TTG Chapter 13

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (13)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 13: Drunk beauty Xiangxi


Wei Xun picked his eyebrows. He came to enjoy the excitement of the journey, not as a tool guide. He has a high sense of active participation!

Just now, Wei Xun was comparing what Wang pangzi said with his own cognition in reality.

Tomb robbing is divided into North and south. I’ve heard of it. I haven’t heard of anything about driving away the body.

Luoyang Li duck is real. Ma Xi, who studied abroad, has never heard of it.

Just like this trip, Wei Xun has never heard of Wuluo mountain or Xiaolong Yizhuang, but it is a real historical event for Luo Rongguang to lead his army to stick to Dagukou. It is also true that he was born in Qiancheng county (Jishou) in Hunan.

Is it the scenic spot compiled by the hotel according to history, or is there something hidden in history that ordinary people don’t know?

Wei Xun is very interested in these aspects of folk customs. Since pursuing stimulation for so many years, Wei Xun’s threshold has been very high. For example, in foreign horror films, those flesh and blood blurred and suddenly “startled” pictures can no longer stimulate him.

Over the years, on the contrary, it is those traditional folk legends that make Wei Xun more interested.

When the interest came, he also wrote several folk horror novels to appreciate that the readers were scared to scream, and finally made a very bad break, so as to feel the rich negative emotions of the readers, either angry or unwilling to plead.

He broke one by one, but Wei Xun wrote well and was quite famous in the minority terrorist circle.

However, no matter how rich his imagination is, his horror novels are not as exciting as his personal experience.

It’s very kind of passengers.

Wei Xun sighed again.

It was thought that they would be able to handle the corpses and drive them out in person. Sometimes Wei Xun wanted to kick off the passengers themselves.

“Later, later? Ha ha ha, fat man, I’m really teaching in front of brother nine. Brother nine tests me. ”

Originally, the fat man who pretended to be mysterious was asked by Bingjiu. He was so scared that his fat face turned white and his laughter was very embarrassed. It was like being caught playing with his mobile phone by the head teacher in self-study class. I didn’t dare to beep more. I was bald all over:

“Later, the two factions separated. Ma Xi changed his surname to Lin and named himself after the” East “of the East. He claimed to be the leader of the East. Later, the whole group of the Republic of China moved to Hong Kong. My family didn’t recognize them, but outsiders wanted to distinguish them. Later, I called my family the western school to drive away the corpses. The west of Xiangxi is not the west of the West. The Si Kui who drove the corpses of the Western sect was ma Laosi, Lin Xi’s brother. ”

“The eastern school needs two corpse chasers. The former carries the water, which is called ‘carrying the water’, and the latter holds the water, which is called ‘holding the water’. Before arriving at the destination, this bowl of Rune water cannot be sprinkled. The rune paper must be intact. What the eastern school pays attention to is that there are different kinds of corpses. All Chinese who want to return to their roots will drive them. ”

“The Western sect uses a small Yin Gong and a Dementor bell, also known as Chenzhou Fu, to drive the corpse. There are many means to deal with the corpse. It’s easier to drive the corpse when you get up. You don’t need two people, but one person can drive the corpse. However, they also abide by the traditional rules and pay attention to three driving and three not driving. ”

“Beheaders, hanged people and those who stand in cages and die can be driven away. They don’t die voluntarily. They have heavy resentment and want to return home. In other words, their souls are still in the body. ”

“Those who die of illness, those who commit suicide by hanging their necks in a river, those who are struck by thunder and burned by fire cannot be driven away. The dead soul was taken away by black and white impermanence. The little ghost who threw himself into the river to hang his neck found a substitute for the dead ghost. Their soul has been “handed over”. It’s terrible to be struck by thunder. It’s a sinful man. The bodies burned to death are incomplete. These can’t be driven away. ”

“Mr. Ma was the chief of the Western sect who drove the corpses.”

Miao Fangfei is very intelligent and is connected with the legend of Xiaolong Yizhuang: “when they sent the martyrs home, they settled in Xiaolong Yizhuang.”

“Yes, this is the memory of team Miao.”

The fat man thumbed up happily: “so I said, we should take the Western way.”

He pointed to the pile of things Miao Fangfei fell on the table: “cinnabar, Chenzhou Fu and colorful cloth strips are all processed corpses. Team Miao, it should be written in the manual. ”


Miao Fangfei nodded solemnly. She had just finished reading the old craft: Processing corpses at a glance.

“There are all the things in the cloth bag that need to be used for processing corpses in the manual.”

Miao Fangfei said coldly, looking not relaxed.

“These materials are full of Yang, and there is no resentment of yin and evil.”

Xu Chen nodded. He was a very gentle and handsome man. There was a faint green light in the depths of his pupils. He looked a bit like a wolf.

[resentment perception (green title): you have some ophthalmic disease and can see inexplicable gray gas! Be careful. The more people you know, the faster you die ~]

“I’m afraid the variables are in the process of processing.”

