TTG Chapter 142

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 142: Clay figurine sheet [1]

[Responsibility, any things and non-things that come to you will give you some good feelings and sense of responsibility. The longer you get along, the greater the influence you will be affected by the responsibility. Your insect swarm will also carry the corresponding effect, but it will be weaker.]

“The sense of responsibility is very important for the cuocha Lama to adhere to the hundred principles. He has always shouldered the responsibility of defending Tibet’s North University and preventing demons from invading the world, and he is happy that he is finally responsible. ”

Wei Xun said: “so it’s very smooth to turn the child bug into a responsibility demon bug. After all, it also inherits the will of the wrong Lama“

God fucking inherited the wrong will of the Lama. If the Lama lived, he had to say bah.

The small black-and-white fox cub looked at Wei Xun.

Responsibility, what a good word. As a result, why did Wei Xun become evil?

“That’s good. It’s hard for others to notice.”

Yu Hehui sighed: “the living corpse of the Lama is perfect and has many merits. The demon worm itself bred by it will hide its demonic nature and tend to be positive.”

“Responsibility is a positive characteristic that everyone has. Compared with the bad state of having evil thoughts such as fraud and coaxing, it is more difficult for people to find it. ”

So Yu Hehui didn’t feel the influence of the devil bug on him at all, because all this was too positive and there was no negative effect mixed in it!

“But you should note that you are the owner of the car, so you have such a great impact on the car.”

Yu Hehui said positively, “for others, it is impossible for them to be responsible for you in the early stage, or to go in a subtle direction, and they have to contact often.”

“So it’s very suitable for waiting with the brigade.”

Wei Xun smiled and Yu Hehui couldn’t help smiling. Indeed, emotional demons can play the greatest role in the hands of tour guides.

The more you get along in a confined space for a long time, the more others will be affected.

The additional function of the guide Brooch allows the brigade to surround the guide in the early stage to avoid some dangers. Just this period of time, plus the roll call on the means of transportation, can almost exert an initial impact on the passengers.

“It’s best to put it in the magic bug ball before it fully grows.”

Yu Hehui suggested: “some people specialize in hunting this kind of magic insects, and others have a very sharp response to magic insects. It’s safer to put it in the ball of magic insects.”

“And there is another advantage.”

Xiaohu Tuan blinked and Wei Xun blinked. Then they looked at each other and smiled. Everything was silent.

The magic bug ball has a feature, that is, ‘when you have the title of magic bug and the broken magic bug ball with you, you will be able to obtain some abilities of the magic bug in the ball, and this ability will also be fed back to the swarm you control’.

That is to say, as long as the responsible devil stays in the devil’s ball, even if the devil’s ball is far away from Wei Xun, Wei Xun will bring his own “responsibility aura”, and the life body and non life body within the influence range of the responsible devil will gradually be responsible to Wei Xun.

The magic bug ball is a prop, which means that it can be handed over to others. If someone helps Wei Xun hold the ball of the devil bug for a long time, he will be more and more responsible to Wei Xun under the influence of his emotions (what about you, Xiaocui)

Similarly, if anyone steals Wei Xun’s magic bug ball and doesn’t damage it immediately, but carries it with him… Hey.

Before long, his thought may become the shape of Wei Xun.

“I have to experiment.”

Wei Xun gives Xiaocui the ball of the devil bug. Xiaocui is happy and even a little eager to swallow it immediately. Just now, Wei Xun held the ball of the devil bug, and his face was green with fear. He was worried that there was something wrong with what he did. Wei Xun asked him to hide the ball of the devil bug again.

Thinking of this, Xiaocui quickly steals the smell of ancient magic insects… It’s really fragrant. Although the little insect cub is still small, it will grow up soon under Wei Xun’s hand.

As for responsibility… Isn’t it better. If you are more responsible to Wei Xun and can get his trust, Xiaocui is willing to!

Xiaocui’s eyes flashed a trace of cunning and glanced at the mother bee who was eager and didn’t dare to come.

This is responsible to the master. It’s not worth it if there are insects!

“Be careful… Be steady.”

