TTG Chapter 127

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 127: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (71)

“Tourist guide?”

Wei Xun pinched the demon fire, his face solemn. He had a premonition of danger the moment he saw the butterfly, as if he would immediately send it out when he looked at it again.

“So keen, what kind of tour guide is this?”

Of course Wei Xun recognized Ding Yi’s dark green cloak. He was sure that Ding Yi was the one who fought fiercely with the devil.

Too horrible, completely resurrected demons, such as the huge and powerful volume, no wonder they shake violently. It is impossible for Ding Yi to fight against such powerful demons.

“Is it a bee? No, not necessarily.”

Wei Xun frowned. He didn’t see any bees, and Xiao Cui had connected to the female bees, and bred all the bee eggs in his belly. If he was really a bee, he should be able to do so. Responsive.

Not Ding Yi, not Ding Yi’s superior bee Taoist, is it the superior’s superior? Wei Xun never got this information from Ding Yi. Obviously, Ding Yi’s level cannot know this information.

‘Xiaocui, what butterfly is it? ‘

The Horror Global Brigade is the symbol of the butterfly. Just now I caught a glimpse of Wei Xun and couldn’t recognize what kind of butterfly it is. It is by no means ordinary.

‘I, I don’t know, Master, I can’t go out anymore’

Xiao Cui’s voice trembled, full of panic:’I sensed a very powerful monster, so powerful that it was terrifying. I will definitely send it out if I go out! ‘

‌The butterfly is indeed a demon.

‘Both the mental state and the body will send out? ‘

‘Yes, yes yes, it’s too strong! ‘

In trouble.

Except for the blood ladybug, which has not yet been fully explored, Xiaocui is the strongest monster in Wei Xun’s hands. If it will send a message from the other party, and there is a huge gap. The Demon Insect in Wei Xun’s hand is not at all a butterfly’s opponent.

Wei Xun has a toothache. There is more than one such powerful tour guide. In the picture he just saw, there are two figures fighting against the devil. If the two of them are tour guides, I am afraid that the truth is also different. Not much.

One is using Ding’s body as q, and the other is probably to invade the journey in a special way, both for the abyss node.

Formidable enemy.

Although they would suppress the reality, Wei Xun felt that they would be able to fight the demons by joining forces.

It’s not that he can handle it.

In the question ―q‖, can they continue to invade the brigade until they are killed, or is there a time limit, such as the abyss node, must leave after being sealed? Are they able to get here? Did they sense the devil, or did they perceive the abyss node? Can they realize the progress of node opening?

How can I escape safely after taking the node?

Wei Xun never thought of abandoning the node. The only way out was the fight between the two and the devil. He was hiding in the cave like a turtle in an urn. If the opponent and the demon are allowed to win and lose, and if the node is opened by q, he will definitely not be able to hide.

Will   .

Just say that he has the little Jin Xiaocui blood ladybug in his hand, the mantis one, two and three number six, the magic bug, the magic bug can’t hide in the magic bug ball, there must be a magic bug outside,   bringing a butterfly The next q can be sent as soon as it is sensed.

Or they have already posted.

“Dig in the dark.”

Wei Xun used the Devil’s Insect to dig a dark tunnel. This dark tunnel was just a spare, not an escape. He has a mission. According to the terms of the trip, even if the tour guide is really strong, it will take one or two days to open the abyss node. When the time comes, the qi of the abyss will definitely pollute the world and make his mission fail.

‘Is there any penalty for mission failure? ‘

Wei Xun asked suddenly.

[As an outstanding traveler, the task of convening to make the mission failed, travel to the parliament, judged the severity of the crime, the misdemeanor can live, and the felony deprived of all executions]

Brigade, Parliament, trial?

Sure enough, this outstanding traveler is not a good job.

Wei Xun did not intend to fail the mission, nor did he wonder whether another outstanding passenger would be able to support it. People can’t live by z‌, they can only live on their own.


The madman’s knife supporting the crevice of the stone trembled and hummed. Rush, rush up and fight!

“I am a fanatic, not a rash man.”

Wei Xun was speechless, and suppressed the urging of the madman’s knife. In the next moment, he was so bold, he came out of the crevice of the hidden stone!

It doesn’t make sense to hide, it’s trembling, they’re still fighting, and they won’t be able to beat q for a while. Wei Xun removed the title of passenger. He said that as long as he didn’t touch the magic crystal, its opening degree would not increase. It should only be counted if he touches the crystal with his hand.

