TTG Chapter 125

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 125: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (69)

[Task name: Prevent the abyss node from affecting the world]

[Task level: Extremely dangerous]

[Number of people convened: 2]

[Task description: The abyss node connects the world and the abyss, the excellent passenger Wei Xun, exhaust all your methods, you must fully activate the abyss node, when it affects the world, reduce the impact of the abyss node to the lowest! 】

There is no option to accept the task, and no reward is indicated. An extremely dangerous task appeared directly in Wei Xun’s mind, and it was accepted by default!

At a moment, Wei Xun suddenly realized that he understood more information about ‘excellent travelers’. Originally, he returned to the hostel and updated the passenger badge to learn about it. After all, according to Wei Xun’s share of the ‘new traveller’, he has not yet bound the hotel, and only if he binds the hotel can he become an outstanding traveler and know his rights and obligations.

But there is something very urgent happening right now, and the hotel is so urgent that it ignores the binding and directly identifies Wei Xun as an excellent traveler.

‌ ‌Excellent travellers in the hostel will receive various benefits from the hostel, such as shopping discounts, more permissions, more opportunities to obtain title tasks, opportunities to upgrade titles, and even have their own exclusive live broadcast room, like a tour guide Earn points and so on. At the same time, once the hotel encounters a convening order, outstanding travelers must respond!

It can be as small as collecting a certain resource and defeating an enemy, to exploring a dangerous no-man’s land, or even assisting when a hotel is attacked, etc., such as the unblocking of the sub-Abyss node and preventing the node from affecting the world. It is a convening order that only outstanding travelers can receive!

Every outstanding traveler will get up quickly. Most travellers don’t understand. They only see the preferential treatment of outstanding travellers and the toughness of outstanding travellers. They admire and admire them. Knowing that excellent passengers are no different from must-have passengers. Those tasks are too dangerous and they cannot be rejected at all.

The faster you become stronger, the faster you will survive. The only ones who survive are strong and lucky. For example, Wei Xun clearly entered the journey as a new passenger, but received a message. The summoning order to prevent the abyss node from affecting the world, even if he is superior in strength to unblock the journey, it is almost impossible to complete the task!

“Two people?”

Wei Xun noticed the number of people convened. Who else was besides him? Could it be that there is still an outstanding passenger in the brigade, Jiang Hongguang and others?

Or does it mean that the travel society shakes people from the outside? After all, tour guides all have a way to invade the journey, and it is impossible for the hostel to be unable to do so.

But I haven’t enjoyed the special treatment, so you just let me die?

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and removed the passenger title again. It took a little longer for him to remove it, two seconds in full. The temptation just now made him bolder. To be honest, Wei Xun was taking a risk the first time he tried.

He can remember that when he had just completed the new tour guide mission in Zuimei Xiangxi, the hotel was frantically sounding an alarm. The tour has been confirmed as a tour guide. Bingjiu, this tour cannot coexist with two tour guides and so on.

The tour guide Ding Yi is dead in name, and Wei Xun can kill him at any time. He has the * * * love, so he tentatively tried.

But the hostel did not respond!

‌It’s weird, even if * * * during the journey, it should be the usual warning of the hostel, but then be suppressed. What is the factor that affects the results of ‌ times? Is it the state of the tour guide Ding Yi? * * * Existence? Or is there a problem with the Abyss node?

He remembers that the prompt to’discover the abyss node’ appeared when he had a copy of the tour guide. The connection between the Abyss and the tour guide is deeper.


[Abyss Node (‌Flight 45%)! 】

Ji Wei Xun did not touch the magic crystal, but it continued to crack from the moment he became the tour guide! When the click sounded, Wei Xun immediately wore the title of passenger, and his expression was a bit weird.

His heart was beating very fast just now, and his heart was hot, as if a flame was burning. He pulled at his clothes and found that the incomplete butterfly pattern that was originally so dim that it almost blended with the skin tone brightened up. The dark blue and purple lines were extraordinarily clear and mysterious. Even Wei Xun could not last long. Stare, otherwise you will be addicted to it and completely lost.

Just now, the moment he became the tour guide, Wei Xunsan lost 15 points.

But Wei Xun did not lose control, he even had a clearer thinking, and he was more sensible and calm. He seemed to hear the opposite of the Demon Qi Crystal, and there was a sound calling him.


