TTG Chapter 136

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 136: Return journey

“Hey, don’t tell me, I really do have a hairy blood!”

A large mandarin duck pot is placed on the table. On the left is the hairy blood tumbling in spicy oil, and on the right is the milky fish soup. The soup is fried in advance, the head and tail of the big yellow carp.

The soup on both sides was boiling, bubbling with boiling bubbles and smelling aroma.

“But I just came back from Tibet. It’s better to slow down. Or my stomach can’t stand it. ”

Lushu orange was in high spirits to divide chopsticks, and even carefully prepared a small dish for Wei Xun’s mink. the large table is full of various ingredients, including sliced fish, beef and mutton, shrimp, mushroom and various balls. The most prominent is the large plate of properly marinated beef and beef tendons.

At the table from left to right, Wei Xun, Mao Xiaole, G, Wang pengpai and Lu shuorange sat in the last empty seat and adjusted a small material for themselves.

Mao Xiaole politely handed Wei Xun chopsticks and asked, “Miss Wei, do you drink w?”

Wei Xun: “fruit orange.”

After an Xuefeng left, Mao Xiaole and they came back. At present, Wei Xun knows almost all the three people in the return hotel except Lu Shu orange. Wang pengpai is an old acquaintance.

Although his face did not look like an X when he was drunk in Western Hunan, Wei Xun soon got the right number for his type and his speaking style.


Lu Shucheng has prepared a men’s clothing changing ring for Wei Xun. As long as he wears the ring with him, animals will naturally wear clothes when they become human. Wei Xun had doubts about why an Xuefeng had clothes after he became a man. He should have similar clothes with “K”.

In contrast, Mao Xiaole makes Wei Xun feel a little strange. When Mao Xiaole stood in front of Wei Xun, blushing and stumbling to introduce himself as a Maoshan scholar, Wei Xun’s impression of Maoshan scholar was completely broken.

In his impression of the five-year Book powder, Mao Shan’s scholar should be a young man with a good temper, patience, enthusiasm and optimism. He has only worn a robe in the past.

Mao Xiaole… Is a little too young. He looks at most two years old. K is less than two years old. He looks a little small, lower than Wei Xun.

“How old are you?”

Wei Xun changed his clothes and talked to Mao Xiaole briefly.

“I’m two years old!”

Mao Xiaole’s image report  x  loud .

“Hahaha, it’s a virtual year two.”

The deer Book orange who passed by smiled. She turned into a big wolf. She passed the door with a vegetable basket in her mouth. In the basket were a handful of tender shallots stained with soil and a few watery vegetables.

“When Mao Xiaole was four years old, he began to strongly appeal to our Amway Sanshui teacher.”

“Deer Book orange!”

Mao Xiaole became angry and pulled the wolf’s ear. Big wolf K didn’t hide. Instead, he stretched his head along Mao Xiaole’s pull. His eyes were bright and looked at Wei Xun. His tail swayed. It didn’t look like a wolf, but like big Samoye.

Wei Xun tried to reach out to him, but she really put her head under Wei Xun and gently rubbed his heart.

It has to be said that normal people may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when they are warmly entertained in a strange place for the first time. Although Wei Xun won’t, he thinks that even if he is a normal person, he won’t feel embarrassed.

I’ve known ‘little’ book fans for five years. They are handsome and have some lovely wolves. It’s very relaxing.

The people on the way home are treating him very seriously. They don’t want him to feel uncomfortable here.


Wei Xun was puzzled. He believed that there was no love and hate in the world for no reason. If he was so kind to him because he was a new member, he had not joined the brigade yet.

Moreover, Mao Xiaole talked about it. Although Mao Xiaole was looking forward to it, he did not urge him, but solemnly asked Wei Xun to think again.The Canadian brigade is a major event. Don’t be rash. It’s not a particularly urgent requirement.


If an Xuefeng said “W” to these people before leaving… Wei Xun could see whether it was a warm reception from the heart or a job.

The most important thing is Lushu orange Mao Xiaole. They are all famous travelers who have been fighting for a long time, but they get along relatively equally. Even a little licking.

It’s either the licking of derogatory words, or they speak really well, which makes people feel good unconsciously. Deer Book orange acts like a wolf and quickly eliminates strangers.

