TTG Chapter 147

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 147: Clay figurine [6]

[it’s dangerous here. Go find an Xuefeng!]

After hearing what the dreamer said, the interior guard Xun of the abyss Zhong thought it would be a bad thing, but he continued to stay in this battle. It was cannon fodder. When the dreamer threw it, Shun Yu erased the connection on the abyss clock.

Wei Xun simply stopped working and took the abyss clock away!

The abyss bell, which has been accepted for two times, is not as difficult to deal with as the wild node, and it feels a little broken and weak. In addition, Wei Xun’s alienation from the same source makes his breath similar. The resistance of the abyss bell is not very strong.

Wei Xun strengthened his contact and won control of it. He merged when he went back.

Stay in the abyss node for a while, and then try to change Yu Hehui. This is Wei Xun’s idea.

But the plan couldn’t catch up with the change. The guard Xun of the abyss clock was involuntarily discharged from the abyss clock!


Lightning flint Wei Xun didn’t have time to think about it. At the same time, he lifted his disguise.


Wei Xun’s pupil shrank suddenly, and the dark orange machete passed silently over his head. With the momentum of terror, even the air would be cut by it. If Wei Xun didn’t react quickly, I’m afraid this knife would split his skull!

“Saved the clay figurine Zhang, and the dream chaser sent to let you protect!”

Wei Xun was fast, but the empty handle machete cut off too fast, and the cloak didn’t work at all. The blade cut his hood and wiped his cheek. In an instant, Wei Xun felt that time seemed to slow down. In the dark orange light, he seemed to see countless, but he couldn’t see clearly.


The sound of the sword was clear, and Wei Xun’s mind was recalled. He seemed to wake up from a big dream, and then the terrible breath dissipated. There was no trace except a cold sweat on his back.

Wei Xun’s eyes fell, and the returning machete, with a dangerous arc, nailed to his legs, completely nailed the hem of Wei Xun’s dark blue cloak to the ground.

His adventure of “coming out of the abyss in an instant” is changing the color of his cloak!

“Call -”

Is this the way back knife?

Wei Xunwang was like a slender machete solidified by the setting sun. His heart beat gradually fell back like a drum, but he couldn’t help remembering the dangerous stimulation he had just passed by the God of death.

An Xuefeng’s exclusive weapon is really powerful. If we say that he was at the abyss node in northern Tibet at that time, the long black knife he used was purely an Xuefeng’s amazing strength.

The returning Dao is countless times more powerful than the machete itself. It’s even quite clever.

Because the killing, coercion and collection just now are all the actions of the machete. An Xuefeng didn’t control it!

Wei Xun scanned his eyes and saw an Xuefeng in front of him with his eyes closed. He held the dark blue ancient thick book and couldn’t move. Like a sculpture. Not far behind him was the figure sitting on the ground, wearing a dark orange cloak and a small golden pyramid on his head.

Wei Xun seems to have entered the wax museum by mistake.

Now Wei Xun took another risk and changed his cloak back to his light blue. As he changed color, he looked there curiously.

This is the essence of the dreamer?

The dark orange cloak was so conspicuous that Wei Xun recognized it with his eyes. No wonder Qian Yu Hehui said that the dreamer avatar and Puppet Master would support him. It turned out that he was here. Qian an Xuefeng said something. It turned out that he was exploring the ice cave with the dreamer.

But an Xuefeng also has a puppet in the butcher alliance?

What’s going on over there now?

Wei Xun tried to get up, and now his posture was a little awkward. The abyss clock fell on an Xuefeng’s leg, and Wei Xun was attacked by the return knife defense after rolling out of the abyss clock, so he had no time to adjust his posture.

At present, he is sitting on the ground, his body slightly tilted back, his right leg is bent, his left leg is straight, and his left foot is pedaling on an Xuefeng’s calf and stepping on his combat pants.

The problem is that Wei Xun’s feet are still alienated!

At the moment, Wei Xun’s legs are completely different from human beings from the knee down. They are more like the hind legs of cats. Behind the tibia and fibula and in front of the tarsal, the magic scales that fit the skin wrap the lower legs of Cang, gradually transition from light gray to black, and look like wearing a pair of black gradually changing stockings.

