TTG Chapter 129

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 129: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (73)

In the thick fog, the madman’s knife chopped Pinocchio’s back of the neck. Wei Xun took the knife too fast and cruelly. Seeing the timing, Pinocchio slammed the wooden hammer through the passage when the blade fell.

He has no time to fight back, unable to free his hands to fight back!


The knife rises, the knife falls.

The madman’s knife cut off the puppet’s head!


The blade was cast off, and the puppet’s head fell was not the end. The fanatic’s knife hit countless invisible and tough threads. Wei Xun had long expected it. It is not difficult to cut off the head of the puppet, but the hard part is to cut off the puppet thread in his body.

The tough puppet thread failed to resist the sharpness of the blade, one broke, and there was more than one puppet thread in the neck of the puppet!

The blade was blocked by his puppet line. It was unwilling to vibrate, buzzed, and hummed. The Madman’s knife cut the second puppet line, but finally couldn’t go further!

The two puppet lines broke, Pinocchio trembled, and even the sledgehammer in his hand stopped for a moment, but he didn’t completely lose control of his body.

He reacted extremely quickly, the sledgehammer turned his head and Wei Xun smashed it down, and at the same time the puppet line was pulling, the madman’s knife was not controlled, and he was about to break free from Wei Xun’s hand!

Too strong, the opponent is too strong.

This is the only weapon he can use against Pinocchio. If the Blade of the Fanatic is released, Wei Xun will no longer be able to use it. The wooden hammer fell and he had nowhere to hide. If he retreats now, he might still have a chance.

After all, Pinocchio was just fleeing and did not intend to fight back.

‌Wei Xun will not return!

How crazy a fanatic is, how strong he is.

Wei Xun smiled, at this moment he actually let go of his hand and let go of the madman’s knife. On the other hand, he greeted Pinocchio, pressed on the force, and did not leave any retreat for himself.

‘adventure! ‘

Are puppets a living body? Is puppet silk a living body?

Can the broken puppet thread still be regarded as a living body?

‘adventure! ‘

Wei Xun shouted sharply in his heart, and immediately used two adventure opportunities, and twice, the broken puppet silk was not considered a life form!

[Successful adventure! The broken puppet thread is connected ‌! 】

Risk is gambling. There is no certainty at all. Wei Xun is very adaptable and his brain turns quickly. The broken puppet thread, lifeless, out of the control of the puppet master, connected, just now when the puppet thread broke, the puppet ‌’s abnormal movement-he was close in an instant, and he was close to the back of the puppet ‌ , The wooden hammer was close to the top of the head, that is, it fell. Wei Xun could already feel the terrifying pressure of the radiation.

He will be smashed into flesh first, or—


How much gamblers gamble, what is the chance!

At the moment when the hammer fell, Wei Xun reached out to probe Pinocchio’s neck and hooked his finger.

铮 嗡!

The invisible thread was stretched between Wei Xun’s fingers, and his gloves were cut in an instant, his flesh and blood shattered, exposing Bai Sensen’s bones. He didn’t hesitate, not only with his fingers, but even with his entire hand, he grabbed the two filaments. The palm of his hand was almost cracked, and the bones of his hand were all strangled with deep and deep marks. Yes, he caught it!

The wooden hammer fell on Wei Xun’s head, but he could not go any further. The puppet’s half-length was stiff. One of the two puppet wires controlled the sledgehammer and the other controlled the puppet’s half-length!


The broken puppet silk is out of Pinocchio’s control and can no longer control his body. The connected puppet silk can control his body. This is too sudden, Pinocchio. They haven’t had time to bring them under control.

Wei Xun took advantage of it!

Wei Xun stepped on Pinocchio’s back, his hands still clinging to the puppet thread, and the fanatic’s knife buzzed and vibrated, but he was touched by him, desperately trying to break free from the control of the puppet thread. And Pinocchio is now controlling the two puppet lines that have escaped from the trap, and his control over the madman’s knife is reduced.

It itself is Wei Xun’s exclusive weapon!

The puppet’s thread is not broken, but the madman’s knife is swinging with the filament. It sways Wei Xun, bloody and turbulent, and the wound is dying. It’s crazy enough!

Wei Xun is controlled by both hands and cannot hold a knife. The madman’s knife swung ‌, facing his neck. If he could not receive the knife, his neck would be cut directly by the madman’s knife. The puppet silk didn’t stop the madman’s knife from flying, I’m afraid Pinocchio planned to do the same.

