TTG Chapter 132

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 132: Inter-selection meeting (1)

“Sunset brigade… What is this brigade? Is the sunset red?”

Feilezhi asked curiously. Ji Hongcai was angry and said, “what sunset red, sunset red… Hey, don’t say it. It really counts.”

“After all, the sunset brigade receives’ old people ‘and basically does not accept new people.”

Speaking of this, Ji Hongcai has a little regret: “even if the potential of the newcomers is strong, they won’t take a fancy to some big brigade teams immediately. It’s inappropriate.”

“Why not!”

Feilezhi immediately defended Wei Xun against injustice: “I think brother Wei is good everywhere!”

“Hey, you, really.”

Ji Hongcai nodded him and smiled at Wei Xun: “head Wei, it’s not that you’re not strong. Everyone will convince you after this journey. You’re this.”

Ji Hongcai thumbed up, shook his head and sighed, “but the brigade team looks at many aspects. The better the newcomers are for the first time, the more reluctant the brigade team is.”

“I don’t realize the horror of the journey. I’m not vigilant and alert enough… Sometimes a person destroys a whole team.”

Jiang Hongguang said: “the better the newcomer’s appearance, the better the talent. Even on the first trip, he won over the veteran. Yes, very excellent.”

But the better a person is, the easier it is to die.

Unwilling to be mediocre, they will continue to take risks to strengthen themselves. The journey of newcomers is not difficult, and the hotel has eccentric protection. During this journey, excellent newcomers do it, but I’m afraid they will think that the journey is not difficult and the hotel is eccentric.

This perception can lead people to misjudge the risk of “sex” and even death.

“Don’t say, although the tour guide fucking” fuck “, it’s a lesson for new passengers.”

Ji Hongcai said, “just like the boss, what do you say, fish effect…”

“Catfish effect.”

Jiang Hongguang smiled.

The word is sardine, and the sardine live fish that cost fish is more expensive than dead fish. But the long journey and the inactivity of the fish make many fish suffocate. The fish catches fish catfish in the fish tank. Sardine catches the catfish and evade it. It moves, but the most alive fish is more.

Although most of the tour guides are not good things, the tour guides encountered by the newcomers, no matter how bad, are not butchers. Proper bad guides, external pressure and the “swing” in the brigade make people mature quickly and become vigilant and careful.

Vigilance is crucial in the journey.

But Jiang Hongguang doesn’t worry much about Wei Xun. Wei Xun has his own ideas, is strong, and is destined to be an extraordinary person. He doesn’t need any ‘catfish’ stimulation. Jiang Hongguang even feels that maybe Wei Xun will become the ‘catfish’ of the new tour guides

Whoever is stronger is the troublemaker.

He is a little worried about Feile to these newcomers. He said this in the hope that Fei would be happy enough for them to listen.

“Brigade, of course.But not necessarily the most suitable. ”

Jiang Hongguang added: “passengers can choose their own journey, but the journey they choose is the most difficult one in the passenger rank. You know that.”

“But no matter how difficult it is, there will be a limit. If you are a junior passenger, you can’t receive a dangerous journey.”

“But if you join the brigade, there are no restrictions.Brigade, look at the average. ”

Ji Hongcai sighed, “who doesn’t want to increase the brigade team, but going to the brigade team is to become stronger and have good teammates, not to die.”

Like a big brigade, if all the top tourists, you join in and go back to the journey recommended by the hotel, it’s extremely fucking dangerous.

Even if the newcomer has more talent, his title has not taken shape, and his experience is not old enough. If he gets to experience in the difficult journey, he is simply looking for death.

try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward.

People who are evil again have to have time to grow up.

And there’s another question. Do you think the people in the brigade will take you during the journey?

No, you go to the difficult journey alone with the scattered team. The level is so low that you don’t know how to die.

Chapter 132 mutual selection meeting nutrient solution 290000 plus more

Take you. You’ll probably drag down the members of the brigade.

Why bother.

