TTG Chapter 130

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 130: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (74)

The thick fog caused by the explosion of the rocket launcher still permeated, and Wei Xun landed at the side of the fake Dingyi. It seems that the two people really don’t agree. The puppet can suddenly send a fake Ding to attack at this fixed point, but the other party is obviously also always on guard.

When Wei Xun landed, he only felt that the murderous intent was coming from the air. He did not hesitate to immediately use the stone bricks and hid in the stone bricks.


“His—so risky!”

The stone bricks of Xiaolin Temple are a prison for others, but Wei Xun has left the black magic fire outside, so he can observe the outside world through the flame. The next second he hid in the stone bricks exploded, and the man directly exploded the fragments of the invisible praying mantis!

No, it’s just the calculation, it’s all about each other. The puppeteer wants to calculate’Ding Yi’, and’Ding Yi’ may also have the idea of ​​deceiving.

The thick fog stirred by the violent explosion was like a giant dragon surging against each other. In the explosion, a baby snow leopard was blown with a gray head and fled in panic. It was the fox cub who took the opportunity to form the cub. The stone brick is in the leopard cub’s belly.

For the snow leopard lacking his left paw, Wei Xun will not lose any details! The fox cub reluctantly loses its claws, it doesn’t matter, it can grow longer.

Before Wei Xun and Fox Zai negotiated a plan, it was only a rough idea, and everything should be done according to the timing. Obviously this is a good opportunity. A violent explosion went down to Wei Xun Zang into the stone bricks, and the fox cub turned into a leopard cub to replace him, but it was extremely risky! Not to mention the fact that the fox cub is now based on the corpse flying fox, whether it can withstand the explosive power.

This’Ding Yi’ is stronger than the puppet. If he catches the fox cubs, he may not be able to maintain his transformation during the fierce battle, and the plan will fail.

But Wei Xun ordered it, right now, to switch now.

He believed that Ding Yi would not move.

Because when the violent explosion stirred up the dense fog, he pointedly looked at ,’Ding Yi’ turned out to be kneeling on the ground with his head close to the ground, in a pious and humble posture. Even after the explosion, he didn’t look back, motionless, like a sculpture. Even if the leopard cub ran panic, he didn’t even get out of it.

From just now, there are two or three bells. In other words,’Ding Yi’ came down at least two or three minutes, but he was still on the periphery of the abyss node, did not approach, but bowed down facing the abyss node.

No, it was the cloak he was kneeling on!

“Hey, does someone really use a crimson cloak?”

When Ding Yi ran down, Wei Xun actually felt that the cloak underneath could not last long in disguise. After all, this is not a fool, a travel bag is supporting the cloak, even if it is covered by thick fog, you will know it with a little touch. Even if Wei Xun hides the blood ladybug under the cloak, he uses the ‌level demon bug to bluff.

But as long as you talk to , you will immediately reveal the bottom, after all, the travel bag will not say .

But in fact, this’Ding Yi’ actually kneeled down honestly, didn’t he try to test the truth or not? Although the tour guide’s cloak cannot be faked, there will never be such things as dyeing or disguising ordinary cloaks. This cloak definitely has the defensive power that the crimson cloak should have, or in other words, the aura? ‘ Ding Yi’ didn’t kneel blindly, but recognized the crimson cloak.

But he didn’t ask, he knelt down and he still didn’t realize that there was a travel bag under the cloak, which really surprised Wei Xun.

“Crimson cloak, two camps.”

Wei Xun pondered that he also heard him say’Crimson Cloak’. The puppeteer turned and ran away, but Ding Yi ran all the way down. During the previous conversation, the puppeteer said,’Our Shepherd’s Alliance’. We’re the Butcher’s Alliance’, assuming what he said is true.

Then this crimson cloak was probably the color of the cloak of a big-time figure in the Butcher League.

And it’s unique, only he has a cloak of this color.


Wei Xun murmured, then shook his head: “No, it’s not.”

When the puppets communicated with Ding Yi, they didn’t know who the tour guide of the abyss node was. They tried to test each other, and brought up the puppet master and the psychic. Obviously, these two people are stronger than them, and it is possible to open the abyss node extremely quickly.

The puppet master of the Shepherd Union, the psychic of the Butcher Union.