A knife can fly, can you stop it!

If you want to dodge, can you still be a fanatic? !

Wei Xun did not hide. He even deceived himself even more, welcoming the madman’s knife, but it was not his neck, but his mouth.

The blade passed, it was a double-edged knife. He hurts the enemy and himself. The corners of his mouth are cut and blood is flowing. Wei Xun bit the madman’s knife, he bit the knife, and then cut the head of the puppet.

铮 嗡!

Two puppet threads broke again!

“Wei Xun!”

A sharp and malicious roar sounded, Wei Xun suddenly let go, Pinocchio took control of the two connected puppet threads, and he could no longer stop him, otherwise his hands would be split. ‌is——

‘adventure! ‘

‘adventure! ‘

Those two puppet threads are connected, but two more puppet threads are cut, and there will be two more adventures!

“Wei Xun, you are so cruel.”

Pinocchio said, still giggling: “It’s funny, you’re so funny, it’s a pity, you are not suitable for our shepherd alliance.”

If it doesn’t fit, just go to death.

He had failed to escape, but was delayed by Wei Xun. The terrifying white wolf had already been culled in, and his avatar was destined to be destroyed. It is also extremely difficult for him to practice as a puppet, his body strength is greatly reduced after being killed.

Who can come to see that his Pinocchio’s puppet clone will fall here?

And he really has a chance to escape, this can’t be regarded as being directly chased and killed by An Xuefeng, nor is it killed by that person.

It turned out to be delayed by Wei Xun.

Why, how could this be?

Pinocchio felt wronged, he burst into tears, crying loudly: “I’m just a puppet. I’m dead, but you are going to die. Is it worth it!”

‌The wooden hammer quietly cracked and shattered, revealing a sharp and sharp light. This wooden hammer was wrapped in a huge sickle! The meniscus-like blade tip was cold and dazzling, and it pierced Wei Xun’s head. He would be pierced by the sickle after a few tenths of a second. The two puppet threads were out of control, and the sickle fell a little slower. Second, he bought time for Wei Xun.

Regardless of it, Wei Xun just stuffed his left hand into Pinocchio’s broken neck. The puppet silk would suck blood, heal wounds, and invade the body. This was instinct. He and Pinocchio fought for the first time. Just know!


Then Wei Xun bowed his head and shook his head. The Madman’s Knife cut off his left hand, his hand and wrist, and he stuffed it into Pinocchio’s neck, blood spurting out, the two puppet threads just connected. Instinct burst into Wei Xun’s wrist, and in the next instant, a terrifying aura spread from Wei Xun’s left wrist!

That is not an ordinary left wrist, it is the left wrist marked with the white wolf king’s teeth, * * *!

This is a fanatic!

“I don’t know if I die, you are dying.”

Wei Xun chuckled lightly, but he yelled in his heart. This puppet is sinister! Who could have realized that he even hid the sickle in the sledgehammer? !

At the moment he cut his left wrist, he hid in the stone brick and avoided the wooden hammer. That’s right, the stone bricks of Xiaolin Temple can of course also’conquer’ Wei Xun.

The moment that the sickle appeared was extremely terrifying, and Wei Xun’s methods were all suppressed. Except for his exclusive weapons, he couldn’t use it!

Fuck you, I’m not really going to die!

This would be too awkward to die, Wei Xun is not really dead! In an instant, he did everything possible, and even moved the three mantis brothers out of the knife, and the fucking monster ball was also restricted, and the title exclusive weapon could not be used. Only his exclusive weapon can be used!

Could he turn his head one hundred and eight degrees, and block the sickle with the madman’s knife in his mouth?

This is impossible!

Countless thoughts passed, Wei Xun calmed down to the extreme, and at the last moment he became a tour guide. Even if the sickle cuts him in half, the traveler will die, and the tour guide will at most reset the countdown to zero. Even if he is alienated, he has a name card, and he has the opportunity to be killed and reborn!

The reason why I don’t immediately remove the title of passenger and become a tour guide is because –

“He can’t die.”

The low and impatience male voice sneered, passing from behind, Wei Xun’s head was held by a big hand.

It was a man’s hand, which was very big, and his palm was very hot, and it firmly protected the back of his head. The sickle didn’t fall, and the dangerous chill had disappeared.

Was blocked by a hand!

“You are dying.”

