TTG Chapter 145

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 145: Clay figurine Zhang [4]

There are many people.

Seeing the bizarre and dissimilated butcher guides kneeling in the hall, Wei Xun showed great interest in his eyes under his hood and swept the whole hall with strange eyes, just like looking at the big vegetable garden planted by his brother.


After passing through the gate of filth, the wings of the devil are scattered as light spots between black and silver. Demon wing is between illusion and entity, and is not afraid of most physical attacks. After Wei Xun’s body is honed, his alienated demon body will have the same character.

Homology and alienation, sure enough.

As early as Yu Hehui sent the picture of his demon wing to the dreamer, Wei Xun lied that the dreamer’s puppet alienation state was opposed, and when he acquiesced, he knew that his alienation state and the dreamer’s alienation state were likely to be homologous.

Now the butcher guides have no doubt and kneel down together, which proves Wei Xun’s guess.

Sure enough, brother.

The light spots floating between the black and silver clouds lingered around him and scattered on the crimson cloak, like the stars in the sky, condensed into an invisible deterrent of terror.

The bee Taoist kneeling on the ground clenched his plush forelimbs. Just now, a “Star” black light spot floated in front of his bank. I don’t know where he got the courage. He grabbed it. Then the “line information” appeared in the bee Taoist’s brain out of thin air. He had no time to see it, but there was a storm in his heart.


He bet right, he got the chance!

Originally, the extremely nervous inner moment was like a strong wind passing through, but the bee Taoist was barely clear his mind and kept calm in his ecstasy. Don’t listen, don’t go, don’t see.

He has been paid, and the next thing is beyond his reach.

Wei Xun was completely guilty in disguise. He walked forward like the master of the butcher alliance.

The third generation of demon insects lay trembling under his cloak and passed a message to Wei Xun.

Although it has three generations, it is also bred by the mother insect, and it is rare to guard the life of the mother insect. Therefore, although it is not proficient in the “halo of joy” and “halo of responsibility”, it also has a new talent, that is, it can detect the surrounding life, whether it has a sense of responsibility, and whether it has a sense of joy.

The talent of detection shows that this demon bug is not fighting, but more auxiliary. But this is what Wei Xun needs.

This time, I came for two purposes.

Open the abyss bell and save the clay man Zhang.

: distribute leaflets.

Wei Xun knows that the efficiency of working hard to cultivate talent development forces is too low. Instead of cultivating talents by yourself, it’s better to dig semi-finished seedlings in my brother’s garden.

However, Wei Xun secretly handed out “leaflets” to those found by the third generation who were not happy with his “life playing man”, who did not have a sense of responsibility for his “life playing man”, who had collective glory, companions and lone wolves.

It’s also useful for such people to keep them. They may rebel in the future. They just plan to test them first, which is also to help their brother purify the internal components of the alliance.

Wei Xun’s eyes are very poisonous. Those who “send leaflets” by him are not too high-level, not up or down. He has upward ambitions, but the matching resources are not enough, and the alliance does not pay attention to it. He can only secretly rub and find another way.

Wei Xun was conscious of digging the vegetables planted by his brother. He only sent out more than ten “leaflets” and stopped.


Wei Xun felt a little sorry that he had not prepared enough.

The abyss clock will tell the time every morning and noon to sense the breath of the abyss. When you have two opportunities every day, you are not rare. Therefore, although there are many people coming in the early morning, there will not be too many.

After all, the number of butcher tour guides is not too much in the tour guide group. According to the information provided by the traitors of the dream chaser in the butcher alliance, the average number of butcher guides gathered in the early morning should fluctuate from 50 to 50.

Yu Hehui advised Wei Xun to calculate more. After all, he should prepare for the worst. Wei Xun deeply thought that after all, his personal luck was not very good. Wei Xun is calculated according to 100 people.

For a hundred people, ten “leaflets” account for only one-fifth of the total, which is not remarkable.

