TTG Chapter 131

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 131: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (end)

This is the voice of  * * *, which Wei Xun remembers clearly. Not counting the chatter that can make people crazy before, this is the voice when he was still drunk in Western Hunan. When he was the “C 9” beating the corpse and the flying fox king, he communicated with him.

“Look what you said, why can’t I find you.”

Wei Xun smiled and turned his head naturally as he spoke – but as soon as he turned his head, he suddenly became dark and blind! No, there’s a feeling of cloth in front of you. It’s more like being blindfolded by someone.

“Huh? Honey, don’t make trouble. ”

Wei Xun touched his eyes and found that his eyes were really covered by something like cloth.

Good stuff! * **Those who can take it are definitely good things.

Wei Xun’s heart moved slightly, but as soon as he grabbed the cloth strip, his hand was pressed down before he pulled it off.


The other side whispered,  his fingers are very cold, and his fingertips are not soft, but more like ice cream. Wei Xun’s body trembled. He felt a sense of crisis and extreme tension. From the point where the other person’s fingers came into contact with the back of his hand, he was out of control, and these emotions were beyond Wei Xun’s control.

It’s more like you can.

Danger, escape.

“Is this the right one?”

Wei Xun regretted that he ignored his physical ability. Instead of retreating, he held * * fingers with his backhand.

“I want to see you… Can’t it?”

Take a look!

Wei Xun was not only curious about the host of the hotel, but also concerned about his phased title of “master”. After Wei Xun received this task in Xiangxi, he once shelved it for the time being because its task progress grew too slowly.

Until entering this journey in northern Tibet, after observing things such as the swarm of evil spirits and the ghost shadow, its task progress began to soar.when he saw the chabalaren great devil, its task progress has increased by more than 20%, reaching the standard of the first stage, but its task reward is relatively special.

Rewards can be saved without receiving them first.

But the task progress can continue to rush up first!

For example, if you can take a look at the * * * next to it, the progress of the task may soar.

It’s no use just listening. The task can only be ‘observed’.

Unfortunately, I won’t show you.

If you don’t show it, it’s also excellent to get the masking cloth.

Unfortunately, * * * Don’t give it.

Wei Xun retreated again and again. Finally, he could only retreat and ask for help once, holding * * *’s finger.

Stingy, careful, a pervert.

Wei Xun thought bitterly.

But the other party didn’t stop holding his finger.

** * there are entities.

By holding his finger, Wei Xun obtained a lot of information.

Wei Xun secretly clutched this finger and shook it intimately. It’s quite hard, can bend and has nails. It feels different from normal people. It’s a bit like a stiff corpse, but it’s colder than the corpse and more flexible than the corpse.

Your fingers are longer than yours, and your hands should be bigger than yours.

Wei Xun’s feeble hand went up again and wanted to hold * *’s hand, but he didn’t work. The other party avoided it.

“Do you want to… Hold your hand?”

Wei Xun felt a little surprised, regretted and expected: “can’t it?”

Then he said to himself, “yes, there’s blood on his hand. It’s really not clean.”

Be careful, be careful, test, see where the bottom line is, and change the topic immediately if it is wrong.

But the other party didn’t go down the slope, but smiled behind Wei Xun’s voice.

“No, it’s your hand. It’s not clean enough.”

He said casually, “it will be so dirty that you will go crazy.”

For a moment, Wei Xun almost loosened his grip on the finger, which was so dirty that he went crazy. Is that the concept? For a moment, he made up countless terrible scenes, but Wei Xun soon calmed down.

The key is not dirty, but ‘crazy’.

Can’t listen, can’t think, can’t see and can’t touch. This is Wei Xun’s initial definition of those different and powerful beings. * **Nature is in this category.

When Wei Xun was a passenger, he was going crazy and confused when he heard the voice, and he couldn’t hear what he was saying .Later, although they gradually adapted, they were only the residual nonsense power, not really speaking.

But when you are a tour guide, you can hear * * clearly.

Although I still can’t see it, I can touch it, although it’s just a finger.

