TTG Chapter 148

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 148: Clay figurine sheet [7]

Wei Xun subconsciously bit down, but he bit empty. His lower teeth collided with each other, making a slight click.

But the strange fullness in his mouth was still there. Wei Xun even scratched his teeth marks from the soft and cool tip of his tentacles, arousing bursts of itching. His tongue was pressed down so hard that he couldn’t move.

Obviously, you can’t touch and influence each other’s existence, but this kind of feeling

‘* * *?’

However, when Wei Xun recited the name of “* *” in his heart, the tentacle who tried to explore deeper into his throat with good intentions finally settled down. It withdrew Wei Xun’s throat and stayed only in his mouth and tip of tongue, but it was still very full.

At the same time, Wei Xun’s cold shadow covering his own people is even heavier. He has no place to look at it, surrounded it, sticky and heavy. It’s like being captured by a huge monster in the deep sea. Compared with it, human beings are so small that they can’t escape and have nowhere to escape.

But the most terrible thing is the contact between body and mind, but the gradual decline of thinking and spirit. In my ears, I heard endless murmurs, in my body, I heard the touch of my tentacles. In my mind, I flashed a pair of colorful pictures, but it was full of strange pictures of me.

Those strange buildings, ugly and dirty monsters, all return to the deep darkness in the end.

It’s dangerous.

Wei Xun’s San value is falling madly. He has appeared hallucinations and auditory hallucinations, but Wei Xun is very skilled in dealing with this situation. He even looked at Yu Hehui in the distance. Yu Hehui was still sitting at the table and waiting anxiously, but he completely knew that Wei Xun was right in front of him.

It’s safe.

Wei Xun calmly judged the situation when he was young, and * * seemed to be out of control. He didn’t notice the smell of * * at all. He didn’t expect * * to follow behind him and lay hands on him.

But the good news is that * * is not completely out of control. Yu Hehui and Wei Xun’s Hotel, including Xiaocui, Xiaojin and other magic insects, were not affected.

That’s under control.


Wei Xun groaned, and San value lowered his dissimilation from the customer. At this moment, the nameless tentacle lifted up the light blue cloak and wrapped his tail. As if to punish his attention.

The flexible black long tail  those obedient silver bone spikes suddenly burst open, making this tail a sharp weapon like a thorn whip. It seems to hurt the tentacle. Wei Xun smelled a faint smell of sea smell, perhaps the blood of the tentacle.

However, the tentacles did not avoid, but fitted deeper. The exploded bone spurs facilitate more small tentacles to probe into the bone spurs and adsorb the fragile skin at the root of the Spurs.

This is really going too far.

He felt painful, and the itchy feeling was even more obvious. It was like the smell of tentacle blood, which made Wei Xun’s body sharp countless times. Even his patience and reason, which he was always proud of, seemed to have a sign of collapse.

It’s terrible.

Wei Xun glanced at Yu Hehui in his eyes. He seemed to hear something. He looked at Wei Xun with suspicion and vigilance. The surprised look was like he saw him and saw Wei Xun’s particularly embarrassed posture at the moment.

This kind of exposure and gaze is like in broad daylight, making people have nowhere to hide, making people ashamed, desperately trying to avoid and hide themselves in the shadow.

But Wei Xun just raised his eyebrows and analyzed rationally.

I still want to play this hand. It seems that the situation of * * should be too bad. At least the basic logic and many cognition are still there.

What’s his purpose?

Why out of control?

Is it with the butcher alliance or with an Xuefeng using the third degree token of north latitude? * * * What’s the current situation? What’s his purpose?

“* * *”

Wei Xun tried to call the other party’s name again. After he called his name, the other party’s action eased a lot. Sure enough, it also worked this time. The disorderly tentacles let go of the tangled tail and turned to the tail.

Wei Xun felt his head up, his cold and slippery tentacles wrapped around his neck, and the tip broke friction at the Adam’s apple. The unbearable itch diffused from the inside of the throat. It seemed that something trembled in the skin and flesh. It was the magic seed of * *.

