TTG Chapter 146

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 146: Clay figurine sheet [5]


Before the attack of the dreamer puppet division, the whole hall of the butcher alliance was in chaos!

The butcher guides at the back have no resistance at all. They don’t even know what happened. They are all immersed in the sad mental field. They weep silently and are silly. They won’t struggle even if they are killed.

But Taoist bee is an exception! He is the closest to the gate of filth, the furthest away, and the weakest affected. Although he is also full of tears and bleeding, he barely retains a trace of reason. What happened?! Why did you suddenly fight?!


At this moment, only the survival instinct is left. The great sense of death crisis comes, which makes him suffocate in pain. Staying here again is death!


Wei Xun pressed down with a dull hum, and the gushing blood was swallowed by him. It seemed that the building was still calm. At the moment, the powerful demon wings spread out behind him. He opened his wings like a steel wall between the abyss bell, the psychic medium seriously injured and spitting blood and the yin-yang butterfly.

Just at the beginning, Wei Xun didn’t even see how the figure wearing the crimson cloak came out, and the psychic medium, yin and Yang butterfly, was blown away!

They fell to the ground like serious injuries, the phantom of butterfly wings behind the yin-yang butterfly dissipated, the butterfly’s tentacles were broken, and the whole person fell into unspeakable panic, but his situation was good, because the psychic medium rushed ahead.

At the moment, the psychic’s eye socket is deep, and his eyes seem to be empty, leaving only a nest of gray tears! The tears were full of golden twisted light, which spread across his cheeks and outlined strange golden patterns, which was the spiritual pollution of the crazy sun!

He has become half transparent gray as a whole, and has revealed the ghost alienation state. Only in this way can he barely fight against mental pollution and keep the last trace of soberness.

“My lord… The abyss clock is on!”

What do you say?!

Wei Xun scolded in his heart. His face was dignified and his terrible power radiated from the inside and outside of the abyss clock. It was a bloody and distorted terrible evil spirit, and even the pollution of the sun was suppressed.

Most of the crimson figure came out, and the crimson figure dyed by killing thousands of people was full of blood. This is a strong man Wei Xun can’t resist.

But Wei Xun did not retreat. On the contrary, he took a step forward and spread the wings of the devil as a protector in front of the psychic media.

Wei Xun can’t turn around and run away. The psychic media failed too fast and strange. He can’t be such a waste. It’s too exaggerated to fly out directly. Wei Xun didn’t even hear him cry. Is that reasonable?!

I’m afraid the psychic still doubted whether he was true or false and couldn’t make a decision. He simply rushed to make himself seriously injured, and completely opened the abyss clock to let the puppets out.

Since you can’t see it, don’t see it! Psychic media believe in the strength of life playing people. They believe that the real will explode the fake. He even took the Yin and Yang butterfly with him and made him seriously injured together. He died here under the command of one party (Wei Xun).

So Wei Xun can’t withdraw. As soon as he withdraws, he proves that he is fake! At that time, I’m afraid he will be besieged by the puppet psychic medium yin-yang butterfly. Not only did he not retreat, but he spread the wings of the devil again, and even did not hesitate to hand over his back to the psychic media.

Who is true and who is false is confusing again.

The devil’s wing tends to sag. Wei Xun knows that this is another serious tear to his back muscle. But he didn’t care. Looking at the crimson cloak puppet in front of him, Wei Xun had some slight expectations in his heart, but when it came out, Wei Xun looked at it.

Too short.

It looks shorter than Wei Xun’s body. He’s a dwarf, and his cloak drags the floor. Moreover, Wei Xun felt that it was his strong evil spirit and undisguised murderous spirit.

Since his brother didn’t come in person, what status does it have? It’s a person or something else. Wei Xun doesn’t care. The rich blood gas distorts the space, the San value drops rapidly, and Wei Xun’s brain rotates rapidly to think about the current situation.

On the contrary, after seeing Wei Xun in his crimson cloak and the demon wing behind him, he was stunned and hesitated.

“You are…”

It turned out to be a hoarse sound.

“Dreamer, puppet master,”

The husky sound of the cloak suddenly came from Wei Xun’s mouth, but it was more dignified and mysterious. The cloak itself had functions such as concealment and sound change. Wei Xun didn’t know what the puppet said before. He only snorted coldly when he entered the butcher alliance. Now he has a reference sample.