Are they in the picture?

Wei Xun’s instructions.

Born with enthusiasm, for everyone? No.

But he is a newcomer. Even if he performs well, he stands out among the newcomers, but in the eyes of top passengers, he should not be unique.

Just finish the main line of the journey and obtain exclusive weapons. Although it was difficult, just now, Mao Xiaole invited Wei Xun to stay for dinner. After Wei Xun agreed, he was not happy. He asked Wei Xun if he could eat fish and if he liked fish.

After Wei Xun answered casually, Mao xiaolexing rushed to take a copper plate, loaded it with water, swung his club, and unexpectedly caught a yellow river big carp in the water!

“Can I have a look?”

Wei Xun was curious. With Mao Xiaole’s permission, he took the copper plate and observed it. He found that it looked like an ordinary copper plate with dim color. At most, it was only deep.After Wei Xun got it, he didn’t see any instructions.

Or it’s not a tool, it’s just an ordinary object.

Or this is a personal device, and others can’t see its name and function after they get it.Just like Wei Xun’s maniac’s knife, after others find it, they can’t see its name unless they find a special way.

But Wei Xun has heard of the story of fishing in a copper plate.

“Is this Zuo Ci’s copper plate?”

Zuo Ci was a alchemist at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. According to the biography of Zuo CI in the book of the later Han Dynasty, Zuo charity magic tasted Cao Cao’s banquet and wanted to get Songjiang perch. CI used a copper plate to hold water for fishing.

After Zuo Ci’s copper plate is filled with water, it can connect all rivers, lakes and seas. Whether Wei Xun wants any river seafood, Mao Xiaole can touch it for him.

Wei Xun is not interested in seafood and river food. He is more interested in this copper plate.

Mao Xiaole only said the food was on top, but Wei Xun thought the copper plate had something more terrible to do.

Can this copper plate transfer people to major rivers, lakes and seas?

Or, if someone is hiding in the water, or if something important is hiding at the bottom of the lake, can Mao Xiaole catch it on a copper plate?

When you think about it, it has done an amazing amount of work. In particular, Mao Xiaole replied:

“Yes, it’s my exclusive tool.”


Wei Xun keenly noticed what Mao Xiaole said, that is to say, he doesn’t have only one exclusive tool.

Wei Xun presented his maniac’s sword and G Mao Xiaole discussed it. Mao Xiaole saw that Wei Xun took the madman’s knife. He suddenly felt that he trusted himself and told Wei Xun everything about exclusive weapons, including the classification of exclusive weapons.

Pure attack class, pure auxiliary class, rule class, cause and effect class, etc.

Wei Xun’s Madman’s sword is regarded as a pure attack. It is very suitable as a weapon. It will be the strongest single attack in the future.

Mao Xiaole’s copper plate and his fishing rod are counted as rules. The rule of copper plate is that it can be connected to all rivers, lakes and seas in the world. The rule of fishing rod is that everything under the water can be fished.

Two pieces, just the fishing rod in the copper plate, are two exclusive tools.

Wei Xun was surprised to himself. He remembered Mao Shan’s scholar g. he discussed Zuo CI. About three years ago, when he wrote “the soul of the ancient tomb of the scholar in Mao Shan”, Mao Shan’s scholar secretly suggested to him that the protagonist Mao San and Wu in this article should explore a copper plate to explore Zuo Ci’s tomb.

Mao Xiaole is definitely not aimless. It is very likely that he has two exclusive items: a copper plate and a fishing rod. This year, he is only two years old and nine years old. Three years ago, he was six.”K” means that when Mao Xiaole was six years old, he had already completed the main line of the journey twice.

This is really amazing. Xu Yang, a blind teenager in northern Tibet, is young and five years old, but Mao Xiaole is not much older than him.

“How long have you been in the hotel?”

They took the carp to the kitchen. On the way, Wei Xun asked curiously

“There’s a new year. It’s a long time.”

Wang pengpai answered with a smile. He wore an apron on his fat stomach. If he wore a chef’s hat, he would be like a chef in a hotel:

“When Xiao Le first came, he was a child. The captain took him. Others thought he was the captain’s child.”

“I’m an adult now!”

