TTG Chapter 15

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (15)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 15: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

Other passengers also reacted when Miao Fangfei said the second time. They all knelt down regardless of the dirt and talked:

“Elder, we are here to send you home!”

“Please rest in peace, we will send you home!”

Zhao Hongtu was still hesitating with a bow. Hou Feihu pressed his shoulder hard, gritted his teeth and knelt down, kowtowing. The sky suddenly darkened. It was like being covered by a black cloth. The resentment hovered over their heads. The cold was like a blade, which made everyone’s hair stand upright and forced down their instinct to guard against resistance. Their body collapsed lower and almost close to the soil.


The cold wind passed through the hall, and the sound of the secluded wind lingered in everyone’s ears, like the horn of the battlefield, and like the remains in the coffin!

Bang, bang——

The dull knocking sound came from the clutter in the main room, like something locked in the coffin, unwilling to hit and scratch the coffin board.

They hate and hate their own death. They can’t continue to kill the enemy and protect their land.

They complain, complain about serving their country, but the body is trapped here and can’t return to its roots.

They are angry. Some people don’t know good or bad, disturbing their peace!

Resentment, resentment and anger became more and more surging in the “return” of passengers. The whole main house seemed to be overwhelmed, and even bricks and tiles trembled.

Home, home!

Everyone is coerced by this surging resentment, immersed and forced to feel those unwilling anger. The soul is like going out of the body and returning to the battlefield a hundred years ago. Only Wei Xun, who is closest to the main house, still stays out of it.

He could also feel the resentment. Strangely, Wei Xun seemed to have perspective eyes. Through the door of the wooden house, he could “see” the scarlet blood like resentment rising from the coffin, hovering in the house and attached to every passenger.

The resentful soul in the coffin heard the promise of the passengers. They made a promise, so they must do it.

Otherwise, they will be subjected to cruel retaliation.

Some scarlet grievances floated to Wei Xun, but suddenly dissipated when they were about to touch Wei Xun.

[San value: 89]

The San value decreased a little, and Wei Xun’s forehead itched. He scratched and felt the bulge in front of his forehead, which seemed to move towards the foreign minister.

It absorbs resentment?

Wei Xun vaguely felt that some resentment was absorbed by the corner tip and a little lingered in front of his forehead. He was not afraid of death and tried to lead it out. He tried several times and succeeded!

That energy was not much, and Wei Xun boldly led it to his left eye. There was a red light in his eyes, and his vision was covered by a light red mist.

After blinking, Wei Xun looked at the main room again and found that he could ‘see’ more clearly. The scarlet resentment gradually dispersed. Through the main room and the coffin, Wei Xun’s eyes fell on the corpses in the coffin.

I can’t see the body clearly. I can only see a layer of light golden light floating like gold chips. The magnificent and pure power lurks in the golden light, light and thick, like the pulse of the motherland for 5000 years, like the military merit badge of the martyr’s blood stained battlefield, incompatible with the scarlet resentment, almost holy.

But those “gold scraps” have become very shallow, and are being eroded by another kind of dark resentment and gradually become dim.

[di, you inspired the title task!]

Just as Wei Xun was interested in observing the “golden scraps” and dark resentment, the sound of the hotel prompt was in his mind.

[task name: unknown]

[mission profile: unknown]

[task reward: unknown title]

[task progress: 0.5%]

[task tip: do as you did just now!]

Title task?

Wei Xun’s mind moved. Did he do that just now? Observe grievances? Wei Xun felt that the energy in his left eye was rapidly consuming, and there was not much time. Before it was exhausted, Wei Xun followed the dark resentment and looked out.


The strong sense of deterrence and oppression like surging waves came crashing down. Wei Xun covered his head and buzzed in his ears. He didn’t come back until a long time.

At that glance, Wei Xun first saw the dark resentment on the rotten corpses in the hospital.

But what attracts Wei Xun’s attention is the scarlet and fierce resentment shrouded over the whole Xiaolong Yizhuang! That resentment is like a chain curse, which suppresses and seals the corpses in the hospital here. It is always tortured by the wind and rain and can’t leave!

[you have observed the resentment of the corpse chaser Pingping. Resentment level: level a]

[task progress: 1.5%]

When did Wei Xun leave? No passengers found out.

When the invisible resentment finally disappeared, Miao Fangfei and others were full of cold sweat. Xu Chen, who has the strongest perception, got up with his legs soft. When he stood up, his body even shook and almost fell.