He was eager to hit the Demon Qi Crystal, and went to the back of the crystal. Something was calling him. This kind of desire is not the desire for devilish energy or food, but a more instinctive desire for possession.

‌Things are mine.

Wei Xun thought, the abyss node is something, can I take it away? What about plunder? Mark?

Anyway, the gadgets are first-come-first-served, and he has to get ‌.

However, the task of becoming an excellent tourist as a tour guide has not disappeared. In other words, if you are a tour guide or a tourist, Wei Xun must solve the problem of the influence of the abyss node.

“Prevent the abyss node from affecting the world…”

Wei Xun murmured, he seems to be a bit conflicted. To prevent the abyss node from affecting the world, the easiest way is to prevent it from starting, or to destroy it at ‌启‌. However, Wei Xun had a faint hunch that only he could get the stuff.

Without it, it’s just a magic crystal in a piece of land.

What will happen to ‌启‌? Will there be demons coming out or demonic energy surge? Is ‌ fixed in ‌ to connect the abyss, or is it just a point that can be taken away?

“I want a weapon.”

Wei Xun suppressed his thoughts, and didn’t care about the tasks and magic nodes of excellent passengers, but first completed the rewards of the main line of the journey. After all, there is a time limit for rewards, and a decision must be made within five minutes. Now two or three minutes have passed!

【Detected your copy of traveler! 】

The hotel’s sound is not small, and Wei Xun’s mind is filled with all kinds of information for a moment, a little painful, countless pictures passing by like a revolving lantern, it is the information and patterns of all kinds of weapons! At the same time, Wei Xun heard the hotel’s prompt that he could choose pure weapons, such as swords, spears, swords, and halberds, or weapons with the title ‌, like the ball of magic insects.

The person is strong, but the potential is limited. The person who is initially weaker than Wei Xun can upgrade with Wei Xun’s strength. It matches his title and can release a stronger force.

But ‌Weapon limited He can only use it as a passenger!

“Anything else?”

Wei Xun was not satisfied. He couldn’t see ordinary weapons. Those knives, spears, swords and halberds were pure swordsmen and had no psychic abilities. If he chose Fu Zhu Fu Chen, he was not good at using them. It is best to choose a weapon that matches the title, but Wei Xunqiang has exclusive items for several commonly used titles.

The false king has a series of props such as the Golden Wing and Peng, and the Demon Insect Dominator has the Demon Insect Ball. The remaining titles are mostly for auxiliary purposes. Only the title of Adventurer is used a lot, but it is only a blue title in the end.


The titles are limited. In the future, Wei Xun will be awarded more advanced titles, and some low-level titles may be rarely worn. When the time comes, exclusive weapons will not be able to display their full strength.

“I want a weapon with my own talisman!”

Wei Xun wants to share his own weapon with the most talisman. He is also a tourist guide. The weapon he originally obtained should be owned by the actor. How could it be that “only travelers can use it” ‘Props!

However, the hostel did not respond. Obviously Wei Xun’s status made it impossible to immediately determine.

“I am a tourist and a tour guide!”

Wei Xun simply dismissed the title of passenger again, and repeated several changes. His tour guides and passengers were switched extremely quickly, and he didn’t stay too much at the tour guides, but the abyss node was opened. The degree has gradually risen by over 50%!

* *


The bell rang, the resounding bell rang throughout the magnificent hall, and even affected more far-reaching places. ‌ is a strange clock tower, suspended in the   of the hall, the whole body is silvery white, and the surface has mysterious and magical black patterns. The top dial has no hands, only a shadow.

At this moment, the shadow occupies half of the dial, and it is spreading to the other half.

“So fast, the sub-Abyss node is so fast!”

A tour guide with a face covered with black hair exclaimed, his voice is rough and ugly, like a crow. ‌The back is raised high, like a hump. It was his wings that hadn’t fully grown out, just like two sarcomas.

“Yeah, it’s only a few minutes, I suspect that the abyss clock is broken!”

The human being next to him has long spiral horns on both sides of his head, and his pupils are like sheep, and he is bleat when he speaks.

And the two of them are actually the heads of the palace, which is a relatively normal one!

At this time, there were more than a hundred people in the hall. Some of them were wearing cloaks and some were not. Those who concealed their appearance looked like normal people, but those who did not wear cloaks were simply a group of demons dancing.

