TTG Chapter 133

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 133: Mutual Selection meeting (2)

“These off-road vehicles.”

“At this time, it should be the northern Tibetan brigade.”

At Qiangtang nature reserve, the end of the journey to northern Tibet, many experienced tourists stood behind and chatted. One of them looked at the front secretly, was a little shocked and took a breath of air conditioning:

“Captain, I’ve never seen so many big guys!”

“I’m afraid the whole crimson brigade is out.”

His companion beside him was surprised. He stretched his neck to see the emerald green snake that was more than three meters tall and more than ten meters long. He exclaimed: “ it’s powerful. It’s at least a purple title. It’s definitely the top of the crimson brigade!”

“You’re mistaken.”Someone nearby looked in awe and then corrected, “I think he is the green snake of Tiangang brigade.”

“Tiangang brigade?Tiangang brigade is the sixth largest brigade. How did you come here? ”

The man said, “you mean the Tianyuan brigade.”

Tianyuan brigade is a subordinate brigade of Tiangang brigade.

“No, I have.”

The man shook his head and sighed, “he is a man who has the title of green snake in the Tiangang brigade.”

“Green snake”?You mean the orange green snake?”Big man?”

The man was surprised and didn’t believe it: “I heard how the big man came here. This is just the end of the difficult journey.”

“Why won’t you come? I’m afraid some of the other major brigades will come.”

The companion glanced at him and said, “don’t be ashamed. I think you’re stupid. You haven’t seen the forum or the live broadcast these days.”

He looked around warily, his eyes fell on a bus with a hotel sign not far away, and lowered his voice: “there is an abyss node, just on this journey!”


The man was shocked. He was surprised. Then he was surprised: “did you get out of the abyss?Did you really mark the guide?Not stopped in advance? ”

“It didn’t stop success. It is said that the abyss node was robbed by the butcher alliance.”

“No wonder so many powerful characters came to encircle and suppress the butcher alliance.”

The man looked frightened. He looked around and found a sense of security: “if so many people come, the guide must be dead.”

“Who knows, let’s stand back and get out of the way of the big guys.”

The companion whispered, “maybe there’s a butcher guide hiding in this bus.When the passengers on the journey to northern Tibet arrive at the destination, as soon as the bus opens, it will be… Tut. ”

The two men said, and Ben dodged aside.If you look at other people, most of them are like this. There is a large space next to the hotel bus.

“I knew there was an abyss node here. A butcher guide would come. Hey, it’s better to wait in the mutual aid meeting.”

The man complained and was slapped by his companion: “mutual aid association?It’ll be late!Believe it or not, there are so many people here, except the big guys, I’m afraid it’s all for him! ”

“Don’t mention the Mutual Aid Association. I’m sure Wei Xun will be signed off when he gets off!If you really wait at the mutual aid meeting, you can’t catch up with the hot shit. ”

“Captain, Wei Xun really came to our brigade?”

The man did not refute, rubbed the back of his head and muttered in a low voice: “no, I said that our tiger brigade is really not a famous brigade. There are only two or three kittens in the team. The title is not strong and there are not many resources. In fact, it is a little weak and ranks at the bottom of the crane.”

“If there were other newcomers, I wouldn’t say anything, but it was Wei Xun. It was said on the forum that he had completed the main line of the journey. I’m afraid they all have their own weapons.Captain, have you touched your exclusive weapon? ”

“This… Of course I touched it!”

The leader of the tiger brigade scolded and maintained the dignity of his captain: “how can you grow the ambition of others and destroy your prestige!”

“Our team ranks 99. It’s the crane tail, but it’s the top 100 crane tail. It’s not weak to combine the highest quality of the real world to an extremely dangerous journey.

“Our team has a brigade of more than 20 square meters. It’s not poor.There are not many people in the team. We all have enough points when the resources come. The atmosphere in the team is good. When Wei Xun comes, I immediately abdicate as the deputy team. I’ll give him whatever he wants. That’s a lot. ”

“This man is powerful. I don’t want him to stay for a long time. I don’t sign any overlord long-term terms. He comes to our team to experience for several years… One year, he experiences several journeys. When he is strong, he will go up. I won’t stop him. How easy it is for everyone to gather and disperse.”