When everyone could get up behind him, Miao Fangfei took the lead and pushed open the wooden door. This time, it was not obstructed again.

There are not many things in the main room except twelve coffins. There is a small altar, and the dust is thick. The stale corpse gas came to my face and mixed with the rain gas, which became an unpleasant smell that was about to paste people’s lungs.

The eight coffins in the middle are arranged in turn. As Miao Fangfei said, only the eight coffins have wooden tablets in front of them, but they are full of black mold. We can’t see who the only person in the coffin is.

The windows of the main room were sealed, and there was no light. Only a little light came from the open door. It was dark and gloomy. The fat man lit an outdoor camping lamp and put it on the small tribute platform, which can barely illuminate the coffin area.

“This coffin is a little strange.”

Hou Feihu pondered: “I saw the coffin when my comrades in arms were buried. Here…”

“It’s not quite complete, is it?”

Wang pengpai didn’t know where to get a pair of gloves and put them on. He carefully touched the coffin in the center. From top to bottom, he looked like touching people. Zhao Hongtu got goose bumps all over and muttered:

“Where is this coffin? It’s just a few wooden boxes.”


Hou Feihu gave him a stern glance and lowered his voice: “don’t talk nonsense.”

“What he said also makes sense.”

Miao Fangfei sighed, and her eyes fell on the coffin in front of her. Her eyes were complex: “this is really not a serious coffin, but more like a ‘container’ made temporarily.”

A container for holding the body.

Serious coffins are narrow at one end and wide at the other. The whole body does not need a nail. They are all connected by tenon and mortise structures. There are more than ten processes, including wood selection, planing, splicing, carving and painting. It takes a month or so for a skilled old coffin to make a coffin.

The coffin in front of me is more like a temporary piece together. The wood board is long and short, with different thickness. The splicing can not be perfectly combined. It is bound by ink lines‘ The coffin board ‘is more like a split table board, which is falsely built on the coffin, with dripping ink lines sealed horizontally and vertically, and a long faded and moldy black rope tied horizontally near the end.

“This is a stumbling rope.”

Wang pangzi lowered his voice: “be careful, the ‘elders’ in the coffin may have signs of corpse change.”

Tripping rope is usually done by tomb robbers. After opening the lid of the coffin, they will block a cinnabar rope at the end of the coffin according to the situation of the body in the coffin. It is said that zombies are stiff and can’t bend. They can only move forward and can’t retreat at the beginning of picking up the corpse.

If the zombie rises upright when the grave robber searches for the hidden weapon, he will trip over the cinnabar rope in front of his feet and delay for some time to allow the grave robber to leave.

The passengers were thrilled to hear him say so. Miao Fangfei looked at Hou Feihu calmly, and the latter shook her head slowly:

“I don’t have a bad feeling.”

[I have a bad feeling (green title): you can always feel it in advance when an ominous knock on the door. But when you feel it, the bad luck has come outside the door. What can you do?]

“I can’t see the resentment.”

Xu Chen took the initiative to say, “director C just stood outside the door… It’s not a branch scenic spot.”

Since it is not a branch scenic spot, everyone knows what the eight coffins in the main house corresponding to the number of passengers mean.

“We have to hurry.”

Miao Fangfei breathed a sigh, took the lead in walking to the coffin opposite him and gently pushed away the board on the coffin. Sure enough, she didn’t waste too much energy, so the board broke away from the coffin and everything in the coffin was at a glance.

Inside the coffin was a male corpse dressed as a soldier of the Qing Dynasty. The corpse was blue and black. There were mercury spots on the shriveled skin, and the eyes, nose and mouth collapsed into a black hole. It was more like a black hole. The eyes were wide open, staring at Miao Fangfei faintly and dying in peace.

The neck of the body was covered with centipede like rough stitches, as if his head had been completely cut off, picked up and stitched together.

When the coffin was opened, the whole main room was quiet. Everyone’s eyes focused on the body and was on alert. The body was different from ordinary people. The half inch long dark sharp nails and the blue and purple teeth protruding from the withered lips seemed to indicate that he had changed.

But from the beginning to the end, he didn’t move. He just lay flat in the coffin, just like a serious body.

“Do you remember what director C said when he introduced Xiaolong Yizhuang?”