But in fact, more than a dozen “leaflets” of Wei Xun’s policy were distributed, just like water droplets falling into the sea. There are too many people in the hall of the butcher alliance. Wei Xun roughly estimates that there are at least three or four hundred.

That’s not good news.

There must be a reason why so many people gather tonight.

The butcher guides knelt very obediently. They mastered the special skills of sliding and kneeling. Everywhere Wei Xun went, he was very calm and had no eyes to block his way.

Wei Xun’s eyes can see the strange bell tower suspended in the main hall, which is the abyss bell.

He had already passed the hall and was about to reach the Bank of the abyss bell, but Wei Xun was still buzzing at the dirty door just now.

When Yu Hehui and the dreamer talked about the gate of filth, they reminded that the tour guide showed alienation when entering the gate of filth. However, the lower the level, the more vulnerable it is. On the contrary, the level can have self-control.

But no matter the strength is low, everyone changes, because it respects the rules set by the playful people.

If yu Hehui enters the hall as a puppet, it will not change. After all, he is the boss of the family. Of course, if we can spread the wings of the devil, it will be more frightening and realistic.

But even if it’s true, there are many doubts. The most suspicious one is that people who play life go home will open the door!

Which big man returned to his residence with a notice and a door in the outer hall. The big men no longer pretended to be forced and changed to a low-key. Just like an Xuefeng can go directly to the reception hall and his bedroom on his way back.

In fact, there are countless loopholes in this camouflage plan, which is extremely dangerous, so tonight’s guideline is “speed of arms”.

It seems to be a low-key, but in fact it is a low-key. After Wei Xun enters the butcher alliance, all the butchers fooled will kneel down and worship. Then he approaches the abyss as fast as possible, opens it, and then he can retire with success.

However, the gate of filth buzzed and vibrated due to resonance, disturbing the whole hall and the number of people exceeding the elephant in the hall, which was unexpected.

Even the dreamer doesn’t know this, because his people have seen the life playing people’s door, and naturally don’t know that the dirty door will resonate.

Tonight’s plan may not go well.

When he was about to reach the abyss bell, Wei Xun stopped.

Between him and the abyss clock stood two people.

The young man on the left looks about ten years old. He has colorful hair, wearing a light gray shirt, suspenders, black leather shoes and a silver purple cloak. There are slender butterfly tentacles between his forehead hair. The voice that hasn’t changed can’t be distinguished between male and female. It sounds mysterious and elegant.

He smiled at Wei Xun, and his tone was a little happy: “Sir, you’re back.”

Behind him, the illusory two-color butterfly wings are extremely beautiful.

  1. elite tour guide, yin and Yang butterfly.


The third generation shivered and couldn’t hide their fear. As soon as they saw it, it was completely suppressed by this little girl! He smells like a king bug!

But Wei Xun’s attention fell on another person.

“Welcome home, my Lord.”

The slightly low male voice comes from the thin young man standing on the right. He has a cloak and looks about 18 years old. He has black hair and shoulders, pale face, black eyes and a silky light in his eyes. He looks cold, melancholy and handsome.

But the corners of his eyes were slightly red, like he would cry at any time. At the moment of seeing him, the invisible power extended outward. Wei Xun felt it, but he seemed to hear a low sob behind him, and the whole hall was filled with a sad atmosphere.

The uncontrollable sadness comes from the pain in the depths of the soul, more like some kind of spiritual distortion and pollution.

The “big man” under the three first-class directors, the “elite guide” and the weeping psychic medium.

I think it’s all here today!

This kind of sad and distorted mental field is not friendly, but more like a kind of temptation.

I’m afraid the weeping psychic has become suspicious of Wei Xun!

* *

No, the third generation of lads has been completely suppressed!

Yu Hehui was surprised. Xiaocui could feel the situation of Pai San generation at any time on him. No matter what the third generation is like, Xiaocui and the offspring of the emotional devil can suppress it in an instant… Damn it, did Wei Xun meet the yin-yang butterfly?!

