TTG Chapter 124

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 124: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (68)

【How to block ‌? Why are all the live broadcast rooms blocked? ? 】

【How is this going? The tour guide is dead? What’s wrong? 】

Just now, in the original live broadcast room that was still normal, there was a sudden black screen, and you couldn’t see a split-screen!

At this moment, there are a lot of viewers in the North Tibet Quest live broadcast room. As early as Wei Xun took out the crown, he said that when I also wanted to be the King of Elephants, the number of viewers would explode once and directly rushed to the live broadcast room on the homepage of the whole district.

Wei Xun’s live broadcast has attracted the attention of many large brigade teams and the Grand Tour Guide Alliance. This year’s strongest newcomer tour guide has a higher gimmick than Zuimei Xiangxi, and the gimmick of ‘all members survive’ is not comparable. What’s more, Kuang Wei Xun was unblocked all the way. Many people are betting that he can complete the main line of the journey and join the big brigade. Therefore, even if Wei Xun’s live broadcast is split-screen, there is no difference, and everyone will enjoy watching it.

Especially after the emergence of this great devil, the number of people in the live broadcast room reached its peak. Not only in the East District, but even in the West District, many viewers also clicked in. Now the number of people in the live broadcast room has not decreased but has increased, almost drunk at the beginning. The highest traffic in the Bingjiu live broadcast room in western Hunan is the same.

This kind of demon can emerge from a difficult journey, and you can earn it by seeing it! The only pity is that the facts of other passengers except Wei Xun are really not so good. They can only watch the wrong Lama, the High Priest Yangjin, and the devil, and did not participate in the battle. This is really not addictive.

But the layman looks at the excitement, the insider looks at the doorway. When the first lightning struck into the lake, and Wang surging jumped up, the tour guides who were shocked by this scene stopped counting!

After the Quest live broadcast room was completely blocked, it was basically certain that the tour guides in the live broadcast room spread the information quickly, and many high-level tour guides of various alliances received the news. For a while, many silent people flooded into the Dingyi live broadcast room. Premium account audience. The information in the tour guide’s exclusive channel is as fast as a screen.

“Abyss node, that is an abyss node!”

“Who is the tour guide of this brigade? Ding Yi? Where is Ding Yi? Why didn’t the lightning strike him!”

“Ding Yi is too weak, the strongest demon struck by lightning.”

“Fuck, how can you let the idiot Ding Yi hit this good opportunity!”

“What abyss node, what are you talking about?”

“Isn’t the lightning smashing the devil because his devilish energy is too heavy? What does the abyss node have to do?”

“Ask your lord, the newcomer tour guide, beep, it’s useless if you know.”

“Hey, it’s useless for the elderly tour guide to know it, the abyss node is only in the hands of the big tour guides.”

“Lightning smashing devil may not necessarily be, but coupled with the fact that the live broadcast room is completely blocked, it is definitely…”

“I don’t believe it, how could Ding Yi be assigned to a difficult journey with an abyss node! Is he a talented person?”

“Fuck, I would rather believe that Wei Xun is a tour guide reserve. Only a genius tour guide is worthy of being matched. Ding Yi is a D-level and is controlled by someone, he is not worthy!”

“Laughing to death, is Ding Yi worthy of you to say it? The momentum behind him is the answer!”

“Behind Ding Yi is Dao Feng, Dao Feng is from the Butcher Alliance, I know…!”

“Tsk tusk tusk, the Butcher Alliance is amazing. I think this abyss node has the surname Tu.”

Those middle and low-level tour guides who watch the excitement completely and have no hope of competing for nodes are chattering on the channel, and those tour guides with outlets in the major tour guide alliances spread the news on, and some even secretly. Looking for the bee Taoist-he was in contact with the tour guide Ding Yi, but did not find it. The bee Taoist is missing!

“Unexpectedly, there is an abyss node again? A new one?”

In the virtual hall, in a teahouse, six or seven people in cloaks are sitting beside tables and chairs.

“The Abyss node shouldn’t appear again, unless the node that Silverfish got is fake.”

One person sneered, pushed the person next to him, and lazily said: “Hey, Yiyu, tell me, are the nodes you got fake?”

“If you want to know, take a look at it.”

Yiyu chuckled, using a chopstick to stir the tea in the cup. He just put six or seven pieces of rock candy in the cup, and he made the best tea into a cup of sweet water. But he didn’t drink the tea himself. There was a soybean-sized ball on the chopsticks, lying at the junction of the chopsticks and the tea, as if he was drinking tea.

One did not lie down, the fur ball rolled into the teacup, and there was a scream of panic. The tea water rippled round and round. Yiyu chopsticks picked it up and picked it up again, but his gaze was not on the little hairy ball, but at the phone leaning on the sugar bowl.

The screen of the mobile phone is divided into two parts, one side is a black, fully shielded live broadcast room, and the other is a double-speed playback of the North Tibet Quest recording screen.

A person next to him smiled and said: “When I can’t be fake, Yiyu is the fifth elite tour guide, and I received an invitation letter from the crying psychic.”

“The Butcher Alliance has the most Abyss Nodes. There are ‌, which is more than the other guides combined. If it is the silver fish, then ‌ has five Abyss nodes——”

“I don’t.”