Wei Xun feels that he is not only a tour guide, but also has something to do with the abyss where he is now.

I wonder where this crazy power comes from. Is it the power of the abyss?

The guide is more able to withstand the invasion of the abyss. It is proved that he still keeps his mind after he leaves. But when the tour guide is different to a certain extent, or strong to a certain extent, will the tour guide also change the existence of  “can’t hear and can’t see”?

Is it really because of fear or because of fear that ‘Ding Yi’ has been kneeling outside without looking up?


“I don’t think you’re dirty.”

Wei Xun said perfunctorily, and then his mind moved. Dirty, if the unknown power is really the power of the abyss, does * * * say dirty and dislike the power of the abyss?

Wei Xun previously speculated through the contract that * * * and An Xuefeng are the same person, which seems to prove that they are hostile to the power of the abyss. Apart from tour guides, tourists should be hostile to the power of the abyss.


But * * * is the host of the hotel and An Xuefeng is a passenger. How did they split up? When I mentioned An Xuefeng before, * * * did have a special reaction. Are they separated ‘the same person’ or are they two separate individuals?

“I saw An Xuefeng before.”

Wei Xun turned his eyes under the cloth and said tentatively: “ say…”

Wei Xun’s voice suddenly disappeared, and a cold finger gently pressed on his lips.

“Don’t always mention it, will you?”

** * whispered, although it was a question, but the gentle tone revealed a dangerous meaning.

I’m not asking Wei Xun’s opinion.

No comment.

“This is clearly our date.”

This is an appointment between us, don’t mention other people.

Wei Xun:???


It’s rare to be shocked. Is this a date?

To tell the truth, if Wei Xun had a lover and was ready for a date, he would definitely play a variety of flowers to surprise and satisfy the other party.

No preparation, no plan. When you open your mouth, it’s a date?

Stop it.

“Dating in the abyss? Very good. ”

Anyway, they are not real partners. Wei Xun doesn’t tangle with this thing. Since * * says it’s a date, well, Wei Xun immediately catches the point. Gently describe the language of taking a roller coaster to the amusement park:

“I love the abyss, honey,  let’s ride the magic dragon.”

When he was lying on his back, he saw a huge black shadow in the scarlet sky above his head. Wei Xun didn’t know whether it was a dragon, but it was an abyss anyway. It was normal to have a magic dragon.

I’m not chatting with * * down here. I want to capture abyss creatures and establish contact with each other, so as to mark the abyss.

“There are no abyssal dragons in your territory.”

Not to mention other men, * * shows a good temper and character.

“One hundred and thirty-five miles to the East, in the white bone Canyon, there is an abyss ghost dragon.”

There is really a dragon in the abyss!

“It’s a pity that I can’t get through now.”

It’s a real pity that Wei Xun wrote down everything * * * said. Who doesn’t want to see the dragon? The abyss ghost dragon is very strong and handsome. It’s good to be an abyss dragon. Wei Xun doesn’t know whether his abnormal state is a devil.

Although the horn has a demon long tail and should also have wings, it is generally a human shape.

Dragon is the coolest!

What is the best thing to mark?

Wei Xun carelessly grabbed * * *’s finger and held it in his hand. Of course, the stronger the abyssal creatures marked, the better. But Wei Xun doesn’t feel any strong presence at present, except for the dark shadows that have swept across the sky several times.

Maybe marking a demon bug is the best choice. The ball of the demon bug is still damaged. There is no chance to repair it until the title is upgraded. If the title of the demon bug controller needs to be upgraded, the more powerful the demon bug is, the better.

And again, it’s best to have different functions

Wei Xun was meditating, but the * * * next to him spoke again.

“Don’t you ask?”


Wei Xun is still puzzled and unknown about * * *, but he knows what he cares about most .I’m too weak now. I’ll ask for nothing. Maybe I can’t listen.

Moreover, I don’t want to stimulate * * * too much. Now the influence of love is still there. If I ask too many questions, such as what the Maria butterfly is and where the fragments come from, it will be over.

After all, this person can make the San value plummets, which is very dangerous. Wei Xun pursues stimulation and doesn’t want to die deliberately at this time.


