TTG Chapter 135

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 135: Confrontation


With the sound of dripping, a ray of light fell from the white door and turned into a hard card like a room card in an Xuefeng’s hand. He took the card and looked at Wei Xun.


Zhang katon turned into a white bracelet and was put on Wei Xun’s front paw by an Xuefeng.

“It is the temporary permission to enter the brigade station. You can only enter it.”

Where is the hotel station on the way home?

Wei Xun is really surprised that they are now out of an office, or a reception hall? But this reception hall alone is more than ten times larger than the hotel residence Wei Xun bought himself.

After being taken away by an Xuefeng, they directly appeared in the house.

The hotel is no longer like a temporary foothold, but more like a big villa with all kinds of internal organs. In the reception hall, living room, viewing hall, kitchen and washing place, an Xuefeng casually introduced several places where he could go with temporary permission, and then entrusted Wei Xun to open the door and go out.

“Woof, woof!”

“Old gun, sit down!”

As soon as the door opened, a wolf dog rushed over with Wang Kuang barking. An Xuefeng gave an order. He immediately squatted down and stopped barking. His eyes were bright and looked at Wei Xun. The dog’s ears stood upright and was very alert.

This wolf dog is very good-looking.

Wei Xun praised in his heart that he is a German wolf dog, that is, a black backed, long spirit, smooth coat, no fat on his body, strong and beautiful muscles, and runs like a gust of wind. Although it is just an ordinary dog, it doesn’t blow or black. The dog that can be raised by an Xuefeng in the hotel looks much better than Ding Yi.

However, Wei Xun did not let down his vigilance.

It’s the most dangerous and worst situation to be alone with an Xuefeng. It’s still very abrupt when I just came out of the journey and didn’t make some arrangements.No matter whether an Xuefeng remembers when he was a snow leopard or not, he will definitely become a man.

In the short period of time at the abyss node, Wei Xun may have exposed too many things.

An Xuefeng used to be a policeman. He took the journey home for many years. He was extremely alert, alert and sharp.

People don’t let Mao Xiaole and Lu Shucheng touch him. They hold him all the time. Are they exclusive or wary?

We should never underestimate a person, even if the various functions of adventure are, we should not take it lightly.

However, Wei Xun remained calm and responded to changes with constancy. The more he did, the more he made mistakes.

“The old gun can smell the tour guide.”

An Xuefeng bent over and rubbed the dog’s head and said, “the tour guide outside is on his way home. At most, he will stop here.”


The wolf dog gave a loud cry, as if in response. He got up and followed an Xuefeng, puffing out his tongue, with black and bright dog eyes staring at Wei Xun.

Wei Xun doesn’t panic at all. Who knows what an Xuefeng means, whether it’s cheating or true. Moreover, Wei Xun has more tour guides. Maybe the dog smells the smell of his kind Ding Yi.


Wei Xun shouted, and the snow leopard said politely and perfunctorily: ‘really, it’s great, and the dog is good.’

He said again, neither humble nor arrogant, which means: ‘an Dui, thank you for your hospitality, but I want to go home first.’

After being dragged into the journey for more than ten days, it’s human nature to hurry home at the end of the journey and see if everything is normal.

“Don’t hurry home. Be careful to take bad things back.”

An Xuefeng didn’t worry. He took Wei Xun to the living room. He put it on the sofa, took off his assault suit, took a glass of water, sat on the sofa, bent his long legs at will, and the muscles under his thin cashmere shirt fluctuated like a lazy snow leopard.

“Talk for five minutes. You can be the same person. I can understand you.”

The form of beast is more sincere, instinctive and wild than that of human, and its emotion is more distinct, which can not be concealed.

Wei Xun’s journey has just changed into a leopard cub. He hasn’t fully mastered how to control himself, just as he patted an Xuefeng’s arm with his long tail.

The form of beast is better hidden than that of man.

Wei Xun thought that his ears swung back and the tip of his tail patted the sofa, showing a little impatience and nervousness.

If an Xuefeng must let him become a man, some things may not be easy to hide. But in the snow leopard state, there is no breath leakage, and Wei Xun controls it freely.

“You remember some people you met at the abyss node.”

