TTG Chapter 149

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 149: Clay figurine Zhang [8]

The snow leopard stood in front of Wei Xun. The cold wind blew its silver gray thick leopard hair. It stared at Wei Xun. It was different from the snow leopard with only wild instinct in northern Tibet. At the moment, its animal eyes were dark blue of quiet wisdom.

It seems that there is a human soul living in the snow leopard.

Wei Xun stood opposite the snow leopard, and his light blue cloak was raised in the wind and snow, revealing his almost completely alienated body. * ** A lot of wet water marks were left on him, which seemed to reduce the sharpness and aggression of some prominent joint bones, and more calm and soft.

“You saved Yu Hehui and clay figurine Zhang.”

Unexpectedly, the snow leopard spoke first. No, snow leopard didn’t make a sound. It was an Xuefeng’s voice that rang in Wei Xun’s mind. The voice was not as manic and impatient as imagined, but very calm and peaceful.

“Thank you.”

He had time to speak to Wei Xun and continued to briefly describe: “the title of abyss is very strong in the early stage, but it is like a time bomb. Appeasing * * makes you more compatible with the abyss, more alienated, and more powerful, but it also speeds up the outbreak. ”

“If you don’t release it, with your progress rate, you should lose control for the first time in half a month.”

“You mean I don’t feel pain, I don’t feel negative emotions. But it’s not that I really feel bad, but that these feelings are suppressed and accumulated? ”

Wei Xun was very sharp and smart. He understood an Xuefeng’s meaning at a glance. When he spoke, he still used his own voice, but imitated the voice of * * *:

“Where is this?”

“This is your spiritual fantasy.”

An Xuefeng said briefly that the snow leopard raised its tail and photographed the rugged and steep high iceberg:

“This is your accumulated pain.”

He raised his head again and looked at the sky as a sign:

“This is your negative emotion.”

Dense dark clouds, howling wind, cotton like large pieces of flying snow, ice debris carried by wind and snow, all kinds of things.


When Wei Xun heard this statement for the first time, he looked down with great interest. The iceberg was so great that he couldn’t see the bottom at all.

“Did I accumulate so much pain?”

“I will guide you to release.”

Check whether there is control, which is the default.

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows. He thought an Xuefeng’s attitude was very interesting.

Wei Xun believes that there are countless connections between C 250 and life playing people, even blood relatives, which should have been exposed.

Yu He Huineng analyzed it, and the dreamers should also be able to see that Wei Xun was prepared to ‘everyone should be aware of the Tao’ because of the secret of being told by the two people.

Wei Xun made preparations to meet an Xuefeng and to talk about conditions. Wei Xun thought clearly about what secrets he had exposed, what he could hide, how to hide, whether hiding would bring greater benefits or exposure.

Just now I tried to appease * * touch, which is also strengthening my own capital.

As long as the benefits are large enough, people can ignore the potential dangers.

Moreover, he has long been inextricably linked with an Xuefeng. Rational people will analyze the advantages and disadvantages and directly kill him Wei Xun. I’m afraid it’s the worst choice that won’t bring any benefits.

Wei Xun’s only worry is an Xuefeng’s mental state. He is afraid that this person will not play cards according to common sense.

But now it seems that the situation is not quite the same as Wei Xun expected.

“I feel the backlog of emotions, but it’s painful. I can feel some after I enter the hotel.”

Wei Xun was very cooperative. He even told each other about his attempts after entering the hotel, such as the dysmenorrhea test and a series of things that made him feel painful.

“Don’t resist.”

Snow leopard listened attentively. After listening to Wei Xun, he looked in front of him. He touched Wei Xun’s light blue cloak with his leopard tail.

Wei Xun felt that a strong but hostile force swept his cloak. He felt that he was watched by mysterious forces, but he did not feel dangerous. The other party is very polite. He has too many secrets of Wei Xun, but only stays in one place.

“Your pain has been released for a short time, but there is still too much left.”

“You have a lot of negative emotions, such as over release, sadness, fear and anger.”

An Xuefeng whispered, “today I will guide you to release some pain and some sadness.”

His tone was calm and steady, just like the professor told his students which course to teach today, which made people feel very relieved.

“An Dui, why don’t you become human?”

Wei Xun suddenly asked for help, but the other party didn’t answer, just asked:

“Are you ready?”


