guess its level is not low, after all, it is recorded in the Bon Scriptures, the famous big demon. And it was the vanguard of invading the world from the devil kingdom before.”

“Yes, vanguard, from the Demon Kingdom to the Human World.” Wang Pengpai frowned and muttered: “What the hell, the more I look at it, the more it is wrong, the gate of the lake, the passage of the Demon Kingdom, that lightning is definitely a problem, you say, Why do I feel that something is wrong, the gate of the lake is really a node connecting the world and the abyss, right? It shouldn’t be!”

“Look at the lightning. Electricity has always been. I see the hint from the hotel is very obvious.”

Qi Lecheng paused and muttered: “The possibility is definitely over half.”

Wang Pengpai refused to believe in reality: “,  because of the difficulty of the journey, it shouldn’t really be able to open it, right?”

“Hey,  I said that this journey has no difficulty at all.”

Qi Lecheng sneered: “Let’s not talk about it, I’m in the car.”

Wang Pengpai was wary: ” Get in the car? Which car?”

“Of course the car to northern Tibet, interesting, what I do not intend to go. But I did not expect abyss node will have a new life in, hey, to be honest, the guy in the end An Xuefeng in this journey is not there? He It’s still lighter now. If we are not here at this speed, we may not be able to catch up.”

“Do you really think  is an abyss node?”

Wang Pengpai stood up directly: “There are already two more abyss nodes,  if one is really…”

That would be a bad thing!

“Whether it is or not, you have to go and see. In case it has to be destroyed.”

Qi Lecheng dragged his voice, his background voice was a bit noisy: “You can’t let the node be marked by the butcher and the shepherd’s tour guide. Wei Xun is too unlucky. There must be a tour guide to invade the journey. I’ll hang up first. Ah, got in the car!”


There was a busy tone on the other side of the phone, Wang Pengpai’s expression changed, and he gritted his teeth and dialed a few more numbers. It turned out that it was either a busy tone or the other party was also on the way to northern Tibet.

“Impossible, how could it be the abyss node, Ding Yi’s trash, it is impossible to match this kind of journey.”

Wang Pengpai grabbed his hair, feeling a little mad: “How can you be a new star guide like C250? Only if you reach the difficult level, you will have the journey of the abyss node. Is Ding Yi really a hidden boss? ? I do not believe! ”

“It’s a bad thing.”

Wang Pengpai sent several messages to Mao Xiaole and the others, and closed the phone, worried: “No, I really shouldn’t, but the level of the devil, hiss, shouldn’t, shouldn’t.”

He can’t wait to chase to the north of Tibet, but he has to look after the house. Wang Pengpai was as impatient as he was burned to the bottom of the fire, spinning back and forth.

If the journey of 30 degrees north latitude is the return journey of the tourists, then the abyss node is the arena of fierce competition among the tour guides.

‌The abyss node is the key to the growth and evolution of the tour guide’s alienation! If you can enter the abyss node, even if it does not return to zero, it is very likely to activate the alienation state. Returning to zero is the bottom of the direct life value, and the bottom of the san value. It is not so much a complete alienation, but a complete death mutation. Only a tour guide with great willpower can survive.

Those who can be alienated without returning to zero are even rarer, even now.

Most tour guides are reluctant to die, do not want to die. Therefore, the abyss node is very important for tour guides, especially for tour guide alliances. Usually the top leaders of the major leagues, especially those with mature alien forms, have the abyss node in their hands, and there are countless secrets among them. It is said that the abyss hides the truth about the terrifying global hotel.

However, the number of abyss nodes that are mastered cannot exceed twice that of the 30-degree north latitude journey, otherwise, there will be a catastrophe, which is a fact that the captains of the major brigade have kept silent.

There are more abyss nodes. Big things happen.

After the tourists have discovered the Xiangxi Tusi King, the tour guide in the western district has discovered a new abyss node. It is said that there are also in the eastern district, but it has not been confirmed which power is in the hands.

 A new abyss node, which is so destroyed! But Wang Pengpai knew how crazy the tour guides would fight for the year-end celebration. Originally, there were many people who followed Wei Xun, and there were no shortage of elite tour guides. They are not fools, they all know the possibility that the’Devil Country Passage’ is the gate of the lake.

Previously, the possibility of them invading the scenic spot to kill Wei Xun was not high. After all, the price was too high, just wait at the terminal bus.

But now…tsk.

I am afraid that the journey will have to be pierced into a sieve, and it is really an abyss node. The hostel’s control over the journey is also reduced, and it will become easier to invade the journey at that time…


Wang Pengpai gasped with a toothache, and murmured: “Captain, , oh, what kind of luck is it.”

That’s not right, I’m hitting the newly opened Abyss node, which can be destroyed nearby, so I don’t need to take another trip.

Say okay, the seal abyss node is contaminated, and the captain’s previous recuperation is probably a waste of recuperation. What’s more, he is about to go to Laplange Snow Mountain with the dream chasers team to find Shambala Cave.