Wei Xun didn’t speak to the puppet, but the two words he said attracted everyone’s attention. Even the puppet didn’t continue to speak. Instead, he listened carefully with a cold heart. He smiled indifferently and said faintly, “you two, come here, you don’t have to hide any more.”

According to the plan, when the abyss bell opens, they should arrive. Although Wei Xun can’t detect whether the dreamers have arrived or not with his current strength, it doesn’t prevent him from pulling up the tiger skin and pretending to be a tiger.

Wei Xun wants to get rid of the two unstable factors of the psychic medium, yin and Yang butterflies. There are butchers and guides in the hall. They can’t resist his pressure. If they stay any longer, they may become fools.

Not to mention the war that may break out next!

Dream chaser? Puppet master?

The psychic who observed the situation trembled and felt a little, and his face suddenly changed sharply.

I don’t know when the butcher alliance will be blocked! They didn’t notice the power of two class a large leads!

“Sure enough, I can’t hide it from you.”

After Wei Xun’s voice fell behind, a sexual chuckle resounded through the whole butcher alliance. This voice seems to contain infinite magic, making people lose their reason and completely become a puppet of the party.

Hearing this sound, Wei Xun’s face suddenly changed in the psychic medium, Yin Yang butterfly, Yin Yang butterfly.

Puppet Master, really come!

* *


When two first-class directors went out to block the butcher alliance, they shocked the virtual Hall of the hotel. The brigades that have been secretly observing the beware of butchers alliance are shocked and vigilant, but they find that the dirty door is blocked and bound inside!

“Butcher Alliance – what happened?!”

Is this a fight? Someone turned against the water. Who’s fighting the butcher alliance?

There are few people who can block the filth door!

“This is a section of the puppet division. The puppet division goes to fight the butcher alliance!”

Wang pengpai was surprised that it was a red rain that day? Wannian wall, grass puppet master, can take the initiative to fight the butcher alliance?? Nearby, Mao guole urgently divined and muttered. Suddenly, his face turned white.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Mao guole coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his breath instantly faded. Class a divination is a very dangerous thing. He consumes a lot, but his eyes are burning with God, like a light blooming.

“It belongs to the earth, the earth shape returns to its place, dangerous and fierce.”

“Soil, dependent soil, soil, butcher alliance, soil…”

Wang pengpai murmured and suddenly patted his forehead: “grass! Fuck, earth, mud, clay man! ”

“Did the dreamer save Zhang Yao?! Puppet division association? This — ”

It’s not! The puppet master will never offend the butcher alliance even if he is a dream chaser. Besides, the dream chaser doesn’t believe her. How can she go with her to save the clay figurine Zhang?

It’s more possible for dream chaser an Xuefeng to save him together! But an Xuefeng now thinks that the dreamer should be in laplange Glacier… And so on.

Wang’s surging expression changed slightly.

An Xuefeng, the dreamer, is really together. Is it, is it false to go to Lapland day? In fact, they secretly attack the butcher alliance?!

The more Wang pengpai thinks about it, the more reliable he feels. After all, the puppet master is really useless at a critical time!

* *

“I haven’t seen you for a long time. Please forgive me for visiting rashly.”

In the butcher alliance, a sexual figure wearing a cheongsam appeared in the air of the filthy gate. At this moment, the huge arch was like thunder roaring, the arch extended countless contacts, and the dark door hole seemed as if an abyss giant eye was about to open.

But the whole arch is completely bound by countless thin puppet silk threads!


In the middle of the sky, the silver light flashed, and two puppet lines reflected the light. The puppet master sat leisurely in the silk line across the whole hall. Her legs overlapped, bare toes tilted, and the hem of her cheongsam slipped, revealing a piece of snow-white skin.

The beautiful face is full of smiles. It’s not like an invasion attack, but like an old friend chatting.

In fact, the puppet master is extremely depressed! When she saw that there were two crimson cloaks, she wanted to observe them again, but since she was named by Fang, it was inappropriate not to come out.

She smiled and said, “hiding in front of you is really our class…”

“Why say so much.”

A cold male voice sounded, and the next second I saw a corner of a dark orange cloak sweeping by the filthy door. The butcher guide who was immersed in sadness and couldn’t extricate himself was suddenly less – bounded by the fainting bee Taoist.