Wei Xun answered. When an Xuefeng said this, he suddenly felt it more clearly than before. The snow leopard’s tail was touching his ankle. The tactile sensation was magnified several times, which reminded Wei Xun of the blood he had just smelled, but the next moment, he was out of breath.

Severe pain came from every muscle and bone of his body without any sign. Wei Xun seemed to be prey captured by the “terror Python”. The python was wrapped and tightened in circles, deprived of his breath, and roughly and wantonly squeezed Wei Xun’s flesh, bones and internal organs.

He subconsciously began to struggle, pain and spasm all over his body, but he couldn’t get rid of the terrible perpetrator anyway. Click – the inner bone sounds unbearable.

But what people can’t bear most is that when people are on the verge of death due to excessive entanglement and oppression, the other party will loosen up a little. Such a cycle is more painful and painful than direct and decisive death.

Not only the body, his wings and his tail are also abused by the entanglement and oppression of the body. The perpetrator seems to be full of suction cups, sucking every inch of the sensitive side that can touch the body, making people’s skin numb.

Pain and other feelings come at the same time, which makes people fall into the abyss of pain.

“Hoo… Yes.”

After a short breath, Wei Xun murmured that he realized that he was surrounded and squeezed by the touch just now. If he felt pain at that time, it should be what he feels now.

The pain at the moment is not too strong, and it is even “just right” for Wei Xun. Such pain made him more excited and happy, and his brain became more rational and calm.

According to an Xuefeng’s meaning, Wei Xun’s pain from every previous injury is not that it doesn’t hurt, but that it is’ hidden ‘, just like the pain of being entangled and squeezed by the touch.

The more Wei Xun is afraid of life, death and injury, the more pain he will accumulate in the past. When these accumulated pains and negative emotions erupt at a certain node at the same time, I’m afraid they will cause extremely serious consequences.

So an Xuefeng is helping him release in advance.

But Wei Xun still needs to confirm it again.

Being squeezed and entangled in the suffocating pain, Wei Xun squatted down as if unbearable. He waved wildly as if he wanted to find a support, and then Wei Xun grabbed the snow leopard’s tail.

The fluffy leopard tail froze when he caught it, but Wei Xun took time to observe more changes in the leopard tail.

“Hiss… Ha…”

Uncontrollable, broken breath sounded from Wei Xun’s throat, and pain beyond the endurance of ordinary people suddenly came from his skull!

The green tendons in his forehead jumped and jumped, like a fire burning every nerve and every skin. The too strong pain even made Wei Xun black in front of his eyes, like he was going to faint, but he was awakened by the pain.

The severe pain instantly overwhelmed the suffocation pain entangled by the touch, and Wei Xun held his own pain. The painful eyes were red, but what was more unbearable than the severe pain was the sound in his mind.

Tick, tick.

It was as if a sharp steel awl hit Wei Xun’s skull again and again, and the sharp pain of splitting the top of the skull, cruelly split his whole person from Wei Xun, then mixed and reorganized, and went back and forth. The devil like ticking swept all Wei Xun’s consciousness. He could not escape and could not escape. It was like a maggot of tarsal bone entangled in Wei Xun’s mind, making his skull immersed in magma, Surrounded by pain that exceeds the human threshold.

“This, this is… Water drop…”

Wei Xun said hoarsely and intermittently. He understood that this was the ticking sound when he stole the water drop from an Xuefeng’s book with his badge, and the sharp pain when the badge crow was smashed and reorganized again and again by the water drop.

Sure enough! Is to recreate his past pain, is to release.

The more you contact an Xuefeng, the more pain you will suffer at the same time!

Wei Xun clung to the leopard tail he wanted to pull away, and even tried to hold it down with his own strength. His whole body trembled with pain. Physiological tears moistened his eyelashes and flowed down his face. Finally, he put in a light blue cloak.

“The more you touch me, the more pain you suffer.”

In a trance with severe pain, Wei Xun seemed to listen to an Xuefeng’s voice with a warning: “everyone has his own tolerance threshold -”

Remove the noise.

An Xuefeng was rarely stunned. He was hugged. The light blue cloak, like a raised wing, covered him and the guide. The guide loosened the leopard’s tail and hugged the snow leopard instead.

