TTG Chapter 123

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 123: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (67)


The wrong Lama couldn’t believe it, and the high priest Yangjin opened his eyes in amazement, and a blood line suddenly slipped from his left eye, but he ignored these and sneered aftershock.

“The devil is confused, Chabalen, you will still be stiff at this point.”

“Don’t bother.”

The Wrong Lama calmed down, and the whole body’s magic light rose greatly. When those flying swastika characters reached the pitch black magic energy, the magic energy disappeared like ice and snow, leaving no more than a little bit.

“It’s true or false, you will know it at a glance.”

The big devil faintly, shattered the magic energy with a wave of his big palm, and he sounded thunder, and when he moved, the devilish energy rushed into F and caused F. The wind and clouds swelled, the squally gusts swept across the four directions, and the majestic rainstorm was swept into pieces by the wind. The water curtain, every drop of rain is full of magic.

But the gust of wind did not blow to the southwest. The intuition of the great devil made him vigilant. Although these two Bon wizards were difficult to deal with, he felt that the … over there was even more unprovoking.

If you provoke it, you will die!

Gan Danbaiju was dead, and the great demon realized his death when his soul contract was broken. No, maybe it wasn’t death. He remembered that he signed a contract with the Eagle Flute decades ago, and the devilish energy quietly polluted his soul. Although he had various magical weapons to protect his body, it was so stupid that he actually attracted the devil into the body. , Sign a contract with the devil.

According to the erosion of demonic energy, he should have been reduced to a puppet of the great demon, completely under his control. But somehow, another terrifying and mysterious force intervened in his soul, almost squeezing out the demon contract.

Thriller Global Hotel… is it him?

The great devil took a look with fear, and the soul of Eagle Flute Chuan had been taken away by the opponent. It was no longer him who was standing there at the moment, but the existence of that hostel. Otherwise, he had completely controlled the Eagle Flute Transmission, and the shame of being taken away from the sacrifice at the sacrifice would never happen!

The little devil who took away his sacrifice also smelled of the horror of the Global Hotel. What is it there? Could it be that they came for the lake gate?

“Hahahahaha, stupid, trash!”

The great demon was vigilant in his heart, but laughed wildly, and the devilish energy swept through, rushing to the wrong lama and the high priest of Yangjin: “The gate of the lake has been opened by the great demon king. When you return, the magic flame will sweep the earth again, and it will become scorched earth. If you know it, run away!”

“Look at this crack in the big lake, it’s the gateway to the magic door to invade the space!”

Something was wrong, Chabalen was about to run away. He has been sealed for a thousand years, so how much power can he open the lake gate, he has discovered an underground magic cave that is most likely to be connected to the Demon Kingdom! This Selin Cuo Heihu and the rift in the lake were all deliberate deceptions by him, just to make ignore the altar side.

Chabalen was about to open the magic cave with his arm, and the moment the magic cave opened suddenly, the majestic magic energy could dissipate the power of the golden bell. At that time, his soul consciousness will return, and he will return to the Demon Kingdom by rebirth with his arm. Nothing can stop him again!

Open the door of the lake? Let the demon army come and harm it again? He will be burned to death if he stays here again! If there is a demon army, I am afraid that one will eat the weak one first!

Looking at the earthquake, estimating the time, it should be that the arm has reached the magic den. You have to draw the attention of these two old immortal wizards. ‌!


As the big devil laughed wildly, the earth shook more and more fiercely, and the 100-meter water wave rushed up. The scene was extremely spectacular. The volcano erupted, and the surging demonic energy surged out. The faces of the wrong Lama and the High Priest Yangjin changed suddenly.

“No, the cracks in Lake Zhou are deeper. Mistakes. We must seal him immediately!”

The High Priest Yang Jin said anxiously, and he had to show the true eyes of the sun immediately if he could no longer cultivate himself. He was bleeding from his seven orifices and his beard and hair were all white. He didn’t even care for his life, and he was deeply jealous of the great devil. This demon was able to seduce him and control him thousands of miles away in the seal, how powerful it should be.