Mao Xiaole clenched his teeth and quickly looked at Wei Xun. He didn’t want to be treated as a child by Sanshui teacher. He is an adult man and can definitely protect Sanshui teacher’s peace of mind!

Protect… It seems that teacher Sanshui doesn’t need his protection.

Thinking of Wei Xun’s performance during his journey in northern Tibet, Mao Xiaole was both proud and slightly sad.What he had thought was that his dream of working at home as a teacher in Sanshui seemed to be dashed.

Alas, it turns out that Mr. Sanshui is a man of X. no wonder he likes to take risks everywhere. How can he stay at home to code words.

Especially now that he has joined the hotel, Mao Xiaole has an ominous anticipation.

He may not see the end of “Mao Shan Shi” again!

Wei Xun didn’t pay attention to “the trouble of Young Mao Xiaole”. He was only surprised by Wang pengpai’s words.

In the coming year, even according to the year, Mao Xiaole was nine years old.

When I was nine years old, I was elected to the hotel?Or less?

The hotel has its own selection criteria, but in any case, the tour guides are a group of dying people, and the tourists are a group of people with firm aspirations and strong desire to realize their aspirations.

Nine year old Mao Xiaole, do you have a wish that must be realized? But in any case, he was elected to the hotel at the age of nine and has lived to the present. He is absolutely top-notch in terms of talent, strength and luck.

Mao Xiaole is not proud and conceited in front of Lushu orange King surging. He is more like a big boy. In other words, his position on the way home is not the most important.

There are people who are equal to him or even stronger than him.

If this kind of strength is the whole way home, Wei Xun can’t understand why they treat themselves so ardently.

Is it a plot?

Wei Xun remained calm and planned to see it again.

Eating together is the best thing to bring you closer and relax both sides. Wang pengpai, the chef of Lushu orange, cooked two kinds of bottoms: Yellow River carp pot in thick soup and maoxuewang spicy pot. The food was served. Everyone ate and drank, and the atmosphere became lively.

“Wei Xun, try this stewed beef!”

Lu Shu orange warmly recommended: “I made it myself.”

The stewed beef in the wide mouth porcelain plate is not cut into thin pieces like the X in the restaurant takeout, but large pieces. It looks very forthright and attractive. Especially when you rinse in maoxuewang spicy pot, it is stained with red oil, with strong spicy flavor and sufficient soy sauce flavor. The meat quality is very good. Lean meat and amber meat tendons are extremely soft and waxy.

“At the beginning, you ate canned beef at the Dragon God water meeting. Before, we especially liked to buy that.”

Lu Shucheng smiled: “before, Mao Xiaole moved the boxes to the hotel, but the price of the cans went up.’canned braised beef’ has become ‘the favorite canned braised beef of Maoshan people in the return brigade’, and the direct ‘5 points’ can has risen to 100 points’

“Garbage hotels, profiteers, are simply outrageous.”

Mao Xiaole grumbled bitterly. He was too ashamed to look at Wei Xun. He drank tea and chewed a piece of stewed beef. It was like chewing the meat of the hotel.

“Really, I’m laughing to death. At the beginning of this matter, Mao Xiaole, an acquaintance met and asked, ‘Mao Xiaole, did you eat canned braised beef today? Angry Xiaole can’t. ”

Wang pengpai was happy: “later, he stopped buying cans to eat. The captain looked so pathetic and gave Mao Xiaole stewed beef. As a result, tut, Hei hei.”

“How did you change the name of this can now?”

Wei Xun was curious. He remembered eating canned beef in brown sauce in longshenshui.This can is from the travel bag given by the hotel. The name “K” is a simple “canned braised beef”. There are no miscellaneous names such as “W” and “Mao Xiaole’s favorite of the returning brigade”.

“The captain found it at the hotel, and the name of the can was changed.”

Lushu orange smiled: “but even if he changed his name, Xiaole K won’t buy canned braised beef anymore. But now, it’s better for me to stew. I don’t want to buy W. canned braised beef. ”

After listening to Wei Xun’s heart, Wang pengpai told them their usual words and revealed countless information.

For example, the name of hotel items will be changed and the price will rise.

Also, when an Xuefeng found the hotel, the price of the canned food was changed back.

Is an Xuefeng a big face, or is he strong enough? “Find the hotel ‘, did an Xuefeng do “W” again?

Is it marked?Or negotiation?

