TTG Chapter 140

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 140: Yu Hehui wakes up

C 250 is asking him for help?!

When the devil merchant’s pupil shook, he suddenly stood up and circled in the narrow private residence. After a moment of disbelief, his eyes narrowed slightly and fell into meditation.

C 250… That’s Xiaocui.

His previous speculation was confirmed in the first ‘call for help’.

But he had never met with C 250 and had no friendship. In principle, she was an opponent. How could she ask him for help?

Is it a trap? Have you been arrested? The other side fished him out to win the prize for the confrontation mission?

When he came to the east side alone, the devil merchant had to be cautious.

is the message false?

Yes, it’s possible, and there’s a good chance. After all, now the “C 250 mission information” has appeared, and the attention of all tour guides and brigades in the eastern district is focused on her. Even the forces of devil businessmen who insist on chasing him are much less, almost nothing——

In fact, the devil businessman wondered at the beginning that he had acid in his heart. Why did C250 get such high attention?

He is a new star tour guide, and so is a devil businessman. Why didn’t he cause a storm.

In particular, after seeing that the regiment connected to C250 was an extremely dangerous regiment, the devil merchant took a breath of air conditioning.

The purpose may be the ‘double tour guide’ mechanism.

The devil merchant has a werewolf alliance and is connected with the black widow. He also has several soul contracts in his hands and knows all kinds of unknown secrets. It is because he knows more that he understands how deep the water is.

C250 now the situation is very difficult. He has to rely on joining a tour guide alliance. Now he may join it by himself. But if you join the extremely dangerous group, you may be slaughtered.


The devil merchant suddenly understood why she asked him for help. At present, he is her best choice. The difference in strength is not too great. It is bound by the task of confrontation. It is a new star tour guide in the West and has no involvement with the alliances in the East.

There are also backers behind the devil businessmen, which may frighten the alliances in the Eastern District and form a confrontation across the air, but no one is willing to take the lead.

“Originally, now, do you want to fight again?”

The devil merchant’s expression is complex. Even himself, when his self-esteem is contrary to his life, he first lowers his head to save his life.

However, C250 is not like a tour guide. What she means is that she would rather join hands with one of his opponents and win another, rather than join various tour guide leagues. When she enjoys preferential treatment, she also loses her own Z.

Even if the journey was extremely dangerous, she refused to admit defeat and bow her head.


Would you like to meet me and have a talk

The devil merchant pondered for a moment and spoke cautiously in the middle. But to tell the truth, if the other party agrees, he will immediately pull black C 250. Joke, he’s not a fool. Under the situation that he’s almost under siege, C250 promised to meet him, so he’s a fool, and it’s a fool to bring someone around to arrest him.

The devil businessman can live now, not because of self-discipline and stupidity.

After typing the sentence, he was nervous and stared at the screen. Countless emotions surged in his mind. He didn’t know what he was looking forward to.


The opposite quickly replied:

[I only borrowed one magic crystal stone…]


Unconsciously, the devil merchant breathed a sigh of relief and smiled on his lips. After a few words of conversation, he seemed to outline the appearance of C 250 in his mind.

Calm, strong, smart, stubborn, unwilling to lose self-z, I’d rather gamble.

Gambler, he is also a gambler. Otherwise, he won’t come to the Eastern District alone just to seek an opportunity to be a gambler.

let the devil businessman have a moment’s movement, but then his heart was like ice.

[what do you use to borrow it? Do you have any chips? Why don’t you sell me your soul.]

[fuck off]

The other party did not hesitate.

The devil merchant chuckled and continued,  he hit a long string of English  but his Chinese  after all  was only average  in case of misexpression, it would be bad.

[you’re in a bad situation now. Magic crystal stone is a kind of thing. You can buy it in the hotel mall, but you ask me for help. It seems that you lack points now, or someone is watching you, so you dare not leave any traces of purchase in the mall?]

[can you hide it? Now, I think I bought a hotel. You have just gone through a journey, and I’m afraid you don’t have many points. If you buy a hotel, you should lose all your money and can’t do other transactions.]