Never let him unblock!

The Wrong Lama didn’t say anything, Yang Jin was right, and must not let the devil unblock and open the lake gate. But somehow he always felt something was wrong.

The enchanter Wei Xun is not there, nor is the Snow Mountain Holy Beast White Wolf King. It stands to reason that they should be here. Especially, it was the devil’s unblocking and the emergence of the gate of the lake, which was a major event that they could not avoid.

What is going on, where are they?


The Lama was hesitant to read the wrong thing, and the High Priest Kim yelled anxiously, but he hadn’t had time to say another word–


A few more horrible lightning bolts of thick pythons struck out of thin air. This electric light was so dazzling that it could dazzle the eyes. For a time, there were bright and bright electric light everywhere. Lightning was smashing in the middle of the black lake. Hundreds of electric snakes flew to connect the lake to the Great Demon Chabalen, like a prison of lightning.


The demon roared in pain, and he who was smashed twice in a row suddenly shrunk, no longer maintaining the huge golem. Only a black shadow over two meters high tried to avoid the lightning, but was chased by the electric lights one after another. He often didn’t understand the devil’s words, and only felt the deafening thunder, as if he was about to blast down the F. Even the High Priest Yangjin took a breath when he saw this.

“The sin of opening the door of the lake, caused the Buddha to cast down a great thunder!”

The wrong Lama sternly said: “Chabalen, quickly return to the seal, otherwise you will be smashed to pieces by thousands of gods and thunder, and you will not even have the chance to go to the blood pool!”


The big devil was smashed holding his head and fleeing to delay the time, but was sealed and confined to Lake Selin. He was chased by lightning, even smashed five or six times, and even the magic shadow became illusory. Of course he wouldn’t be afraid of lightning strikes if his body was there, but the demon soul that had been wiped out of countless powers still couldn’t withstand repeated electric shocks.

Is this lightning really only chasing him?

The big devil was smashed and couldn’t stand it anymore, and he whispered in his heart, this battle was something that he led the demon army to invade the time a thousand years ago. According to the posture, there won’t really be a lake gate, right?

Hell, he didn’t want to fix this, he just wanted to escape back to the Devil Kingdom. It was hard to get through the lightning, and there was another round of bloody sun falling in front of him. It was the damn High Priest Yang Jin who used his true sun eyes again!

The big devil cursed in his heart and gathered the devilish energy to resist, but on the surface he was still laughing wildly, saying that this thunder and lightning came for the opening of the gate of the lake, and thousands of demon army would emerge from the bottom of the lake immediately, stepping down!

At this time, even the erring lama had no time to think anymore. He used all his strength to join hands with the High Priest Yangjin, vowing to return the devil’s seal! The two old men were bruised and bruised, and the crazy attacks at the expense of life and soul made Chabalen groaned constantly in their hearts. Why didn’t the devil’s cave open yet? How could the golden bell have not been taken away.

If he doesn’t return to the demon body, I am afraid that his soul will be severely injured, and he will really be pressed back into the seal again.

He is not sure to survive more than a thousand years!

At this moment, the big devil’s eyes changed and he was suddenly ecstatic!

The damn golden bell disappeared, and the devilish energy that had been suppressed and swallowed on his right arm surging again, he could return to his arm!

“Hahahaha, the gate of the lake is open, you all have to die!”

He yelled frantically and was facing the furious blow of the Wrong Lama and the High Priest of Yangjin. The terrifying power made Chabalen frightened. He must leave immediately, and he can’t hold it if he doesn’t leave!

Good risk, luckily I can get my arm back! The great demon Chabalen launched countless devilish energy, and the soul took the opportunity to escape. The fiery red light and the gold and silver swastika collided with the devilish energy. After a brief confrontation, it swept the devilish energy and pushed it horizontally across the dark lake. But the expressions of the High Priest Yangjin and Lama Lama changed suddenly.