‘on the other side of the hotel’, does that mean the person in charge of the hotel? Or something else?

Wei Xun remembered that he had just entered the journey and was drunk in Xiangxi. The customer service gave a prompt that [the hotel has been attacked and has been relieved]. Now Wei Xun wants to know whether the hotel was attacked or the principal of the hotel was attacked?

“You also said that I was almost abducted when sister orange first entered the hotel.”

Mao Xiaole snorted coldly and began to fight back, exposing each other: “when she was K, she performed well on her first trip, which was liked by all major brigade teams, and x k was noticed by the tour guide. When the tour guide alliance invited her at the mutual selection meeting, she thought that the alliance sounded bigger than the brigade, and almost joined the tour guide alliance! ”

“Can tourists join the tour guide alliance?”

Wei Xun was surprised.

“Of course, there can be tour guides in the Tour team and tourists in the tour guide alliance.”

Wang pengpai took a sip of wine, shook his head and picked up a piece of tender fish: “but that’s not a good thing. Those tour guides, hey.”

“Tour guides should die.”

Mao Xiaole said coldly, “in an instant, his eyebrows and eyes were full of anger, but when Wei Xun saw it, he immediately restrained and looked like a good dog hook trying to put away his tusks.

“I received the task at the last third scenic spot and met three tour guides.”

Wei Xun: “team an said that they were Pinocchio, yin and Yang butterfly g, life players, respectively in the shepherd alliance and the butcher alliance?”

“W?!Have you met a hippie? ”

Wang pengpai was shocked. He didn’t know about it. The live broadcast of the abyss node will be blocked in the future. At the moment, he looked at Wei Xun, and couldn’t help but burst into rude words: “I’m fucking, really, fuck.”

“It’s all right, when the safety team K is here.”

Lu Shucheng comforts her. At the election meeting, an Xuefeng mentioned the life playing people. After listening to her ears, she can roughly guess what’s going on.

“Those butchers are like fleas. They can’t kill all of them.”

Mao Xiaole was very angry, his eyebrows and eyes were rebellious, and he didn’t hide: “you should kill them.”

“I heard you say that the butcher alliance, the hippie is the leader of the butcher alliance.”

Wei Xun frowned: “is the butcher the one who kills passengers?But the hippie didn’t kill me immediately… ”

Wei Xun is trying. He wants to know what else he has revealed in front of an Xuefeng besides the lack of pain.

For example, he turned the fox cub into a leopard cub and threw it at an Xuefeng without killing it. Is this not in line with the human design of life playing people.

The master wants to kill mink cubs. He’s not human!

The mink cub who tried to eat next to Wei Xun shuddered. Ignoring Wei Xun, he continued to chew large pieces of stewed beef, so that his face was full of delicious brine.

It smells good. If you want to kill it, you must be a full dead mink anyway.

“It’s more dangerous for a hippie not to kill you than to kill you.”

Wang pengpai dignified: “do you know Bingjiu?”

Bingjiu?Then I’m familiar.

“I don’t know.”

Wei Xun: “Bingjiu, the ninth tour guide of Bingzi?”

“That’s right. In fact, every name C 9 is carefully selected by the people who play life. Before he became a tour guide, he was a tourist. ”

Wang pengpai’s words are amazing!

Before becoming a tour guide, are all tourists?

Wei Xun’s heart was like thunder, and his face was silent: “tour guide, is it not selected into the hotel or tour guide?”

“No, the people selected into the hotel are all tourists at first, but they are divided into Y-type passengers and X-type special passengers. X-type special passengers are actually the reserve of tour guides.”

Lu Shucheng explained: “only x special passengers can become tour guides. Class Y passengers are pure passengers.However, it is rumored that the hippies have a special section, which can transform Class Y passengers into class X Special passengers. ”

“Every person comes from this X.”

She didn’t elaborate on Bingjiu, but she just gave Wei Xun an example: “the last Bingjiu is dead, and the Joker may want to have another Bingjiu.”

No wonder an Xuefeng only asked questions about the painless point before, but he didn’t doubt that he wasn’t killed by the hippie.

“So there’s such a thing?”

Wei Xun said insincerely: “this is terrible.”

That’s wonderful.

“You mean that the hippie didn’t kill me, but wanted to make me a tour guide?”

