TTG Chapter 139

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 139: The higher order regiment!

“I can’t add it!”

One of the sunset brigade couldn’t believe it and stared at his mobile phone. His hand speed was very fast. He immediately clicked “join the team” as soon as the interface was switched, but the bullet was red [failed].

“Shao yuan, did you rise the star without permission?!”

With a frown on the head of the sunset brigade, Shaoyuan is the strongest young man in the sunset brigade. He is stuck in the middle level star and is about to rise to the star. If he can’t get in, it’s no use for others to go in, actually!

“Did anyone go in?”

Without further thought, the sunset regimental commander ordered Shaoyuan every other space, and he immediately found that he couldn’t go in. Moreover, none of the people who arranged for the sunset brigade came with good news.

There’s something wrong with this one. Everyone can’t go in. Although it’s possible, it’s weird tonight. The sunset leader subconsciously looked at his mobile phone, but then he was shocked and stunned.

“Captain, I can’t get in, not because I’m strong. I didn’t rise a star.”

Next to Shaoyuan, he didn’t notice the movements of the sunset group leader. He said calmly. He really listened honestly. He didn’t rise the star. Although it was dangerous this time, it was an opportunity. He didn’t want to miss it or make a bad impression on the group leader.

Shaoyuan Wei was very wronged and felt that he had to make it clear, but when he raised his mobile phone to show it to the head, he noticed the words above. Shaoyuan’s grievance was completely replaced by shock.

Just now, Shaoyuan was trying to speed up. When he brushed it, he just clicked. He didn’t think at all. Now when he looked at his mobile phone, he couldn’t believe it. His spirit was a little trance: “the hotel didn’t remind me that he was super grade, but…”

“You are weak.”

With a sigh of relief, the sunset leader waved his hand: “no, we’ve worked hard this time.”

“It’s so late. Let’s go back and have a rest.”

As usual, the sunset leader in the brigade is the one and only person, and everyone responds positively to every sentence. But this time, the reply was sparse. When the head left at sunset, everyone rarely came back to reality. Without the head, the noise roared.

“On your cell phone… It’s the same.”

Shao Yuanli Z can’t believe his eyes and goes to talk to others with his mobile phone.

The humanitarian: “yes… That’s right.”

“Could it be that the hotel has a bug?”

Shaoyuan held his breath: “C 250, just a tour guide at the end of C, how can he –”

“It shouldn’t be your fault.”

The man nodded the itinerary list: “look, five people have been added.”

“If there is a bug, the hotel will definitely lock the journey and won’t let anyone in.”

“But -”

“Well, anyway, it has nothing to do with us.”

The man had a good attitude and comforted Shaoyuan: “look at this posture. Tut Tut, even if we really squeeze in, we’ll be cannon fodder.”

“That may or may not be.”

Shaoyuan muttered, but he also knew. What his companion said was really reasonable, but Shaoyuan was holding his breath.

What about the agreed difficulty level group? He dare not say anything else. He is definitely the strongest in the middle level one star, even if the butcher alliance and Shepherd alliance come.

Even Shaoyuan thought that even if the C-250 connection was a dangerous group, he was not afraid.

But the problem is, this shit, the C-9 regiment doesn’t work at all!

A tour guide at the end of grade C received an extremely dangerous group!

Is this reasonable???

“Don’t think about it. Don’t talk about it.”

The companion looked around and lowered his voice: “I see, maybe someone is plotting against C 250.”

Shao yuan is not stupid. After listening to this, he thought it over, and suddenly his back was full of cold sweat.

“You mean…”


The companion was full of deep meaning: “that’s the two sides… Understand.”

* *

“Lieutenant, I have a little problem sneaking into the journey.

The sunset leader left here and directly called Wang pengpai. But Wang pengpai was so excited and noisy that he shouted something and rushed for me. While yelling at the stupid butcher alliance and the shepherd alliance, they didn’t have time for a minute or two, and they still spoke very fast:

“Sunset, I know it. Don’t worry. Who the hell can’t sneak in this time!”

“Yes, the people we chose couldn’t go in.”

The sunset leader smiled bitterly. He could understand Wang pengpai’s mood, because at the moment, his mood was also very complex: “I’m in.”

Who the fuck should I reason with? Good morning. One of the team members who had been arranged couldn’t go in. As a result, the head of the organization who was in charge of supervision went in.