The other party was silent. It seemed that what he said was touching her embarrassment. Instead of being aggressive, the devil merchant continued to test, but said:

[you know, I’m a businessman. The devil businessman is the most fair. What he wants is the equivalent transaction. You need magic crystal. Of course I have it in my book. I have many, but do you have anything that can satisfy me.]

The initiative of words is a good thing to master in his words.

The devil merchant also wants to find out the bottom of C 250. If she is a small boat that will be swallowed by the sea, he is not willing to go up.

But usually, they have an endless stream of backhands.

If the C250 is not completely desperate, you have a chance

It’s not that he can’t gamble.

The other party still didn’t reply, but he didn’t pull him black, like falling into meditation.

is a good start.

The devil merchant tapped his finger on the mobile phone screen and smiled.

The most important thing for businessmen is patience.

* *

“Master, he typed a long string of crooked words.”

The fox cub ran to the door with his mobile phone in his mouth and looked into the newly opened house with his head tilted. Wei was wronged:

“I can’t understand…”

Wei Xun stood up and frowned. He was wearing gardening gloves with a lot of crystal debris on them. Behind Wei Xun, the small iron tree was transplanted into the crystal pile. It grew well.

He did a lot of things. He had more than 300000 points on hand. Wei Xun simply bought an eight-square-meter brigade station and settled everything he got from northern Tibet. Four square meters is used to plant iron trees, place bacterial piles, and temporarily set as a nest for cultivating magic insects.

The other four square meters are used to place magic hives, raise flowers, hatch magic bee eggs and cultivate bee colonies.

Both the iron tree and the fungus stump were obtained by him in the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower. The rust red liquid secreted by the iron tree can promote the rapid growth of the fungus stump and grow a large amount of ‘black haired human skin’, which is the favorite food of magic insects.

After all, most of the evil ghost insects are ordinary insects. Those who did not die also stayed in northern Tibet and didn’t bring them back. At present, Xiaocui has nearly 100 insect eggs in her stomach, which are very likely to hatch inferior magic insects, and even some lower magic insects.

Swarm of insects, swarm of bees and bees are prepared by Wei Xun before his next journey.

As for the insincere relationship with the devil merchant, he is not free for the time being. He gives it all to the fox cub.

Although the little fox cub hesitates not to become a mother, he is very skilled in pretending to be a woman to chat with the devil merchant.

In fact, I don’t pretend to be very feminine. Maybe it’s the tone… Gee, maybe it’s Tianhu.

The only problem is that fox cubs can’t understand English.

It’s very reasonable. After all, it’s a local fox fairy. I don’t know if yu Hehui can understand English. Those who can be admitted to the College of English should have no problem with their English level.

Wei Xun looked at him casually. The devil merchant’s intention could not be concealed from him.

He casually took out a soul contract, tore it up, ate it, and then coldly typed a string of words.

[speak in Chinese]

“If he doesn’t hit the target again, you don’t have to pay attention to him.”

Wei Xun said.

Tearing up the soul contract is a demonstration, a show of muscle and a warning.

His strength in demons is stronger than that of demon businessmen.

is also one of his cards. It looks liketo the devil merchant.

As long as the devil businessman doesn’t get scared next and breaks off his connection with other contracts, he will have a chat.

After all, in fact, Wei Xun tore up a contract, and the soul of the devil merchant was slightly damaged.

Of course, if the devil merchant is afraid to break the contract. Wei Xun will no longer consider cooperating with him. People who are too timid and have too little ambition and shrink in case of danger can’t do anything. They will only drag him back.

Sure enough, after a moment of silence, the devil merchant did not break other contracts, but exchanged information if nothing happened.

Wei Xun didn’t look any more and gave his cell phone to Fox cub. Looking at his claw pad beating word by word, Wei Xun said casually:

“It’s convenient to use your fingers. Don’t you change back to human shape?”

“Clearly, I can use points quickly. Just now there were 300000, but now there are only 100000 left. If you hesitate for a while, maybe I’ll spend all my money and you won’t be able to change. ”

After that, Wei Xun ignored the fox cub. He took out the crown of golden wings and pengniao horn and touched it with his hand. Wei Xun carefully grabbed a bright golden bird shaped virtual shadow from the crown. It is the thin blood of the golden winged pengbird.

