TTG Chapter 14

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (14)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 14: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

The turbid unframed eyeball is only half a finger away from the back of Wei Xun’s brain!

Wei Xun turned his head and found nothing behind him. The room was empty, and even the laughter stopped suddenly. But when he turned around again, the highly corrupt face suddenly appeared in front of him, with muddy eyes staring at him, full of resentment!

“Oh! I’m scared to death! I’m really scared to death! ”

Wei Xun exaggerated, covered his heart and gasped, and looked at the rotten corpse for three seconds——

His San value remained stable at 90 without any fluctuation. Just like his still steady heartbeat.

Wei Xun was disappointed and put his hand down: “Alas, useless waste.”

Rotten corpse:?

Wei Xun put his hand down with lack of interest, frowned and pinched his nose: “ugly thing, is it necessary to make yourself so dirty and smelly? You’re maggots and don’t go to wash?”

“Next time, let’s have a look at the dish fairy and pen fairy. It’s clean and scary. Little sister and little brother can do it.”

Wei Xun’s kind-hearted “suggestion” said. He walked past the illusion and said to himself, “can we only rely on the automatic loss of 10 San points every day?”

“In this case, even at the end of the journey, I can’t become a monster.”

With a sigh of regret, Wei Xun walked out of the room with his hands on his back, turned a corner and walked to the main house. The auditory illusion of the 90 point San value had no impact on him at all. In contrast, Wei Xun was more interested in Miao Fangfei’s zombie.

Although he can’t personally participate in the activities, he can go and feast his eyes!

That’s dealing with zombies. Wei Xun wants to be a passenger!

* *

“There are a total of 54 bodies in the yard, all of which are highly corrupt.”

Two hours later, in the lobby on the first floor of the inn, the passengers who collected information gathered together again to exchange information:

Miao Fangfei said, “they are all adults and have no children.”

“Their clothes haven’t completely rotted, like the dress of ordinary villagers.”

Zhao Hongtu impatiently added that he and Miao Fangfei had the courage to see the bodies one by one at a close distance. Even if there was rain erosion and corrosion, there was still a strong body odor.

“In this wind and rain, the body hasn’t rotted into white bones, and the body in the yard is abnormal.”

Compared with him, Miao Fangfei observed more carefully: “no special rotten corpses have been found for the time being, but the rotten corpses stand too close. I’m not sure if there will be any discovery in the middle.”

When Miao Fangfei said this, Lin Xi raised her eyes and looked at her. Then she lowered her eyes again. She didn’t know what she was thinking.

“You can’t enter the main house.”

Hou Feihu took up the conversation and his eyebrows were locked. He was a tall man with a straight waist at any time. His every move seemed to be as neat as training: “it’s strange that he could enter the main house yesterday, but now the wooden door of the main house is closed and can’t be opened anyway.”

It is reasonable to say that the rotten wooden door can be kicked open with a kick, but the wooden door of the main house is as hard as iron, which is obviously not an ordinary reason.

“There is a strong resentment behind the wooden door.”

Xu Chen, who has the title of “resentment perception”, added that he was somewhat afraid: “it’s almost black.”

“I was lucky to escape from the cruel ghost on my previous journey.”

Xu Chen said anxiously and rubbed his eyes: “the resentment in the main room… I can ‘see’ through the door alone, several times deeper than the original fierce ghost.”

“Yes, even without the title of brother Xu, I’m frozen.”

The fat man’s face was bitter, and his fat arm was stretched out, which was full of goose bumps: “good guy, the resentment is deep, just like coming down from the battlefield!”


Miao Fangfei thought: “I remember there were a total of twelve coffins in the main house, but… Only eight of them had wooden tablets in front of them.”

Miao Fangfei, a veteran traveler, observed carefully. Yesterday, he just glanced at the main house and recorded the general situation of the main house in his heart.

Eight, in line with the number of passengers, just one for each person

The passengers exchanged eyes.

“Maybe it’s a branch attraction.”

Zhao Hongtu was in high spirits, with a few ambitions in his eyes: “the dangerous drunk beauty in Western Hunan must have branch attractions… I’m sure it will be a special task!”

As soon as he said this, the passengers on the scene looked slightly changed, but not all were as eager as Zhao Hongtu. Xu Chen seems to be meditating. Hou Feihu sighs helplessly. Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao look at each other, and their eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.

“Hiss, with you, still thinking about the branch scenic spots in Western Hunan?”

In the silence, the relentless sarcasm sounded. Lin Xi raised her chin and looked down at Zhao Hongtu from top to bottom with her height. She was strange: “the main scenic spot hasn’t landed yet. Some people are really high in heart. Worry about breaking your stomach and implicating others. ”


Zhao Hongtu was furious, his eyes were fierce, and he put his hand behind his back. He didn’t know where to take out a long bow! The bow body is made of unknown materials. It is silvery white and shimmering. The two ends of the bow body are shining with a sharp cold light, which is not inferior to the blade.

“Useless waste, go lick Bingjiu’s feet. You don’t have a chance to talk here!”

“Okay, okay, calm down, calm down!”