The man was stunned.

“Team, Captain, lick like this?”

“No, you’re not the captain. You have to give it to him?”

“Hiss, what do you think.”

The leader of the tiger brigade snorted coldly, squinted at other groups of veteran passengers and lowered his voice: “why do you think so many people are here this time?Look how many scattered people have come this time except those brigades. ”

“They all thought that maybe Wei Xun would not add a brigade, but would form a brigade by himself!”

“Ah?This, this can’t be. ”

The team member was stunned and said: “Wei Xun is a new passenger. No matter how strong he is, this…”

Under the pressure of the captain’s eyes, his voice became smaller and smaller. Finally, he murmured: “ let’s convince the new passengers to Ding Yi’s guide, open up a branch plot and complete the main line of the journey…  let’s say, he is strong. Captain, you really can’t compare with others.Ouch! ”

“If you can’t talk, talk less.”

The leader of the tiger brigade taught him a lesson, and then said, “am I licking?I’m clear in my heart.I’m afraid the people from those big brigades came not only for the node of the abyss, but also to see Wei Xun.He’s really, gee, he’s so talented. I’ve roughly calculated. This time, his points are at least the top five among new star tourists, and there are some in the capital. ”

“Don’t mention our brigade. Even if it’s a large brigade, people will definitely go if they want to.”

He said, glancing contemptuously at other experienced passengers, and said in a rough voice: “some fools still can’t recognize their position and want to hold Wei Xun. Oh, fools are fools.”

His eyes caught the attention of the other party. The man was not friendly. Looking at it, the captain was very just and directly returned his middle finger.The man was angry and scolded twice, but he didn’t find fault.

After all, so many large brigades and regiments in front of us dare not do it again.

“Hum, people like Wei Xun are destined to go to the high place as long as they don’t die.Let’s invite him. This time, when he is familiar with the journey and the hotel rules, it is estimated that he should go. ”

The leader of the tiger brigade looked very open: “I’ve seen his live video of the whole process. Apart from anything else, he will take our team several times. As long as everyone doesn’t die, he will definitely gain a lot.”


The team member thought about it and then looked bitter: “Captain, other people are not fools. You can see Wei Xun and other people’s brigade. We can’t compete.”

“Brigade and regiment… It’s not a brigade after all. Some things are still inconvenient.We have our advantages. ”

The captain pondered: “the contract of the brigade must have an explanation in terms of age, and Wei Xunyou will choose the superior brigade of the brigade. In terms of resource allocation, various factions… In the end, the structure of the brigade is not as simple as ours.”

“Moreover, there are many people in the brigade and regiment, and the structure class, the people above and the people below, have long been a little fixed.If Wei Xun wants to go, it’s not appropriate not to give him a high position, but the year-end celebration is coming soon. The brigade and regiment should not want to be too turbulent. ”


“Our comprehensive reality is neither high nor low. We are all old hands. We have the characteristics of the brigade. I am not afraid of making too many concessions. All the requirements put forward by Wei Xun meet one or two.We are not the best, but we may be the most appropriate. ”

Speaking of this, the captain paused and suddenly coughed: “moreover, we have special advantages.”

“What special advantages?”

The team member was surprised and said, “why don’t I know how to have any special advantages?”

“Cough… Look.”

While talking, the dog teeth of the leader of the tiger brigade protruded from his lips, as sharp as two machetes. His ears turned into light orange tiger ears, semi-circular plush, and some tiger hair grew on his face.

The captain said, “look at my big teeth.”


The team flattered: “Captain, did you wash your teeth? These teeth are so white and clean!”


The team leader said from “small three, small four, small five.”

“Ah Woo -”

Only a few young tigers called. The three little tigers were like three orange POMs. They couldn’t stand steadily and tumbled over.

“Ah, Captain, how did the third, fourth and fifth become younger?They took the wrong medicine? ”

The team members were stunned and couldn’t believe it.

“Hum, you don’t understand.”

The captain understated: “Dick, you have changed.”

“Ah?I have changed, this, this is not, in public… ”

The second son muttered a few words. Finally, he couldn’t stand the leader’s power, but he changed. The tiger he became was a rare white tiger!

