TTG Chapter 138

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 138

“Good guy, I didn’t expect that the new regiment of C 250 squatted to Wei Xun’s notice first.”

Wang pengpai smiled and sat on the terrace eating a string. Lushu orange and Mao Xiaole were busy in front of the grill. In the evening, the beef and mutton not finished in the hot pot were strung up and roasted again. Mao Xiaole gave a blind command nearby. For a while, he shouted to eat the roasted fish, and for a while, he complained that the deer Book orange was roasted too raw. He was kicked away by the Werewolf with a claw.

“Wei Xun will definitely top the list!”

Lushu orange is very confident in Wei Xun. The beef she roasts is really raw. Basically, she roasts only one layer on the surface, which is mature at most. Werewolf nature makes her prefer to eat raw meat. She is afraid to scare Wei Xun at hot pot parties, and her performance is very normal. Mao Xiaole and Wang pengpai also showed that they were normal.

Just like when everyone was normal a few years ago.

In fact, now in the eyes of outsiders, they are a little abnormal.

“Cut, let you not listen to what I said before. Brother Wei is powerful.”

Mao xiaoledao, after he was kicked away, simply took a talisman in one hand and a cinnabar talisman pen in the other, hung his wrist and drew a lucky talisman.

“With brother Wei, I don’t really want to kill.”

Because of some things before, Mao Xiaole had a great desire to kill, and even became addicted. If he didn’t let him kill, he would be very painful. It didn’t work when an Xuefeng forced him to quit several times. It wasn’t wang Yushu’s addiction that could be solved by crying and Lushu orange by eating raw meat.

Moreover, Mao Xiaole was killed, and his paranoia was very serious. When walking in the virtual hall, passers-by looked at him more. He felt that the other party had bad intentions and wanted to kill people.

Later, some of him could control himself, and others were relieved for the time being, but who knows that Mao Xiaole pretended. He wanted to rush into the butcher alliance, regardless of killing happily, kill all the way to the highest place, and it didn’t matter whether he was afraid of death.

However, an Xuefeng has been staring. In fact, he deliberately transferred others that day to let no one in the brigade station watch. In fact, it is a test of Mao Xiaole.

If Mao Xiaole really can’t control himself and wants to kill him, it’s hard to say what an Xuefeng will do.

Maybe he will be locked up and suppressed to see whether the addiction to killing will be worn off first or Mao Xiaole will completely collapse and go crazy first. Maybe in that way, there will be no Mao Xiaole today.

But that day, Mao Xiaole didn’t kill out. An Xuefeng found all the props, weapons and even a final letter he had prepared. Mao Xiaole made all the preparations, but he didn’t go.

Quite a long time ago, in reality, Mao Xiaole’s master died and the Taoist temple was destroyed. Mao Xiaole entered the hotel. At that time, he was addicted to killing, and even almost entered the butcher alliance. An Xuefeng found him. He showed Mao Xiaole a picture.

That was the only picture of Mao Xiaole and his master. When an Xuefeng was a policeman, he found the Taoist temple and asked him to take it.

Perhaps he had expected his death and left this picture to make Mao Xiaole not go crazy and kill people.

Before, Mao Xiaole would look at this picture every time he couldn’t help it. But the photos didn’t work at that time. He wanted to delete the photos, and then completely liberate his nature and go out to kill people.

But when he turned on his mobile phone and wanted to delete the photos, he somehow opened a station and saw the Maoshan Taoist who had just written dozens of copies.

The protagonist in the book is Mao lvwu. There is a Taoist who is very kind to him as a master. They depend on each other in an unknown Taoist temple in a remote area. The little Taoist loves to eat fish and always secretly goes to the river to catch fish. But this time, he encounters a floating corpse murder case and has been involved in a lot of danger and conspiracy.

Mao Xiaole is obsessed with reading. He doesn’t even want to kill people. He wants to read every day. Even draw a lot of money to hit the list for the author. The author added his contact information and wanted to return the money to him.

In fact, Mao Xiaole doesn’t have so much money, and the author is not a person who is short of money. He never responds to readers. He leaves after writing every day and won’t notice a small reader.

