TTG Chapter 141

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 141: Responsibilities

“Can’t change.”

Wei Xun remained silent. He didn’t change. Instead, he looked down at Yu Huihui and asked softly, “what did you… Think of?”

Yu Huihui didn’t make a sound. His eyes were distracted as if immersed in a terrible illusion. As his master, Wei Xun can feel the violent and chaotic mood fluctuation of Yu Yuhui, as if he was trying to recall, but he was hindered.

And… Yu Huihui’s recollection seems to have startled you. Wei Xun saw that the hidden thorn tattoo on his left wrist reappeared, slightly hot, as if it was a warning.

“Stop thinking, Yu Huihui. Can you calm down yourself?”

Wei Xun drank softly. Yu Yuhui’s situation was really bad. His original solid body became illusory again, his pupils widened slightly, and his forehead was full of cold sweat. Wei Xun leaned close. He subconsciously tilted back and almost overturned his chair and sat on the ground.

Wei Xun saw the chaotic vigilance and fear in his eyes.

“Calm down, or you will become a fox.”

Wei Xun straightened up. He grabbed the fox cub’s back neck skin and threw it into Yu Huihui’s arms. At the next moment, Yu Yuhui disappeared and returned to the white fox cub. The fox cub trembled and fell to the ground.

Wei Xun explored and found that it was just sleeping, so he took the fox cub and put it on the chair. Walk slowly to the hive area.

Change the pupil color and hair color – he said that it can’t be changed. Indeed, without the attachment of Tianhu, if you want to change the hair color and pupil color, you can only rely on the hair dye and Meitong sold by the hotel. At this time, in order to prevent exposure, Wei Xun won’t buy anything at the hotel mall.

But there are always more ways than difficulties. If Wei Xun wants to change, there is always a way.

But first, Yu Yuhui’s situation is wrong. Something dangerous is staring at them. Wei Xun thought it might be something at the hotel level. As Yu Yuhui said before, he can’t be too close to the way home and think too much about things related to the way home, otherwise he will be watched by the hotel.

In other words, the secret that became with his death can no longer be revealed.

Second, Yu Yuhui’s mood has been clearly revealed. He is nervous, afraid, alert, alert, shocked and can’t believe it. Even if it changes, he may not be able to say more. This initial emotional reaction is actually true.

Third, black hair and black eyes. Wei Xun is similar in appearance. In fact, there is only one person.

Wei Xun remembers that his parents don’t seem to look very much alike. When he was young, his memory was relaxed and happy, but when he carefully recalled his parents’ looks, the memory picture became blurred, and even his parents’ names had only a vague impression.

My brother said that his brain was stimulated and he couldn’t think about many things. But in their family, only their brother looks like him most. If Wei Xun doesn’t have albinism and has black hair and black eyes, he will be more like his brother.

Brother… When Wei Xun went to the hive, the parasitic wasp came and rubbed it, humming and telling Wei Xun that the female bee has entered the second growth stage, and will pupate and develop into adults tomorrow.

Wei Xun gave the Baby Bee a drop of sugar water and asked it to temporarily release and block the hive. Then at the corner where the hive is not affected, Wei Xun takes out the Lama’s corpse.

When doing things, he will pay more attention and think more keenly.

After entering the hotel, Wei Xun checked Wei Xuechen’s name and didn’t have any information. As long as they are hotel visitors, they will definitely leave their real names in the hotel.

My brother didn’t leave his name. There are two possibilities. The first is that he is dead and the second is that he is a tour guide.

The tour guide will not leave his real name, even if he is a passenger at the beginning of the journey. He has a real name, as long as he becomes a tour guide. The hotel will blur his name, and other tourists and guides in the hotel will lose the impression of his real name.

It can be said that as long as you become a tour guide, your real name will ‘disappear’ in this hotel, leaving only a ranking code.

After you rise to the top, you can be named after the title, such as dream chaser, puppet master, playful man.

But your real name will be sealed forever. Unless you take the initiative to tell others, others can’t know it from any way in the hotel.

Therefore, compared with tourists, tour guides are “employees” who have a close relationship with hotels. Their identity is a mystery.