Miao Fangfei whispered: “Xiaolong Yizhuang was built in the Qing Dynasty. When foreign enemies invaded, general Luo Rongguang led his troops to defend Dagukou fort in the late Qing Dynasty and died bravely. He felt grateful for the general and soldiers’ volunteers. Mr. Ma led his disciples out of Hunan and led the soldiers’ bodies back to his hometown. When he passed Wuluo mountain, he settled in Xiaolong Yizhuang.”

“That is to say, the corpse chaser originally settled in Xiaolong Yizhuang, but he didn’t know why and put the matter on hold. Let these… Several elders, trapped here, unable to return to their hometown? ”

Shi Tao followed Miao Fangfei’s words and looked at Miao Fangfei with admiration in his eyes. Most modern people have long given up the habit of kneeling down. Miao Fangfei can kneel down so decisively and quickly tell their cause and quell the resentment of “predecessors”. His mental alertness really makes him admire it.

“My last trip was the dangerous’ pit 4 of terracotta warriors and horses’, and I had similar experience.”

Miao Fangfei said frankly and smiled bitterly: “I didn’t understand before… Some people knelt slowly and annoyed ‘predecessors’. The project couldn’t be completed and half of the people died.”


The other passengers’ eyebrows beat and looked at Miao Fangfei with a little more gratitude. If she hadn’t knelt down first and said the key, I’m afraid they would only subconsciously avoid it, or take out weapons like Zhao Hongtu. This is human instinct to avoid danger.

Being locked up in such a crude coffin for a hundred years and unable to return home, how strong will the resentment of the “elders” who are almost corpse like? Just think about them, they are full of cold sweat. Not to mention completing the project, whether you can save your life or not is at stake.

Thinking through this, someone noticed that Miao Fangfei had more items in her hand, which she turned over and put away without making a sound.

Miao Fangfei was the first to figure out the key and quell the grievances of the corpses. She must have won a lot of rewards. The journey is like this. The first person is popular and the others fart. Only with rich experience, keen thinking and decisive judgment can we survive the journey and become more and more powerful.

“Eight elders, our project is to send them back to their hometown.”

Miao Fangfei looked at the time, looked at the four empty coffins, and frowned: “be careful at any time.”

“What happened that year? Why did the corpse chaser leave the elders here? There must be something strange.”

Outside, the rain continued, and the sky became more and more gloomy. Several camping lights are hung in the main room, which is bright in the reflected room. No one spoke. The passengers were dealing with the bodies nervously and carefully.

To drive out the corpses of the Western sect, cinnabar should be placed in seven places: the center of the head, the heart of the back, the heart of the chest, the heart of the left and right hand and the palm of the feet. Each place is pressed with Chenzhou symbols, and then wrapped with five-color cloth strips.

The previous corpse chasers also handled the corpses in this way, but a hundred years later, the cinnabar has long been dim and faded, and the talisman cloth is rotten, so passengers need to replace it with a new one by themselves.

This is not a simple job. The rigid body is as heavy as iron, and the limbs cannot be bent. If you want to wipe the cinnabar on the right place, you must pick up and turn the body with your own hands. Even if the elders didn’t “use their hands and feet” when they were being handled, it was enough for passengers to drink a pot of wine to get close to the corpse in the coffin.

What’s more, some corpses still clutching rusty knives in their hands and refused to release them anyway. Before long, everyone was sweating, but they didn’t dare to let the sweat drop on the corpse. For a time, I didn’t know how embarrassed it was.

After a long busy day, Lin Xi had a few people in a hurry and went to the toilet with Hou Feihu and others – old passengers would not commit the stupid thing of going to the toilet alone. Even if you go to the bathroom, your partner must be within sight.


I don’t know how long later, Miao Fangfei straightened up and wiped her sweat with her arm. Her hands and feet are fast, and there are spots to help. Now she has completed most of the work. She only needs to insert cinnabar into the body’s ears, nose and mouth, block it with Chenzhou amulet, and seal the three souls of the body.

Her eyes habitually changed circles in the house. Suddenly, Miao Fangfei’s eyes coagulated.

“Lin Xi, Hou Feihu and Xu Chen haven’t come back yet?”

The people immersed in their work just recovered and looked around. They really didn’t see the three people.

“They’ve been away too long.”

This is not only Miao Fangfei, but also the faces of others have changed. Miao Fangfei immediately got up and ordered several people: “Shi Tao, Wang pengpai, follow me -”

“Ah –!!!”

The shrill scream suddenly sounded, pierced the rain curtain, startled everyone’s expression and rushed out immediately.

“It’s Hou Feihu!”

The scream came from the yard full of rotten corpses!


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