“Cough -”

Wei Xun wanted to cough, but the cough was blocked. This time, his mouth could not be closed again, the tip of his tongue was pressed, his saliva was secreted normally in his mouth, and he could not swallow. Only his saliva dropped from his mouth, which made Wei Xun frown for the first time.


But it seems that he should be aware of his thinking, and the action of his tentacles at the next moment is even more excessive.

Wei Xun twisted his eyebrows to avoid, but no matter to the left or right, he was blocked by his tentacles and couldn’t move. Only backward, there is no obstacle.

Behind him is a cold and deep embrace.

“Call -”

When Wei Xun completely poured into this embrace, he was pushed to the sour mouth and finally got the reason of customers. He just couldn’t close his mouth for a moment. When Wei Xun’s eyebrows were locked, a soft touch passed by, and all the excess saliva disappeared, and Wei Xun was clean and fresh again.

At the same time, Wei Xun noticed a pleasant mood from * *.

In a trance, what did Wei Xun understand!

Wei Xun found that the tentacle seemed to be deliberately testing his bottom line, causing negative emotions such as “fear”, “disgust” and “retreat”. He just deliberately expressed his disgust for “dirty”. Sure enough, the next action of the tentacle was even more excessive.

But there is a reason for all his actions. Wei Xun pondered each other’s thoughts and found that * * may just want him to “throw himself into the arms” and seek asylum. Then he would face and ‘drive away’ his tentacles.

This is really… Yes, normal people will think of tentacles and * * as enemies and asylum respectively. But Wei Xun realized from the beginning that the two sides actually have the same goal.

But * * what’s the point?

‘* * *?!’

Suddenly, the reliable embrace behind disappeared, and Wei Xun fell into the frenzy of tentacles again. This time the tentacle touched his wings. The broad demon wing was entangled and absorbed by the tentacle, and the captured bone wing trembled slightly. It wanted to turn into light, but it could not do it. It was only forced to open and let the tentacle act recklessly.

Moreover, he seemed to have mastered Wei Xun’s weak field of fear of dirt. This time, his tentacles were full of enthusiasm and secreted a lot of wet mucus. The demon wing was wet and looked very embarrassed and pitiful.

Wei Xun:

Wei Xun still looks like he hates fear, so he does it again and leans back slightly. Sure enough, he still leans back and can’t hide from him.

But this time Wei Xun didn’t continue to retreat. He was thinking about the significance of * * doing so.

Wei Xun remembered that * * thought that the breath of the abyss was very dirty and regarded it as filthy. However, after Wei Xun and * * established contact, they recovered the abyss Festival. In a sense, * * itself can also be regarded as abyss creatures.

If Guo Weixun keeps retreating, is it quite? Is he gradually retreating into the abyss?

** * Wei Xun will be happy because he falls into the arms of his customers, and his tentacles, safety and shelter will make people subconsciously retreat and shelter again and again, so that people can gradually form a habit.

However, Wei Xun can hardly trust others. He guesses that he is suspicious and believes in himself.

“Hiss -”

The tentacle went too far. It seemed to realize that Wei Xun felt pain and had few negative emotions. Even the chaotic and noisy vision and hearing could not defeat him, and the dirty stage seemed to work.

But it can get people out of control. It’s always just pain.

Wei Xun gasped, and the demonized claw grabbed the tentacle. The sharp claws pierced the sticky skin, but at the same time, they were also twisted by the tentacle muscles and could not move. Under the cloak, Ben’s curled limbs were forcibly pulled apart, and there was no place to hide except to retreat. The bloody smell of tentacles makes people faint and hot.

Wei Xun held his breath and smelled the blood again. Suddenly he realized that there was a field.

The smell of blood, in terms of the gap between him and * * strength, he should smell the smell of blood. But the truth is, he always hurt his tentacles.

This is not right. Wei Xun quickly smoothed out his ideas, and countless clues were connected. A slightly absurd idea appeared in his mind.