Wei Xun has a interrogative modal particle.

Ask? I don’t know * * * do you still want me to ask.

Then let the other party say it himself.

** * seems to sigh. The voice comes from the right, and it’s on the right .But Wei Xun didn’t feel that there was anyone on the right, except the finger he held.

** * it’s really strong. Compared with an Xuefeng, who is stronger?

“You are God.”


Wei Xun was shocked and apologized: “you know, you have to mark this abyss node. But now she hasn’t found the right abyss creature… Well, it’s her fault. She shouldn’t have thought about it on our first date. ”

Wei Xun thought and took out a white crystal. This is a round crystal with the size of an apple. Wei Xun sandwiched the crystal between his left arm and left leg, and carved it on the crystal with a maniac’s knife in his right hand.

The maniac’s knife is really sharp. Carving crystal is like cutting a cake. Wei Xun also summoned magic fire.

The madman’s knife was carved, the magic fire was burning and polished, and the crystal debris rustled and fell. Gradually, the round crystal became a crooked flower.

“Roses, a gift for you, in memory of your first date.”

Wei Xun smiled, cheeky and self-contained. Although he couldn’t see that it was a flower, he really handed it to him. I have some regrets and sincerely say:

“Without the left hand, the carving is ugly. The appointment came too suddenly. I’m not ready. But anyway, there should be a gift. ”

The other party seemed surprised. The crystal flower in Wei Xun’s hand disappeared and should have been picked up by * *.

After a second or two of silence, * * * chuckled, and the mood in his voice seemed to be better than before.

“Thank you for your rose. I like it very much.”

“Just like it.”

Wei Xun nodded calmly, but what he just said was really a crazy hint!

 left hand lost, broken?See?I didn’t see you talking about it. You should find it with your left hand and pick it up.

The date came so suddenly that you didn’t prepare. It’s your problem.

Even if you didn’t care that she broke her left hand and prepared for her first date in such a hurry, she wasn’t angry. She carved a gift for you.

You should also give gifts, right!

This is your first date!

Wei Xun thought that anyone with a bit of normal conscience should understand some implied meanings in his words.

“You’re right. The first date is really memorable. I have a gift for you, too. ”


Wei Xun immediately smiled brightly .Never mind whether * * is prepared early or ready now. Even an item on your body is definitely a good thing!

Wei Xun thought about this eye-wrapping cloth before, but now he doesn’t think about it. Since it’s a gift, it must be more precious than this!


Wei Xun heard a chuckle, which was very light and could not be heard if he was not careful.

“You didn’t ask, but you didn’t expect the gift you prepared.”


Wei Xun was a little convinced. It turned out that you said “don’t ask?”Do you mean this?

Good guy, why are you so twisted.

“Of course I’m looking forward to it!”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “the gift you prepared must be what you like!”

“You’ll like it.”

The cold finger pulled out of Wei Xun’s hand and fell into his heart.


Wei Xun’s heartbeat wrongly, and an unfamiliar feeling spread from the depths of his heart. It seems that a fire has ignited the heart, hot, hot, tight, disordered heartbeat, unbearable suffocation. I can’t help covering my heart. I can want to curl up.

This is pain.

Wei Xun suddenly realized.

This is a painful feeling.

The * * fingers have moved away from the chest, all the way, from the clavicle, to the neck, to the lower jaw, to the cheeks and forehead.

The finger paused in his eyes, but finally fell again and stopped at Wei Xun’s Adam’s apple.


Wei Xun couldn’t hear * * clearly. He gasped violently, and the pain swept in, like the heat burned by fire, but the heat was more serious. It is the pain from the heart that sweeps through the whole body. The body can make you curl up, but the invisible force is stopping you and making you completely open.

It hurts, it hurts!

Wei Xun is smiling, even if his smile is distorted by the pain.

“Ha -”

I have never felt any pain, such as shaking and convulsing all over and trembling my soul. Even if I had a nightmare a month before I entered the hotel, there was no pain when the monster died in the nightmare!

