TTG Chapter 134

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 134: Mutual Selection meeting (3)

Wei Xun thinks it’s not good, it’s not good.

The white wolf king is an Xuefeng?!

This completely disrupted Wei Xun’s plan!

Wei Xun originally wanted to explore the bottom at the mutual election meeting.

Whether the returning brigade will come or not is a matter of fact. After all, Jiang Hongguang and his team know more and have a point.

Moreover, Wei Xun did not fully integrate the abyss node, and his breath may be different when he became human. He can only appear in the form of snow leopard, which is not very convenient.

Therefore, he only intends to take a look at this exchange meeting first to widely understand the situation of various brigades and the prospects of new visitors.

Wei Xun did a good job in this journey to northern Tibet. However, he also needs to confirm what position he can play in the whole tourist group in persuading Ding Ding, opening up branch scenic spots, completing the main line of the journey and becoming excellent tourists.

Confirm how high the value of self-insurance is, so that you can be prepared and get better treatment when you come to negotiate.Find out the situation first.

Although he signed a contract with an Xuefeng before, the various responsibilities in the contract are for an Xuefeng and he Weixun.This is the same as the treatment given by the brigade after joining the brigade.

What’s more, an Xuefeng doesn’t know the contract. Wei Xun can treat himself as an ‘excellent plain person’ and strive for secondary treatment.

Since it was too troublesome to organize the brigade team and it was too troublesome to reassign and teach the team members, Wei Xun recognized that he did not intend to waste time on this trip to northern Tibet, and it was hard to say whether the team members could keep up with him.

It’s best to add a ready-made brigade. Whether there is a contract or not, the returning brigade is within Wei Xun’s goal.

As for when to contact the people of the return brigade, Wei Xun felt it was not urgent.

Join an organization that has been famous for a long time and is full of strong people. Your future position in the organization is determined by your share and how you join.

Even if someone from the sunset brigade really invited him this time, Wei Xun didn’t plan to join him immediately. It’s too troublesome. Moreover, he didn’t have the initial purple title. To be honest, his initial title was’ pain ‘, but it was just a green title.The title he revealed at that time was only the blue title of wild soul.

In terms of the title, there are many people in the brigade. Wei Xun has a tour guide. How to be a successful time management master is also a problem. He doesn’t think about taking the grass-roots line.

Generally speaking, it’s too troublesome.

Wei Xun wants to be in place.

Even if he joins the brigade, Wei Xun attaches great importance to his own quality of life. He also has some secrets in his own life. If he joins an organization, he must act together every time, or he can’t choose his own journey every time. It depends on the allocation of the brigade, so he doesn’t think about it.

Can have a self-determination degree and a self-determination position, and the initiative is in the hands of the self-determination. It’s better for the returning brigade to invite him, or even the team leader an Xuefeng himself.

He’s not in a hurry anyway. Slowly.

Wei Xun wants to follow the path of Maoshan Taoist priest. All kinds of information he reveals are extraordinary and can’t be known by ordinary passengers. According to Jiang Hongguang and others, Wei Xun thought that this person might be from Laoshan brigade or metaphysical brigade.

There are so many monsters at the forefront of this election. They should be people from the crimson brigade or the Feihong brigade.

Feihong Xuanxue, the second and the third, are all top brigades. From their side, we may be able to find out some details of the return brigade, and then make plans.

This time, there is an anti Japanese mission in Dongbu District, and he will lead the team on the journey of C250 soon. Wei Xun really doesn’t pay much attention to the Canadian brigade.

As a result, the return brigade found it from the ??

The White Wolf and the snow leopard, who started the journey, are an Xuefeng, the captain of the return brigade??

Wei Xun smiled, and every bit of strange feeling gathered in front of him. At this moment, he suddenly realized.

Snow leopard is an Xuefeng himself. I’m afraid he also has the title of wild soul!

The question is, who is the ‘an Xuefeng’ in the ‘Snow Leopard’s sky’ he saw when he took a snow leopard adventure? Is this memory true or false?

If it’s fake, an Xuefeng is so terrible and tricky that even the snow leopard’s memory is fake in advance!