Just now, he tried his best to touch the dirty door to escape, but he touched the cloak of the dreamer who just sneaked in.

The unlucky bee looks familiar, and the dreamer has a vague impression that it seems to be one of the insiders. So when he moved to erase, he killed the ugly giant spider in front of the bee man.

The demonized spider that provoked the bee Taoist priest before, at least the tour guide ranked in class B, cried silently in eight eyes, and disappeared without resistance!

Originally, the dark crowd suddenly appeared a blank, directly one quarter less and one half less, just like being erased by some rules!

“Butcher, damn it.”

Meanwhile, the dreamer’s eyes fell on the abyss clock and the two dark red figures in front of the abyss clock.

Who is Yu Yuhui?

How cruel the dreamer is!

At this moment, the puppet master Wei Xun scolded in his heart. At the same time, Wei Xun felt great pressure. It was the gaze of the dreamer! What are you looking at? Move! Kill that real puppet.

But Wei Xun suddenly moved and felt bad.

In the current situation, it seems that the psychic yin-yang butterfly is behind him, and as a false puppet, he is 1.9 meters tall, and the cloak of the life playing man is just right. The real puppet is 1.6 meters tall and looks like a child pretending – he looks more like a real puppet.

Bad, dreamers don’t recognize the wrong person!

“The one who killed the wings”

For a time, the puppet master and the dreamer spoke in a dignified tone. That’s it. Even if there are two jokers, the puppet can only fight.

However, killing all the people offended the life playing people. Moreover, the puppet master vaguely felt that the taiyangmen was going to riot. She was very anxious and didn’t want to get close to the abyss clock.

In that case, take the big wing far from the abyss clock! Alienation and the formation of demon wings, I’m afraid the level of this hippy puppet is not low. Killing him can also show sincerity to the dreamer.

The puppet master stopped talking nonsense. Her fingers overlapped like jade onions, and her fingers were full of tight puppet silk. Suddenly, her fingers closed, but she didn’t wait for her puppet silk to close——


The dreamer even flashed directly in front of the abyss clock. He suddenly appeared with a handful of black sand.

“Rustle -”

The sound of sand particles slipping through the fingers of the whole hall, but the sand did not fall completely. The falling black sand was swept up by the wind that did not know where it came from, and the surrounding became as dark as ink. The roaring wind sounded as if the dust storm of the end was about to appear out of thin air in the dreamer’s dream!

“Are you crazy?!

Rao Shi’s puppet master was also stunned and ravaged Heisha. Her puppet silk was broken. This is the force from 30 degrees north latitude. It’s hard to resist unless she is a pioneer! Of course, the puppet master can pay with all his strength, but now she is a dream chaser. What is a dream chaser!


The puppet master’s heart scolded him. He avoided the black sandstorm. She couldn’t see the scene near the abyss clock. The black sandstorm suddenly appeared, and no one could move under this dangerous and terrible pressure. Even the psychic medium yin-yang butterfly could only crawl on the ground. All the places swept by the black sandstorm become blood foam, and no one survives!

You can’t let dream chasers kill like this!

Seeing this, the playful puppet rushed to the building without hesitation, but a tall dark red figure rushed faster than him!


The man angrily scolded with a hoarse  voice, “dare you come here to be wild?”


The situation became more and more dangerous, and Wei Xun did not hesitate. Moreover, Wei Xun could feel that the black sandstorm was as common as the sun mark on the back neck of the psychic medium, which came from 30 degrees north latitude. If someone is there, he may not die.

After that, he broke into the black sandstorm without hesitation, and even turned the devil’s wing into a light spot without any force of alienation. It’s amazing to be so arrogant and fearless!

Wei Xun believes that the dreamer will recognize him, because he is a real life playing puppet, which has the most essential difference!

So weak.

The corner of the dreamer’s eyes trembled. His face was expressionless and dignified. The black sandstorm raged. The outside was as terrible as ghosts and wolves, but the inside created a vacuum under the desperate control of the dreamer, which almost didn’t grind the man directly to death.

The hiding effect of the guide’s cloak in the black sandstorm has failed. Although he still hides his face and breath, his real strength is fully revealed in front of the dreamers.

It’s really weak to show the wings of the devil. Only Yu Huiyu is so weak.

On this strength, Yu Hui said that the strength has recovered well? Blow it! With this strength, do you dare to break into the butcher alliance? Acting as a puppet? He really doesn’t want his life!