“Ran away!”

The high priest Yangjin fell to the ground softly with gold paper. His left eye was sunken and full of burn marks. He was completely blind and his right eye was blurred. But he could feel that they had defeated the devil, but they did not hurt the devil’s soul.

Chabalen escaped! The seal is still there, and there is no way for him to escape the scope of the seal. Could it be that the gate of the lake opened and he escaped into the magic gate? !

Wrong Lama’s soul was weak and became translucent, the gold and silver swastikas completely dissipated, and the soul almost died out. But in the end, his soul is close to Dzogchen, which is a bit better than Yangjin High Priest. After realizing that Chabalen’s soul has escaped, he immediately looked at Selin Cuohu.

The surging lake water rolled over with a terrifying sound, the crack at the bottom of the lake, the huge mouth of the abyss seemed to swallow everything. ‌‌The gate of the lake really opens. The only thing they can do is to plunge into the magic lake and suppress the magic gate with their bodies.

But the wrong lama still feels that something is wrong. Although there is magic in the lake, it is not too heavy, and more of it gathers on the surface of the lake, but it is more like the magic in the rainstorm falling to the surface of the lake, rather than from the bottom of the lake. Demon flames gushing from the depths.

On the contrary, more and heavier demon auras came from behind!

“Yang Jin stop!”

The Wrong Lama stopped the Yangjin High Priest who was staggering to throw into the lake, suddenly turned around, and confronted the demon phantom for decades. He believed his instinct even more. The devil is not in the lake, behind him!

“what is that?”

The wrong Lama rushed to the rear, where the devilish energy burst, but the next moment he was stunned, and he couldn’t understand the scene in front of him!

“what is that?!”

Boom-boom -! !

The sound of thunder shook the ground, but it couldn’t suppress the tremor from the depths of the earth. Jiang Hongguang and the others didn’t look good at all. The shock was too close to them. Only the people standing directly behind the eagle flute transmission were unaffected, and the people standing on both sides were slightly unaffected. You can feel this terrifying shock!

“A big earthquake, the ground, the ground is cracked!”

Xu Yang’s voice was so tight that he trembled. He clung to a lot of guide dogs and his face was pale. With a guide dog at hand, he could see ten meters underground, and the horrible cracks were continuously extending from the ground to the ground, at an extremely fast speed, and he even sensed something extremely terrifying, just below the cracks!


“Can’t run!”

Jiang Hongguang grabbed Xu Yang and held him firmly: “The more this time, the more you can’t run. The Eagle Flute will protect you!”

The Eagle Flute will protect them, he doesn’t believe it! But in reality, the earthquake is so severe that you can’t stand firm, only the eagle flute is passing. Behind you is still stable. Let alone run away, I’m afraid you will have to be shaken. Down!

Fei Lezhi waited for the new one to only believe in the old one’s experience, and watched with horror as the ground not far in front of him cracked. Jiang Hongguang, Ji Hongcai, and others took out their weapons and were nervously guarded, but in fact, even Jiang Hongguang couldn’t know what was happening outside, and the Eagle Flute told him whether he could hold it. But now it’s even more fatal to run away!

From the time the thunder and lightning fell to the present, it took less than ten seconds. The ground in front of them cracked a few cracks, and a large amount of soil was topped up, forming a number of soil packages, like bamboo shoots breaking the soil. Suddenly, the mounds on both sides broke open almost at the same time, and the gray-white, rock-like hard object swiftly moved upwards, and further down it turned out to be a scarlet cylinder, rising from the same two hills!

No, not just the two. Soon the other two sides also had gray and white stone hard objects breaking out of the ground, connecting the scarlet columns, and there was a rumbling sound. The four red cylinders were in shock and disbelief in the eyes of the passengers. Rising from the ground, when they stretched to the point where a scarlet city wall broke through the ground, these four scarlet columns grew like a watchtower on the city wall, surging demons lingering on the wall, terrifying and frightening. ‌.