There are five people in their tiger brigade. There is no resident guide. It is really high to rank in the top 100. The atmosphere in the team is real. Although they are all tigers, their titles are different.The captain saber toothed tiger is an ancient blood, a powerful fighting tiger, and the second white tiger. It is auspicious, lucky and auxiliary.

Old three, old four and old five are not weak. They have their own biases. They are relatively complete.

Wei Xun has a wild heart. He hasn’t changed into a tiger.With so many tigers together, the pace of change will certainly accelerate.

Captain saber toothed tiger thought.

Moreover, their team has everything, fierce and cute, as well as the white tiger, the second son. Wei Xun should like white’s movement very much.At that time, let the second carry the third, the fourth and the fifth. They stand in front of them. There are five tigers. Tut, they are absolutely bright——

“Saber toothed tiger!”

Just then, a call suddenly sounded in front of him. The saber toothed tiger was surprised. Then his face changed slightly and he hurried over.

“The tigers are still there.”

Ahead, people from major brigades and groups are chattering and looking bright.

A huge turtle with fluffy green grass on its back looked at the back of the saber toothed tiger and left in frustration. He said slowly, “Yangxia, you are too overbearing.”

“See you, elder. I’m not vice team Yangxia. I’m Peng Yingwu, vice team of the crimson brigade.”

The snow-white fox whispered softly, and the fluffy fluffy fox tail shook gently: “Lord Yangxia should join the team and is intercepting the butcher’s Guide.”

“Unexpectedly, master Wan, you came in person. It seems that the metaphysical brigade is bound to defend Xun.”

“Ha ha, you, me, what do I say? You’re too polite.”

The big turtle said, “I’m just a big turtle of the Laoshan brigade, and I should call you a big talent.”

“Ha ha.”

“Ha ha.”

A fox and a turtle look at each other, especially in harmony.

“Wei Xun… He attracted too much attention.”

White fox whispered, “if he wants to add a small and medium-sized brigade, I’m afraid he will be watched by the major tour guide alliance, which is in danger of destroying the team.”

“I advise saber toothed tiger because he thinks we have some old friends in the crimson brigade.”

The scarlet brigade has the most monster titles, but the way to rise is very narrow.The personnel of Feihong brigade are relatively stable, with few deaths and few supplements.Therefore, it does not prevent members of the brigade from leaving and forming their own brigade.

The five tigers came from the crimson brigade, so they have a good relationship and cooperate.Otherwise, looking for teammates is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s such a coincidence that all the team members are tigers.

“Here comes the youth of your team?”

The big turtle turned his head and looked at the top of the green snake. He said strangely, “I thought he was sleeping. He took the keel. Let’s see, he should have a long horn and become a dragon.”

“Qingqing?You mean Xiaoqing from the Tiangang brigade? ”

The white fox was surprised: “when did he leave?I don’t know. ”

“I said, do you mean that?”

Just then an impatient voice sounded.I saw a dark crow flying down quietly with a hoarse cry.His black feathers fell like fire, and it was like a shadow in the sun, like a dead soul.

The crow mocked, “they are all bastards of thousands of years. Who doesn’t know who.”

“Are you… Urumqi?”

The white fox was surprised and suddenly said, “God, the black team of Fengdu brigade came in person!”

Everyone heard him, and all the veteran passengers waiting behind looked at him. They were surprised and excited.

“What?The black team of Fengdu brigade is coming! ”

“Really, my God, where is it? Let me see, let me see!”

“My God, is the Ukrainian team really here?I thought only their subordinate brigade Youdu brigade had come! ”

“Yangxia, you!”

The crow was angry. He suddenly became a man before those people looked at him.I saw a man in black in his twenties standing there. His eyebrows were cold and fierce, his face was pale, his pupils were deep, like a ghost, but there were a little gold lines in the middle of his eyebrows, which looked very dignified.

“Don’t worry, we won’t tell you about turning you into a crow.”

The big tortoise was simple and kind, but his next sentence increased his voice: “it turns out that the tortoise team came to kill the butcher guide and destroy the abyss node!Everybody, we are absolutely safe with Ukraine! ”

“It’s the Ukrainian team. It’s really the Ukrainian team!”