An Xuefeng said, “the puppet is Pinocchio, the second-class elite guide of the shepherd alliance, and the butterfly is yin-yang butterfly, the second-class elite guide of the butcher alliance.”

“Finally, the crimson cloak is the color of the hippie’s cloak.He is the head of the butcher’s Union. ”

Wei Xun listened attentively. It was indeed the first time he had listened to this. Some people gradually matched the number in his heart.An Xuefeng paid attention to Wei Xun’s expression and body language, and his eyes fell on his left claw.

The speed of speaking has been slow. He knows a lot. Although his words are concise, they are very interesting. It is easy for people to relax their vigilance and gradually fall into his rhythm.


“The hippie is a cunning guy. No one knows his real last name. The hippie is just his title. Over the past few years, he has rarely appeared in front of the public, but every year, many people are unconsciously controlled by him and become his puppets. ”

An Xuefeng said righteously, “so you are very dangerous now. It’s for your own good not to let you go home.”


Wei Xun doubted: ‘I’m just a new tourist, and the Joker is the leader of the tour guide. Can you come and fuck me?’

“Of course.”

An Xuefeng suddenly leaned forward. He was like a beast in a hunting state. His deep eyes focused on Wei Xun, giving people a strong sense of oppression. He said word by word:

“Otherwise, how can you not feel the pain.”


An Xuefeng shouted like thunder. His voice was fast and fierce, which made it difficult to think: “you are painless, right, Wei Xun.”

“Ow?”So you’ve been pinching my tail all the way? ‘

Wei Xun asked Leng Buding. No wonder an Xuefeng always pinched his tail all the way. He felt that he was seriously ill.It seems to be testing whether he can feel pain or not.

Sure enough, his left hand was cut off. It was only a few seconds. He was still in battle, which made him suspicious.

It seems that the painless man has a lot to do with the leader of the butcher alliance. That should be the case with C 9.

Is an Xuefeng doubting that he is a spy of life playing people?

“Oh.”Are you trying me, Captain Ann? ‘

Wei Xun said lightly, ‘I’m not your criminal, and I’m just a new passenger. If I really have any problems involving such a high level, I certainly don’t know. ”

‘yes, I can’t feel pain. It’s my real disease. If you say I’m a painless person, that’s right. It’s also very appropriate. ”

‘but even if I don’t hurt, I’ll hurt and bleed.You pinched my tail and questioned me, which hurt me physically and mentally. ‘

With a slap, the snow leopard cub photographed a paper agreement, which was a roll of brown parchment tied with red ribbon. The ribbon falls naturally and the parchment unfolds.

An Xuefeng was rarely stunned. He stared at the agreement and didn’t hide his surprise.

“Oh.”You failed to fulfill Party A’s obligations. ”

Wei Xiaodian falls on the article [Party A shall be responsible for Party B’s physical health and Party B’s mental health].

“Ouch.”You broke the contract. You knew my secret when I signed the contract. Now come and interrogate me. What do you mean? ”


An Xuefeng had a rare headache. He picked up the contract and looked at it from top to bottom. His expression gradually became dignified: “who signed the contract with you?”

“Hiss.”The leopard cub hissed coldly, and his eyes were not good: “ow.”Besides you, who else can sign a contract with me on your behalf? ”

An Xuefeng frowned. The contract was true. He knew it when he picked it up. But he had no impression of signing the contract.

However, in addition to him, there is indeed a person who can sign contracts on behalf of ‘them’. After all, they are one.

But their memories don’t communicate!In fact, they should be divided. They are not complete people. They haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Do you know Wei Xun’s secret? And he took the initiative to sign a contract with Wei Xun, just during the journey?

For the first time, an Xuefeng felt that it was really inconvenient to have no memory after becoming a snow leopard. He has to watch the video screen several times.

As for now, an Xuefeng understands that the rhythm of the conversation has completely fallen into Wei Xun’s hands.A new passenger, so courageous, neither humble nor arrogant, with many advantages, is indeed a rare and excellent talent.

An Xuefeng met many talents, but * * rushed to sign the contract and specifically listed ‘Joining Party A’s brigade’ in Party B’s obligations. We can see how much the other party attaches importance to Wei Xun. The importance of Wei Xun.


