TTG Chapter 144

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 144: Clay figurine sheet [3]


Wei Xun bent over the tip of his wing and touched his own wing. But with this little move, all his back muscles were torn and the blood flow stopped.

Wei Xun always wanted to fly by himself. Who didn’t dream of growing a pair of wings? When he absorbed the magic pattern to strengthen himself, most of his energy was transmitted to the demon bone wings.

But the wings were completely long, but his physical quality didn’t keep up. Let alone fly, he had to tear his back muscles with a wave.

However, it is really frightening when these big wings shine.

Seeing these demon bones and wings, Yu Hehui was even more worried. He said again:

“With the devil bug, I should be fine with my cloak.”

“I asked you to deceive the dreamer, and you deceived yourself?”

As soon as Yu Hehui’s voice fell, he saw Wei Xun looking at him in surprise and said with a smile: “this is not a ‘love’ demon bug.”

Wei Xun smiled. He picked up the colored Ladybug as if it were a heavy one. It made a small puff, but it was not as righteous as the blood ladybug, but a little flattering. After Wei Xun released Xiaocui, the ladybug flew to Xiaocui’s side.

Yes, this is the first egg hatched by Xiaocui. When she is upgraded from falala to milala, one insect egg will hatch automatically, that is, the ancient insect blood breath stolen by Xiaocui will be mixed with herself to form the insect egg, which can be regarded as Xiaocui’s natural egg.

In the wild environment, it is the most dangerous when the mother worm is advanced. The reason why it can only be advanced by absorbing the blood breath of the ancient worm is precisely because this natural insect egg will hatch in the weak period after the mother worm is advanced to protect the mother worm.

The more and stronger the blood vessels of ancient magic insects absorbed by the mother insect, the stronger the larvae hatched by the eggs of this life insect. It can be said that this little ladybug is the child of Xiaocui and the happy devil bug, the responsible devil bug.

It can be regarded as a false responsibility and a false joy demon worm. After all, it is the third generation of insects and can not resist the spiritual pollution brought by the cloak.

Yu Hehui doesn’t know this, but Wei Xun has too many mysteries.

Why did you get the hippie’s cloak?

Why do you have the alienation of the same kind as the hippies?

Do you have anything to do with hippies.

When you go to the butcher’s Union, do you want to save clay figurine Zhang or meet the hippie?

You went to the butcher Union… Will you come again?

Yu Hehui had countless questions, but he didn’t ask them in the end. The first thing he told Wei Xun was that the hippies were trapped in the Inca Sun Gate, in the butcher alliance.

Even so, Wei Xun did not change his mind, but looked at him strangely:

“What do you think? Of course I’m going to save clay man Zhang Xiang. After all, he can make a puppet quickly and well.”

“Besides, if you save the clay figurine Zhang, the dreamer will surely remember my kindness. I’ll have more security for the next journey. ”

The next journey… Do you really need the guarantee of the dreamer? Or do you want to use this person elsewhere?

In other words, Yu Hehui owes Wei Xun’s kindness on the whole way home.

Moreover, Wei Xun has a close relationship with an Xuefeng and even * *… Yu Hehui can’t think more deeply.

“What’s your expression? I’m sure I’ll come.”

Yu Hehui has a headache again. He becomes a little fox and looks at Wei Xun with watery eyes. Wei Xun smiled helplessly and touched his big ear.

“This is my career.”

He whispered, explaining to Yu Hehui and his inner thoughts.

His hotel is not large. At present, there are only a small rest area, a small iron tree planting area and a small magic bee breeding area, but he developed it himself. Yu Hehui is his man. He saved him. It has nothing to do with the way home in Wei Xun’s heart.

Wei Xun will not be attached to either the way home or the butcher alliance. He is a proud and independent man.

He will start his own business.

“I’m just going to have a look.”

Wei Xun said to himself that he just went to the butcher alliance to have a look. Look at how it has developed over the past ten years.

As for the Inca Sun Gate, he will go now and will go later.

But it’s just a look.

In the final analysis, you have to go your own way. If Wei Xun really wants to be an assistant and support his brother’s career, he will also “go against the road” and steal people from the butcher alliance in his brother’s cloak.

“Feeling is useless. It only depends on interests.”

“If one day you go out and start your own business, you and I will meet each other in the mall. At the critical moment, you will also keep your hand on me.”

“I also want to see how strong you can be if you and I oppose each other one day.”

There is no father and son in the mall. His brother taught him this. My brother has talked about many cases before, most of which are the cases of decline in the mall because of the fetters of Pro women.

At that time, Wei Xun only took these words as his brother’s words to inspire him, but now it sounds like a subtle and unusual meaning.

“In that case… I’ll steal someone and get something else back. Brother, you shouldn’t be angry.”

Wei Xun talked to himself in a low voice, but Yu Hehui didn’t hear him clearly. Then Wei Xun smiled happily.

“If I succeed… You will be proud of me.”