Of course, these two possibilities can coexist, that is, my brother is a dead guide.

The only clue is that there is a “connection” between his brother and an Xuefeng. Whether it is unilateral or both sides do not know for the time being, it may be hostile.

“Puff, puff, puff!”

Wei Xun took the bleeding ladybug. He was so excited that he couldn’t wait to rush to the corpse, impatiently bit Wei Xun’s fingertips and bit his fingers to bleed. But Wei Xun was not angry.

He’s laughing.


He no longer restrained the blood ladybug. It rushed into the living body like a red shadow and went in from its eyes. This scene looked very strange, especially when the blood Ladybug drilled in, the originally expressionless corpse smiled. It suddenly opened its eyes and stared at Wei Xun with dark and sunken eyes.

Wei Xun smiled at the corpse and bent his mouth. He was really happy.

Got more clues about my brother.

Because albinism was too conspicuous, Wei Xun turned brown hair and black pupils before taking part in the journey to northern Tibet, but he added sharp tiger teeth to himself when he was young, and the whole person seemed wild and rebellious. His temperament is different from his brother. Moreover, when he was in northern Tibet, he mostly covered his face with a magic scarf and goggles. Before he completely changed back to albinism, he showed his whole face.

Brother and an Xuefeng, the leader of the largest brigade, may be hostile. Then he may have friends in the hotel, but he is more likely to have many powerful and terrible enemies. Wei Xun doesn’t want to attract any enemies to himself for the time being.

But it’s strange to say that others didn’t respond at all. After all, Wei Xun didn’t hide his name.

Although it is difficult to find Wei Xun’s name in reality, there are not many such things as two children in the Wei family. When Wei Xun went to school at that time, he knew that he had contact with Wei Xuechen.

However, his last name is Wei, and he has a similar appearance. Anyone who has some impression should express it — especially the night Wei Xun went home as a guest, it was even more risky.

At that time, he only had white hair and blue pupils. At most, he had a different temperament, but his face was still similar.

But Wang pengpai and they didn’t react differently.

Or I really haven’t seen my brother. For example, my brother actually died as soon as he entered the journey.

Or I never showed my real face and name.

It’s a guide.

“Giggle, hee hee, ha ha -”

The living body of the Lama gave out a strange laugh, and its whole body trembled. Every inch of its skin and flesh swelled, sunken and fluctuating. A sunken gully went down its throat, through its shriveled chest and then to its drooping belly. This is the “patrol” of the blood ladybug.

If the corpse is satisfied enough, it will go to the brain of the corpse and produce an egg after a week of inspection.

However, the living corpse is also strange. It is between half life and half death. It does not want the emotional demon insect to lay eggs in the body and seize all its emotions and vitality. Therefore, when the demon insect patrols, it will violently resist, struggle and erupt into terrorist forces.

Wei Xun looked at the living body of the Lama, slowly raised his hand and stretched it in his direction. The hands of the living corpse were as shriveled as skin and bones, the nails were as sharp as hooks, and it was dark and full of corpse poison.

But Wei Xun didn’t dodge.

The Lama’s corpse smiled bigger and bigger, the corners of his mouth were torn, and the whole face was laughing, but he didn’t attack Wei Xun.

He stretched out his hand, but it was difficult. Wei Xun followed the etiquette of Bon.

The body and mind of cuocha Lama are complete, and his soul returns to Wei molongren, but his corpse is full after all, and there is still a trace of cuocha Lama instinct.

He was very happy to see Wei Xun again.

The Lama corpse will not attack Wei Xun. It laughs and trembles all over. It wants to frantically struggle to attack Wei Xun, but it is all suppressed by the Lama’s instinct. And it seems that Sanskrit sounds sounded around it, which is the sound of Bon Sutra.

The Lama’s body gradually calmed down. He was still laughing wildly, but his face was no longer ferocious, but more compassionate.

The hardest step in breeding the offspring of emotional demons is over.

As the bee Taoist commented, this natural corpse is really rare. Usually, the living corpses are man-made and full of resentment against people. At this time, they will attack humans with all their strength. But Wei Xun may not encounter this.

This is what Yu Yuhui told Wei Xun.