Some of them are two meters high, some are four arms long, some are full of hair like a ancestor, some have a long body that touches , and some are just weird. Monsters, all kinds of weird, make ordinary people seem strange.

‌‌There are also classes in the temple. The more monster-like, the more dependent it is, the more human-like, the lower the degree of alienation, the more dependent it is.

Several more people entered the hall, and one of the young people was shocked when he saw this situation, and his eyes were startled.

“Don’t look around, be careful to get into trouble.”

The middle-aged bull-headed man who brought him back scolded: “Those who pass the filth will show their alienation state. It’s not so good or fussy.”

The filth he was talking about is exactly an arch at the entrance of the temple, which is the rule of the Butcher Alliance, which respects in an alienated form, respects in an abyssal state, and everything goes through filth. Anyone who enters the temple will be directly exposed to the alienated form.

Unless it is Xinnen who has not been alienated.

“Me, I haven’t alienated yet.”

The young man felt countless malicious gazes, and suddenly did not dare to look again. He lowered his hood, feeling that he was out of place, as if monsters were normal.

“Don’t worry, there are definitely opportunities for alienation, and I will bring you to meet the world this time.”

The middle-aged bull-headed man mooed and said, in fact, he and the young man are not part of the Butcher Alliance, but the Mutual Aid Association, a subordinate alliance of the Butcher Alliance. The Mutual Aid Association is a well-known newcomer tour guide alliance in the Eastern District. Many newcomer tour guides will enter this alliance. No one knows that its level is the Butcher Alliance, which specializes in discovering talented rookie guides and subtly turning them into butcher guides.

Only the title of Executioner (three times in the slaughter team) can enter the Butcher League. In fact, there is a trend that the League deliberately releases it, and there are also more and more demonized outsiders. In fact, for tour guides who can be alienated, this request should be slowed down. Those alien guides with great talents can join the Butcher League even if they have not slaughtered the team.

But as far as tour guides are concerned, unless there is an opportunity or they are born strong, the alienation is mostly zeroing. The situation must be extremely dangerous. Not to mention that the entire brigade was finished, it was definitely hurt by half. Moreover, most of the alienated tour guides are unable to control themselves, in order to kill the master, the whole team will be almost wiped out.

But if it’s just a madman who kills people without alienation, it won’t be taken too seriously in the Butcher Alliance. For example, if Ding Yi is introduced into the Butcher Alliance by the Bee Taoist, he must first be alienated, otherwise he can only enter the affiliated alliance.

In reality, the young man is the nephew of the tauren. When he enters the hostel, the two sides accidentally recognize him. The tauren is the second-class tour guide. Although it is the tail of the crane, it can be considered as a card face. The second is Bring my nephew to see the world.

“Look, that’s the abyss clock.”

The tauren pointed to the strange bell tower floating in the middle of the hall, with a proud tone: “Only our Butcher Alliance has a pen, which can integrate the abyss node into the bell tower-don’t Play with your badge, listen to me!”

The tauren slapped the young man’s , and the young man took a breath of air-conditioning, hurriedly grabbing the badge without letting it fall. Obediently looked at the clock tower, and looked at it for a few moments and wondered: “Uncle, isn’t it the same as the badge?”

In him is the lowest-level bronze butterfly wing tour guide badge. At this moment, the badge is also half black, almost the same as the shadow distribution of the bell tower.

“The extent to which the abyss node appears to be activated will be displayed on the tour guide badge, but it is not as accurate as the clock tower!”

The tauren scolded: “I don’t know the goods, but my leader is transformed by the props of the people, how can only show the speed of the start? You will know in a while!”

“I heard that there are already four abyss nodes in our alliance…?”

“Five, one of them will be ours.”

The tauren said proudly: “Although Ding Yi is a waste, the bee Taoist is a newly promoted to the second class forty-nine. The one he carries is in the top ten in our World Butcher Council ranking. Member! The abyss node appears and does not restrict the intrusion of passengers. With them, the abyss node will definitely be captured.”

“Hmph, even if the Shepherd Alliance has exhausted its functions, it will not be as lucky as our Butcher Alliance.”

Someone next to him agreed, snorting coldly: “I heard that there are ten alliances, and the little trash guide alliances of the Yinzhai League want to get a share of the pie. It’s just wishful thinking!”

* *

“Are they groundhogs? Everyone wants to drill inside!”