Yu Hehui didn’t ask Wei Xun who he was going to experiment with, but gently advised him. Wei Xun is too adventurous and gambling. He is afraid that Wei Xun will directly hand over the magic bug ball to someone to test the impact of responsibility.

But if the other party destroys the magic bug ball, it’s over.

“By the way, who do you want to see?”

The black-and-white fox group leaned back and hid Wei Xun’s fingers: “if it’s the person you want to see as a tour guide, you’d better not absorb all the magic Qi on you.”

Tianhu is still too pure. It’s a little magical. It’s more true to disguise. Yu Hehui has experience in this aspect.

“When you arrive, take Xiaocui with you.”

Yu Hehui was right. Wei Xun accepted good advice and stopped. He said, “if he doubts, give him the ball of the devil bug.”

Sure enough

Yu Hehui was so lucky that he didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry, this man is not too strong, and if it’s him… Get the ball of the devil bug and study it at most. He won’t do anything.”

Wei Xun explained to Yu Hehui that he didn’t take any risks.

“The devil businessman, foreigner, who has always wanted to catch you?”

Yu Hehui still couldn’t help reminding: “be careful. The title of devil businessman should have very high potential. There should be a top tour guide with this title before… Cough, I can’t remember clearly, you know.”

I see. If yu Hehui can’t remember clearly, they are all powerful people.

“So let you take Xiaocui.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “you are smarter.”


With Wei Xun’s pale expression, Yu Hehui said helplessly, and swallowed his subsequent words. Indeed, Wei Xun can get so many bait that he still thinks he is a woman. I’m afraid he can’t play with him even if he has high potential in the future.

“What do you want?”

Yu Hehui doesn’t mention whether he can do it or not. He directly asks Wei Xun what he wants. No matter what the surface is, a character like him is proud in his heart.

Just a little devil businessman. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Yu Hehui speculated: “when you give him the ball of the devil bug, you don’t want to directly and simply control him and imprison him, but exert a subtle influence to make him obedient and think of you.”

“Don’t always open and close your control. It sounds bad to be imprisoned.”

Wei Xun understated: “I just hope you can have better cooperation in the next journey.”

“For the next journey, you are all tour guides… Double tour guides?”

Yu Hehui reacted very quickly. He frowned and said, “your next trip is a double tour guide? More difficult… Who are you, the devil merchant? ”

“This is the title of Zhang Fang. In English, he is from Zhang Fang. You asked Zhang Fang to meet him. He came to the East… Is it a confrontation mission in Dong Fang District?”

“Are you all so smart on your way home?”

Wei Xun said strangely, “you too, and so is Baixiao. It’s too easy. You don’t have to say that you can figure it out by yourself.”

“Wei Xun, this is very dangerous!”

Yu Hehui became serious: “although I can’t remember the specific rules, one thing about the confrontation task in the east area is that the hotel is not allowed to escape.”

“In other words, you can be tied together. Although I don’t know why the devil businessman came to the East. Obviously, Fang is his home, it also shows that he is confident and prepared. ”

“In this way, your next journey will definitely become a double tour guide! You don’t understand double tour guides. This is not just an ordinary and equal relationship, but the hotel will judge who is the main tour guide and who is the Deputy tour guide according to the rank! ”

Yu Hehui frowned: “you are now C 250… What is the ranking of the other party?”


“B125 in Chang District corresponds to grade c-125. It’s not good.”

Yu Hehui frowned: “in this way, he is willing to be the leader, and you are the deputy director. Sure enough, that’s what he was thinking. ”

Wei Xun said strangely, “is there a big difference between the main and Deputy tour guides?”

Yu Hehui rubbed his temples. He had a headache, but it was not very serious. Although the information was secret, many people knew it and could still say it.

“Great… Leading mainly involves communication with passengers, route selection, allocation of accommodation, introduction of scenic spots, etc. The Deputy guidelines are to lead the way, receive and distribute tickets, communicate with NPC, etc. ”

Yu Hehui wanted to stop talking.