As soon as the bird shadow left the crown, it weakened rapidly and disappeared in the twinkling of an eye, but Wei Xun threw it directly onto the small iron tree.


When the thunder sounded, the little iron tree suddenly shook violently, and the bird shadow on the little iron tree was also bright and dark, but it was more illusory, as if it dissipated soon. Seeing this, Wei Xun immediately put out the diamond body of the cuocha Lama, the gold and silver inlaid skull, the pitanka of the ancient Xin people and the crystal lamp.

Under the suppression of the smell of Bon, the little iron tree and the golden bird shadow finally stabilized. The golden bird perched on the branches of the little iron tree and curled up like a golden pearl of rice, but it solidified a lot.


The small iron tree, which was originally only human tall, did not look as withered as it was when it was first transplanted, but grew rapidly. The iron gray branches extended in all directions, almost “blocking the sky and the sun” in an empty space.

“Sure enough, they can promote each other.”

Wei Xun breathed a sigh of relief and said with satisfaction.

It is said that there are iron trees growing on the nine crystal mountains of Wei molongren. Every 999 years, the iron trees will bear precious beads. Each pearl is a golden winged pengbird. Their relationship should be complementary.

The iron tree in Wei Xun’s hand is too small. There is not much rust red liquid in the tree. If you smoke too much, the iron tree may die. Wei Xun has no time to wait for it to grow slowly.

It happened that the blood of the golden winged pengniao in his hand was too thin. Wei Xun identified it at the hotel. The concentration of the blood drawn from the eagle flute descendant was only 5%.

More than 30% of them. Wei Xun can consider integrating them into himself or into an eagle to cultivate a mixed blood golden winged pengying. However, the concentration of 5% is really tasteless. It’s a pity to abandon it.


Of course, Wei Xun can melt all the props of the golden wing pengpeng series into his blood. After all, the eagle flute is the right wing bone, the golden bell is the heart, and the crown is the diamond bird horn. If he melts them into his blood, the blood concentration of his blood should soar.

But some props, even the title of ‘False King’, were all abolished.

Wei Xun simply decided to put the blood of golden winged pengniao on the small iron tree. He is taking risks. The transplanted small iron tree is weak and far from adult. He may not be able to bear the blood of golden winged pengniao. The blood vessel concentration is only 5%, which is even weaker. It will weaken and dissipate quickly as soon as it leaves the crown.

Wei Xun admitted that he had gambling. If his blood and the little iron tree couldn’t bear it, he would drain the juice of the little iron tree at the last minute and feed the blood to the fox cub. Let’s see if there’s anything you can sell.

Maybe others will think that you are killing nature, but is a blood vessel that may be useful in the future, a small iron tree that needs to grow in quantity and time, useful to him?

Ten days later, it will be an extremely difficult journey. If Wei Xun dies or is completely controlled, everything will be useless.

If Wei Xun can survive from the suburbs of Beijing, he believes he will definitely get better in the future.

Now, he is throwing in all his resources to make himself strong rapidly.

Of course, before taking the shot, Wei Xun took the crown and necklace, consumed his flesh and blood under the blessing of good luck, and threw the gambler’s dice to “six”.

Isn’t it better now!

After the edge was stable, Wei Xun put away the Lama’s diamond body and other items, took out scissors and began to build the overlush branches of the iron tree. Then he dried the rusty red liquid in some branches and spilled a few drops on the fungus pile.

The mushroom pile immediately began to grow hair rapidly, and one after another creepy black fur human skin gathered rapidly, and then Xiaocui was waiting to be eaten by one side.

Wei Xun took out another crystal vial, which was 30 drops of purified magic honey that Xiaocui had placed in his pocket.

“Thank you, master!”

Xiaocui’s mental state emerged. The green haired little Zhengtai looked a little tired, but his cheeks were red, satisfied, holding his stomach, full of motherhood.

He looked at Wei Xun gratefully: “I will bring good insects to my master!”

“I believe you can.”