Wei Xun took out the tour guide brooch. He thought of two ways, but none of them were fully formed. The ‌ key is that the amount of is insufficient and too risky. Wei Xun pondered that the tour guide badge is a symbol of tour guide status and also represents the tour guide’s rank. ‌If he takes a risk on the badge, is it possible to temporarily get a promotion?

It is unlikely, ‌ can also try. ‌When Wei Xun looked at the badge, he let out a surprise.

“Half shadow? Badge…”

Half of the silver tour guide badge is covered in shadow! Wei Xun felt it a little, and understood. The coverage ratio of this shadow turned out to be the opening ratio of the abyss node!

“Is this only my badge changed, or can all tour guides see it?”

 It’s a pit!

Wei Xun’s expression changed unpredictably. If all the tour guide badges have changed like ‌, don’t all tour guides know the progress and speed of his opening the abyss node? And as long as he continues to open the node, he will immediately send out.


Wei Xun scolded a few words of trash travel in his heart, and laughed at q.

“I’m really curious, what is the use of this abyss node.”

The ability to turn on progress and reflect it on the badges of all tour guides is definitely an extraordinary thing.

“The progress of the response… is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Wei Xun meditated. According to what the brigade said, it takes about a day for the elite tour guide to open the abyss node. He opened half of it in a few seconds. What kind of tour guide is in the eyes of outsiders?

‌Two‌The tour guide has fought with the devil for so long. Is it true that the devil is really hard to fight, or is it that they haven’t figured out the situation and are so afraid that they dare not attack for the time being?

It is a danger, but also an opportunity!

Wei Xun wants to take a gamble!


He whispered, but not to the tour guide badge, but to the tour guide’s cloak! It’s too outrageous to mention the badge adventure, and it’s basically impossible. If you want to deter and deceive others, the color of the tour guide’s cloak is more convenient.

[The adventure is successful, and the cloak turns into light blue! 】

The dark green cloak from Ding Yi in Wei Xun’s hand successfully turned blue. This blue is the color of the cloak of a guide of the silver rank, and Wei Xun is the guide of this rank. The cloak in his hand is light blue, like a blue sky.

Light blue, the bottom layer of silver level.

Wei Xun frowned, not enough, blue and dark green are not too different in class.


[The adventure is successful, and the color of the cloak has changed to dark blue! 】

The next moment the cloak turned into a deep dark blue. This was the color of the night sky when it first entered the night. It was vast and dark, but it made Wei Xun’s eyes bright.

There is a play!

The darker the cloak is, the higher the ‌ rank of the same rank. Wei Xun is a silver rank zero four-star, and the cloak corresponds to light blue. This kind of dark blue is more like the color of his cloak as a silver-level fifth-tier five-star tour guide.

Pretending to be Bing Jiu? No, Bing Jiu is too famous. And to be honest, he is not too strong. Outside, the two tour guides are absolutely high-level. The bee Taoist is B-50, they may surpass him, and Mrs. Bing is not enough to see. It may not act as a deterrent at all, and it will cause trouble for yourself.

Can the color be changed again?

Wei Xun took a risk once, but the color of his cloak changed back to light blue. Could it be said that he can only change between the two levels he has served?

not enough.

“How far have you been recuperating?”

As Wei Xun continued his adventure, he asked the fox cub. Since following him, the fox cub has not eaten any good things, magic honey, hairy hair, all kinds of crystal stones, almost unlimited yang energy, it is in the soul. The body became more and more solid, and it was a trivial matter to possess Wei Xun and control the mink at the same time.

Wei Xun wanted to know if it could go further, but Tianhu has many abilities. What kind of surrender, fox fairy worships the moon, fox fairy favors and so on.

“Recovered some, ‌‌ was just a young celestial fox in me.”

The fox cub seriously said, it is not Yu Hehui, but a ray of consciousness that Yu Hehui has stripped, and at most it can only grow up to a young age. If you want to unlock more Hu Xian talents, at least you have to wake up Yu Hehui.

The so many good things that Wei Xun fed it indeed contained the remnants of Yu Hehui’s soul, and also allowed this consciousness to become the strongest step. But let’s talk about what the young celestial fox can do, the fox cub. I can do it now.

It unreservedly told Wei Xun all the work it could do, including possessing, absorbing the sun, and inspiring the desire for protection.


The cloak in his hand once again ventured into dark blue, Wei Xun temporarily stopped and asked: “Can you transform into a human?”