Yiyuyu Wen: “I didn’t have a death celebration either. To be honest, I’m not interested in being a monster.”

“Hey, let me say that they have to come to you. The Butcher Alliance will not let go of the guide who masters the Abyss Node.”

The man smiled, seeing Yiyu smile without saying a word, and shifted the topic: “Two abyss nodes appeared after the tomb of the Tusi King was born, the little witch in the west side got one, and Yiyu you got it. One, I wonder if Ding Yi can get this.”

“If this can be marked, the number of abyss nodes will exceed ten, which is more than twice the number of journeys at 30 degrees north latitude!”

“Ding Yi can’t get it, but it depends on the Butcher Alliance, do you want to get another one.”

The other was thoughtful: “If they really want to invite Bing Jiu back, it would be nice to take this Abyss Node as a gift. Bing Jiu’s alienation is not mature yet, and the Abyss Node is needed.”

Someone analyzed: “We have to fight. Those brigade teams can’t let the Butcher Alliance get another Abyss node.”

“This  is a good thing. If I want it, I want it too… I don’t think it’s just the Butcher League, but the Shepherd League wants it too.”

“The second-ranked major league in the Eastern Conference has only one Abyss node in hand. It’s too ‌, completely insufficient, and it’s shameful to say it.”

“The Butcher Alliance is too overbearing, this abyss node can’t be released to them, I guess someone has notified the Inca Sungate…”

The man’s words caused a roar of laughter.

“Laugh at me, are you going to laugh at me? Although the abyss node is precious, the Butcher Alliance will not surprise the Q.”

“One abyss node is not enough. Is it enough for Bingjiu to defect to the Butcher Alliance and become the pioneer of the 30th latitude journey?”

The silverfish puts in the teacup, the tea inside has been absorbed by the hairball, at this moment it has expanded to the size of a litchi, and it happily rolls on the chopsticks.

“Yinyu, where are you?”

Seeing Yiyu standing up, the person next to him curiously said: “You’d better not leave it, it’s messy outside. There must be a lot of people want to see if the node you got is true.”

Yiyu just smiled and didn’t reply. He left the coffee shop and no one stopped him.

When he returned to his station, he answered the phone: “Hello?”

“Lend me your silver fish for use.”

On the opposite side was a slightly tired male voice. There seemed to be a strong wind blowing in the background, and the sound of the wind whistled, making the person’s voice a little fuzzy.


Yiyu immediately agreed, and with a flick of his chopsticks, the fur ball lying lazily on it disappeared.


The other side said thank you, Yiyu knew he was going to hang up, and hurriedly asked, “You killed the tour guide?”

“Have you been to northern Tibet? Have a butcher tour guide been there? Or the shepherd’s side? Other tour guide alliances also have ideas— ”

“Kill a guy from the Western District, it’s okay.”

“It’s best not to kill the West End!”

Silverfish’s voice was high, not as gentle as before, and even a little bit distressed; ” You said that you will no longer kill the tour guide, and the color of your cloak can’t be darker…!”


The other side seemed to sigh, and hung up the phone directly after ‌.

“Hello? Hello? Dreamcatcher?! ”

“Hang up the phone, shit, he shouldn’t be in northern Tibet, how can he let him catch up with everything?”

Yiyu cursed fiercely, anxiously: “So many passengers, it’s your turn to take the shot? My fucking, even the Western District is here, all of them are going to rush into the journey to grab!”

It’s all because of the fact that there is no guide who can mark the abyss node in the journey to northern Tibet. Once no tour guide can mark the abyss node, the hostel will relatively relax the rules to allow outside tour guides to enter the journey!

Ding Yi? Waste one!

“Stupid Ding Yi.”

Yiyu cursed and vented, staring at the live broadcast room, even if it was all blocked.

This battle either ends with the destruction of the Abyss node, or ends with it being marked. However, there is no passenger who can destroy the node on this trip to northern Tibet, and there is no tour guide who can seize the node!

Only the tour guide can invade the journey to seize the node, and the brigade intercepts at the end of the journey. When the time comes, the battle will spread beyond the journey.

Near the end of the year celebration, this thing will come out again, so that it will be messy!

* *

Abyss node? What is this?

Wei Xun’s eyes changed. He immediately left the demon qi crystallization area. He digs for the demon qi crystalline surface that has not reacted for so long. It starts from a small pit and cracks outwards, densely packed. The cracks covered the entire crystal surface in a flash like a spider web. This pit is exactly the point Wei Xun held with his finger just now.

In other words, it was the point he hit the moment he switched to the tour guide status.

Is this a place that only tour guides can find? Passengers are not now?

“Abyss node, abyss…”

Wei Xun was thoughtful. If it is said that the passage of the magic country, the gate of the lake and the like are not connected with the abyss of the hostel, this abyss node is simple and clear, and the relationship is named.

The passenger did not respond, only reacted to the tour guide?

‌, or take a look at the title?

The passenger really didn’t respond?

Wei Xun didn’t want to be like this, so he touched the pit again. In an instant, the guard slammed the brain, and it buzzed, it was actually a hotel alarm!

【alarm! alarm! ‌Now the Abyss node (opening 30%), excellent traveler Wei Xun, you are now called by the hostel​‌! 】

[Extremely dangerous missions announced! 】


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