Wei Xun encouraged: “come on, I won’t bother you. If you don’t have enough tree juice and magic honey, please contact me again. ”

He put the remaining radioactive Blackstone ore, including the fragments of Blackstone jade skull, next to Xiaocui so that he could build a nest in it.

“I’ll go to the magic bee.”

“Xiaocui won’t let her master down!”

Compared with before, Xiaocui’s voice is more firm and passionate.

Wei Xun smiled. Only competition can make people more motivated, especially for magic insects.

Wei Xun doesn’t intend to use only Xiaocui as a mother. It’s too dangerous. It’s not just a matter of trust. If Xiaocui has mastered all his swarms and most of his demons, if there is an accident or is targeted by the enemy, I’m afraid the whole army will be destroyed.

Like a magic bee, Wei Xun doesn’t want to give it to Xiaocui. He takes a look at the bee mother.

Even if it is not a female insect, a bee mother can lead 200 magic bees. There are not a hundred magic bee eggs in his hand now, and one bee mother is enough for the time being.

Wei Xun went to the newly opened residential space next door, which was four square meters small. The ground was covered with a thick layer of soil and planted with flowers from the bee Taoist.

Among the colorful flowers stood a wooden post on which a beehive made of magic beeswax was placed. A parasitic wasp is busy in the hive. He is the only parasitic wasp left that once parasitized in the human body of yingdichuan.


It can’t pick honey. Wei Xun simply let it ‘take care of the children’.One bee egg was industriously carried into the hexagonal hive in the hive. In addition to the magic hive, Wei Xun got a female bee egg, dozens of magic bee eggs and hundreds of colorful bee eggs as magic bee food from the bee Taoist.

At present, he hatched all the batches of bees. The female bees were hatched with pure purified magic honey, the magic bees were diluted with half of the purified magic honey, and the eggs of other bees were diluted ten times.

Now the female bee has hatched and is a golden young bee. Wei Xun fed him a drop of blood from the butterfly tattoo, but unfortunately, the female bee did not evolve into a female insect, but had more wisdom and had a strong affinity for Wei Xun. They established a solid relationship, and Wei Xun could vaguely perceive the emotion of the female bee.

When the female bee hatches, other magic bee eggs will also be induced and will hatch one after another soon. Other bee eggs do not need so much energy and have already hatched.

Some bees can collect honey and feed magic bees. With female bees, their magic honey can also be purified, but it’s not enough.

Ten days… Wei Xun calculated the number of days. If he didn’t want to purify magic honey, he didn’t mean to purify magic honey. Some bees can grow and be used by him.

“How’s it going over there?”

The newly hatched white fat wasps look like maggots. Let Wei Xun pick up the maggots left at the hotel., the second place in northern Tibet}, Wei Xun has become stronger, and maggots are stronger  he can swallow and digest magic Qi.

Wei Xun saw that his feedback was vague and he couldn’t contact his brothers far away. He simply left him a few sections of magic gas spider feet and a ball of magic gas spider silk to eat first.

“Demons… When I become stronger, they will become stronger.”

Wei Xun thought that the abyss seed is good, and the master will become stronger. How strong the master is, how high their upper limit will be. Wei Xun doesn’t integrate the abyss festival now. Once fully integrated, his strength will increase, and the strength of his demons will soar.

But before swallowing the abyss Festival, he has to deal with one thing first.

A blood red ladybug appeared in Wei Xun’s hand. He can put the blood ladybug into the magic bug ball, but there is no gain brought by the blood Ladybug in the magic bug ball.

That is to say, the blood Ladybug sutra was related to him, but he did not completely submit to Wei Xun.

If Wei Xun merges with the abyss Festival, it is likely to become stronger, but it is highly likely to backfire after being strong.

Even now, Wei Xun’s consciousness is communicating with the blood ladybug, but it is still a negative and unresponsive state.

Of course, the blood ladybug is afraid of an Xuefeng. Wei Xun is very likely to take the blood Ladybug by using the beast tooth marks on his wrist. But at the end of the day, an Xuefeng took it. He took it. Did the blood Ladybug listen?

Next, there are many dangers. Wei Xun is not a factor of instability.

