TTG Chapter 143

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 143: Clay figurine sheet [2]

  1. The ringtone is distorted and intermittent, sometimes ethereal and sometimes noisy. It sounds like some kind of music that can pollute your nerves.

When the bell rings, pursue dreams, an Xuefeng. Taking the blood bones of a blood floating butcher as a sacrifice, prorogangri glacier cracked a crack, which is a passage to the legendary “non-existent” ghost glacier and laplangri iceberg.

This place is full of strange and mysterious power. When entering the passage, an Xuefeng’s dream-chasing story dispersed and finally disappeared half a day later. This is a dark blue, huge mountain range with no end in sight. Although it is called a glacier, there are no ice and snow on the mountain, and there are dark blue rock layers.

They are now in the middle and lower part of this mountain range. It is said that the demon kingdom is at the peak of laplange glacier. They have to continue to climb up. But here is full of a kind of strange shadow, which is like a huge shadow, quietly standing all over the dark blue mountains.

On weekdays, they are like giant rocks, but at dusk, they riot and become oily, semi-liquid and semi-solid monsters.

They can easily melt into glaciers and attack from inside the rocks. The splashing black viscous’ oil ‘can melt any body they encounter. It was not until the whole glacier turned black that they stopped the riot and returned to silence.

It’s Dusk now. The black oil monster is wandering outside. But they can’t break into this small ice cave anyway, because a dark orange machete and a dark black dream net are inserted on the ground in the middle of the ice cave.

When the bell rings, the Dream Pursuer is closing his eyes.

“Your phone.”

An Xuefeng sat at the mouth of the ice cave drinking, his two long legs bent and stretched, and he fell and expanded at will. With a military wine bottle in one hand and a special silver handle in the other, he easily repelled the black oil monster who rioted and attacked the ice cave due to the ringing of the bell.

“There aren’t many people who know your number.”

An Xuefeng said lazily, “it should not be your old subordinate when you call, tut.”

He still remembers the teasing about “falling in love” in his dream pursuit, and raised his eyebrows and said, “are you

But an Xuefeng’s voice still fell, and his phone rang. But it is also a specially set SMS prompt tone. An Xuefeng frowned and shot the black oil monster near the ice cave. Then he put away the wine pot and turned on his mobile phone. Unexpectedly, he also returned the news.

If he usually pursues his dream, he must easily tease him back, but now he connects the phone, hangs up the communication after listening to the opposite words, overlaps his hands on his nose and falls into a heavy trap.

“Zhang Yao’s situation is even worse.”

Chasing a dream, he suddenly said to his head, “he may… Can’t wait for us to go back.”

“I told you so.”

An Xuefeng didn’t lift his head and bit a cigarette. While typing with one hand and replying to the opposite side, he said faintly: “your means are too soft, you are too emotional, but your temperament is too stubborn. However, if you are different, you won’t drag it until now.”

“The safety team is still so poisonous.”

Chasing dreams joked that he was in a good mood and murmured, “you’re right. After so many years, many people who believe in me have died, but I can bring them hope again. This is indeed my dereliction of duty. ”

Hearing that he had no choice but to laugh at himself in his tone, an Xuefeng said, “kill it?”

“Let me think again.”

Silence for a moment, chasing a dream, whispering.

He closed his eyes and sorted out his thoughts. The puppet master’s solicitation had not just started recently. She had promised to join her long ago, and her name was changed to hope shepherd alliance.

Hope is in the front, Shepherd is in the back, and one alliance and two governance. She does not interfere with the pursuit of dreams. The only purpose of establishing a unified alliance is to jointly confront the butcher alliance that shows its hegemonic ambition.

But dream pursuers disliked the butcher alliance, but they also disliked the shepherd alliance. What is the essential difference between the two? It’s just putting on a layer of hypocrisy. It’s called shepherding. In fact, it’s just exploiting tourists. At a critical juncture, passengers are just cheap victims.

However, what is interesting is that many tourists are exploited by the tour guide, who believes that the tour guide who takes advantage of it will protect them carefully. When you show pure goodwill, they have many suspicions and doubts about you.