“God, the Ukrainian team is really here. Let me have a look!”

“Your black team is still so hot tempered.”

In front of the bus, a young Taoist priest said to the sick woman next to him, “but we have enough confidence with the Ukrainian team.Even if the butcher guide of a football team gets off the bus, he’s not afraid. ”

The woman glanced at him obliquely and didn’t answer. She said coldly, “Wei Xun is very  and Urumqi team thinks he is very suitable for Fengdu brigade.”

“Wow, have you decided so soon?”Decisive!”

The young Taoist was distressed and said with regret: “Alas, I had known that Wan team had come. Our metaphysical brigade didn’t come this time. Only the big turtle of Laoshan brigade came. It seems that it’s over this time.”

“Big turtle… Hiss, you Taoist priests.”

“What’s the matter with the Taoist? Did the Taoist eat your ghost’s glutinous rice?”

An impatient male voice sounded. Mao Xiaole was holding a dog tail grass and a peach wood sword. His face was not good.

“I’m very upset now. Don’t let me hear you speak ill of the Taoist priest!”

The woman frowned: “you…”

“You what you!Are you not satisfied? ”

Mao Xiaole shouted, “fight if you don’t accept it!I don’t count you bullying the small with the big! ”

The woman was silent and bent to death.

I’m mocking the people of Laoshan brigade. What should you say.

What’s the big bullying the small? You’re the main member of the return brigade. I’m just the Deputy Group of Youdu brigade. Do you want to face me!

I’m going to play with Urumqi!

“Butcher guide, I will kill.”

Just then, there was a noise in front.Seeing Wu Dui standing with his arms in his arms, he said in a cold voice, “Wei Xun, I want everything.”

“Who wants Wei Xun?Who wants Wei Xun? ”

The next moment, the big white wolf staring at the wagging tail of those off-road vehicles suddenly turned his head and showed his wolf teeth. He was vicious and said, “black team, go and fight.”

Before the words fell, the White Wolf rushed and bit directly, full of evil spirit.

“Deer Book orange, are you crazy!”

The Ukrainian team scolded and shot directly with a hot temper.There are many people here. One person and one wolf are far away.

The big tortoise watching this scene, the white fox, did not speak.

Whether it’s Fengdu brigade or his subordinate Youdu brigade, the people here… Are so upright and honest.Directly provoked both evil stars on the way home.

“I didn’t expect that Mao Xiaole’s deer, books and oranges are coming. Head sunset, does team an really want to recruit new people?”

Listening to what he said, the middle-aged man who was suffering said politely, “team Wan, I don’t know what’s going on above.”

“Alas, it’s said that I’m not a ten thousand team. I’m just a big turtle.”

The big tortoise said quietly, “Fengdu sent the main team members on the way home this time. Yingwu, it seems that our competition is not very good.”


White fox added with a sigh, “the main member of the Tiangang brigade is coming. We are just the Deputy Group of the brigade. We can’t compare with them.”

The silent big green snake looked at them and spit out a letter.The tip of a turquoise tail hung lazily from its head and slipped back.

They didn’t speak loudly. The old passengers standing far behind couldn’t hear them clearly. The real deputies of major brigades and regiments who stopped in front of the bus heard them and looked at each other. They were all right and false,


The deputy regiment of the crimson brigade, a black cat like a coal ball, licked its paws and pretended not to hear it. The Taoist priest of the Laoshan brigade nearby yawned without speaking.

It’s shameless of a bunch of captains to pretend to be deputy brigades.

It’s just that they are afraid that the mutual election will be broadcast live later, but they are the captain of the grand brigade, but they turn into a beast and invite Wei Xun. They are broadcast live. They feel a little, that’s what.

For example, the crows of Fengdu brigade are too shameful. They have become crows. They hide and fly over. As a result, they are bluffed by the white fox and return to human shape. Tut.

There is no competition.

Change your mind, show your sincerity, and attract Wei Xun’s attention at the first time… The key is that the fuckin ‘crimson brigade is cheating, and it’s all monsters!

They just pull everyone to the same starting line and compete fairly.