After hanging up, Wang pengpai was still angry. He got up and looked at Mao Xiaole. He said nervously, “how’s it going? Has it passed the audit?”

“Z is under review.”

“Waiting for the high trial.”

Lu Shucheng and Mao Xiaole replied that they were also the first people to find that there was a “U” problem in the C250 travel information, and their reaction speed was faster than that in the sunset. But the sunset passed the examination, and they were stuck. Wang pengpai had no chance.

Before he was drunk in Western Hunan, he was exposed at the end and was on the blacklist of the hotel. Don’t want to seal his strength to participate in the journey.

Mao Xiaole was on the hotel’s list of key concerns because of his many murders and improper words and deeds. He had not been audited for the first time and was basically out of action.

Among the three of them, the only hope is deer Book orange.

“I really didn’t expect that these guide grandsons really think hard.”

Wang pengpai scolded: “shit, the first order is extremely dangerous. Doesn’t this mean that you want to plug people in again and add blocking to us!”

* *

“The first order is extremely dangerous?”

Wei Xun was surprised that this was really a road he had never imagined!

According to Wei Xun’s thinking, even if he has a large amount of money, the hotel should not go too far. He has to leave some fig leaf.

For example, give him a dangerous group, but in fact, this group is near 30 degrees north latitude. Like Zui Mei and Xiangxi, it is actually a super dangerous journey.

Or make a single moth in the itinerary content, such as making a thriller folk custom limit three element mixed class, and the difficulty will directly explode the table.

After all, on the bright side, the travel difficulty of the hotel is generally only five levels, ‘safety level’, ‘difficulty level’, ‘danger level’, ‘extreme danger level’ and ‘no solution level’.

Super dangerous and some detailed divisions are actually the subdivisions made by tourist guides after years of experience.

“Extremely dangerous…”

In fact, up to now, Wei Xun is not sure whether his 300000 points play a role in the team. After all, it is really ahead of schedule. Even if you give hundreds of thousands of red envelopes to matchmakers on a blind date, it is impossible to introduce the British Prince to you.

This involves the level u problem.

Wei Xun’s rank is to match the difficult level journey, and it’s not too much to let him go to the safe level journey.

Even if it is dangerous, the hotel is equivalent to wearing small shoes for him. It would be a dangerous journey at 30 degrees north latitude, which is actually super dangerous. Even Bingjiu received the drunken Xiangxi, which was incredible and beyond his power. Some people even gambled for an hour that he would die.

But the hotel was shameless. It even gave Wei Xun an extremely dangerous group!

According to the normal situation, he almost died with the journey, and there would be no room for struggle. Maybe when I went to buy a ticket as a tour guide, a ghost king said he was friendly and pasted it with him, so he had to burp his fart directly.

Wei Xun is incredible.

Is that what the hotel wants to kill him?

But it’s only 300000… Seriously, top tour guides should also be very rich.

Wei Xun felt that what the hotel did was totally unreasonable.

Because this is not only for him, but also for the passengers of this group.

As a tour guide, if Wei Xun gets off the bus and dies, I’m afraid the passengers will also be sad. He has learned that the more advanced the tour group, the higher the quality requirements of the tour guide.

Once Ding like northern Tibet is gone, it is almost impossible to pass the customs just by the guide and Wei Xun.

Because the higher the journey, the more terrible the existence of the guide itself will be.

Like the herald of the eagle flute, it’s really harmless. Even if you sign a contract with the devil, it’s of little use. Wei Xun took the crown and robbed the eagle flute. He only talked and slapped Wei Xun.

But to replace it with a fierce ghost, Pingping, look again.

In the extremely dangerous group, the guide will only be more dangerous than the fierce ghost Pingping. The tour guide died at the beginning and the whole journey collapsed. Does the hotel want a whole group of big tourists to bury Wei Xun?

“Zhou Xiyang, super class four-star passenger, head of sunset brigade.”

“Half life Taoist, super class two-star passenger, deputy head of Laoshan brigade.”

Wei Xun looked at the passenger list generated by Z, and saw the two familiar names. Although others’ names are strange, at least they are super class passengers.

Wei Xun smiled and touched his chin: “I have a lot of cards here.”

There are five levels of passengers, primary, intermediate, advanced, special and the highest.

Top big tourists mean top tour guides. The number of stars in each level shall be subdivided. The top 50 stars go up, also known as the peak.

Like an Xuefeng and the captains of major brigades, they are peak passengers. Mao Xiaole is also the peak, but the number of stars is lower than an Xuefeng.