Yu Yuhui… He doesn’t know Lu Shucheng of the backward team, but he knows Mao Xiaole and Wang pengpai.

Just looking at Wei Xun’s face, he had an association and a reaction, but Wang pengpai and they didn’t.

From the perspective of Yu Huihui’s reaction, Wei Xun was condescending and looked down at him.

Yu Yuhui has a deep memory of this angle and a strong reaction. Almost instantly, something goes wrong. This posture is likely to be that Yu Yuhui is sitting, kneeling, or lying down, while the other party is standing.

Wei Xun was having a hot pot dinner with him on his way home. He also had this angle. Wei Xun is smaller than Mao LEGO. He always looks at him from this angle. When he read the White Wolf deer Book orange, Wang pengpai… Also, after dinner, Wang pengpai still sat in his chair, and Wei Xun got up to say goodbye to them.

But they didn’t respond.

The crawling trace of the devil insect in the living body of the Lama will be around enough soon, and Wei Xun’s thinking is becoming clearer and clearer.

The biggest difference between Yu Yuhui and Wang pengpai is that he is dead and they are still alive.

A brother, or someone with a brother’s appearance, is the death of Yu Hui.

“Are you awake?”

Wei Xun didn’t look back and said faintly, “look at the situation now.”

There were no footsteps, no breath fluctuations, and I didn’t feel anyone approaching at all.

But Yu Huihui’s voice sounded beside Wei Xun.

“It went well.”

Tianhu, quietly, integrates nature, and no one will be aware of his arrival.

Of course, Wei Xun is the master of Yu Xianghui. He knows everything from Yu Xianghui’s awakening to Yu Xianghui’s coming.

Wei Xun suddenly said, “assassin, sentry, or Pathfinder?”

“Assassin… There should be all kinds of Pathfinder.”

Yu Huihui sighed, “I sealed my memory more deeply. I can’t remember a lot of things clearly.”

The characteristics of Tianhu are very suitable for being an assassin or Pathfinder. As a pathfinder, he will not be alarmed by the hidden danger. It is very possible to successfully explore the way and return.

Both assassins and pathfinders have a high probability of leaving the group and acting alone.

The probability of being assassinated is even greater.

“Fortunately, I didn’t continue to think deeply.”

Yu Huihui was a little lucky. She nodded painfully: “the person I think of must have been paid great attention by the hotel. Hotels… There are still great restrictions on us survivors. ”

Yu Yuhui was embarrassed: “sorry, I may not be of much help to you in this regard.”


Wei Xun said briskly.

Even if yu Yuhui really said it, he would explore by himself.

He only believes in what he has explored.

Yu Yuhui may have been an enemy of his brother in the past, or even killed by his brother, but Wei Xun didn’t care about this.

If he really cared, he would not have signed a contract when an Xuefeng was clearly marked as “extremely dangerous” by his brother and approached or even fought with an Xuefeng.

Walking with danger makes Wei Xun happier.

“Emotional demons multiply… I shouldn’t have seen it for the first time, but I don’t remember the specific things before.”

Yu huidao is more active and hopes to help Wei Xun in other aspects, so he reminds:

“When the devil bug enters the brain and lays eggs, you can try to control the corpse and fuse it with the devil bug to make an emotional bomb.”

“Anyway, the main body of emotional demons can’t accept it. It’s better to make the best use of everything. Of course, if it resists too violently, I won’t suggest you do so, but now you have a high probability of success. ”

Yu Yuhui continued to point out: “but there is another problem, that is, every emotional demon is unique, and there can only be one in the world. Blood Ladybug… ”

He also followed Wei Xun’s habit and called: “blood ladybugs and living corpses are made into emotional bombs, which are not completely dead. Then its offspring will not become a new demon worm, but a derivative emotion of joy. ”

Wei Xun asked: “do future generations like magic insects more aggressive, or do they have more emotional bombs?”

“A short one-time, of course, is an emotional bomb.”