But Wei Xun didn’t think the two people were equal. He clearly remembered that when the two people communicated, they called the puppet master “adult” and the psychic as “sir”.

Adults and husbands, generally speaking, the former will have a better status.

Looking at the respectful attitude of’Ding Yi’, this crimson cloak shouldn’t be just’sir’.

“Interesting, this reminds me of Lin Xi.”

When they first entered the hotel, Lin Xi and Wang Pengpai really impressed Wei Xun. They recognized Wei Xun as Bing Jiu just because he was not afraid of pain. Wang Pengpai didn’t mention it for the time being, but Lin Xi broke down directly. This is so similar to the current’Ding Yi’.

At Lin Xi’s level, he knew narrowly, and the only painless person he knew, a terrifying existence, was Bing Jiu.

But this’Ding Yi’ was different. Although he invaded Ding Yi, Wei Xun could not judge his rank based on the color of the cloak. But at least it can be certain that this person is stronger than the bee Taoist, otherwise it should be the bee Taoist that will be here.

He was stronger than B-50, but he knelt down directly after seeing the crimson cloak, and the puppeteer ran away without turning his head. Two powerful tour guides testified together that this crimson cloak is absolutely unique and belongs to a super strong existence.

“Cruel, absolutely powerful, authoritarian, strong in control, and hatred with the shepherd alliance?”

Wei Xun said to himself, judging from the reaction of the puppet and Ding Yi. and also

“It has something to do with me?”

This is a question that Wei Xun is thinking about, and taking risks is the possibility of things changing. Even if he used the dice to increase it six times, turning the dark blue cloak into crimson, this cloak definitely had a trace of connection with him.

This gave Wei Xun a lot of interest. Could it be that I will go to the Butcher Alliance in the future and kill their boss, then inherit this crimson cloak and take charge of the Butcher Alliance?

“Since I will be in charge of the Butcher Alliance in the future, it is normal to use the cloak first and the subordinates.”

Wei Xun drank two sachets of blood tonic. Time was running out. He adjusted his state while thinking. Although Wei Xun can stay in the stone brick for ten hours without external attacks, he does not intend to stay so long.

The person who was killed outside was too strong. The White Wolf King hadn’t come yet. Wei Xun confirmed that he hadn’t seen him. If he was another outstanding passenger who came to perform the mission on the journey, it would be dangerous. .

Wei Xun wants to open the abyss node, this is dangerous!

From the transfer here, now, there are only half a dozen minutes, and obviously there is no one, but Wei Xun feels that this person is probably about to be killed.

This’Ding Yi’ will not be his right!

Without further ado, Wei Xun directly got up after the blood stopped flowing, and did not allow the broken left to be reborn. After all, it turns out that there are bite marks and marks on the wrist, the original broken. ‌You still have to ask for it, pick it up when you have time.

Inside the stone bricks, Wei Xun unloaded the title of tourist and became a tour guide directly. At this moment, Wei Xun was extremely calm. This is a gamble, which can be called a change of heaven and must be successful!

“Little gold.”

Wei Xun gave an order, and the Golden Mosquito immediately left the Orb of Demon Insect, hiding his talent to the extreme. The moment it vacated its place, Wei Xun called the blood ladybug to return!

The next moment, the blood ladybug and the crimson cloak disappeared at the same time. Immediately afterwards, the blood ladybug appeared in the orb of demon bugs, but the crimson cloak appeared in the abdomen of the fox cub!

Wei Xun has long dealt with how to retrieve the crimson cloak from the air. He is now a guide. This crimson cloak is obtained from his adventures and gamblers. It is already his cloak of Wei Xun, not Ding Yi’s cloak.

He placed the orb of the demon bug in the fox cub’s abdomen, let the blood ladybug bite the red cloak, and retrieved it at a critical moment. The blood ladybug came back with the crimson cloak. It could enter the orb of the demon bug, but the cloak could not. It can fall outside the Demon Insect Ball and inside the fox cub’s abdomen.

This series of operations takes less than one second. The prerequisite for success is that Ding Yi is not blocked!

Wei Xun was betting that this person really didn’t dare to stop, he didn’t even dare to look up, and couldn’t find the travel bag.