“It’s possible.”

Wang pengpai was worried and muttered in his heart.If he’s really a joker, that’s great.

He has been monitoring the movement on the other side of the Inca Yangmen. Although he has been tracking C250 since the “g” Wanxiang spring “, the monitoring” K “on the other side of the Yangmen will not fall. He didn’t send back any news. K, that is to say, the original life of the playful man should still be in the Yang gate.

If it’s really this x, it’s terrible.

Many powerful tour guides have their own puppets and avatars. Powerful avatars can even be recognized by hotels and lead tour teams. Like the dreamer, there are many incarnations. He originally explored the laplangri snow mountain with an Xuefeng, but the incarnation may lead the group as a tour guide at all levels, which is tacitly approved by the hotel.

There is a great disparity in the number of tourists in the tour guide g. the tour guide has been a little dissatisfied all the time. The K of the tour guide’s incarnation is not a secret.

However, there is only one exception, that is, the journey of three degrees north latitude.

The tour guide who leads the team’s journey of three degrees north latitude cannot control other external avatars. He can only control himself.

That’s why Wang pengpai felt terrible.

Or the strength of the hippies broke through and went to the next level. They can still control the external avatar during the journey of three degrees north latitude.

Or he came quietly, Inca, in the sun door, and everyone didn’t find out.

As for whether anyone will pretend to be a playful man, it is impossible as long as there is a crimson cloak.

The cloaks of those top tour guides… Not everyone can wear, which is almost the existence of hotel rules.

“No, I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid of their butcher Alliance on my way home.”

Wang pengpai comforted him: “come and kill one, come and kill two.”

“The butcher’s Guide” K “is not as terrible as” W “. The killing is over.”

The deer Book orange showed a longing on his face: “some butchers eat very delicious. It’s better not to kill them first and then kill them later.Like the pollen mass of Yin-Yang butterfly, the eggs laid by magic dragon people and the magic honey of bee people, all thieves are delicious. Hey, I tell you, there is a guide named Spider man. His strength is not very good. The spiders he raises are delicious! Just like the emperor crab, each spider leg is full and tender meat, silk, silk, that taste, hiss, absolutely! ”

Lu Shucheng couldn’t help sucking away his saliva and discussed with Mao Xiaole: “Xiaole, let’s kill the magic dragon man. Kill them and leave the magic dragon man spider man. Get some dragon eggs and big spiders back. When Miss Wei comes next time, I’ll give the whole spider meat and dragon eggs three to eat! ”

“Hum, it depends on whether they know each other.”

Mao Xiaole is cool: “don’t die under my peach wood sword.”

However, he held the fruit orange of the same type as Wei Xun in G and tried to drink the orange juice to the same degree as Wei Xun in X. two glasses were placed in the glass. Looking at the orange juice of the same degree as X, Mao Xiaole’s mouth was slightly hooked. It seemed that he had done a great thing like W, x, which seriously weakened his evil spirit of being a cold butcher.

“Yes, I’m not afraid.”

Wei Xun smiled and didn’t care: “an Dui’s eyes are stronger than those who play with life. I can see clearly when I’m caught in my eyes by those who play with life. When an Dui’s sword falls, no one can hide. ”

Yes, this is the second loophole of Wei Xun’s test.

When he was really deterred by an Xuefeng’s blade, he couldn’t move at all, and K couldn’t fight back. Fortunately, when the abyss node opened. But even this x, his K was cut all over with blood marks. After falling into the abyss node, he couldn’t move, just like a broken glass man.

“Team an is very strong.”

No, Wang pengpai glared at the deer Book orange. They blew so well, but it seemed that Wei Xun began to underestimate the butcher alliance and the life playing people.

That won’t work!Wang pengpai has a toothache, but he brings him in. If he is Wei Xun, he presses Ding pengpai like a dog on the first day of the journey. Then he sees the big tour guides fall down like chopping melons and vegetables under the security team. When he comes, he listens to Mao Xiaole g and Lu Shu orange.

I’m afraid he will. I can do it. I don’t think it’s worth mentioning that it’s just a butcher alliance!

But this is an absolutely wrong perception. It’s very dangerous if he is really stared at by hippies!

“But it’s not because he was suppressed by the sword that he didn’t hide.”