If it is true, there is another person who pretends to be an Xuefeng and appears with the snow leopard at the same time.

But in terms of these two, an Xuefeng should hide the snow leopard’s share. What has been exposed now?

What is the purpose of his sneaking into northern Tibet?

How did his red eyes return? Did he know himself when he became a snow leopard?

He was so close to himself. When the snow leopard and the white wolf king were so close, what was his intention?

Does he know the contract?

Does he still have the memory of the snow leopard?

What’s more, after an Xuefeng changed his clothes, he naturally put on clothes?!

In an instant, Wei Xun thought a lot. He didn’t try to jump again. Under so many unknown circumstances, the little snow leopard cub was very clever when he was kidnapped and clamped by the gangster an Xuefeng and there was a great difference in strength between the two sides.

Bear it!

But his tail is not clever. The snow leopard’s tail reflects Wei Xun’s real emotion and beats an Xuefeng’s arm like a whip. An Xuefeng wasn’t there. He grabbed the snow leopard’s tail and casually circled between his fingers.

The brigade leaders who had just been surprised by an Xuefeng’s sudden change of “hello” and the polite voice of “hello” were all together when they saw this “behind the scenes”.

“Hiss, you guys are all here.”

An Xuefeng was in a good mood holding the warm and fluffy little snow leopard. He asked:

“But what do you all do when you become animals? You’ve all become so big that you don’t think it’s a road block?”

But the other captains who listened to him were not in a good mood and were full of depression.

What do you say we become animals?

Are you qualified to say that, a man who has just changed from a beast?

Of course, getting bigger is more powerful and can attract more attention!

“An Xuefeng, the snow leopard king is really you.”

The three-legged Jinwu said sadly. He flew to the ground and turned into a young man who looked like he was in his early twenties. He didn’t have a good way: “the snow leopard gave birth to the ghost king, and you dare to publicize it on your way home. It’s too overcast. How many senior passengers who can become snow leopards in this scroll are not good if they don’t tear a ghost king. They want to go out! ”

“Alas, I said that when collecting the snow leopard, it should not be the standard to tear the ghost king and the fierce ghost.”

The white fox sighed faintly and became a person in a twinkling of an eye. He smiled with light clouds and light wind. He wore white clothes and his hair was also white. He dyed a few strands of red, tied it into a bundle and put it on his shoulder. He looked very handsome.

He smiled and looked at Wei Xun: “but that’s right. Wei Xun will tear the devil this time?”

“Yes, my Feihong standard is high. I want to recruit a snow leopard who can tear the ghost king. Wei Xun is very good!”

Qi Le orange looked at Wei Xun, smiled and held out his hand: “Wei Xun, consider whether to come… Hey, what are you doing?!”

What am I doing?

An Xuefeng didn’t know. When he saw Qi Le orange coming, he instinctively zipped his stormsuit and gave the leopard cub to Sai Huai.

I don’t want others to see it.

An Xuefeng is thoughtful. He thinks clearly now. He is not as irritable as he used to be.

During his journey in northern Tibet, his strength was pressed too much. After becoming a snow leopard, he didn’t have human knowledge. He only recovered his knowledge when the SUV reached the end of the journey and opened the door and got off.

That is, when the little leopard cub nestled on his back, an Xuefeng woke up.

But he didn’t lift Wei Xun down. Instead, he got out of the car with him on his back. He grabbed several tufts of hair and ignored it. On the contrary, I think it’s good to carry him. It’s better to carry him straight.

In the abyss node, too.

An Xuefeng is acutely aware that something must have happened during the journey to northern Tibet.

Without the memory of the journey to northern Tibet, he is going to make up the recording screen of the journey when he returns.

However, Wei Xun must be special.Seeing Qi Le’s orange smile, an Xuefeng wanted to beat him.

Should not.


He reflected on himself and felt that he was right.

All blame Qile orange. He must have laughed too disgustingly.

“Don’t laugh at us like that.”

An Xuefeng said coldly, “it’s disgusting to Wei Xun. What should I do when I vomit.”

“I, fuck.”