The situation is not good. Yu Hehui is worried. Just now, the dreamer urgently sent him a message saying that there are a large number of butcher guides. The situation tonight is not normal. It’s best to terminate the plan for safety. However, there was a time lag in the transmission of information. The information was detected by the internal line of the butcher alliance, passed to the dreamer, and then to Yu Hehui. After all, Wei Xun has entered the butcher alliance!

The key is that time is too tight. It’s only a few hours since I made the decision. I almost have room to set up a bureau. I can only watch Wei Xun play freely.

Yu Hehui can only comfort himself. Wei xung has a sense of propriety. He can definitely act according to his circumstances… He has a sense of propriety!

Wei Xun is right for Yin and Yang butterflies!

Yu Hehui knows that when Wei Xun was at the node of the abyss, he met the yin-yang butterfly attached to the body, but he doesn’t have to go to the past tonight. The yin-yang butterfly in full state is not what he can fight at present.

Even with his cloak and dissimilation disguise, Wei Xun is still in the most dangerous situation.

What should I do

“I want more western fox hair.”

Yu Hehui was secretly anxious, but he remained silent and said coldly, “at least above the” level. ”

“Trish, you know, fox hair is even more rare in the west side. There are only a few people above the level of  and I have them now. ”

The devil merchant had no choice but to let go. He keenly felt the urgency in Xiaocui’s tone and moved in his heart. Just now he had several meetings with Xiaocui. It has to be said that he rarely met such a difficult opponent. This makes the devil merchant appreciate Xiaocui more, but he refuses to step back.

Now it seems that Xiaocui will come out to see him. She is in a hurry. Western fox hair… Devil merchants have some in their hands and some in the end. After all, the werewolf alliance is the top tour guide alliance, and most of its subordinate alliances are animal like. The fox people are not weak among them.

It is said that werewolves can “borrow power”. They can use the skin, flesh and blood of the superior as the medium to borrow the powerful power of the superior for a short time. Xiaocui needs western fox hair, which should be the same. In the current situation surrounded by the major tour guide alliances in the East, she chose the West as a breakthrough. Rao Shi is also amazed by the devil merchant. Xiaocui is very smart and ambitious,

However, he won’t do it easily.

After all, although he and Xiaocui are talking about cooperation, in essence, they are also fighting against the enemies of the relationship.

“Although  has  grade fox hair, I have  grade fox hair and  some moon magic crystals that are good for  sex.”

“I want it.”

Yu Hehui agreed after more hesitation.

Sure enough, she was in a hurry.

If the devil merchant thought deeply, he was acutely aware that this might be a good opportunity.

“Take all the goods with you.”

Yu Hehui said coldly, “then follow the price agreed before…”


“You want to go back?”

Yu Hehui’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a cold and fierce green color in his eyes, which was a fox pupil. It seems that Xiaocui’s blood level is certainly not low. Rao Kuo, the devil merchant, was surprised, but he covered his surprised face, folded his hands, smiled and said slowly:

“Of course not. Businessmen stress credit most. But I already know about the east side. ”

“I’m more curious about you than you, Trish.”

The devil merchant has deep meaning. He knows that Xiaocui can understand him. To whether she will agree

Xiaocui rarely hesitates, like what she is doing and a difficult decision. She pondered for a long time and suddenly said strongly:

“I want five fox hairs, plus fifteen moon magic crystals of ninth grade purity.”

The devil merchant smiled bitterly: “I have a lot of fox hair here… Well, I have” root “fox hair, ten ninth grade moon magic crystals and more than ten slightly lower purity moon magic crystals, which should be attached.”

“Of course, it also depends on the goods you take out. Whether they can satisfy me.”

“Hum, commodity?”

Yu Hehui sneered: “it is not a commodity, it is a priceless treasure.”

Yu Hehui slowly took out the “big” item. When he saw it, the devil merchant’s hands trembled and kept his calm with his greatest willpower.