Wei Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly like enjoyment, and his sudden and rapid breathing eased gradually, but he still didn’t retreat, and even grabbed his tentacle more tightly and took the initiative. Some of them are like tentacles attacking him actively, but he uses the user as a weapon as a barrier between the tentacles and * *.

“Don’t worry, I will protect you.”

Wei Xun’s voice trembled slightly, but his tone was full of firmness.

Yes, every time you retreat, you will get shelter. It seems that * * is the guardian.

But despite everything, * * is behind him, and  is between Wei Xun and his tentacles. From the standing position, Wei Xun should be the guardian.


The sound of detailed water sounded, and the tentacle seemed to be angry. It wrapped Wei Xun like a python, and then showed mercy. There were terrible red marks on his body, and there seemed to be an unbearable click on his bones. Under the cover of a basin of cold water, no one can withstand the heavy pressure of body and spirit at the same time.

After being completely destroyed, they either tore their tentacles or retreated to seek asylum.

Death crisis? What would you do?

Are you still firm.

Wei Xun noticed that the claw trapped by the tentacle moved a little. If he wanted to, he immediately tore up the tentacle. Wei Xun pulled out his hand. Just as he expected, his tentacle reaction seemed slow and didn’t avoid in time.

But unexpectedly, the tentacles were not torn to pieces. Wei Xun’s hand fell on its slippery and tough skin and took back his fingernails.


He is light and long, obviously facing abyss creatures that are countless times stronger than his own, but somehow, Wei Xun is more like taking the initiative and standing at home.

“Did you say that?”

Wei Xun held the tip of his tentacle and pinched it: “it will protect you.”

On the surface, tentacles are enemies and * * are protectors, but Wei Xun knows that he is one! Only human nature will recognize the terrible, ugly and powerful alien as an enemy and produce all kinds of negative emotions.

The world will always accept the good and hate the danger, but what’s the difference between the real and the other.

Wei Xun is vaguely aware that the human shape of * * and the state of his tentacles are somewhat split. Compared with several meetings between Wei Xun and * *, he is more dangerous at the moment, but his breath is stable enough.

Appeasement and acceptance are like taming a runaway dog. You must not fear its terrible and powerful appearance, but see through its real needs.

Wei Xun stroked his tentacles, and the cold and dark embrace behind him came close to him. The body behind him, arms and tentacles, wrapped Wei Xun in the middle, which is the real integrity.

He felt the faint and morbid pleasure from the other party. Wei Xun’s mouth was slightly curved, but there was no sense of long in his eyes, only calm.

This is not only expected but also familiar to him.

Hidden under the elegant and powerful appearance are temptation, paranoia, vigilance, paranoia, predicting the development trend of things with the worst idea, and making various reactions.

He is the same kind of person and has the same idea. It is easy to predict and understand.

“There are fields.”

Wei Xun complained in a low voice. Then he walked behind him, hugged his powerful existence, and was silent. Then the temperature increased to a warm level, clean and refreshing.

That’s right.

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes slightly and sighed in his heart.


It was found that being held made * *’s mood gradually gentle. Wei Xun rhythmically tapped his tentacles slowly and fell into meditation.

How did an Xuefeng split into this?

** * all have this kind of out of control. The situation of an Xuefeng should be better. If he uses two three degree keepsakes of north latitude at the same time, he should spend less power.

However, Wei Xun doesn’t have any sense of help. It’s strange. It’s reasonable to say that there is a contract between him and an Xuefeng. According to the content of the contract, “provide Party A with help within the scope of its power when necessary”, which should also be considered as the scope of help.

Moreover, in the process of appeasing * *, Wei Xun also realized that the fit between the user and the abyss seemed to be getting stronger, and some limbs smeared with mucus by the tentacles became harder and mature.

The devil’s wings that would tear the muscles of his back have become lighter and stronger. Wei Xun felt that if he did it again, he would fly.

It’s also mutually beneficial.