“What’s the matter?”

Wang Pengpai wanted to cry without tears. To be honest, the journey originally meant to see Wei Xun. He wanted the captain to recuperate. Why did he encounter so much trouble!

Encountering the abyss node, I am afraid that the tour guide will not let go of the entire northern Tibet brigade. Even with the prestige of the major brigades, those lunatics must be desperate to do everything.

“What’s the matter? How come I have caught up.”

Wang Pengpai murmured.

Captain and Wei Xun are too unlucky, it’s a miserable situation!

* *

“Only one arm left?”

Wei Xun tumbling upside down in the fissure of violent shaking several times, quickly grasped his balance. He let Mantis One go out to investigate the situation, but he learned a shocking news.

Contrary to what he had imagined, it was not that the entire demon’s body was sliding, but only the right arm!

The fracture has magical power?

Wei Xun glanced at the burn on Mantis No.1’s leg, felt a bit, and felt even more puzzled.

‌How does the mana on the scar feel like the breath of the wrong lama?

Not very similar, just the same!

It’s weird. He obviously didn’t feel the breath of the wrong lama, how did he cut off this demon arm?

What did he cut off his arm? Don’t let the big devil use the golden bell inlaid in his arm to get out of the seal again?


Wei Xun sensed that there was indeed no devilish energy on his arm, and it was suppressed by Jin Ling. Without the arm, the demon body was suppressed more deeply.

But the arm is completely unaffected by the seal!

It was originally immobilized by the seal, but now it is rushing underground.

“Where is its goal?”

Wei Xun murmured, thinking of the time when the fox cub and Xiaocui were exploring the way before, saying that the devilish energy would be heavier when the altar went further.

 Is the arm rushing toward the  face? What is the noodle? Without the control of the big devil, and without the devilish energy, why is it still going?

Wei Xun was full of curiosity. He left the fox cub’s remnant soul here, ready to devour the golden bell at any time. He crawled out of the crack and climbed to the surface of the demon’s arm. He found that there was a certain distance up the passage, not the arm squeezed out from the ground, but it seemed to have been dug in advance. It is almost like a magic hand train traveling slowly on the track, moving obliquely at a speed that is not alarmed to the seal, but the speed is a bit slow.

Wei Xun walked forward along his arm until he reached the broken root of the middle finger. Taking advantage of the darkness around him, he sent Mantis No. 2 and No. 3 monsters to look at the tips of other fingers. He squatted on the broken root of the middle finger and stared at the space. One line on the ground.

Suddenly the little snow leopard possessed himself, and with a large movement that almost fell, he quickly picked up something with his eyesight and hands.

“What is it?”

The dark silver shiny stone resembles a block of silver, but it is brighter than a block of silver , and even bright to a bit transparent. There is a stone like a stone on the ground at every interval of the passage.

‘Ah, it’s Thorium Mine! ‘

At this moment, Xiao Cui said in surprise.

‘Thorium Demon Mine? ‘

‘Yes, this is the gift presented by the Demon Merchant yesterday, but his one is only as big as a mung bean, which is smaller than the one picked up by the master.’

Wei Xun pondered:’He gave you this…what’s the use? ‘

‘It’s aimed at the paws, and it’s useless to me. It is more useful for the owner and the Tianhu brothers. ‘

Xiaocui respectfully said:’‌In fact, it is a special kind of demon insect, the egg of thorium demon insect. It can be integrated into the nails, and the paws are plated with thorium. It is as sharp as a knife and is not easy to break. It can try out various toxins. It is bright and shiny, and it looks good. ‘

Xiaocui said: “It is very special. It looks like minerals before it meets the nails. It only gradually breaks out of the shell after it is integrated into the nails. It will live on the nails and thorium layer until adulthood. middle. Therefore, Thorium Demon Eggs have the characteristic of attracting nails, especially for demons. The demons can’t help but walk towards the thorium demon egg until it clings to the nails, and the weak demons can’t even control their hands and feet. ‘

‘But it’s scarce in number, it’s too wasteful as a trap, and it’s really useful and beautiful, so many of them are in the hands of the great devil. ‘

‌ When the other monsters who were exploring information came back, Wei Xun thought after hearing the news they found:’They… prefer big nails? ‘

‘Yes, they prefer to live together in the same family’

A family…Wei Xun shuddered. Even though he knew all kinds of weird monsters, he thought of living with a family on his nails… He still blacklisted the species of monsters.

But it works.

“No wonder……”

Wei Xun’s expression was a bit weird. He took out the 15-meter-long middle finger nail (which was cut off when the fox cub ate it). At that moment, the sliding speed of the devil’s arm was ten times faster. Speedy!

After Wei Xun retracted his nails, the sliding speed of the devil’s arm became the slowness of the old cow pulling the car into a car.

He got it.

The other fingers of the devil’s right hand only have a nail root, only the |‌ long middle finger has a 15-meter long nail – ‌‌ was not arranged in advance by the great devil, it is really difficult to explain.