Yu Hehui only listened to this sentence. He said seriously, “Wei Xun, you are really powerful and talented. I’m proud of you… If anything happens, I’ll get to you right away! ”

Wei Xun looked at him and told him, “remember, it’s best for the devil merchant to get the devil bug ball, but don’t be found by him.”

“Don’t worry.”

Yu Hehui is a little depressed. It’s just a small matter. It’s just a devil businessman. It’s very useful. Wei Xun told me to tell you again?

His thoughts will soon be in the shape of Wei Xun!

In numerous dark tides, it finally arrived at 0 a.m.

* *

“It’s rare that you choose to stay.”

In the shepherd alliance, the puppet master with red lips and charming smile raised his glass to the person opposite: “celebrate our cooperation?”

Opposite the dreamer in a dark orange cloak, the avatar picked up the wine glass, but only perfunctorily stained with the lip flap. Look at time.

00 a.m.

* *

“Here you are.”

In a private teahouse in the virtual Hall of the hotel, the devil businessman clasped his pocket watch and opened the door for visitors like a gentleman.

“It’s a lady’s privilege to be late.”

“But I’m on time.”

Under the dark green cloak, there was a cold female voice. Instead of taking the devil merchant’s hand, she went straight to the table and sat down. The Gold Pendant Necklace glittered in front of me.

“Yes, very punctual.”

The devil merchant smiled and sat opposite her: “it’s just zero in the morning.”

* *

The bee Taoist shook his wings and stood by the door. Plush bee face makes people unable to see his sinister eyes, as well as some anxiety and tension in his eyes.

He lost too much before. He was robbed of purified magic honey and tortured by Pinocchio. Although he is still alive, he is seriously damaged, which is not what he used to be.

In particular, he heard that Fagui B was favored by the puppet master and went to the abyss node for further study. Taoist bee doesn’t want to believe it, but he doesn’t believe it. He is sour and cruel secretly. If he can have the opportunity to go to the abyss node, if he can have

For what? Is hard work in this world better than luck and the eyes of the superior! Why is it that the harder he works, the more unlucky he gets?

Taoist bee pressed down, filled with bitterness and resentment, and waited calmly. He now has a chance, which is not difficult. As long as he sits down, maybe this is the chance to ascend to the sky step by step.

“Taoist bee? How did you get to the front? ”

Towards midnight, more and more people came to the hall of the butcher alliance. The rank of the bee Taoist was low, and many people knew his alienation. It was strange to see him standing at the door at the moment.

“He knows himself clearly. How can he stand in front of him?”

A big spider nearby mocked and swaggered in. It was round and fat, pushed everyone else aside, and deliberately pushed the bee Taoist to the door.


Fengdao is very angry. This is provocation! If he had to duel with the spider before, but now he still remembers his duty, Taoist bee forbearance!


He was almost pushed out of the door. Fortunately, the people outside gently supported him, so that the bee Taoist couldn’t fall out. Taoist bee was full of anger and couldn’t vent. He wanted to see the big spider’s expression, so he simply turned his head to the door and thanked the humanity who helped him.

But before his words were spoken, Taoist bee was stunned.

Seeing that Taoist bee really ignored him and didn’t even make an appointment with him, the big spider who had been on guard over there suddenly realized that the previous rumor that Taoist bee had abandoned him was probably true. Thinking of how proud and rampant Taoist bee was before, he put others in his eyes. He couldn’t help laughing and mocking again.

“Laugh to death, Taoist bee, are you really pulling the gun? Even the appointment -”

“Yes, sir!”

The loud buzzing attracted the attention of the butchers in most of the hall, and the big spider watched. The bee Taoist did not hesitate to kneel down. The huge bees huddled together and trembled slightly because of excitement. Unexpectedly, they were obedient and enthusiastic to the extreme.

The figure blocked by Taoist bee’s huge body also showed up. What first came into the eyes of the big spider was a deep red like fresh blood. Then——

Brush and pull -!

All tour guides entering the butcher alliance must pass through the dirty door at the entrance of the hall. Those who pass through the gate of filth will show their alienation,

The butcher alliance respects the form of alienation and the abyss.

When the crimson figure passed through the dirty door, the huge, dark and luxurious demon bones and wings quietly extended behind him. The silver wing bones are exposed, and the complex and mysterious luxurious patterns are covered with magic wings, which looks like a layer of silver from a distance.

Hum -!

The gate of filth is shaking and buzzing, which is the resonance of perceiving the passage of pure abyss blood! At this moment, all the butchers in the hall of the butcher alliance had the same picture in their minds.

It’s blocking out the sun, bringing people black death and fear, trembling, demon bat wings.

“See you…”

The big spider’s voice was so sharp and strange that his vibrato could not be hidden, but he didn’t find it. But his voice, trembling and full of fear, sounded in every butcher’s mouth.


Countless dissimilated monsters knelt down and trembled almost at the same time.

“Yes, sir!”


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