Wei Xun does have talent. Those small and medium-sized brigade teams underestimated him.However, all the large brigade teams who chase him live can see clearly that this person, he is a rare one. Heaven is suitable for the brigade and the existence of the hotel.

There is no need to spend resources on training. Additional training is a waste. Throw him directly into the journey and he will thrive.

As a new tourist, Ding Yi, a tour guide, became a team leader, opened up branch attractions, completed the main line of the journey, and became an excellent tourist… Other small and medium-sized brigade teams will be amazed and feel awesome.

But they can’t do this, so they don’t have a very intuitive feeling.

Only those tourists who have really opened up scenic spots and completed the main line of their journey in the big brigade know how incredible these achievements are for new tourists.

He’s like the darling of a hotel.

The word “darling of the hotel” has only spread among the upper class passengers. This kind of person is really unique. If he survives and becomes stronger, he is the most suitable person to explore the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

Just like an Xuefeng when he was in high spirits.

Wei Xun, an Xuefeng is like a kind of person.Therefore, the major brigades are so interested in Wei Xun.

What’s more, it’s amazing for everyone to suddenly say that they want to recruit a new returning brigade after five years of not recruiting a new one.

So the captains of all major brigades have almost arrived. The fifth brigade, futu, is on the journey and can’t come.This is true. Only the head of the subordinate brigade, the lotus brigade, was sent.

A beautiful, large white jade lotus flower dare not open in front of the big tortoise.

Grass turtles are vegetarians. They especially like those that are rich, fragrant and delicious.


White fox stood up and stared at the SUV that had stopped at the end of the journey.For a moment, there seemed to be seven fluffy fox tails behind him, like an illusion.A dark shadow passed by, flew and squatted beside the white fox. It was a lovely black cat like a carbon ball.

Then, a small green Jiao flew down from the top of the green snake and slowly landed in the middle of the white fox and the black cat. It looked a little inconspicuous.

Then he saw a paint bucket in front of the little Jiao, which was obviously some kind of prop.It took a deep breath and jumped in. When it came out again, it became golden and bright.

Seeing this scene, the big turtle smoked from the corners of his eyes.I suddenly realized that the people in Fengdu on their way home were really out of their minds.

The biggest threat is clearly nearby!Feihong brigade needs beautiful fluffy foxes, lovely black cats, and powerful. It contains everything.

And now the guy Qile orange hasn’t come out. Thinking of his cool animal appearance, the big turtle is a little sad. He is the only turtle in their metaphysical brigade.

He knows how to take people to be turtles, but those shameless Taoists don’t do any of them.

Shameless, so many people.

The tortoise looked at the white fox with deep intention. The other party pretended not to see it, completely ignored it, and took a step forward.



The veteran passengers of the small and medium-sized brigade were also looking forward to it. However, when the SUV stopped, the hotel bus also opened the car.Someone was frightened to find that there were seven or eight people on the bus.

So many guides?!

Moreover, it’s definitely not weak to find the hotel parking lot and take a bus!


The clever old travelers all got out of the way and left the battlefield to the major brigades and regiments.Fearing the tour guide, they couldn’t help looking forward. It’s time for Wei Xun to get off!A few people couldn’t help walking forward.

But they found that the green snake, the fox and the giant turtle went to meet the SUV!

what?Isn’t your brigade here to deal with the guide?

What are you doing this way?

The people of the small and medium-sized brigade were confused.

At the end of the journey, the live broadcast in northern Tibet ended, but the audience in the live studio did not leave. On the contrary, the audience increased slightly.

But the name of the live room is no longer called northern Tibet live, but changed to ‘northern Tibet mutual election’.

There are new visitors all over the world every day. There are mutual election meetings almost every day. There are daily throwing buildings of mutual election meetings in the passenger forum every day, but today, as soon as the building is opened, more than 300 floors have been added quickly!While watching the live broadcast, many people couldn’t help climbing the building to reply and watch the excitement with great interest.

Even before the live broadcast started and the screen was still black, the bullet screen of the quarrel went crazy.

[buy it and leave it, buy it and leave it. How many big tour groups will come to the end of this journey!]