He dug a passage to the ground in advance, and then used Thorium eggs as an’attractive force? ‘

Wei Xun thoughtfully, soon wanted to understand everything.

The demon’s body was sealed, even if the right arm was inlaid with a golden bell, it was impossible to unblock the entire body with it. It can be seen from the fact that the demon’s arm is raised to the highest point, and there is still a distance from the ground.

He used the power of the wrong lama to cut off his right arm-or cut off the right arm of the soul, and there is a connection between the soul and the body? For the time being, what counts.

Not anyone can sever the right arm of the great devil’s soul, so he just calculated it and let his right arm’get out of trouble’. In order not to be affected by the seal at all, the devil did not use consciousness to control the magic arm, but set it in advance. Up the track.

Let the magic arm walk along the     aisle, and even pull out the nails of other fingers in order not to spread the speed, leaving only the  long middle finger nail. He wanted to let the magic arm reach the depths of the earth silently, the hole full of magic energy?


Who can think of it, I don’t know whether it is sinister or cunning or unreasonable.  It wasn’t that Wei Xun had unloaded its middle finger before. I am afraid that at that speed, the magic arm had already rushed to the ground with them.

“What on earth is there?”

Wei Xun was very curious, could it be the treasure of the great devil, something beneficial to the devil?

It’s not the passage of the Demon Country, it shouldn’t be, after all, it is on the front side of the altar, and there is still a distance from Selin Co, not within the range of Selin Co and the Great Crack.

Wei Xun is also very interested in cracks, but it is safer to wait for him to regain his status as a tour guide, so he has the title of shielding again. But he didn’t explore the cracks. He wanted to see the white thorium worm eggs and underground magic spots.

“The devil must have a conspiracy.”

Wei Xun said with an awe-inspiring righteousness: “Wrong Lama, High Priest Yangjin, I’ll help you.”

While talking, he had ordered the three mantis brothers to collect thorium eggs along the road. They searched faster than the magic arm. After the magic arm was emptied 20 meters in front, the magic arm finally stopped moving. There is probably a handful of eggs.

Wei Xun tied all the eggs in the magic turban and formed a small golf ball, and then tied a ball to the top of the trekking pole.

‘Dig up’

Wei Xun orders the Demon Swarm through Xiaocui, and they are first-rate in digging channels. At the same time, he fixed the trekking pole to the devil’s ring finger at an upward angle.


With the roar again, the devil’s arm that was originally slanted to follow the thorium egg began to turn upwards, and Wei Xun climbed on the devil’s finger and adjusted the angle of the trekking pole. The devil’s arm is invincible and powerful when turning, crushing ice stones is as easy as grinding tofu. Wei Xun’s eyes and hands were quick until it became almost perpendicular to the ground, and he adjusted the trekking pole to fit the devil’s ring finger.

Vertically upwards.

Afraid of lack of power, Wei Xun added a few more eggs.

A worm egg 20 meters apart can provoke the devil’s arm. There are more than a dozen worm eggs in the lump he wrapped, almost all of them covered.

“Go ahead.”

Wei Xun jumped in time when the demon’s arm began to move upwards, watching it rush up like a rocket launched along the tunnel dug by the goblin insects.

In order to be able to swallow the golden bell in time, Wei Xun also arranged the mink on the devil’s arm, and it went away on the devil’s arm like an astronaut.

The main thing is that it might take risks. Although the mink cub was transformed from a corpse flying fox, it is not a demon after all, and its body is relatively weak. Wei Xun does not want to hurt it.

“Let’s go.”

Wei Xun continued to walk along the sloping passage, collecting thorium worm eggs along the way, and he went to explore what was in this demonic underground.

* *

“Oh, well, straight, mo, ye, sa, come, de!”

The torrential rain on the shore of Selincuo Lake was like a waterfall and violent wind, and the dark demon slammed into it fiercely. The mistaken Lama did not change his face to recite the Eight-Character Mantra of Bon, his soul was extremely weak, but in this extremely weak soul, there was a bright and bright light.

Golden and silver swastikas flew around him, facing every attack of the devil. Behind him, the high priest Yangjin, who was covered in blood, was so angry that he was covered in blood.

He was actually burning his life to restore his true sun! It was just now that he and the Wrong Lama hit together and broke the right arm of the demon soul! Without the golden bell’s influence on the seal, as long as he recovers well and the two attack together again, the great devil can be pressed back into the seal again!

But after the right arm was cut off, the demon not only did not get angry, but kept laughing wildly! The wrong lama instinctively feels wrong, but he is fighting fiercely and has no time to think.

Suddenly, the earth shook violently, like an earthquake! The high priest Yangjin spit out a mouthful of blood, and his face became paler.

“No, what is it?!”


Chabalen laughed wildly, he was laughing wildly with the thunder and lightning, and the words of the devil rang like thunder. He played with the taste: “Wrong, Yang Jin, I have enough fun with you!”

“Desperate, tremble, I tell you,  is the shock of the opening of the lake gate!”


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