Maybe this is sex. Chasing dreams has long been seen. He has adhered to his beliefs for many years, but now he is a little confused.

The road ahead… Is it really the road ahead?

This time, the puppet master told him the bad situation of Zhang Yao through the clothes fish. Maybe it’s time for him to make a decision.


The mobile phone vibrated again. I was tired of chasing dreams. I opened it.

So he pressed for his reply and refused to wait for a moment?

But when he looked at his cell phone again, he was surprised and opened his eyes wide.

[let’s talk]

This message came from a name that had been gray years ago! I never thought I could receive another message one day.

In addition to being shocked, chasing dreams remains calm: [prove yourself]

The other party said: [ six months ago, I disappeared in reality. But I deliberately cut off contact with reality, and you’re staring at me]

Seeing this sentence, the nervous tension of chasing dreams is relaxed. Yes, that’s it. This message is almost regular. He could have typed it out. Even if he knows, he can’t communicate with others.

He asked, “are you back?”

[yes. Rebirth my name is C250]

[is it him? Also for…]

In pursuit of dreams, he murmured. At the beginning, he also watched a live broadcast of Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan. As soon as he saw it, he saw that there was something wrong with “C 9”. Later, when the “tourists” were on the way home list, it was almost the same time that C250 was on the top of the new star list, which made the pursuit of dreams more exciting.

However, the Dream Pursuer’s most concern is not the three-dimensional journey of new north latitude, but the survival of the dreamers brought out by C250.

The same team member survived, but C250 took a different path. He is not a kind of guide who takes care of passengers and protects passengers. He is not a tour guide who always follows the brigade and doesn’t let any accidents happen.

He can be said to have been wandering outside the brigade, often doing his own love. He also asked who to take care of and help, but the average rank of tourists was very low. The group that should have been destroyed before the first scenic spot survived.

This makes the Dream Pursuer pay attention to and test the dream pursuer.

How can more people survive the journey?

Is it turning the tide and absolute protection?

No, no, I have long verified that this is wrong.

The flowers in the greenhouse can’t stand the cruel storm, but the airtight protection is a deadly poison.

If he is C250, he will make a choice when going up the mountain.

According to the situation at that time, whatever the reason, he chose to stay to help Miao Fangfei, and he gave asylum in the next step. But for those who run away because of cowardice or indifference and selfishness, he won’t give them any more preferential treatment.

Although he may die, all the survivors understand how important his shelter is. When making choices in the future, they tend to be the ones he agrees with.

With their own strength, let their own tendency become the code of conduct of passengers.

This is the practice of pursuing dreams. He said that many puppet avatars are implementing this concept. Success is success and failure is failure.

Because this is false, not really from the heart. When it comes to life and death, no matter how well the surface camouflage is, it will eventually reveal its nature.

However, the practice of C250 is different.

He is not only in charge of the intrigues within the brigade, but also in charge of the subtle division of camps. He is also very strong, but he doesn’t let his ideas become the criterion of the brigade. Instead, he drifts away from the brigade and let go when it’s time to let go. He gives more rights to the captain Miao Fangfei.

Strangely enough, due to the excessive participation of the tour guide, the brigade United itself. Almost all of them had subtle changes in the end. They took the initiative to help their teammates, worked together, and respected and trusted the tour guide.


Is this situation accidental or can it be copied?

There were many doubts and unspeakable expectations. He wanted to see them again.

But he really thought that Yu Jianhui was revived by him in the hands of C 250!

Chasing dreams thought Yu Penghui was taken away by Wang pengpai.

But it’s normal to think about it. The probability of recovering Yu Huihui on the way home… I’m afraid it’s better to create a new tour guide C 250 with unlimited possibilities.

Can I help you

Dream chaser comes back quickly. Yu Huifa sends a message. It’s never a chat. It should be something he can’t solve. He needs his help. Dream chasing? Just think about the recent dream.

