TTG Chapter 150

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 150: Clay figurine sheet [9]

“I’m really sorry! Miss Sanshui, I’m so sorry! ”

“It’s okay, okay, it’s really okay.”

Over the phone, Mao Xiaole made a crazy apology for his inability to keep the appointment. After Wei Xun laughed and said he was okay, Mao Xiaole still felt guilty and apologized several times. Then he expected love and tried to make an appointment at another time.

After Wei Xun agreed, Mao Xiaole was as happy as a dog. After apologizing again, he hung up the phone happily.

Wei Xun and Mao Xiaole made an appointment for breakfast today. Now, shortly after Wei Xun came back, Mao Xiaole called. However, he was unable to attend the appointment temporarily, so he apologized frantically to Wei Xun.

“How’s it going? Are you okay? ”

Yu Hehui had been worried for a long time. Seeing that Wei Xun was still answering the phone slowly and Mao Xiaole was still banging there, he wanted to hang up the phone himself.

“Are you hurt? How’s your body and your mental state? ”

Yu Hehui directly changed his fox state, nervously circled around Wei Xun and sniffed everywhere. His strength has not fully recovered, and the perception of fox state is stronger than that of human state. Yu Hehui can smell whether there is any injury, trauma, internal injury, or even whether there is something wrong with the essence.


After a few turns, Yu Hehui showed an obviously surprised feeling.

“The smell of the abyss on you has abated?”


Wei Xun responded lazily. He is very relaxed and comfortable at the moment. His San value is completely full. Now Wei Xun wants to have a good sleep.

It’s more difficult to let Wei Xun sleep without taking a bath than to kill him. Wei Xun yawned, hesitated for a moment, and still didn’t lie in bed. He went to the bathroom to take a bath first.

After taking off his cloak, guard Xun took off his wet clothes. The resident space was not large, there was no special clothes room, and the bathroom was small. They were all men. Wei Xun simply took off his clothes by the bed.

So Yu Hehui made it clear that Wei Xun’s body was full of red marks, like red plum in the snow. From the back of the neck to the caudal vertebra, there were spots of red on his wrists. In particular, the butterfly bone on the back of the shoulder is the hardest hit area, deep and shallow, as if it had been roughly entangled and sucked by something.

Wei Xun’s skin was pale and the red marks were dazzling.

Yu Hehui:?


He stunned the whole fox!


When Yu Hehui was shocked, Yu Hehui saw a drop of slightly viscous liquid sliding down Wei Xun’s spine line and finally across his waist.

Where it flows, those red marks are rapidly becoming shallow, like a pair of invisible hands quietly erasing the traces on Wei Xun.

It’s an unspeakable spooky scene.

“Wei Xun!”

Seeing Wei Xun entering the bathroom, the little fox subconsciously rushed forward and hit the bathroom door.


“Is there anything important here?”

Wei Xun’s slightly tired voice came through the sound of shower water: “if there’s no  don’t worry, I’ll take a bath first. My body is too sticky.”

“No, no, it doesn’t matter.”

Yu Hehui opened his mouth and closed it again. He turned a few circles and finally murmured, “it’s all right. You wash first.”

He has to think about it.

After Yu Hehui said it was okay, Wei Xun continued to take a bath. At present, the area of his hotel is small, and most of them are functional areas for beekeeping and insect breeding. So far, the rest area is only four square meters, and half of it is occupied by beds.

Therefore, this shower place is very small, only enough to install a shower nozzle, and Wei Xun can’t take a bath. When it comes to bathing, it’s actually comfortable to go back to the real home. Wei Xun has something on him, but he has to deal with it at the hotel.

“Tut, a lot.”

The water flows through the body, and some places look extremely smooth. Even the water droplets can’t be retained. Wei Xun scraped his skin with his fingers and scraped off a layer of gel like liquid block, which was translucent and adhered to his fingers, warm and bright.