Yu Yuhui confirmed, “you demon loving bug… When I saw it before, it seemed to be in good condition. This corpse is also extremely high-quality. The emotional bomb and bomb made of them can make super class passengers fall into uncontrollable ecstasy. The scope of influence is not small, but it will be over after one use. ”

“The emotional devil itself is more like a subtle influence. For example, if you take the demon bug with you, the people you get along with will be slightly happy. After a long time, in the end, his joy will be completely controlled by you – ”

“Make it an emotional bomb.”

Wei Xun decided to say in a more playful tone: “compared with others who feel happy when they see me – it’s more interesting to let them fall into disorderly ecstasy.”

Wei Xun’s words were smiling, but it sounded terrible. Yu Yuhui doesn’t care to smile and feels lost pity for Wei Xun’s enemies. Anyway, it’s not to deal with his way home or those old friends.

Wei Xun’s level is not up to it.

It’s better to use the emotional bomb when Wei Xun goes to take a higher-level group.

“Is your next journey coming?”

Yu huidao, seeing that Wei Xun is so prepared, he should also prepare for the next brigade. The fox cub has no memory of this, but judging from the level of Wei Xun’s preparation, should it be a dangerous group?

Otherwise, Wei Xun doesn’t have to prepare so many things for the difficult group.

“An excellent person will be noticed by the hotel.”

Yu Yuhui comforted: “you will encounter a lot of dangers, but you will grow up faster.”

“If you want to make the happy devil bug into an emotional bomb, you should consider whether the offspring will have any emotion when they hatch.”

Yu Yuhui reminded: “although it’s just an extended emotion, it’s also very strong, such as happiness, which will make people painful, such as happiness, which will make people… Cough, in fact, hope is also an extended emotion.”

“What if it’s not joy extension?”

Wei Xun asked: “happiness is not closely related… But this mentality will make people happy, so?”


Yu Yuhui thought for a while: “if it is a certain state of mind or state that can produce joy, the happy ‘pain to happiness’ I said before is actually this kind.”

“But it should be noted that the tendency and emotion of the worms are actually more affected by the living corpse. What is the emotion and emotional tendency of the living corpse? After you take the egg and drive it to change that direction, the greater the probability of success. ”

“Well, I see.”

Wei Xun listened to Yu Huihui and grasped more points in his heart. While they were talking, the living body of the Lama in front of them suddenly stopped laughing. It became expressionless, as if it had restrained its emotions, and a tiny drum gradually appeared in its forehead and heart.

“The blood Ladybug began to lay eggs!”

Seeing this, Yu Yuhui reminded, “can I help you?”


Wei Xun said that several tubes of blood had been prepared in his hand.

“I’ll come.”

Yu Yuhui reminded and instructed from time to time, coupled with the cooperation of the living corpse of the Lama and the suppression of the blood of the butterfly tattoo, Wei Xun’s emotional bomb and bomb were made smoothly. However, when he took the insect eggs to exert influence, he suddenly showed his alienation.

The winding sharp dark devil horn and the long silver bone thorns rising behind it are the rudiments of the devil bat wing. His eyes became pure red, as clear as a gem. On the long tail of the thin and flexible black devil, the dark silver bone thorns that had been obedient and fit burst out, showing a bit of unruly and dangerous.

On the completely alienated devil’s claw, a pale golden egg quietly ruptured and hatched, and the golden bug flashed out, which seemed to struggle. However, when the abyss node carrier emerged and fell into the hands of the devil Wei Xun, it did not resist any more, meekly accepted his blood and immediately penetrated into his skin.

Wei Xun, has he transformed into an emotional worm at the level of “the devil”?

Rao Shiyu Huihui was slightly surprised to see this scene. Although the emotional demons are not high in adulthood due to some restrictions, in fact, the emotional demons have extremely pure blood and special status. They live at the bottom of the abyss, and the real level is calculated according to the super two levels.

Like the blood Ladybug in Wei Xun’s hand, it is obviously a high-level magic bug, but it can actually be seen as a top-level magic bug.

But this is an adult emotional demon bug. The young eggs and newly hatched larvae will fall by at least two orders. This is still the case when the child worm still inherits the seven emotions of the elders. If the child worm extends the emotion, it will be reduced to three to four levels. No, the larvae in Wei Xun’s hands should be only the medium demon worm at best, and it is more likely to be the low demon worm.