Qi Lecheng didn’t know whether he was stunned or shocked to see an Xuefeng stuffed the snow leopard cub into his clothes, and muttered:

“You’re a fake an Xuefeng, aren’t you? Who are you pretending to be?Wanxiang spring?Or Wang Yushu? ”

An Xuefeng ignored Qile orange. He was suppressing the struggling leopard cub.

But Wei Xun is a man after all. Although he has become a snow leopard now, Sai Huaili is not very good.

An Xuefeng hesitated. Finally, after the snow leopard cub tried to resist, he reluctantly opened the zipper – he only opened the zipper a little and a half, so that it could poke its head out of the gap.

Don’t go to the ground. It’s not safe. There’s something strange about the life playing man at the former abyss node.

“Don’t move.”

An Xuefeng took back half the leopard cub that had been poked out, and threatened: “life playing people like to kill Snow Leopards best.”

“Playful man?”

The big turtle immediately looked up, but did not go on. Instead, he looked back solemnly and said, “half-life vice regiment.”

“Meow, team Qi, it’s still live at the mutual election.”

The black cat like a coal ball grabbed Qi Le orange’s trouser legs and meowed in a low voice. Listening to it, Qi Le orange frowned, restrained his look and looked back.

The people of the small and medium-sized brigade were still crowded behind, hoping for Ai Ai, looking this way with curiosity and amazement. But there are few people in these days, and more viewers scream in the live studio and forum!

When it comes to hippies, they can’t listen. And the live broadcast. It’s time to close it.

The audience in the live studio didn’t know that the live broadcast would be closed soon. They were discussing enthusiastically:

[safety team!What do I see?!It’s a live safety team!]

[I’m really an team, sleeping trough. Did you see him just now? He changed from white wolf king. Fuck!]

[rounding is that I saw the live journey of safety team. My God, I’m going to faint!]

[shit, I’m so angry. Why didn’t I go to this election meeting? Some people have run out of luck in their life. I’ve met so many captains at once!]

[woo woo envies me to death. What is more enviable is Jiang Hongguang. They have had close contact with team an. Shit, and Ji Hongcai. Team an grabbed his bun!]

[fuck, with an team, the northern Tibetan brigade will not let vlog go. Fortunately, I recorded it in advance!]

[fortunately, I recorded + 1 in advance]

[really, I wouldn’t spend points recording if I didn’t want to figure out what happened when Wei Xun went black]

[Shh, it’s recommended that those who record videos don’t show off. Just keep it quietly from the Internet. Someone shows off on the forum and has been blocked]

[An team on the way home, Mao Xiaole and Lushu orange, Qi team of Feihong, deputy Yang Xia team, Wan team of metaphysics, Wu team of Fengdu, my God, is this the scene of the year-end celebration? What month is it today? I’m crazy!]

[Qi Dui? Where’s the Qi team? Isn’t this the big turtle, the head of the Laoshan brigade?]

[God damn big turtle… That’s the big turtle]

[hahaha, you counselled above… That’s the big turtle]

[I fucking laughed on the spot]

[no, none of you admire Wei Xun! what the fuck!I dare not think!]

[he hugged an DUI. They got up and went to sleep. An Dui also caught him fish, deer and all kinds of prey!]

[more than hugging him, did you forget that he rode on and off the safety team’s car!]

[he was also bitten by an Dui, and he licked an Dui’s mouth!]

[sobbing, he combed Andy’s hair and played with Andy’s tail. I’m so sour. I’m a lemon tree]

[what is it, sister? Knock up!]

[did I really knock it?!]

[where’s Furui control! Let me hear your voices!]

[in the past, on the journey to northern Tibet, Wei Xun said to the snow leopard, I want to start with you. The snow leopard said no, I’m just a leopard. We can’t start in Tibet.Today, the snow leopard became an team, holding Wei Xun in the palm of his hand and stuffed him into his clothes!]

[Wei Xun: No, I’m a leopard now. We can’t start from the beginning]

[sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing, sob! What’s wrong with Ann’s team? Will he put the little snow leopard in his clothes because of his irritability!]

[big and small leopards are real!]