Let the newcomers grow up in the place where the newcomers should be. When they grow to a certain extent, they will not die easily. Only then can they enter the selection range of the brigade team. This is the shape of the vast majority.

“You should pay attention. When the besh brigade came, it went straight to the ceiling.”

Ji Hongcai warned: “there are some fucking things that don’t behave like people. They only accept new people to lower the average value.”

This kind of thing is not done by the top brigade. After all, everyone is a top passenger. A pure newcomer comes in. On average, it can’t reduce the difficulty.

Small and medium-sized brigades that float and sink on the line of life and death love to do such things.

The ranks of many of its passengers rise step by step. He is not because of progress, but because of good luck, or close to a tour guide. If he doesn’t die, he will go up all the time.

When the level is raised, but it doesn’t necessarily go up. The journey within the optional range is difficult. What should I do.

Recruit new people! The newcomers must be junior tourists. Using newcomers to lower the average value in the brigade, so as to receive a less difficult journey, which is what the brigade likes to do.

They don’t care about the life and death of the newcomers in the team. After all, they want low-level passengers. New people die, so we can recruit another group.

There’s nothing better than a newcomer.

“First ask the most mortality rate, historical mortality rate, and then talk about treatment.”

Jiang Hongguang said, “it’s better to add a brigade.”

The brigade is different from the brigade. Some people think that the brigade is more free. They go on the journey together and all the things they harvest are their own. But the brigade is not here. The division of labor of large brigades and groups is clear. While providing protection and materials, they need to hand in some of the harvested items after a journey. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

But the brigade is absolutely the most stable, at least the teammates trust.

“The three largest brigades belong to the three major brigades.”

Jiang Hongguang said, “the sunset brigade will serve the strongest brigade on its way home.”

“The crimson brigade, serve Feihong, the second brigade.”

“Laoshan brigade, serve the metaphysics of the third brigade.”

“This name…”

Fei Lezhi grins, and listens to Jiang Hongguang, who is introducing Wei Xun in detail, without make complaints about it.

The sunset brigade sounds like sunset red old man music.

The crimson brigade sounds like a women’s group.

Laoshan tour group, stop talking. People can’t help thinking of Laoshan White Snake grass water and Laoshan beer.

The names of the brigades are very classic and beautiful. Why are the brigades here one by one?

Each brigade has its own bias. The tourists trained by subordinate brigades and regiments are to fill in the vacancies of large brigades and need to cooperate. Therefore, the direction of income and training are biased.

“Laoshan brigade likes to collect Taoists most, regardless of faction, one, Quanzhen, Fuzhuan and Maoshan.”

Jiang Hongguang first talked about the ten brigades and regiments, and then focused on the third: “in addition, they also like to receive tourists with the titles of zombies and ghosts. The zombies and Taoists, fierce ghosts and Taoists in their brigades and regiments all play a very powerful cooperation and fight step by step. In addition, they like to collect the titles of prediction and five elements, such as gold, wood, water, fire and earth, as well as Tianlei, yin and Yang. ”

Jiang Hongguang said, “the guard is not afraid of resentment. This time, it subdues the devil and fights with the devil many times. It will certainly be favored by the Laoshan brigade.”

Although the devil seems to be more western than the fierce ghost, it is Oriental in the land of the East. Even compared with more Taoists, Laoshan brigade is rarer for demons, fierce ghosts, zombies and so on. Although Taoist priests subdued demons and subdued demons, they cooperated more in the brigade team because they knew themselves and the enemy.

The one who knows the limits of ghosts and monsters best and knows how ghosts and monsters break out is of course a Taoist.

Jiang Hongguang didn’t ask Wei Xun if he had won the title of devil and ghost. He just stopped.In his opinion, the probability of Laoshan brigade exceptionally inviting Wei Xun is very high.