No, it washed away. Wei Xun took out a sealed container and put all these liquid blocks in it. It seems that they don’t want to leave Wei Xun’s skin and cling to it, especially in the back. It’s really hard to clean up.


Wei Xun was tired of cleaning up. He simply carried his left hand behind him and said coldly, “clean it up.”


In a trance, there seemed to be a wolf’s grunt. It was soft, with intimacy and flattery, but it was a little hesitant, as if it didn’t want to clean up the remaining liquid block on Wei Xun’s shoulder and back.

“It’s really possessive.”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows. When he found that he had this wet liquid on his body, especially that most of them were at the back (wings), neck and caudal vertebrae where his tentacles had been wrapped, Wei Xun suspected it for the first time*

Wei Xun remembered that the liquid left by those tentacles had long been absorbed by the magic scales of the wings to enhance his abyss fit.

On the contrary, when an Xuefeng was awakened in an Xuefeng’s deep-sea psychic fantasy territory, he turned around Wei Xun for several times, confirmed that he rubbed with his fins, put his head on Wei Xun’s body, and tried to hold Wei Xun in his mouth.

The place that has been taken care of is his back and the ground behind him.

Wei Xun thought deeply and raised his hand to draw a circle on the wall in front of him. After the hotel is purchased, all infrastructure is complete, which can be put away on weekdays and can appear at any time when it needs to be used.

On the wall inside the circle painted by Wei Xun, a circular mirror appears, which just shines on Wei Xun’s throat.

Wei Xun saw that there was still a touch of Yin red at his Adam’s apple, and a drop of liquid block of escaped fish adhered to it. However, the red color completely disappeared, and the skin at his throat returned to normal color.

Wei Xun:?

Wei Xun’s eyes were subtle and he said, “an Xuefeng’s… Possessiveness?”

You don’t have to look at him. He knows that on his shoulder, back and waist, where his tentacles have been wrapped and adsorbed, there may be eye-catching adsorption red marks. However, most of these places were behind him, covered by clothes, and Wei Xun could not find them at the first time.

The transparent mucus painted on him by the killer whale can eliminate the red marks.

“It’s not like a serious killer whale.”

Wei Xun tut said, sure enough, after two or three seconds, the wolf who had been ground into a deliberate procrastination didn’t need to be urged. After listening to Wei Xun’s words, he scraped off all the mucus, and the liquid blocks scraped from Wei Xun’s whole body almost filled a 500ml container.

It’s only then that Wei Xun can finally take a good shower

“Possessiveness seems to have a deep impact on animal behavior.”

That’s right. After risking to get an Xuefeng’s possessiveness, the expression is that there are more than half a circle of animal tooth marks on his left wrist. Wei Xun also made a little study. When an Xuefeng was in northern Tibet, he had a beast with him to guard him. He was like the ‘Snow Leopard bodyguard’ and the ‘white wolf king bodyguard’ seen by the cuocha Lama at that time.

In the absence of an Xuefeng, for example, the “body protecting spirit” has always appeared. Wei Xun only appeared when he communicated with Yayin and asked.

Wei Xun has confirmed several times before that he has no normal wisdom and is more primitive than the beast. He only acts according to the “exclusive desire”, such as protecting Wei Xun, guarding Wei Xun and preventing other things from entering Wei Xun’s body.

Wei Xun can simply command it and communicate with it. When the command conflicts with the ‘desire for Monopoly’, the other party may hesitate and not execute 100% immediately.

Like now.

When the liquid block wiped all the red marks on Wei Xun’s body, the body guard spirit actively executed Wei Xun’s order and swept all the liquid blocks off his body.

“Can you eliminate the traces left by * * *… Or can you eliminate the influence left by * * *?”

Wei Xun took a shower and shook a bottle of liquid. After it left Wei Xun’s skin and was put into the container, it showed a pure and beautiful milky white, which was also mixed with strands of black lines, black and white, some like the color of killer whales. But more white and less black.