It was an Xuefeng who read this article several times, figured out the author’s character, pointed out several technical problems in the tone of Maoshan Taoist, and talked about all kinds of folk mysteries, all kinds of rare wonders, strange and frightening legends in the world. Only then did he gradually attract each other and add contact information.

The first time he read this book, he knew that Mao Li’s five, small is three paintings, and music is five paintings. The protagonist of Maoshan Taoist is Maoshan Taoist.

An Xuefeng, the author of Shui Riyue, also checked and confirmed that he was not sent by people from other organizations and was not someone who deliberately wanted to catch Mao Xiaole. Then he did not hinder his communication with Mao Xiaole.

Mao Xiaole is destined for him. It is no accident that the protagonist of Taoist Maoshan is named Mao Li l Wu.

It can be said that Mao Xiaole’s life can not be changed too much because of him. The whole journey home was actually very grateful to the water, the sun and the moon, and the warm hospitality came from the heart.

Before, Mao Xiaole looked forward to the stars and the moon, hoping that the water would come, but then he hesitated and hoped that he would not come. After all, the hotel is really not a good place. But when Wei Xun really came, he had a hot pot with him and heard that he was at the top of the passenger star list, Mao Xiaole was really happy.

Wei Xun was still depressed at that time and pretended to be serious. Now he is so happy that he doesn’t know where to go. He would like to tell the world that Mr. Wei is the top tourist star in the world!

Wang pengpai also joked: “Xiao Le, are you so happy that you are now out of the top five on the list?”

Mao Xiaole sniffed, continued to draw the lucky charm, and laughed again.

“That’s good. The fifth of” C “was pushed down by Mr. Wei. Hey, hey.”

“The child is crazy. He’s really out of it!”

Wang pengpai was happy: “when Yu Hehui first changed into a heavenly fox, the little pigeon was like this. He couldn’t pull out his eyes and killed me with laughter. The guy was full of bad water. No one knew that he was serious. He was photographed.”

“It’s almost ten years since such a flash. When the little pigeon and Tong Hege were the same age as Xiaole, they were nineteen years old, ah.”

“Let’s go to the grave and wait for the captain to come back.”

Lushu orange said with a smile: “C. iris was newly planted. Before, you said brother Tong liked blue and purple flowers.”

“Yes, Tong Hege likes blue and purple flowers, Tong hele likes red flowers, and both of their brothers like flowers.”

Wang pengpai was a little drunk: “take it with you to sweep the tomb at that time, take it with you.”

“You said, after all these years, Huihui had a chance. Would they also live in a hard nest in which mountain gadali?”

“It’s possible.”

Mao Xiaole complained: “tell me, why didn’t you bring brother Hui back at that time.”

“Hey, the boat capsized in the gutter. It’s not.But Yu Hehui should have a good time at C 250. ”

Wang pengpai murmured, “seriously, you can’t bring people here if you do it.The hotel is staring. ”

“But C 250 is OK. Maybe Huihui’s soul is still there.”

C 250 is too weak and has too much publicity. Sooner or later, someone will find that he is C Jiu in Western Hunan, who led the team on the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

In these ten days alone, the major tour guides and tourist teams are looking for him, but no one can find the first team recording screen of C 250, which is very problematic.

I can’t find the first team recording screen if I can get such high points and get on the list for nine days.

Others are not fools, but first, they can’t confirm that Bingjiu really died. Second, they can’t believe that a new tour guide can really do so.

But as long as they watch the live broadcast of the team led by C 250 and see his means, they can’t hide everything.

“Maybe that’s why…”

Just because the hotel expected that bing250 would encounter such a dead situation after becoming a new star tour guide, it was willing to let him take Yu Hehui’s ghost away. It is reasonable to say that this is against the rules. Wang pengpai even speculated whether bing250 would hook up with a hotel principal.

Wang pengpai let go because of this. The rest of the team complained and knew that in that case, I’m afraid only C250 could bring Yu Hehui back.

He has been able to hide for so long these ten days that no one can find it. Yu Hehui must be teaching him. This guy can hide it for ten years, so that their friends can’t find it.