Joy, sickness, surprise, dissatisfaction, severe pain, Zhongwei Xun revealed his real emotions!60.

Shit, although it hurts, it won’t be * *’s date gift!

“Of course not.”

In a trance, Wei Xun heard the sound of * * and took a cold breath. At this moment, the pain intensified again! Moreover, the sharp pain is not on the surface of the body, but swept from the inside of the body. There is no way to avoid it. It seems that an enemy is directly attacking your most vulnerable and defenseless key.

“Ha… Hiss…”

Tears fell and Wei Xun choked with pain. These are physiological tears. Stimulated tears and cold sweat moistened the white hair on the forehead. His pale skin seems transparent. His ice blue eyes are distracted by pain. Tears infiltrate. His eyes are as clear and beautiful as gemstones. Indifference and alienation no longer seem to be poor.

And people can’t help thinking… Make it more painful.

Will you cry more.

“Are you… Hissing… Doing, doing…”

Wei Xun’s words are broken, mixed with the sound of air conditioning and choking, which makes people close to crazy pain. A little cold is particularly eye-catching and falls on the Adam’s apple, which is * *’s finger.

Wei Xun felt that he had been invaded by Yao. Something invaded his body from the cold place.

Dangerous, cold, hard, like an ice bead. It’s a foreign object, and it’s like the feeling brought by * *.

Did * * put his finger into his Adam’s apple?


Wei Xun seemed to hear the roar of the white wolf king and the threatening roar of the snow leopard .But the next moment, the pain was so painful that I fainted. It was dark in front of me and I didn’t know anything.

Wei Xun didn’t see the empty shadow of the white wolf king and the snow leopard. He was furious and fierce, and was smashed by * * with a slap, but * *’s left hand was also bitten off by the white wolf king.

At the next moment, the broken animal shadow of the original appears again. Don’t kill him like life. This time, I stepped back and my finger left Wei Xun’s Adam’s apple.

It seems that you can see a very thin white mark, like a scar. But soon it healed.

“This is the gift you want.”

** whisper and shoot the animal shadow again.

“Do you like your magic?”

The animal shadow of the white wolf king and the snow leopard comes again and is broken again, but at the same time, the shadow of * * is also somewhat illusory .Like the gradual weakness of animal shadow, it can also affect you. take out Wei Xun’s broken left hand and drop his fingertip onto his left wrist, where the beast’s deep bite marks.

The bite marks become lighter when you press and run over them with your fingers, but at the same time, the purple and black thorns representing the “mark” on the other side of your wrist are also becoming lighter.

Once you let go, * * * will no longer erase the mark. His fingertips pressed the thorns and drew a purple black rope.

This is when Wei Xun broke his climbing rope after his adventure on * *. One section of the rope is still ‘* *’ climbing rope. The prop information is no different from that before. But another section of climbing rope has changed into * * shackles, which can hide in thorns.

He scratched his finger on the shackle several times, put the shackle in Wei Xun’s wrist, and then connect his left hand.

“Goodbye and look forward to the next date.”

*The shadow of * * gradually faded away, and so did Wei Xun .Soon, there were no more people in this abyss node .The huge shadow in the high air flew by, but it didn’t feel the tempting breath again.

“Roar -”

It roared angrily, and the roar set off a storm and ravaged heaven and earth. Countless demons fled in panic and fear, and the place became chaotic. The huge shadow flew straight to the sky, and this time it didn’t fly again.

* *

“Master, master!”

“Master, wake up!”


In the continuous call, Wei Xun suddenly opened his eyes and his eyes were a little distracted.

I woke up.



Wei Xun slapped the mink flying over, could not help but show his teeth and gasped for air. Just now the mink jumped around on his body, but Wei Xun had just experienced a round of severe pain, but he hasn’t slowed down yet. He is so sensitive and sensitive that he can’t even touch it. If he touches it, he will have a great reaction.

Mink, cave, this is, from the abyss?