‘I can, I can only become a child. ‘

The fox cub was a little embarrassed: “I am just a young celestial fox, I can’t change into an adult. It’s okay to become a year, ‌ ‌ is an illusion. ‘

The transformation of the sky fox is completely transformed into a human form, which is profound, and it is no different from a human being when dissected. And the illusion it talks about is just to confuse people’s eyes. Seeing that q is a human, if the body is a fox, you can tell by touching it.

“Children… can they only become human children, or can they all change?”

‘It can change! ‘

The fox cub proudly said that it can become a variety of cubs, this is the talent that the sky fox has only when it is young. The reason is to worry about the little fox running away. When hunted by the beasts, they can become the cubs of the opponent, even their breath can imitate, and they can mix into the dens of other beasts and eat and drink. This is a way of self-protection.

When they become bigger, this talent will also disappear.

“Can snow leopard cubs change?”


The fox cub has seen Wei Xun turn into a snow leopard several times, and his breath is familiar and can become exactly the same.


The Wei Xun plan is gradually taking shape. If you make good use of it, this may be a good opportunity that will be hard to find in a thousand years.

Everything is ready, this cloak…

Wei Xun looked at the dark blue cloak in his hand. He took four adventures. It has been changing between light blue and dark blue without any other changes. In other words, according to Wei Xun’s own’possibility’, his cloak would only be these two colors.

‌Whether it is pretending to be C250 or C9, it is not qualified.

In fact, the position is not qualified.

Wei Xun groaned, and he took out the gambler’s die.

Dark blue like a starry dice, golden numbers.

Every adventure is actually more like a gamble, and the gambler’s dice is a kind of high gamble. The current primary gambler’s dice, the number of points it throws is the multiple of Wei Xun’s next action.

If Wei Xun shoots a knife after throwing at six o’clock, the damage he hits with a knife will be six times that of normal.

The same is true if he takes a risk on the cloak after throwing six points. In this adventure, if the cloak should be changed to a silver five-tier five-star dark blue, it will be dyed six times the color of the dark blue.

‌There is a price to turn on points. The price of one to three points is property. The more money and property you pay, the greater the possibility of throwing to 3 points. At most, you can only throw up to three points.


The price of starting four to six points is the flesh and blood of the gambler. Similarly, the more flesh and blood, the greater the possibility of throwing to 6 o’clock. ‌This is just the highest number of points that can be thrown. If you are unlucky and pay the price of flesh and blood, you may also throw 1 point q.

‌Evil, this dice. Gamblers are crazier than fanatics, but they pay for their flesh and blood at six o’clock. They don’t know what they have to pay when they drive to the back, or even the highest twenty o’clock.

What’s more important is that Wei Xun is currently unclear about how much flesh and blood the probability is high. Moreover, his luck to q is not good, even if he pays a lot of flesh and blood, he may throw a little q.

‘Got a gamble, don’t try and see how you can do it, maybe luck is with you’

He seemed to hear the sound of temptation, bewitching him, urging him,”qThrowing out this dice, and using his own flesh and blood” to make a gamble.

“Luck? Maybe?”

Wei Xun chuckled, “I don’t believe this.”

Luck is the least credible thing, and gamblers will definitely go bankrupt in the end.

Wei Xun will not give anything to the illusory’try it’

He took out the golden necklace and put on the crown of the golden-winged roc.

[False King (Necklace): Necklace becomes your guardian, you become lucky-of course, everything is an illusion, you will not have any luck]

[False King (Crown): When you wear the crown, you are the true king! All the negative effects on ‌ are reversed to ‌ surface! 】

“Let me see how lucky I am.”

Wei Xun pulled out a piece of hair, and the hair could be regarded as his “property”. This hair fell on the dice and disappeared. One to three o’clock on the dice was shiny, but from four to six o’clock, it was dim. Then Wei Xun threw the dice.

I saw this icosahedral gambler’s dice turning q‌ and then stopped on the golden 3.

Luck is really good. With just one hair, he threw out the highest three points corresponding to his belongings!


Wei Xun really felt a pity at this time. The golden bell necklace is such a useful item, but it can only have a face effect when it is used with the crown. This shining crown is too conspicuous and too impressive.

When he wears the crown, people will know that he is going to make a move, which is not good.

But this is what happened later, Wei Xun took the madman’s knife and cut off a piece of meat on his left arm. After thinking about it for a while, Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and cut his entire body with cuts and bruises. He calculated the amount of blood loss, and looked at the horror of blood all over his body, but he would not actually die and faint. There was a handful of meat that was cut off, about 100 grams, and Wei Xunquan threw it on the dice.