In the container, they coexist at the same time, but they are incompatible and do not affect each other.

“Milky white is the mucus left by killer whales, and black is the energy left by * *?”

Wei Xun opened the container and dug out a piece of milky mucus. Then he tried, this mucus was applied to his left wrist, where the half circle of thorns was.

Before Wei Xun’s fingers fell, the thorny lines hidden under his skin in the past spontaneously emerged, and he was half separated from his wrist! It bent half like a climbing rope, held Wei Xun’s fingers and resolutely refused to let him approach.

Da baa!

“Huh? It’s very responsive. ”

Wei Xun became interested and tried several times to determine the minimum amount of thorn tattoo reaction before Shi ran stopped.

“It’s really something that can eliminate the influence of * *.”

Good thing!

When Wei Xun had just succeeded in his adventure, he thought about the love of * * and the possessiveness of an Xuefeng. No, it suddenly disappeared. How long can it last? Can it last for a longer period of time?

One moment at a time, and now these two adventurous achievements have not disappeared. Wei Xun thought about how to make them disappear.

Instead of erasing them immediately, Wei Xun is used to having the means to counteract them. He wants to keep them. If he doesn’t want to keep them, he can immediately make them disappear.

Adventure is not good at this point. It has no absolutely definite effect and can’t remove the results of adventure. Even now Wei Xun seldom takes risks on people. Therefore, its uncertainty is too great.

Since milky mucus can eliminate the influence left by * *, can the black energy from * * also eliminate an Xuefeng’s possessiveness?

Wei Xun can’t try for the time being. There are too few black filaments, and they are all mixed with white mucus and can’t be extracted alone. After he can extract it separately, Wei Xun will try again.

“Wei Xun.”

When Wei Xun came out after taking a bath and put away the bathroom, he was seeing Yu Hehui sitting by the bed, looking at him solemnly and seriously, as if he wanted to discuss something important in life with him.

“Your abyss breath fades. It’s team an who helped you alleviate some negative conditions.”


Wei Xun sat on the bed and wiped his hair with a bath towel. He was not used to using a hair dryer. He sat very close to Yu Hehui. Yu Hehui subconsciously glanced at Wei Xun’s throat and didn’t see any more red marks. However, Yu Hehui’s complex mood could not be relieved.

Yu Hehui thought for a moment, then asked, “an Dui… What do you think?”

“What’s the matter?”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrow: “what do you want to say?”

“I want to tell you about the connection between the tour guide and the brigade captain.”

Yu Hehui became serious. In fact, he had a lot of things to say to Wei Xun before. He put them down for the time being.

This kind of connection is very important to the tour guide.

“You should know that the hotel actually encourages the ‘lonely and widowed tour guides’ to return to the Tour team and encourage the tour guides to become the exclusive tour guides of the Tour team.”

“Your current San value should be full.”


Wei Xun said frankly. What he learned about this knowledge is only superficial, and the deep-seated is certainly not as much as Yu Hehui.

He also wants to hear what Yu Hehui wants to say.

“An Xuefeng is a brigade captain. He is very strong. If you connect with him, whether outside or inside the journey, as long as you are by his side, you can return to San value at any time. ”

Yu Hehui said, “the same is true for other brigades. It just depends on the strength of connecting passengers. The strong ones return to San faster and the weak ones are a little slower. San can also be fully returned.”

“Compared with those expensive San props and rare San products, this method is fast and cheap.”

“ passengers also encounter many unacceptable dangers during the journey. Although they do not have the attribute of San value, they are also seriously affected. The more powerful passengers are, the more affected they are. Like Ann’s team, his situation is actually very bad. ”


Yu Hehui watched Wei Xun’s expression all the time. Seeing that he answered calmly, he was not surprised by the fact that “team an is in a bad situation”, and his heart sank slightly.