Wei Xun immediately put on the passenger title and looked around warily. It’s good. An Xuefeng is not here. The white wolf king is nearby. However, it was sleeping deeply, but it was not stable enough. It kept kicking and stretching its claws, whining and roaring in its throat, as if it were roaring.

Wei Xun felt that his wolf head was a little bigger, but it didn’t matter .He felt it carefully, then felt his throat and clasped his fingers.

From his Adam’s apple, Wei Xun pulled out a crimson stone.

This is the representation of the abyss node marked by.

With the complete integration of this crimson stone, Wei Xun’s abnormal state will quickly grow and even enter the service life, with strong combat effectiveness.

[excellent passenger Wei Xun, you have completed the call order task of the hotel, and you have performed well for the first time!]

[for your excellent performance, the hotel will make an exception and reward you with a photo crystal!]

[Name: photo crystal]

[quality: rare]

[function: record images with unlimited capacity, free from any bad and supernatural images, and the shooting picture is as clear as the live broadcast of the hotel .]

[Note: after , you can take a vlog clip with the photo crystal, upload it to your home page, set the purchase amount independently, and then start earning points!]

Wei Xun picked up the diamond spar and took a picture of the white wolf king waving his limbs and ‘fighting bravely’ in his sleep .After a little play, I found that the captured picture can be segmented, but if you want to upload, you have to bind your identity.

Wei Xun was not bound. He received the diamond crystal into the fox cub’s belly, touched his neck and fell into meditation.

The devil, * * * put his devil in Wei Xun’s throat, and it was sleeping.

Wei Xun doesn’t feel uncomfortable, nor is he in a hurry to wake up the devil and communicate with him to see if it works.

I’m thinking about something.

After the devil entered the body, he left the abyss node.

In other words, he established contact with the abyss creatures and marked the abyss node.

Is it this magic weapon or a * * body?The devil is not only the condensation of * * power, just like the devil chabalaren under the chest of the high priest of Yangjin, it is not only a group of evil spirit, but also affects the cognition of the high priest of Yangjin.

It can be said that the devil is the weak body of the devil. It does not exist independently, but a part of the subject.

In other words, the demon that entered Wei Xun’s throat is not an independent individual, not a complete abyss creature.

You have established a connection with * *. Magic is the symbol of the connection between you two.

Abyssal creatures… * * * are they abyssal creatures? But he sees the power of the abyss as dirty. Is there something hidden in this?

The crimson stone marks the appearance of the abyss node. It is reasonable to say that this appearance should be closely related to the abyssal creatures marked by the. For example, if Wei Xun marks a bad magic dog, the appearance may be a dog tooth.

This crimson stone is semicircular and not big. Does it have anything to do with * *?

Wei Xun looked at his left hand, and his left hand was reconnected.

The mark on the wrist is still there.

Wei Xun thought deeply. He pressed his left wrist and pulled out * * shackles from the thorns.

This shackle has two functions, one is to mark (* * * is your admirer, he marked you), and the other is to record (to record every bit between you and * *).

Wei Xun wants to see if there are any new things recorded in the shackles of this “date”.

Sure enough, under record 1, a new record 2 is added!

[record 2: on a certain day, on the first date with you in the abyss, you took the initiative to hold * *’s finger, gave * * personally Carved Crystal roses, and scolded ‘damn an Xuefeng!’, * **I’m very grateful. I give you my precious magic. It’s a gift. I wish you happiness .]

[then the evil beast attacked and * * protected you under the attack of the beast. Crush the beast several times, beast, defeat!]

Wei Xun looked at the corner of his eye, which was unimaginable .This is a garbage record. Why did you even write down the sentence “damn an Xuefeng”?I wish you happiness again, ghost, and the beast attack in the back. I fainted and had no impression at all.

Is it difficult to crush beasts with * * strength?

Wei Xun was dismissive and flattered in his heart. Because I think of a very terrible thing.

Before, when the pain was too bad, I thought, ‘although it hurts, it won’t be a * * date gift!’This sentence, followed by * * reply ‘of course, not’

Did you read it unintentionally, or could * * see through your thoughts and read your thoughts?

Too strong, * * *!

