TTG Chapter 128

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 128: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (72)

“A great tour guide?”

The man in the dark green cloak listened to Wei Xun’s words and asked softly, “How powerful is it?”

In the process, the demon roared with anger due to Wei Xun’s intrusion, and the devilish energy surged to make him beheaded on the spot. But as soon as this person lifted h, a butterfly flew up and swept away all the devilish energy.

Wei Xun’s face changed slightly: “Ding Yi? No, L is not Ding Yi.”

He subconsciously stepped back two steps in the direction of Pinocchio.

“Who is L?”

“Hehe, his body is indeed Ding Yi, but the one speaking now is not Ding Yi.”

There was laughter, and Wei Xun heard that it was a child’s voice, and he was astonished: “L…hiss!”

He seemed to realize that this person was actually a strange puppet face, and was frightened, but immediately calmed down and said, “Who are these?”

“Leep not afraid of me?”

Pinocchio blinked, and the puppet’s face was close to Wei Xun, as if to catch a glimpse of the fear in his eyes. After a while, he chatted: “It’s boring.”

“It deserves to be the best newcomer passenger who can convince Ding Yi on the first day.”

Yin Yang Butterfly smiled lightly: “The name is just a code name, L‌ can call me Ding Yi.”

Sure enough, they watched the live broadcast outside. Wei Xun didn’t pretend to be stupid, because it didn’t make sense, he was thinking about the worst. Personality, control, revealing title, props revealed in the live broadcast.

What a newcomer traveler should know, what he doesn’t know, the information between the outside world and him is poor.

Wei Xun shouldn’t have known that Ding Yi has a superior, even if he defeated Ding Yi. However, Wei Xun controlled Ding Yi and dug out his bottom, but the matter was not exposed.

Wei Xun is not a reckless man. He did not take the initiative to attack directly, but considered all possibilities.

When he concealed and sneaked upwards to the extreme, but was discovered, Wei Xun gave up his plan of hiding, observing the situation, and assassinating. After naturally raising the left h, let the unknown filament wrap the left h wrist, and walk along here, when he found that the devil was not the two of them at all, Wei Xun gave up stimulating the devil with golden bells. , Plan b that disturbs the situation.

Seeing that one party was wearing a dark green cloak of Dingyi, but the other party didn’t know what to do. When there was no cloak, Wei Xun immediately chose plan f.

This plan is very late, and the later the plan is, the more risky and dangerous. Wei Xun was betting, and if he didn’t treat both of them, he would kill him immediately.

The first is that there is a “powerful” tour guide below, only he knows the other party’s information.

The first is that he is too weak, he was seriously injured, and he is not threatening at all.

The third is another outstanding passenger who has not yet appeared.

There are these two powerful guides, and even more unknown dive guides. In this case, Wei Xun, an excellent passenger, is very weak compared to the next, and the other excellent passenger is extremely strong.

Powerful ‌ ‌ can deal with these guides, ‌ can’protect’ Wei Xun. After all, the main purpose of the hostel is also to solve the problem. It is by no means to let them die.


In other words, these two tour guides must beware of the “powerful tour guide” below, and they must beware of another “excellent tourist”. They shouldn’t be in the same camp, otherwise they should have joined forces to test, instead of still dealing with the devil.

Because they are not in the same camp, and they may even be hostile to each other, they must first’fight’ on the devil’s side and reach an agreement first.

Of course, there is also a very small possibility, only Ding Yi is an intrusive tour guide, and the other is an excellent tourist. At the glance that he saw through Demon Flame just now, that person had only a shadow, and Wei Xun didn’t see if he had a cloak at the bottom.

In summary, Wei Xun is more than 30% sure that the opponent will not immediately kill him and control him.

Thirty percent is enough for him to take a gamble.

“You can call me Wan Xiangchun.”

Pinocchio grinned and said: “L is right. I am a member of the returning brigade, an excellent passenger, who came to help L. I have been fighting with this Ding Yi for a long time, and he wants to open the abyss node.”

Wan Xiangchun, the returning brigade…

This man is lying.

There is a contract, if someone from the returning brigade really shows up, Wei Xun will be able to see the glimmer.

Sure enough, he is also a tour guide.