After all the flesh and blood disappeared, Wei Xun instinctively knew when he picked up the gambler’s dice that it could throw it twice at most.

These two times are the minimum amount of flesh and blood, which means that at least 50 grams of flesh and blood can be turned on at six o’clock and the dice can be thrown once, and the probability is still not high. Of course, Wei Xun can directly use this 100 grams of flesh and blood to fight for a higher probability.

‌It is not necessary.

“Can you store times? That’s interesting.”

There is no need to cut the flesh and blood every time, it is quite convenient. Wei Xun used only 50 grams of the lowest flesh and blood to roll the dice again. I saw this twentieth-sided dice fell and started to turn q. It took a long time to turn this time, unlike the previous steadily stopping at 3, it kept turning.

At the end it wobbled, and when the s stopped, Wei Xun saw it several times and wanted to fall at 1 o’clock.

After a few laps, it sluggishly fell on 6 o’clock as if reluctantly.

6 points, 6 times!

Wei Xun.s‌ Just now, I remembered the scene in my heart, so I can’t tell you that you can’t rely solely on good luck. With the blessing of luck, it takes a lot of effort to throw six o’clock, but imagine that in the later stage, the role of luck will be greatly reduced.

Moreover, the primary gambler’s dice is a multiple. After it is upgraded, it will probably have a z effect, and the price to be paid will be even more terrifying.


Time is running out, Wei Xun is ready to use it for almost five minutes, and it is still violently shaking. He does not plan to    two tour guides after fighting the demon before they will shoot. It will be too long. ‌Move.

The more chaotic, the better for him!

[The adventure is successful, and the color of the cloak has changed to dark blue! 】

The dark blue cloak didn’t change much from the previous one. The next moment its color changed in Wei Xun’s hands. A dark red rose from the edge of the cloak, and the blue was wiped away, gradually engulfing the cloak.

‌Quickly, the cloak turned dark red, like a flame in Wei Xun’s hands!


Crimson cloak?

Wei Xun was a little surprised, because he had never seen a cloak of this color. From bronze, to silver, to gold, platinum, diamonds, cloak colors: dark green, dark blue, dark silver, dark purple, and black, the three can choose the color of their cloak.

Wei Xun, the crimson cloak, has never heard of it.

“Six times the amount…”

Wei Xun frowned. The dark blue represents the fifth-tier silver five-star. Although he is not sure how the amount of travel is converted, whether it is counted by the guide or the tour guide. ‌Before he thought only six times, should he be able to reach the golden rank, or platinum rank?

But I didn’t expect the cloak to turn crimson.

“Does it work?”

Wei Xun put on his cloak and hood. The tour guide’s cloak has the function of concealing the identity, and it also has a defense. The higher the cloak, the stronger it is, which is equivalent to the uniform issued by the tour guide to the tour guide.

It is indeed stronger than the blue cloak.

After putting it on, Wei Xun felt something. Moreover, it is much stronger, and it is still uncertain which level it is.

On the contrary, it has been better than expected.

“Almost ready.”

The cloak was retracted into the fox cub’s abdomen, Wei Xun became a tour guide, and the communication brigade bought the replicator’s bazooka and many others. After they were placed, he changed back to a passenger again. After cutting himself a few times, he tore open the wound that was about to heal.

Wei Xun felt the White Wolf King and touched the thorny pattern hidden in the skin on his left wrist. Finally he put away the crown and took out a golden bell.

【The False King (Golden Bell): When you use the Golden Bell, you can expel all demons and suppress demons-of course, everything is an illusion. The devilish energy will explode soon, and the devil will recover supernormally. After all, you are just a false king]


The bell rang, and a large amount of magic energy instantly filled the whole stone cave, and the vibration became more violent, and there was a sky-shaking roar not far away. Wei Xun is holding a madman’s knife, hiding in the devilish energy like an assassin, sneaking towards the fierce battle.

* *

“The devil is rioting, the devil is rioting!”

The sharp laughter of the children sounded, and the super-riotous demons suddenly burst out with an extremely powerful amount, hitting them like a flies with a black shadow. ‌The black shadow hit the wall directly and rolled and fell. Its limbs were shattered by the powerful impact. Only a tattered puppet’s head rolled down on the wall. The eyes were half closed and half open, and the head split in the middle. Looks like q ten  horror.

“It’s so fun, so fun.”

Just as the demon roared with excitement, a child in a dark purple cloak appeared on its broad shoulders. He cheered happily and slapped the devil on the shoulder: “You are so funny, do you want to be my toy.”