Wei Xun sighed, and deeply felt that he called * * fork fork fork in his mind, which was too simple and crude to match his identity.

“I’ll call it a star later.”

Wei Xun was calm. He tried to stand up, but he was weak. He shook. Wei Xun fell down and became a leopard cub.

You should accept the crimson stone immediately, but Wei Xun didn’t. He put on the title of passenger again. For a moment, the crimson stone was a little restless, and Wei Xun also showed signs of strong self-differentiation. However, under the title of journey, you can’t be different. Under this contradiction, you may break your body.

The leopard cub will be fine.

Go out first and study later.


Wei Xun feels that he has grown up a little. Although he is not completely young, he is no longer a cub .The cry changed from a tender chirp like a bird’s Song – but it wasn’t much better .Even Nian snow leopard’s cry is more like a cat’s bark. It’s impossible for snow leopard to have a very aggressive and deterrent roar in his life.

Maybe a wolf can?

Wei Xun tried hard to top the white wolf king until he woke it up .The little snow leopard was thinking that although the puppet man and “Ding Yi” were very strong, it was not a big deal for the powerful an Xuefeng even if they included the “rival tour guide C 250”, “the new excellent passenger Wei Xun who needed to be protected” and the four groups together.

I’m a little overqualified after receiving this task.


Wei Xun didn’t bother to be himself. The little snow leopard climbed onto the white wolf king’s back and was carried out by it. Before, it seemed that the white wolf king’s head was a big circle, which was not an illusion, but more like being beaten and swollen. Wei Xun wanted to rub his face intimately, but the white wolf king avoided him.

Who swollen the white wolf king’s head?

Wei Xun calculated and found that only * * had this strength.

Beast, is the beast mentioned by * * the white wolf king?

Wei Xun guessed wildly and shook his head. It shouldn’t be. There was a “beast, defeat!” in the record,It’s not .If so, it seems that the relationship between * * and an Xuefeng is not particularly harmonious.

Even a wolf will be beaten. Who makes you An Xuefeng’s pet.

Wei Xun licked the white wolf king’s hair with pity. He suddenly thought that the cuocha Lama once said to him that according to the Buddha’s omen, a powerful demon removal messenger should come a year later.

Wei Xun now thinks, will this’ demon removing messenger ‘be an Xuefeng? White Wolf, and this journey to northern Tibet, you should only explore the way.

It should be because the white wolf king is here and on this journey, so the second excellent passenger summoned by the summoning order is an Xuefeng.

Snow leopard’s Day

Wei Xun remembered the day when he saw the snow leopard when he took an adventure on the snow leopard .In the memory of snow leopard that day, it is really close to an Xuefeng, which is not an ordinary master pet relationship.

It should be called by the white wolf king.

Wei Xun suppressed the weird feeling in his heart.

“Brother Wei, it’s brother Wei!!”

“The guard is out!”

From the underground to the ground, the teammates cheered and shouted excitedly, swinging between heaven and earth. The sky is still cloudy, but there is no more rain. The earth is devastated and the Selin lake is in a mess. I’m afraid there will be news of the Tibet Beida earthquake again.

But it will only be a normal earthquake, no more demons.

There are no more crazy Zhang Xiong princes who want to prove themselves.

Wei Xun stood on the back of the white wolf king, overlooking the Selin lake .I seem to see a faint silver shadow that almost dissipates.

It’s the soul of the wrong Lama.

One person and one soul look at each other across space and time. The cuocha Lama seems to be laughing. After seeing Wei Xun’s return, he has no more worries. Kobayashi temple is no longer, the devil is dead, the sacrifice is not done, and the last ‘blood of King Xiangxiong’ is gone.

There’s nothing to remember.

He bowed down slowly to Selin lake, like the last sacrifice to the lake. When he bowed down, his soul gradually faded and dispersed. Dissipated between heaven and earth, dissipated by the holy lake of Shenshan.

It is dissipation, not death, but the great perfection of the soul. Inside the fox cub’s belly, the body of the diamond also darkened. It is still a diamond, but the spirit of cohesion in the book has dispersed.