Originally he planned to use the gambler’s dice again, because the probability is too low, but seeing the attitude of this’Ding Yi’, Wei Xun felt that he could take a gamble.

He made a bet!

Putting on the crimson cloak and hood, Wei Xun covered his face even more this time, showing only the tip of his chin. Fortunately, the tour guide’s cloak will not obscure the tour guide’s sight.

Then he quietly left the stone brick and appeared in the cave.

Yin Yang Butterfly did not dare to look up, his brain was blank, and he remained in a state of not looking, not listening, and not wanting. But the violent explosion just now still affected him, causing the Yin-Yang Butterfly’s thinking to fluctuate.

Pinocchio really left the teleportation puppet in the fragments of his invisible praying mantis. The Yin-Yang butterfly was not undetected, but it was innocuous. It was kept for fishing. Maybe Pinocchio would have played with himself and sent him to the door. .

The transmission was so fast, it turned out to be Wei Xun who was transmitting!

This made Yin Yang Butterfly understand everything instantly, and understood Pinocchio’s intentions.

He cursed fiercely in his heart, but the next moment his face was pale and he bowed his head firmly.

The breath of the cloak disappeared!

Horror, this is a warning.

The adults are stronger. Even the Yin-Yang Butterfly doesn’t know when he came out of the Inca Sun Gate and sneaked into this journey when he came out. I’m afraid even the psychic doesn’t know it.

Over the years, the adults have become more powerful, but also more unpredictable, cruel and unpredictable… Stop it!

Yin Yang Die was sweating coldly, almost desperate. His thoughts were so messy today that he had so many thoughts related to adults. On weekdays, he knelt at the feet of adults. He didn’t dare to think about it. His brain was blank, but today is different.

Is the adult testing him? Or to say, this is deliberately…

Yin Yang Die didn’t dare to think about it anymore, he was tense, kneeling on the ground like a tortoise.

Straight  alone, walk silently from his side . Yin Yang Butterfly didn’t look up, he just saw a crimson through the gap between his body and the earth.

Hold your breath and concentrate.

After the crimson sutra, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, and he was in a daze for a while.

He is not dead.

The adults didn’t care about his offense.

Hold your breath and concentrate.

Wei Xun wore a crimson cloak. The cubs of leopards hid under his cloak. One person and one leopard (fox) tremblingly walked to the side of’Ding Yi’ and walked to the abyss node.

Then he breathed a sigh of relief.

This person really didn’t dare to look up, and he didn’t notice his strangeness.

After all, it was not just a cloak, and Wei Xun’s own appearance would definitely not be completely similar to the opponent. If this’Ding Yi’ looked up and found the problem, it would be bad.

Garbage cloak, too long.

Wei Xun complained in his heart that this crimson cloak was longer than other cloaks, and it trailed like a wedding dress. It looked like a stretch of blood. It looked deep red and bloody, luxurious and majestic.

Wei Xun couldn’t help but vomit. This tail has been dragging on the ground, isn’t it dirty?

Although the tour guide’s cloak is not stained with ordinary dirt, and theoretically it is not dirty, but Wei Xun can’t stand this!

I don’t know if it is the big tour guide’s cloak that is shaped like this, or this person’s unique attire style. If it is really the higher the level, the longer the cloak will be.

This is a reason why long hair is easy to be pulled when fighting with girls, but ‌The tour guide is not afraid of being pulled by the cloak?

Anyway, Wei Xun was noncommittal, but the short cloak was fragrant, which was also convenient for fighting.

While thinking about it, he walked to the abyss node. Wei Xun didn’t waste any time. He squatted down and pressed on the broken abyss node. At this moment, he didn’t care if he was caught by Ding Yi. It’s abnormal.

[Abyss node (opening 65%)! 】

Keep going!

Wei Xun means that as soon as he pressed on the demon qi crystal, the progress of the opening of the abyss node was stagnant and directly increased by 5%. Wei Xun ‌ was bright, there was a show!

He expected the good result, of course, to mark the abyss node before the person came, and then put on the title of passenger, and kill Ding Yi with that person. At this speed, it’s five out of one hundred per second. It only takes another thirty-five seconds. No, it shouldn’t be necessary. Wei Xun saw the sharp increase in the opening degree, but felt that the butterfly pattern on his chest was fluctuating and hot. The heartbeat is getting faster and faster.