Sure enough, when * * on the verge of losing control takes Wei Xun away, it is very likely to force Wei Xun to help relieve him. After an Xuefeng shot, Wei Xun didn’t come back immediately. Instead, he disappeared for a long time

“ after the tour guide joins the Tour team and connects with the passengers, it can solve the negative state of the passengers and eliminate those effects. Therefore, tour guides and tourists are mutually beneficial and coexist. ”

Tourists can earn points and support tour guides. The tour guide leads the team to explore the main lines of various journeys, so as to maximize the interests of the passengers in the team and avoid harm. Even in extreme danger, returning to zero and losing San alienation, there are connections in the team, and the tour guide has no worries about the future.

In fact, few tour guides follow the Tour team, and the vast majority of tour guides choose to join the alliance established by the grand tour guide. Most of the tour teams also don’t have tour guides for them.

This is not only the contradiction between tour guides and tourists, but also the deep source of this.

“Connecting this kind of thing can be divided into shallow, medium and deep.”

Yu Hehui said with deep meaning: “once the tour guide connects with a passenger, with the mutual relief, the number of comforts increases, the deeper the impact on the other party’s spiritual fantasy, and the degree of connection naturally deepens.”

Speaking of this, Yu Hehui paused. Seeing that Wei Xun still didn’t ask questions, he had a bad idea in his heart.

It’s over. Wei Xun even knows the spiritual fantasy. This must be what an Xuefeng told him.

With the character of the team, he never said that to the Lord. If he told Wei Xun, it was an instinct of self-protection. He must be in a very bad situation and on the verge of collapse. He subconsciously talked about these topics when he needed the comfort of the guide.

This is a dangerous signal.

If it really reaches that point, Wei Xun is likely to be turned into a spiritual fantasy by an Xuefeng.

No, Yu Hehui doesn’t know whether to worry about Wei Xun or an Xuefeng. Seeing that Wei Xun is fine now, Xiao Le, one of the best, doesn’t seem to have something to do when he calls. He suppresses his worry and speaks quickly:

“When connected to the deepest, the tour guide is bound to the brigade.”

Yu Hehui frowned: “in this way, the tour guide is spontaneously responsible for the brigade, and is influenced by the passengers in the brigade. In particular, powerful tourists can affect tour guides, which is intolerable and extremely dangerous for most tour guides. Therefore, tour guides also have the obligation to protect the brigade. ”

The tour guides selected into the hotel are all dying people who want to work hard for their lives. In the natural screening, those selfish and unscrupulous guides survived, but many “good” guides died. Sometimes it’s not good people who are weak, but bad people who are cruel and protect themselves.

These tour guides don’t want to join the brigade. If you add a weak team, the strength of passengers is too weak, and the effect of comforting them back to San is too poor. In addition, they have to protect them, which is equivalent to taking a pile of mops.

If you join a strong team, the strength of tourists is too strong, which will affect the tour guide.

“Connecting, soothing and releasing pressure are actually enjoyable. The stronger the strength of connecting passengers, the faster the release, and the faster the tour guide gets, and even becomes addicted. ”

you bet.

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully. When an Xuefeng released his pain before, Wei Xun was really addicted.

Normal people instinctively avoid and retreat from severe pain, but Wei Xun pursues it strongly, even embracing the Lord. It seems that this may not only be the pursuit of pain, but also the rapid release leads to a strong sense of pleasure.

Seeing Wei Xun nodding, Yu hehuixin is cold.

It’s over, Wei Xun’s thought has become an Xuefeng!

What he wants to say is that if the strength gap between the tour guide and the tourists is too large, it will not only comfort the tour guide and make the tour guide addicted, but also the linker can influence the tour guide with his own will. Even if the linker makes the tour guide die, return to zero and remove the San, the tour guide will do it.

This is not even control. The tour guide recognizes that “I am willing to sacrifice and I am willing to protect the brigade”.

The impact is terrible.