Wang pengpai carefully explained how to make an Xuefeng realize the power and danger of life playing people without damaging his image.

“He is a very proud man. If he goes all out for him, he will go all out. If you don’t do your best for him, he will only defeat him with weaker power. ”

No, that sounds like a fool.

In fact, Wang pengpai just wanted to say that although the wolf has changed, the team’s strength has never reached the peak. At most, it may have 50-60% strength.It was a kind of disdain and provocation for the playful man to let him chop.

Moreover, it is likely that the life playing man K is not the original, but the incarnation of “life”.If he had been there, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have let an Xuefeng cut him down. Moreover, northern Tibet is only a difficult journey in the end. Neither an Xuefeng nor those who play life can do their best, otherwise, they will be thrown away by the hotel.

In that case, the playful man is realistic. He doesn’t move. Let an Xuefeng chop it, which means provocation. Then he entered the abyss node in front of an Xuefeng and threw Wei Xun back to an Xuefeng, which was a signal of declaring war.

Wei Xun, here you are.Wait until I get him back.

The hippie is so radical and confident. Did he get the W in the Inca Yang gate?

Wang pengpai is worried that at this year-end celebration, there may be a greater war between the major brigades and the butcher alliance, and may even change the power pattern between tourists and tour guides in recent years.

“Wei Xun…”

“I know it’s the Joker who didn’t do his best.”

Wei Xun was worried, but Wang pengpai looked at his expression, and his heart clicked.

It’s over. Wei Xun was really thinking that ‘life playing man’ was a fool!

Wei Xun didn’t think that the life-playing man was a fool. If he was as proud as Wang pengpai said, he could survive and become the head of the butcher alliance and the first tour guide, he would definitely hide more terrible strength.

Maybe this pride is just a disguise.

Wei Xun felt that if he were himself, he would not stay if he was weak. Is to kill him while he is ill! Before the war, spare no effort to weaken the enemy. During the war, crush the enemy with thunder. When you see someone hostile to yourself, you will never stop him because he is weak. You can either control him or kill him without leaving yourself any trouble.

If he were in the novel, he might be the kind of cautious villain who has to dig three feet to make sure there are no survivors.

Like the devil merchant, he caught Xiaocui six times. Now there are six soul contracts in Wei Xun’s book. When the fight is real, he will aim at the plane and tear up the soul contract, and the other party will definitely reveal his flaws. Even a small flaw can control the war situation.

* *


The devil merchant sneezed heavily. He immediately left the hotel hall and now he is in the presidential suite of a real hotel. Then the devil merchant took a mirror. Half of it was broken and full of cracks. It looked very old.

“Magic mirror, who is the most unlucky person in the world?”

The devil merchant asked seriously.

“King Zhang Xiong, of course, my master.”

In the depths of the magic mirror full of cracks, there was a black shadow, hoarse and rough, like the friction of bark. The magic mirror came.

“Master, this is the sixth time you have asked the magic mirror. Do you need the magic mirror to help?”

The shadow of the mirror is getting heavier and heavier, like a thick black water seeping outward, with an evil and strange atmosphere.

“No need.”

The devil merchant cold voice directly clasped the magic mirror. It seems that there is a scream of resentment, the magic mirror rings, and the black water in the mirror struggles violently, as if it could rush into the mirror. But in the end, it was pressed back into the mirror, and the sunglasses became a very ordinary looking mirror.

“The unlucky man is still king Zhang Xiong…”

The devil merchant was lost in thought and paced in his suite.

When the opposite King Zhang Xiong took away his bait for the third time, the devil merchant felt that something was wrong.

He has survived the disputes between major tour guides and the pursuit of the Western brigade, not only by strength and luck, but also by prudence.

When he found something wrong, he did not hesitate to make this magic mirror, which was sealed with a ghost monarch, a treasure found by the devil merchant in the deepest treasure chest of the dead ship.

This is a tool with both rules and seals. It is very powerful. It is not so much bad luck and luck as a trend to judge whether to lose or win.

The devil merchant did not explore ‘Xiaocui’, because Xiaocui is probably just an achievement title, just like his achievement title is the devil merchant ‘x’.

Other than him, some people may be ‘devil merchants’. Similarly, I don’t know if’ Xiaocui ‘is one.