The demon roared in anger, and the giant palm fell to pieces, and his devilish energy shook the space like a knife. ‌At this moment, a butterfly flew by, and the surging demonic energy was swept away.

“Pinocchio, getting smaller.”

At the same time, the right arm of the demon that had just been connected shortly afterwards slashed down again with an invisible sharp blade, and the outline of a thing was faintly reflected in the spraying of the blood. Recessive praying mantis!

“If you get smaller, you can’t sit on its shoulders.”

Pinocchio rolled his eyes and said unhappy: “Toys are only fun if they are big. Since your Yin and Yang butterfly promised to find me a better toy…”

“Become a dwarf.”

He clapped his hands and laughed, only listening to the rumbling sound, the demon’s body has actually become smaller again, leaving only a dozen meters high. Pinocchio jumped off his shoulders, and when he fell to the center, he swung down first, and then tossed up. The silver flashes seemed to cross a steel wire in mid-air, and he was standing on this steel wire.

“How come no one has watched Pinocchio’s puppet show after so long, I’m so sad, I’m so sad.”

Pinocchio actually cried, q, big tears slid down its puppet face. After the fierce battle, his body was not without scars, the devil’s amount was not weak, and he saw half of his body burned as black as fire, and the other half was missing a wooden arm. His aura is more and more vigorous.

“There will be someone soon.”

A person wearing a dark green cloak stood in the corner, with one hand in his pocket, controlling the mantis and the demon to slash each other. Once the demon was about to roll up the devilish energy and attack, the butterfly would fly by and suck the devilish energy.

“It’s demon energy. Look at the abyss node connected to the abyss demon layer.”

Yin Yang Butterfly whispered: “Pinocchio, there are few demonic tour guides among the shepherds, this node is of no use to you.”

“I don’t know if it’s useful, the boss asked me to take me and just take it.”

Pinocchio smiled and said: “And it doesn’t matter whether you can get it, I mainly look for my little toys.”

“There is no time to play.”

Yin-Yang Butterfly whispered: “Guide, a snow leopard, open the position of the abyss node, this time it won’t be so easy. Pinocchio, cooperate with me.”

“The boss doesn’t let me play with you. She said that the butcher’s league are bad boys.”

Pinocchio smiled, he jumped off the wire and fought the demon with a wooden hammer. Obviously this hammer is not big,  the devil will stiffen for a moment every time it hits it,     concealed mantis cuts.

‌Suddenly only heard an angry roar, and the demon was ablaze with flames. It suddenly grabbed the invisible mantis’s knife arm and smashed it directly at the two of them. At the same time, the devilish energy exploded and crashed into the entire space. The drama was rumbling, but no rubble fell.


There is a layer of spider web that is almost invisible to the naked eye outside the nearly cracked rock wall, which is glued to the cracks in the rocks everywhere. Dozens of tiny spiders are spinning and mending everywhere, making this place more stable.

“Huh-it’s so dangerous, so dangerous, it almost burned me.”

Pinocchio screamed with a shriek, took off his cloak and slapped the devilish energy on his body, and then threw the cloak aside, his body scorched more black: “The devil is crazy, is it your family?” The psychic is q?”

“Only the Puppet Master can open it as fast as possible.”

Yin Yang Butterfly said lightly, several scars were cut out on his body, his left arm was slumped like a broken sword arm of a praying mantis, and his devilish energy rushed to Qi orifices to bleed. After all, this is Ding Yi’s body, unable to withstand spoiling. If this continues, Ding Yi will almost certainly die.

Obviously, he didn’t care about Ding Yi’s death.

“No, the boss of the puppet master is outside with the An team.”

Pinocchio smiled: “I heard that the psychic didn’t lead the brigade, I don’t know if it’s true.”

“You can see it just by looking at the Butcher Alliance.”

Yin Yang Die hooked her mouth and seemed to smile: “The breath of the abyss has begun to leak. Haven’t any outstanding travelers found here… Huh?”

“Hee hee, someone is arrogant.”

Pinocchio looked at the passage at the same time, and the puppet thread and spider silk shot silently in the direction of ‌‌. There were many counterattacks in the middle, and in the end, the puppet line was even better, and it was the first to quietly entangle the wrist of the q.

The next moment, a heavily wounded man covered in blood panted, and rushed past q in fright and despair. When he saw the huge demon, he was first surprised, and then he was happy when he saw Pinocchio, half vigilant and half anxious. :

“Who are you? Are you an excellent traveler who “q” helped?!”

“Quick help, there is a special guide below, he is about to open the abyss node!”


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