With a wave of his hand, the diamond body of the wrong Lama appeared in front of him.


[adventure succeeds! The body of the Lama turned into a corpse!]



After four adventures.

[adventure succeeds! The body of the Lama has become a living corpse!]

“Poof poof!”

The blood ladybug, who had been agitated since the change of the Lama’s body, became completely crazy for a moment, but Wei Xun held it tightly. Seeing that the blood Ladybug bit him back, Wei Xun’s eyes became cold.

“Surrender, or die.”

“Poof poof!”

However, the blood Ladybug was still struggling desperately. Even if Wei Xun opened his finger and soaked it with blood, he had no other reaction, and the situation suddenly fell into a deadlock.

Can’t the blood Ladybug be taken?

Wei Xun frowned.

Is my current strength too weak and my alienation incomplete?

The blood of Butterfly Tattoo fails in front of it, and the former is more likely. Wei Xun is now the demon bug controller, and he also has a certain sense of the demon bug. The blood ladybug is like a kind of magic bug that can’t be taken without you.

If  is  like , Wei Xun can only consider giving up  blood ladybug.

It is now a high-level first-class devil bug. If Wei Xun absorbs the abyss Festival and makes the blood Ladybug advanced, its strength is likely to be strong, and Wei Xun can’t suppress it.

Kill it while you can suppress it now?

High level devil bug, the strongest devil bug under Wei Xun at present.

Killing and feeding Xiaocui or feeding the bee mother is certainly not as valuable as its living value.


When Wei Xun was deep in thought, the fox cub came from the door with a little hesitation, but more firm and nervous calls.

“I, I am willing to work for my master!”

It’s just that she has become a woman for the time being. In fact, the fox cub hesitates more, thinking that she may not be competent and is afraid of damaging the good deeds of the master. After all, she is a male fox cub.

But the communication with the devil merchant makes it confident.

If the owner is the one to deal with, the fox cub thinks he can}!

“You promised late.”

Wei Xun put away the living body of the Lama, subdued the unwilling blood ladybug, temporarily pulled his thoughts away from him, looked at the nervous fox cub and said faintly:

“If it were just now, I would wake you up more. But now I don’t have much resources. ”

Indeed, if Wei Xun had proposed and the fox cub agreed without hesitation, he would feed the blood of the golden winged pengniao to the fox cub.

Yu Hehui’s remnant soul is too broken. It needs a lot of nourishing energy. Of course, the blood of Peng goldwinged bird is nourishing.

But the fox cub hesitated. No matter why he hesitated, Wei Xun’s treatment of him will be reduced.

“Needless to say, it depends on whether you are worth the price I pay.”

The fox cub was nervous and anxious, and Wei Xun interrupted him directly. He went out of the hotel app and bought an item directly.


It was like the sound of losing money. Wei Xun had bought residences and other sundries before, and there were 300000 points, leaving more than 130000. But now, Wei Xun’s points have plummeted, leaving only 30000 in an instant.

He even spent 100000 points directly and bought a [excessively incomplete Tianhu inner pill (1 / 100)] from the hotel!

[Name: excessively incomplete Tianhu inner pill (1 / 100)]

[quality: Legend]

[function:  tonic! After taking it, you will have 1 / 100 possibility to have weak Tianhu blood!]

[Note: this item is recommended for Fox consumption, not for human consumption? If people eat Tianhu Neidan, they may go crazy, hee hee.]

“Lord, Lord!”

when a snow-white jade like fragment of internal alchemy appeared in Wei Xun’s hand, the fox cub’s eyes were straight! He came running at top speed, hugged Wei Xun’s legs and wagged his tail. He was so anxious that he couldn’t speak!

In fact, it’s a waste to spend 100000 points to buy Tianhu inner pill. After all, the hotel is really a profiteer with a serious premium. Weixun mall buys thousands of years of Ganoderma lucidum and thousands of years of chalcedony sold by other tourists. It’s more miscellaneous. In fact, it’s barely usable and relatively cheap.


But of course, Tianhu Neidan is the best, which fits Yu Hehui best. If he uses those miscellaneous things, he may have sequelae and his strength will decline after he recovers.