But this is not the case!

Wei Xun turned into a dissimilated state to suppress the larvae!

Yu Yuhui saw at a glance that Wei Xun’s alienation was not simple. Only demons with pure blood would have bone wings. Demons respect black. The more powerful the black, the purer the blood.

Like the inferior Devil Dog, although its rank is very low, its blood comes from the shadow Devil Dog King at the top. It is said that the shadow Devil Dog King is the bottom of the abyss and the devil king’s most loyal subordinate, burning dark shadow devil fire all over.

The flame of inferior magic dog is bone white. Every time its flame color deepens, it is a purification of blood. When it’s all dark, it’s the noble shadow demon dog.

Although Wei Xun’s alienation is not complete at present, to this extent, the alienation of this lineage can suppress medium-level demons, even high-level demons.

But the larva dared to resist! Only after the abyss node appears can you completely yield!

This, this is more like the degree of primitive seven emotions. What exactly is the emotion of Wei Xun’s son worm? It’s absolutely impossible to derive emotion from joy. He said that mentality and state. Did he turn it into a hope worm?

This is indeed comparable to the seven emotions, but Yu Huihui vaguely remembers that he hopes that the magic bug should be transformed by someone. This kind of magic bug is unique. There can be no recovery in the past.

However, he could not remember the more detailed information.

“I’m going to merge the abyss node.”

Wei Xun called Yu Yuhui back from his surprise. In this moment, there was only a buzzing sound. The three brothers Xiaocui, Xiaojin and Mantis gathered together. The parasitic wasps industriously and busily carried the young female bees and the young magic bees that had just hatched to Wei Xun. The maggots were also mixed with them and carried them together.

A faint golden light quietly appeared between Wei Xun’s fingers. This is a translucent, pale golden young ladybug. It fluttered and fell like a grain of millet and landed beside Xiaocui.

The magic insects are arranged in order of rank. The nearest one near Wei Xun is Xiaocui’s emotional insect cub. Outside is the bee mother larva, the magic mosquito Xiaojin’s maggot, and then outside are the magic bee larva and the three brothers of Mantis. The periphery is other bee eggs.

The abyss has a clear position, but no matter at which level, they are extremely loyal to Wei Xun, and all they convey are feelings of awe, worship and intimacy.

“Come to the inner circle.”

Wei Xun said in a deep voice. The closer he gets to his demon bug, the more benefits he will get when he fuses the abyss node. Now Wei Xun has too many insects in his hand, and they are all insects. Even if they are in the inner circle, they can bear it.

With these words, he stopped talking, closed his eyes and frowned slightly. The crimson stone representing the contract between the abyss node and Wei Xun exudes mellow and rich magic gas, and most of it flows into Wei Xun. It looks like the red stone is melting or merging with Wei Xun.

The magic patterns on his face, neck, lower abdomen and other places squirmed like life, but they all became shorter and lighter bit by bit! Magic patterns are the manifestation of the magic of the abyss. In childhood, the more and longer Magic patterns represent the more magic and the purer blood. The key for the devil to enter the growth stage is to begin to absorb these magic patterns and hide them in his body!


However, the energy contained in these magic patterns is great. If you absorb them rashly, it will split the young devil’s body! Step by step, it is the right way to hone your body and absorb magic patterns at the same time, but Wei Xun clearly wants to integrate magic patterns with the power of abyss nodes at the moment of integrating abyss nodes!


It was the sound of skin cracking. Blood marks appeared on Wei Xun. It seemed that he had just experienced thousands of cuts, and his body was completely dyed red by blood. But he didn’t stop, but continued!

Is he crazy?!

Yu Yuhui’s pupil suddenly shrinks. He should have been unbelievable, but his heart moved and he suddenly felt a little distressed for Wei Xun.

He is young and so gifted. He should have become a genius, grow up smoothly and become a powerful man, but in reality he is terminally ill and dying. He was chosen as a tour guide to work for the hotel.

Soon after he entered the hotel, he was involved in the storm at the top of the hotel, encountered many dangerous calculations, and there was no credible person around him. Even so, Wei Xun still sticks to his promise. Just after the second journey, he helped him revive Yu Yuhui!