“This is the magic hand!”

The wrong Lama lost his voice, and the meaning of the words made ‌ horrified and shocked.

Such a huge wall column is actually just a hand of the devil? !

Such a big movement turned out to be just a hand of the devil coming out? !

Devil’s giant palm without a middle finger!

In an instant, both the errant lama and the tourists were shocked, but the direction of astonishment was completely different. Wrong Lama has a keen sense. There is nothing special about this magic hand. The magic energy entwined on it is that of Chabalen, but it is weakened a lot. It can reach the earth without being affected by the seal. This is his right arm.

Looking at the devilish energy above, I am afraid Jin Ling is gone.

But if the golden bell is not there, the seal will take effect!

Just listening to the loud bang, this giant mountain-like hand couldn’t move after half of its palm came out of the ground. It seemed to be bound by an invisible force, and the wrong lama could see countless scriptures. It twists up like a chain, forcibly tied the giant hand, and wants it to be pulled back underground.

The giant hand was trembling and struggling, the devilish qi was violent, and the wrong lama could instinctively recite the scriptures to help the seal and then restrain the giant hand. But there are layers of doubts in my mind.

Could this be the sound of the big devil, deliberately using the magic hand to attract his attention, and at the same time Selin Cohu rioted?

Impossible, he sensed that the devil’s soul is in the hands of the devil

Is it a perception error? The Wrong Lama really couldn’t understand why the demon would return to his magic hand. It was to escape, and why did the magic hand get out of the ground and return to him?

Transfer the battlefield? Shockingly? !



The invisible chain suddenly tightened, and the giant clutch of Jingle became shorter and smaller by inch. The scarlet flesh and blood twisted and deformed, and the palm of the palm protruded an ugly and terrifying face, and its mouth opened in anger, as if it was roaring.

Why, why would the magic hand get to the ground!

Chabala Rinbi still can’t understand the wrong Lama! He sensed the fierce fighting at the moment when the golden bell obstruction dissipated, and almost his soul was suppressed again by the wrongdoing Lama and Yangjin High Priest. He didn’t have time to investigate and consider and he returned to his magical arm, but only a few seconds.

But I didn’t expect it to come out again!

This is impossible. He has already calculated everything. The Devil’s Palm should rush into the Demon Lair. Yes, how could he go up in the opposite direction? !

who is it? Who is doing it, is it the devil who took his sacrifice!

impossible! The entire Selincuo and its surrounding mountains are all huge ancient Bon seals, and they won’t let go of any devilish energy. They are tricked by the devil. He is either bound by the seal or destroys the seal.

But this seal is clearly intact!

Chabalen couldn’t understand, but the wrong lama didn’t want to. When he saw the devil came out, he immediately beat him up. After leaving most of his body, the devil who was bound by the seal was not as rampant as before, being beaten unilaterally, and the brains of the beating dogs came out. Wrong Lama’s soul became more and more transparent, but he was beaten more and more fiercely, and his eyes were as bright as two-night pearls.

This is a chance to kill the devil.

When his strength is declining and he is trapped by the seal, this is a perfect opportunity!

“Oh, well, straight, mo, ye, sa, come, de!”

The golden swastika was condensed again, and the wrong lama chanted the Eight-character scriptures of Bon religion, and his soul glowed like burning, he was burning his own soul! Not enough, not enough power, unable to completely destroy the devil, even if he was beaten to bruises, deformed, and devilish, but in fact, the situation of the wrong lama is worse than that of the devil.

He can’t last long, and his soul will soon dissipate. Before that, he will kill the devil!

“Wrong Lama, don’t beat you, the Demon Kingdom channel will be opened soon!”

Chabala benevolent heart is frightened, he feels the cruelty of the wrong lama, this lama is crazy and is not afraid of death, but he does not want to die! While resisting the Lama’s attack, he desperately tried to earn himself, and he also spared no effort. Today, he must escape the seal, otherwise, he will not have any chance to escape when he is weak, and he will be trapped and killed by the seal!