It can be said that oil-water and safe work are the main work, while the Deputy guidelines are all kinds of dirty and tiring work, and it is basically impossible to search passengers. Yu Hehui knows that Wei Xun can understand. In fact, he hopes Wei Xun can think again

“Isn’t that good!”

Wei Xun was pleasantly surprised and said: “59

Yu Hehui:?

“In your rank, if you are a double guide, you may take a dangerous group.”

Yu Hehui advised, “but even if it is dangerous, with your ability, Ken can subdue passengers and command the brigade.”

Wei Xun doesn’t have confidence to lead a high-level group, does he? It shouldn’t be. He brought it very well when he was drunk. He played around with Wang pengpai!

Although Wei Xun can only rely on himself when he was blessed with the title of C 9, Yu Hehui still believes that Wei Xun can control the field.

But how can Wei Xun be as positive as throwing his burden out now?

“You don’t understand.”

Wei Xun shook his head and said, “the passengers on this journey can’t be held down.”

Really? Yu Hehui doesn’t believe it.

Wei Xun took out a list of team members and handed it to Yu Hehui at will.

I didn’t expect his pupils to shake at the first sight when he arrived at the list: “Baixiao?!”

Yu Hehui didn’t dare to channel: “why is Baixiao on this list? Is this your next mission? ”


Wei Xun suddenly became interested, but there were a few more people on the list in the more than one day, more than half of them were full, and almost all of them were special class passengers. But Wei Xun doesn’t have any familiar names anymore.

“Which is Baixiao? Baixiao on the way home? ”


Yu Hehui was in a complicated mood and ordered a name at the bottom of the passenger list

[Name: Bai Xiaotian]

[rank: super star]

“This is the pseudonym used before… Baixiao.”

Yu Hehui said, “when you have several pseudonyms, Baixiao is rarely used. You are obviously an experienced passenger of Laoshan brigade. No one knows his identity except the one on his way home. ”

“Pseudonym, real name, identity…”

Wei Xun pondered and suddenly said, “Wang pengpai is also a pseudonym?”

“Pseudonym… Shouldn’t count, but there’s something wrong with his name.”

Yu Hehui apologized. He couldn’t recall this.

“Don’t think about it. Your health is very important now.”

Wei Xun said with a pleasant face. He immediately stopped Yu Hehui from thinking about it. Instead, he stuffed the list into his hand and said with a smile: “do you have any old friends?”

“It’s not good if you get hurt by mistake when you arrive at the waiting room. You didn’t recognize it. ”

Do you really think so?

Yu Hehui silently make complaints about it, but he still took the list.

But the more he looked, the more dignified his face became.

Wei Xun, what’s the matter with the passenger list? At first glance, he came to Baixiao, so he knew about the confrontation task on his way home and sent a sneak to help Wei Xun secretly. In this case, it is possible for Baixiao to come. After all, his brain is enough and his strength can be very low.

But the problem is that his strength is not very low! Super one star, you can join the extreme danger group.

In Yu Hehui’s list, the super class one star is not the highest. There are even super class three stars and four stars

This is an extremely dangerous group!

“Yes -”

“It’s an extremely dangerous group.”

Wei Xun smiled and sighed: “so many powerful people are still dominated by devil businessmen. They can live in the market.”

“You –”

Yu Hehui’s dirty words are stuck in his mouth. I don’t know what to say. What’s wrong? A B125 devil businessman in this cafe’s regiment?

What’s the matter with the new star tour guide? Is it awesome? Don’t kill the big guys!

“You… Alas, this list is out of order.”

Yu Hehui shook his head and pointed to Wei Xun: “this is probably the way back.”

[Name:  month  day]

[rank: Super three stars]

“Monday, month, day, is a ‘cute’. When Sister Orange was still there, she especially liked to use this false identity to cheat people.”

Yu Hehui sighed, “actually… It’s a special title. If you don’t expect it, it’s only on the way home.”

Wei Xun asked, “does anyone else know about it?”

“Very few. The moon and the day has always been a mysterious’ lone ranger ‘. I really know that this name is related to the way home. It’s all the old people of the people.”

Yu Hehui has a headache. He just becomes a fox. The fox cub can last longer.