“Mr. Wan.”

Wei Xun was a little wary and curious, but he was not completely convinced. He is a newcomer traveler. Although he has heard Jiang Hongguang and others talk about the major brigades, after all, he hasn’t really seen it and didn’t feel much.

At this moment, we should be vigilant against things that are as weird as the last puppet, or even completely unhuman.

Pinocchio rolled his eyes and noticed that he glanced at the devil from time to time and smiled: “Don’t worry about this little devil, it’s not my opponent. Ding Yi is also very weak.”

“The tour guide below, he is very dangerous. L escaped from him?”

“No… I can’t say it’s an escape.”

Wei Xun’s face was ugly: “The wounds on my body are caused by the devilish energy. I can’t get close to him at all.”

Run away? How could he successfully escape from such a powerful guide h‌?

Unless the other party does not care about him.

Why didn’t the other party control him, but just let him run out like this?

Wei Xun wanted to think about Ding Yi and Wan Xiangchun.

Sure enough, Pinocchio chuckled a few times when he heard him say that, if the Yin and Yang butterfly had thoughts.

Even when the demon roared again in grief and anger, a large piece of magic spider web directly muffled its mouth, which was too noisy and affected its thinking.

“The wounds on L’s body are indeed devilish. This is not good. If it is not eliminated, L’will be corroded by the devilish.”

Pinocchio smiled, and the small wooden sculpture touched Wei Xun’s body. Wei Xun’s expression changed slightly to avoid him, but he could not avoid him completely.

“What are you hiding? I am helping L‌heal.”

The devilish energy dissipated, the wound healed, and at the same time puppet silk was buried in these scars.



Pinocchio backed away abruptly, but the puppet puppet on Wei Xun’s body cracked and broke, as if it had been bitten off by some cruelty.

“Mr. Wan, sorry.”

Wei Xun twisted his eyebrows and apologized: “But you’d better not touch me. The wrong lama said I have the body of the White Wolf King.”

The Snow Leopard uses its tail to draw people, but the White Wolf King is even more fierce. It bites people.

The White Wolf King is stronger than this tour guide.

Just this time, Wei Xun was deliberately probing. Otherwise, as early as the entrance of the passage, when the thin thread was wrapped around his wrist, he would be able to bite the White Wolf King.

Sure enough, the White Wolf King and the Snow Leopard are one, and the tooth marks on his wrist can still work.

“Oh, it’s okay, I was not careful.”

Pinocchio smiled and stepped on it, and the Yin-Yang Butterfly chuckled.

There are different ways to invade the journey. He uses Ding Yi’s body to invade. Although the method exerts his full strength, the advantage is that he can wait until the end of the journey or Ding Yi’s death.

Pinocchio is different, the abyss node crisis is lifted, and he is directly rejected by the journey.

He doesn’t know if Pinocchio is the real invasion brigade, after all, this man has too many puppets. If he is real, he is willing to be able to connect and disconnect h, but this may also be just for him to show.

It was Wei Xun’s “White Wolf King” who was able to bite Pinocchio’s wrist. Even if his strength is suppressed and very weak, this should not be the case.

Unless, another outstanding traveler is really that one. But Pinocchio just said that the puppet master stopped him…

“Boy, L is very good, are you interested in joining our homecoming team?”

The Yin-Yang Butterfly here is still thinking, while Pinocchio and Wei Xun are chatting over there. He was so small and old-fashioned to speak, smiled, and directly took out a contract and said happily to Wei Xun:

“I am very optimistic about L, come and sign the contract, our return brigade is the strongest brigade!”

Yin Yang Butterfly glanced at it and knew that Pinocchio had taken out the contract of the Shepherd Alliance, but it was just disguised. He knew exactly what Pinocchio wanted to do. If Wei Xun could really sign the contract, it would prove that he was definitely a Class X passenger, and even a tour guide reserve.

However, if this person is really an X-type passenger, this potential seedling can’t let him go to the Shepherd’s League.

And Pinocchio is really not anxious at all. Could it be that the people from the Shepherd Alliance open the abyss node below?


