TTG Chapter 137

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 137: Passenger star list

[passenger Wei Xun, the hotel is settling your trip, which is under comprehensive evaluation -]

[according to the assessment, the newcomer Wei Xun has successfully cleared the scenic spot of ‘site of Xiangxiong kingdom in qiongzong mountain’; Perfect clearance of the ‘Xiaolin Temple burned by the fire’ scenic spot; Perfect clearance of the ‘devil Lake Forest fault’ scenic spot; He found and completed a series of branch scenic spots, and completed the main line of the journey ‘I really can’t be the king of ZhangXiong’]

[you are a well deserved captain of this brigade and have been recognized by the hotel!]

[you are an excellent passenger in this team. The hotel is proud to have you!]

[you were recognized by all the passengers in the brigade. When you were in the third scenic spot, they recommended you as a special police officer. You did your duty as a special police officer and let the prisoners get their due punishment!]

[according to the comprehensive assessment, you are an excellent newcomer. Your performance on this trip has been evaluated by five stars. Please participate in the trip more and make persistent efforts in the future!]

[you get the captain reward: 5000 points]

[you received special police subsidy: 10000 points]

[as a novice tourist with excellent performance, you have obtained the newcomer gift bag (five-star) prepared by the hotel!]

[(five-star) newcomer gift package includes:

5000Integral starting fund

Mall discount card (50% off, 5 / 5 times of use)

One time recovery health service

A spiritual relaxation service

Hotel Rules Book

One contact with the target brigade]

[attention please!The reward you received after completing the main line of the hotel: ‘you can upgrade the level of any title’ has not been used yet. Please make a choice as soon as possible to prevent the reward timeout from becoming invalid (Note: for the difficult journey, the upgrade level is lower than the dark blue title). You can upgrade the green title to blue, you can upgrade the blue title to dark blue, and the title will disappear after promotion.]

[you have experienced all the items in the journey and obtained the hotel blind box X1]

[you have experienced the complete branch attractions and obtained the hotel blind box X1]

[you have completed the main line of the journey and obtained the hotel blind box x2]

[the journey is over! Hotel virtual hall has been opened to you]

[the thriller global hotel app has been downloaded to your mobile phone]

[the passenger list is open to you, and you have no ranking at present]

[you can start your next journey at any time. The thriller customer service reminds you that combining work and rest and proper rest will help you relieve your nerves.]

[if you want to participate in the journey, please always pay attention to the information prompt of ‘new journey information’ in the app.]

[have a nice trip next time!]

“Can’t you keep this service for restoring health and mental relaxation?”

Wei Xun regretted that when the hotel broadcast, the ‘one-time physical recovery service’ and ‘one-time mental relaxation service’ attached to the novice gift bag were all automatically used, and he didn’t even have time to stop it.

In just a few seconds, Wei Xun felt relaxed, his mind became more sober, and his whole person was energetic and energetic.

Although in the abyss node, the * * shot to restore Wei Xun’s body and San value once, and the feeling is almost the same as now.

No, it’s better to recover. When he had just recovered, Wei Xun felt as if he had recovered his pain, although it was only a few seconds. But now the hotel doesn’t feel that way this time.

“The hotel is showing its means to new passengers.”

Wei Xun’s meditation can heal wounds, heal diseases and recover broken limbs, which means that as long as you can return to the hotel alive, no matter how badly you are injured, the hotel can cure you.

But he is keenly aware that the most important thing is’ spiritual relaxation’.

Rather than mental relaxation, it is a combination of ‘dispelling negative emotions’ and’ injecting spiritual vitality ‘. After a journey, the fatigue, fear and anxiety of new passengers will all disappear after mental relaxation. Only the stimulation of adventure, the novelty of the journey, and the ambition of the future are left.

Let new passengers integrate into the hotel faster and better and actively complete the journey.

Items to restore physical health and mental relaxation can be bought in the hotel mall.Of course, it’s more expensive.But there are also blood tonic, disposable repair agent, primary music physiotherapy, a dream and other items that are cheap. Passengers can get what they need.

“The treatment of tour guides is completely different.”

The hotel gives honey to the tourists and intimidates the guide with a big stick.Wei Xun had a nightmare of alienation death for a month before entering the hotel. For him, it was pain, and for others, it was unbearable torture.

But the tour guides are all dying people. They naturally have a desire for life. Only in the hotel, they can continue the countdown to death only by taking groups and tasks.