[I’m a low-level puppet, but maybe I can be his guardian]

The meaning of chasing dreams is very clear. He is a puppet of the same level as C 250 and cannot become another tour guide among the two tour guides. But he could have been the guardian of C 250.

[if so, it would be great! Let me thank my little guide first! Ah, he’s just too young. You think Zhou, he thinks of the guardian this time.]


Chasing the dream, he smiled and saw that Yu Yuhui didn’t want to find him because of the guardian. Instead, he hit the snake and came up with the stick after he put forward it. However, he didn’t know what to say. After all, he was really curious about C 250 and wanted to kiss him to see if he could make another miracle in the next group.

[Tian Hu is really cunning. Go ahead, what’s the matter?]

He smiled and replied, but his heart was filled with emotion. Yu Yuhui has always been smart and cunning. He is more intelligent than a demon, but this time he is willing to take the initiative to find him for C 250. He has the cheek to think about this little guide.

Don’t talk about the relationship between the resurrected and the rescuers, what the resurrected is the place of the rescuer, and the rescuer is the master. It’s not easy to fool a little guide with Yu’s wisdom?

His performance just now seems to be sincere and planning for C 250. ‘I’m a little guide’, hey, is this little guide really so charming?

[well, I need a puppet here. It’s urgent. Team Zhang needs to do it]

Dream chaser’s smile darkened. Yes, Yu Shouhui should not know the current situation of Zhang Yao. If Zhang Yao is still there, the relationship between them will certainly solve the problem.

But if he promised the puppet master that she would work together to save Zhang Yao, it should be these two days

I was about to reply, but Yu Huihui sent another message.

The information made his pupils shrink suddenly.

[well, it’s really urgent, so I’m going to the butcher League to save team Zhang]

[now let’s ask you where team Zhang is locked up and what items to pay attention to?]

Dream chasing:?!

* *

“Oh, I knew it.”

Yu Yuhui read a series of messages from “chasing dreams” and the last sentence [do you… Really love him?], He covered his face with his hands and sighed helplessly.

His old friend is good everywhere, but he has a little love brain and often talks about all kinds of love.

But from the perspective of pursuing dreams, this is also very indisputable! Yu Jianhui decided to break into the butcher alliance and save Zhang Yao himself in order to be a puppet for C 250!

It’s said that male foxes are the most infatuated. If they fall in love, they don’t even want their brains. I can think of it like this, saying, “do you really love him?” The Chinese version is actually mixed with ‘are you stupid?’‘ Are you serious? “‘ Fool, wake up! ” Something like that.

Yu Xianghui looked at Wei Xun and saw that he was concentrating on talking with an Xuefeng. After he looked here, he had no choice but to wipe his face and ignore this sentence. He played a straight ball with chasing dreams:

[tell me, if I disguised myself and sneaked into the butcher alliance, did you interfere with me?]

“He’s crazy…”

The dreamer murmured, looking complicated.

“It’s crazy to play life.”

An Xuefeng added with a cold hum. Chasing dream Luo thought he knew it too. After waiting for a long time, he found that an Xuefeng was actually chatting with him and sending voice.

Chasing dreams:… OK.

[Xi mingluo is trapped in the Inca Sun Gate and cannot leave before the year-end celebration]

The heart is tired back: [but even if he is not here, you can’t sneak into success. Even if you are a heavenly Fox and can pretend to be a butcher guide, you can’t enter the abyss node in the butcher alliance]

[team Zhang is locked in the abyss node?]


Dream chasing: back to: [it’s the hall of butcher alliance, an abyss node turned into an abyss clock]

He has been in business for so many years. Although there are not many people under him, they are very loyal and willing to fight for his ideals. Even in the butcher alliance, they are spies in pursuit of dreams.

But even if he found out where Zhang Yao was imprisoned, he could not rescue him alone, because he could open the abyss node in the butcher alliance.

[not only that, I’m afraid there are two nodes in Xi Ming’s journey, and his journey of three degrees north latitude has merged]

Another way of chasing dreams: [59836

Wait, this should be a problem.

Dream chaser: if you are on your way home, there is something wrong with the dead Sahara, and you can’t chase dreams yourself.