“Another one is Xiyang. In reality, he is a subordinate of the security team and the vice captain of the Criminal Police Brigade. This person should also be reliable? ”

[Name: Zhou Xiyang]

[rank: Super four stars]

“Yes, he is now the head of the sunset brigade.”

“That’s right.”

The fox cub grows an air, and the tail sound trembles: “a surface card, a semi hidden card, and a complete dark card, which is also the habit of being a fox.”

The bright card Zhou Xiyang, the half hidden card, the month and day, and the dark card Baixiao, which is the most hidden and controls the situation.

Wei Xun knew the three people on his way home.

“There won’t be any more animals. Come on?”

Yu Hehui asked suspiciously, “animals? Why do animals come? ”

“Forget it, wait until you get there.”

Wei Xun turned the page, and Yu Hehui didn’t go deep into it. After all, he has thought too much now. He is dancing on the edge of danger.

I really attach great importance to Wei Xun.

Taking back his thoughts, Yu Hehui sighed and put down his heart a little.

“When the journey starts, you can go to Zhou Xiyang first and ask him to protect you.”

He slowed down, then solemnly pointed out, “hurry! The extremely dangerous group is not absolutely safe in the bus. There may be one to several sneak attacks. ”

Wei Xun sighed sadly, “but he can’t protect you.”


Yu Hehui didn’t believe it: “didn’t they go just to protect you?”

“Why do they protect you?” Wei Xun said with a smile, “they don’t know that it’s C 250.”

Yu Hehui:???

“They don’t know… Are you still hiding your identity?!”

Yu Hehui was a little scratchy and his face became dignified: “then they are all for the task… Wei Xun, you’d better show your identity. Don’t think this is a confrontation mission. The people in the East will help you. When the guide is dead or under his control, there is no way to win the confrontation mission, and there are spies in the Eastern District… ”

“Confrontation mission? No, no, no, they all came for “C 9.”

Wei Xun is meaningful: “they don’t know what confrontation task.”

Yu Hehui:?!

Yu Hehui got numb and cautiously talked to Wei Xun: “you… That is to say, you received this extremely dangerous group, not for the purpose of ‘targeting the return tour guide’, not for the confrontation task in Dongchang District, or just that the upper echelons of the hotel and the tour guide wanted to make you more difficult, just to see you and control you?”

Wei Xun pondered: “it costs a lot… Indeed, Dang has raised 30000 points.”

“Three hundred thousand… You, alas.”

Even if yu Hehui knew that Wei Xun spent a lot of money, his heart couldn’t stand hearing 30000 points at first. However, Wei Xun should know that the travel society is targeting tour guides with more points – maybe he did it on purpose.

Yu Hehui asked again, “so… You didn’t cheat the devil businessman to kill him, but really want to cooperate with him?”

Wei xunjian said, “yes, the two young tour guides have to break through the siege of the old brigade and the alliance and create a new sky.”

“You, you, you…”

You are killing yourself!

The black-and-white fox group’s hair is exploding. He directly wants to pick it from Wei Xun’s knee. He doesn’t want to take care of it! Following Wei Xun is just as unreliable as hanging your head on your belt!

“Oh, so when what I told you is true, I’m really in a hurry.”

Wei Xun hugged the fox regiment, grabbed its sharp ears and said melancholy, “only you can help.”

“You’re in a hurry!”

The fox cub scolded: “seven days… Less than six days, where can I make you a puppet without any clue!”

Before, Wei Xun took out two invitations to the end of the year celebration and gave them to him, saying that he wanted to go as a guide and a passenger respectively. And he also took out the soul moving carving (remnant Square) obtained in Zui  Xiang .