Yu Hehui was worried that the gap between Wei Xun and an Xuefeng was too large. After the connection, he was seriously affected by an Xuefeng, and this influence could even spread to the whole returning brigade.

Even if an Xuefeng didn’t mean it, his strength is too strong. As long as there is a connection, even if it is only shallow, Wei Xun is likely to be influenced by him.

An Xuefeng’s inner belief is protection and responsibility. Protect the way home, protect important companions and friends, and let everyone survive.

On Wei Xun’s next journey, some people from the homecoming and sunset brigade will sneak in!

It’s an extremely dangerous journey. If Wei Xun is really affected by the idea of “protecting” his way home, he is very likely to protect his brain attack in danger and suddenly rush out to block in front of those people, just as an Xuefeng used to do!

The problem is that Wei Xun is really dangerous in the extreme danger group. Those dangerous passengers can carry it, but he may not be able to carry it. Yu Hehui just thinks about it a little and feels frightened!

Wei Xun asked, “how to calculate shallow connection?”

Yu Hehui also kept his last hope: “it is reasonable that the tour guide and passengers have entered each other’s spiritual fantasy, so they have had a preliminary contact. When they have comforted each other once, it is a real shallow connection. ”

Yes, Wei Xun and an Xuefeng have too much difference in strength, which also shows that it is easy for an Xuefeng to comfort him. It is difficult for Wei Xun to relieve an Xuefeng.

Even if he was turned into a spiritual fantasy by an Xuefeng, it should not play any role. After all, an Xuefeng is too strong. His spiritual problems are absolutely hidden. Wei Xun can’t even find them——

“Then we should be a preliminary connection.”

Wei Xun thought: “I don’t want to protect the way home, protect an Xuefeng and be responsible for an Xuefeng.”

He was still in the bathroom just now trying to see if he could eliminate * * love, so Wei Xun recognized that he was different from Yu Hehui in this regard.


Yu Hehui was shocked and couldn’t believe it: “you, did you relieve an Xuefeng?!”

* *

“How’s the captain now? Is he really better?”

As soon as he came out of the lounge, he had several pairs of expectant eyes. On the way home, everyone crowded at the door and longed for him, like the patient’s family members in front of the operating room.

“Much better.”

He pushed his glasses and spoke with the data: “compared with the previous year, an Xuefeng’s negative state has been reduced by 5.7%. In terms of calculation, he used two 30 degrees north latitude letters to combine with * * to suppress the superimposed impact of seal cracks. The negative state of the security team should be reduced by 13.25% at one time. ”

“I know! I said the captain was fine. His condition must be better, not worse! ”

Mao Xiaole said happily, “I don’t really want to kill!”

“Silly Xiaole, just because you don’t want to kill, everyone is worried.”

Deer orange patted Mao Xiaole on the head.

“Indeed, if the captain wants to fall asleep… He should do so in advance.”

Wang Yushu is rarely serious.

An Xuefeng’s situation is very bad. He not only suffers from his own fine pollution and negative impact. As the leader of the brigade, he also carried the problems of some people on their way home.

It is precisely because an Xuefeng did so that people on their way home can remain generally normal. Those negative effects are only manifested in some “quirks”.

Once an Xuefeng was on the verge of collapse and could not bear to fall into a deep sleep, Wang Yushu was worried that most of the negative effects of people on his way home before he fell asleep were taken over, and he could still maintain his complete combat effectiveness after he fell asleep.

If he does, it means that an Xuefeng’s situation is absolutely terrible. He is not sure to wake up in a short time.

Even he probably won’t wake up.

That’s why people were so worried after they found that their situation had improved.

“Now, things are getting better.”

The deer smiled reassuringly. In other words, they are getting better because an Xuefeng is getting better, not some bad reasons.

As a brigade without a guide, the state of an Xuefeng, the leader of the brigade, can affect the returning team members to a great extent.

“Which tour guide has team an connected with?”