His arms wrapped around his skull, his upper body was tightly attached to the snow leopard, his legs squeezed between the snow leopard’s legs, and even his tail was wrapped around the snow leopard’s tail.

Like a dodder twining around an ancient tree, he desperately absorbs each other’s nutrients.

But the man said he was embracing the pain.

“Tut, wake up.”

An Xuefeng frowned and felt that he was paralyzed, as if he were in a coma due to unbearable pain. This is extremely dangerous. If you exceed the pain threshold, you can die of pain!

The snow leopard swings its tail and moves back to reduce the contact area with this person.

But the person who seems to have passed out in a coma still holds his arms firmly around his face. Obviously, he is trembling, trembling and full of tears. But he still whispered in a broken tone, trying to squeeze into his arms like a little beast, clinging to it.

Even the dark and flexible thin tail was clearly painful. Even the bone spurs were stressed and trembled, and it was still tightly wrapped around the tail of the snow leopard.

It’s too inconvenient to get rid of human embrace in the form of snow leopard. In a moment of hesitation, the cold wind and heavy snow, the snow leopard became a man. An Xuefeng pushed away the head that kept squeezing into his neck socket and tore the man away like a piece of adhesive tape. His action was neat and powerful, and the other party couldn’t resist his action.

But it’s really not easy to completely separate himself from this person, because he will hold on to it wherever he touches it, and if he looses it, it will stick up again immediately.

Finally, an Xuefeng had to hold his wrists with one hand, lift them up, put one hand against his body, put his left foot on his feet and his right foot on the restless tail to maintain the minimum contact area.

Even so, the devil’s wings opened by the other party still tried to close in front of him, trying to trap an Xuefeng in front of him.

“Wake up.”

An Xuefeng whispered. At this moment, his eyes seemed to turn golden, full of strange power. In the voice of his words, his body trembling like cold wind and fallen leaves finally slowly and gradually returned to normal.

Feel the limbs under the control of an Xuefeng, no longer have the tendency to try hard to get close to him, but began to relax. An Xuefeng finally relaxed.

His eyebrows were closed, his eyes faded and were covered with scarlet blood. Even if he closes his eyes, suppresses and opens again, the will on the verge of collapse is like a collapsed building block, “law control” and “law recovery”.

“Here first today.”

But an Xuefeng’s tone was still calm and calm, and he couldn’t hear anything different. But just as he turned to leave, someone caught him.

“Safety team… That’s it?”

It still has a completely calming breath, making the words appear intermittent, with a trace of choking after crying and a hoarse voice.

But even so, before he lost consciousness because of severe pain, he couldn’t control his body, and he fell paralyzed. It’s still amazing to get up so quickly and regain control of your body.

“You… Have reached the critical point, I think…”

The voice of the words gradually became low and integrated into the sound of the wind and snow around.


It was like the muffled sound of iceberg collapse, mixed with the roar of the wind. But gradually, the sound of wind and snow gradually subsided and became more like the sound of waves.

“Let me…”

An Xuefeng’s eyes were in a trance for a moment. He still wanted to leave, but his steps were getting heavier and heavier.


His eyes were scarlet and his brain was full of chaos. The sound of the waves in his ears was getting heavier and heavier. An Xuefeng’s eyes showed his fatigue and struggle, but in the end, his eyes were still closed little by little.


The sound of wind and snow stopped, but the sound of waves became louder and louder, almost deafening. The surrounding scenes changed, and the snow mountains and glaciers dissipated. With a burst, Wei Xun fell into the sea.

“Call -”

He was still immersed in the aftertaste of pain and finally recovered after a long time. His eyes were sour and swollen due to excessive tears, his body was still sensitive due to severe pain, and his muscles would tremble nervously when the waves hit.

But his consciousness has returned to reason.


Wei Xun took a breath and smiled happily. It seems that after strenuous exercise, I still feel heavy, light feet and weak, but I feel relaxed all over. It seems that the “heavy” burden that has been pressing on the body has finally been reduced, which makes people feel an unprecedented ease.

Before, Wei Xun had too many feelings. He just thought everything was normal. He was wrong. But after this time, he really understood the difference between the two. After release, he was relaxed, such as lying in the warmest and softest pile of cotton.

Wei Xun is floating on the water alone at the moment. It looks like a sea in the horizon.