This is the biggest reward for them.

Wei Xun is thinking about the mechanism of the hotel. For tourists, the hotel is powerful and generous. It can provide passengers with safe and strong backing, encourage them to take risks and give rich rewards.

But he was extremely stingy to the tour guide. He almost printed death without a brigade on his forehead.

You can see from the integral.

Wei Xun’s journey to Western Hunan is the source of income. His small head is the illegal sale of Wu Laoliu’s hand-made bamboo baskets. His big head is the props sold to Bingjiu by an external organization to the hotel. He can get rid of the journey, so he got rich overnight.

In the settlement after the trip, in addition to cutting half of 1500 basic salary (only half for temporary tour guides!),There are no other points to gain.

Not to mention the “novice tour guide gift bag”, there is not even a shadow.

Looking at the passengers, although the special police subsidy of 10000 is very high, it can also be said that it is according to the difficulty. After all, being selected as special police is to get the recognition of all passengers, collect all information clues, and punish all evildoers.

The team leader’s reward is 5000 and the newcomer’s start-up fund is 5000, which is outrageous, okay!

“The traveler is rich, tut.”

Wei Xun couldn’t help sighing: “I want to rob.”

Wei Xun calculated an account in his mind, not counting the 20000 points settled after the trip and some miscellaneous small heads. Just during the trip, he got 1000 points after finishing the first scenic spot, and the captain rose by 50%, which was 1500 points.

Similarly, after finishing the second scenic spot, he got 7500 points, and after finishing the third scenic spot, he got a full 15000 points, let alone the main line of Wei Xun’s journey, the hotel rewarded 20000 points!


Even if the 20000 points are doubled by novice passengers, there are 10000 points even if it is normal.But when Wei Xun was a tour guide, he opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, and the hotel didn’t have any points reward!

“The hotel is very stingy on the points for the tour guide.”

Wei Xun said that it was not the first time he said this sentence, but this time, he had a new feeling.

Although there are great differences in treatment between tour guides and tourists, tour guides are basically in a dominant position and are the safest.

Because he doesn’t need to visit all kinds of scenic spots like tourists.Moreover, there are tour guide flags, tour guide wheat, tour guide brooches and other props equipped by the hotel. Even ghosts will not attack the tour guide.

“How many points are there?”

Wei Xun murmured. It can be said that as long as the guide doesn’t die, his points will always be more and more.Points are life for the tour guide.

Tourists have too many points. They have to treat themselves, buy props, open up a brigade and show filial respect to the guide. They will spend it in the end.

But the tour guide has more points. Most people should buy their lives at the first time.After all, the strength and status of tour guides are guaranteed by hotels.Buying life and buying back San props should be a big consumption of tour guide points.

However, this is disadvantageous for hotels.

Like a fighting dog, it can only be fierce enough if it is hungry enough.

Is there no longer a risk of death due to too many points for tour guides?Or will you find a way to reduce the tour guide’s points and the death countdown?

Any tour guide has a way to break out of great strength, that is to return to zero.Set the death countdown to zero by self killing.

Wei Xun is vaguely aware of it. He plans to do an experiment. At present, Wei Xun has a lot of points in his hand. He removes the abyss node, buys individual rocket launchers, various ground mines, and falls into the abyss with serious injuries to stabilize the points consumed in the countdown to death.

The remaining points from the last trip and the new points from this trip add up to a total of 69110 points, which is not a small amount.Full exchange death countdown, 100 points: the proportion of one day can be exchanged for 691 days, almost two years.

It’s 7 p.m. on September 12. After 0 a.m., it’s September 13.

Wei Xun came back from Xiangxi on August 20 and will bring a new group on September 20. The group opening information will be announced one week in advance, that is tomorrow.

According to the level, Wei Xun is now a silver level zero order four-star tour guide. He will receive the group. Most of them will only reach the difficult level.In terms of order, there is not much difference between c-50 and D-1.

But if, tomorrow, he can receive more dangerous or even super dangerous regiments——

It’s very likely that the hotel is deliberately controlling the guide’s points.

The tour guide loses its advantages and falls into danger for the group that exceeds the rank of the tour guide and the more powerful tourists.

In order to protect themselves, the tour guide wants to maintain high strength – it needs a low death countdown.

The lower the death countdown, the easier it is to die suddenly due to a sudden crisis.