“This is my… Prop, the ball of the heavenly fox.”

Yu Hehui said vaguely, but the devil merchant understood what it was.

This is both possible and personal props!

  1. he can get the points of “50”. In the eyes of the devil businessman, he definitely completed the main line of the journey. As long as you complete the main line of the journey, you will get your own props!

The devil merchant subconsciously leaned forward and looked carefully, but Yu Hehui only took out the “second” and immediately took it back. He narrowed his eyes warily and threatened, “I’ve let you know enough.”

Enough, enough. Personal props are the most important cards. Even if you only know the name, you can guess countless.

But the devil businessman was shocked and excited, but he also had a little doubt and disbelief. The businessman was suspicious. Just now, he could see everything clearly. There are always omissions in space. It’s best to hold it in your hand

Of course, the devil merchant noticed that Xiaocui’s anger has reached the limit. If he doubts again, the other party is likely to make a move… The devil merchant complimented Xiaocui and communicated with Xiaocui several times with his brightest smile.

Finally, at the cost of two fox hairs, fifteen moon magic crystals of grade 9 purity and more than 50 moon magic crystals of slightly lower purity, he exchanged the opportunity to personally observe the ball of the heavenly fox.

“Only ten minutes.”

Yu Hehui said anxiously, “give it back to me in ten minutes.”

“Don’t worry, businessmen are most trustworthy.”

The devil merchant said perfunctorily that he had paid all his attention to the snow-white and round ball of the heavenly fox.  personal props! The devil merchant can’t check its information, but can feel the mysterious and attractive power on it. Is this the charm of Tianhu?

But with ghost alienation, the devil businessman is most afraid of charm! Therefore, he paid more attention to his research and observation, and fondled it like playing with a precious night pearl.

Here, Yu Hehui feeds Xiaocui all the Moon Magic Crystal’s brains, but the two “grade fox fur” he got after bargaining for a long time are readily received.

 wrong, he wants  Moon Magic Crystal! However, the devil merchant is cunning, so Yu Hehui directly shows that he takes a fancy to the “fox hair” and doesn’t pay much attention to the moon demon crystal.

“Come and go, under the hints of his attitude and words, and under the temptation of” personal props “, the devil businessman finally took the bait.

The camouflage made by Yu Hehui on the magic bug ball is seamless, which can’t be seen by a small tour guide of the level of devil merchant. In fact, Yu Hehui can do it more carefully, but he is really worried about Wei Xun now.

The moon magic crystal is full of a lot of energy, which is especially beneficial to the sexual abyss. Yu Hehui asked Xiaocui to devour them all, in order to transfer energy to the third generation of lads around Wei Xun.

With this energy, it will not be completely suppressed in a short time before the butterfly of yin and Yang.

Wei Xun——

Yu Hehui was very worried. He was wary of staring at the devil merchant on his watch. In fact, he secretly contacted the dreamer. Five minutes… He just talked to the devil merchant for five minutes.

In the dangerous butcher alliance, the situation is changing rapidly. Five minutes is enough for many things to happen. Wei Xun may be in fatal danger now!

* *

Five minutes, the situation changes rapidly.

In the hall of the butcher alliance, the butchers were still kneeling and honest, their bodies trembled, and they didn’t dare to peek and steal.

But next to the abyss clock, the atmosphere is somewhat subtle.

Don’t get me wrong. This delicate atmosphere is not aimed at Wei Xun.

The weeping medium is targeting the yin-yang butterfly.

Just now, the weeping psychic medium was not good at exploring the spiritual field. The yin-yang butterfly bank smiled but the butterfly wings moved. They formed a situation of siege against Wei Xun, and the situation was extremely critical.

The big figure under the crimson cloak remained unmoved, and the crimson hood that covered his face moved slightly. It seemed that he glanced at the weeping psychic eye, and then raised his hand at will.