Here is an Xuefeng’s “question”, perhaps it can also be said that it is his spiritual illusion?

Floating on the sea, Wei Xun connected all the clues.

The towering snow mountains and ice peaks are Wei Xun’s own accumulated pain and various negative emotions. Wei Xun finally listened to the avalanche sound, which is part of the pain he released.

If it is released all the time and the glacier snow peak is flattened, Wei Xun will no longer have the hidden danger in this regard. Of course, the glacial snow peak is very high, and it is absolutely a time-consuming job to smooth it.

However, Wei Xun’s snow peak is nothing compared with the vast darkness at the edge of * *.

“* *) is in the abyss.”

Wei Xun said to himself, “here is an Xuefeng’s) topic.”

However, Wei Xun first explored the ocean to find an Xuefeng who disappeared, but was combing his thoughts.

At the beginning of this meeting, Wei Xun thought that an Xuefeng would talk to him, talk about conditions, force) him to his true identity, and so on.

An Xuefeng is suspicious. Wei Xun thinks that an Xuefeng is suspicious and will not easily believe his words. He needs to find an opportunity to review).

When people are in severe pain or immersed in a strong emotion, their willpower will be weak. This will be the most appropriate time to review.

However, when Wei Xun almost lost consciousness due to severe pain and his will seemed to collapse, an Xuefeng did not have a trial. Even after Wei Xun kept approaching the snow leopard and finally hugged it, did an Xuefeng do anything to him.

He even lifted up Wei Xun’s hood to see what he looked like.

In fact, Wei Xun miraculously kept his last point of reason when he suffered from pain and mental breakdown. This is really incredible, but if an Xuefeng really has a problem, he can realize it.

But in fact, an Xuefeng didn’t take advantage of this, but wanted to sober him up.

What is the purpose of an Xuefeng?

Is it just to repay him for saving Yu Hehui and clay figurine Zhang and simply let him release the pain?

Wei Xun thought it sounded ridiculous. But in fact, if he moved to hug the snow leopard, maybe an Xuefeng would let him release the pain, rather than all at once.

It can be said that the degree of pain is controlled by Wei Xun himself.

“I also want to…”

Thinking of the various and multi-level severe pain just now, Wei Xun trembled, but he narrowed his eyes.

It’s severe pain and happiness. It’s pain. It completely breaks through reason and is relaxed after mental collapse. It’s abnormal and distorted pleasure after you embrace pain.

Wei Xun has been pursuing pain all the time, but he has a sense of propriety every time. He has broken through the boundaries he has drawn for himself, including checking dysmenorrhea and holding the guide flag as a passenger.

In particular, Wei Xun is not in control of this aspect. Therefore, recently, Wei Xun rarely pursues the pain of his body. Instead, he begins to immerse himself in the happiness of losing San and torture his nerves with illusion. However, with a famous brand, he will never completely lose his mind.

However, now Wei Xun finds that the pain in the body is completely different from the mental distortion. The former is more enthusiastic, more real and can evoke the aftertaste of his limitations.

Break the bottom line, don’t think so much, don’t think so much, just immerse in severe pain, self destruction without scruples, and endless downward decline, without considering any consequences.

Real wanton and carefree, arbitrary.

Compared with the pain of * * planting Magic Seeds, this pain fascinated Wei Xun more.

Even a little addictive.

Although there was a temptation to play, it could also be regarded as the first time that Wei Xun handed over the bottom line to an Xuefeng. An Xuefeng’s strong strength and strong willpower make him more able to tell the truth and Wei Xun more unscrupulous.

“An Xuefeng.”

If he hadn’t noticed that an Xuefeng was in the wrong situation and was on the verge of collapse, he couldn’t continue to tell the truth. Wei Xun wanted to continue the pain.

This is really great.

The connection between the tour guide and passengers is relative. When Wei Xun hugs an Xuefeng, he vaguely feels that there is a quiet sea in an Xuefeng’s heart.

An Xuefeng originally said that he wanted to help Wei Xun release some pain and sadness this time, but in fact, after releasing the pain, he had to leave directly.

At that time, an Xuefeng’s situation was extremely bad, and Wei Xun could feel it. So he finally ventured.

An Xuefeng can enter Wei Xun’s spiritual fantasy, and Wei Xun can also enter an Xuefeng’s.