Wanxiang Chunhe is outside, so powerful and aboveboard. In fact, he is also helping him attract attention and obstruct others when looking for him. If you give priority to the development of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude, those who don’t like it have to go home. After all, they have held two journeys, and the original ones have not been excavated.

“I owe C 2501 lives on my way home.”

Wang surging way, then said with a smile: “also owe Wei Xun one.”

Yu Hehui’s life, Mao Xiaole’s life.

“It’s not good. The next journey under C 250 should be difficult.”

The order of C 250 is almost doomed to bring difficulties. He was able to get drunk in Western Hunan. Although he didn’t know the reason, it should be a foul. Someone must have paid a great price and may be noticed by the hotel.

It’s almost impossible to make small moves this time. Next, everything should be in accordance with the hotel rules.

“It’s hard to deal with the difficult group.”

The lower the regiment, the more difficult it is to mix people into it. For example, Wang pengpai’s suppression strength is to the extreme, and it is already very reluctantly to participate in the super dangerous drunk Western Hunan. An Xuefeng is a pure snow leopard without any human consciousness in northern Tibet.

But as far as Wang pengpai knows, the butcher alliance and Shepherd alliance actually raise passengers. The rank is not high, so they wait for it to be used.

Serious tourists can’t beat the tourists trained by the butcher alliance and the shepherd alliance, or even those raised by the big brigade. The main reason is that it’s too cruel and abnormal. Almost all of them are puppets. In the end, they can even sacrifice themselves to pick up guides.

This is the problem faced by the brigade under C 250.

Wang pengpai knows what Wanxiang Chunhe means. They want to seal the power and add three to enter the journey, but the difficult journey is really too difficult, too difficult, and there is no way. What does it look like.

“Well, let’s go step by step.”

Wang pengpai patted his stomach, but he still got up in a hurry and called the sunset.

Tonight’s sunset tour group, passengers of appropriate grade, who are willing, will go out of the group in the early morning and squeeze the group of C250 at the moment when the information appears. This is true of other tour groups, brigades, and tourists specially trained by various tour guide alliances.

But for the difficult journey, the high level can only be entered by passengers with a medium level star, which is too low. Even Shi Xiao’s brother Shi Tao has a medium level two stars!

“Alas, if only C 250 could bring a high-level group, even if it was only super dangerous.”

Wang pengpai sighed that if this is true, he can squeeze in half the way home and cheer him on!

It’s a pity.

* *

“Unfortunately, only 100000 points have been collected.”

Wei Xun regretted to think that he sold all the junk collected from this trip to northern Tibet after identification.

What about the black stone Buddha statues in dalamba, some radiated black stone mines, excavated from the ruins of Hailuogou, small conch fossils, small black stone statues, small gold plates with large fingernails, etc. I don’t know which corner of the fox cub’s belly to find, all of which were sold to the travel agency.

After he worked so hard, he still accepted the 200000 points that an Xuefeng had to turn over, which made him a hundred thousand.

It’s really difficult for a penny.

Wei Xun’s exclamation is going to be heard by other tour guides. Who like him has saved 200000 points just to test whether the hotel will control the tour guide’s points and send him a super class group.

“What grade will it be?”

Wei Xun is also very nervous. He hopes to be sent to a more difficult journey.

Only if it’s hard enough will he be strong enough when he comes out.

“Dangerous, or super dangerous like drunk beauty in Western Hunan?”

It should not be possible to get drunk in Western Hunan. After all, it is difficult for Bingjiu to take this group. Usually, those who take super dangerous groups are second-class tour guides.

It’s not the second-class tour guide at the bottom of B 100 or B 100, but the second-class middle guide of ghost B 49!

Not to mention the extreme danger level at the top. That’s second only to the difficulty of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude!

Time, minute by minute.

Near the early morning, everyone’s hearts were pulled up.

It’s twelve o’clock at last!

“Come on, search C 250!”

In an instant, all major brigades, tour groups, even tour guide alliances, and even some people in the Western District opened the “new journey information” at the same time, and searched C250 in the tour guide column as quickly as possible.No matter what you see at the moment of page switching, you can directly click ‘C want to join the group!’


“C can’t be added!”


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