Different levels of star promotion require different scores.

This score is the score given by the hotel according to the performance of tourists or tour guides during each journey. It is different from the score “Z”.

After these two trips, Wei Xun’s points can be used in general, but the scores are for his two identities as a tour guide and a passenger respectively.

Once he came down from northern Tibet, he scored a total of 8800 points, successfully crossed the primary level and became an intermediate one-star passenger.

Passengers with an intermediate star can participate in the difficult journey at the lowest level and the dangerous journey at the highest level.

To the intermediate two stars, there is a small probability of participating in a super dangerous journey, but this is usually an act of death, such as Shi Tao. If Wei Xun hadn’t drunk the beauty of Western Hunan, he would almost die before he reached the first scenic spot.

In fact, there were many doubts about Z in the journey to Western Hunan, but it was covered up by the “survival of all”.It is reasonable to say that the main force of the super dangerous journey should be senior passengers.


There is rarely a whole brigade, only Miao Fangfei has a senior one-star support platoon. Seriously, if Wei Xun wasn’t there, the brigade would almost be a dead brigade. Although hotels usually give passengers the most difficult journey within their level, they shouldn’t send them to death.

Therefore, at that time, the sunset brigade took Miao Fangfei and them all in order not to expose that Bingjiu was on the bus at the beginning. Bingjiu may be a new tour guide. Z felt that the people in the brigade might be targeted by the hotel for various reasons.

If you let them have a free journey again, I’m afraid they will be quietly killed by the hotel.

When it comes to the extremely dangerous level, only a small number of senior five-star passengers and the vast majority of super class passengers are matched.

Extreme danger has also been artificially graded by the tourist guides. Wei Xun has received that the journey is a first-order extreme danger, which is a relatively simple category in the extreme danger journey.

But seeing a tour guide who can match three or four special stars, we know that this thing is by no means really simple.

Extremely dangerous journey, including super dangerous supernatural, super dangerous no man’s land exploration, super dangerous relic exploration, and all mixed classes.

Wei Xun received this as a ‘super dangerous supernatural.

[mission information]

[journey Code: Beijing suburb]

[journey level: extremely dangerous]

[specific itinerary: not determined]

[specific group type: not determined]

[tour guide: C250]

[date of issue: 9.20]

[return date: undetermined]

The mission information was issued seven days in advance. In fact, there are many uncertain information in Z.Including the total number of passengers, the names and information of passengers, and the temporary passenger list in Wei Xun’s hands is increasing from time to time.

At this time, passengers can search C250 through the latest journey information to choose to join the journey. Of course, the number of people on a trip actually fluctuates, with a minimum number and a maximum number.


If the departure time is coming soon and the minimum number is not enough, the hotel may pull people at random, which are those who give up their free choice and let the hotel assign them.

If it is a difficult and safe journey, the missing number may be filled with new people.

But the level of extreme danger will no longer be a newcomer. The number of people will be finalized the day before the delivery. However, if the passenger in the itinerary dies unexpectedly after confirmation, the hotel will pull people again, and others will have the opportunity to apply for joining the team again.

“Grandma’s new clothes.”

Wei Xun whispered that his hand was a miserable white travel card.

On the front of the card, there are five words [grandma’s new clothes].

This is the “tourist ticket” that the tour guide will get first during the tour. It can be regarded as a hint of the next scenic spot. This is the first time for him to lead a group. When he was drunk in Western Hunan, he was halfway to Jiasai. He didn’t really have many things that should be.

For example, when ghost B 49 came to the information group, he got a travel ticket that said [ghost gate on the ground, not Shentang bend].

This kind of prompt, in fact, will be given to passengers who join the group. But they get only a small part. Passengers like Wei Xun only know the hint of [grandma’s new clothes].

Only Wei Xun can see that after turning over this tourist ticket, there is another paragraph in “Z”. It seems that some sentences are illogical and confusing.

[over the past 100 years, grandma has been in poor health. She stays in the old house every day and seldom opens the door. I bought this dress for my grandmother and said it was a joy. The new clothes have been received. Grandma likes them very much. She wears them on her every day and is willing to wear them. Z says the hat should be worn in winter]

[but before winter came, grandma died]

“The old man is in poor health. He is very happy and has new clothes…”

Wei Xun murmured with a slightly changed look:

“This is a shroud.”