Wanxiang Chun asked calmly, “is it a dreamer?”

“It’s impossible. Clay figurine Zhang is still alive. The dreamer can’t connect with our captain.”

Wang pengpai also let down his heart and said with a happy smile: “unless the clay figurine Zhang and the dreamer are ready to go home, we must strongly support and welcome them. My vice captain quit and abdicated on the spot! ”

“Hey, that’s good. Our team will not lack puppets in the future.”

Mao Xiaole joined the discussion with great interest, and even began to imagine the future: “I can give Mr. Wei a whole! Miss Wei likes to take risks. It’s really dangerous without a puppet. ”

“Hey, I didn’t expect that the dream chaser could really connect with our captain. I also thought that our team would not have a guide until the hotel was destroyed. Gee, if only I had done it earlier, I might have passed the audit. ”

Mao Xiaole said regretfully, “it’s an extremely dangerous journey. It’s a pity that I can’t participate in such a lively thing, double guides and guardians. And it’s obviously Chinese Supernatural terror. I’m best at it. Don’t start a fight when sister orange falls down. Hit her head and forget everything. As a result, after the fight, she looks, hey, C250 is dead! ”

“Come on! Mao Xiaole, do you want to bet that if I bring back C250 completely and healthily, you will lose. You have to get me ten top ingredients! ”

“Laugh to death. Who bet you that C 250 is dead? I bet he lives.”

Mao Xiaole was full of words. They began to quarrel. A happy atmosphere lingered on the whole way home. We are really happy to know that an Xuefeng has the possibility of recovery.

Seeing everything, he took a few bottles of wine from the freezer and went back to the lounge.

“Mao Xiaole and lugao orange have been initially affected.”

As soon as he entered the lounge, he seemed to enter the office of the police station. It is dominated by black and white, concise and clear, full of a serious atmosphere. As soon as ordinary people come in, I’m afraid they are nervous and at a loss. For an Xuefeng and Bai feibai, this is the environment they are most familiar with and can relax.

An Xuefeng sat at the office table with a cup of coffee in front of him. The ashtray next to him was full of cigarette butts. When he came in, he had just lit a cigarette again. His eyes were dark, as if he were making some difficult and important decision.

“The two of them are the purest, and the deeper they are affected.”

While talking, he began to mix wine. He took out a special goblet and introduced the liquor in turn. Strangely, the wine of various colors becomes pure white after mixing in the goblet.

“I need to reconfirm the state of your spiritual fantasy.”

This cup of wine pushed an Xuefeng. An Xuefeng paused slightly, and then he held the glass.

A strange scene happened. When he held the glass, the white liquor in the glass began to layer, and the color changed. The next eight layers are deep and shallow, but distinct gray. Only the top layer, floating in the light gray, has a touch of light blue.

“You are indeed comforted.”

Extract the pale blue liquor by special means, put it back into a small crystal cup and push it to an Xuefeng.

“It shows that you have established a shallow connection.”

“I made a mistake.”

An Xuefeng drank the small glass of wine, snuffed out the smoke and said in a deep voice, “it’s because I didn’t make full preparations. When I knew that he was likely to hold Maria butterfly fragments, I still entered his spiritual fantasy to release and comfort him -”

“An team.”

It’s rare to interrupt an Xuefeng’s words. The corners of his mouth were slightly bent and he was smiling: “here’s not for you to open up your mouth for review. Don’t be so serious. Everyone is very happy to finally have a guide who can comfort you. ”

“Are you going to solemnly invite him to join the return journey and become our only guide?”


An Xuefeng shook his head. He pulled out another cigarette and didn’t light it. It was sandwiched between his fingers. With his old irritability gone, he looked very calm and steady: “no, I’m not going to invite him back. The journey home is not… ”

“I see. Indeed, if he becomes a tour guide on his way home now, he will definitely be targeted by many parties, and even from the main party.”