The dreamer thought angrily, but the “black sand storm” was quietly closed. Suddenly, there was a deafening roar, and the black sand storm trembled violently, as if there was a fierce war inside!

“The strength is not bad.”

A few seconds later, the dreamer’s face turned pale. Suddenly, the black sandstorm that had ravaged most of the butcher alliance suddenly left only half a ball, with thin sand grains and lighter color. Then a dark red figure escaped from the sandstorm unharmed.


He snorted coldly and proudly fell down. The black silver light floating around the cloak was more mysterious and powerful, and the cloak was not even damaged. It was as new as ever. The landing movement is extremely stable, as if it doesn’t consume any——

The dream chaser’s sand is really stable and intimate. Wei Xun was dropped by a wisp of black sand from the dream chaser, otherwise he would have to fall free. But the man was quiet, his chin was slightly raised, and he put on a proud look. The dreamer couldn’t help laughing at him.

However, he paid more attention to the enterprise. The dreamer sneered and said faintly:

“No wonder it’s the first puppet under the seat of the playful man.”

what? It’s the first puppet under the seat of the hippie?!

Psychic medium, yin and Yang butterfly, another puppet master was shocked when he heard the black sand storm. The puppet master didn’t see what was going on in front of him, but he was white when he saw that the dreamer’s sand storm was weak, but he was unharmed. This puppet is by no means a good fault!

Blunder, no wonder he has demon wings. But he gave her a sense of danger even worse than the dwarf in front of the abyss clock… He is worthy of being the first puppet. It’s good to hide!

The puppet master noticed the implied anger of the dreamer’s cold words… She suddenly felt guilty. Indeed, such a sudden sneak attack plan turned out to be the two puppets of the life playing people of the enterprise. One of them ranked first. Everyone would be suspicious!

But she didn’t leak the secret. She just knew the dream chaser’s plan in the early morning. Well, even if she wanted to leak the secret, she didn’t have time… But look at this, the dream chaser suspected her!

“The life playing puppet really deserves its reputation. I want to ask for advice.”

The puppet master smiled, his arms stretched like a hug, and a section of his wide cuffs showed like a jade white wrist: “come on.”

Damn it, how does she feel about the building and the thief ship! But now she has to give out a plan. If she hesitates, neither side will please! But the puppet master had an idea. Instead of paying a playful puppet No. 1, she aimed at another one. Anyway, the dreamer also had a problem before. Let him deal with this problem.


Countless puppet filaments shot out of her fingertips and instantly entangled with the life playing puppet in front of the abyss clock. Fang’s evil spirit was amazing, but he had no resistance in front of the puppet silk. He was pulled to the puppet master in a moment!

The puppet master also held his breath and showed no mercy. She came from the body. Except that she was not carried at 30 degrees north latitude, she was stronger than the dreamer’s Avatar.

How strong!

When the one meter six puppet was dragged away by the puppet silk, Wei Xun was nearby, but there was no response – he couldn’t respond at all! The puppet is extremely powerful and bloody. It seems that she has slaughtered thousands of people and absorbed all her blood. Even so, she is not the puppet master’s puppet master’s puppet master’s puppet master’s puppet master’s puppet master’s puppet master’s puppet master’s puppet master only uses puppet silk to play with her!

Is this the real strength of a tour guide? It’s so strong!

In contrast, dream chasers seem a little weak.

Wei Xun thought silently, but the face of the building was swept away. The abyss clock retreated and shouted loudly, “you resist for a moment, I’ll go to the abyss node to contact adults!”

His words surprised everyone present. Yin Yang butterfly shivers. He has been clutching the abyss node carrier of the abyss node. It is the adults who give him permission to take people into the abyss node!

The yin-yang butterfly immediately felt the profound meaning of white and adult words. He tightly grasped the sleeves of the psychic medium. He glanced at it and slightly let go of his brain.

The psychic medium saw what the white yin-yang butterfly was thinking, and he thought so. Yes, they are too weak. This is no longer the battlefield they can set foot in. If they continue to stay, they will only die all the way, but adults will leave them vitality.

The abyss clock is about to break, and the riots cannot enter, but they have an abyss node carrier! The psychic medium didn’t say anything. His body completely turned into a semi transparent body, attached to the body of the yin-yang butterfly.