So the devil merchant is exploring the ‘elephant king’.

There will only be one Xiangxiong King who is still alive, just like the’Xiangxiong Princess’ K‌ only has one X. The devil merchant even gave the magic mirror a drop of his own blood, confirming that the elephant king was the one he was closely related to.

Because of this drop of blood, the magic mirror even had signs of riots, but he suppressed it every time.

The devil merchant doubted whether the other party had any calculations. After all, a normal tour guide would not be able to accept the bait one after another and turn a blind eye to the soul contract.

Therefore, every time you drop bait, the devil merchant will open the magic mirror. If the other party has an attempt to counter calculate, it will be judged as an ’unlucky princess’.

But the problem is, after opening the magic mirror every time, the magic mirror judges the king’s bad luck!

The devil merchant was completely unknown. He carefully threw the bait three times, but the judgment of the magic mirror did not change at all.

Is the other party really an earth shaking unlucky guy?

Or did he really not look at the bait?

Or is the mirror lying to him?

The devil merchant thought a lot, but now he thinks there is another possibility.

The other party’s bad luck was not caused by his devil merchant, but he took the bait or had to take it.

The devil merchant suddenly entered the hotel hall.Two seconds after he left, two shadows flowed through the open window and spread to the whole presidential suite.

“Ran away?”

“Ran away.”

The shadows fuse and communicate with each other, passing the information to others: “continue to track.”


In the hotel hall, two people guarded the place where the devil businessman disappeared. Several people guarded the entrance. They were waiting for the devil businessman to fall into the trap!But seeing that they are wary of each other and pay attention to each other, these two groups are clearly not in the same camp!

Kilometers away, in the graveyard behind the mountain in the rural area, the devil businessman has a pale face and rebellious eyebrows. At the moment, he is as transparent as a ghost.He just found himself being tracked in the hotel hall. Naturally, he will not return to the hotel hall and throw himself into the net.


He wore a pearl-colored ghost-shaped badge on his chest. The English translation on it was “messenger of the dead”. This badge was his exclusive badge after completing the main line of his journey.

Although it is still a beginner, K can send the devil merchant to the nearest place where there are undead, and make the undead not hostile to the devil merchant. After all, he is a ‘messenger of the dead’ and comes to inspect the cemetery.

However, after being sent here, the devil merchant did not stay, but immediately returned to the hotel hall – the place in reality changed, and now the position K in the hotel hall will change. This is the secret discovered by the devil merchant.

When he returns to the hotel hall now, he will not be in his previous position, but 100 meters away.

Seconds after his figure disappeared, he walked to the cemetery.

“100 meters east, South by south, about three degrees.”

Calm down: “the goal returns to the hotel hall.”


In the originally peaceful hotel hall, a man suddenly grabbed him from the southeast. He was very fast. It seemed that he turned into a streamer and directly grasped the shoulders of the devil merchant there!

But just at the moment when the devil businessman was about to be imprisoned, the devil businessman suddenly exploded, broke the upcoming imprisonment, and then disappeared directly!

“He bought a hotel station.”

Wanxiang spring catches those drops of soul liquid – the other party explodes and is seriously injured. This soul liquid is like human blood essence X.

“Alienation is recognized as a ghost state.”

this is the warning and punishment of the hotel. Private fighting is not allowed in the hotel hall. Wanxiang Chun didn’t dodge, but he was hit by thunder. A light golden light floated on his skin, like feathers. When the thunder struck, he was unharmed. After the thunder and lightning, he disappeared in place. It was only in the lobby of the hotel that there were bursts of frightened voices.


Now crouching in the square meter brigade station, the devil businessman peeping out of the window looks miserable.

“Home, Wan, damn it.”

Even if elegant and rational, such as the devil businessman, can’t help shouting abuse at the moment, but there are lingering fears.If he hadn’t exhausted his savings and spent 60000 points to buy a square meter residence in the hotel hall, he would be finished this time!

The hotel halls in the East and west districts are not interconnected, and the brigade station is not only that, the tour guide in the west district could not have bought a station in the East District.It was the devil businessman who made an exception by giving preferential treatment to the participants of the “confrontation mission” in the hotel and being a new star tour guide in the West. He asked him to buy a  square meter hotel.