Interrupting an Xuefeng again, he pulled out a stack of parchment: “we are in the light, he is in the dark, so the safety factor is high. Here are some of the options I listed. Mao Xiaole, they believe that he is the dreamer who connects with you. It happens that the dreamer owes you a few favors on this matter. You can also ask him to help cover it. ”

“ Wanxiang Chun and Wang Yushu may be aware of the existence of C250, and he also needs more secret support and protection from  I  at the right time…”


An Xuefeng interrupted, slightly helpless: “you know, I don’t mean that.”

An Xuefeng said in unquestionable seriousness: “there is no guide on the way home, and I can’t connect with the guide. You know. ”

“Yes, I know.”

Still calm: “you are an incomplete person now, if you connect with the guide. So before you and * * are completely integrated, it is difficult for you to affect the tour guide. The tour guide will seriously affect you and even the whole journey home. ”

It seems like an instinct for tourists to spontaneously protect the tour guide in the team.

“The brigade died, the guide died. Similarly, the tour guide died and the brigade died. ”

“Your connection with C 250 is equivalent to his connection with the whole journey home. Once he dies, it is the end of his way home. ”

“That’s right.”

An Xuefeng said calmly, “I don’t want to bet on the way home.”

The tour guide connects with the strongest person in the brigade, usually the brigade leader. After the connection, the guide can appease the whole brigade. After the death of the brigade leader, he was linked to the second strongest person in the brigade and moved in turn. When the last passenger in the brigade died, the guide died.

However, once the tour guide in the team died, the other passengers in the brigade gradually collapsed and perished.

Sometimes, compared with the leader of the brigade, the tour guide is like the elite leader of the brigade.

Therefore, there are few tour guides in major brigades. Even if there are, they are mostly hidden and targeted.

The situation of an Xuefeng is terrible. He is clearly the strongest passenger, but he can’t affect the guide. He and the whole journey home are affected by the guide.

Like Mao Xiaole and Lugu orange, they didn’t think much about C250, even if they were sneaking into the journey. If it is really dangerous and C250 is dead, they should work with other passengers to rob the letter of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

This is the reason why so many passengers are trying to squeeze into the extremely dangerous group.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether C250 is alive or dead. As long as it can grab the letter of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, it means that the fragments of Maria butterfly can only prevent the disease of Xuefeng.

Just now, the thought inadvertently revealed between Mao Xiaole and Lu Guochen’s words has been brought back by “safety, health and health” of “C250”.

If their lives are really in danger, they will definitely risk their lives to protect C250, which seems to be some kind of instinct.

“I don’t bet on the way home.”

An Xuefeng said calmly, “I promised to help solve his pain and negative emotional problems. After solving them, I will cut off the shallow connection with him –”

“Captain, sometimes you can be selfish. He has a 99.95% chance. He is the only guide who can connect with you and comfort you.”

“This is not selfishness, but also our common wish. As long as he can really comfort you and relieve your pain, we are willing to take all the risks, just as your Lord takes our negative state. ”

“We are the same brigade.”

Seeing an Xuefeng’s silence, he continued, “it’s hard to say. If you die, we won’t live.”

“You must live.”

An Xuefeng frowned and interrupted his words: “even if I really sleep this time, I will 

“If people find that you are very likely to sleep, they will wake you up and commit suicide one by one.”

“Including me,” he said

“Not everyone is as strong as you. The way home is to love you, so it still exists now. If you’re gone, everyone will go crazy. They’ve been depressed for too long. ”

“Feibai, I seldom hear you talk like that.”

An Xuefeng smiled and sighed, “it reminds me of the past…”

“We still have a lot of future, why nostalgia for the past.”

It seemed a little aggressive: “it’s hard to say. If C250 really becomes our guide, maybe we’ll be safe. At least even if you die and there is a guide in the team, we won’t go crazy. ”

“It’s no use to me.”