[… I say, it’s not good for you to say so. This is team an, don’t talk nonsense]

[yes, I don’t know if the snow leopard is team an. It’s team an. How can anyone talk nonsense? Can you show some respect,]

[nonsense? Let An Dui take Wei Xun out of his clothes first, and I’ll say I’m talking nonsense]

[nonsense? You ask An Dui to put Wei Xun on the ground first, and I’ll say I’m talking nonsense]

[nonsense? Look at the hunting in the recording screen, licking the mouth, combing the navel orange, hugging and playing. Tell me who is talking nonsense]

[… When the uncertain team became a snow leopard, he was a snow leopard. No one knows what kind of snow leopard]

[laughing to death, this is an team. Can he not understand it? I don’t believe it]

[horizontal trough]

[horizontal trough]

[sleeping trough sister, you found a blind spot!!]

[shocked, the safety team has the knowledge and initiative to do all this??I’m fucking in the gutter!]

[I don’t believe it!]

[I’m fucking live. Why is the live picture gone?!]

[which son of a bitch sealed the live studio, sleeping slot, etc. I still have to watch!]

“Meow, don’t be stunned here. Hurry to the mutual election.”

The black cat of the crimson brigade turned into a lazy boy. He got up with the half-life Taoist of the Laoshan brigade and drove away some people from the small and medium-sized brigade.

This is just the northern Tibet entrance of the mutual election meeting. The real mutual election meeting is held in the hall specially opened by the hotel.

“You are the newcomers this time, Fei Lezhi, Yin Baitao and Xu Yang.”

The sunset leader smiled gently. He got off the SUV and was completely stunned. The people on the incredible journey to northern Tibet smiled: “let’s go. The second mutual election is still very important for you. Don’t delay.”

“And Jiang Hongguang, it’s time for you to return.”

Jiang Hongguang and others did not dare to say more or even look more. They nodded and walked to the bus. Feilezhi, but they hesitated and looked at Wei Xun.

Wei Xun bit open the zipper, leaned out his head and nodded at them.

“Brother Wei, let’s go first.”

“See you at the hotel!”

The three of them left with the sunset.

“Wei Xun has the talent to be a captain and can be convincing.”

The dyed little golden Jiao changed into a human shape. He was a young blonde with drooping eyes and didn’t seem to wake up. The giant green snake next to him also recovered to adulthood. The two men stood up. In addition to their hair color, they looked like twins.

The blonde youth said lazily, “Feihong brigade, you can also call me Qingqing when you hear the moon.”

“Tiangang brigade, smell man’s day.”

The young people who become green snakes are colder.

“I’m the captain of Feihong brigade, Qi Lecheng.”

Qi Le orange smiled brightly: “Hey, Wei Xun, come to our brigade? Of course, I’m not angry when you refuse me, but I think you really have talent. With your strength, it’s also good to form a brigade since you. The captain of the guard is so nice that he doesn’t have to be subordinate to others… ”

“Team up from?”

An Xuefeng light Shen: “Qi Le orange, don’t fucking mix it up.”

“When organizing a brigade from the airport, you have to waste a lot of points to buy a brigade station. Some of the passengers you attract are not as good as Wei Xun.Is this a baby or a brigade? ”

An Xuefeng said coldly, “don’t waste time. Only by joining the brigade can you have more space. ”

Wei Xun found that what An Xuefeng said was like what he thought. He stopped struggling and began to think.

Just now, after he was stuffed into his clothes by An Xuefeng, the so-called struggles and resistance are all for the sake of reason.

He is testing An Xuefeng’s bottom line, so as to test what he knows and doesn’t know.

In terms of attitude, Wei Xun can analyze many things.

Now, maybe it’s okay.Maybe the situation he worried about before doesn’t exist.In that case, there is no need to struggle and test too much to save too much.

Seeing that the little leopard cub no longer struggles and calms down, it seems that according to his statement, An Xuefeng is in a good mood and hooks the corners of his mouth.

But then he couldn’t bear to ‘tut’ and looked in the direction of the bus.

“Listen, don’t look for .”

Wudui stood in front of the bus with arms in arms and watched Jiang Hongguang and others get on the bus. The cold sound threatened the tour guides in the bus.