Wei Xun guessed that this may be related to the special connection between the brigade leader and the tour guide. Since this is the case, an Xuefeng, as the brigade leader, should need more help.

Just give me a hug * *, which can enhance the fit of the abyss and strengthen the alienation of the body. Na Weixun would also mind helping an Xuefeng. After all, according to the experience of the car, the benefits brought by an Xuefeng to him are closely related to an Xuefeng himself.

Wei Xun’s expectation is something related to the third director of north latitude.

How is an Xuefeng now?

* *

In the residence of Weixun Hotel, Yu Hehui frowned and thought about the strange sound or two he heard just now.

It was an accident. Yu Hehui didn’t let go of any clues, but no matter how he searched and explored, he couldn’t find any foreign matter invading the hotel.

Wei Xun hasn’t heard from him for a long time.

Countless clues and fragments are connected in series. Yu Hehui’s heart is creepy and difficult to say

If he hesitated again, he called the police decisively on the spot. The phone was picked up soon after it was dialed. When the phone was connected, Yu Hehui was relieved at first, but then nervous again.

“He Hui.”

An Xuefeng’s voice was low. He seemed a little tired, but no matter how long, he was here all the time. He was calm and reliable in the past. There are no too many greetings or superfluous greetings.

“What’s the matter?”

Just listen to this sound of Hehui, which brings up the infinite memories of Yu Hehui.

“An, an team…”

Yu Hehui was choked and his eyes were red when he said the title he hadn’t called for a long time, but soon he suppressed countless emotions and took a long breath, euphemistically:

“Security team…  it is suspected that C250 was kidnapped by you.”

An Xuefeng:?

* *

“Is it Huihui’s phone?”

Laplangri glacier, in the ice cave, the dreamer reluctantly lifted his spirit and looked in the direction of an Xuefeng: “what happened?”

“C 250 was taken away by * *.”

An Xuefeng was looking at the reflection of guitu Dao. He saw that the dark orange blade of guitu Dao appeared silent pictures, but they were all the scenes of guitu Dao!

From the space crack, the abyss clock enters the ice cave, and the guide in a crimson cloak stumbles from the abyss clock. To the defensive counterattack of the return knife, the other party’s Guide cloak changed from dark red to blue, and the split cloak vaguely revealed the alienation of the demon system. Then to C250, he became a Tianhu cub, escaped the lock of the return knife, took the badge and stole the dripping water of the ancient book.

All kinds of pictures flitted by the knife on the way home, and an Xuefeng had looked back and forth for several times.

“There is a special connection between C 250 and Yu Hehui. Yu Hehui… He has a continuous relationship with his return journey. In a sense, C 250 is also a guide on his return journey.”

Dreamer analysis : “you are in a very poor state now, and * * should also be approaching the critical stage. He took * * away, which may be the mutual relief and comfort between tourists and tour guides.”

“But you are the real leader of the brigade. If you solve your own problems, what you do over there is only a drop in the bucket.”


Seeing that an Xuefeng just answered, the dreamer sighed in his heart. Seeing that an Xuefeng was still looking at the scene of returning Dao, he pondered for a moment and asked, “you should see that he is coming. There are people like C250 and playful people. Homology, alienation and similar success. He may be a blood relative.”


“He got rid of the lock of the return knife. It should be because he became a Tianhu cub. He also instantly switched to the passenger identity, so he made the return lock invalid.”


“It’s basically certain that bing250 is the ‘passenger’ with the chieftain King’s tomb, and the abyss festival in northern Tibet… Maybe it’s the puppet who sneaks in, opens the festival and takes away the festival. Maybe it’s bing250 from beginning to end.”


When he activated the abyss festival in the hands of yin and Yang butterflies, the dreamer confirmed it. Only the tour guide can establish a connection between you and the abyss Festival.