I’ll bet all five

I’ll bet ten, ten brigades

[the first five are big brigades, and the fifth is a little small]

[ are you a top passenger?Fifth, I feel small from now on. What brigade did you add?]

[don’t quarrel, don’t quarrel, don’t you enjoy the excitement?]

Let’s make a bet on some big brigades

[?How can the main members of the brigade come!]

[why not!Wei Xun is so strong that they don’t like him?How high are your eyes?]

As soon as these forums were mentioned, there was a constant quarrel in the live broadcasting room. Someone posted a post with a Taoist of Maoshan saying that the returning brigade wanted to recruit new people and invited Wei Xun to talk about things. As a result, he was ridiculed.

Not to mention the returning brigade, he hasn’t taken in a new one in five years. His subordinate sunset brigade requires strict and pure newcomers, as long as the initial title is purple!

[although Wei Xun is strong, he is not qualified compared with the brigade]

Indeed, this is the heart of most passengers.The bullet screen in the live broadcast room and the posts in the Forum building stopped for a while.

But at the beginning of the live broadcast of the mutual election, the audience was directly beaten in the face.

[this, this, this, grass, am I right? Is it that who fought together?]

[Riddler upstairs, I say a word, Wu?]

[let me say a word, deer]

[sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper sleeper??Here comes the real person?]

[is the Taoist who pushed to the front Mao Xiaole?Ah?Mom, I saw a real person!]

[shit, it’s so conspicuous. Really, he’s a Taoist crowded in a group of people… Isn’t that right?]

[action]?Why are all the people in the front row moving?]

[is that the big turtle of Laoshan brigade?White fox, black cat, and the golden thing, the crimson brigade?Lying trough, big green snake, is it the green snake of Tiangang brigade!]

[no, why do they all become animals and become so big?]

[little voice, Wei Xun likes people outside]


[no, I don’t have a long brain. Does he have such a big face?]

[why are you here for Wei Xun? Stop it. I think all the major brigades are here for the butcher guide]

[didn’t you hear that the new abyss node was taken away by the butcher alliance!Now, maybe the butcher killed all the passengers on the journey to northern Tibet on the SUV. I’m afraid the bus is a butcher guide. Let’s meet inside and outside at that time, tut]

[Urumqi team is killed!Horizontal groove stimulation!]

“Come out and die.”

Wu Dui said coldly, standing in front of the bus, the ghost Spirit fell like black feathers, and his momentum became more and more fierce:

“Don’t waste my time.”

Damn it, grass, it’s been calculated.

Those fools must have rushed into Wei Xun’s face!


He was more and more angry. He kicked the bus. Unexpectedly, the whole car shook: “come down and die.”

The bus was quiet for a while, and then the man sitting in the front said:

“Wu Dui, I’m the doll of the shepherd alliance.”

“There’s no other meaning. We’ll sit in the car if we don’t get off, kill or make trouble.Ukraine doesn’t have to be so hostile. ”

Of course, they will catch Wei Xun back if they have a chance.

But shit, there are too many big brigades here!

Wu Dui of Fengdu brigade, Bai impermanence of Youdu brigade, half life Taoist of Laoshan brigade, and those terrible and powerful beings in front.

No, get out of the car. They’re surrounded.

The doll just wants to curse.

Are all the brigades crazy?Is it worth it for a Wei Xun?

Their guide will not do such a job loss for someone!

Does any new tour guide show up at the same time, such as life playing man, puppet master and dream chaser?


The tour guides diving in the live studio are a little contemptuous, and the doll is angry.

Shit, the abyss node was taken by the butcher alliance. Doesn’t anyone care about it?

Indeed, few people care about it at present.

[absolutely, the tour guides of this bus are all counselled]

[no, fight, I want to see!]

[doll is a B-class elite tour guide, isn’t she?It’s too fast]

[if you face the Ukrainian team, you’ll be quick]

[it was said that all the major tour groups were to block the tour guides?Where have you been?One Uzbek team blocked them all. What else do you say?]

[I said directly that the major brigades came for Wei Xun!]