Therefore, he has been cooperating with an Xuefeng. If he wants to successfully dive into the abyss, an Xuefeng is the key.

However, Xi Ming’s defense against an Xuefeng is deeper. It can be said that the whole butcher alliance has restrictions on an Xuefeng everywhere. They have tried several times before, and the most successful one almost opened the abyss bell and ended… Finally, they returned in vain.

It was because of the outbreak of the war between an Xuefeng and Xi mingluo that an Xuefeng became worse, and Xi mingluo was temporarily trapped in the Inca Sun Gate and could not leave.

Although an Xuefeng has nothing to say but his own failure, he is ashamed to pursue his dream. This may be the information of northern Tibet on the third degree journey in northern latitude. He shares it with an Xuefeng, and it is really the meaning of compensation.

But now… C250 is also on the return list.

He also has the smell of three degrees north latitude, and Yu Huihui also has the smell of three degrees north latitude.

As for the smell of Xi life, his crimson cloak should be enough. I remember that one should be collected on my way home.


Chasing a dream, my heart moved, but I frowned again. He clearly remembered that Bingjiu had just been replaced by bing250. If it’s his dream, he doesn’t care about chasing dreams, but Bingjiu is so special that he has to think more.

But Yu Jianhui obviously believed in C250. What he said

[you know that he just entered the journey, and it was replaced by Bingjiu]

The dream chaser also mentioned it. Yu Zhuo and Hui Zhuo talked about it first. He complained: “it’s really unlucky. The Tiantian hotel was attacked and I don’t know how to return to Zhuo. My guide is a little new. He went on a dangerous journey and took the place of the guide. You also know that all the cars are pure passengers, and you can get on top of him]

[unfortunately, he was targeted by the puppet of Xi life]

The hotel was attacked?

A puppet of life?

In pursuit of his dream, his eyebrows and heart are locked. He asks Ann Xuefeng instead of Xinyu and Hui.

“An Dui, you know, playing life and puppet?”

“He’s at the sun gate. The one who acts outside is a puppet.”

An Xuefeng is still sending a message to the opposite side, with a slightly cold tone: “I don’t know when he prepared a cloak and opened an abyss node… Ben’s learning is OK, but his bad morality is the same.”

And dare to engage in spiritual immersion.

[Wei Xun: I’m not afraid of nightmares, but…]

[peace of mind]

There was a moment of silence and a message came. An Xuefeng returns in seconds.

Wei Xun said with bad intentions, but an Xuefeng understood.

Just now, Wei Xun sent a message that he had a nightmare as soon as he came back to reality. He dreamed of a crimson cloak and a lot of nonsense that made him insane.

If he didn’t really fear and felt something was wrong, he didn’t send a message to an Xuefeng.

As soon as an Xuefeng thought about it, he thought it was spiritual immersion and life playing. In the past, he always used this trick to make puppets. Wei Xun was really in close contact with the crimson cloak in northern Tibet, and the other party let him go… It’s inevitable that he didn’t think so.

The body of Ximing is still at the Inca Sun Gate, which was confirmed by an Xuefeng.

He appeared in northern Tibet, wearing a crimson cloak and taking away the node of the abyss. He is a big puppet of life playing. His strength should not be weak, at least among elite B.

These days, the butcher alliance is making news. The puppet should return to the butcher alliance. Originally, he wanted to attack Wei Xun. Moreover, an Xuefeng felt that Xi mingluo’s targeting Wei Xun was probably related to the mark of * * and his own brand.

In that case, Wei Xun must be responsible for the crisis he encounters.

[if you wear it, you won’t have any more nightmares]

An Xuefeng comforted: “it’s the best way to go home, and it’s the safest way in the world.”

[but Xiao Le seems very busy recently]

Wei Xun’s bad intentions: [too much bother]

Very busy… Indeed.

Even if he is in laplangri glacier, an Xuefeng knows the C250 pieces that have been popular recently. Wang pengpai and they must be busy inserting them. It’s messy. Wei Xun may not care about going at this time.