An Xuefeng was not angry, but just lost his smile: “I know what you mean, it’s C 250…”

“What’s the matter with him? Is he too weak? He’s in danger? He has something to do with hippies? ”

A series of rhetorical questions, but the tone became more and more calm: “it’s not exciting, captain. Do you want to make a bet with me?”

“I bet Bing 250 will survive this extremely dangerous journey, even without our help, and his strength will grow rapidly. He has more butterfly fragments than you. This kind of person is favored by the hotel and will never die easily. Maybe even if you die, he won’t die. ”

“Hey, you’re a man. Why are you gambling with me. Gambling is strictly prohibited in the team. Did you forget? ”

An Xuefeng sighed. He folded his hands and put them on his nose. It was rare to show some real emotions.

“I know what you mean, and I know my current state. I also know other people. If I have the opportunity, I have to fight. ”

“The problem is that people don’t necessarily want to connect with me and be my guide.”

An Xuefeng said: “this connection, to tell the truth, cough, what, I’m out of control. I’ve gone too far. I shouldn’t bring him any good experience.”

“And I think maybe he wants to be a lone wolf and develop his career. He is not willing to be tied to a formed brigade.”

An Xuefeng frowned and was a little distressed:

“Alas, I didn’t mean to spy on his thoughts on purpose.” after connection, cough, you know I’m in a bad state. I instinctively want to get closer. If we continue to maintain the shallow connection, I will disturb him very often and pull him into the spiritual fantasy. He can’t bear this too frequent contact. ”

“First, you can’t affect him.”

After listening, he said: “Captain, in your current situation, even if the connection between you is deep, your will will will not affect him. He doesn’t have to be responsible for us or bind with the brigade. No matter developing his career or being a lone wolf, any of his thoughts will not be affected by you. ”

“As for us to protect him and support him, it is our decision and our business to die together when he dies. He doesn’t know and doesn’t have to bear any burden. This is equivalent to a unilateral connection. Even if the way home is destroyed, he won’t have anything to do. ”

“As long as he’s alive, you’ll get better.”


An Xuefeng was speechless, and he felt a little sad.

His face was expressionless: “as for the frequent pulling him into the spiritual fantasy, he couldn’t bear it, and this” out of control “didn’t bring him a good experience.”

“Captain, you have such strong willpower. You should exercise restraint, patience and hone your skills. It should be no problem.”

“You, tut.”

An Xuefeng listened to him and said, “my appearance has changed. I can’t cry or laugh. Then he became serious: “let me think about it again.”

“Really think about it.”

Knowing that an Xuefeng said this, he really listened to it and didn’t continue to say anything. He said, “Captain, I think you should apologize to him. After all, it is very dangerous for him to pull him into your spiritual fantasy and let him into your spiritual fantasy. And he didn’t agree. You forced it, didn’t you? ”

“The former is, the latter… Well, although not exactly, I do have that idea.”

An Xuefeng simply admitted.

“Therefore, I suggest that you should ask him for forgiveness and ask him to give you another chance.”

“What you said is strange to me.”

An Xuefeng looked at him strangely and said, “OK, I know.”

He stood up and murmured, “the dream chaser can’t last for so many years. He can’t see the clay figurine Zhang at the first time when he was rescued… Gee, I’ll see him.”

After that, an Xuefeng disappeared into the lounge.

* *

“Wei Xun, the dreamer has sent a message. He wants to talk to you.”

Yu Hehui’s voice rang out in Wei Xun’s mind. The communication equipment in the abyss node could not be used, and Wei Xun’s mobile phone was placed outside. At the moment, Yu Hehui received the news and came to contact him.

“OK, I see”

Wei Xun replied, looked at the person in front of him and said, “the dreamer has come to you. It seems that he should solve the problem.”

“So, you are deeply connected. I’m going to go out and ask one last question.”

Wei Xun modestly and carefully verified: “is deep connection better than shallow connection…?”

Clay figurine Zhang’s whole body is bad.


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