The shoes had long been rotten. The sharp claw hook like a machete bent out of the phalanx, and the sharp claw tip like a black jade was deeply sunk, which made a small hole in the waterproof and snow proof cloth of an Xuefeng’s combat pants.

The war situation in the butcher alliance is so terrible that no one can keep his mind. Wei Xun’s San value has fallen to a dangerous level, but it’s not a problem to have a famous brand.

The problem is that Wei Xun can’t get up now. The machete not only nailed his cloak, but also nailed him to the ground. Wei Xun felt locked, obviously, although he was not killed. But the meaning of this machete is to keep him still and be a wax statue with an Xuefeng for the time being.

With such high vigilance, the war there should be very dangerous.

Wei Xun pondered. He didn’t give up trying. Wei Xun changed into a passenger.

This knife locked his breath through his cloak and nailed him completely. That Wei Xun was simply not a tour guide!

Sure enough, Wei Xun felt a slight shift in his sense of locking, and at the next moment he became a light snow fox.

This is the basic life fox hair prepared by Yu Hehui for Wei Xun. Once Wei Xun is in danger, he can use the title of wild soul to immediately urge him to turn Wei Xun into a head sky fox cub for the time being.

The guitu Dao locks in the smell of the cloak and is not familiar with the smell of Wei Xun, but Yu Hehui is an old man on the way home and should be included in the “safety list”.

Sure enough, the machete shook slightly and was still nailed to the dark green cloak. Wei Xun didn’t stop the golden cicada from shelling.

[Wei Xun, are you okay?! What’s the situation now? Is it dangerous? Is it safe?!]

As soon as Wei Xun became a fox cub, he heard Yu Hehui’s anxious voice. Finally, Yu Hehui, who contacted Wei Xun, was crazy and asked a series of questions.

[ it’s safe. Clay figurine Zhang has been rescued. What’s the situation over there now?]

Wei Xun asked. He put away the abyss clock and felt his abyss node a little. Fortunately, there were more than 200 butchers and guides, and his brother’s garden was not destroyed.

The bee man is still alive?

Wei Xun was really a little surprised when he saw the big, unconscious Plush bee curled up in a ball. If you look more carefully, Wei Xun seems to be going to advance. Baptized by the impact of so many powerful forces, most people will gain as long as they don’t die or go crazy.

This man is really lucky.

In addition to the bees and people, more than a dozen of the 20 people in Wei Xun’s front leaflets are still alive. Sure enough, if you want to be a wolf of ambition, strength, luck, sensitivity and crisis consciousness must be the best of their kind.

But the rest were not so lucky. Although nearly one-third of the people were collected into the abyss node, they either became corpses or completely crazy, their spirit was destroyed and polluted, and sat like dolls.

Most of the remaining people are unconscious, and occasionally two awake are crying silently, unable to get rid of mental control.

The only thing that is better is the yin-yang butterfly. This time he is really completely alienated into a butterfly. A big two-color butterfly seems to have been passed by. Its wings are dim and fluttering. It is sorting the corpse from the living butcher guide.

Wei Xun swept the circle and didn’t feel the psychic medium.

The psychic media is an elite tour guide and should not die. In other words, the abyss node is still in his pocket – or will be robbed by the puppet master’s dream chaser.

However, there are still * * spiritual marks on the abyss node, which Wei Xun doesn’t worry about.

[if only you were safe]

Yu Hehui breathed a sigh of relief, and his voice was not too tight at last.

[now the virtual hall is full of people. There is a mess of pot porridge. The teahouse is blocked. The sky in the east of the virtual hall collapses. I see the virtual shadow of the butcher alliance building. All the major tourists and tour guides rushed there, but they should not dare to get too close]

[there’s a hotel. I don’t know who’s in charge. I see its nothingness, but don’t worry, dreamers, they’ll be fine.]

It’s a little big this time.

Wei Xun seldom feels guilty.

Yu Hehui paused. He felt the silence on Wei Xun’s side and vaguely guessed his idea. I’m afraid Wei Xun is not just worried about the dreamers, but

Yu Hehui sighed in his heart. Yu Hehui’s voice was very light. If he talked to himself [butcher alliance station… It would be fine. As long as the playful people don’t die, this place will not be destroyed. In fact, the main hall is not the core area, but only the peripheral square]

The butcher alliance is okay!

No one is dead.