“Bai Xiaochang, you go back by car with them.”


The woman of Youdu brigade said coldly and walked to the bus with cold eyes.Urumqi obviously distrusted the tour guide in the car, but also warned and deterred.

“Ukraine, it’s not necessary.”

The door of the bus opened, and a doll with curly blond hair and blue eyes came out. Her skin was like snow, her lips were like roses, her eyelashes were long, lovely and beautiful, and she still held a little teddy bear in her arms.

But compared with normal children of seven or eight years old, this doll looks a little weird and scary.

“We’re not from the butcher alliance. We won’t do anything.”

She said quietly, with a sweet voice:

“Is it a little too much for Ukraine to do so…”

“Sunset, you go back with them.”

At this time, an Xuefeng, who was near the house, suddenly opened his mouth in a cold voice and said impatiently, “whose doll is so noisy.”

The doll who was still talking immediately shut up and looked a little frightened in her eyes. Teddy’s eyes burst in her arms. Her big mouth sewn with black thread seemed to scream, but she was covered by the doll.

Then she bowed hurriedly, but she didn’t dare to stay at the door anymore and hid directly back in the car.

At the next moment, at the door of the bus, a faint invisible yellow light dissipated, like the afterglow of the sunset.

Seeing this scene, the pupil of the Ukrainian team shrinks.

“Ukrainian team, I also got up and got on the bus.”

The sunset smiled. A black cat strolled from his feet and got on the bus, meowing at the black team.

“Black charcoal, wait for me!”

The half life passer-by greeted him and followed him on the bus.Nonsense, now the live broadcast is gone. The captains seem to be saying “yes”, and the people of their brigade should withdraw. Especially others just seemed to vaguely hear an Dui say, hiss, play life people, no, no, don’t want to, don’t listen, this is not what they should listen to.

Wei Xun didn’t pay attention to the bus, but looked curiously at an Xuefeng’s right arm.

Did an Xuefeng do it just now?

An Xuefeng only wore a very thin cashmere sweater in addition to his stormsuit. Wei Xun could feel his muscles tense and relaxed in an instant.

In addition, just now, Wei Xun suddenly became silent and quiet with the restless breath of the abyss in his body! No more resistance and agitation. Wei Xun seemed to feel that if the silk had the deterrent power, it would diffuse from an Xuefeng.

What is the power of the title?

“Miss Wei, do you recognize me!”

A young Taoist stood smiling in front of Wei Xun with a small paper man on his shoulder.It seems to be the one who was pushed behind by the giant turtle and white fox just now.

But now the little paper man is stretched straight, like a new one. The young Taoist also looks neat and heroic.

Wei Xun was awestruck.

This Taoist… Seems to be the one he came across in the hotel hall after he came back from Hunan.

I also asked him if he was a fan.

It seems that someone called his pseudonym just now. It should be this Taoist. Can you say——

“I’m Maoshan Taoist! Miss Wei, we have known each other for five years and finally met! ”

Mao Xiaole’s happy eyes are shining, as if he would meet an idol when he meets offline. If he has a tail, he will swing wildly.

“Mao Xiaole, you have known Wei Xun for a long time.”

The big tortoise said with a smile. It was the last of them to become human. He is a handsome middle-aged man with a green shirt. He looks very kind. He still holds a pair of tortoise shells in his hand and laughs:

“It’s fate.”

“No wonder, it’s going to take people on the way home.”

Qi Le orange nodded thoughtfully. They all knew the law of “tourists attract each other”. If Mao Xiaole really knew Wei Xun for five years and had a continuous relationship with him, I’m afraid Wei Xun would really be the one who can go home.

It’s a bit predestined. The hotel has an internal flavor.

In this case, no wonder an Xuefeng has such an attitude. It seems that Wei Xun will not let go on his way home.

Other brigades were a little depressed and regretful, but they were soon relieved. They even began to look forward to the excitement after Wei Xun joined the return brigade.

But some people don’t want to be relieved.

The Uzbek team leader still wants to try.

“Wei Xun, come to Fengdu.”