“The crimson brigade likes to accept those with the title of demon, regardless of sea, land and air, demons and beasts, take them all. ”

Jiang Hongguang explained: “the title of demon is not a monster. Like controlling demons, or communicating with demons, such as immortals, Shamanism and so on, it is mainly cooperation. ”

“The guard has a wild” sex “mind and has become a snow leopard successfully. This snow leopard should not be an ordinary snow leopard. An team of the journey home team has a very powerful snow leopard who lives and tears the ghost king. Since then, tourists with the title of snow leopard have been particularly favored by the crimson brigade. The guard will certainly invite! ”


Wei Xun’s mouth was heavy and understated. He bit off a pinch of “hair” of the white wolf king. The white wolf king shook his ears and was not angry. He indulged in “licking” the little snow leopard’s ears. Wei Xun carried his ears back to prevent the white wolf king from “licking”.

The swelling of the White Wolf’s face subsided quickly. He had time to take a few pictures with the photo crystal, but it all subsided.

Wei Xun heard Jiang Hongguang mention the word “fight and cooperate” several times, including Taoist and Taoist, Taoist and zombie, Taoist and fierce ghost, demon and horse fairy, and Shamanism.

Is to play a one plus one greater than two.

“Such titles are so special.”

Feilezhi was a little disappointed when he heard this: “although my title is of no great use, Xu Yang’s title is very powerful. If they receive people, won’t they miss many talents?”

“There are many talents. Those selected by the hotel have talent in some way.”

Jiang Hongguang smiled: “but most of the top brigades in the East and west regions have the title of local special” color “.Like our eastern Taoists, monks, demons, demons, ghosts, Miao Gu and others. Werewolves, vampires, bishops, wizards and so on in the West have their own special “colors.”

“It’s not that other titles are not strong, but the growth of these titles is more.”

Many titles are series, with corresponding upper titles.

In this sense, some titles without roots and Ping, Xu Qiang, are temporary, but it is difficult to be strong forever.

When a brigade receives people, it focuses on the “nature” of the fit with the brigade and the growth of the “nature”. Its temporary strength will not be seen in it.

“When you get to the end, you get off and watch the mutual aid meeting. The Taoist is dressed as a new observer of the Laoshan brigade. He has demon ears and demon tails, but he is a member of the crimson brigade. There are also people in the form of ghosts and undead, but the Youdu of the fourth brigade. If there are monks, they are very new observers of the lotus of the fifth brigade. ”

With Wei Xun, there will definitely be new observers from the big brigade. Jiang Hongguang is confident.

“Where are the people of the sunset brigade?”

Hearing this, Fei Le couldn’t help interrupting:

“Sunset brigade, he rarely receives pure newcomers.”

Jiang Hongguang didn’t want Wei Xun to have a bad impression of the sunset brigade. He gently thought: “if he wants to accept it, no matter what the title is biased, he accepts the newcomer with the initial purple” color “title.”

“Look, the head is the end!”

Ji Hongcai and Jiang Hongguang were old friends. Feeling that he was embarrassed, he immediately changed the topic and said with a smile:

“We’ll get off and take the bus directly. You newcomers will have a newcomer certificate and enter the mutual election meeting at that time. ”

“Our side is an entrance. Other newcomers who complete their journey today will enter the mutual election meeting on this day! Of course, this is the entrance to northern Tibet. If there are people from the brigade who like the newcomers of our brigade, they will certainly stay here, so that you can see it as soon as you enter the mutual election. Look, the face is — ”

Suddenly, Ji Hongcai’s words stopped suddenly. He stared and lost his voice.

“Lying trough!”

Jiang Hongguang, who had always been calm and calm, was shocked and almost slammed the brake and threw the car out.

“Why are there so many animals? My mother, is there a zoo? ”

Fei Lezhi was shocked and opened the world: “this big Python is a white wolf about the size of our white wolf king! Wait, the fox has several tails. Am I right. Shit, no, it’s not an animal, it’s a monster! ”

“Brother Wei! This is the crimson brigade. Here comes the crimson brigade. Many people come to pick you up! “


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