Wei Xun’s eyebrows were relaxed. Fortunately, at the critical moment, he turned on the authority of the abyss node to the yin-yang butterfly. The death and injury were not serious. Most of the vegetables were alive, and the yin-yang butterfly and the psychic medium were also alive. The puppet was the main one who died.

Even if the puppet doesn’t die… The dreamer will never let him go.

After entering the abyss, avant-garde Xun found clay figurine Zhang. His condition is really bad and he should not move. He still has the smell of a puppet. Anyway, he is miserable.

Wei Xun didn’t move him rashly, but he still waited for the dreamer to come back. Clay figurine Zhang was saved. He is still alive. This mission can be regarded as a complete victory.

He has to think about his future now. After becoming a fox cub, Wei Xun returned to his hotel.

But he didn’t go. The fox cub stood up with his hind legs supporting his body and his front claws caged in his chest. He looked up at the dark blue book in an Xuefeng’s book.

The smell lingering on this book is terrible. Wei Xun even feels that it is more powerful and dangerous than the golden sun.

This is a keepsake related to 30 degrees north latitude. It is a journey opened by an Xuefeng on the way home at dusk. The pyramid is pressed on the head of chasing dreams. It should be a keepsake that has fallen into Western Europe.

In fact, Wei Xun was curious. The order of 30 degrees north latitude was in the order of how to open up, but now it seems that it may also have something to do with strength. The momentum of this thick book is not aimed at him, but Wei Xun will also feel dizzy and tingling in his eyes.

When I close my eyes, the dark blue still floats in my mind. The clear water drops fall from the ridge. The surface of each drop seems to have an ancient and decadent existence. From birth to prosperity, from death to extinction, the water drops fall on the ground and dissipate, just like the dissipation of those ancient people. At last, it returns to the ridge and is another reincarnation.

The horror of great destruction and great silence made Wei Xun’s soul tremble.

But at the same time, he felt a faint resonance.

Wei Xun shook his head and a black crow like badge appeared in front of him.

[Name: witness to the destruction of the ancient country (badge)]

[quality: rare]

[function: suppress ancient countries and inheritors of ancient countries]

[Note: Gaga, you are like a crow! You have witnessed the complete destruction of an ancient country. Of course, you have also witnessed others. Your presence will make them feel fear and pressure of destruction! Let those old immortals see, death is their only way out! The world belongs to the present!]

[the more ancient countries you witness are destroyed, the stronger the badge will be!]

It was Wei Xun who got the badge in the third scenic spot of his journey in northern Tibet!

Although this badge looks very powerful and can be upgraded, it also has many restrictions. Just the two qualifiers of “ancient country” and “destruction” can see how powerful it is to improve □ □ Xun. I haven’t got a clue yet.

But now, he has a clue.

Wei Xun no longer looked at the dark blue book, but looked directly below it. When his concentration reached a certain level, he seemed to really see water droplets falling from the ridge.

Different from the majestic and terrible sense of extinction on the thick cloth, what contained in the water drop seemed to be the illusion of those ancient people, not much power, but more a sense of sadness over the vicissitudes of life.

In fact, it is more like something insoluble in this book and to be gradually consumed. The light and shadow on the water drop will be dim every time it drops and disappears, returns and reincarnates.

Since it is something that has been consumed

Wei Xun looked at an Xuefeng. He still closed his eyes and became a wax statue with the dreamer.

Wei Xun looks at the water drop again. The fox cub’s tail swings.

[Wei Xun, when will you be back…]

[Shh, don’t make noise]

The sky fox cub turned his head and paid attention to the movement of the returning knife, and then he quietly lifted his hind legs.


The sound was soft, and the knife on the way home was trembling. It seemed that he was aware of something different. Wei Xun felt that he had been scanned by a very deterrent force.

He sat back upright with his head tilted, and the innocence of the fox cub was ten percent.

Xiao Tianhu has a bad heart.

The Dao on the way home seems to have no problem, but it is calm again. Wei Xun breathed a sigh of relief. When he looked at it again, the black crow shaped badge was just kicked to the place where the water drops fell under an Xuefeng’s skin.

It seems that a small crow’s virtual shadow stands out from the badge. It happily spreads its wings and tilts its head, ‘Wow!’ He shouted loudly, then opened his mouth to pick up the drops.