The cost is three times the normal price!

“Damn it, two fifty.”

The devil businessman scolded him. He was so embarrassed and chased by many parties. It was all thanks to C 250! Before he set foot on the eastern land and entered the hotel hall, he heard the name of C 250. He is the one who holds down the life, silent, and is located at the No. 1 place in the new star list of tour guides!

And it’s not the list of the east or west, but the No. 1 in the list of new stars of world tour guides!

The devil merchant has his own pride. This time he came to the east district not only to find Xiaocui, but also to see xiabing250.

In particular, he has some doubts that Xiaocui is C250. After all, he is the only one who can take over the task of confrontation with him and exist at the same level!

But the devil merchant poked the hornet’s nest a little.

Suddenly, two people in his presidential suite say, ‘will you check C 250 again?’

‘come with us.’

Launched the tragic life of the devil businessman being chased like a rabbit  x .

C 250 has disappeared  days, no clue.No matter the Tour team or the tour guide, all major organizations are looking for him. Even the forums, live broadcasting rooms and other places are monitored.

Although the devil businessman did a fairly covert job, he was chased for the first time, exposing his rare ghost alienation, but people stared at him!

“Butcher alliance, shepherd alliance, return brigade…”

The devil merchant vented his anger and his face was dignified. Over the past few days, he has lost many small brigades and the pursuit of the tour guide alliance, but these three are like tarsal maggots. Whether he is in reality or in the hotel hall, he can be found immediately, and there is almost no chance of breathing.

Sure enough, so many forces are looking for C 250!

The devil merchant has a complex look, anger and backwardness, and a complex taste in his heart.

He thought of climbing to the top of the west side star list and lowering the original list. Now captain A2 ghost had such an unstable time. But the devil merchant was rational and immediately took refuge in the American Werewolf alliance, which was the only time to settle down. However, K was caught in various alliances and disputes between forces and could not live in peace.

However, this C 250… Seems not attached to any tour guide alliance.

That’s why they’re being searched so much.

“The strong.”

The devil businessman was silent for a long time and spit out a word. He admitted that C250 was really strong. In fact, they were the same kind of people. They don’t want to give in to the big tour guide alliance and want to open up their own world.

That’s why the devil merchant came to the east side quietly this time. Even if he was so hunted, he didn’t ask the werewolf alliance or the black widow for help.

C 250 K yes.

However, there are not many rooms in C250. The devil businessman knows that a tour guide of C250 will receive a new mission in three months. The group opening information will be issued  weeks in advance.


After tomorrow, even if C 250 is well hidden, her K is bound to be exposed to the eyes of major forces.

Now the devil merchant feels that this C 250 is really the king of Xiangxiong. She is tracked by so many forces. No wonder she is so unlucky. Knowing that his bait is not good, he can only accept it.

Was forced to this point.

She was chased and killed by many forces, such as mouse X. now she has been very miserable and humiliating,

“C 250… How could you be a woman?”

The devil merchant sighed. He suddenly felt pity for the rise of C 250, but more pity for each other.

Perhaps, in the confrontation mission, they not only have the opportunity to cooperate with “K”.

Turn over the overlords who have passed the world. Let’s bring the world to a new generation.

The devil merchant’s expression changed. He clenched his fist. Although his face was pale, his eyes were burning with ambition!

* *

“Be careful on the road.”

“Hey, I’ve been a little unlucky lately.”

Lushu orange stuffed a heavy box of stewed beef into Wei Xun’s box. I don’t know what happened just now. This box of meat almost fell off, but Lushu orange reacted quickly and he leaned over and caught it again.

“Miss Wei, I’ll draw some lucky charms for you, but don’t worry!”

Mao Xiaole looked at Wei Xun reluctantly and gritted his teeth: “I, I can finish painting in a day, Miss Wei, I’ll see you when I arrive.”

“Often come home, family, don’t see the outside.”

Wang pengpai: “come often!”


Wei Xun smiled. The meal was really worth it. He knew a lot of important information.

Next, it’s about yourself.

Wei Xun turned around and left the gate of the brigade station on his way home. He walked step by step and went directly to the hotel.

The familiar prompt sound of the hotel sounded:

[passenger Wei Xun, the hotel is settling your trip. Comprehensive evaluation -]


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