They are all old tourists, and they would not have expressed any hope for the “kindness” of the hotel for a long time. The “old craft” experience of this dangerous journey, since the materials are not missing, shows that the danger is likely to be in the “experience process”.

It may be a corpse, it may be another danger, it may also be

“Hiss, this is terrible. Which body should I choose?”

The fat man shook his head in embarrassment, casting a shadow over the hearts of the passengers.

Yes, there are more than ten coffins in the main room and dozens of bodies in the yard.

Which bodies are the ones they should drive?

Although the bodies in the coffin in the main room are more like their craft objects. But choosing the right target from dozens of rotten corpses is also a common means used by hotels.

Veteran travelers never make a decision easily. It’s a decision that concerns their lives. No one will give their lives to “probably” or “possibly”.

Wei Xun was interested in watching them seriously discuss, and didn’t bother them any more. Of course, if the passengers knew that these batik cloth bags were picked up by Wei Xun at 3 a.m. by the sound of the hotel and stepped into the dark to get them from the coffin in the main room, perhaps their choice would be narrowed.

But this kind of information, the guide can’t tell the passengers.

“Before 9 p.m., please gather on the first floor of the hall with your ‘corpse friends’.”

Wei Xun did his duty. In the ears of the passengers, his words automatically changed to find the “right” body and deal with it before 9 p.m.

It’s 5:30 in the morning. They only have half a day from finding the body to handling the body.

Everyone’s face was not relaxed. They went to discuss and finally decided to divide the army into two ways. Miao Fangfei and Zhao Hongtu, the two most powerful people, went to check the rotten corpses in the yard. Others went to the main house to see the corpses in the coffin.

The discussion was not obvious, and the intimate relationship of passengers was reflected when they walked out. Zhao Hongtu and other tourists gathered together, while Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao and Lin Xi, the “people of C 9”, came closer.

Wei Xun didn’t go to see the surging relationship between passengers. He hummed a minor and returned to his room. He closed the door and stood in front of the mirror, Shua raised his upper clothes.

[yellow value + 1]

“Nothing has changed?”

Wei Xun stared at his pale and thin chest like a piece of paper in the mirror. He looked left and right and saw nothing else.

When he returned from Shi Tao last night, Wei Xun simply used the new scenic spot experience ball to increase the exploration of the new scenic spot of “Feihu mountain forest”. He had 10% progress, plus 45%, just over half.

More than half of the progress in opening up new scenic spots, Wei Xun received a reward from the hotel

… only 100 points.

Stingy, hotel!

I don’t know if it’s because Wei Xun took a shortcut that the hotel rewards are particularly stingy.

Wei Xun continued to make complaints about himself for the day, and the remaining points were left.

Hiss, dysmenorrhea is really exciting, but it only hurts for ten minutes at a time.

Wei Xun, who pursues instant fun, has enjoyed it three times.

This is his current message——

[guide information]

[Code: Bingjiu (only in this journey)]

[rank: Silver five stars (rank of C 9) ten]

[death countdown 25:14:21]

[points: 55]

[mental pollution value (SAN): 90]

Yes, when he went to the main room to get the wax dyed cloth bag, the refreshing Wei Xun found that there were three huge plus signs after his rank, and there was a new value item in the last column!

[warning! Your death countdown has been below the safe value for more than 12 hours. The hotel is worried about your situation and turns your mental pollution value (San value) into a value. Please pay attention at all times!]

[when you continue to be in a low death countdown state, or are fatally frightened, or continue to be in a state of fear, your San value will decrease. In this process, you will have auditory hallucination, visual hallucination, madness, body alienation and other phenomena. When the San value returns to zero, you will be completely crazy and become a monster!]

[please pay attention to your mental health and don’t excessively pursue the power brought by the low death countdown!]

Put down his clothes, Wei Xun took off his hat and touched his forehead.

There he felt two small bumps.

It looks like a swollen bag, and it looks like——

Not yet fully grown, young, pointed.

“No feeling.”

Wei Xun touched the tip of the corner on his forehead and looked at it from various angles. You can’t see anything in the mirror. Even if he takes off his hair, you can’t see anything. The tip of this corner is not as good as the sense of acne.

“A plus sign appears behind the rank… The lower the death countdown, the stronger the combat effectiveness? Sure enough, the countdown to low death is also limited. ”

The appearance of San value is exactly the warning of the hotel to the guide who has been keeping a low death countdown.



Wei Xun was in high spirits. He touched his forehead and then his ass: “can I become a little dragon?”

“Or become a devil? Can I fly? ”

Wei Xun forgot that the monster he finally became in the nightmare had no wings. He felt his whole body with passion. Finally, he confirmed that there were no other changes except the tip of the corner on his forehead, which was not as big as acne, and then angrily stopped.

“From last night to now, I’ve dropped my San value by ten points.”

Wei Xun said to himself, at the same time——

“Hee hee…”

“Hee hee…”

The ethereal and gloomy laughter suddenly sounded in the room only Wei Xun, close behind him, and the mirror in front of Wei Xun suddenly reflected a highly rotten face full of maggots!


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