And now he is still forcing himself, even suffering severe pain, just to get stronger strength and live freely in this cruel hotel!

Yu Yuhui knows that the closer the tour guide is to alienation, the more crazy it will be. In particular, Wei Xun’s current situation is even more dangerous. If he is careless, he will completely degenerate and become a slave to the abyss.

But such pain, he is bearing alone, and even let all the demons gather around him to help them become stronger. Instead of devouring demons and insects to stabilize their own strength.

In contrast, he Yu Yuhui is not a demon worm. He can’t help or integrate into it… Wei Xun saved him and treated him as a friend. How can he stand idly by at this time.

“Oh, it’s so sudden.”

Yu Yuhui sighed helplessly and Wei Xun walked away. Wei Xun’s integration abyss node is too sudden. If we can make more preparations, the situation will be much better.

But Wei Xun didn’t mean to be like this. He has too much pressure and must become stronger. And others

Yu Yuhui shook his head. Wei Xun was suspicious and refused to trust others. Why was it not caused by the environment.

At this moment, Yu Yuhui has passed through the devil insect area and came to Wei Xun:

“Let me help you.”

Only he can help Wei Xun at the moment.

Between the words, Yu Hui turned into a huge heavenly fox. Its body looked unreal, like a cloud. Tianhu slightly closed his eyes and gently touched Wei Xun’s forehead with a nose kiss. Unexpectedly, he took the initiative to absorb those restless magic Qi full of hostility. After combing and soothing, he put the pure magic Qi back into Wei Xun!

The strongest thing about the sky fox is its parent. All creatures and non creatures will indulge in the nine tails of the sky fox. Even if it is evil gas, it is combed and obedient.

But after all, Tianhu is not a demon, and the entry of magic Qi has also had a bad impact on it. Its soft white to shiny fox hair darkened, and its body shape became more illusory. It felt shaky.

Wei Xun opened his eyes slightly and looked at Yu Huihui. Under the long black eyelashes like crow feathers, his crimson eyes were like an abyss, indifferent and depressed madness, but that trace of human reason grew stronger and stronger.

Yu Yuhui helped him a lot by combing the magic Qi. Wei Xun thought he was going to the limit. He could have integrated into the abyss node long ago, but he did not melt on purpose. He wanted to take this opportunity to absorb more magic patterns and magic Qi and grow up. But the limit has been reached. Wei Xun must stop, or he will be burst.

But now there is Yu Huihui, and Wei Xun thinks he can absorb some more magic patterns! It’s rare to have such a good opportunity. At least let Xiaocui go to the next level!

Yu Yuhui has found himself on a stolen ship. He can’t believe Wei Xun’s gambling!

Greedy, hard greedy!

Yu Yuhui is crazy about trying to persuade Wei Xun to be more restrained. Let’s be more restrained and just accept it when we see it. But now he can’t speak. Now Wei Xun has increased his absorption. Without his help, this man will definitely explode. And Wei Xun will die with him.

Fuck, I can only follow Wei Xun to Hei!

“La La La -”

The surging magic gas surged like the waves and poured into the bodies of the surrounding magic insects. The golden mosquito, who has been with Wei Xun for the longest time, changed first. Its orange yellow fluff turned transparent, and its breath completely disappeared. No one could sense its existence, which changed to a more hidden direction!

The maggot next to it changed little. It just shed a piece of skin quietly. Maggots are called human skin maggots. The skin they shed is thin and large, very like a human skin! Under the influx of evil spirit, the white fat maggot crawled on the human skin face. After climbing for a long time, he couldn’t climb out of his facial features. He turned his head and gave up to climb the human skin’s right hand.

Gradually, the right hand of human skin is becoming more and more real. This is Wu Laoliu’s right hand!

But the maggot and golden mosquito changed more, and the group of magic bees changed more. The magic bees, who were still larvae, grew up quickly, but they cocooned one by one, and then broke out of the cocoon quickly. Black magic bees with big fists dare not make any humming for fear of affecting Wei Xun.