[OK, don’t be big. The big brigade present will go home. Let’s go to Fengdu and Tiangang.And Tiangang is the sixth, not a big brigade]

[ die, love Tiangang powder, and be expelled from the brigade]



[no, didn’t you find out that the tortoise and the fox are crowding Mao Xiaole!]

[lying trough Hua, you found a blind spot!If they are really just members of the brigade, they should not dare to squeeze Mao Xiaole. He has a hot temper]

[people in Youdu should dare to squeeze, others should not be very good.And it’s not a question of daring. It can’t be crowded!They are even close to Mao Xiaole. Hiss, can you say -]

[lying trough, look, what’s that in the sky? It’s dazzling!]

When Wei Xun got off the SUV, he didn’t turn into a human.He hasn’t fully integrated into the abyss node, and his breath is different. There are too many passengers here, and Wei Xun is worried about being found.

He still lay on the back of the white wolf king in the form of a leopard cub and let it get off the car.In fact, it’s a little scary for so many moving monsters to rush over.Not to mention the new passengers, even Jiang Hongguang was a little scared. They were trapped on the SUV and didn’t dare to drive.

In that case, Wei Xun got off.

After all, the white wolf king is an Xuefeng’s favorite. He is very strong in battle and is qualified to be a meat shield.

“Teacher Sanshui, look at me!”


Wei Xun was instantly alert. Who was it? Who was exposing his pseudonym?!

When was he exposed?

Wei Xun looked over… He didn’t see anything. He only saw a big green snake, a very beautiful fox that was a little less intelligent than all the sky foxes, and a huge tortoise.

Vaguely, he seemed to see a half flattened paper man under the turtle.

“Wei Xun.”

Without waiting for Wei Xun to explore again, the pleasant male voice came from the sky.Wei Xun took a subconscious look… He immediately narrowed his eyes and was almost blinded.

The sun – fell!

No, no, it’s a bright golden light.When the golden light dispersed, there was a beautiful, golden pink tripod.Its feathers are soft and fluffy, its tail is very long and beautiful, and its eyes are red, like two pomegranate seeds. Look at him with appreciation and joy.

What is this, Jinwu?

Wei Xun felt that the blood of Dapeng golden winged bird in the belly of the fox cub was restless, and there was a faint desire and violence.

It is not complete. It wants to devour the blood and blood of high-grade birds. Only in this way can it become stronger!

Wei Xun suppressed the restlessness of Dapeng golden winged bird’s blood.

This bird… Should not be eaten.

In various historical records, the original shape of Jinwu should be a crow. This crow is not black, but golden pink. The color is really a little suspicious.

It’s not pure Jinwu. It should be someone with a special title.

“I’m the captain of Feihong brigade, Qi Lecheng.”

Sure enough, the golden crow shouted, with a clear voice, but without losing dignity: “Wei Xun, you -”


At this time, the white wolf king under Wei Xun was angry without warning. He roared. At the next moment, surging snow waves suddenly appeared and crashed into the flying Jinwu!

“Hiss -”

After rushing up, I found something. I had been observing the giant turtle of the white wolf king, the white fox, and suddenly took a breath of air-conditioning.

This, this wolf can’t be——

At the moment, Wei Xun is still looking at the golden pink golden black that was knocked off by the snow wave.

The captain of Feihong brigade, Qile orange.

Feihong brigade, the second largest brigade.Qile orange, a strong presence in the top five of the passenger list.

The feather was interrupted by the snow wave from the white wolf king.

Is that right.

White, wolf, King

As soon as Wei Xun used his paw, he grabbed a large pinch of wolf hair.

“Qile orange, get away.”

The cold, fierce and impatient male voice sounded. It sounded a little familiar.

After a whirl, Wei Xun was about to jump, but he was grabbed by one hand at the back of his neck.

The white wolf king has become a tall man who Wei Xun has met several times and is not very familiar with.

“Little thing, don’t always pull my hair.”

An Xuefeng frowned and looked at the leopard cub. Under the quiet eyes of the leopard cub, somehow, an Xuefeng subconsciously turned into a hug. He rudely rubbed the leopard cub’s hair, and his mood suddenly became happy. Although his face was still serious and rigid, he didn’t say a habitual question, ‘do you understand’.

The words turned into a warm tone of inquiry:



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