But Wei Xun doesn’t care about individuals. People always leave traces on the Internet and manage them on the hotel app. When he first got drunk in Western Hunan, he reminded him that he should not open private letters casually. Maybe someone would send him special props in private letters to get his location or even capture him.

This is true for private letters, especially for transactions with players, especially if Wei Xun purchases in batches.

What if someone connects him with C 250?

So since he came back, Wei Xun has been entering} more than 100000 transactions with the hotel, including the purchase of the brigade residence and decoration, as well as the broken Tianhu inner pill. This kind of transaction is the most hidden and will not be explored by other passengers or tour guides.

For those who are willing to spend money on shopping, hotels are more maintenance.

“Master, master!”

Look, the fox cub is just eager to call, but he doesn’t come up to rob. Wei Xun didn’t say much and took out his surname. The fox cub jumped up and ran into the white fox head card hanging with the name card. Just listen to the light sound of a fox, and a white light jumps in. It is the remnant soul of the fox cub.

The little white fox fell down and fell dizzy. He blinked. His black and bright eyes still had a trace of intelligence, but they were more like normal fox cubs. At the moment, he was afraid to stare at the white fox’s head card, trembling and curling up.

At the moment when the fox cub’s remnant soul returns, the white fox’s head card shakes violently and turns into a faint white fog. It is the remnant soul of the fox fairy! Compared with before, the fox cub has slightly solidified. The fox cub has absorbed a lot of Yang Qi and eaten a lot of good things in northern Tibet.

However, the first plan is really just a drop in the bucket. It will take more than a hundred years for the fox cubs to fully recover Yu and Hui.

But as soon as the remnant soul, the fragments of Inner Alchemy immediately solidified much more! Wei Xun didn’t move his hand or exert too much force. If the remnant soul took away the fragments of internal alchemy, it could take away.

But it didn’t move. It just ‘smelled’, and then spread and changed into an illusory human form.


Yu Hehui bowed his head to Wei Xun. His appearance was very different from that when he was drunk in Western Hunan. The facial features are not only handsome, but also flirtatious. The eyes are picked up at the end of the eyes, and the pupils are green. The facial features, eyebrows and eyes are full of fascinating and strange beauty, with a trace of melancholy and coolness, but people can’t look away.

Before, Yu Hehui was just beautiful. It should be the appearance of Yu Hean’s missing brother at the age of 18. At the moment, Yu Hehui is the positive sky fox.

“What is ”

Wei Xun asked directly and showed him the blood Ladybug: “how can I take it?”

“is an imosh demon worm at the bottom of the abyss. It is extremely rare and almost extinct. It is also known as the emotional devil bug. It is divided into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, representing happiness, anger, sadness, love and evil. ”

Yu Hehui only looked at it and immediately said, “imosh demons are wild and can’t be domesticated. They can only domesticate their offspring. Imosh demon insects like to eat living corpses, but only living corpses with this kind of demon insect emotion can induce them to reproduce. ”


Wei Xun, head, the next moment he threw the precious broken Tianhu inner pill directly to Yu Hehui!Yu Hehui was slightly stunned, but he didn’t hesitate. The whole ghost rushed forward and wrapped the broken inner alchemy.

Suddenly, there was a strong wind and thunder. Wei Xun felt an extremely terrible momentum gathering in the sky, but because he was in the hotel, the momentum did not fall. However, in a few seconds, the broken inner pill was completely integrated by the remnant soul, and a huge white fox virtual shadow suddenly appeared in front of Wei Xun.

It is beautiful, elegant, noble and mysterious. Its hair is as white as the first snow. It has Lavender fox patterns on its face, and nine long tails are fluffy and soft. Tianhu looked at Wei Xun with soft eyes, gently shouted at him and lowered his noble head.

Then the empty shadow of the heavenly fox turned into a human body. Yu Hehui saluted Wei Xun} with great respect.

“Thank you for helping me recover.”

Wei Xun smiled lightly and said casually: “} please call me Wei Xun. The master sounds strange. I don’t like the name.”