The bees hatched by Wei Xun’s evil spirit are different from the bees and insects in the hands of the bee Taoist. The bee wings are full of scarlet blood lines. After hatching, the magic bees are still absorbing the magic gas, and the sharp metal light is shining on the tail spikes.

The magic bees gathered around the only female bee, and the female bee also broke out of the cocoon. It was golden, thin waist and round abdomen, full of warm motherhood. In its abdomen, a graceful and magnificent face like a queen is gradually taking shape, but today’s face is still too blurred.

Wei Xun gave the mother bee the opportunity to be an advanced mother, but if she wants to really become a mother and have a mental state, the mother bee needs more opportunities! The highest dorala, the queen, the second-class Lyra, the second-class Milara, the next farara, and the incomplete mother without spirit.

He bowed his head meekly. First he respectfully surrendered to Chong Weixun, and then he looked at Xiaocui with half yearning and half vigilance.

The biggest change this time is Xiaocui!

Xiaocui itself has extraordinary qualifications. It lives in the depths of the ruins of Xiangxiong, swallows radiation mines and grows up, and can control nearly 10000 evil spirits. After eating enough with Wei Xun, she absorbed nearly 20 drops of blood from the butterfly tattoo from the beginning. Later, Xiaocui took part in every evil spirit Wei Xun ate.

Not to mention the purified magic honey, it also grows on the fungus pile, which is excellent for the mother insect and has the black haired human skin with abundant energy!

But the most important thing is that Wei Xun hides the magic insect ball in Xiaocui’s belly with Xiaocui’s cocoon shell as the carrier.

This makes Xiaocui almost equivalent to Wei Xun’s deputy envoy! Every time Wei Xun takes a demon bug and brings it into the ball of the demon bug, Xiaocui will enjoy the intangible benefits, understand the demon Qi on the bug, and be able to mate with each other without being attacked and resisted.

In fact, Xiaocui shouldn’t have degenerated this time. Every evolution of the mother insect is particularly difficult. The most difficult thing is that it needs the immersion of the smell of the ancient Zerg. However, Wei Xun repeatedly included the blood ladybug into the magic bug ball. Although it did not surrender, Xiaocui still risked to steal a trace of the ancient magic bug gas!

This time, Wei Xun completely accepted the young body of an emotional demon bug!

Under the joint influence of many factors, Xiaocui has advanced.

Its noumenon and mental state appear from time to time. The green insect body like a sandfly and the beautiful mental state like a forest goblin are perfectly integrated. The green light spot flashes, the light falls on Xiaocui, her eyes are slightly closed, and her lips are smiling.

Her long green curly hair is still there, and the tentacles of insects between her hair are like pearl antlers, which are also decorated with emerald. The thin and tender green membrane wings turned into gauze and caged on her body, while her abdomen was surrounded by vine like dark green insect patterns. Down the insect patterns, it was a real insect body!

She opened her eyes, her dark green pupils twinkled, and her eyes smiled, as if she remembered Wei Xun’s preference. Xiaocui’s partial female upper body immediately transformed into a male upper body.

Look at her body and insect body. Xiaocui is very proud and satisfied. Wang Wei Xun’s eyes are full of respect and joy

Milala mother, secondary mother, the fusion of mental state and noumenon, is the existence of half human and half insect!

* *

Xiao Cui?!

Waiting for the reply from C 250, some anxious devil businessmen opened their eyes in amazement and looked a little frozen. He had a hunch that Xiaocui might become stronger!

This is the induction between the opponents of both sides from the confrontation task. Before the confrontation, one party had a guardian. When fighting, the strong came and suddenly became stronger.

Therefore, the hotel has added more to both sides of the confrontation task. It can’t tell outsiders. It can only feel the sense of crisis and connection in its own heart. The devil merchant can’t be wrong. Xiaocui, she should be stronger!

The devil merchant’s face was frozen.

Just now he had a good chat on C 250, but the other party suddenly lost contact. The cautious devil merchant immediately turned off the phone, but after a while, he tried to turn it on again, but there was still no news of C250.

Even if he tried to send some messages, it was like a stone sinking into the sea.

Is C 250 under siege? No time to send messages?

That’s not good news.

But now look, the loss of C 250 is suspected to have been captured by the siege. Xiaocui becomes stronger

Did she become stronger in battle?