In ten seconds, ten more seconds, he will be able to open the abyss node. As long as the speed is fast enough, there is a chance–

“ It really came out.”

Suddenly, at the entrance of the cave, a cold male voice sounded.

Wei Xun cursed in his heart, damn it, how come here so fast!

This person knows the crimson cloak. I am afraid they are not friends, but there may be a possibility of delay in communication.

Wei Xun’s brain turned rapidly, and he pressed hard on the devil qi crystal, screaming in his heart, hurry up, hurry up! On the surface, he looked up calmly and indifferently, and changed his voice under the blessing of the cloak.


I `m coming out.

Damn it!

As soon as Wei Xun raised his head, he saw a long knife wrapped in an astonishing momentum, and he cut it out of thin air!

Why don’t you have a few words of pre-war rubbish? Just cut it directly? !

Reckless man!

Wei Xun didn’t evade. The Abyss node’s opening degree had already reached 90%. It only took two seconds, two seconds later. And between him and this blade, there is actually a’Ding Yi’

Hold it on to me!

Wei Xun roared in his heart, this’Ding Yi’ is very powerful, there are many monsters on it, only for two seconds, it can definitely——

Damn it!

Wei Xun watched the’Ding Yi’, who was kneeling on the ground and motionless, rolled away with extreme agility!

Must not hinder the adults from fighting!

At this moment, Yin and Yang Butterfly was frightened, and it was all blamed for Ding Yi’s heavy body, otherwise he would have ran away the moment An Xuefeng appeared.

Anyone who dares to stop between the adult and the enemy will die. This is the rule and the iron law.

Too bad, he behaved too badly.

Yin Yang butterfly gritted his teeth in frustration, adults won’t blame him for walking slowly! But the distracting thoughts don’t dissipate in a second, leaving only panic. Too strong, An Xuefeng is too strong, Yin Yang Butterfly feels that the air around him disappears, suffocating and suppressing, this is his power!

Even if he doesn’t use the homeward knife, even if his Yin Yang butterfly is not directly in front of the knife, he is completely suppressed!


Yin-Yang Butterfly coughed up a mouthful of blood, and two butterflies fluttered around him, one red, one blue, one Yin and Yang, suddenly merged into one. It is the Yin and Yang butterfly, and Ding Yi’s body is rapidly drying and dissipating. Ding Yi’s power can’t support the Yin Yang butterfly to appear at the same time, at most a few seconds he will lose all his vitality, and the Yin Yang butterfly will also be rejected from the journey.

But even one second is enough! In the butterfly phenomenon, the yin and yang butterfly barely resisted the power of the sword, opening extremely wide, and full of longing.

This is a duel of the strong, the adults and An Xuefeng’s face-to-face encounter, and he is so close, it is simply extremely lucky!

Even if he can only watch for one second or one move, he will definitely benefit a lot!

Fuck !

At this moment, Wei Xun has no time to scold Yin Yang Butterfly. There is only this blade that smashed down in front of him! The majestic evil spirit, murderous intent, fierceness, and indomitable progress are all concentrated on this knife. At this moment, the time was almost still, and only the knife approaching in front of Wei Xun, and the man who killed him coldly.

Even though the knife was in front of him, he still didn’t move, even arrogantly and disdainfully, slightly raised his head.

I can’t move, I can’t move!

When he moved, he couldn’t avoid the knife. He broke left, and pressed right on the devil qi crystal. If the abyss node can’t be opened, he can’t get out, he will die.


The tour guide does not die, it will only return to zero. See if he can completely kill himself with a single knife, even kill the alienation together, or whether the abyss node is opened first.

Take life as a bet, bet!

At this moment, the gambler’s dice in the fox cub’s abdomen trembled slightly, and the golden numbers vibrated on and off. The dim numbers seemed to shine, but they turned dim again, but although the numbers did not brighten anymore, it turned automatically.

Suddenly, the dice stopped and there was no luck bonus. Wei Xun was extremely lucky, but he also threw it out-two points!

And An Xuefeng’s knife had already fallen on Wei Xun’s head. The crimson cloak surged, as if even it couldn’t stop the sharp knife. Wei Xun stared at this man’s face, he recognized this face.

An Xuefeng!

This is really a good knife!