The tour guide was forced into a desperate situation and had to break through the boat – that is, return to zero.

When the death countdown returns to zero, the tour guide will burst out with great strength.

But when the death countdown returns to zero, the San value will also fall sharply. If the San value returns to zero, it will be completely hopeless.Wei Xun has a famous brand of props and can always remember his name, but other tour guides are different.

Expensive and rare back San props, return to zero, death countdown.

“Nearly 70000 points, hotel, what level of group will you send me?”

Wei Xun smiled: “I’m really curious.”

The hotel didn’t respond. Instead, it was a drop of Wei Xun’s mobile phone.Wei Xun saw that it was an Xuefeng’s message!

[an Xuefeng: are you there?]

The mobile phone that downloaded the creepy app is different from the normal mobile phone. It is not afraid of damage and can be used anywhere.The software has an internal address book and a chat system.Wei Xun added the hotel contact information of an Xuefeng, Wang pengpai, Lu Shucheng and Mao Xiaole. At present, there are only these four people in his hotel address book.

At this point, an Xuefeng sent a message, which turned out to be serious and talked to Wei Xun about his mental loss fee and physical health treatment fee.

Wei Xunzhi mentioned this, first, to elicit the contract, and second, to test an Xuefeng.He didn’t mention the specific product score and didn’t emphasize it when an Xuefeng left. Later, he got along well with Mao Xiaole and them.

When I mention this, it’s more like getting angry. It’s deliberately said. It doesn’t sound like there’s much attitude to ask for.It is normal for an Xuefeng not to give it.

But now Wei Xun basically believes that an Xuefeng is a serious person.He should give this point.

How much and how?

Wei Xun is good at guessing people’s hearts and can outline a more complete character image from many details and habits.

For example, the devil merchant used magic crystal stone as a precious bait to catch Xiaocui at the beginning, which shows that he either relies on a large organization, or he is rich and does not lack items such as magic crystal stone, or he is very interested in this confrontation task.

However, he has not settled the soul contract in his subsequent six bait fishing, which shows that he is confident in his strength, and has a certain tendency of adventure and gambling. He may like to fight big with small.


With an Xuefeng’s character, he will compensate for the points. It must be under his evaluation that he can make up for Wei Xun’s loss, show his sincerity, or show his financial resources on the way home.

The passengers are definitely not poor, which is Wei Xun’s deep feeling at present.The top brigade on the way home will certainly not be persecuted by the tour guide. I don’t know whether an Xuefeng bought the whole money or the team members raised money for such a large brigade, but anyway, it cost at least several million points.

I want to have millions of points. Can the hotel directly send me to take the 30 degrees north latitude?

Wei Xun imagined for a moment, fiddled with his mobile phone at will and returned to ‘Zai’.

An Xuefeng… Although he said so, he should not give so many points.First, in the eyes of passengers at this level, the points may be just a number. If he really wants to compensate Wei Xun, he may take out some precious props and resources.

But to tell the truth, Wei Xun now wants more points to verify his conjecture.

Sure enough, as he expected, an Xuefeng didn’t say [do you have time?]【We talked about nonsense like] but directly sent the information of many props after a short silence.

“Hiss -”

Wei Xun was so surprised that he took a cold breath!

The props sent by an Xuefeng, the first three, are all ‘unknown’ quality props!

What is the concept of unknown quality?Wei Xun has seen ‘unknown’ quality, only * * series props!

An Xuefeng took out these things, namely [* * * charge clothes], [¥¥ half bill], and [········································································


Wei Xun thought thoughtfully that in addition to * *, the new ¥¥ and ·… Are probably also the host of the hotel, otherwise their goods will not be as high as * *.

However, there should be strengths and weaknesses among the hotel principals. Although the quality is unknown, the * * assault suit has three functions, the ¥ banknote has two functions, and the ghost lantern has only one function.

And they are all defensive and protective.

“Does an Xuefeng want to do it?”

He gave so much that Wei Xun became more cautious.

Even if you really show sincerity, you should have a degree in your heart.There is no such thing. He smashed all the good things before he joined the journey home!

Although an Xuefeng and Xing Xing (* *) are closely related and may be separated by the same person, they are not sure about their enemies and friends.If an Xuefeng and * * are enemies, what is his relationship with money and money?

friend?Allies?Put their things here to monitor the stars and Wei Xun?