With an inaudible sound of tearing the air, Pinocchio still smiled happily and handed Wei Xun the contract, but Wei Xun was always vigilant. It seemed that he didn’t understand at all. In such a dangerous time, why does Wan Xiangchun want to sign a contract? Therefore, it is a face of rejection, always vigilant.

Suddenly, his face changed, he leaned back sharply, and the blood-colored blade slashed across, and there was a sharp bang like a weapon attack, sparks splashed, and the huge force hit Wei Xun directly to spit blood, and the tiger’s mouth cracked. Frightened and feared, he held the knife and exhausted all his strength to block the danger of death from the top of the head, and the contract was directly cut into pieces.

“Ding Yi, how dare L to tell Wei Xun?”

All this happened between the electric light and flint, Pinocchio roared, and the Limu hammer suddenly became as tall as an adult. He jumped up and hammered fiercely into the air, only to hear a crackling sound, like a large piece of glass being broken by him, but the only arm of the invisible praying mantis was directly broken by him!

“Brother Wei Xun, are you okay!”

When he landed, he pulled Wei Xun’s collar and dragged him, avoiding the crackling and falling sharp pieces. Wei Xun couldn’t hold the knife softly. The Blade of the Fanatic  is about to be dropped, and will be picked up by Pinocchio.

You can’t see the function, you can’t even know the name. In Wei Xun, the rookie traveler, this knife can actually resist the blade of the hidden praying mantis instead of being cut directly.

Personal weapons.

Wei Xun should have completed the main mission of the journey, this should be his exclusive weapon of choice.

At this moment, whether Pinocchio or Yin-Yang Butterfly, they all reasoned out the origin of this knife.

A newcomer…the talent is really good.

Ding Yi, rubbish!

One of them was still smiling, and the other smiled calmly, but they cursed at the same time in their hearts.

No matter how strong a newcomer is, Ding Yi shouldn’t be completely trampled under his feet on the first day.

It’s a shame for the tour guide!

“Come on, L’s knife.”

Pinocchio stuck a puppet thread on the Madman’s knife and returned the knife to Wei Xun. Each of the exclusive weapons for completing the main line of the journey has extremely high growth and will be extremely powerful in the future. If the tour guide seizes these weapons, they usually destroy them directly, without giving the enemy a chance to grow.

But the weapon also depends on the type. Pinocchio judged that Wei Xun’s knife should be purely offensive, or a weapon with the heavier the owner’s injury, the stronger the attack. However, this offensive weapon pays the most attention to the master’s level.


The stronger Wei Xun, the stronger the weapon. He is now severely injured with a knife, his strength is the strongest, but it is still only the arm of the invisible mantis, he can only cut a crack in it, but it repels it.

Strong, but limited.

Wei Xun’s strength limited the use of this knife.

Really terrifying exclusive weapons are causal and rule-based. This is the kind that can reverse the situation. No matter how weak the user is, they can turn the weapon against the wind, just like An Xuefeng’s knife.

The same is a knife, his knife is different from Wei Xun’s. Pinocchio has seen many exclusive weapons, his vision is very poisonous, and he doesn’t admit his mistakes.

That being the case, Wei Xun also said that the knife was returned. The most important thing is that he wants to keep a puppet silk.

Wei Xun’s body is weird, and the puppet silk can’t be wrapped around him, so just keep it on the knife.

“Ding Yi, I really can’t kill L with L? I can’t kill L with L? Then I come out with h, I want L to look good!”

Pinocchio screamed threatening, and threw a sledgehammer at the invisible praying mantis like crazy, leaving nothing behind. The Yin-Yang butterfly did not make a sound, but it directly collected the mantis, the sledgehammer hit the devil’s head, and its head was directly smashed.

What a powerful force!

Wei Xun’s pupils shrank abruptly, and the ten-meter-high demon swayed and fell. Like a mountain collapsed, the sound of rumbling and cracking was endless, and Pinocchio ran away in a panic. Wei Xun did not refuse. After the violent shaking eased slightly, he discovered that they somehow ran out of that area and reached the middle of the passage.

“It’s over, there’s no way out.”

Pinocchio shook his head and sighed, the puppet’s face like a knife frowned: “What a heavy devil, the abyss node is opening, Xiao Wei Xun, we have to solve these two guides. Row.”