Alienation is more complete?!

The devil merchant couldn’t believe it, but his instinct told him that this was the final answer. If so, the talent and luck of C 250 is really much more than he imagined.

It is absolutely terrible for such a person to grow up.

But as a partner

The devil merchant looked unpredictable and rubbed his mobile phone. Just now, C250 said he couldn’t hold it. He asked for a large amount of magic crystal stones. He should be preparing for this round-up.

If he can really escape and fight, he must be everywhere in the eastern forum after today. It should be full of the prestige of C 250.

If he hesitates again, I’m afraid he will completely lose the initiative at that time. Although the possibility of victory is slim, but

Are you there

The devil merchant sent a message, but the other party hasn’t replied yet.

No more hesitation! The devil merchant passed more than ten magic crystal stones to the past and wanted some items that were good for the fox.

His face was frozen, no longer impatient, but calmed down.

This is a bet, Bo.

If you can win the bet

* *

“Well, don’t cry. You see, fox hair has been sent over there again. Can I give it to you? ”

On the other side, Wei Xun’s residence. He didn’t see the black old six people’s skin shed by maggots, nor did he manage the advanced Xiaocui.

But coaxing a dark fox ball.

“It’s black. The fox is black and dirty.”

The black fox ball sobbed and licked the hair sadly, but found that he couldn’t lick the black hair, and immediately cried even more sadly.

“Don’t be sad, I’ll make you white again, ah.”

Rao Shiwei Xun also felt very embarrassed. Yu Huihui revealed the truth. He could absorb the magic pattern and magic gas vigorously, which made the demons almost advanced and grow up. Yu Huihui suffered a lot.

His fox hair was dyed black by evil gas impurities, and his reason could not support it. He completely became a silly fox.

If no one helps him absorb the evil spirit, I’m afraid he will be a silly fox all his life.

But Wei Xun is not such a person who loses it after use.

“Look, let me help you.”


The fox ball was still half convinced. Wei Xun’s fingers had been pressed on the fox cub. The impurities of the evil spirit were easily absorbed and crushed by him. While absorbing the magic Qi, Wei Xun was also feeling the changes of his body.

He has absorbed about one-third of the magic patterns. Although he has not completely entered adulthood, his alienation state and strength have undergone earth shaking changes.

If he returns to zero completely at the time of danger, he can also be regarded as a pure devil, rather than the incomplete alienation of half devil and half man.

“You… What did the emotional devil hatch?”

When the fox ball became half white and half black, Yu Huihui’s consciousness finally woke up again. He sighed tired and felt his whole body out of strength. He couldn’t help asking Wei Xun. His voice was full of fear.

“Too, too terrible.”

Yu Yuhui reacted, and his reaction was abnormal! I feel sorry for Wei Xun. Wei Xun is bleeding, helpless and miserable. Only he can help. It’s all shit!

The smartest Tianhu is as stupid as being brainwashed! It’s just an abyss node. Does it need to be the same as the crisis of life and death? The stupidest thing is that he spared no effort to help Wei Xun until he turned black.

If Wei Xun’s heart is black again, he will help until he dies!

Bewitching? deception? cheat? Seduce? What kind of devil is this!

“Of course, it’s very positive.”

Wei Xun looked at Yu Huihui with a reproach. Then his expression became solemn and said slowly, “I want to tell you a story about the Bon Lama’s hundred years of guarding Tibet and fighting against the devil.”

Wei Xun slowly told the story of cuocha Lama, but Yu Yuhui’s face became more and more strange. He couldn’t think of such a good corpse of cuocha Lama. He was full of justice, compassion, strength and unyielding Lama. How could he make such a magical devil!

“The Lama’s ideal is too lofty. He is responsible for all mankind and the world by guarding the land in northern Tibet.”

Wei Xun shook his head and sighed: “this little devil bug born from the living body of the Lama, I call it ‘responsibility'”

“I don’t have such lofty ideals, the whole world, all mankind…”

Wei Xun held the pale golden Ladybug and smiled at Yu Huihui. The smile was like a devil.

“You just have to be responsible to Wei Xun.”


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