[soul shifting carving (remnant recipe)]

[select the old Sophora japonica trees of 100 years old, Yin, Yin, Yin, yin and Yin, select the black tree core, soak it with corpse ointment, corpse oil, rotten plum skin, spices and [incomplete], then bake it with Yin Fire, carve it, split it from the middle, add the soul shifter’s hair, nails and dander, [incomplete], and then bond it with corpse ointment. Carved in the shape of a container and enshrined in incense ash for seven days and seven nights, the soul moving statue is completed]

[within 360  5 days after the successful soul removal, the soul removal statue is best worn by the blood relatives of the soul mover. If the statue is destroyed, the soul will die]

[Note: since this technique lacks items needed by two points, only half of the souls of the soul shifter can be transferred to the target]

Wei Xun does have a lot of good Dongchang shoes, but only two trips. The Dongchang shoes he has accumulated are almost equal to the passengers who normally enter the hotel.

Wei Xun had a whim. With the word “disabled”, he could only transfer half of the souls of the soul shifter to the target at most. Isn’t this just used as a puppet!

Yu Hehui has also been involved. I have to say that Wei Xun is really right. The materials used in this soul moving carving are also popular, otherwise it is impossible for the village head to try successfully.

In fact, the most precious is the hundred year old tree, the old locust tree growing in Yin, Yin, yin and Yin acupoints, but Yu Hehui knows a few.

Yu Hehui’s proposal, Hao Weixun’s, is that “after the successful soul transfer, we should cultivate for three hundred and six days for five days.”. He told Wei Xun that the hotel is very strict with the celebration of the end of the year. It will be a little more than three months from now to the end of the year. If you can’t find it, your puppet will be destroyed. If you say no, you will also be expelled from the celebration. The gain is not worth the loss.

It’s too risky!

But Wei Xun is a cow. He laughs to death. He doesn’t want to wait for three months. He will quickly become a puppet in seven days.

“This is a safer approach, and there are more risky ones.”

Wei Xun sighed and took out a crimson cloak——

“Put it back, no, no!”

The fox cub made a quick decision, pressed its claws on its ears, covered its ears to block its eyes, and the fox group squeaked and roared.

When Wei Xun received his cloak, the fox cub opened his eyes again and warned: “although you don’t know whose cloak this is, the dark red is definitely the cloak of A-class tour guide. I don’t know how you got it, but this cloak can’t be thrown around. ”

“Every tour guide cloak is actually the rule of the hotel, which is connected with the ‘title’ registered by the tour guide at the hotel. Without this title, if you put on your cloak, you will gradually assimilate into each other’s puppet! ”

And this?

It was the first time Wei Xun heard of it, but when he was wearing a cloak, he didn’t feel strange like controlling assimilation


“Of course.”

The fox regiment glanced at him coldly: “at your current level, I’m afraid you’ll become the other party’s puppet by wearing a cloak once! Hiss, wait, you seem, have you ever put on this cloak? Impossible, unless you have the same title as him, Zhi Zhi, Wu Wu… ”

“OK, No.”

Eye Yu Hehui thought, and there was a sign of falling into a silly little fox again. Wei Xun quickly stopped.

“Is it really impossible to be a puppet?”

“Puppet… Gee, seven days is too short.”

Yu Hehui returned to his mind and was afraid. The seal he gave himself to remember was not too strong. He was a little careless. But Wei Xun is not an ordinary low-level tour guide. If his memory is sealed too firmly, he can’t help Wei Xun if he says no.

Who are you talking to.

No way. He has to be responsible to Wei Xun.

Wary of dispelling the idea of “responsibility”, the fox cub mused: “if you can find that person, it’s possible, but you don’t know if so many people have lived in the past.”


“Clay figurine Zhang, be the captain of the hope team.”

* *

“Did you find it? Of course, he is a devil merchant. ”

This is the first time to call C250. The devil businessman is a little nervous. He pulled the corners of his robe and cut his hair. They have to use the hotel’s encrypted hotline, which costs  points per minute, which is not cheap for tour guides. But the devil merchant gentleman chose him to pay for the call.

I won’t say whether it’s a gentleman or beware of the hands and feet of C 250.

“It’s still too impolite to match the code name.”

The devil merchant smiled, but the opposite side was silent and said coldly, “Xiaocui.”

Xiao Cui’s voice is really nice.

The devil merchant sighed that he was a man who was keen on voice and pursued high. When he was singing rock and roll, his own voice was famous for its high discrimination, magnetism and coldness. There was a sense of nobility in his wildness, which was fascinating.