Wei Xun wants to talk more about an Xuefeng.

So far, the other party has told him many secrets, but Wei Xun still doesn’t know an Xuefeng very well.

That’s not fair.

As Wei Xun expected, an Xuefeng had too much resistance to his entering the spiritual fantasy. First, the connection between tour guides and tourists, and second, the situation of an Xuefeng is too bad.

Another point is——

Wei Xun is looking for an Xuefeng in this spiritual fantasy.

Wei Xun wanted to change his posture of lying on his back and floating, but the sea was so buoyant that he could only float.

Different from the thick clouds and snowstorms in Wei Xun’s dreamland, the sea is very calm. Wei Xun can see the blue sky and wisps of flowing clouds. It is not too hot, just the sunshine in Wei Xun’s dreamland.

Everything is so calm that people can’t help but want to sleep here.

But Wei Xun is very excited now. Just like hi Guo, he doesn’t want to sleep at all. After he tried several methods and couldn’t sink, Wei Xun rowed and let himself float on the ‘sea’. While looking for an Xuefeng, he pondered the current situation.

Clay figurine Zhang was rescued. His title is very powerful. He can make a puppet in two days and nights. There are still six days to go before the new journey begins.

If you have a relationship with the dreamer, maybe you can invite him to be the guardian.

It’s no accident that the devil businessman will agree to the double tour guide. But he is likely to find himself a guardian, probably the top tour guide in the West.

Wei Xun, the team leader, plans to pick it up at the moment of entering the journey, otherwise the difficulty of the journey will definitely attract the attention of those big passengers.

At the same time, beware of the devil. The merchant also takes the task of leader.

The devil merchant… There are many paragraphs, which can have a deeper connection. Take a look at the development of the mutual aid association and the effect of the responsible devil bug. The most important thing is to take the responsible devil bug as the symbol of the Mutual Aid Association

All members should touch more.

In addition to the tour guide, we need to bring in more tourists next. The most important is the high-end, which can be helpful. You can let Yu Hehui pimp, or… In the next extreme danger group, there will be leaders of various forces, as well as confrontation tasks in the East and west regions, which can be used as chips.

The most important thing is an Xuefeng.

Now the hotel situation is relatively balanced, but if an Xuefeng collapses and dies, all the balance will be over. Of course, a strong man like an Xuefeng shouldn’t die so easily.

How much information has he exposed to an Xuefeng at present?

Yu He Hui and Wei Xun can still be trusted, so suppose that an Xuefeng has the Tao for the dreamer.

Then, his Dao C 250 and Xi Ming people have the same origin, have the same title, and are the blood relatives of Xi Ming people.

“Road C 250 has taken over the abyss node and opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. It has the title of” passenger “and can become a passenger.

Is an Xuefeng and Wei Xun the same person?

When he was in northern Tibet, Wei Xun asked the fox cub to imitate the leopard cub. In front of an Xuefeng at that time, the leopard cub and the crimson cloak appeared together.

Wei Xun is a completely new passenger in northern Tibet, which everyone can testify. Moreover, he has a relationship with Mao Xiaole, which is equivalent to Mao Xiaole looking forward to and paying attention to him from the end of the book.

As for the hair color and pupil color, Wei Xun also covered up, and he found that many hair color and pupil colors will change after alienation, so this can not be used as confirmatory evidence.

In addition to the “pain”, Wei Xun has similarities with C250 for the time being.

The only problem may be Wei Xun’s “an Xuefeng’s exclusive desire” and “* * love”. However, after * * signed a contract with Wei Xun without telling an Xuefeng, and then an Xuefeng returned to adulthood, Wei Xun suspected that this might have been covered up by * *.

But people like an Xuefeng have the sharpest intuition, especially those who have been a policeman and have their own unique keen sense.

Wei Xun believes that an Xuefeng may have begun to suspect his C250 vest, but there is still conclusive evidence.

The appearance of an Xuefeng as a snow leopard may be a test, but Wei Xun did not expose his flaws.

Just like a criminal with high intelligence is avoiding the pursuit of detectives, this kind of simulation speculation always makes Wei Xun excited, like playing games with the strong.

Now, he is in an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy.

How many secrets does this man have?

“An Xuefeng, where are you?”