The yin-yang butterfly alone can’t take away others. Tonight was originally an important thing to meet the new puppets of adults. The butcher guides came either with special talent or alienation. They have great potential and can be regarded as the backbone of the butcher alliance.

Although a number of people have died, the most dead are the butchers in the back row. There are three hundred good people. It’s best to take them away! Just now, the two adults are struggling to hold back the dream chaser, the puppet master. This is their last chance to escape!

“Move quickly!”

The puppet master is in a hurry. Although it seems that the life playing people are trapped in the sun gate and can’t come out, it would be too embarrassing if the first puppet really contacted him and attracted Fang Fang’s spirit. It would be too embarrassing to have a tripartite meeting at that time.

Kill these two puppets!

At present, the puppet master is no longer perfunctory. His moves are fatal, but the puppet who was originally defeated is also tenacious. It seems that he has accepted the order of “you resist for a moment” and burst out with great strength!

Every move of the Puppet Master seemed to be in her expectation, as if she could see the “future” and have an insight into all the puppet master’s attacks. In addition, she was not afraid to die, but she really tried her best to entangle the puppet master!

The puppet master is really angry. When she kills the puppet, it’s also considered that the dreamer is benevolent and righteous. She won’t care about the next thing!

It’s the abyss node… The puppet master noticed that the yin-yang butterfly was quietly transferring the guide in the butcher’s hall with the abyss node. Her red lips aroused her. She paid so much tonight. She accepted the abyss node impolitely!

Abyss node!

The dreamer looks awe inspiring. Yu Yuhui is reminding him! The abyss clock trembled violently, the unknown light soared, and cobweb like cracks spread all over the clock tower. Under the dangerous breath of the abyss, there was a golden light, as if the sun was about to jump out.

This is the Inca Sun Gate riot!

Dream chaser white, this is the inner passage of the Inca Sun Gate in the riot! Even he could not suppress the Sun Gate riot, but this was his only chance!

Only the inner passage of the Inca Sun Gate riot, it will be separated from the abyss clock, and it has the chance to save Zhang Yao.

The one meter six puppet has the smell of the sun. She must have just come out of the abyss clock. Dream chaser: what does this mean.

I’m afraid those who play with life will have to kill Zhang Yao. Zhang Yao is really dying!

The Inca Sun Gate riot came too fast and strange. It is very likely that the hippies sealed in the sun gate were aware of the changes in the outside world and inserted it. Maybe the hippies were trying to force him to move.

But this time, dreamers will take risks anyway.

When the dreamers gathered around the black sand again, he spit out a mouthful of blood. The blood fell on the black sand house and bonded these scattered sand particles together again. But it suddenly dispersed before the black sandstorm formed. Not only that, the black sand seems to have an invisible and unknown smell, which flows into the dreamer’s body when the sand storm fails to condense.

His face turned pale again.

This is the death curse of death Sahara.

But the dreamer was indifferent. He coughed up another mouthful of blood and continued to gather in the sandstorm.

Only the token of 30 degrees north latitude can touch the power of 30 degrees north latitude. He must unite the black sandstorm, but it all depends on luck.

He was lucky to have successfully gathered sandstorms and distinguished Yu Yuhui.

But now, luck is getting worse.

* *

“Death curse?”

Laplange glacier, ice cave. An Xuefeng, who closed his eyes to recover from the injury, suddenly frowned. He walked to the dreamer and saw the hem of his cloak turning into rustling black sand.

An Xuefeng frowned. He suddenly pulled out his return knife and stared at the faint yellow light flowing on the surface of the building. I don’t know if it’s an illusion. His eyes turned into the golden color of the building, which contains the infinite vicissitudes of life.

“Twilight, death, Sahara, abyss bell, butcher alliance, Inca Sun Gate. Returnees, crazy sunshine, believers in the abyss. ”

He murmured, his voice fell behind, and an Xuefeng’s pupils returned to normal


The dreamer opened his eyes slowly, turned pale and said apologetically, “I didn’t get well after my injury.”

“Heal? Raise a fart injury! ”

An Xuefeng scoffed and looked at his cold words, but the dreamer repeated, “wait a minute.”.

It’s not very strong at first sight.

“Abyss bell, butcher alliance, Inca Sun Gate, are you going to save Zhang Yao?”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

The dream chaser is like a robot set up. He obviously transfers most of his consciousness and power into his avatar, and his body is in standby mode. He transferred so many forces, either to use avatars to carry out alienation, or to forcibly use the power of the black desert.