Many places have the custom of buying birthday clothes for the elderly in advance, especially the elderly who are in poor health. The old man said that the old man wearing a shroud can rejoice and increase his life.

But Wei Xun noticed that ‘grandma hasn’t been in good health in the past 100 years’

It’s not uncommon to live a hundred years, but combined with the words above and below, it’s not just as simple as living a hundred years.

Most likely, she has been a “grandmother” for a hundred years.

“Old goblin, this is… Tut.”

“Pingping is also a hundred year old ghost, but this hundred year old grandmother is better than Pingping.”

Wei Xun thought of Li Gui Pingping, who was also a ghost a hundred years ago. He was so angry and powerful. As a result, drunk in Western Hunan was just a super dangerous journey.

Z can’t compete with this extremely dangerous centenarian.

Wei Xun remembers that the tentative code of the journey is [suburb of Beijing], which can be used as the code. It is definitely not just a hint of the location, but definitely related to the journey. Grandma’s birthday clothes and centenarians are probably just the beginning dishes. They should hide deep secrets.

* *

“Jingjiao, grandma’s new clothes, Jingjiao, grandma.”

The parchment in his hand flipped quickly, and a faint golden light shone in his eyes, reflecting with the golden light on the parchment roll.

Suddenly, the parchment stopped. There was a faint surprise on his face.

“So… I see.”

He took a quill pen, pulled out a blank parchment and wrote something quickly. As he wrote, he said, “no wonder C250 can receive an extremely dangerous task. So it is.”

“Is it a sequel to the journey?”

Wan Lichun looked at the tourist ticket he got and pondered for a few seconds.


“It’s a sequel journey,” he said

“C250 could not have received an extremely dangerous journey. Even if those butcher alliance designs or the main people above intervene, it is impossible.”

“But there is a small possibility of reducing the difficulty of the extremely dangerous journey.”

Just like the journey at 30 degrees north latitude, the difficulty of scenic spots will rise sharply, exceeding the danger of the original standard of the hotel. Therefore, passengers create a “super dangerous level”.

Then naturally, there will be a journey slightly lower than the standard level of the hotel.

That’s the sequel journey.

As the name suggests, just like the sequel of film and television drama, the ‘second’ and ‘third’ of the film, it goes down on the basis of the original, and so is the sequel journey.

Take the journey distance from northern Tibet. If Wei Xun didn’t join the brigade, it was Chang Dingyi who fooled around with the brigade. There may be two endings. Either with the descendant of Eagle flute, most importantly, by the Bank of selinco lake, they stopped the sacrifice, angered the devil or thwarted the devil’s plot, or they helped the descendant of Eagle flute complete the sacrifice and help the devil get out of trouble further.

The devil can’t be solved until next year, when the real demon elimination warrior heralded by the wrong Lama arrives.

The journey next year is the sequel journey.

In fact, he is the background boss of the previous journey and has become the “protagonist” of the journey in the new journey.

The difficulty of the sequel journey is not low. However, because there are “previous actions”, we can roughly infer some information about the enemy. For example, his experience, what he fears, what he desires, what ability he has, how far he recovers, and so on.

Knowing yourself and the enemy is invincible in a hundred battles, so in objective theory, the journey of the sequel is less difficult than those who don’t know. You can choose props to restrain the enemy in advance.

“The sequel is not enough.”

Way: “C 250 order potential difference is too much.”

In fact, the level of passengers who can join this journey is higher than the limit. For the first-order extremely dangerous journey, the highest level of passengers that can enter should be the super three stars, like the super four stars of the sunset head. Unless the final number is not enough to fill in the gaps, they will have the opportunity to enter.

It’s impossible that he can get in on such an application. The list of the group is not determined. Except for the tour guide, the passengers do not know the list of the group. But the setting sun is his own man. He learned the news of this hand for the first time.

“Let the slightly superior passengers enter, the passengers are strong, and in the view of the hotel, it is also to protect the tour guide.”

“Maybe the hotel will let in the passengers from the west side except the passengers from the east side,” he said lightly

When there are contradictions, fights and chaos, the guide is safe.

“But” Z “is not enough.”

Class C, 250 is really low, and the guide is the first to get off. Even if there are so many big passengers’ protection ‘, the guide often acts alone.

Arrange accommodation, exchange bills, collect scenic spot items in advance, etc., which are not touched by passengers.

“Double tour guides, or ‘guardianship’.”