The power on the water drop is very small compared with the whole dark blue thick book, but it is much stronger by the virtual shadow of the black crow.

Every time the water drop falls, it will scatter the virtual shadow of the crow, but soon it will tremble and gather again, and then open its big mouth to pick up the water. In this cycle, the virtual shadow of the black crow is more solid than that of the black crow.

Wei Xun felt his green veins jumping on his forehead and his brain buzzing. It seemed that the water drop didn’t fall on the badge, but fell on his mind. If it was normal, he should have a severe pain that he couldn’t bear.

But Wei Xun didn’t hurt at all. He let the black crow on the badge be smashed and reborn again and again.

* *


In the middle of the hall of the butcher alliance, which was full of mess and almost in ruins, a light figure was slightly surprised and looked at the dark blue thick clothes on his own clothes. If Wei Xun can see clearly here, the quantity state of this book is completely a miniature ocean!

The dark blue face is the unfathomable sea. The crimson giant eyes and contacts on the cover turn into terrible huge sea monsters, sinking and floating in the sea.

This is the main body of the ancient people’s book, which shows more than those in an Xuefeng’s book in the ice cave. The endless drops of water that fall and cycle are actually countless “rivers” of all colors.

They are ancient forces in various fields. They extend out of the ocean like Mobius ring, return and finally return to the ocean.

Only a ‘River’ has no loop. It goes straight down, and the end disappears into nothingness. I don’t know where it flows.

In countless complete cycles, it is particularly prominent.

As funny as the ocean leaks.

“An team, you go back first.”

The dreamer was tired and worried. He looked at the water flowing silently. Unexpectedly, an Xuefeng came to help in the end. But the circulation of water flow is broken… An Xuefeng’s condition is probably extremely bad.

“It’s no problem. It’s just a little strong thief who steals water and drinks.”

An Xuefeng smiled carelessly: “it’s other thieves. If you don’t return the stolen goods to the owner, you’ll have to move.”

“The last ten seconds.”

An Xuefeng smiled and moved his wrist: “ten -”


He’s actually reading the ten minute action! An Xuefeng grabbed the sky out of thin air. His five fingers were like eagle claws, and he firmly fastened on some nothingness. Unexpectedly, he pulled out “nothingness big” from nothingness!

The big dog suddenly wanted to pull back, and an Xuefeng directly covered the book. The sea monsters wandering in the dark blue ocean roared, and countless wet touch blinks twisted it tightly so that it could not be taken back immediately. In this brief moment of stalemate——


An Xuefeng broke the big dog directly and bloody!

[passenger an Xuefeng!]

There was a deafening roar of anger, resentment and hatred in the void. Only an Xuefeng heard this sound, but at the same time, there was a random code on the horror app of some passengers!

[your attack on the hotel is unforgivable and should be taken away -]

“Wrong, wrong.”

An Xuefeng laughed and threw the nihility into the ocean at will, allowing it to be swallowed up by the ocean monster. And all he had left was a black scale.

“You just get back what you deserve.”

An Xuefeng’s laughter gradually decreased, and he kindly said sarcastic words: “waste that can’t even seal the crack. If you don’t complete the transaction, you don’t deserve to be paid. Don’t you even understand the rules?”

He threw the scales to the dreamer. When the dreamer frowned and wanted to speak, he raised his fingers and shook them: “ no, it’s too troublesome. Take it.”

“The clay figurine Zhang came out and asked him to make a puppet for the people. Tell him, “there are new people in our team. Remember to ask him to prepare gifts.”

“An Dui, you…”

The dreamer frowned, but he could no longer feel an Xuefeng’s mental state. An Xuefeng is so powerful that no one knows whether he is going crazy or whether he still keeps calm.

Like now——

[an Xuefeng! You –]

“Too noisy, too noisy.”

An Xuefeng smiled and muttered to himself. He raised his head and covered his face, but there was a subtle vibrato at the end of his speech.

“… are you sure you want to stay?”

Between the middle finger and the ring finger, his dark left eye was exposed. It was indifferent silence and uncontrollable madness. An Xuefeng said in a gentle and deliberative tone: “maybe I’ll kill you, are you sure?”

The other party was really silent!

[even if there is no crack in the seal, there are two cracks in the seal…]

A moment later, when… Spoke again, his tone implied “fear

“That’s your business.”