“Call -”

An Xuefeng took a breath, took his knife with a cold face and went to the ice cave to observe the situation outside. Some strange rocks as sticky as oil have decreased in the slightest way. They almost cover the whole dark blue glacier and completely turn into a dark glacier. It vibrates like an earthquake or a sleeping giant monster… It is gradually waking up.

The vibration is very much like its heartbeat.

“Solve it as soon as possible.”

An Xuefeng said coldly, “it doesn’t feel like a journey of three degrees north latitude. It’s similar to lalaiye.”

Since it’s not a potentially humble three-dimensional journey, you don’t have to waste time here.


But this time, the Dream Pursuer raised an objection: “we are here, we can better contain the life.”

An Xuefeng is silent and pursues his dream. It makes sense. At present, looking at the Eastern District, he an Xuefeng grasps two three-dimensional journeys of north latitude, one for chasing dreams and one for playing life.

But now an Xuefeng’s situation is very poor, and chasing dreams is not good. The three parties can barely maintain balance.

However, if they really work together to explore a new journey this time, his state of an Xuefeng has been greatly improved, and the balance has been broken. In the next one, they should be a complete alliance.

No, No. just sit back and watch this happen. Even if you are trapped in the Inca Sun Gate, your life is very strong.

If they were still in the laplange glacier, they would attract most of the attention. It has now fallen into a situation of mutual restraint.


An Xuefeng wondered, “don’t you worry about Zhang Yao?”

“I’m sure he can make it.”

“I believe him,” he said faintly

“You are calm.”

An Xuefeng was light and silent for a moment. He pinched the bridge of his nose, calmed down and said to himself, “I’m not calm enough.”

He paid too much attention to Wei Xun. Although it seems to be some harmless and small effects that don’t last too long, it does affect his nerves now. An Xuefeng even felt that if he went out, he must find Wei Xun immediately and let him stay with him.

That won’t work. That’s not good.

An Xuefeng sent many props and some points to Wei Xun while thinking about it… He restrained himself and hit 50000 this time.

Look, you can always overcome it gradually.

An Xuefeng relaxed a little and couldn’t help rowing up to see the news sent by Wei Xun.

Chasing dreams is right. He should calm down in the iceberg.

My hand is shaking!

When an Xuefeng said ‘you are calm’, he almost roared out.

Shit, he’s not calm at all!

Look at your team!

Close the door, chase the dream, turn on the mobile phone with a trembling hand and draw a picture from Yu Huihui.

At first there were three crimson cloaks.

[this is the cloak I seized. Look, is it Ximing’s?]

Then there was a dark black demon bat wing, which was opened by the light, with a mysterious and luxurious silver glow under the light.

[this is the alienation puppet I captured. Look, is it like the alienation of life playing?]

Finally, there is a dark red stone like half a heart.

[this is what I found from the puppet. It looks like the carrier of the abyss node. Do you have a look?]

[I was immersed in spirit by the little tour guide. He was supposed to guard against me but was caught by surprise by my sneak attack. My little tour guide said, it seems that a first-class tour guide named Xi Ming wears this color cloak, or the head of the butcher alliance?]

This is Yu Yuhui’s explanation. Looking at the pictures he sent, he felt dizzy and confused for a moment, entangled with countless messy thoughts.

Yes, when Yu Huihui died, the name “Xi mingluo” still rose. He can’t be sure it’s normal.

Yes, Yu Jianhui is good at hiding assassination. If the other party is wary of him, Yu Jianhui is indeed very likely to succeed.

Moreover, Yu Huihui’s life playing puppet, and an Xuefeng’s mouth, are all together.

Cloak, abyss node carrier. The journey of Bingjiu belt was replaced by bing250, and it was normal for the other party to pay attention to it.

But what a coincidence!

[you just got back to life, how can you fight. Even a back stab should not…]

yes! That’s the problem! Yu Huihui has just come back to life, and this playful puppet can wear a cloak, at least at the elite level B. How could he have fought!