The Yin Yang butterfly’s conditioned reflex took over the flying thing, subconsciously looked at it, and then his hand shook, almost falling to the ground.

This is the carrier of the abyss node!

6092. Yin Yang butterfly has experienced it personally. He can confirm that the newly opened place in northern Tibet is the abyss node connecting the abyss demon area!

My Lord!

The yin-yang butterfly was happy, and then trembled again. He felt the deep eyes of the psychic media – in the alliance, adults trust the psychic media most, and the abyss node carriers they usually get will be handed over to him.

But this time… The adult gave it to him.

Yin and Yang butterflies find it difficult. Adults are beating the face of psychics in public! He said he didn’t take care of the mess. Yin and Yang butterfly was shy and embarrassed, smiled and said respectfully to the crimson cloak:

“My Lord, about the abyss node, I’m sorry…”


“The voice can’t distinguish emotions, and even can’t distinguish the cold hum of men, which makes the yin-yang butterfly instantly shut up, panic inside and sweat behind.

Wei Xun’s “big” voice hummed and imitated the sound of “big” * *. It was really powerful because of its noble, dignified and mysterious feeling.

Although Wei Xun integrates the abyss node, the abyss node carrier is still there. It can be integrated into the magic seed of * * or taken out at any time and placed in a certain place, just like the abyss clock in front of him.

To the problem that nodes cannot be recycled – Wei Xun is not worried at all, because in a sense, this node is shared by him and * *.

When the abyss node left his hand, he vaguely felt his gaze at the abyss. Wei Xun smiled slightly, but the smile was covered by his cloak. Yin Yang butterfly only saw the crimson hood shaking slightly, as if the other party was shaking his head indifferently.

“I’m wrong!”

Trembling in his heart, he immediately apologized eagerly and loudly, ignoring the loss of face in front of the butcher guide in the whole hall.

It’s a taboo to question your adult’s decision! If you apologize fast enough, you may not be investigated, but you have to hold on… Ha ha.

The yin-yang butterfly is still uneasy, and has some complaints about the spiritual medium next to her. Otherwise, he was so bold that he dared to test adults, and adults would not embarrass him in public!

Yin Yang butterfly has a subtle sense of responsibility… Of course, he is loyal to adults, which only makes him more inclined to adults.

ᠰᠰᠰ! Moreover, the gate of filth resonates, and the phantom of the devil wing of adults is exposed in everyone’s mind, which is the most proof of identity.

Yin Yang butterfly doesn’t understand why psychic media are suspicious! Can adults still pretend to be others? Laugh to death, adults are also completely affected by the sad mental field.

A puppet in a crimson cloak should be respectful, loyal and suspicious when he sees it as an adult. It’s disrespectful!

Yin and Yang butterflies hold the abyss node tightly… Before, he thought that more things were better than less, but now it seems that he can’t. He reported that an adult puppet appeared in northern Tibet. He also reported that the adult puppet fought with an Xuefeng and won the abyss node.

The psychic medium doubts the adult, so he can’t get rid of the relationship between yin and Yang butterfly!

“My Lord, I’m sorry. I’m over.”

The nearby psychic also apologized, but after his voice fell, the yin-yang butterfly grabbed the conversation and said with a smile: “my Lord, the psychic brother has been heavily affected by the sun these two days. He may be too nervous.”

It seems to be an excuse for psychic media, but it is actually an eye medicine. He also stressed that “all psychic media doubt and test this matter, and the spirit is too tight, of course, it is not suitable to control the abyss node.

“My lord…”

The psychic sighed, lowered his head and smiled bitterly. His voice was “Silk tired and sick”. Of course, he understands the meaning of Yin-Yang butterfly and why yin-yang butterfly is related to yin-yang. He can test and doubt this… He also has his own reasons.

It’s really strange at present. It doesn’t look good. The psychic’s heart was heavy. Just about to continue to speak, he was surprised to see the adult in a crimson cloak and waved to him!