The former is good, but if it is the latter, it is bad. There is a problem with the death Sahara. It would be terrible if the dreamer forced to use black sand to fight against the Inca Sun Gate.

Just like the twilight and the way home he interpreted in his home building.

“You really don’t want to die.”

An Xuefeng saw the black sand scattered from the dream chasing personal building, and the white situation was the latter. He sighed: “you are really… Hotter than me now.”

But he doesn’t blame the dreamer. He is too affectionate. There must be something strange in the abyss clock. If Zhang Yao doesn’t save it, he will really die. Even if this action will lead to chaos in the hotel, he will go back.

Although the dreamer’s cloak is dim, it still doesn’t change color completely. His original intention remains unchanged, that is, to pursue dreams together and change the world.

All around, his closest companion at that time was only Zhang Yao. If there is no dream, will the dreamer be a dreamer? When the time comes, it will stand behind the broken. Is it a broken dream?

It’s too painful to lose your company. An Xuefeng doesn’t want to see such a tragedy again.

“I hope you believe me.”

An Xuefeng sighed: “it’s me. I’ve seen too many twilight, so I’ve become gloomy?”

“Don’t worry, we will succeed.”

The dreamer seems to be talking to him.

“Of course we will succeed.”

An Xuefeng listened and smiled.

“I haven’t heard you say that for a long time.”

“The scenery at the top of the mountain must be beautiful.”

At the next moment, in an Xuefeng’s pyramid, a pyramid of the shape of the pyramid suddenly appeared. The bottom of the tower is palm sized. The tower has nine floors in total, and the six floors at the bottom have exposed bright light. Only the three floors on the side of the building are still dark.

This is the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, the keepsake of Pharaoh’s pyramid!

“The pioneer said that the pyramid should stand in the house of the desert.”

An Xuefeng raised the corners of his mouth. When he took out the pyramid, an Xuefeng’s eyes were completely red. Countless strong emotions invaded and eroded his nerves. At this moment, it seemed out of control, but an Xuefeng’s face was still calm.

He placed this pyramid in the house of the dreamer.

All of a sudden, the black sand that keeps falling from the human body is stable and no longer falls, like being suppressed!

* *

The dream chaser successfully condensed the black sandstorm. This success is not accidental. At the moment when the sandstorm was about to break up, he seemed to see a pyramid suppressed in the building of the sandstorm, giving it a backbone, and it was no longer so easy to break up.

Team an

He sighed and wrote down the favor. Then the dreamer looked at the abyss bell in awe.

Yu Huian helped him so much, and an Dui helped him so much on his way home. The dreamer vowed never to take Yu Huian back safely!

The dreamer seems to see him enter the abyss clock, but the Inca sun gate channel is connected with the abyss clock. Once the channel is cut off or the Sun Gate riots, the abyss clock will never be safe.

He must send Yu Yuhui out safely and back to an Xuefeng.

The dreamer made up his mind. He controlled the black sandstorm to cover the sun shining next to the abyss clock, but he didn’t rush to the building. At this moment, the dreamer’s momentum changed. When his body under his cloak changed quietly, so big wings appeared behind him.

This membrane wing is similar to the devil’s wing, but it is not completely similar. The wing bones of the hard fiber are as clear as crystal glass, with a colorful halo. This is the bone wings of the dragon! A dragon tail, which at first glance looked silver but glowed with colorful brilliance under the light, came out quietly under the cloak.


After the alienation of the dreamer, his body suddenly became illusory, as if he had crossed the space. As soon as he flapped his wings, he hit the abyss clock of the building.

“Ding Dong -”

At the last bell, the abyss bell was completely broken by him, turned into a bell tower and rolled down beside it. This is the carrier of the abyss node!

The dreamer immediately grabbed the bell tower and confirmed that there was the smell of Yu Yuhui and clay figurine Zhang in it. After that, he also turned into dragon claws. Sharp claws tear the space, find the coordinates of an Xuefeng, and throw the clock out directly!

“The sun praises the sun, the sun praises the sun -”

The brilliant and crazy sun shines outside the depths of the earth, and there seems to be an endless sound of nonsense in my ears. The abyss bell tower once cracked a gap under the ground. This is the channel of the Inca Sun Gate. Even if the dreamer covers all the black sand in the crack, he still can’t stop all the sun!