Close the sheepskin roll: “that’s their purpose.”

Those tour guides don’t just want to train passengers to control the journey. They want to go directly by themselves.

“Why didn’t he stop it?”

Mumbling, lost in thought. His mind jumped quickly, and in the twinkling of an eye he began to think of something else. But over the years, Wan Lichun has been able to keep up with his ideas.

“Maybe it involves the confrontation between the above forces.”

High star traveler, sequel journey, double tour guides, maybe Z has other factors to promote the first-order extremely dangerous group that C250 can barely lead. But this is a step backward from the result, saying ‘the movement of the belt’, not ‘why it was received’.

C 250 is definitely a master’s hand. There are many main people, and the strongest one is on the way home, but the upper level is not his absolute speech. There are also guides and butchers.


It is in the best interest of the tour guides to promote double tour guides. After all, in fact, during the whole journey, passengers and tour guides will not stick together anytime and anywhere. Many of the tour guides, passengers, no peeping, no participation, are the rules.

But the tour guide is different from the tour guide.

The news of Bingjiu’s death is uncertain. It’s uncertain whether bing250 is a “passenger”. Is it true that the tour guide is so reckless and will pay a high price to let a master do this?

This kind of “Z” is the most likely for the butcher alliance, because the butcher alliance is the only one who may confirm the death of “C 9” except on the way home, and C 250 is the passenger.

However, the price is somewhat high


Wan Lichun suddenly realized that he was wrong, and his thinking was biased. What he said was not ‘why did this happen’, but ‘why didn’t he stop it’.Stop?Who will stop it? The main person standing on their way home must be * *, but why do you think * * will stop the conspiracy of the guide?

** * but it’s not exactly the same as the captain. Even if someone dies on the way home, I’m afraid I won’t do it.

How could he do it for C 250?

Wan Lichun suddenly thought of something and his expression changed slightly.

“You… Know the identity of C 250?”

“Not sure.”

“I’m going to see it myself,” he said casually

The tourist ticket was obtained by suppressing the strength to super one star and successfully being selected into the tour group.

Suppressing strength is a very risky thing. As long as you are selected into the brigade, you have to suppress it all the time from being selected to the end of the brigade. Otherwise, the hotel is likely to kick you out of the brigade, and Z will be punished accordingly.

He didn’t let Wan Liaochun suppress his strength because he is intelligent. It doesn’t matter whether his strength is weak or not. Ten thousand spring is force, and strength cannot be suppressed. After all, they are now chasing the ‘mysterious, ghost state’ tour guide related to C250, and blocking the tour guide who is also chasing him.

Just now, when the information group C 250 came and the tour guide alliance was in chaos, they took the opportunity to destroy several tour guides.


“Go back to the hotel hall,” he said

* *

“I’m so happy. First, the passengers tried their best to squeeze in, but it was the tour guide’s turn to squeeze in.”

Shepherd Union, in an elaborate garden, under the shade of trees, a beautiful woman in cheongsam was leisurely enjoying afternoon tea and eating small cakes. In front of him, a large group of dark serve players are conscientious, dividing themselves into several strands and playing multiple roles to play sketches.

This hodgepodge of East, West and weird parties looks really hard to appreciate.

“Forty nine, your sketch is boring.”Z” is not as interesting as what I just said. ”

The woman sighed: “tell me, do you blame me for not getting Ding Yi back so that you two brothers can play together?”

“No, no, no, you saved my life!”

The hair ghost B collapsed 49 times, and a mass of hair collapsed to the ground like a sea anemone.

“Hey, come on, it’s boring.”

The puppet master appreciated his nails and said, “I also know that some people in the league are floating these days. After all, the butcher alliance has gained the limelight and recaptured another abyss node. I’m afraid Pinocchio is excited. ”

“No, no, we are absolutely loyal to adults!”

B 49 hair group opened 108 forks for each hair. He was terrified and angry: “if someone dares to betray adults, I will kill him even if I fight to death!”

“Well, what’s the use of fighting to death. Didn’t you die in vain? ”

The Puppet Master said, “you said, it’s rare that I didn’t make you a puppet. You are also loyal. How can you not raise your strength?”

“Forty nine, a waste, no matter how loyal, is just a waste. Years ago, you said you wanted to go up the rankings, but now look, you’re not even 49. Now you’re 50. ”

Hair ghost B 49 doesn’t say anything. Every hair is shaking. He wants to say that he is sincere. Every sentence is true, but he… Is really weak, really weak. He has always maintained a state of alienation. He doesn’t want to become stronger and work for the puppet master!