This kind of thing is not easy for Wei Xun to take. He remembers the change of his climbing rope when he ventured to the stars in northern Tibet.At that time, Wei Xun was thinking that the stronger things are, the more dangerous they are. The main person’s goods are probably not completely dead, perhaps including his gaze. The other party can communicate with such goods at any time.

Wei Xun doesn’t intend to pick up items related to the principal, even stars.

In addition to these three items of unknown quality, other props are also top-notch. Some can give people more life, such as clay figurine Zhang’s clay figurine, Russian dolls, and others with strong protection, such as Millennium King’s shell, snail shell of monster snail, etc.

There are not many weapons. An Xuefeng means that the madman’s knife in Wei Xun’s hand is purely offensive.Personal exclusive weapons are always the most suitable for individuals. They are extremely long, but they should be used from time to time.

If Wei Xun stops using the maniac’s knife because of a stronger weapon at this stage, it will be bad for his future.

In addition, there is also a shielding prop [invisible cloak]. With so many precious props, an Xuefeng asked him to choose three at will!

Wei Xun doesn’t understand.

“Does an Xuefeng want to do it?”

The value of these items really exceeded his expectations.If Wei Xun really wants three pieces, even if he doesn’t use them himself, he will sell them to the hotel. I’m afraid he can sell hundreds of thousands of points at the hotel’s cheating recycling price.

Although idiots will sell them, Wei Xun doesn’t think an Xuefeng is charitable. The value of these things is far more than the so-called “mental loss fee” and “physical health loss fee”.

After all, Wei Xun didn’t really lose much.

[I’m not sure I want to join homecoming now]

Wei Xun pondered and tried to answer.


What are you doing!

Wei Xun sent another message: [an Dui, the props you gave are too precious. I can’t take them. I’m just kidding.]

[no joke, it’s a mental loss fee]

The word an Xuefeng came out, but he withdrew quickly.

[OK, do you want it?]

“Interesting, mental loss fee…”

Wei Xun suddenly thought of something.He raised his eyebrows and smiled and said, “can I have anything I want?”

[without violating morality, I can do whatever I can]

Wei Xun almost determined his mind. He typed slowly: [I don’t know if it’s against morality. Here’s the thing. An Dui, I want a snow leopard.But it seems to have a master.]

[this matter has bothered me for a long time. An Dui, do you think it’s against morality to have a master leopard?]

* *

Punuogangri glacier, Qiangtang no man’s land in northern Tibet.

Punuogangri glacier is the third largest glacier in the world except the South Pole and the North Pole. It is known as the third pole of the world. There are many ice tongues, ice beams and ice caves on the glacier. The climate is bad, and few adventurers can reach the third pole of the world.

But what is mysterious in the depths of punuogangri glacier is a legendary ghost glacier that does not exist, that is, laplangri glacier.It is said that laplangri is the place of the demon Kingdom, which is sealed with countless demon kings and generals.


On weekdays, it is hidden in the world. Only when the once-in-a-thousand-year Great Buddha light comes to renboqi, the laplangri glacier will appear briefly and let the demons sealed in the glacier bathe in the Buddha light.Those who repent can escape from the sea of suffering, and those who do not repent will be burned into charcoal by the light of the Buddha.

At eight o’clock in the evening, it was dark on the plateau.The cold wind roared, rolled up snow foam, and scattered snowflakes floated in the sky.Towards the end of September, it began to snow on the glacier.The roar of the wind is as terrible as the roar of a beast.

No, there are really wild animals roaring in the strong wind mixed with snow!But it was the cry of fear and despair before death. The huge dark shadow staggered and fell down into a mass of white snow, like a small snow mountain collapsing.After the roar, there was a dead silence except for the cold wind.

But the next moment, there was a faint yellow light across the darkness and the snow. No, it was not light, but a machete.The time seemed to slow down where the light of the Yellow knife fell. The machete cut down, like the sickle of death, hooked through the snow, and even hooked out three bloody bones, which were still struggling and trembling like life!

The original silence is just an illusion. If no one pays attention to these three bones, they will soon escape from the ice!But now, they are ‘frozen’ in the dim yellow light of the knife. One of them can’t even bear the power of the blade and directly break the slag. The other two are also trembling. Their bodies are full of cracks and may break at any time.

Until a humming song sounded, they no longer continued to break, but continued to shrink. Later, they were received in a dream net.

