TTG Chapter 126

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 126: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (70)

Inside the fox cub’s belly, the three-color magic fire in the crystal lamp trembled slightly.

Wei Xun frowned. It took about five minutes from the time the mink cub bit the golden bell to return to the present.

Has Chabalen the Devil come down?

It’s hard to say that it’s the wrong lama who failed to suppress the seal?

Wei Xunzang ‌In the cracks, no ‌seeing the situation where the devil energy crystallized, ‌He can perceive the devil energy ¡‌spreading and sinking, the only demon that can cause the demon fire to vibrate, only Chabalen The great devil.

Not only that, but just now, Ding Yi lost control completely, and Wei Xun couldn’t sense his existence anymore. Fortunately, D has destroyed his mind a long time ago, and has not exposed the information related to Wei Xun. Wei Xun still has his intentions.

There is a tour guide invaded.

By the way, this will be invaded by the tour guide. Will the third scenic spot be over immediately, or is it due to the problem of the x Abyss node? Even if Wei Xunmu still doesn’t know the importance of the abyss node, he still knows it, he thinks about this thing, and his tour guide probably wants it too.

So will he use the Abyss node to invade the journey?

Instead of Ding Yi, who is the bee?

Bees, people, hey.

Wei Xun sighed, this one is useful. Purified magic honey is really easy to use, delicious and easy to use. There are so many people purifying magic honey, Wei Xun is not very interesting, thinking… if it was really his invasion journey…

Did you bring some magic honey?

Can we have another prostitution?

There are always too many good things.

‌Whether the demon or the invading tour guide, his ultimate goal is the magic node.

‘What is the use of the abyss node for tour guides? ‘

Wei Xun asked the hotel softly in his heart. He found that the hotel was so good to tourists, and he treated the tour guide just like a stepmother. ‌ are questions that cannot be asked as a tour guide, but can be asked with the identity of a tourist.

‘Will the tour guide stop me from sealing the abyss node? ‘

[Only the guide or the abyss species can open the abyss node, opening the abyss node will reveal the abyss D qi, affecting the world]

Sure enough, he didn’t pay attention to the hotel when he cut the tour guide, this time he asked.

Wei Xun was puzzled:’Abyss’ Dqi, not devil’s energy? ‘

‘The abyss is not only the demons’


Wei Xun’s heart moved, the original ‌‌ x‌Mozu Demon Kingdom is the abyss. After all, he has always been in contact with demons and monsters. It seems that this is not the case! Just as Xiaojin said at the beginning, Wei Xun is too weak to bear the power of the unknown and mysterious. He only knows that Valentin Mosquitoes are the words that live in ] Mosquitoes on the third layer.

For countless years, the Valentin Mosquito was a weak mosquito at the bottom level, but the leader of the Mosquito hit the big luck, absorbed the blood of [Unknown Words] and survived.

Now, it seems that it should live on the third floor of the Abyss, and this floor should have a proper name, which is unknown to Wei Xunmu.

Since there are three levels, there must also be z levels. How many levels are there in the abyss? Different races live on different levels? Is the abyss node connected to a certain abyss randomly?

D‌ ‌Wei Xun: Actually, he has not been too convinced that the abyss exists. After all, he listened to x‌Virtual eyes and sees real, even if Xiao Jin Xiaocui said more, he did not completely believe it. The hostel is so powerful, those strange objects are not like they are now. Maybe the so-called Abyssal Demon, Demon, D, is just a series of’Abyss’ tools produced by the hotel?

After all, the hostel is marked by Maria Butterfly. Maybe it is the abyss body.

The existence of the abyss node made Wei Xun believe that there really is a’world’ of the abyss!

The induction that can cause butterfly tattoos can make him have desire and hope to take away, the tour guide is alienated, and the desire to mark the abyss node… There are many races in the abyss. Is that the alienation of the tour guide, and not only in the direction of the devil?

What is the relationship between the hostel and the abyss? To prevent the abyss from polluting the world, let the excellent passengers eliminate the impact… It did not say that the node must be eliminated, or to prevent the node from opening, but to prevent the abyss node from affecting the world.


What should be connected to the abyss of the Demon Race? The hostel only said that it was an abyss, D qi, was it a fixed rhetoric, or did it have no means to determine which abyss the abyss node was connected to?

The Great Demon Chabalen can sense anything here, want to open it here? Can the earth demons also sense the existence of the abyss?

Wei Xun repeatedly asked: How does the abyss affect the world? How long will it affect the world after opening? As soon as it opens, will there be an abyss, will the qi leak out? ‘

[When the abyss node is opened, it will gather the abyss D qi, and make it leak out. The slower the opening, the more leakage and the greater the impact]

[When the abyss node is fully opened, unless the abyss D invades the world, the abyss D Qi will not leak again]

Ah this?

Wei Xun was surprised, this was different from what he thought.

According to the hotel’s meaning, this abyss node will only leak the abyss when it is turned on, but will it not when it is fully turned on?

Then he switched to the tour guide status just now, it was only a few seconds at most, more than ten seconds?

This opens 50%, and there is no leakage of the abyss. D‌Qi? Does it leak until the end is opened, and the slower the opening becomes?

What did he ignore?