Temporary weakness is not terrible, but the upper limit, talent and bottleneck will make people crazy.

If he goes now, I’m afraid others will directly recognize him as a butcher guide. Even most butcher guides are not as thorough as he maintained!

“Forget it, I also know your heart. You don’t work hard.”

The puppet master’s fingers circled around his ears and wrapped a wisp of black hair: “it’s your alienation state, weak.”

“Ghost hair is not the strongest demon system, nor the most likely alienation system, nor the complete ghost system. It’s different… That’s why you were overtaken by the bee Taoist.”

Forty nine hair ghosts seem to have lost their strength after hearing this. Every hair is depressed on the ground and full of decadence. Yes, the puppet master is right. That’s what he fears most. He is not afraid of hard work and hard work. He is only afraid that he will become stronger.

Well, now, why did the puppet master talk about this again?

Is it true that I can’t stand it anymore and want to abandon him?

B 49. Each hair was darkened and filled with despair. He didn’t change because he knew that the puppet teacher thought he was ugly and said that “Z” was a ball of hair and looked good for his eyes. But now, ghost hair is weak and ghost hair has no future, which makes b 49 feel ashamed and disgraced. I’m afraid he didn’t make a good impression on the puppet master and his adults. It’s a shame to die


Just then, a black corner fell on the hair ball of B 49.

“Well, although your crosstalk is ugly, it can also kill time.”

The Puppet Master said faintly, “can you continue to stand in front of me… B 49, it depends on whether you can seize the opportunity.”

This is the pass of the abyss node!

It leads to the only abyss node in the shepherd alliance!

Now, the puppet master has given him such a precious opportunity to capture the powerful abyss creatures and get the opportunity to change the state of alienation!

B 49 couldn’t believe it. He was so excited that he couldn’t help himself. He had no words, almost choked, and the whole group of hair knelt in front of the puppet master.

“Nine days, I only give you nine days before the C 250.”

The Puppet Master said, “you can hold it, can’t you?”

“I can!”

B 49’s voice was low and cruel: “I can.”

He will, he will seize this opportunity!

Before the sound fell, his figure resolutely disappeared. Unexpectedly, he did not waste a minute and a half. He had entered the abyss node through the pass.

The puppet master continued to drink tea, and the cheese cake in front of him was eaten a corner. But he put down his fork.

“It’s a little boring to drink afternoon tea alone.”

“Dear Sir, do you want me to perform a puppet show for you?”

In the bushes, a strange and hoarse child voice suddenly sounded. A piece of wood rolled from it, smiling, but the head looked a little swollen.

“B 49 can play sketches, and I can also play puppets for adults.”

Pinocchio pretended to be sad, and big tears fell from his wooden face: “wuwuwuwuwu, how can you say that I am excited about the butcher alliance? I won’t go to that smelly place. The Lord’s side is Pinocchio’s eternal home.”

“Well, you might as well laugh when you cry.”

The Puppet Master said faintly, “you know how the ghost came from. To be honest, I really think he is the most loyal.”

“Pinocchio, I love you. Are you really in northern Tibet now?”

“I didn’t see it, but Xiao Weixun shouldn’t have lied. The crimson cloak must exist.”

Pinocchio immediately turned from crying to laughing and said with a smile, “and captain an is really here. The guard Xun is very protective.”

“Sir, do you want a puppet like Wei Xun? If so…”

Pinocchio pretended to hesitate, but he was firm: “if you really want to, I will fight to get Xiao Weixun back!”

“Don’t talk about it. I’m tired of it.”

The Puppet Master said lazily, “this time in the suburbs of Beijing, you will occupy a position anyway.”

“No problem, Pinocchio.”

The puppet master sat up straight with two long snow-white legs under his cheongsam. I looked at Pinocchio faintly, as if there were stars and the sea in my eyes.

“B 49 is waste, and you are also waste. You lost your previous action. ”

“Pinocchio, I want to see the results, okay?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Pinocchio lowered his head and dared not look directly at the puppet master. He trembled all over, like a child who did something wrong.

He restrained his exaggerated laughter and cry and replied honestly:

“I’ll do it for you.”

“Good boy.”

The puppet master smiles, but the smile doesn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. When Pinocchio disappeared, when a person drank afternoon tea, he just felt a little boring, so he pinched his fingers and pinched a plush ball.