During this period of thinking, Wei Xun has been paddling, but the sea with calm waves is vast, as if it were completely marginal. Wei Xun found anything like islands in the sky.

“The sea has, the sky has.”

Wei Xun stopped looking for the edge, but stopped. He felt that with the passage of time, the sea was gradually repelling him and would push him out of this spiritual fantasy. We can’t delay any longer. We must find the location of an Xuefeng as soon as possible.

“Is the title of an Xuefeng?”

In an Xuefeng’s heart, does the sea represent the sea?

There are snowstorms and thick haze clouds on Weixun iceberg, and there is * * looking into the dark abyss.

The sea is calm, the waves are calm, the wind is beautiful, and the years are quiet.

“Water wave…”

Wei Xun pondered. He remembered listening to the crashing waves when he entered an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy. This should not be auditory hallucination, but the control system has the meaning of representing.

“The most likely target is the seabed.”

But the sea is too buoyant to sink.

“An Xuefeng…”

Wei Xun pondered. He began to figure out what kind of person an Xuefeng was.

* *

“Dream chaser, what does an team say?”

After waiting for several hours, Yu Hehui was worried. He couldn’t dial an Xuefeng’s phone. According to the law, Yu Hehui had to call the dreamer again.

Didn’t you say it would be sent back soon?

How did the time disappear?

But after hearing the answer from the other side, Yu Hehui stood up in amazement:

“What?! You said team an left the ice cave a few hours ago and went back to the hotel? ”

Yu Hehui frowned: “yes, I’ll listen to his strange voice again. He has a strange feeling. * ** May have left… Did team an do it? ”

He looked relaxed and dignified from time to time, and walked in circles in the Brigade: “do you mean that the security team may be releasing C250? But it’s been five hours, and 250 is the first time. It won’t take so long to release it. ”

“In such a short time, the security team is in such a bad situation. The tour guides and passengers are connected, you say…”

Dream chaser humanitarian: “the security team can guide and release C250, but the possibility of mutual relief is very low.”

“ people can really enter the spiritual fantasy of Andui, and to some extent, his spiritual fantasy is very safe. If C250 is entered by mistake, there will not be too big) problems. ”

“On the contrary, it’s an team…”

The dreamer sighed, “he’s just too tired. In fact, in the past ten years since you left, he has had a ‘rest’, but he will soon wake up by himself. ”

But now, an Xuefeng’s situation is so bad that he may not be able to wake up by himself.

“How could this happen, then he…”

Yu Hehui heard the subtext of the dreamer and became more worried.

“Don’t worry, he’ll wake up.”

Dream chaser: “when the Bureau needed him, he would wake up.”

When important people die, seriously injured, or the hotel situation becomes chaotic, an Xuefeng will definitely wake up. He has always been the most responsible person, and he has undertaken a number of responsibilities.

But every time this forced awakening, it is a deeper harm to him. Unless a tour guide establishes a connection with him, in an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy, wake him up first and then comfort him, so as to minimize the damage.

But someone has never been able to do that.

* *

Looking at the sea, Wei Xun recalled his few times with an Xuefeng and his relationship with * *. Although an Xuefeng and * * look very different, in fact, they have the same goal.

** * very powerful, but his appeal in the spiritual fantasy is to be protected and sheltered, and the other party doesn’t care about his strange and ugly appearance of alienation.

Will an Xuefeng’s appeal be?

“Protected, protected.”

Wei Xun murmured, and he was vaguely inspired.

The sea is calm, the wind, the waves and the danger. Maybe what an Xuefeng needs is not “protected”.

Suppose an Xuefeng is at the bottom of the sea and Wei Xun is at the sea. Now let’s see how he can dive. The way he can “make peace” with an Xuefeng is for an Xuefeng at the bottom of the sea to swim up to him.

Under what circumstances will an Xuefeng move up?

Wei Xun tried to shout, but it was useful. Once he shouted, his voice was like being swallowed up. Almost only he could listen.

Quiet, peaceful, quiet environment. It looks best for sleeping. Wei Xun was almost captured by sleep when he just came in. However, Wei Xun’s clear thinking and spiritual dreamland are the backlog of various physiological and psychological pressures, and the recipe for those distorted and abnormal spiritual collections.

These peace is probably just an illusion. It is “deceiving” an Xuefeng to make him think that there is peace and tranquility outside and he can sleep deeply.