“Laplange glacier hasn’t appeared yet. We’ll catch some blood floating slaughters tomorrow.”

It is said that the snow floating slaughter, which guards the ice field for the demon Kingdom, only appears in the snowstorm. Now the season is less than, and the wind and snow is not big.Dream chasers should accumulate strength and set off a snowstorm big enough on the glacier tomorrow night to attract more snow floating slaughters.

Taking snow as skin and flesh, magic bones as blood bones, and 81 blood bones can force a crack in laplangri glacier.

With their strength, a crack is no different from a gate.As long as there is this crack, they can invade.

The dark orange cloak of the dreamer is insignificant at night and can’t compare with the light of a star.An Xuefeng’s anger did not dissipate, but he had received his knife and silently lit a cigarette.The lighter is specially made, but the cigarette is not. In this strong wind, it is unclear whether he smokes or the wind smokes with him. Anyway, the cigarette will burn out in a few seconds.

An Xuefeng is still holding a cigarette butt, like meditation.A finger with a gun cocoon rubbed the mobile phone screen. The person who has always been decisive is rare. He hesitated and turned it on and off.

“Mentally unstable?”

The dreamer noticed his abnormality and said, “you have to stay in the glacier for a few days, or you will become a snow leopard…”


An Xuefeng said coldly. He seemed to have finally made up his mind, touched out his mobile phone and lit up the screen.The video starts playing again and is muted.Dream chasers don’t know if an Xuefeng is watching. In fact, dream chasers have been adjusting things on the snow mountain glacier recently. They recuperate occasionally and don’t have much time to pay attention to anything else.

After I came to Qiangtang security zone this time, I accidentally found several western area tour guides who wanted to enter the country. Only after killing them did I know that it was a node out of the abyss on a journey to northern Tibet.

Few people know that there is a connection between the abyss node and the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. Being able to get out of the abyss node has strengthened the idea of dream seekers. Tibet must have a journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

This is not a trip through the hotel. It is his secret exploration of scenic spots with an Xuefeng, which is essentially illegal.And the difficulty will also surge. Even if we cooperate with an Xuefeng, dream chasers are ready to return to zero.


But who would have thought that an Xuefeng was as fierce as taking gun medicine and didn’t leave any hands at all.It’s like a direct violent horizontal push. Up to now, there’s basically no room for him to pursue his dreams.

The only thing he did was that an Xuefeng beat him too hard. When he wanted to smash the bloody butcher, he took a handful and left it alive.

After all, it’s better to kill together after enough.

He also found that in addition to fighting too hard, an Xuefeng, who usually doesn’t touch his cell phone and often can’t find anyone, even looks at his cell phone every time he finishes playing.He killed three snow floating slaughters with one knife. In order to receive a message, he killed so fast that even his dreamer couldn’t collect the corpse.

Just now, too. If he hadn’t been quick and quick, the three snow floating butchers would have to die again.

“Are you looking at it?”

Dream chasers are rarely curious.The progress was faster and more stable than expected. He should be able to open the glacier tomorrow. He also relaxed a lot and was in the mood to tease: “team an, this is love?”

To tell you the truth, an Xuefeng will look at his mobile phone and his mobile phone. He is really like a young man in love.


An Xuefeng’s voice is very cold, and his tone is more irritable and impatient. His voice is frightening. Let alone falling in love, it’s like his enemy opposite his mobile phone.

“I’m looking at an animal.”

Beast?Who is an Xuefeng scolding?

The dreamer noticed something wrong. He warned, “an Xuefeng, you are in a wrong situation and there are signs of getting out of control.”

It’s not on the journey now!If an Xuefeng is out of control, especially because of his enemies, he is likely to rush out and kill all the enemies who annoy him!

Is he reading?Who let an Xuefeng out of control?Is it the butcher alliance, a trap set by the playful people?

Dreamers frown more and more tightly, and their expression is more and more dignified.He has been thinking that if the secret is leaked, the butcher alliance really sets a trap here. With him and an Xuefeng, can he open the ghost glacier under the attack of the butcher alliance, or is the ghost glacier and shabalam cave a game?The butcher alliance wants to catch him and an Xuefeng?

After thinking about it, the dreamer whispered, “if it’s really not, we’ll withdraw.”

“Withdraw what?”

An Xuefeng asked.