“Are you going to kill?”

Wei Xun said solemnly. Just now Pinocchio rescued him and killed the demon with a single hammer, showing his great strength, which convinced him.

Pinocchio smiled and glanced at him, Hongtuotuo’s face looked very strange: “Xiao Axun, we are travelers, don’t always fight and kill like the Butcher Alliance. It’s not good.”

“Have you played enough?”

Yin Yang Butterfly said lightly, he was a bit more embarrassed than Pinocchio, Ding Yi’s body was too weak, and his cloak was also weak. Pinocchio’s emergence was too sudden, it was a horror that could really kill the invisible mantis with a hammer. The aftermath of the devil’s fall and the devastating earthquake spread to him, and he looked a little bit ashamed.

“L refuses to go down and keeps delaying time. Is it really Master Puppet Master below?”

“L refuses to go on, and has been delaying time. Is it really Mr. Psychic below?”

Pinocchio spoke like a robot, then chuckled and said:

“If we don’t go down, aren’t we fishing?”


Yin Yang Butterfly whispered: “I’m fishing for a big fish.”

They didn’t kill Wei Xun, even the powerful guide who opened the abyss node below did not kill Wei Xun. They used him as bait to catch a big fish!

The snow leopard, the white wolf, and the white wolf king’s blessing can all crush Pinocchio’s h, whether the spider silk or the puppet thread can invade his body.

“That’s not just a big fish, no, it’s a whale that can swallow us.”

Pinocchio agreed with a smile and said, “Yes, yes, let Mister Psychic come up quickly, otherwise L can’t deal with him.”

“Mr. Wan, what are you talking about?”

Wei Xun’s face darkened as he listened to him. He originally looked at Ding Yi vigilantly, but at this moment he turned around in shock, as if to question, but in an instant the blade fell, and he actually shot the knife at the moment he turned!

The demon flames burst into flames, the stone bricks fell, and the Guxin people’s skin rolled away. The pure mana and the demon energy stirred together, the momentum was amazing, even the mink cubs rushed over, and the momentum was amazing. Wei Xun used all of his own segments in an instant, and it was a thunderous blow!

“Go to hell!”

“It’s so cruel.”

The blade slashed down, but Wei Xun’s expression changed. The stone brick method was subdued, the magic flame collapsed, the Guxin human skin fell dimly, and the mink screamed and flew out. He slashed towards the puppet’s neck, the head leaned back and there was no bleeding, but between the head and the neck, there are several thin lines that are invisible to the naked eye!


The knife was directly bounced out, and at the same time a wooden h‌ penetrated the demon flame and shot out, squeezing Wei Xun’s neck!

“I surrender.”

Wei Xun didn’t resist at all, and was simply neat.

I surrendered.

” L‌‌ Why don’t you continue to play games with me.”

When the magic flame dissipated, Pinocchio walked out, his eyebrows hung upside down, and his face was crying. Pin Wei Xun’s neck is still working hard.

“What? What? What? What?”

“He found out a long time ago.”

Yin Yang Butterfly whispered: “It’s just playing games with L‌.”

Yes! Wei Xun definitely found Pinocchio and Yin-Yang Butterfly as soon as he came out, both tour guides, both came to open the abyss node! But there is a powerful tour guide below, and the two tour guides above who can play against the devil. He is caught in the middle, and he is bound to die!

So he immediately recognized Pinocchio without a cloak, another outstanding passenger, dealing with them, this is quick wit, and the only opportunity to slow down the fight.

When Pinocchio talked with Yin-Yang Butterfly, Wei Xun became aware of it for the first time. Pinocchio didn’t plan to play and hide anymore, so he did not hesitate to resort to all the direct attacks. This was his last Machine ‌.

When the attack was found to be effective, he immediately surrendered, without any resistance.

Quick-witted, bold, decisive, cruel, able to bend and stretch.

This is Wei Xun, Pinocchio and Yin-Yang Butterfly who watched the entire journey to northern Tibet. Wei Xun is such a person.

“L, very good.”

Yin Yang Butterfly whispered: “It’s just too weak.”

“Cough cough, cough cough cough, yes.”