After the bus left, he returned here, frowned and said coldly, “Wei Xun, I don’t know if you have the title of devil. But if so, they are your best choice. ”

“It is difficult for ordinary brigades to have resources with the title of devil, but we Fengdu brigades do. Our resident tour guide holds an abyss node, if you come… ”

“Abyss node?”

An Xuefeng smiled and patted Mao Xiaole to try to reach out. He wanted to hold Wei Xun’s hand. Wei Xun said, “if you want to play here, I’ll take you to the butcher alliance to grab some back.”

“Play or throw.”

Ukrainian team frowned and wanted to say something, but he found that an Xuefeng’s eyes began to turn red, with fierce eyes, full of thoughts of ‘you’ll die if you try again].

The man still looks bad. He’s going crazy.

Ukrainian team frowned and didn’t speak again.

“Wei Xun can’t speak now. When he returns to recover, he can make a choice.”

A big white wolf howled and suddenly became a man. She was a woman with wolf ears and tail and a lively smile. When she smiled, she showed two little tiger teeth. She had affinity and quickly rounded the court:

“Hello, Wei Xun, I’m Lu Shucheng from the homecoming brigade! Mao Xiaole said, “you’ve been writing novels with your own brush for a long time. Do you want to be a guest on our way home first?”

“Don’t worry, our way home is democratic!I won’t force you to join the brigade. Let’s know first. ”

Just now, the captain mentioned the life playing man. Next, they must discuss. This is not the information Wei Xun can know now, because this man is too dangerous.

If you want to borrow it, you might as well take Wei Xun back to the brigade first. Of course, they talk about democracy and don’t force them. They use resources to score all kinds of good baby props to shake people!

“Captain, I’ll take Miss Wei back.”

Mao Xiaole blushed and glared at Lu Shu’s orange eyes. Copying novels with a brush really made him a little shy, but look, the plush teacher Wei is right in front of him!

Mao Xiaole thinks he can again!He should not only copy novels with a brush, but also draw leopards with a brush and paste pictures of snow leopards all over the station!

An Xuefeng frowned. He took the leopard cub out of his arms – the leopard cub has grown up a little, not the small milk cub before.

He doesn’t really want to give it to Mao Xiaole. He’s careless. What if he falls?

He looked at the deer Book orange again… He didn’t want to give it to her very much. Wan Yu was addicted to meat on the road. What if he wanted to eat leopard meat?

But he hasn’t let go. This, this little snow leopard, took the initiative to extend his paw to Mao Xiaole!

This is a good opportunity.

Wei Xun thought to get rid of an Xuefeng and them and find out some information first.

It’s really inconvenient to have an Xuefeng here. Wei Xun never underestimates the sharpness of the strong.Even with an Xuefeng’s desire to monopolize, the three-party blessing of * * love and contract, and staying with an Xuefeng, Wei Xun still doesn’t feel very safe.

Compared with the unfamiliar Lushu orange, Maoshan Taoist who has known for five years is certainly a better way to explore information.


Wei Xun greeted Mao Xiaole. Mao Xiaole was so excited that he stretched out his hand to pick up the leopard.


Wei Xun looked back and cried again. He was very polite and said hello to an Xuefeng. After all, he may be the big boss in the future.

I’m leaving!

An Xuefeng has a straight face and can’t see what he’s thinking. Wei Xun ignored him, shrugged his head and was about to jump into Mao Xiaole’s hand.

But at the next moment, his tail was caught!

“Gee, how did you stick to my hand?”

Before Wei Xun looked back, he heard an Xuefeng take the first step. He raised his eyebrows slightly, a little impatient and a little fierce. He spoke quickly:

“The little leopard cub is sticky.”

“Forget it. Anyway, it’s just going back to the station. I’ll take you back.”

With that, the shadow of him and Wei Xun disappeared in northern Tibet.

Mao Xiaole was stunned, Qile orange was stunned, and the Ukrainian team opened their eyes slightly.

“As for you.”

Team Wan murmured and bumped the turtle shell in his hand. He wanted to calculate the divination. How did he get back?

Only Lushu orange was calm without any surprise, and naturally said:

“No, I’ll get used to it in the future.”


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