But Xiaocui’s voice was better than he thought. Just listening to the voice, the devil businessman has made up a cold, gorgeous and rebellious big man with a typical oriental feeling, a thorny rose.

It was a long time before C 250 disappeared. The devil merchant thought she had failed and caught her. However, every time the other party can bring him new surprises. This time, C250 took the initiative to contact him to further cooperate with him and buy intelligence.

Business intelligence is the old capital of the devil merchant. He didn’t take Joe this time, but directly promised to come down, and didn’t even ask Xiaocui to pay in advance.

Because on this day, more than one person who left a soul mark on the devil merchant contacted him to buy information about the current east side.

This surprised the devil merchant.

This connection is not only to buy intelligence, but also a warning. Those people have found him in the east side. Of course, the devil merchant didn’t think he could hide it for long. It’s just that the other party’s attitude still makes him unhappy.

He was surprised that some of the information revealed in the words of those leaders in the district was that they also entered the journey of C250 belt by means!

Even the other party hinted to the devil businessman that if he could, the district would push him to the position of double tour guide. As expected, the guardians of the C 250 regiment should be the tour guides in the Eastern District, but the candidates for double tour guides have not come down yet.

They want him to be the leader to control C 250.

Was he exposed when he received the news of the confrontation mission?!

The devil merchant couldn’t help thinking about this, but he thought about it, but he didn’t think so. No exposure.

Those people don’t know, otherwise they won’t use “pushing him to double tour guides as a chip” to ask the devil businessman to help. You should know that as soon as the journey starts to fight against the connection between tasks, he will go to the C 250 regiment.

That is… Really targeting C 250. This person even let some people in the area infiltrate into the area at any cost.

This, this is really

The devil merchant has become numb. He has been in a state of no itching when there are more lice and no worry when there are more debts. He won’t be surprised even if there is any shocking news in C 250.

So, what good can this do to yourself?

The devil merchant pondered and his eyes twinkled. The regiment of C 250 is not only dangerous, but also an opportunity. At present, they have the task of confrontation, and the travel society has protected them accordingly. This may be the safest opportunity for devil businessmen to participate in the extremely dangerous journey before they rise to class A.

Even the only chance.

And his rank is higher than C250, and he will become the leader when he goes.

In fact, the devil merchant didn’t count. What he wanted was to get C250 out before the journey and divide the victory and defeat of the confrontation task first. After all, if the extremely dangerous group were all Oriental, it would not be very friendly to him as a tour guide.

But now, there are also passengers in the area. Although the number is not large, it is not a weak force

The devil merchant was a little moved.

This is the chance!

If they are lucky enough to get through this extremely dangerous journey, they can fly into the sky and become class A and class B tour guides!

The integral coefficient evaluated is always the highest in the higher order band.

If C 250 wants to play a big one again, they can kill one or two of these big passengers together… Tut tut tut.

It’s definitely a wave of fat!

The inside information and wealth that big tourists can have are unimaginable for poor tour guides.

Even… Team leader

The devil merchant couldn’t sit still and his ambition was burning. The end celebration is coming. He doesn’t want to just stand behind a big guide. He also wants to lead the team!

But businessmen are adventurous and suspicious.

“I want to see you.”

When all the information found was told to C250, the devil merchant solemnly said: “you can choose the point.”

“If you agree, all the information will be sent to you free of charge, and a message will be attached.”


Xiaocui thought for a moment and agreed.


“Just tonight.”


When the phone hung up, the devil businessman didn’t feel unhappy because of Xiaocui’s dominant tone. He was surprised at first.

Is C 250 crazy or is he crazy?!

“Why so fast!”

C 250 promised to meet. He was generally expected. But the meeting room is tonight. The devil businessman really didn’t expect it!

“Isn’t she in pursuit now? Tonight… ”

The devil merchant murmured, his face complicated, and sent out the attached message on his mobile phone.

“Call -”

He grew angry.

Whether true or false, he must be well prepared for the meeting tonight.

This is a meeting… If you say no, you will die.