Wei Xun was choked by his neck, a series of coughs, but a bright smile on his face: “But the weak are also useful, isn’t it?”

“I know some information from the guide below, and I can also sense that the White Wolf King is approaching here fast, soon, it will be coming soon.”

Wei Xun said bachelor: “If you can kill me easily, then I will live the same as if I die, and it will have no effect.”

“It’s funny, L‌ It’s funny!”

Pinocchio smiled, living as if he were dead, yes, although their tour guides are still alive, they are all dying people and people who have no future. No matter how much life time is saved, it will be zeroed all at once, and there will never be peace.

“You have the potential, do you really want to come to our shepherd?”

Wei Xun really has the potential to become a tour guide.


The Yin-Yang butterfly who was watching saw Pinocchio’s tone brisk, but his force was getting stronger and stronger. Wei Xun’s face was blue and he couldn’t help struggling, and he whispered when he was about to die. An orange butterfly flying by like a fireball, Pinocchio pinched Wei Xun’s puppet, h‌ suddenly broke.

Orange butterfly? But the butterfly that I saw just now seems to be blue.

Thoughts flashed by, Wei Xun coughed violently and knelt down. But before his leg hit the ground, he was caught by Yin-Yang Butterfly.

“Tell me everything you know.”

Wei Xun is good to kill? No, he is not easy to kill. Wei Xun is a useful shield, Pinocchio will not strangle him. But this person has to hold it in himself.

Pinocchio was too happy and angry. When he pinched Wei Xun’s neck, Yin Yang Butterfly felt a sense of crisis in his heart, as if a catastrophe was about to come. He lay on his head, a black dung beetle with a large fingernail, and desperately rolled a black ball on his hind legs. That is the bad luck of the Yin-Yang butterfly.

But it didn’t roll clean no matter what, and it was trembling with fright. Yin and Yang Butterfly could see the lifeless spirit on Pinocchio’s body in an instant, and both of them were overwhelmed by bad luck.

In a trance, Yin-Yang Butterfly heard an angry wolf howl, his face changed, and he grabbed Wei Xun and walked down.


“I was originally a snow leopard cub hiding in a crack in the rock, but a terrifying bug found me. It was red. I took a look and it was dark in front of me.”

Wei Xun was arrested and walked this time. This posture was uncomfortable, but he was neat and he knew it.

“It smells like a demon, it’s very strong.”

Wei Xun did not lie in Yin and Yang butterfly way.

It was the blood ladybug that Wei Xun deliberately left in the cave.

“Devil bugs, they really belong to the Butcher Alliance.”

Pinocchio followed closely, and his broken arm was connected, and it was intact as before. It was a few meters away from the Yin Yang Butterfly and Wei Xun, not far, not too close, and not lagging behind. Seeing Wei Xun looking at him, he smiled brightly.

“Little Axun, it’s better to keep him away. People in the Butcher Alliance don’t cherish toys. They like to destroy toys.”

Say  He unscrewed his wood: “This kind of destruction!”

The “h” that the White Wolf King bit off, did not heal, and the “h” that’Ding Yi’ chopped off, healed. Of course, it may also be that Ding Yi did not use all his strength. Wei Xun also listened to the howling of the wolf. At the moment of howling the wolf, watching them walk directly down without hesitation, Wei Xun understood.

In terms of strength, the White Wolf King is greater than Ding Yi and Wan Xiangchun.

Not only that, they were equally jealous of the guide below, and the two sides were still jealous of each other.

“I watched the tour guide, but he was too strong. When I first came out, my eyes went dark, and then I found that I was wounded and I had left the cave.”

“Control, hiss, what should I do? Master Puppet Master is good at it.”

Pinocchio put himself in his mouth and looked terrified: “Oh my God, the next one is really the master puppet. Xiao Dingyi, “L” let’s run away. , If you really are Master Puppet Master, you will be her puppet.”

“L is so good-looking, she really likes L.”

“Manipulation, many people are…”

Yin Yang Butterfly said lightly: “It’s just a rookie traveler. There is a monster suppressed. I’m afraid he can’t even see the color of that person’s cloak.”