But the next moment, the dream chaser will be speechless. Yu Huihui sent a photo, which was a pure white fragment with strict fragmentation.

[look, this is my fragmented Tianhu inner pill. My little guide is very kind to me. He used all his points to buy me this and let me eat it like sugar beans. Now I have recovered some strength.]

Fragments of Tianhu Neidan! A piece of at least 10000 points, and the more you buy, the more expensive it becomes!

When sugar beans? I don’t believe it, but C250 must have been bought for Yu Huihui, otherwise he couldn’t recover so quickly. Plus the piece he shot, at least two, that is, at least 20000 points

Where did he get so much money!

[don’t worry so much. In a word, how successful is it for me to put on this cloak, wear this wing and pretend to be a puppet playing life?]

So Yu Yuhui thought so! No wonder he asked, “if I disguised myself as sneaking into the butcher alliance and playing with life, would you interfere with me?”

When was he so adventurous!

Dream chasers want to laugh angrily: [how successful is it? You dare think! A puppet disguised as a playful life is mixed in, which is a success -]

This sentence was typed out, but the dream chaser sent it out.

He thought carefully, the success is really great!

Without saying anything else, just three crimson cloaks can basically lay a foundation for success. There are many puppets, but only one can wear a crimson cloak. He is regarded as a playful life book by the butcher and worshipped.

What I thought before pursuing my dream, the breath of playing life, and the breath of three degrees north latitude, such as Yu Hui wearing a cloak, can indeed be solved.

I have to say, chasing dreams is really exciting.

According to Yu Yuhui… The possibility of success of this plan is really great.

He said that an Xuefeng was holding back the attention of life in laplange GLACIER!

But the problem is——

[you know, if you put on his cloak, you may be mentally polluted and become his puppet]

Chasing dreams is complicated. Even though he really wants to save Zhang Yao, he will never hide this information. Yu Yuhui is also an important companion for him.

[don’t worry, I’m measured]

Yu Yuhui understated: [but I can open the abyss clock at most, but I can’t go inside]

[ give me the questions next. Opening the abyss clock… Is the most rare. From 2:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the abyss clock strikes the hour. At this time, you should put on your crimson cloak to approach, and it should be able to be opened]

Dream chasing subconsciously returns, but after sending it out, it smiles bitterly. However, he still can’t finish justice. Seeing that he can save Zhang Yao’s machine, he still can’t help it

[by the way, don’t tell an Dui about this]

Yu Huihui said: [after an Dui knows, he won’t let me take risks]

Indeed, Yu Yuhui is right, but he feels even more guilty in pursuing dreams. After his repeated inquiry, Yu Yuhui finally got impatient and sent a picture of the colorful ladybug.

Don’t worry, I’m not affected by the spirit of a cloak. This is the demon bug of 250. I’ll take it with me

“Hiss –!”

“What’s the matter?”

Chasing a dream  he took a breath of air-conditioning and stood up abruptly, startled an Xuefeng to look back.

“Hiss – it’s the leg, the leg is numb…”

The expression of pain was covered by a dark orange cloak, but it could be seen from his trembling body that he was really “painful”. After perfunctory an Xuefeng, he hurriedly looked at the picture again.

No, this is the emotional devil! Dream chaser has seen it before, so you can see it once. However, emotional demons have different colors, and dream chaser doesn’t know what kind of demons they are. It can be determined that these colors are positive emotional demons.

According to Yu Yuhui’s previous attitude and performance… I’m afraid this is a “love” demon!

Love is the only one in the seven emotions, which is a positive and inseparable link between the two. No wonder… After knowing this, the Dream Pursuer suddenly opened up. He had figured out all the doubts before!

Indeed, Yu Huihui is closely related to C250 itself. For example, if you carry the “love” devil bug of C250 with you, you can really resist the spirit of the cloak for a period of time!

Chasing a dream, I looked at an Xuefeng.

No wonder Yu Yuhui didn’t want him to know that it was not a matter of adventure, and the fact that the team members fell in love under the influence of magic insects.

Take a deep breath and pursue your dream. He must really think that this ridiculous idea has a great possibility of success!