The dreamer is a fool. Yu Hehui’s “life playing puppet” has many flaws from the beginning to the end, but he didn’t expose them. Because the dreamer thought that Yu Hehui was desperately trying to clarify the relationship between C 250 and the playful people, and also wanted C 250 to grow up completely, which attracted too many other people’s attention.

Otherwise, a third-class tour guide would pretend to be a puppet of life playing people, break into the butcher alliance, be completely afraid of rhetoric in front of many big tour guides, and finally calmly leave, which would definitely set off a storm.

However, Yu Hehui’s wish is doomed to be realized, and C250 will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

So the dream pursuers will speak at the end and protect C 250. Let the public turn their attention to the sheltered C 250 itself and pay attention to the “first puppet of the life playing man” who stirs up the storm.

But dream chasers also know that this kind of thing is definitely hidden from an Xuefeng. What’s more, it’s hard to hide any secrets in other people’s face because of the return knife and the playback of the picture. The dreamer is worried that an Xuefeng will target him after he knows that he is related to Ximing people.

An Xuefeng’s targeting is a terrible thing.

But now it seems that’s not the case?

“What are you still looking at?”

The dreamer was puzzled. An Xuefeng watched the light and shadow playback and then analyzed the things. Why did he watch it so many times?

“You say, is C250 a person?”

Man or man? This

“Should it be a man?”

People who have been chasing dreams are also very sure that when drunk in Western Hunan, C 250 is the voice of C 9, while in the butcher alliance, C 250 is the same as another playful puppet.

The returning knife only plays back the picture, plays back the sound, and only plays back the sound. From the mouth shape of C250, what he said at that time should be: “the clay figurine Zhang was saved, and the dreamer sent the clay figurine to let you protect the clay figurine!” This sentence, but I couldn’t hear his voice at that time.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s male or female?”

Dreamers wonder why an Xuefeng is stuck in this problem.

“It’s time to go back.”

An Xuefeng didn’t answer him. The dreamer was biased by him. It’s right to think about it. He came to LA Prange glacier because he suspected that there was a three degree north latitude journey here, but the fact is that the oil like monster of the glacier has disappeared under the use of two three degree north latitude keepsakes by an Xuefeng.

This “living” glacier has also become like an ordinary glacier. Unable to bear the power of the third degree north latitude keepsake and show no vision, it is the third degree north latitude journey, and its feasibility is infinitely low.

Since #, there is no need to explore.


The dreamer also wanted to persuade him that Bing 250 was the same as the nature of a playful life man, which made an Xuefeng gentle, but before he could speak, an Xuefeng disappeared. It seems that he went directly back to the hotel.


The dreamer shook his head and sent back a message to Yu Hehui.

[don’t worry, C250 will be back soon]

With an Xuefeng’s hand pressing, he will “kidnap” C250 again.

After appeasing, he pondered for a moment and then said:

[when the security team returns, they should meet with C250. He is connected with you, and you are connected with the way back. Rounding, C250 can also be counted as the person returning]

[If you can, you’d better let him meet with An Dui. C250 grows too fast and is influenced by the abyss. In addition, he is very promising. He is the same title as the playful man]

[he has such titles. On the surface, they look normal and will grow rapidly. However, no pain, no pain, no negative emotions, etc. are actually temporary. He will have a backlog of problems. As a result, he will be relieved and released early, and there will be big problems in the future]

After receiving the reply from the dreamer, Yu Hehui breathed a sigh of relief, but his heart was heavy. The dreamer is right, but I’m afraid Wei Xun has a choice whether to meet an Xuefeng or not.

He is a person with great ideas, including hiding the identity of passengers. Yu Hehui looks at it. Wei Xun is afraid that he wants to be a tour guide but contacts the way home for the time being.

* *

It is very close to Yu Hehui, but he can’t see it. Wei Xun suddenly opened his eyes. He found that * * and all kinds of tentacles suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding environment changed.

He seemed to be standing on a towering and steep iceberg, with heavy snow falling all over the sky and white everywhere. In the white snow, a familiar and beautiful snow leopard slowly came to Wei Xun.


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