The psychic medium is a loyal and intelligent man, and the yin-yang butterfly is a loyal yin-yang licking dog.

Wei Xun can easily see through the current situation.

The weeping psychic is so tentative, perhaps not only because he has the door, but also has some other information.

But Wei Xun didn’t worry.

On blood, he has blood, on title, on alienation, on homology, he has alienation, on cloak, he has scenic spots at 30 degrees north latitude, and he also has abyss nodes, although his strength is weaker. But many times, the confrontation of different status does not use strength.

Most importantly, Wei Xun has too many negative emotions. He will not feel sad because of the psychic field, go deep into danger, and have any fear.

Only when you are fearless can you have half a flaw.

In particular, just now, the third generation of Ladybug suddenly received a large amount of energy from Xiaocui. After all of it was absorbed, it could even temporarily resist the yin-yang butterfly, and even exert a slight influence on him. It seems that Yu Hehui’s action is very smooth. Wei Xun doesn’t worry about the rear area.

In that case, he can concentrate more. Wei Xun noticed the words of the Yin Yang butterfly. The psychic medium was too affected by the sun.

What can affect the elite tour guides is never the ordinary sun.

Wei Xun quickly went to Yu Hehui’s dreamer to get the information.

To open the abyss bell, you need the smell of crimson cloak and the smell of journey at 30 degrees north latitude.

The node of the abyss clock merges with the hippie’s journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

The hippies are currently at the Inca Sun Gate

Inca Sun Gate, psychic media are too affected by the sun. Now the psychic appears in the hall of the butcher alliance, that is, he can contact the Inca sun gate through the abyss bell, and even enter the inner bank.

Wei Xun knew that he was not strong enough to make a journey to 30 degrees north latitude. But he also wants to know more about the Inca Sun Gate.

For example, the influence of the sun.

Wei xunchong waved to the psychic medium as if he were barking a puppy.

The weeping psychic hesitated for a moment and finally returned to the crimson cloak.

The grown-up is really happy. He has just reached each other’s chin. The psychic saw the pale thin jaw line and subconsciously held his breath.

My Lord is wearing a walking gear… He didn’t dare to do more. He just lowered his head in silence and exposed his back neck.

He also looked at adults… Whether they were right or not.


Wei Xun was surprised. He saw a “pale gold circle” on the back of the psychic medium’s neck, the size of a “Yuan coin”, surrounded by radial lines, like sunshine. As soon as he looked at the “big eyes”, it seemed that countless twisted and narrow eyes appeared inside the circle.

Those eyes expanded infinitely in Wei Xun’s vision. At this moment, he seemed to hear a solemn and sacred prayer. He offered sacrifices to the sun and worshipped the sun. However, the sun has been crazy and polluted all sun believers!


The crazy murmur of prayer turned into a spiritual shock and poured into Wei Xun’s mind. The golden twisted ripples surged. If the spirit was invaded, all thinking and reason would be completely gone, and would completely become a madman who only sang praises to the sun!

However, these whispers of prayer can completely stir Wei Xun’s spirit, because it is blocked by a human skin map!

This is the human skin map obtained by Wei Xun after he opened up the tomb of the chieftain king. It is the voucher of the scenic spot developer at 30 degrees north latitude.

Sure enough. Wei Xun knew that all the pioneers of 30 degrees north latitude should have this kind of certificate, so they will have natural advantages for various corresponding spiritual shocks.

He was suddenly a little worried.

The clay figurine Zhang is trapped in the abyss node. The node is connected with the Inca Sun Gate… He won’t have been brainwashed into a fool praising the sun.

Can he pinch a puppet?

Wei Xun worried silently, then he looked again. After the spiritual shock, the Golden Circle on the back of the psychic medium’s neck became dim, and it was obvious that he was much weaker.

In a moment of meditation, Wei Xun took out a human skin map, and he took out a flesh colored ‘glove’

In fact, it’s not gloves, but human skin shed by maggots when they are advanced. Maybe the strength is not enough. The whole human skin is not formed, only the right hand is formed. Maybe this can be regarded as the right hand of Wu Laoliu.