“Butcher alliance.”

The devil merchant said solemnly, “the most powerful one to hunt down C 250 is the butcher alliance.”

* *


On the other hand, Yu Hehui was also shocked. He totally disagreed with Wei Xun’s decision: “it’s 6:30 now. It’s too urgent to contact clay figurine Zhang!”

“It’s too slow. You have to collect materials and make puppets after you get him out.”

Wei Xun shook his head after finishing the complimentary message sent by the devil merchant: “it’s still too slow.”

Then he handed his cell phone to Yu Hehui: “did you analyze it?”


Yu Hehui asked Wei Xun to check a lot of miscellaneous information. At first glance, he couldn’t figure out what he wanted to check. But after finding out these information, Yu Hehui can roughly know the news of clay figurine Zhang as soon as he puts it together.

“The two teams have a good relationship.”

Yu Hehui said, “clay figurine Zhang, dream chaser, hope team… Dream chasers are not used to being tour guides. He said to form a hope alliance, tour guides and tourists should not be enemies.”

Speaking of this, Yu Hehui looked gloomy. He can recall these things without disturbing the hotel and explain that the information is not important or secret to the hotel.

Because the hope alliance is gone.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Dongchang.

“His idea is too naive to be realized.”

Wei Xun followed him and said, “most of the lower level tour guides are too weak to protect themselves. How can they protect the team? Hope? People are weak and timid. The 300 points for killing passengers is their hope. How can they pursue the high interests of the security team? ”

“Not everyone is as strong as you. There’s no way.”

“But I hope the League… It’s a good name. You can try it later, tut.”

“You’re right… It’s naive.”

Yu Hehui couldn’t laugh or cry. Wei Xun was really confident and crazy. He thought he could succeed when dream chasers failed. But Yu Hehui thought carefully… Unexpectedly, he really felt that there were responsible demons, and Wei Xun said no. he could really succeed.

After all, everyone’s hopes are different. Most of the tour guides selected into the journey hope to live. Instead of hoping for something more noble.

Even if it can arouse everyone’s hope, they will not unite.

But the responsibility bug is simple.

As long as they are responsible for Wei Xun, Wei Xun’s hope is the responsibility of all of them and the goal they must achieve.

The fox cub trembled.

Terrible, this devil bug is really terrible, more terrible than ordinary evil code devil bugs.

“That is to say, the clay figurine Zhang is not dead, and is likely to be imprisoned in the butcher alliance?”


“Clay figurine Zhang has countless clay puppets. It’s not easy to die. But…  he probably won’t be able to hold on. ”

Yu Hehui’s expression was complicated: “no wonder dreamers want to explore another three-dimensional journey of north latitude. When he and his companions struggle together, perhaps only clay figurine Zhang is left. ”

What is the purpose of the three degree journey at north latitude?

According to Yu Hehui, the dreamer’s strength is actually very strong. He didn’t win the first prize because he couldn’t master a three degree journey in north latitude.

But Wei Xun has been to the dreamer on the return list. He controls the journey of death.

Wei Xun has one, and he put Wu Laoliu in it in advance (Wu Laoliu:?), Human skin maggots shed a piece of human skin like black old six, but it’s not useful.

“Death… There’s a problem.”

Yu Lihui didn’t say much, but confirmed to Wei Xun again, “are you sure you want to do it tonight?”

His expression was serious: “these dreams come down, and the dreamer Ken knows the direction of the clay figurine Zhang’s imprisonment. The situation should also be very urgent. He will tell an Dui the information about the journey that is likely to be three degrees north latitude. Exploring with him, he should also want an Xuefeng to rescue the clay figurine Zhang Lai. ”

“These people don’t know what they have sent, but they have a good relationship with the hope of becoming people on their way home, and the relationship between an DUI and clay figurine Zhang is also good. But the clay figurine Zhang Du can be saved. There is definitely a problem with the butcher alliance and the life playing people. It’s really difficult, you… ”

If Wei Xun hadn’t successfully put on that crimson cloak, Yu Hehui would not agree with Wei Xun’s decision at all.