Yu Zhuo, Hui Zhuo and clay figurine Zhang are sent away. Next, the dreamer has to deal with the remnants. He wants to seal the passage again!

“Woo -”

A sad cry was the Pathetique of the dragon. The dreamer tore off the counter scale on his chest. At this moment, he was weak. When the black scale fell off, all the black sand gathered together, and the crack burst into light. The dreamer finally looked at the scale and threw it into the air without hesitation. He said coldly:

“The dreamer is willing to give the keepsake of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude: death Sahara to the hotel in exchange for the hotel to seal this passage for me.”

[transaction… Passed]

It’s like a big giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant. At this moment, the dreamer’s breath is depressed. Even the Dragon state can’t be completely maintained. He feels shaky.

Then the nothingness shot the crack that radiated sunlight. It seems to feel the crisis, it seems to resist, and the bright sunshine suddenly shoots out like a golden spear, but it is directly gripped by the nothingness.

< 924; There are countless sunshine condensing again. They turn into human prayer, sing praises and sing the epic of the sun. The endless light, the external radiation, is no longer as dazzling as the rigid light, but more erosive as the soft light. Even the great nothingness has a faint golden light.

But it still kills all these people.

People dissipate, and the cracks no longer emit sunlight. Press down on the nihility to completely smooth the crack.

But at the next moment, it can’t continue.

The crack extends out of a bone joint, and the wrist is wound with countless golden chains to firmly bind it under the crack.

However, this one is free. It’s not only an institution, but also a minor one. Compared with the vastly different ones, this one understates and blocks the nothingness.

At this moment, the dreamer’s face suddenly changed.

“Happy life man!”

* *

“Hotels… Are becoming more and more useless. It’s ridiculous that one channel can’t be closed.”

In the ice cave, an Xuefeng sneered and talked to himself.

“Merge with me.”

The irritable atmosphere began to spread, but an Xuefeng’s tone was still calm.

“I want to use that book.”

He seemed to be talking to himself or to someone who didn’t exist. At this moment, his temperament suddenly contradicted, as if on the left was grumpy and crazy, and on the right was cold and cruel.

“One minute is enough.”

He stood still, such as sculpture, and allowed the two completely indifferent temperament to collide and impact, and finally became a difficult and temporary integration.


Suddenly the laplange glacier shook violently! This life-threatening glacier seems to be alive, but it is not as arrogant as it used to be. The glacier is shaking and it is afraid!

Those monsters as powerful as oil roamed in the dark blue glacier, roaring with fear and despair. They gathered in front of the ice cave, but did not dare to impact the ice cave. They could only linger outside and pray in despair.

. When an Xuefeng opened his eyes again, everything was calm.

At this moment, the returning knife trembled slightly, and an Xuefeng’s eyes returned to pure black. He looked extremely dangerous, as if standing between madness and reason. It’s like absolute reason and absolute madness.

He took out a book.

The cover of the dark blue book has a fist, a big crimson eye, and the eyes are still rotating. The purple touch wriggles and rustles, winding the book like a chain and blocking the book.

However, when an Xuefeng fell, these contacts avoided like fear. Let an Xuefeng open the page.

The first page of this book is the scene of a prosperous sea building city, which has been created to extinction.

On page, it is an extremely terrible deep-sea monster, from birth to death.

This is the book of the ancients. It is a keepsake of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude and sinking into Western Europe!

An Xuefeng, he is the only one who has opened up the journey of two 30 degrees north latitude, and the only one in the hotel to master the existence of the two keepsakes!

“The pioneer said, I have come and I have witnessed that the ancient have disappeared and should not affect the present world.”

An Xuefeng said that at this moment, his voice was mysterious, as if he had crossed countless years, as if a pair of black eyes had opened in fatigue, and it witnessed the demise of countless ancient existence.

An Xuefeng in the ice cave closed his eyes, held his breath and concentrated, separated from the space distance, and used this force to seal the cracks, split the seal, and the sun gate in Western Europe. This is the space competition between him and the playful people!

Just then, the surrounding space suddenly cracked, a crack, a broken clock tower flew out of the crack and rolled down at an Xuefeng’s feet.

The next moment, Wei Xun, wearing a crimson cloak, turned around and drilled out of the abyss node of the clock tower.


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