The keepsake of the chieftain King’s tomb, the map of human skin, the alienation of Wu Laoliu and human skin maggots, maybe there are many connections between them. Otherwise, it is impossible for Wu Laoliu to break into the tomb of the chieftain king, which has not been fully opened up. He will not die for a long time.

Wei Xun thought in his heart. He put on this’ glove ‘and grabbed it at the back of the psychic’s neck.

Leather gloves catch the sun!

Wei Xun seemed to smell the burning smell of protein, and the sun in his hand was frantically struggling, distorted and hot like magma‘ The gloves’ cannot completely resist the power of the weakening sun. The burnt black curls, and the burnt human skin falls down, like maggots turned into coke.

Vaguely, Wei Xun seemed to hear Wu Laoliu’s wailing and crazy scolding – could this be connected to his right hand?

Wei Xun doesn’t care about this. He clenched the little sun with his gloves and received them all in the human skin map. He also let go of the scorched maggots and picked them up one by one for future research.

But some small particles fell into the collar of the psychic medium and couldn’t be taken out.

Wei Xun looked down at the psychic medium and hesitated.

After all, my brother’s powerful subordinates are a little too bullying to let people take off their clothes on the spot.

But the psychic media didn’t know Wei Xun’s Dharma. At the moment, he was excited and ashamed.

If you can deal with the influence of the sun, you must be an adult!

Can’t an Xuefeng sneak in? Laugh to death. If you want to kill him, the Inca Sun Gate will riot the moment he steps into the butcher’s hall.

He just suspected adults and tried him. It’s really inappropriate.

“My lord…”

The weeping psychic was in an unstable mood. He wanted to show his heart to himself. Tears twinkled in his eyes. Wei Xun was still thinking about the problem of not taking off, but suddenly he felt a great sense of crisis, and the source of the crisis was the gray tears of the psychic media!

However, Wei Xun did something. He found that the psychic medium was not crying at him, but at the Inca Sun Gate! He wept silently, but whispered to Wei Xun:

“My Lord, someone sneaked into the alliance under the guise of your identity. The psychic is guilty. You can see through his identity and let him enter the abyss clock!”

“I’m afraid his purpose is to rescue clay figurine Zhang!”

Don’t you mean me?

Wei Xun is unimaginable. But when his mind turned, he suddenly realized what the psychic meant.

Wei Xun completely understood why the psychic medium began to test him and doubt him.

It’s been a long time. I’m afraid there’s a puppet of a life playing man. He’s in the abyss clock now, and he’s personally received by the psychic media. The two of them ran into each other!

“My Lord, the psychic is willing to make atonement. I’ll lead him out.”

The weeping psychic issued a military order and was very angry: “you will kill him!”

Ah, this, this

Wei Xun was disappointed.

How can I beat a life playing puppet.

But just then, the abyss bell suddenly rang and a crimson halo appeared. When Wei Xun reacted, the psychic jumped up in tears, and the sad mental field enveloped the whole hall in an instant.

“Yin Yang butterfly, get up!”

“Camouflage” playful puppet, come out!

* *

Open the abyss clock? Did Yu Hehui succeed?!

At this moment, the dream chaser, who is lying in ambush outside the butcher alliance and peeping in the dark, is nervous and anxious.

It’s too urgent. It’s too urgent. Even if he had a secret line in the butcher alliance, the other party just found out in the early morning that there were too many butcher guides coming to the hall this time, which was really unusual.

He immediately told Yu Hehui, but Yu Hehui had entered the butcher alliance. He said he had discretion… Bah! If he wants to be measured, he can’t make such a reckless decision as early morning action!

The dreamer doesn’t depend entirely on others. When he learned that there was a change in the butcher alliance tonight, his avatar immediately took action and persuaded the puppet master.

“I want to know your sincerity.”