Because Wei Xun’s plan was so simple and crude that he wanted the dreamer to provide information, and then he himself joined the butcher alliance to bring out the clay figurine Zhang!

Is that possible? It’s impossible!

Yu Hehui finally said helplessly: “… You, or think again?”

“You’re right.”

Wei Xun said: “you should think again.”

Why did he suddenly turn around?!

Before Yu Hehui was surprised, he heard Wei Xun say, “wait for a minute.”

After that, Wei Xun disappeared. Only the fox ball that is worried to lose its hair is left.

“Minutes… You can think of a fart.”

Wei Xun is really thinking.

In the fusion abyss node, his previous title task prompt has changed.

[task name: Master]

[task introduction: phased Title Task]

[task reward: unknown title]

[task severity: 25%]

[task tip: Please select]

[become the master of the hotel or the master of the abyss]

Originally, it was time to win the title of the next stage, but there was such a selection prompt, so Wei Xun put it down for the time being.

However, after devouring the abyss node, the task showed the word “selected”.

[you choose to be the master of the abyss!]

[your title is insensitive (blue title)]

It was automatically selected, and it was still the title “level”, rather than one more title. Wei Xun’s previous green title “painless” has disappeared.

No pain, no feeling, in fact, it is very similar to his real condition.


[you can raise the level of any title( Note: for the difficult journey, the promotion level is lower than the title of dark blue. You can upgrade the green title to blue, you can upgrade the blue title to dark blue, and the previous title will disappear after promotion)]

This is Wei Xun’s reward after completing the main line of the journey.

However, he didn’t get the title of higher level dark blue after using it, but the task level reached 35%.

In other words, the title of the abyss dominating series has no dark blue title. If you go up one level, it will be the purple title directly?

Purple title, cold-blooded?

He was a purple cold-blooded man who won the title of C-9 when he replaced C-9.

Wang pengpai once said, “in fact, every C-9 is carefully chosen by those who play life.”

What would that title be?

Wei Xun returned to reality, his own style. He stood at the door. Instead of going inside first, he slowly put on a crimson cloak and hood.

He doesn’t have the feeling of maladjustment and control that Yu Hehui said. Even after the title was promoted to insensible, he was more able to use this crimson cloak.


The light sound of falling is the golden brown Maine cat cake running down the stairs and looking at Wei Xun.

“Cake, cake, come on.”

Wei Xun stretched out his hand to it. Now his breath is restrained, only the breath brought by the crimson cloak.


Although the cake is very sticky, it is actually very timid and afraid of people. If there is a slight movement outside the door, it will be scared to hide in the crack of the bed. It took a long time to make pancake not afraid of him.

But now, at Wei Xun’s call, pancake came running briskly and turned around at Wei Xun’s feet. Wei Xun squatted down and leaned over. The cake took the initiative to rub his finger and made a snoring sound.

I’m not afraid of him at all.

“I should have thought of it.”

Wei Xun sighed and scratched his chin: “your name is nine cakes.”


Pancake is just a nickname. Wei Xun took him to the vaccine for sterilization. The name written in the record book is nine pancakes.

Why did you give it that name?

Wei Xun doesn’t remember very well. It’s like the cat in the code should call this.

Nine cakes, three nine.

What an obvious hint.

“Brother, did you expect that you would enter the journey… And wait for you to go back?”

But why don’t you come to me?

Moreover, at the third scenic spot in Hunan Province, Wei Xun (Bingjiu) received a prop to leave the scenic spot, but the prop said: [Bingjiu leaves the journey immediately, this is the master’s order]


“Brother should be too busy.”

Wei Xun said to himself and smiled: “then I’ll find you.”

He finally touched the cat’s head and went back to the hotel. It was no use even for a minute.

“It’s over.”

Wei Xun decisively said to Yu Hehui, “just do it. Contact the dreamer.”

“… OK.”

After a few minutes of thinking, Wei Xun really didn’t change his mind. Yu Hehui put on the mask of pain and sighed to contact the dreamer.

* *

In the evening, deep in the laplange glacier, the cell phone of the dreamer rang.


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