Mao Xiaole said impatiently. After taking a few symbols, he directly set the tour guides into stone statues, and swept away the splashed blood with a whistle. ‌!”

“Whhhhhh…well, I must pay attention.”

Lu Shucheng, who was squatting on the ground, turned her head brilliantly. Her face was full of blood, her teeth were stained with scarlet blood, her eyes were completely changed to wolf eyes, and her pupils were like pinpoints. Shows a bit fierce and wild.

They arrived in Tibet one step earlier, and it was Mao Xiaole Road that had been urging them, not wanting to see Wei Xun in the dust. I wanted to go to the place first to wash and clean up, so I arrived early. Unexpectedly, like the unexplored prophet, he was blocked on the only way to the end of northern Tibet, blocking several waves of tour guides.


The tour guide is not intrusive. Those tour guides can contact the hotel’s parking lot, find the bus for the trip, lock the location through the bus, and then invade the journey. Those who are slightly weaker in contact with the parking lot, or do not want to fight with the tour guides, will first go to the end of the journey and invade the journey through there.

What Mao Xiaole they intercepted was one of them.

“Don’t kill, we are not butcher guides, we are also civilized travelers.”

Mao Xiaole said lazily, ignoring the deer book and orange face, five or six stacked, blood-stained bodies that did not know how to live, walked to a person who was anchored by him, took off his badge, and looked at his eyes, wrinkled Frowned.

“The abyss node starts too fast, and is abnormal.”

Mao Xiaole frowned. In the past, the speed of the abyss node was very slow, and it was almost at the end of the journey after it was almost fully started. Now there are more than two days before the end of the journey, it should be at least forty-eight hours to fully start.

It’s like now, but only a few minutes, it’s more than half of the time!

“Something’s wrong, don’t hit …, let’s go to the end to see.”

Mao Xiaole dragged Lu Shucheng who wanted to fight again, and was worried. It stands to reason that the abyss node is open. The hostel will directly send tasks to outstanding travelers to see who grabs it quickly. ‌ Although there are few outstanding travelers, they are in all brigade teams, and Mao Xiaole is himself.

But he didn’t see the shadow of the mission at all!

Is it because someone else grabs it too quickly, or is there two outstanding travelers in the brigade that directly meet the needs of the hostel?

Mao Xiaole was playing drums in his heart, and the more he thought about it, the more hairy he felt. Yes, there are two outstanding travelers in the Northern Tibet Brigade, but one is the fucking rookie Wei Xun, and the other is An Xuefeng who is hiding his share! The hostel shouldn’t send them tasks, shouldn’t they?

It would be terrible if it was so, no matter how many tour guides they stopped outside, they would definitely have a tour guide in. Otherwise, the start speed is impossible, so fast!

The more Mao Xiaole thought about it, the more anxious he called. He called his name in an anxious manner: “Hey Bai Feibai, are you stopping Pinocchio?”

“No, he should have already entered.”

Mao Xiaole’s tone was as calm as ever. Mao Xiaole heard the noisy sound on his side, it seemed to be ripping the cloth, and it seemed to hear Wan Xiangchun’s vague sound: “Huh, grab again Come out one.”

“Hang on first.”


Mao Xiaole was worried and hung up the phone. Wan Xiangchun has a special title. When it comes to space, the tour guide he caught is definitely the kind of tour guide who can contact the hotel parking lot, at least in the second class. I don’t know who caught ‌.

“The dream chaser is in northern Tibet, and the situation should be fine.”

Looking at the live broadcast, Mao Xiaole found that the screen was still black, and he was irritated and muttered to himself.

” Huh? He rarely comes out anymore, right.”

Lu Shucheng was licking the blood of his fingertips and muttered: “In his situation, he can touch the abyss node as little as possible. I just don’t know if there will be a tour guide from the West District to the side. If so If the tour guide of the West District also wants to seize the Abyss Node, he should come out.”

“West Side…Isn’t there a few, I think the shepherds have ideas.”

Mao Xiaole frowned and fiddled with the machine: “Wang Yushu was stopped by the puppet master. She should be worried that the captain would receive the hotel convening order… Don’t care about him, but she doesn’t. There will be a block, indicating that someone in the Shepherd League must invade the brigade…”

“Who would it be? Pinocchio? Silverfish?”

“Silverfish has an abyss node, so I shouldn’t go again.”