I threw the plush ball into my tea cup, but it didn’t seem to like light tea very much and tried to swim nearby.

“It’s human nature that some people like sweet tea and others like light tea.”

The puppet master whispered, “of course, my men can have their own preferences. But in my place, you can only like light tea. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. I’ll make you like it. ”

“Clothed fish, do you understand?”

After a long time, a male voice sounded from the hair ball submerged by tea, with a slight pain.

“I understand, my Lord. I, I won’t join the butcher Alliance — ”

“Contact the dreamer and let him come to me.”

The puppet master didn’t listen to him. He just ordered, “I know you have a close relationship with him. In three days, the clothed fish. I want to go to the dreamer, or his main incarnation, you know what I mean. ”

“Don’t forget who helped you solve that mess.”

“I will never forget your kindness to me.”

The clothed fish was silent for a moment, but said, “OK, I’ll contact the dreamer.”

It was not until he left that the garden was really quiet.

Hair ghost B 49, Pinocchio, Z have dreamers.

The puppet master’s eyes were blurred and he hummed a song, like a folk tune in the south of the Yangtze River.

Puppet Master, puppet. Who is the puppet.

This increasingly fierce storm caused by C 250 is also the most lively “love” before the grand ceremony at the end of the year.

“It depends on who can laugh the most.”

* *

Of course, Wei Xun can laugh the most!

“Double guides, guardians.”

Wei Xun is busy with many things. Now he is divided into several uses.

Double tour guides are tour guides with similar strength. The guardian can be a strong leader.

Double tour guide is a special case, which means that two tour guides lead the team together in a journey. This situation is not uncommon, because there is a great gap between the number of tour guides and tourists, especially high-end tour guides. When it comes to the peak tourist season, some difficult journeys may not find a corresponding level of tour guides.

At this time, two inferior tour guides can lead the team together to fill the vacancy. However, the strength of the two tour guides will not differ greatly.

A journey in a hotel is not only to train passengers, but also to train tour guides. If there is a big gap between the two sides of the tour guide, it will completely become a speech hall of one side, and the weak will become a useless tool man.

Therefore, double tour guides are usually tour guides with similar strength and complementary ability.

Guardians are different. Guardians refer to connecting a large tour guide with a small tour guide. The large tour guide can give guidance and make plans in space, but can not directly affect the journey.

Of course, if the life of a small tour guide is in danger, or the whole tour team is going to be destroyed, the big tour guide Z can do it.

The concept of guardian is actually extended from the assessment of tour guides and team leaders. Only by passing the team leader assessment can we really lead a brigade and become a tour guide of a brigade.

Moreover, the assessment of the team leader is also a shortcut for the tour guide to reach the sky step by step. Wei Xun is now a tour guide at the end of the silver stage, but even if he makes another 30 degrees north latitude, he fails to pass the team leader’s assessment and is promoted to gold.

Team leader assessment is the checkpoint.

But similarly, as long as he passes the team leader assessment, even if he is bronze, he can directly become a golden tour guide.

The hotel encourages lonely guides to return to the team. There is no lower limit for the team leader assessment. As long as you are not afraid of death, you can participate.

You can start the team leader assessment task in any journey, but the difficulty of the journey will increase accordingly. If the passenger group goes out, your mission will be a failure.

But Wei Xun is not afraid! It’s so difficult to fight back. He even thinks it’s a perfect opportunity to lead the team!

“These big guys should be able to take care of themselves.”

Wei Xun smiled and suddenly he sighed.

“But I can’t protect myself. It seems that you have to pull an ally.”

Double tour guides, guardians, team leaders, assessment——

Wei xunquan wants to.

Mess?Not messy enough. It needs to be more chaotic.

The more chaos, the more freedom he will have on his next journey.

“Fox cub, become a mother, come on.”

Wei Xun urged: “soon, you become a mother, and I’ll give you the resources to restore your human form!”

After that, he contacted the other side again.

Devil merchant… It’s time to contact.

* *

At this moment, the devil businessman curled up in his one square meter cabin suddenly received a message.

Although the source marked ‘the other party is not your friend’, the devil merchant immediately perked up when he saw the sender’s code.

The person who sent him the message was C250!

[C250: are you there?]

[C250: do you have many magic crystals?]

After a pause of a few seconds, another message was sent over there:

【 C250: I have some… Can’t hold it 】


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