He seemed to relax, but he still frowned and said coldly: “I will find it myself at 30 degrees north latitude. It doesn’t bother you, puppet master.”

“But I want to make sure that there is no connection between the shepherd alliance and the butcher alliance.”

“Of course there is a connection between the shepherd and the butcher.”

The puppet master smiled and said that it was not easy to let the dreamer loose. She also worked hard for several times, which would finally see hope. She knows how appealing the dreamer is, almost comparable to an Xuefeng, the captain of the return journey. Moreover, his reputation is excellent, and many large brigades are willing to give him money.

What the shepherd alliance lacks now is this kind of momentum.

And the alliance with dream chasers also has the same advantages. This man said that he would never swallow the alliance of shepherds. But the butcher alliance has been overbearing.

“On the death of the weeping psychic, we all sent people, and the cooperation with the butcher alliance has all ended.”

She said sincerely, but the dreamer shook his head.

“Not enough.”

He said lightly, “I have a grudge against the butcher alliance. Team Zhang, I must save him. ”

This made it difficult for the puppet master to save Zhang Yao. It was almost impossible. Moreover, she didn’t believe that the dreamer could trust her and was willing to work with her to rescue Zhang Yao. This should only be based on the terms he offered, and she could bargain slowly.

Sure enough, after the negotiation, the dreamer relaxed.

He did not ask the puppet division to contribute to the rescue of Zhang Yao, but he must make sure that the puppet division and the butcher alliance draw a clear line.

“The playful man has a new puppet. He will appear in the butcher alliance tonight and integrate the abyss node into the alliance camp.”

The dreamer’s tone was flat, but he showed a fierce: “kill him.”

Kill a hippie puppet. It’s much easier.

The puppet master was a little relieved and ambushed with the incarnation of the dreamer to the periphery of the butcher alliance. No matter how secretive the butcher alliance is, it often changes its location, but it can’t hide from their eyes that there are playful people sitting directly in the town.

Although he doesn’t care about the dream chaser, his incarnation also has more than half of the power. He just works with the puppet master to kill a playful puppet. Of course, he is more than enough.

But the puppet master hesitated again.

Do you want to kill the hippie puppet? After the killing, there was no room for relaxation between the shepherd alliance and the butcher alliance. She understood the meaning of the dreamer and asked her to kill, but in her heart, the puppet master was also unwilling to do it completely. After ten thousand years… Right, there should always be a way back.

But she just promised the dreamer to repeat it again. I’m afraid the covenant won’t work.


 while she was still hesitating, the dreamer suddenly shouted “big” and grabbed her cloak and then moved to the inside of the butcher Alliance – the puppet master scolded in his heart. Is it necessary to grab her cloak? She doesn’t want to run.

“I know you like to hesitate – don’t worry, you just have to resist the filthy door and block the whole butcher alliance. Let me take the rest!”

The dreamer was so anxious that he wanted to rush into the bank immediately, but he was also wary of staring at the puppet master to prevent her from turning back.

This job is well assigned!

“Don’t worry, I promise to seal it tightly.”

The puppet master smiled and completely took the slightly sarcastic tone of the dreamer to heart. Isn’t that what she wants. Of course, the dream chaser’s Avatar can’t do it alone. She can help suppress and contain the puppet and express her sincerity.

What’s more, when she took the job of blockade, she could secretly send several people out when the dreamer was killing and killing the butcher guide, which was also a good choice.

“It’s just a playful puppet. To tell you the truth, the puppet teacher takes it completely to heart. Looking at the speed of the dreamer’s attack, she felt the deep hatred between the two sides. When she waved to block the butcher alliance, she was also distracted to pay attention to the dreamer’s battlefield, so as to save him from being seriously injured. At that time, she complained that she was careless.

But as soon as he looked at the puppet master, his eyes widened and the flower looked pale.

Is she fucking dazzled?

Why do you have two crimson cloaks!

Two playful puppets?!


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