He closed his eyes and manipulated the avatar… He wanted to talk to the puppet master.

* *

“Chasing dreams says he can not only send the greatest avatar, but also bring the puppet master.”

Yu Yuhui reported to Wei Xunhui: “if you open the abyss clock, you don’t have to worry about everything later.”

“The most difficult point is that after entering the butcher alliance, at 0:00 in the morning, the abyss bell sounded the hour, and the abyss overflowed. When the time comes, the hall will be empty 8; Many butcher guides feel the abyss. If you have more, I’m afraid it’s more troublesome… ”

“Just zero.”

Wei Xun said, “it’s early. Mao Xiaole will ask me for breakfast tomorrow.”


Compared with the relaxed and self-confident communication of the dream chaser, Yu Xiaohui was full of worry and wanted to stop talking. He whispered some information from the dream chaser, some information about the butcher’s alliance, and some dream chasers installed rebellious lines. He sued Wei Xun.

“The bee path is also the line of pursuing dreams?”

Wei Xun was surprised that he heard the name of an old man.

“Not to mention… Feng Dao. He is ambitious and cunning. He has no faith and is not a loyal butcher. When he is stronger, he tends to which side.”

Yu Xianghui shook his head and said, “but don’t expect him to do anything big… But when you go in, he heads out and shouts, ‘I’ve seen big fish!’ And kneel down. ”

When there are many people, it is easy to avoid the group effect. The attitude and action of the first one usually leads the behavior of the later one.

“Xi mingluo usually doesn’t speak. He is very arrogant. He doesn’t communicate with others. He says a few words. But it’s normal not to say. ”

Yu Yuhui said, “what you have to do is put on your cloak, enter the butcher alliance and go to the abyss clock.”


Wei Xun is looking at the charge jacket in his hand. It’s a * * charge jacket sent to him by an Xuefeng. For fear that Wei Xun won’t accept it, he also explains that it is temporarily lent to him.

[Name: * * * charge coat]

[quality: unknown]

[function 1: protection]

[function 2: cold protection]

[function 3: concealment]

The first two functions are not mentioned. The most important thing is the concealment of function 3. If Wei Xun is asked to wear this assault suit, he can hide his breath at any level. His body and spirit should be well hidden and not be affected by the spirit.

For example, if Wei Xun puts on this assault suit and a crimson cloak, it is the smell of the cloak. Of course, Wei Xun can reveal something,

For example, the breath of the journey of three degrees north latitude. After all, Wei Xun, as the vice master, can finish using this assault suit.

“It’s a little big.”

Wei Xun rolled up his sleeves. The black stormsuit was very broad. The lower hem of the short stormsuit took Wei Xun’s thighs. It was a little loose to wear.

“I have to be taller.”

Yu Xianghui found out the height of Xi mingluo from the dream chasing. Although the crimson cloak was also long when he wore it, it was the length that the tail just touched the ground. What’s the tail.

Wei Xun is not short either, but Yu Jianhui estimates that Wei Xun must be about 1.9 meters long to match this cloak.

“Wei Xun.”

Seeing that Wei Xun was in high spirits, he put on his assault suit, put on his crimson cloak, and roughly changed his body shape. For some reason, Yu Yuhui’s worry and anxiety became more serious. He couldn’t help saying:

“Or I’ll go.”

No, although they all said that C 250 went to see the devil merchant and Yu Huihui went to the butcher alliance, they actually transferred one.

Yu Huihui (Xiaocui) goes to see the devil merchant, while Wei Xun goes to the butcher alliance.

Wei Xun said it was convenient, otherwise there would be too much trouble in the negotiation of chasing dreams. He may believe that Tian Hu Yu Hui can capture puppets and join the butcher alliance, but if a small tour guide of C 250 can join the butcher alliance, it will be a big joke, and I’m afraid it will cause deep trouble.

Brush and pull——

The broad dark devil bone wings spread out behind Wei Xun. It is very beautiful and powerful. The wing surface looks like good velvet, and the touch should be excellent.


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