Lu Shucheng comforted: “You are too nervous. Not only are we blocking them, but also Feihong Xuanxue who want to come to invite Wei Xun. It’s good, it just happens to be able to stop the tour guides.”

“The things that will be stopped are all junk things. The problem is that the abyss node’s activation speed is too fast, and there must be a force guide invading it!”

Mao Xiao jumped up happily and pulled Lu Shucheng’s wolf ears: “You are not allowed to eat blood, the more you eat, the more foolish you will be. If you eat more, I will sue when you come back.”

“Well, don’t eat it, don’t eat it.”

Lu Shucheng was not angry either, and his head slanted to make him squeeze: “The psychic is just entering the journey every day, and the silverfish will not go, and the difficult-level journey will not be able to enter. Several tour guides, the top one. At most, you can enter two more species. Even the strongest, Pinocchio and Yin-Yang Butterfly will enter at most. It is not enough for our captain to poke in, those miscellaneous fishes. Let alone ‌.”

“I’m not afraid that the captain won’t be able to wake up. The two tour guides invaded, and he won’t wake up.”

Mao Xiaole put her ears on her ears, worried: “Unless the abyss node is activated and the devilish energy overflows and invades, he may wake up, but at that time–”

He was afraid that the hotel would be so stupid as to issue a summoning order to Wei Xun and let Wei Xun solve the abyss node. If that’s the case, he and the two tour guides will definitely meet him!

* *


The battle came to an end at Selincuo Lake, but the violent storms still washed away the land. The stagnant water rushed into the hole, and the huge hole drilled by the demon was dark and bottomless. Just now, the demon fell from the sky and disappeared in an instant.

Everyone saw that it and the wrong Lama were both hurt, but was struck by thunder and lightning and fell into a deep hole. Facing a demon at a very close distance, Rao Jiang Hongguang and others all had scalp numb.

“Devil, he, he didn’t die…”

The errant Lama who was knocked out was weak, his soul horse was about to collapse, but he was still struggling, and he wanted to get up and come: “Hurry up, help me, put me down…”

The ground seal suddenly disappeared, and the wrong lama felt the most obvious. If the seal is still there, the devil will definitely be bound by the seal again if it falls and cannot escape.

But now, the seal has disappeared strangely! Let the erroneous Lama’s heart tremble, and worry infinitely. Is it possible to make all the seals invalid? Could it be that it is the lake? Or the Demon Kingdom Channel?

The lama is even more worried that the demon’s body under the ground will also revive the riot, and the devil’s soul must be removed first!

“Lama, you want to go down?”

Ji Hongcai had the courage, and Fang Yuhang walked out of the protection circle of the eagle flute heir. Together they wanted to help the wrong lama up, but the wrong lama is the soul, and the situation is still very bad. They can’t touch the lama at all.  body, let alone help him up.

The wrong Lama also knew that he was in a terrible situation at the moment, unable to fight the demon any more, and the anxious souls scattered even more, but he couldn’t stand up anyway.

“If…there is the help of the Snow Mountain Saint Beast…”

Ji Hongcai and Fang Yuhang are staring at each other. They have just received a special task [Request from the Wrong Lama] to help the Lama completely kill the demon. But the problem is that they have no idea where the Snow Mountain Saint Beast is. Neither the Snow Leopard nor the White Wolf King followed Wei Xun, but it seems to be on the altar, and I don’t know where to go.


Yin Baitao and the others screamed suddenly. Ji Hongcai didn’t look back. His long-standing instinct to deal with danger made him directly lead Fang Yuhang to fall to the ground, avoiding the attack from the side attack.


It was a beautiful butterfly with dust-like scales scattered among its flapping wings, but the breath on its face was extremely terrifying. A person wearing a dark green cloak walked slowly and came over, and the heavy rain fell on him, and all that was washed down was bloodstained.

“You guys, have you seen anyone coming in?”

The man asked lightly.

“Ding Yi?”

Jiang Hongguang said vigilantly, suddenly stunned: “No, no, no, you are not…”

He stared at the chest of the visitor, and there was no guide brooch, it was actually diamond-like texture! Thinking of ‌ , Jiang Hongguang’s face was pale, almost asphyxiated and unable to get out. People look at them lightly.   is slightly moving, and the butterfly is about to fly. But at the moment, he suddenly noticed that the eagle flute was descended from people.