Chabalen wanted to escape. In front of him was a mad lama, and behind him was the abnormal eagle flute. It was not easy to break through either side. If it weren’t for the golden bell, he would want to run down. Below is the magic cave, the key he can really get out of trouble!



Wrong Lama’s whole soul burned, dazzling, like a sun. He crashed into Chabalen, the mana and fire ignited the demon’s body, which was connected to the seal. Chabalin roared in pain and anger, with a hint of panic. He felt that his body and soul were being burned again, and this lama would use the soul as fire, light the seal, and burn him alive!

‌To live, ‌To get rid of the seal!

The roar of the great demon caused thunders, and he tried his best to rush upwards, even if he knew that there was a seal bound to him, he couldn’t escape-huh? !

The great devil rushed directly to F, and all the seals that trapped him before disappeared! Yes, the seal disappeared, and the wrong lama who burned his soul to merge with the seal was ejected. His soul was almost broken but did not dissipate. The seal disappeared too coincidentally. His suicide attack did not succeed, and his breath was dying. Can’t move anymore.


It was Qianjun’s lightning strike again, this time it was not Selin Cuohu, but the ground where they had just been fighting fiercely. The demon in mid-air was struck down by lightning, and his body trembled with electricity, but he did not escape, but fell directly into the pit by falling.

It is the horrible pit that the Devil’s palm penetrates the ground, leaving behind a horrible pit. The darkness is invisible. The sound of the wind whizzes by. There is horror demonic energy surging and rolling in the pit.

“what is this?”

* *

The time went back to ten minutes ago.

“The magic arm is about to reach the ground so soon?”

Wei Xun took the golden bell brought back by Mink. There was a seal in this earth. Without the golden bell, the devil’s arm should be sealed again. Get to the ground quickly, so far enough away from him.


This golden-red bell actually rang after it fell into Wei Xun’s hands. The crisp ringing imitates the soul of ‌ which can purify . It naturally emits a golden red light. The bell is a golden-winged bird in the ring. The crown of the horns, the bone flute of the right wing of the Dapeng Goldenwing bird and other items all faintly vibrated and resonated.

At this moment, Wei Xun felt that his body was clear and clean, and the devilish energy on his body had been completely removed.

【drop! You get the golden bell of the heart of the Dapeng Bird. You already have five items that are related to the survivors of the Xiangxiong Kingdom. Collect 5/5]

[You have collected all the items in the main line of the journey, and you have truly unveiled the main line of the journey! 】

The reminder from the hostel sounded in Wei Xun’s mind. In a trance, he seemed to see pictures of the journey. Those who searched for the coat of arms of the Dapeng Golden Winged Bird, got the crown, and won the eagle flute. Reappearing in my mind, every item is transmitted to the eagle flute.

[Prove yourself and become the King of Xiangxiong, this is the legend of the Eagle Flute…, Gan Danbai has been obsessed for his whole life, so he did not hesitate to trade with the devil]

The reminder of the hostel sounded in Wei Xun’s mind, and every item belonging to the survivors of the Xiong Kingdom was marked with the life experience of the Eagle Flute.

When he was young, he was solemn. The golden-winged big peng bird coat of arms, which represents glory and trust, was bestowed on Xiangxiong’s survivors. He accepted the allegiance of the other party, and his small face that tried to be serious couldn’t hide his joyful and proud smile.

When he was a sick teenager, he and Amala went down to the third floor of the Buddhist scriptures cave, but they couldn’t enter the secret room at any time. The token in his lost hand fell to the ground. In his eyes, there was a golden necklace in the pit of the wall. The pendant shimmers.

When he was a young man, the pain and shame after learning the truth of his identity was hidden in his heart. He read the ancient books all night, trying to find the elephant crown to prove himself, and finally found the dragon god waterway in a scripture. secret. But after he got down into the Dragon God Waterway, he didn’t find the crown and eagle flute. He only saw the arm of the huge mountain and a golden bell.