An Xuefeng’s tone suddenly became irritable and impatient. It seemed that he had changed a person, and his eyes also changed. He was completely different from just now, full of Rage: “now get out of here, you’re very annoying, okay?”

The other party was silent, the momentum disappeared, and he really rolled silently.

“And you.”

An Xuefeng closed the door, looked angrily at the ground, and said in a cold tone: “it’s not time, you stay in there.”

It was under the bell tower of the abyss that the passage leading to the Inca Sun Gate was blocked by a monster’s arms and feet. It is wet, extremely thick and long, and there are eyes in each suction cup.

The wrists and feet were cut off, and the transparent blood flowed down. After falling to the ground, it turned into thick and thick mucus. The mucus spread and expanded outward, blocking the cutting edges and corners of the crack.

“An Xuefeng, you’re dying.”

An indifferent, low male voice sounded from under the crack.

“When the destruction predicted by the astrologer comes, your strength will continue to be weakened… Then…”

The mucus blocked the last gap and the sound disappeared completely. The whole contact, mucus and cracks disappear, and the ground is flat as if there had never been a crack.


An Xuefeng sniffed coldly. He looked around, like a puppet teacher who had escaped the key battle, like a tourist guide gathered from the periphery, more like looking at the nothingness and distance, and vaguely observed the existence here.

“Things after death, wait until after death.”

“Now, who dares to mess again? Don’t blame you. You’re welcome!”

An Xuefeng’s voice resounded through the whole virtual hall, and several figures appeared next to an Xuefeng. It was Wang pengpai, Mao Xiaole, Wan Guichun, Wang Yushu and other returning members. Their momentum was powerful and terrible!

“Approval on the way home!”

The deterrence of the peak passengers and the momentum of returning home are all powerful!

“Dreamers agree.”

The second voice is the dreamer, whose dark orange cloak is shrouded in the ruins like the afterglow of the sunset. His crystal dragon wings are slightly stretched, like the legendary giant dragon perching at the end of the long river of time.

After the words, the dreamer glanced at the dirty door.

The puppet master who caught the psychic in the chaos and captured the abyss node was stiff. I’m afraid the dreamer was not completely satisfied with her performance this time. If she didn’t make a statement at the moment… She made a quick decision and made a decision soon.

The dreamer robbed the butcher of an abyss node, and she also robbed one. Anyway, in the eyes of outsiders, they are allies!

If you don’t make a statement at the moment, you will miss your last chance. But what about the attitude? More than 100 butchers such as psychic media, yin-yang butterfly and butcher alliance are in her pocket. As long as she puts them back, it will be a great kindness! What about the abyss node? What about her helping the dreamer attack the butcher alliance this time?

There are no eternal friends, only eternal interests!

“The puppet master agrees.”

The puppet master smiled and chanted, and the female voice echoed throughout the virtual hall. She still played a trick. She didn’t say “shepherd alliance”, just puppet master. However, the two first-class tour guides and the strongest return brigade will be heard in the same day. The butcher alliance is attacked and the virtual hall is shocked. It will spread quickly!

It was so quiet that no one dared to speak. These were too powerful for them to touch.

An Xuefeng, way home, dreamer, puppet master.

The devil merchant’s eyes twinkle. Deep in his eyes is admiration, ambition and ambition!

When will he also become a big man and an existence comparable to them.

“C 250.”

The devil merchant clenched the ball of the heavenly fox in the game and didn’t turn his head back. He whispered in a firm tone: “the winner of this competition…”

It will be!

But before his voice fell, he heard the voice of the dreamer in the void of the butcher alliance in the distance, ringing again!

An Xuefeng’s shadow disappeared, and only dream chasers and puppet masters remained in the butcher’s hall.

“Let’s go first.”

The puppet master smiled. She looked at the black scales in the dreamer’s eyes, and her body gradually dissipated: “next time I invite you to tea, don’t come.”

The dreamer ignored her. At the moment, he was particularly tired and excited. Emotions accumulate in the heart, like a volcano brewing for a long time is about to explode. He urgently wants to get out of consciousness and go back to see how an Xuefeng is and how clay figurine Zhang is. He wants to take care of his body and fuse keepsakes again

He had countless things to do, but at the moment, the dreamer didn’t leave.