As if to realize that, the person suddenly grabbed the  and let the butterfly return to the body. He bowed his head slightly, as if to greet the descendant of the eagle flute, but he didn’t say anything, and jumped directly into the dark hole!

“Top… the tour guide.”

After his shadow disappeared for a while, Jiang Hongguang took a breath of cold air, his face pale.

That’s not Ding Yi, the person who just passed by them is definitely not Ding Yi.

Diamond brooch, that, that is the legendary top guide!

“Top tour guide, are you talking about me?”

Suddenly, a weird child sounded in his ears, mixed with rubbings like rough wooden blocks. Jiang Hongguang couldn’t move at all, he couldn’t even look back. Only his people can see everything.

That was a child in a purple cloak!

No one saw that he appeared when he appeared. At this moment, he was standing by Jiang Hongguang’s side, looking up at him. His face was blocked by the hood, and he was playing shyly.

“Oh, sorry to be praised. But you are right, I am the top tour guide.”

He got up, and he was slightly sharp: “The ones who are not top-notch, who dare to come in, are all killed by me.”

He sprinkled it aside, it was a handful of things like wooden beads. But when they rolled and jumped to the ground, they all turned into human heads.

“I’m so painful, I’m so painful!”

“It hurts so much!”

These people are rolling and jumping with their heads on the ground, their eyes are still open, and they are wailing in pain, despair and fear, as if they are still alive! In the horrible wailing, the child haha, Jiang Hongguang’s pale face seemed to satisfy him.

“Don’t worry, of course I am playing. After all, I am not a butcher, they are still alive. Listen, they are all boasting that I am a top tour guide.”

The child arrived, and suddenly he turned his head, getting closer and closer to Jiang Hongguang: “You said, the top tour guide you just praised was not me?”

“It’s sad, but I will let you know that I am a top tour guide.”

In the words, countless sharp puppet lines that were invisible to the naked eye were drawn towards the necks of all the passengers present. No one can react. But in the next moment, someone directly mentioned the child’s cloak.


He was thrown directly into the pit!

Everything happened so fast that everyone did not react. Jiang Hongguang stared blankly at the shadow in his eyes, and his heart was about to burst. It was all the fluke and panic of escaping in the city.

It was the descendant of the Eagle Flute, who threw the people down.

How strong is the guide? !

Right at the time, he seemed to hear the lightness of ‌一 ‌If there is no such thing. The guider looked at the deep hole in the face leisurely. He seemed to want to go in, but he didn’t seem to want to. Jiang Hongguang stared at him in a trance, watching for a long time, and in a daze he seemed to hear a long wolf howling.

* *

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well


Wei Xun seemed to hear the familiar wolf howl.

“Find the White Wolf King…?”

He wasn’t surprised, after all, whether it was a snow leopard or a white wolf, it would always be found. Wei Xun listened to the wolf howling in one ear, but didn’t hear the special meaning of, so he focused on the ‌system prompt ‌.

[Detected that your copies are travelers and tour guides! 】

Finally, the hotel has a reaction, [Detected that you are a tourist] and [Detected that you are a tour guide] prompts are combined. All the information about the various weapons and props has disappeared, and two new item information will appear in the next moment.

[Passenger Wei Xun, you unblock the difficulty, complete the branch story with the newcomer’s higher level, complete the main line of the journey, and become the brigade captain recognized by the hostel, an excellent passenger! You even dared to contact the person in charge of the hostel and experience unknowable and unnoticeable influences. There is nothing you dare to do during the journey. The hostel judges that you are a madman! 】

[You get the Blade of the Fanatic! 】

A narrow black knife appeared in Wei Xun‌‌. It looks similar to a narrow knife made of crystals, but it is longer and sharper. It has no scabbard, and the blade is full of notches, with jagged teeth. The blades are like blades. The stars are dark red, as if they are all remnants of blood!

【Name: Madman’s Knife (Elementary)】

【Quality: Special】

[Master: Wei Xun]

[Feature 1: Crazy]

[A fanatic, dare to do what ordinary people dare not do, you dare to do things that ordinary people don’t dare to do. But be aware that the rules of the hostel cannot be violated! 】

[When your level increases, it will be promoted with your level, with more features! 】

Wei Xun held the knife, only to feel that the weight and the length were just right. With a single wave, he left a very deep knife mark on the face of the stone wall. He threw the Mantis No. 3 slash and cut it straight out of it! You must know that it is a monster that is alienated from the blood of the butterfly pattern. The carapace is extremely hard, almost comparable to a diamond!