In fact, an Xuefeng is the same. His inexplicable desire for monopoly is good, mainly because he has a natural sense of closeness to Wei Xun. His instinct can’t deceive people. He just wants to stay with Wei Xun.

It was this uncontrollable closeness that made him more alert.

But now


An Xuefeng said seriously, “I’m too abrupt to offend you. I apologize to you.”

He thought carefully: “I did sign the contract… But my body has some problems and it’s easy to forget things. Of course, it’s not an excuse. I’ll give you satisfactory compensation for things that hurt your physical and mental health. ”

“Oh.”Let’s talk about it. ”

Wei Xun said coldly, ‘since the security team is in charge, I will believe it. As for compensation, I just want to see what kind of person you are and your attitude. ”

Wei Xun showed a bit of pride. As a new passenger, he was pressed on the tour guide as soon as he entered the journey. He ventured far more than the veteran passengers everywhere. He dared to fight the demon sealed for thousands of years. He was so excellent and bold that he was naturally proud and proud!

Yes, the way back is very strong. You have always tested others, and so many people are eager to enter.

But I’m different. I want to see if it’s worth entering on the way home!

“Oh.”If I don’t join the brigade now, it’s not a breach of contract. ”

“Not to mention, choosing the right brigade is really very important for passengers and needs careful consideration.”

An Xuefeng said that when he was not aggressive, people who were watched by his eyes could feel his seriousness and sincerity.

Serious and sincere people are always easy to be liked, especially an Xuefeng has his special charm. He doesn’t have any ‘Captain shelf’. At the moment, he is very peaceful. People can realize that his interrogation just now is not aimed at you personally, but more like his duty. He is very serious and responsible.

After entering the hotel for so many years, an Xuefeng is still like the police captain of that year.

“Comrade Wei Xun, I am not forced. Although the contract says to join the brigade, I still respect your view.What do you want to see and understand? Wang pengpai and Mao Xiaole can show you at any time. ”

An Xuefeng said sincerely, “I have something important now. I have to leave for a while. We’ll talk carefully when I come back. If you are still not satisfied on the way home and you don’t want to join, I’ll find a way to solve the contract. ”

“Oh.”Good ‘

The leopard cub nodded: ‘have a nice trip, team an’

An Xuefeng asked whether he wanted to stay here or go home. Wei Xun was noncommittal and said he wanted to know more.

He didn’t ask to go home before, and his attitude was obviously a little more gentle.

“OK, Mao Xiaole will show you later.”

An Xuefeng smiled with a smile in his eyes. When he looked at you, he was no longer strict. He was really handsome.

I have to say that an Xuefeng was really happy to hear that Wei Xun wanted to know more than to leave immediately.

It’s from his heart. He’s rarely happy. If he can, he’d rather take Wei Xun on his way home. The hotel he and the team members have built is the same as his home.

But he really should go to see the dreamer and explore the snow mountain of laplange.

After an Xuefeng left, there was only Wei Xun and the black-backed dog old gun left in the hotel. The old gun was wary and curious about Wei Xun. He tried to sniff and hesitated.

He didn’t understand why the leopard cub was shaking.

Wei Xun didn’t shake. He buried his head under his claws and smiled happily.

An Xuefeng is really dangerous.

The confrontation… It was so exciting that he trembled all over.

It is a different stimulus from adventure and fighting against strong enemies.

The most important thing is that he will take the lead next.It is no longer the way back to examine him, but he will examine the way back. Is it worth joining.

** * know all his secrets… Well, it’s true, and he didn’t lie.

*How strong is he? He is the host of the hotel. Can he not know everything about him? Wei Xun doesn’t care, * * * is an Xuefeng’s stone hammer. If * * * knows what an Xuefeng doesn’t know, it’s none of his business. Let’s solve it by ourselves.

“Sanshui teacher, Sanshui teacher!”

There came an excited and nervous call from the reception hall. It was Mao Xiaole and his five-year Book powder Maoshan Taoist.

Wei Xun jumped off the sofa and walked over there.

Let him see what the journey home can bring him.


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