He clearly knew that the search and rescue was successful enough, and Yu Hehui and C 250 were indispensable! No amount of gratitude, no amount of puppet clay figurines, can express gratitude.

Dream pursuers know that C250 is in danger. The exhibition period is about to go on an extremely dangerous journey. Yu Hehui is absolutely worried – don’t worry.

Dreamers smile and he will give them the best gift.

“C 250, sheltered by the children.”

The indifferent and solemn voice of the dreamer, such as deterrence and oath, resounds through the whole virtual hall again!

“Whoever makes a mistake for C250 is the enemy!”

There was an uproar! Most people know that an Xuefeng, puppet master and dream chaser gathered in the butcher alliance, but they don’t know why they came here. Even if some insiders speculate that it is for Zhang Yao, they are not sure.

But now the dreamers are talking about what they just said, and they have a clear answer!

The dream chaser, an Xuefeng and the puppet master, are very likely to fight with the hippie butcher Alliance for the recently popular C 250!

For C 250, a new tour guide!

“The dreamer…”

Seeing the dreamer finish his words, he just nodded at them in a hurry, and then left quickly. It seemed that there was something urgent and he was a little embarrassed to escape. Wang pengpai and others looked a little subtle and could not cry or laugh.

They had just said so before, and the dreamer said so again, as if they had sheltered C250 on their way home.

“Forget it, take shelter.”

Anyway, Yu Hehui is very big, but he should be sheltered when he is around C 250. Wang pengpai didn’t care much and was worried.

“Not good, captain. It’s really bad.”

“In spring, let’s go back to the station. Look at the door!”

On the way home, several figures disappeared in the butcher hall.

When they all disappeared, the devastated butcher hall disappeared and began to be repaired.

* *

“Is this your dependence?”

The devil merchant’s expression changed suddenly and looked at the woman beside him in amazement. He knew that C250 had indeed been pursued by the butcher alliance.

No wonder she dared to come out tonight. It turned out that she was an Xuefeng, the two top class tour guides and the strongest tourist, attacking the butcher alliance!

Escorted by the strongest brigade and two top tour guides in the East, Xiaocui has such power behind her! The devil merchant’s mood is extremely complex. The image of Xiaocui, who was originally thought to be lonely, strong and stubborn, suddenly turned over, so that he didn’t know how to speak.

“Why, is this what you want?”

Yu Hehui ignored the devil merchant’s complicated tone, which was light. He doesn’t care if the devil merchant thinks of it again because of this sentence. To tell the truth, Yu Hehui’s smile is very reluctant.

It’s a mess. It’s a complete mess!

The dreamer is kind and grateful. He takes advantage of this opportunity to use his way home and use himself and the puppet master to build Wei xunliwei. According to his personality, he will not involve others, but will protect Wei Xun himself.

Obviously, this is the dream chaser who braved his face and sincerely considered Wei Xun and established prestige for him.

But Yu Hehui’s mood is very complicated!

What he hopes is that Wei Xun will play a low-key pig and eat a tiger and rise steadily and safely. It seems that it will never happen again.

After today’s release, C250 will definitely become the center of the storm of public opinion! To tell the truth, the dream chaser’s deterrence tonight is much more sensational than the extreme danger group received by C250.

The latter is only the top-level attention that really shows the intention of the higher-level group. Even if other passengers discuss the array, they will gradually ignore it. After all, C 250 is only a C-class tour guide.

But the topic heat of dream chasers, puppet masters, an Xuefeng and the return brigade is a direct blow! These people have countless followers, admirers and forces all over the upper, middle and lower levels in the hotel. In the hotel that advocates strength and adventure, their status and force are completely leaders of Fang!

Think about the supreme leaders of the three parties, sheltering a new person at the same time, and attacking another leader force for him… Is this reasonable?

The world is not Tom Sue’s novel, newcomer He De He Yu! So many people will think of conspiracy theory that there must be deep meaning behind this incident!

Or use new people as an excuse to deter the butcher alliance. Or the new man himself is by no means mortal or special. So more people will think, why did this C 250 receive an extremely dangerous group?

I am afraid that before long, the secrets of the East-West confrontation mission, and the opening of a journey at 30 degrees north latitude will be exposed to the public.

Especially the former.

“Take it.”