“Crazy, is strong when strong?”

Wei Xun directly took Mantis III back to the Demon Insect Ball for recuperation, and the Madman’s Knife was buzzing and shaking, like dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction with the enemy’s too weak! Wei Xun had just cut Xiang Shibi and Mantis No. 3 with the same strength, but Shibi was weak and Mantis No. 3 was strong, so he cut the stone wall with only a knife mark, but Mantis No. 3 was directly cut off.

But strong should also have its limits. After all, its purpose is only elementary, and it should be a symbol of the strength of Wei Xun.

The blade buzzed, and Wei Xun found that the knife with the handle was pointed at the passageway obliquely to . ‌ is the channel dug by the demon, and it is also the place where he came down. The tip of the knife buzzed, and Wei Xun’s heart moved.

The handle knife is crazy, it will go to the strong, only eager to fight the strong.

Could it be that there is a strong man who wants to come down from there?

Wei Xun sensed it carefully, only to perceive the pure magic energy. From the moment when the demon energy crystal burst, the demon energy began to spill out, and the seal in the surrounding soil seemed to have failed, and the demon energy could no longer be expelled. But the overly strong devilish energy  ‌also affected Wei Xun’s perception, making him unable to detect whether there was something coming down on his face.

Wei Xun observed the surroundings and found that there seemed to be a natural stone cave in, in addition to the magic crystalline layer at the middle, there are also stalagmites and gravel around, the rock walls are uneven, and there is a concave in the depths. Cracks. Can’t tolerate people, but snow leopard cubs can get in.

Wei Xun directly changed into a little snow leopard, put away the fallen clothes and props, grabbed the madman’s knife and ran towards the crack. He threw the knife in first, drilled it in by himself, and hid his tail, completely hidden.

However, he only looked at the first item again.

[Guide Wei Xun, you complete the extremely difficult task of a new guide, and you will be awarded the temporary title Bing Jiu as a newcomer. You will lead the brigade through the ultra-dangerous journey, so that all the passengers can survive and get all of them. The recognition of the passengers. You can even open up new attractions, become the pioneer of the 30-degree north latitude journey, and make your way home! You are destined not to take the usual path. Every choice you make is a gamble. According to the judgment of the hotel, you are a gambler! 】

[You get the gambler’s dice! 】

A dice falls on the Wei Xun face. It is not an ordinary six-sided dice, but has ten faces. The background color is dark blue and purple, like the mysterious universe of stars. Each face ‌ is marked with a number, but only one to six are shiny gold, and the numbers on the other faces are dim in color and cannot be used temporarily.

【Name: Gambler’s Dice (Elementary)】

【Quality: Special】

[Master: Wei Xun]

[Feature 1: Gambling]

[Gamblers, dare to gamble. Ordinary people don’t dare to gamble. Righteous gamblers don’t put money in their eyes. Money is just a small gambling. Props, weapons, blood, life span, and even soul can be used for gambling! Do you dare to put your soul and flesh on it and make a big bet? It will be noted that small gambling will make you happy, gambling hurts, and gambling is doomed to lose more and lose less, and will eventually ruin your family. 】

[When your level increases, it will be promoted with your level, with more features! 】

[You have two copies of both tour guides and tourists, as well as two personal props, just like your two sides. When they all reach the intermediate level, they can be combined together to form a new combination prop “Joker”]

[You play with others in the palm of your hand, and they are like a clown in front of you. But be careful, don’t be a clown yourself! 】

Wei Xun fiddled with the dice, and received it inside the fox cub’s belly before he could have a closer look at its usage. He gave Xiaojin a drop of blood, which was staying in the orb of the demon insect, to maximize his invisibility.

Little Snow Leopard almost melted into the shadow, and no one could perceive his existence. Wei Xun held his breath and condensed all his breath.

Boom, boom.

Footsteps, from far to near, getting closer and closer, like a heavy object falling on the ground, or like an inverted corpse, jumping in. ‌It ‌is almost exactly the same as a person’s heartbeat ‌. The faster the dong , the faster the heartbeat ‌, which makes people flustered, tinnitus, nausea and nausea.

Something comes down.


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