Then he said strangely, “I feel you are recovering well. Only one percent of Tianhu Neidan is enough?”

“Strength has not fully recovered, but there is no problem maintaining human shape.”

Yu Hehui explained, “my body has been destroyed, and a wisp of the remnant soul has no habitat. It can only be attached to the master, Wei Xun, your name card.”

“The longer the time, the more my consciousness dissipates, so I can only close myself, but not…”

Without it, Wei Xun went so fast that he became a crippled Tianhu Neidan!it’s only been a few days. Are there ten days? Yu Hehui was so confused that he knew how difficult it was for him to recover. He was ready to sleep for two or three years, gradually lose consciousness and become a stupid fox – maybe his master was the same.

After all, the sky fox is too smart. It’s much smarter than the demon. The silly fox is easy to control.

But he’s not.

“Mei Neidan was originally mine. With the source, my remnant soul can recover. Wei Xun, you fed me many good things such as purified magic honey, so I can stably recover my human form. ”


Wei Xun is strange.


Yu Hehui said with a smile and a trace of pride in his tone: “I am the only Jiuwei Tianhu in the hotel. Anything related to Jiuwei Tianhu sold by the hotel is mine.”

“Hiss, it’s a sample.”

Wei Xun’s face was dignified and he murmured, “it seems that I’m dying. Let’s just explode. Otherwise, the hotel will recycle and sell it. I can’t take the money. It’s too bad. ”

Listening to what he said, Yu Hehui couldn’t help smiling: “in fact, it’s also good. Maybe you’ll have a chance to revive, just like me.”

“You were on your way home.”

Wei Xun asked, “I think Wang pengpai brought you back. Should your relationship be good? There is no shortage of money on the way home. For many years, have you bought all the parts you have been sold by the hotel? ”

The parts on sale, ah, Wei Xun’s words sound really.

“Hotels will not easily revive people. The more parts an organization has, the lower the possibility of recovery.”

Yu Hehui shrugged: “you see, you didn’t have anything, but I was resurrected in your hands.”

The less likely it is, the more likely it is to revive.

When the fox cub’s consciousness returned, Yu Hehui was shocked by the memory of his childhood.

The new tourists took the place of C-9 at the beginning. The super dangerous Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan brought out the survival of all the staff, opened a 30 ° north latitude landscape, and topped the list of new stars in the tour guide industry. Then he even had the identity of a passenger and used new passengers to enter the difficult group to complete the main line of the journey, which won the attention of an Xuefeng and * *

Wei Xun has too many impossibilities, almost impossible existence.

Only the kind of person can revive him.

“Can you eat now?”

Wei Xun is not in a hurry to get the next generation of blood ladybugs. Now he is more interested in Yu Hehui’s “antiques”.

“I had dinner with Wang pengpai yesterday. Sister orange packed me a lot of stewed beef.”

Wei Xun took Yu Hehui to his rest area. It was empty. He sat on the bed. Yu Hehui sat on a stool. In front of them was a small folding table. A box of stewed beef will almost fill the table.

“I haven’t seen you for years. You should also miss the taste of the past.”

“It tastes good.”

Yu Hehui added a piece of stewed beef and tasted it. His face showed a satisfied expression. He eats very slowly. He is enjoying the delicacies.No, he ate a piece of meat for five minutes. Subtle changes have taken place in the whole person’s temperament, such as finally settling down and returning to the people.

“But I’m not familiar with the taste.”

Yu Hehui sighed, “sister orange… The sister orange I knew at that time was earlier than I died. Her name is Wu Lecheng.”

“No wonder.”

Wei Xun suddenly said, “I said they all call Lushu orange sister orange. Obviously, she looks more than 20 and must be younger than Wang pengpai.”

It turned out that on the way home, there was a woman with an orange in her name. It seems that she is used to it.

“Do you have a fruit orange?”

Yu Hehui’s eyes were a little disappointed, as if he had forgotten the past.

“I have wine in my car.”

Wei Xun said casually and took out a bottle of wine: “I heard it was made by Wang Yushu. I haven’t seen anyone, but the wine is very delicious.”