‘If you stop during the opening process, will the abyss D‌qi continue to leak? ‘

【will not】

It will not be normal, but it is the suspect guide who finds the excellent traveler to open the abyss node. If you fight with him, the abyss node will be left unattended, so you can keep leaking the abyss D air at this time. The tour guide only has to delay the time and let the abyss D air leak. Can directly make the mission of outstanding passengers fail.

In other words, during the process of continuous opening, the abyss Dqi will leak. Like Wei Xun, who repeatedly switched identities, he clicked the crack in the abyss continuously, but he didn’t keep pushing it out.


So it didn’t reveal the abyss or qi, or only leaked a little that didn’t affect it! If his tour guide could be the same as him, then there would be no abyss. D qi would affect the world. Even the excellent travelers may not find a place, and the abyss node would be opened by him. .

That means that it is impossible to start the node normally as fast as him!

‘How much time does it take for the abyss node to open? ‘

Wei Xun’s expression is a bit weird: “Like Ding Yi…no, a second-class tour guide like the bee, probably needs more time? ‘

[Varies from person to person, second-class tour guide, about two days]

Second-class tour guide, open the abyss node for two days? ?

Wei Xun was really surprised at this time, it is difficult to prepare this abyss node for him? Otherwise, how could it drive so fast?

‘Where is the second-class elite tour guide? How many days are the first-class tour guides? ‘

[Class B elite tour guide, about one day, Class A…]

Before the hotel’s words fell, I just heard a bang. The whole underground vibrated violently, and the gravel fell like rain. Some stone walls were cracked due to heavy pressure, and some stone cracks began to close due to the pressure, including the one where Wei Xun was hiding. This ‌!

The stone crack squeezed to his tail, and Wei Xun flicked his tail and rolled up the madman’s knife to hold it across the crack. Feeling the powerful pressure that can crush people, the madman D‌knife went crazy immediately, and a knife actually resisted the cracks in the stone and didn’t let it continue to close!


At the same time, Wei Xun felt that the knife kept calling him excitedly, so he let him take the knife, split this crack, smash these rocks, and destroy all enemies who dared to oppose him!

The madman D knife, only in the hands of Wei Xun the madman can play a big role.

Yo? Is this a bit conscious? Or is it a fanatic?

Wei Xun was surprised, but he didn’t expect a knife to communicate with himself. Even the Devil D‌ Ball has not had such a movement.

Is it due to the x‌Demon worm.D‌ball or the incompleteness. Although the madman’s D‌knife is intact at the beginning level? Or is it because it is a personal weapon, not a title exclusive weapon?

‌This kind of weapon is also more dangerous to use. Like the current madman.D, there is an infinite murderous intent in the knife. It is not inferior. If Wei Xun can’t respond to it as soon as possible, I’m afraid it will cause trouble.


‘I’m still an enemy, I can’t make it out. Let’s run. It’s too difficult to open the cracks, you can do it without a single knife, you can be crushed by a madman with a D knife. ‘

Wei Xun tried to communicate with Dao.

In an instant, the knife flashed light, and the fighting spirit suddenly rose. How can there be anything that a madman cannot do with a knife? You can resist the enemy with a single knife! Want to crush the knife, come and try!

Suddenly the crack became more stable, no longer squeezing inward, the fanatic D Knife resisted all the pressure, and no longer called for Wei Xun to be with it.

It’s so coaxing, this knife is a bit silly.

Wei Xun thought that the madman is no brainer, that’s cannon fodder. This junior knife can only be mad, and it seems that the eyes are mad.

But this is also easy to control. The fanatic D knife, after all, is only a weapon. It is controlled by the fanatic, not the master.

I don’t know what the gambler’s gambling on D dice is. It may be even crazier. Gamblers are not much better than fanatics.

Wei Xun didn’t try the dice right away. He condensed his breath with all his strength. This kind of violent vibration was familiar to him. When the devil’s arm flipped, he made such a movement, but it was not as big as it is now. Seeing what it looks like, I am afraid that the entire northern Tibet is experiencing an earthquake!

‌ The devilish energy that was constantly pressing down during the tremor disappeared. It seemed that it did not continue downward, but left… ‌ If it really left, there would be no such movement!

The Great Demon Chabalen that Wei Xun suspected came down, so this kind of movement, is it possible that it returned to the demon body, and the demon body rioted?

That would be terrible! Just a middle finger is sixty meters, how strong should the whole demon be? Rao Wei Xun is hard to imagine! .

He drives the Tricolor Demon Flame, which, after all, once belonged to the Great Demon Chabalen, and has some weak induction. There are many snow-white demon-qi spider legs in the fox cub’s abdomen, which are also infected by the demon phantom demon aura of the great demon. Wei Xun let the demon fire engulf the legs of the demon gas spider, which immediately strengthened the connection between it and the devil.

Wei Xun’s eyes appeared in various scenes, and he was like peeping at the great devil with a telescope. Don’t look too much for fear of attracting the devil’s attention, Wei Xun glanced quickly, his eyes condensed.

Just as he expected, the Great Demon Chabalen was fused with his body and got out of trouble, and he was in riot! ‌ It did not go down to open the abyss node, or rush up to annihilate northern Tibet.

It fought fiercely with two figures!

This stunning glance Jian Wei Xun could not distinguish the identities of the two, he only saw a magnificent and beautiful butterfly like a ball of light!


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