With the other hand, carelessly, holding Pinocchio, the speed is not fast. This little puppet ‌ can’t move, and is completely suppressed! The passage that the wooden hammer hit was not wide. The man guarded Wei Xun with one hand and the puppet with the other. Wei Xun was shrouded in his body, almost in his arms. Wei Xun heard a low cough. The man’s physical condition does not seem to be very good.


So strong!


Even the madman’s knife is silent. Before Pinocchio, it dared to buzz and madness. Under the pressure of this , it did not dare to be mad anymore.

It is a fanatic, not a deadman’s knife!

Dianguang Hushi Wei Xun arrived at the identity behind him, his face changed slightly, but he was not trusting, it was not that he was safe and relaxed.

Instead, run!

This is too strong. If you win the Abyss Node and your strength rises sharply, there is still some hope. Now, Wei Xun feels like he waits for him to free his hands, and he has no secrets before him, and he will even be suppressed.

* * *Already strong enough, how can this ‌ be so strong?

This can’t, this can’t!

Puppet silk, puppet , invisible mantis, a series of clue fragments gathered, this moment Wei Xun made a decision. With a sharp blade in his mouth, he killed Pinocchio like a madman.

kill you!

“Very fierce.”

The man said, but he didn’t stop him. After all, his hand was only protectively pressed behind Wei Xun’s head, instead of restraining him or holding him. And Pinocchio’s sickle was useless before him, and it was suppressed to the limit.

Can’t hurt Wei Xun.

Pinocchio was terrified, and of course he had the last resort. Before Wei Xun forced his left wrist into his neck, Pinocchio directly used it before An Xuefeng could take a shot, so there was a high probability that he could run.

When he was dealing with the devil before, he used the puppet silk to break the invisible mantis, but he buried a small puppet in it. He can be positioned by the puppet and teleported to the hidden praying mantis.

This is his old line, even if the Yin Yang butterfly does not search carefully, he can’t find it.

Pinocchio ran away, he ran away by himself, fleeing to the Yin Yang butterfly, is it useful?

I am afraid that Yin Yang Butterfly has already reconciled with that one!

He used to die too!

Now it was him that Pinocchio gave them time to delay, waiting for An Xuefeng to kill him, and then kill him there, I am afraid that the abyss node has been opened.

Pinocchio is not good, he is not reconciled!

Rin’s killing intent attacked from behind, but Wei Xun actually killed it again. Pinocchio didn’t bother to resist at this moment, anyway, the clone must be destroyed, and it won’t be passed on… Wait!

It is useless for him to pass it, he can pass Wei Xun to it!

An Xuefeng defended Xun, and the matter of the returning brigade team was definitely not groundless. If Wei Xun is passed on, even if his Pinocchio avatar will be destroyed, An Xuefeng’s protection is extremely short, and he will definitely face the Yin-Yang Butterfly.

The person who will open the Abyss node here, I am afraid that An Xuefeng will appear early. In the end, even if Pinocchio died first, the consciousness of the Yin-Yang Butterfly would be destroyed, and Wei Xun would probably die, and An Xuefeng and that one would suffer both.

This is simply perfect!

What did he escape? He should let Wei Xun escape!

At this moment Pinocchio realized.

The broken piece of wood actually bounced into Wei Xun’s arms without the control of the puppet wire. The next moment his body was crushed by An Xuefeng, the wood had no intention of killing, and Wei Xun did not hesitate, did not dodge, and directly Hold the wood. In an instant he and Pinocchio looked at each other.

The puppet has a cracked head, and he is smiling.

Wei Xun’s face was full of blood, and he was also smiling, full of surprises.

He was betting on Pinocchio, the big guide, and there was definitely a way to escape. Moreover, he is not in harmony with the Yin Yang Butterfly, I am afraid he will be cheated.

It didn’t happen that there actually were!

“Damn it.”

An Xuefeng punched down, and Pinocchio’s body shattered. He was wearing special gloves and the space was trembling when he shook his palms. Even if Pinocchio teleported and flees, he would be directly shattered by the space, and he could not die again. .

It was Wei Xun who was transferred by him! The space was shattered and Wei Xun died.

Qianjun’s shot was extremely An Xuefeng stopped, the next moment Wei Xun’s body disappeared, and the sky was spinning. Wei Xun opened his eyes again and found that he had actually appeared next to Yin Yang Butterfly, and the abyss node was right in front of ‌!

At this moment, Wei Xun smiled brightly, his face was bloody, and he looked really hideous.

Good cooperation!


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