Jin Ling is just a phantom, but an opportunity for him to purify his blood. He didn’t want to trade with the devil, but he walked out of Xiangxiong’s ruins in despair, but Amara found him strange. From then on, he was forbidden to go up to Qiangzong Mountain, and even sent him to Xiaolin Temple for meditation.

Suffering, struggling, afraid, unwilling, finally fell into the darkness, contracted with the devil, the demon fire ignited Xiaolin Temple, and with the help of the devil, he purified his blood with golden bells.

At the end of this sacrifice, he who took the eagle flute body and the elephant king costume, couldn’t believe that he was lost to the young man wearing the crown.

He was nurtured to become the king of Xiangxiong since he was a child, but he didn’t learn how to be himself. The Xiangxiong Kingdom has been destroyed for thousands of years. It is the last bloodline of a survivor’s protection. The years have passed since then. The priests of Bon religion and the king of Xiangxiong guard the mountain holy lake, preventing the demons from resurrecting and invading the space.

The’Xiangxiong King’ exists for the peace of northern Tibet, for the faith of the survivors, and for the inheritance of the words that are no longer used, and the allusions that have long been forgotten. .

When he is no longer the’Xiangxiong King’, there is no meaning to live.

[You have completed the main line of this exploration of northern Tibet-it turns out that you really can’t become the King of Elephants. The five Xiangxiong survivors’ items belong to you. When you have two or more items, you will receive the special title of “False King”! 】

[False King (special title): You are a false king. Except for your subjects, no one can recognize your existence. Your live broadcast footage is temporarily blocked. And the special title will not occupy the title column]


[The False King (Eagle Flute): The music you play with the eagle flute can save the dead, and you can put it on F-of course, everything is an illusion, but you are not over the dead, the undead There will definitely be riots, after all, you are just a false king]

[False King (heraldry): You can give her heraldry to him, and when he wears the heraldry, he will be absolutely loyal to you-of course, everything They are all illusions, he will not be loyal to you, but will definitely betray, after all, you are just a false king]

[False King (Necklace): Necklace … becomes your guardian, you … become very lucky-of course, everything is an illusion, you will not have any luck]

[The False King (Golden Bell): When you use the Golden Bell, you can expel all demons and suppress demons—of course, everything is an illusion. The devilish energy will explode soon, and the devil will recover supernormally. After all, you are just a false king]

[False King (Crown): When you wear the crown, you are the real king! All the above negative effects are reversed to positive! 】

This title is good!

Wei Xun’s eyes lit up. This title is almost one better than five. It is not only the shielding title he needs most at the moment, but the crown has the effect of both pros and cons.

It’s just that this crown is too conspicuous, it’s too easy to attract attention, and this thing is not an exclusive item, it may be robbed. ‌‌To maintain the state of shielding the live broadcast, at least two items must be carried with you ‌‌.

This should not be carried in the fox cub’s belly or in any storage props. It must be carried by Wei Xun. Wei Xun thought for a while, put on her coat of arms, picked up the golden bell, and got [Your live broadcast room is blocked! 】.


l‌The most concealed ones are the coat of arms and necklaces, but the necklace’you won’t have any luck! ‘ The debuff bit scary, Wei Xun did not move.

Wei Xun is very happy, he will get the corresponding title after completing the main line of the journey! The most important thing is that this is a special title, which does not need to occupy the title column. Wei Xun is worried that only five titles are not enough.

[You can increase the level of any title! ( Note: For a difficult journey, the promotion level is lower in the deep blue title. You can upgrade the green title to blue, and you can upgrade the blue title to dark blue, and the previous title disappears after the upgrade)]

Is there such a restriction?