“If you suddenly kill out…”

“Why should I suddenly kill out.”

An Xuefeng said impatiently. His eyes finally moved away from his mobile phone and looked at the dreamer.He rubbed his temples, alleviated his irritability and asked calmly, “what’s the matter with the dreamer?”

The dreamer knew that his situation was unstable and didn’t want to say things like “butcher alliance” and “life frolicker” to stimulate him, so he thought: “I’m afraid of you. I’m going to hunt down that ‘beast’…”

“Do I chase you?”

An Xuefeng looked strange and hissed, “I scolded myself.”

“I am the beast.”

Ah, here.

The dreamer was at a loss.

Who calls himself a beast?

No, an Xuefeng has been looking at his mobile phone to see a conclusion that he is an animal?

Dreamers feel that this person’s spirit is probably more unstable than expected.Yes, the tour guide needs a tour team, and the Tour team also needs a tour guide.An Xuefeng’s situation is so bad, but he still hasn’t had a guide on his way home over the years. No wonder his mental state is getting worse and worse.

Thinking of this, the dreamer sighed.After years of friendship, he comforted:

“Your team still has hope, Wei Xun. It seems to be the name. Maybe he can join the homecoming.”

“Wei Xun…”

When he mentioned the name, an Xuefeng’s face was complicated. He picked up a cigarette again, but he didn’t light it this time.But silently, masochistic, I watched this video again.In the dark tent, the snow leopard happily snored and pressed a young man under him.


When an Xuefeng watched it for the first time, he couldn’t even calm his fluctuating mood by killing more than ten snow floating slaughters.The dreamer said that he was mentally unstable. No, he felt that his spirit was extremely stable now, otherwise he would not be complete. After reading this recording screen.

After all, the northern Tibet video screen randomly selects a section. Most of the scenes as long as the snow leopard appears, whenever you look at it, an Xuefeng wants to be buried in the snow and destroyed forever.

But this has happened.

We can’t escape. We must face it and find a way to solve it.

An Xuefeng took another look. The snow leopard refused to get up on Wei Xun’s thigh and had to comb his hair——

“I really don’t do personnel.”

He covered his face in pain and muttered to himself.

* *

“An Xuefeng should have seen the recording screen.”

Wei Xun looked at the opposite side of his mobile phone. An Xuefeng was determined to compensate for his spiritual loss, and couldn’t help laughing.

In fact, he felt nothing. He might be a little angry when he first knew it, but he also learned that an Xuefeng’s transformation into a snow leopard was not an ordinary wild soul, but to suppress strength and thinking. He had no human consciousness. He was just a simple snow leopard. After that, he didn’t have much weird feeling.

After all, to tell the truth, snow leopard helped him a lot during the journey, and indeed has been asking for unrequited help.As for the closeness of the snow leopard, there may be a vague guidance of the contract, or it may be because of the fragments of the Maria butterfly, not from an Xuefeng’s original intention.

However, an Xuefeng is afraid that he can’t get through this ridge. He feels that he really owes Wei Xun, so he always wants to compensate for the mental loss.

After understanding this, Wei Xun no longer firmly refused, but asked for the invisible cloak and asked an Xuefeng to give him some points at will. This matter is even solved.

When a person feels indebted to you and wants to compensate you very much, it’s not good to refuse blindly.

There is no reason that the more debt, the closer they are.Like fishing, it’s not good to tighten the line or relax it.

How to communicate, can people feel happy, relaxed, and even feel a little indebted, but closer to you?

That is to accept his apology, but symbolism is greater than real significance.If Wei Xun really received three items from the hotel owner, even if they were precious, I’m afraid it would be over in an Xuefeng’s heart.

He is very principled and is willing to buy peace of mind with three precious props.

Wei Xun did not.

Taking the invisibility cloak and some points is a sign to an Xuefeng. I don’t mind. Don’t worry.

But for an Xuefeng, the value and points of the invisibility cloak can’t be as far as what he delimited in his heart. He should compensate Wei Xun for this matter.

So he should have breathed a sigh of relief, but there was still some guilt in his heart, and he remembered it more deeply.Because of this guilt, he may be more willing to help Wei Xun in the future.And with an Xuefeng’s character, maybe he will watch the live video again and again.

Because this person has strong self-discipline and principle. He never avoids anything, but faces it directly.