If an Xuefeng really falls into a deep sleep, some very bad things may happen.

If you want to wake him up, you have to ask him to say, ‘it’s not calm outside, something’s wrong’, but Wei Xun tried. His method affects the sea water, and it’s even difficult to stir up ripples. Compared with the sea, his power is too small, not to mention that this spiritual fantasy still repels him out.

Wei Xun can only influence himself.

“There is an accident outside. False peace, protection, an Xuefeng will come out…”

Wei Xun’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter. He is interested!

Dissimilated the  into a sharp claw, Wei Xun stabbed himself in the chest without hesitation and dug out his heart!

Perhaps there will be a layer of heart digging pain on his “pain” iceberg, but Wei Xun doesn’t feel pain at the moment. He just feels weak and cold. He is completely alienated. There are still more humans than demons. Although his vitality is stronger, his heart will eventually die after being dug out.

But Wei Xun let go and let his heart fall… It fell!

Wei Xun’s guess is basically correct. His eyes are slightly closed and he floats on the sea like a dead corpse. Here he could not see the countdown to his death, but Wei Xun could still feel his feet getting cold and his limbs getting out of control.

His brain was empty, his thinking method was continuous, and many broken and incoherent pictures flashed through him

If you die here, I’m afraid you will also be seriously hurt in reality.

Such thoughts flashed by, but Wei Xun thought more that he was like a madman fishing for a fish sleeping in the deep sea with his heart.

The fish has a great sense of responsibility. When the beating heart passes through the false calm sea water and falls into the sea bottom, when someone is dying, the fish will be awakened.

It’s like an absurd and interesting fairy tale.

Wei Xun’s lips were slightly tilted, and his consciousness gradually blurred and dissipated. However, before falling into the complete darkness, he listened to the sound of the waves in a trance.

“Crash, crash -”

The sound of the waves is getting louder and clearer. A huge shadow floats rapidly from the seabed, stirring the whole sea in turbulence. The towering waves are like a knife mountain, and the huge vortices are like a swamp, but it is no longer a calm sea. The law is deceiving the sleepers.

Wei Xun fell into a dark consciousness and gradually regained consciousness. He listened to the sound of his heartbeat again. His heart beat healthily and forcefully, and the puff sound had a sense of rhythm.

“Woo -”

At the same time, he also listened to the ethereal and melodious cry of whales, full of urgency, worry, sadness and pain, such as crying.

Wei Xun opened his eyes and found himself in front of a huge whale. It’s black and white. It looks like a killer whale, but it’s bigger than a killer whale, but it’s all scaly. When Wei Xun opened his eyes in front of him, he was full of disbelief and surprise. He carefully stood up to Wei Xun, as if to confirm whether he really survived.

Just like some people used to wake it up in this way, but when it woke up in a hurry, those people died completely and could live again.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Wei Xun stroked the smooth skin of the killer whale, touched his forehead when he rubbed it, and smiled:

“Thank you. You saved me.”

The killer whale revolved around him for several times, and kept calling in different tones to confirm Wei Xun’s condition. Wei Xun let it do it and lingered. Even the killer whale tried to open his mouth and hid him in his mouth. Wei Xun resisted.

When it was confirmed that Wei Xun was really alive, the sad mood around the killer whale finally dissipated. It cheered up and made a pleasant, gentle chirp.

 is there anything that makes killer whales happier than people who are valued are still alive and saved by it In its cry, the sea is gradually disappearing.

“Come on, I’ll go back.”

Wei Xun patted the killer whale. His body gradually became illusory, and so did the killer whale. At last, the killer whale faintly changed into a human shape. It was an Xuefeng. At the last moment of disappearance, an Xuefeng looked at Wei Xun, but Wei Xun was looking deeper into the ocean.

The ocean disappeared, but there was still something under it. Wei Xun could see it vaguely. It was like a deserted and dead cemetery. It seemed that someone was leaning on the tombstone and looking up lonely.

The problem of an Xuefeng’s mind is not only the ocean.

After realizing this, at the next moment, Wei Xun finally completely left an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy.

“Wei Xun!”

When it was dark and bright, Wei Xun appeared in his brigade. Yu Hehui, who had been waiting all night, rushed over with a surprise.

“You’re back!”


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