Wei Xun frowned. He originally wanted to promote an adventurer and turn it into a purple title Treasure Hunting. Or to raise the title of Demon Insect Dominator. But now the level is not enough, and the title of adventurer is quite interesting, Wei Xun doesn’t want it to disappear. If he completes the task step by step, he can get the titles of Archeology Expert, Adventurer, Treasure Hunter, etc., but now if you upgrade, the Adventurer will be gone.

Wei Xun pulled his own title, and promoted meaningful green titles such as painless people, travelers, toxic resistance, and strong resentment resistance. The blue title has a wild mind.

Forget it, don’t improve it yet.

He kind of wanted to promote the title of Painless, and also wanted to see if the’traveler’ had a more advanced title. Anyway, the reward can be used after the journey is over, go back and look again.

[You get a reward of 20,000 points (double for novice travelers!)]


Wei Xun was startled and raised his eyebrows. Twenty thousand points are really enough!

“The hostel is really nice to travelers.”

Wei Xun sighed sincerely, knowing that his last journey opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, and he didn’t get any extra points rewards! The journey is really stingy with the tour guide’s points, just don’t want to change the countdown to death so easily, you must always maintain a sense of urgency.

Too stingy!

Wei Xun was digging the ground while slandering the hotel. Yes, digging the ground, he didn’t stop his movements when he listened to the reward. At this moment, Wei Xun was at the confluence of demonic energy in the depths of the earth. Qi crystallization!

This is a good thing. It takes the strongest and purest demon energy for thousands of years, and can be condensed in an absolutely unique environment. It is extremely precious. As long as the strawberry is bigger, the inferior monster in his hand can be upgraded!

With such a large piece of demon qi crystallization, I am afraid that even Xiao Cui can rise to a level! This crystallized out that Xiao Cui Xiaojin and his demons were all crazy, and even the blood ladybugs were pouting, expressing a keen interest in things other than corpses at one time.

To dig, or not to dig, this is a question.

With such a large crystal of demonic energy, ghosts know that there is a problem. But Wei Xun was not the one who entered the treasury and returned empty-handed. If he gave up such a large piece of magic crystal because of danger, he would regret it.

Does the devil arm think of this? Such a large piece of devilish energy should be able to expel Jin Ling, right? Does he want to escape by switching his arms?

What’s under this magic crystal?

Use physical methods to dig ‌Not ‌? Is it okay to touch without devilish energy?

Before the arrival of the hostel’s reward reminder, Wei Xun used his alienated nails to dig little by little, starting from the corners, digging in very carefully, and being vigilant and ready to run away. Fortunately, no change has occurred.

[You can obtain super-levels, which can increase with your strength, the most suitable equipment or weapon for you! 】

[It is detected that you are a passenger. 】

“I can only get one piece?”

coming! Wei Xun raised his spirits and began to bargain with the hostel.

“He has a dual identity.”

Anyway, the live broadcast was blocked, and now he can finally say whatever he wants.

[Please make a decision within five minutes ‌! 】

“Can’t you go back to the hotel and choose again?”

Wei Xun frowned, thinking to himself. He had already taken a fancy to this reward before and wondered if he could get one for each of the tour guides and passengers. After all, this did not indicate the number of pieces. But now obviously, the hostel only detected his ‘visitor identity’

‌‌‌After losing the passenger title, two identities can be detected. Can he obtain two items?

“It’s the end of the journey, and Ding Yi is useless.”

Wei Xun murmured: “It should be okay. Just try it.”

If there is no title of shielding category, he is not going to try. But now, Wei Xun feels that it should be okay.

Anyway, he didn’t plan to be a tour guide, he just wanted to give it a try.

Just a moment.

Wei Xun seconds removed the passenger title, yes! The result of the detection is changed to [Detected that your identity is a passenger] [Detected that your identity is a tour guide], and these two items did not disappear because he again put on the title of passenger.

But Wei Xun’s attention at the moment is not on this reward!

He stared at his subordinates blankly, and at the moment he switched titles, he was prompted by the new hostel.

[You found the abyss node! 】

Suddenly, the crystals of demon energy that was originally stable began to tremble.


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