Yu Hehui became numb and spoke with a sense of sadness. He handed the devil merchant a leaflet and took back the “heavenly fox ball”.

“This is a small organization built by  take a look at it.”

Yu Hehui was depressed. According to Wei Xun, after giving the leaflets to the devil merchant, he didn’t hesitate to return to the station. He is eager to see what Wei Xun is doing now.

“The organization you built…”

The devil businessman was so much impacted and confused today that he even began to question his decision. Has Xiaocui long been attached to the big power? Does she want to build her own power, the rise of new people and compete with old brands?

But when I heard Xiaocui say, ‘why do you think this is what you want?’ When I heard her voice, I could not hide my sadness. I knew that when she set up the organization, the devil merchant’s mood changed again.

He completely calmed down. Somehow, the devil merchant felt some love for Xiaocui.

Yes, joining the great power, being sheltered by the great power, but also being bound, is it really what their genius wants?

This may sound like Versailles to others, but the devil merchant feels the same. The leaflet disappeared as soon as it reached him, but it was not put away by the devil merchant, but taken away by another person.

“C 250, that’s interesting.”

The soft female voice sounded, which was a standard London accent, adding a bit of dignity.

“Yes, my Lord”

The devil merchant is respectful.

“Mutual aid…”

She whispered out the name left on the leaflet. In a moment, the leaflet became a small badge. It was a lavender and incomplete butterfly scale and wing.

“Marked by the remnant wings of the Maria butterfly, is there an Xuefeng, the way home, the dream chaser and the puppet master behind it?”

The female voice sighed and smiled, and her tone was somewhat playful: “this mutual aid meeting is very interesting, but it makes you… Want to add it.”

* *

“How do you feel the little bitch of the black widow? Is it an illusion?”

The puppet master sneezed and snorted coldly. She threw the carrier of the abyss she had just arrived, and her good mood was not disturbed.

“An honest man is not honest when he pursues a dream.”

The puppet master tut tut teased. She also heard the dreamer’s words. It was clear that the other party was making a raft there. But the puppet master thought for a moment and did not refute.

The left and right dreamers have a face, but they really want to protect C250. The puppet master, left, carried the unconscious psychic medium and right, threw a red semicircle stone. He was in a good mood.

Today, she was not hurt at all and had no pressure. She went whoring to an abyss node, which was a great harvest!

What’s more, there are so many butcher guides in the abyss node. In the past, butchers abducted people from their shepherd alliance. Maybe this time

And now the butcher alliance has only three abyss nodes. After adding this one, they have two, and the gap is further narrowed

The puppet master was thinking of good things when he suddenly stretched out a big gun in the void and directly carried the abyss node in her gun away!

“Who is it?!”

The puppet master immediately burst out in a rage. Thousands of puppet silk like thousands of arrows hit the void, but he couldn’t get back to the abyss!

This shows that the person who takes away the carrier of the abyss node is the person who has contact with it!

The puppet master was furious, and the voice of anger rang through the Horror Hotel:

“Life playing people -!”

* *

Come back!

In the ice cave, Wei Xun’s heart moved. The sky fox cub couldn’t hide his ears quickly. He grabbed the badge and slipped away. He didn’t leave anything except the light blue cloak nailed by the return knife.

He felt that an Xuefeng’s consciousness returned and was about to wake up. Wei Xun started a few seconds in advance, but even so, he still felt the delay of his action, as if someone was preventing him from leaving. However, Wei Xun got rid of the obstacles and successfully returned to his home station.

“Thank you.”

Wei Xun smiled and chanted his words. He regained his human form. His grip was open and there was a crimson stone in his palm.

As expected, the abyss node was retrieved by * * and returned to his book. I just returned with the help of * *. But Wei Xun no longer felt the other party’s gaze and voice, and * * should have left.

I don’t know what happened to an Xuefeng.

Wei Xun thought casually that he saw Yu Hehui waiting anxiously in the station and worried about the circle.

“Yu -”

Wei Xun greeted him briskly, but before his voice fell, he had a cold finger and quietly stroked his Adam’s apple!

For a moment, Wei Xun was unable to speak and lost his voice. Then Wei Xun fell into the dark and cold embrace, and something blocked his mouth.

Cold, wet, flexible, flexible.

It’s not like a person’s finger, but like a root touch.


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