Seeing that Zhao Hongtu couldn’t stand the excitement, she took out all her weapons. Miao Fangfei flashed in front of Lin Xi, and the spotted snake on her shoulder threatened to hiss and spit out a message at Zhao Hongtu. Hou Feihu’s eyebrows jumped and pulled Zhao Hongtu behind him. Wang pengpai’s round body was squeezed between the two sides of the sword, and he said ha ha:

“With the strength of brother Zhao, it is also qualified to challenge the branch line scenic spots. After all, if the branch line scenic spots really have a title task, it may be at least a dark blue Title task! We people don’t talk in secret. Of course, the more the better. Even if I’m fat, I’m greedy. ”

Seeing that Zhao Hongtu’s expression was slightly slow, Wang pengpai immediately turned his words: “but what Lin Xi said is also reasonable. We don’t have much time now. We have to find the body and cook the body. We don’t know how long it will take. I can’t be too careful. Fat man, I’m not afraid to offend people. With the strength of our brothers and sisters, it’s difficult to hold together and make a journey through customs. How can we have a dispute at this time? ”

“Let me say that although the branch attractions are good, they are not something we can touch now. Even if you want to touch it, you have to have this idea and go together. Now we are grasshoppers on a rope. It’s a big taboo to act separately. What do you say, team Miao? ”

Miao Fangfei took a deep look at Wang pengpai: “brother Wang is right. The difficulty of the journey to Western Hunan can not be underestimated. Even I almost died on the mountain road.”

Yes, even Miao Fangfei, who has the strongest strength and the title of novice Gu woman, almost lost her halberd on the mountain road. How dare others say they can survive in more difficult branch attractions?

“However, the main house can be seen again.”

Miao Fangfei’s words came out, and many people present were surprised. Zhao Hongtu thought Miao Fangfei was a gesture of kindness, and his face softened a lot. Miao Fangfei made a decision and the party walked to the main house.

“Sister Miao, are we really going to the branch attractions?”

On the way, Shi Tao found an opportunity to whisper with Miao Fangfei. He looked worried and somewhat disagreed: “where is director C –”

For tourists, completing the main line scenic spots and experiencing the projects on the main line scenic spots will naturally be rewarded. But if you want to receive more rewarding tasks, even high-level Title tasks, it’s a branch attraction.

The branch line scenic spots are outside the main line scenic spots, and there are no scenic spots within the itinerary. If you want to explore the branch attractions, you must not only take big risks, but also hide it from the guide.

Once the tourists successfully explore the branch attractions, the tour guide will be punished by the hotel. For example, this kind of nature is like a journey package. There are only two items: carousel and roller coaster. As a result, passengers secretly evade tickets and go to haunted houses.

This belongs to the tour guide’s poor leadership. The hotel will not punish passengers, but only the tour guide. The more tourists are rewarded in the branch attractions, the more serious the tour guides are punished.

This is not only a game between tourists and tour guides, but also a great risk. Once Zhao Hongtu’s exploration of branch attractions is discovered by Bingjiu, the whole brigade will bear his anger at that time!

“Look first.”

Miao Fangfei gently shook her head. Thinking of Shi Tao around her, she whispered a few more words: “the main house is not necessarily a branch scenic spot.”

“Think about Bruce Lee’s introduction.”

When they came to the main house, they saw holding arms standing by the locked door, looking with interest at the broken yellow amulet on the door. Seeing Bingjiu here, Miao Fangfei had more numbers in her heart. She bowed her head to Bingjiu and then walked to the main house with the passengers.

The closer to the broken wooden door, the stronger the faint sense of forest cold and pressure. Miao Fangfei approached step by step. The spotted snake raised her head with a wary hiss and put on a fighting posture on Miao Fangfei’s shoulder. I don’t know when, Miao Fangfei’s pupils elongated like apricots and even like snake pupils!

The chilly feeling made her hair stand on the back of her neck, as if there was a sea of blood in front of her. When she walked five steps away from the main house, Miao Fangfei stopped.

It’s not that she is willing to stop, but the invisible terrorist pressure is blocking her, and she can’t move forward at all!

Bloody smell.

Miao Fangfei opened her mouth slightly, the tip of her tongue loomed, and the tip was slightly forked like a snake.

The strong and pungent smell of blood is like a sword full of blood. It’s ferocious! It seems that the front is not the main house, but a cruel battlefield soaked in blood!


Zhao Hongtu subconsciously aimed his bow at the front door and was wary: “it feels different.”

It is also resentment. The resentment on the corpse in the hospital is cold and turbid, which is pure gloomy malice. Although the resentment in front of the main house is equally deep, what is more is the murderous spirit and killing intention of killing people, such as a group of soldiers who have just fought out of the bloody battlefield!

The evil spirit of choosing people lingers in the whole main room, as if the passengers offended last night and awakened the sleeping soul! Resentment, hatred and anger make everyone pale!

Xu Chen felt the deepest. His face was pale like a ghost. He hurried back a few steps and said loudly, “I’m really sorry to offend the elder. We’ll leave now -”


Miao Fangfei knelt down decisively. Her face was equally pale, but she immediately banged three heads. She was solid and stained with ashes. She said loudly: “senior, we are the corpse chasers in Western Hunan. We are here to send the elders home!”

After that, Miao Fangfei knocked her head three times, without any force. Her forehead was blue and purple, and her eyes were firm:

“Let’s send the elders home!”


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