Wei Xun can feel that even if there is a contract, an Xuefeng should not be completely relieved of him.On the way home, as soon as an Xuefeng left, Mao Xiaole and his entourage arrived. Wei Xun was not given the opportunity to ‘visit by himself’.

Therefore, after Wei Xun realized that an Xuefeng might have seen the recording screen and wanted to compensate him, he quickly grabbed his guilt and took the initiative.

“Brother… You taught me these.”

Thinking about these things and answering some text messages, it took less than ten minutes, but Wei Xun missed it a little.

For a long time, my brother told him how to look at people and how to get along with people.No matter how complicated a person is, he seems to be transparent in his brother’s eyes. He can easily judge what the other person wants and what he is thinking, which made Wei Xun worship him when he was a child. He did the same with his words and deeds.

Later, it was easy to get along with Youzi Ming. After all, Wei Xun couldn’t live long. He didn’t care about some things and didn’t bother to think more.

But now, he’s a little back.

Maybe others will think that if you think so much, are you tired?

But Wei Xun enjoyed it. He felt that he was alive.

He’s dead. He’s dying. He won’t think so much.

Only when he is alive and wants to live brilliantly enough, will he meet a strong man worthy of such exploration and confrontation.

It was like a dark competition. As soon as he was immersed in it, Wei Xun was very excited and trembled.

“Call -”

Wei Xun exhaled and closed his cell phone.

All kinds of temptations and confrontations are of equal strength.

At present, what he has to do is to improve his strength, and Wei Xun sets a small goal for himself.On the way home, you must be strong enough to win any two returning players.

This sounds like a arrogant goal, but Wei Xun thinks he can do it.

Just because he has only participated in two trips, he has ranked first in the world star list of tour guides and tourists respectively.

[dear passengers, congratulations on choosing thriller global hotel!Thriller global hotel, great choice!]

The cheerful prompt sounded in Wei Xun’s ear:

[the full function of the creepy journey app is opened for you, and the points you get on this journey are being settled!]

With the sound of the hotel, various scenes in the exploration of northern Tibet flashed before Wei Xun’s eyes. When the first scene was on the bus, Wei Xun fastened his seat belt and talked with feilezhi.

[ being the leader of new people: 300 points]

Then he trampled Ding Yi under his feet. All the passengers were stunned or couldn’t believe it. Ding Yi smiled and announced Wei Xun as the captain of the journey.

[as a new team leader: 1000 points]

Then, Wei Xun fought with the dragon fish on the Bank of dangjiayongcuo Lake late at night, entered the Dragon God waterway, encountered evil spirits and insects, and met demons in the nine story zigzag Crystal Tower.

[end: Branch attractions: 1500 points]

Later, he won the golden winged ROC badge in the ruins and the crown of the golden winged ROC horn in the collapsed nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower.The gold necklace thousands of years ago flashed on the third floor of the Sutra cave in Xiaolin temple. In the rainstorm, he took the bone flute of the descendant of the eagle flute, and in the dark, he stole the gold bell in the devil’s arm.

[end of the journey: 2500 points]

Then the puppet man and yin-yang butterfly appeared. They fought under the earth around the abyss node. The node opened too fast, and the abyss gas did not leak and pollute the world. Wei Xun, the task of convening excellent passengers, was finished!

[ for excellent passengers, complete the first call order task: 1500 points]

After that, the faces of Fei Lezhi, Yin Baitao, Xu Yang, Jiang Hongguang and Ji Hongcai, as well as the descendants of Eagle flute who were replaced by * * standing in the dark, flashed in Wei Xun’s mind.

[you have been recognized by the hotel and your companions: 1000 points]

The picture behind is an old, bony Eagle flute, which is suffused with light, as if shuttling through years and time, ancient and mysterious.

[first difficult journey: 1000 points]

[your total score for this northern Tibet exploration is 8800 points. Congratulations!You have set the highest score for novice travelers and topped the list of new world travelers!]

[you get the ‘tourist star’ label granted by the hotel and get the invitation to the year-end celebration!]

At this moment, in the outside world, whether it is the east or west district, whether it is the tour guides and tourists staying in the hotel hall, or the tourists and tour guides brushing their mobile phones in the real world, all of them were pushed by the thriller app.

[another amazing tourist with unlimited possibilities appears. He is destined to leave a strong mark in the history of the hotel!]

[Wei Xun, a new passenger, topped the list of world passenger stars!]


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