The next moment the demon energy crystal collapsed, a deep hole appeared in the earth, twice the acceleration, and the abyss node was completely opened by him. Wei Xun fell directly, but he fell fast, An Xuefeng’s knife was faster, and the crimson cloak shook up and down, which originally covered Wei Xun’s entire face, but now he was cut through a crack, revealing One eye.

It was a dark blue-purple pupil, no, it was not just a pupil, it was more like the reflection of a butterfly fragment.

Seemingly conscious, An Xuefeng frowned. The knife in his suddenly disappeared, but did not stop. Passengers could not enter the abyss node. He wanted to grasp Wei Xun’s shoulders, and He caught it.

Wei Xun threw the leopard cub on his face!

After stopping this, the abyss node was completely closed in the rumbling sound, and the crimson cloak that rolled up like a flame fell with the person and disappeared into the cave.

An Xuefeng carried the little leopard cub and threw it aside, without letting it be caught by the closed ground. He stared at the earth, as if thinking. But he suddenly twisted his eyebrows, and his shape was instantly illusory. He accepts the mission of excellent passengers to temporarily release his power and restore his adulthood, but now that the Abyss node is closed and the mission is over, his such a powerful existence is rejected by the journey.

Irritability, anger, madness, fighting, death, destruction-countless almost crazy strong emotions impacted his consciousness. This was the price of unblocking and using power in advance, but An Xuefeng did not lose control. He took out one. Only broken, that was the left broken by Wei Xun, which was picked up by him.

There is his tooth mark on this wrist. It’s protection, it’s exclusive, An Xuefeng saw it right away.

That snow leopard cub also doesn’t have a left paw, is it him? but……

The body became more and more illusory, and the thinking gradually became drowsy. An Xuefeng closed .

Can’t worry.

He became a huge white wolf, the white wolf king. When the White Wolf appeared, the hostel force that would expel him from the brigade disappeared.

An Xuefeng cannot appear in this journey, but the White Wolf King can.

As if consuming too much power, the White Wolf King yawned and fell into a deep sleep.


When he went to sleep, Ding Yi’s body cracked, shattered, collapsed, and his vitality was completely wiped out. His bones, flesh and blood, and everything were rolled up and swallowed by invisible power, leaving no dust behind.

Only the dark green guide cloak fell on the ground.


In the next second, the cloak rolled up automatically without wind. A dark figure, supporting the cloak, appeared in the cloak.

On the dark green cloak, he turned into a dark green civilization staff. The shadow walked slowly, he looked very elegant, even though he was just a shadow. After ‌, he leaned on his staff and stood where the abyss node was closed.

Obviously this was just an ordinary earth, and the abyss node was completely closed, but he looked at it with great interest, as if he could see through the earth and see the deepest depths.

“Always lose it.”

After watching for a while, he whispered softly, with some helplessness in his tone: “How can I leave outside.”

Falling on the left side of the Sleeping White Wolf King, Wei Xun left, and fell in the shadow. He is holding a broken scorpion, the picture is really weird. The tone of the shadow is as if the family went out on a rainy day and forgot to bring an umbrella.

I still have to take the umbrella away while I’m not far away.

Passengers can’t enter the abyss node. It stands to reason that in the hotel, no one except the tour guide will do. Even the weaker, low-ranking hostel councillors and principals will not work.

He is also the principal, but those people can’t, he can.

is strong enough for him.

The shadow flashed and disappeared in the cave.

Wei Xun’s situation at this moment is extremely bad.

[Countdown to death 00:03:26]

Phew… Almost, it’s going to be zero.

Wei Xun thought, there was a blood-red sky above his head, and the devilish energy lingered in the sky like a cloud, and sometimes huge, terrifying black shadows swept across the sky.

Is this the sky of the abyss?

This is really…exciting.

Since coming in ‌Now, Wei Xun stared at the sky for ten seconds. It was for him, and he couldn’t move.

There were blood stains all over his body, like cracks in porcelain. This is An Xuefeng’s blade energy. Although the blade only split a part of the cloak, the cloak was not completely damaged, but Wei Xun’s body could not withstand the pressure, cracked open, and was seriously injured. To die, just look at the countdown to death to know how sinister the situation is.