Wei Xun saw off the wrong Lama, the respectable old man .Then he jumped to the ground and the siren sounded in the distance .The devil’s power dissipated and the evil altar collapsed. The next thing belongs to the world. Passengers don’t have to stay here anymore.

In the twilight and the siren, no one noticed that several SUVs left.

[an absurd sacrifice, a crazy deal. The existence that has disappeared in the past should not return, whether it is the demons of the past, the people of the past, or the country of the past. The story of the kingdom of ZhangXiong and Xiaolin temple is far away, and the sound of Eagle flute is still playing on the grassland in northern Tibet. But the man who plays the eagle flute is no longer Gan Dan Baiju .]

[end of the third scenic spot project!]

[exploring the secrets of northern Tibet – the devil lake, lincuo, 100% complete]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 10000 points (100% completion, excellent passengers, multiple points reward!)]

[you get the destruction witness (badge) of the ancient country]

[Name: witness to the destruction of the ancient country (badge)]

[quality: rare]

[function: suppress ancient countries and inheritors of ancient countries]

[Note: Gaga, you are like a crow!You have witnessed the complete destruction of an ancient country. Of course, you can also witness the destruction of the country. As soon as you appear, you will make the people feel fear and the pressure of destruction! Let those old immortals see, death is the only way out! The world belongs to the present!]

[the more the ancient country you witnessed is destroyed, the stronger the badge will be!]

[you are a well-deserved captain of this brigade and have been recognized by the hotel. The reward points are increased by 50%]

Wei Xun, the leopard cub, lies comfortably in the arms of the white wolf king and yawns lazily.

Under the claw is a black bird-shaped badge, which is a bit like a crow, as if emitting unknown mildew.

The fox cub didn’t like the badge and refused Wei Xun to put it into his stomach.

The ancient country, the inheritor of the ancient country

The kingdom of ZhangXiong 1600 years ago, even if it is an ancient country, the 5000 year old China, of course, is even more important.

The badge was put like this. It didn’t cause the reaction of Jiang Hongguang on the car, but only the reaction of the fox cub.

Because they can’t be regarded as’ inheritors of the ancient country ‘?

The reason why Tianhu can be counted is because of its identity?

This badge is a good thing. Wei Xun only hopes that the ‘ancient countries’ included in it can have a new year. It’s best to include all the less ancient western countries.

After all, the demon merchant is still in the business. Recently, this guy gave Xiaocui several gifts, and then he didn’t contact her. Maybe I think the soul contract is enough?Or is it hollowed out?


Anyway, Wei Xun almost let Xiaocui and the fox cub eat all the things she sent. It’s perfect to give Xiaocui what’s useful for women (mother) and fox cub what’s useful for fox.

“Brother Wei, which brigade do you want to join?”

Feilezhi in the front row turned his head, grabbed the back of the chair, and asked Wei Xun happily.

“Brother Hong said that our newlyweds are different from the old people. When we get to Qiangtang, there will be a mutual election or something. Maybe there will be people from those brigades and regiments to choose people!”

A brigade is a subordinate team of a brigade. Those small and medium-sized brigades cannot have a brigade. Those with a brigade are powerful large brigades.

These brigades usually have no shortage of people and have a good reputation. Naturally, strong people will come here .Because the Association came to the mutual aid meeting to recruit new members, the universities are all small and medium-sized brigades with new groups, which are not too strong and not attractive to familiar tourists .Brigades are rare.

Unless it’s a particularly good, good to evil newcomer.

“Someone will come, maybe.”

Jiang Hongguang also smiled. He will be in Qiangtang Nature Reserve in half a day .Our journey is really over. There will be no danger next, that is, the people who arrive.

In other words, this half day should be our last time together .Everyone was reluctant to part with the tour guide, and never let Wei Xun dominate. There was no friction in the brigade. Everyone got along well, but they all exchanged contact information.

“Maybe… There will be people from the sunset brigade.”

Ji Hongcai was mysterious. He lowered his voice and his eyes were full of excitement.

“That’s a subordinate brigade of the return brigade!”


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