Yu Hehui smiled: “no, the wine is too intoxicating. Fruit orange is enough.”

Wei Xun also smiled. He put away the wine, took a bottle of fruit orange and put it on the table. Yu Hehui picked up the fruit orange, twisted it open, poured a cup for Wei Xun, and then poured a cup for himself.

“Go back and have a look?”

Wei Xun sandwiched a piece of beef and said with a smile, “Mao Xiaole said, draw me a lucky charm and invite me to come again today.”

“Xiao Le’s lucky charms are not of high quality, but they are difficult to draw. He rarely draws them with his blood.”

Yu Hehui was surprised and said, “he took the initiative to draw you a lucky charm… You can take it with you. It is a lucky charm that can work in the journey without solution.”

Then he became serious: “I won’t go, and Wei Xun, if you can, you’d better not let the fox cub follow.”

“I can’t be too close to my way home and have close contact with the people inside. I can’t recall many important things in the past, otherwise I may be watched by the hotel, and I will be unlucky with you. ”

Then he smiled helplessly: “you don’t have to worry about my loyalty. I, a kind of person rescued by you from the journey, will be absolutely loyal to the rescuer. I will never betray or hurt you. I do everything for you. In fact, I have signed a contract with you, and you should be able to see it. ”

Tianhu is smart, and Wei Xun is also smart.But it’s too tired for smart people to test each other. Their conversation just now was full of tests.

Yu Hehui made it clear to Wei Xun directly. If they trust each other, they can have better cooperation.

“Of course I believe you.”

Wei Xun said that he could actually see the attributes of Yu and Hui.

[Tianmen fox fairy]

[nickname: Xiaobai]

[host: Wei Xun]

[status: 1% recovery]

[strength: sky level five stars (level one star)]

[loyalty: 100]

The strength judgment of fox fairy seems to be different from that of pure tourists. It’s not the peak, but the sky level. However, Yu Hehui’s strength is really terrible. Now it has only recovered by 1%, reaching the level of first-class star.

In fact, after his recovery, his loyalty soared to full value, but Wei Xun will not fully believe the value.

Joke, if the value is useful, his code name is C250. Is his positive strength also C250?

However, Yu Hehui said that people rescued from the journey will be 100% loyal to the “rescuer”. Wei Xun was the first time to listen. He asked curiously, “what’s the matter? What’s the matter?”.

If he ‘rescued’ Ukrainian VI, or rescued part of it, would Ukrainian VI be 100% loyal to him?

Wei Xunchang asked him how far maggots can grow after he integrates the abyss Festival.

“I’ll take the blood Ladybug to reproduce.”

After chatting, Wei Xun stood up and said, “Yu Hehui, come and help me.”

He is used to calling blood ladybug, and red ladybug corresponds to joy. When he was in Xiaolin temple at that time, cuocha Lama was delighted when he saw the demon removing envoy Wei Xun. At first, the demon phantom that manipulated the corpse was also pleased. He deceived Wei Xun. No wonder the blood Ladybug tried hard to drill and was full of desire.

Now that the Lama’s long cherished wish has been fulfilled, all his body and soul have been completed, the devil has been removed, and Northern Tibet has returned to peace again. He should be very happy. The emotion remaining in the corpse is pure joy.

Wei Xun knew that the kind of corpse should satisfy the blood Ladybug and produce the next generation smoothly.

But there was something wrong with Yu Hehui’s expression.

He stared at Wei Xun. At the moment, Wei Xun was standing and he was sitting. Wei Xun looked at him from a condescending angle, his face

“Wei Xun.”

Yu Hehui’s voice trembled slightly, as if he was talking back. His eyes were green and almost dark.


Wei Xun noticed Yu Hehui’s vision and frowned: “what’s the matter? What supplements do you need? I have points in my book — ”


Yu Hehui had a gaffe: “no, don’t frown, just keep that cold expression. Yes, the eyes are cold, but they are smiling…”

He was incoherent, his eyes were almost crazy, he pressed his forehead like a headache, but he still stared at Wei Xun and muttered in pain:


Yu Hehui said softly, “can you turn your hair and eyes black and let me see?”


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