He said so, but he really slowed down a bit, and he became walking side by side with Pinocchio, but their speed was still not slow, and they were less than ten meters away from the cave where the abyss node was. And because they walked so fast, because of the terrifying sense of crisis, the breath of the ferocious beast seemed to be in their ears.

The one is chasing, and he is getting closer and closer!

The two of them are absolutely invincible even if they work together. Only the big tour guide who opened the abyss node has the chance to fight back. With Wei Xun here, the opponent will definitely chase him!

That is the machine!

“Who said that, I see the color of his cloak.”

Not ten meters, nine meters, eight, seven…

Wei Xun calculated the distance. It’s fast. Just wait five meters away from the entrance of the cave. But Ding Yi walks too slowly, just go faster.

While thinking, he said: “That’s a crimson cloak—”


Hearing a loud bang, a huge wooden hammer fell directly and hit the road ahead, and the road was completely blocked. Wei Xun was pulled down vigorously, and his face was directly attached to the puppet’s face. His black and white eyes are huge, almost terrifying:

“what colour?”


Under his gaze, Wei Xun’s brain shook, and he told the truth directly-it was indeed a crimson cloak. He put the cloak on the abyss node with a climbing bag, and it looked like someone squatting on the edge of the abyss node from the entrance.

But Pinocchio only asked about the color.

Wei Xun has strong willpower, and he got rid of his control in an instant. He trembled violently. Has an earthquake occurred? No, no, it was Pinocchio who was holding him trembling violently!

Large beads of sweat slipped from his wooden skull, his eyes getting bigger and bigger, but the black ones getting smaller and smaller, as if they were rolling his eyes. What’s this? The next moment Wei Xun was dragged by the Yin Yang butterfly, he found that this person was also shaking, the dark green hood fell, revealing the face of Ding Yi. But now Ding Yi’s face is distorted.

Black filamentous tentacles grew on the forehead, and the eyes turned dark green, bulging outwards, with a black spot with a pinpoint in the middle. Is it alienation?

‌What is now suddenly alienated! And it’s not Ding Yi’s alienation, it’s the tour guide who invaded his body!

“what colour?”

For the same problem, the voice was erratic, as if there was a buzzing sound, Wei Xun buzzed in his ears, telling the truth:



A heart-piercing scream caused Wei Xun’s ears to bleed and he suddenly became a god. Pinocchio is screaming! He suddenly put away the wooden hammer, turned around immediately, and was about to run away! But as soon as he took a step, Wei Xun heard an anxious and worried wolf howl, very close, very close.

The wolf is coming!


In the next moment, Pinocchio picked up a wooden hammer and slammed it directly on the nearby rock wall. The back road is blocked, he actually wants to smash a way to escape! Wei Xun’s face suddenly changed when he saw this scene, but he cursed wildly in his heart. He thought about it a lot. For example, the two tour guides didn’t believe it, for example, they could see through the illusion of the cloak at a glance.

But I really didn’t think about it, ah, how could this person run away just by hearing the color of his cloak? !

L‌ Run away now, isn’t it a loss for my arrangement!


Wei Xun gritted his teeth, this distance is barely enough, just blow me up!


A loud thunder-like noise suddenly came, and the’Ding Yi’ behind him disappeared directly. Regardless of where he went, Wei Xun saw a large cloud of smoke pouring in, instantly filling the entire passage. This rocket launcher turned out to be only loud and smokey but not lethal at all, and it didn’t even blow up the passage. But its smoke is thick enough, just like in the battle of the Flying Fox King in western Hunan, far more than usual.

Wei Xun wears a gold necklace, and his luck is overwhelming! When the dense fog spread, he rushed towards Pinocchio, and the opponent smashed the road with a wooden hammer, completely ignoring Wei Xun behind him. Of course he feels that, but now it’s important to run away. Wei Xun’s two previous attacks, even if he took the Madman’s Knife, would not do any harm to him.

Just let Wei Xun chop him, but he won’t be killed!

The thick fog obscured the figure, covered in blood, the bruised man quietly put on the crown, and a dice rolled down.

The point is six.


He didn’t say anything about “go to death”. When I really wanted to kill, I didn’t shout out loud.

Knife up, knife down!

With Xiaobo, a real madman’s knife!


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