Wei Xun didn’t dare to move, he couldn’t even say ‌, he was worried that he would break into hundreds of pieces of meat when he moved, so he could only keep the posture he had when he came in, lying on his back, looking at the sky.

Then desperately added the countdown to death.

Without him, in this damn abyss, the props purchased from the hostel can’t be used! Otherwise, Wei Xun would have bought all kinds of healing tools. The main reason is that the countdown to death dropped too fast and too low, and he started to drop the san value.

Before the san value is reset to zero, mark an abyss monster to leave.

Wei Xun thought silently, this is the information he instinctively knows after entering the Abyss node.

The abyss node is a passage between the human world and the abyss, and the tour guide can open this passage. But this channel is a one-time, you can only enter but not exit, and it will completely disappear after entering.

The tour guide captured an abyss monster in the abyss and established contact with it. This marks the abyss node, and can enter and exit freely from then on.

But for an abyss node, the corresponding space is not infinite. For example, Wei Xun knew that his node only corresponds to an area of ​​fifty square miles around him. This is his’territory’. He can only move around here and catch the monsters of the abyss. Can’t go to other areas, unless he becomes stronger in the later stage and his territory expands.

As long as the territory is large enough and the strength is strong enough, he can bring others in in the future.

Capturing the monsters of the abyss and establishing contact with each other is actually alienation. Those tour guides who are not alienated can be alienated as long as they can enter the abyss node, as long as they can capture the abyss monsters and establish contact, even if it is just a weak abyss worm.

But the monster itself, the closer it is to the alienation state of , the better. Otherwise, it’s easy to go crazy.

For example, Ding Yi, his biased alienation state, is the inferior magic dog. Wei Xun is equivalent to using pure blood of the ‌ level to activate his alienation state, allowing him to directly transform into an inferior demon dog.

But there are not many such good things. If Ding Yi goes to the Abyss node by himself, he may not be able to capture the Abyss Demon Dog and establish contact with the other party. He may only be able to catch a weak abyssal rat.


Of course he can establish a connection with the Abyssal Demon Rat and activate the alienation state, but after this alienation state comes out, it is no longer a pure inferior demon dog, but a rat-dog fusion monster.

Some fusions will strengthen strength, and some fusions will weaken strength, but in any case, the stranger the fusion, the faster it will fall when alienated.     is always   biased state of alienation.

This is still the same as the demon class. If there is a tour guide’s alienation state biased to the ghost system, but the node that leads to the abyss of the demon layer is captured, and a demon is captured, then whether or not a connection can be established is two things, even if it is reluctant to establish a connection, alienation There is also the risk of exploding the body at times, and the san value is directly returned to zero.

But unless you are extremely lucky, it is really difficult to find monsters in the abyss that are biased towards their own alienation.

Therefore, the guide geniuses who can activate the alienation state autonomously after returning to zero are directly their own corresponding partial alienation forms, with long-lasting combat power, and are particularly popular in major tour guide alliances.

The powerhouses of today’s major alliances basically activate alienation autonomously during life and death.

Of course, after the alienation state is activated, going to the abyss is also very helpful.

For example, you can establish contact with abyssal creatures and conquer some monsters. Or catch the devil to devour, strengthen yourself, or find the upper level of your alienation state to kill, thereby activating a stronger alienation state.

For example, the upper level of the inferior demon dog is the thorn demon hound, and the ghost demon hound on the upper level, there are even more existences, and so on.

As long as it is strong, even if the initial bias is weak, it will not be clamped down forever.

But there is only one thing. Once the san value is zero in the abyss, it can no longer return to the world.

Marking monsters is actually not too difficult for Wei Xun. Other tour guides have to use special sections, and he can drip blood. But the abyss is extremely dangerous. There are countless others, flying from the sky above his head. The huge existence like a dragon has been patrolling for several times.

I don’t know if Wei Xun’s abyss node territory is unlucky and it overlaps with it, or it is attracted by the fragrance of Wei Xun’s blood.

If the latter is worse, Wei Xun is probably a delicious dish in it.

Fortunately, there was a crimson cloak, covering up Wei Xun’s breath.

And Wei Xun didn’t plan to go out immediately.

He finally came to such an interesting place. He was like a kid who went to an amusement park for the first time. Even if he only looked at the sky, he could watch the sky with relish for a long time without getting bored. It would be too wasteful to go out directly.

Also, after going out this time, he will directly appear on the ground where the Abyss Node was once.

Wei Xun worried that An Xuefeng would guard the body there.

Although he is so powerful, he should be rejected after the abyss node problem is solved, but he is not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

“An Xuefeng.”

Wei Xun gritted his teeth, weakened, he is lying like a puzzle now, thanks to him!

No… this person is really strong, really strong.

Wei Xun was a little longing, but also a little excited.

‌When I was able to become so strong, I can fight him——

Damn it!

The next moment Wei Xun was shocked and his san value dropped by eighty points, almost hitting the bottom!

“Honey honey!”

Mantis No.1 and No.3 immediately fed the purified magic honey to Wei Xun’s mouth. He just recovered and he could say that he also relied on eating honey. Xiaocui’s breath is too heavy for the mother insect, Xiaojin’s “Hidden” is very useful, they both stay in the Devil’s Orb, Wei Xun is lying unable to move now, and can only let the three mantis brothers come to feed him.

After eating nearly a hundred drops of honey, Wei Xun restored his san value to full. He was relieved with lingering fears. Fortunately, the effect of purifying magic honey in the abyss was greater than in the world, otherwise he would have to drink a few catties.

Has his san value dropped sharply just now?

Can’t stay here!

Wei Xun was suspicious, and his san value dropped just now, which really scared him. But the countdown to his death is still very stable, and there is no monster road next to him. Why will the san value suddenly plummet?

There must be something strange in this!


Wei Xun muttered distressedly, purifying magic honey to replenish san value is excellent, dispelling demonic energy, restoring clarity, etc., are all excellent products. But when it comes to healing wounds, it is not very good at it.

Although it can be cured, it consumes too much and is not worthwhile. Xiaocui carried a total of 20 kilograms of purified magic honey back. If Wei Xun wanted to restore her body and regain her combat strength, she would have to drink at least five kilograms when she won.


Five catties! A few blood tonics and repairing agents can heal the injury. After returning home, it will cost a few hundred accumulate at most. The purely purified magic honey consumes five kilograms, and Wei Xun is really reluctant!

“Why is this san value dropping so fast? Have I been caught by something?”

Wei Xun twisted his eyebrows. After the wave of san value dropped a lot earlier, his san value began to drop by more than ten points, then by more than ten points, and fluctuated by ten. It was like a bastard who would look at him for a while. Once, look at him the same.

Is there really something eyeing him?

Wei Xun didn’t move on the surface, but he clenched the lunatic’s knife tightly, his heart solemn. No, you can no longer be stingy to purify magic honey. There are too many unknowns in this abyss, too dangerous, and the wound must be healed immediately!

“Damn An Xuefeng!”

He couldn’t hold back, and cursed in a low voice, if it weren’t for such a serious injury, how could he waste so much purified magic honey!

In the next moment, Wei Xun was shocked.

His san value turned out to be full in an instant!

Not only the san value, but his injuries were also healed.

Weird, too weird.

He sat up quietly, withdrew the purified magic honey, brain teased, and immediately noticed the abnormality.

His san value returned to full, his injury recovered… is a curse, damn An Xuefeng?

When his san value plummeted just now… it seems that he was talking about An Xuefeng?

No, no, the first time he talked about An Xuefeng, it was that kind of helplessness, admiration, and longing, which were more positive emotions.

Then san fell off.

The second time he talked about An Xuefeng, it was anger and curse. Anyway, it was more negative.

Then the san value rose, and the injury healed.

Wei Xun’s face changed slightly, and he thought quickly in his heart.

With such great power, being able to enter the abyss node can make his san value plummet, and he can recover from his injuries, and have hatred with An Xuefeng, no, not necessarily, maybe maybe, just, be careful.

Especially the feeling of staring, falling off san, hiss——


Wei Xun suddenly spoke, and said in a somewhat expectant, a little nervous, and a little cheerful tone: “Is it?”

“Come to see me?”


An elegant and low male voice sounded beside Wei Xun, seeming a little surprised, and a little bit happy. He laughed lowly: “It’s good to find me.”

What a shit!

Wei Xun cursed inwardly.

It turned out to be this bastard!

* * *!


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