TTG Chapter 151

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 151: Clay figurine sheet [10]

“Connection is a kind of thing… It’s not a matter of pleasure. What’s wrong with your question?”

The other party had no choice but to think about it, but still reminded: “be careful in deep connection. With your current strength, the level of passengers you contact is not very high. Even Yu Hehui is not a good choice. There is no need to be in such a hurry.”

Wei xunruo thought: “you’re right.”

Then he was curious: “dream chaser, you come out of turtle shell?”

“Not a turtle shell.”

Clay figurine Zhang sighed: “what a serious turtle with a snake on its shell. I’m Xuanwu.”

However, a palm sized, round and lovely lame earth green little mud turtle vowed to call himself Xuanwu. He can’t open his mouth if he is not thick skinned enough to be sure.

After talking to Mao Xiaole on the phone and Yu Hehui about the connection between tour guides and tourists, Wei Xun suddenly remembered the clay figurine Zhang in the abyss bell Festival.

It’s a matter of deep connection and mutual influence between tour guides and tourists. Yu Hehui is also talking on paper, but isn’t it a ready-made example right now!

When he was in the butcher alliance, Wei Xun had entered the “second abyss clock” when the dreamer, the puppet master and the playful puppet confronted each other. However, it is totally different from the one Wei Xun collected in northern Tibet.

The solemn abyss Festival is the entrance to the abyss at the site of the abyss, although there will be restrictions on the scope of activities set by the abyss after entering the abyss again. For example, Wei Xun’s abyss Festival corresponds to an area of 50 square kilometers around. However, if it becomes stronger in the later stage, the “territory” will also expand with it.

But the abyss bell Festival is completely different. Wei Xun was blinded by the dazzling light when he went in!

He seemed to be inside the sun, and there was golden light everywhere. It’s like a boundless brilliant ocean.

In the ear of Hui Weixun, he heard countless pious prayers praising the sun, which seemed to be pure brilliant light. Looking at it for a long time, it would distort and pollute people’s nerves, leaving only brilliant brilliance in the brain.

Only the land with the size of mahjong table is suspended in the bright sun, and will not be disturbed by the sun. This is where clay figurine Zhang was imprisoned.

But so far, Wei Xun has not seen the real person of clay figurine Zhang, because he is confined to a small earth green clay turtle.

Wei Xun’s meeting with clay figurine Zhang Chu is not friendly. After all, he is still wearing a crimson cloak. But Wei Xun was too lazy to explain. When he entered the room, he looked at whether the clay figurine Zhang was still alive, and then looked at his general situation.

After he woke up for the second time, Wei Xun didn’t waste his energy. He first sent Yu Hehui to the abyss bell Festival and asked him to talk to clay figurine Zhang first and find out the butchers and guides who were still on their own day.

When Yu Hehui had a good talk and came out, when Wei Xun went in to see clay figurine Zhang again, the other party had no vigilance and hostility, and was embarrassed about Wei Xun. After all, his initial attitude towards Wei Xun was not good, very bad, and Wei Xun was his life-saving benefactor.

“We haven’t seen each other for a long time. I hope there are only two of us left in the alliance.”

Speaking of some words, the little clay turtle looked very calm: “the clay sculpture state is a seal. I’m in a bad situation and can’t leave the clay sculpture state by myself. I need the help of the dreamer.

“But if I leave the clay sculpture state, the dreamer will also be affected by Yan. It doesn’t matter if I’m a passenger, but he will be polluted by the crazy sun. ”

Ten years ago, clay figurine Zhang was not locked up in the prison, which involved a lot of things, and he had been rescued many times, so he couldn’t explain clearly when he died. About five years ago, he was locked up in the abyss Festival and suppressed by the passage of the Inca Sun Gate in the butcher alliance.

In five years, the abyss festival was gradually polluted by the crazy sun of the Inca Sun Gate. The abyss land was still preserved and not completely swallowed up. It was the seat of the four core clay sculptures of the clay figurine Zhang.

Only until now, only the basaltic weapons for the main defense are left, and all other clay sculptures are destroyed. The clay figurine Zhang Zihui shrank in the clay sculpture with the title and worked hard to support it. Before, he ordered the puppet to cut off his basaltic left foot with special means in the abyss Festival.

It can be said that without the series of rescue triggered by Wei Xun’s first shot, the land and the small mud turtle with broken legs will soon be polluted by the sun and the clay figurine Zhang will die completely.

“You have been in the abyss festival for five years. How do you solve the problem of eating, drinking and Lazar? “Will someone bring you food?”

Wei Xun asked curiously.

“I’m a clay man. Of course, I don’t have any reasonable needs.”

Clay figurine Zhang answered Wei Xun’s many questions patiently. After many years, he also wanted to talk more to young people.

“So I hold down.”

“If you have a dream, will the dreamer also have a dream?”

“Yes, so I don’t know.”

Clay figurine Zhang couldn’t help smiling: “dream chaser, sex is too stubborn. He should have changed the passenger connection long ago. He shouldn’t hang on my tree. I dragged him down.”

“The tour guide with deep connection is also another object?”

Wei Xun was so moved that he couldn’t help asking.

“You are a young guide. Why do you always think about deep connection?”

Clay figurine Zhang Qiqi looked at Wei Xun’s light blue cloak: “the ranking of C250 is not high. In your” grade “, the problem of mental pollution should not be strict.”

“If only for the sake of deep connection, shallow connection is enough, and deep connection is really fatal.”

Clay figurine Zhang asked, “is the passenger you want to connect the brigade captain?”

Wei Xun replied, “indeed.”

“You should not have passed the team leader examination by now. Get the team leader certificate.”

Clay figurine Zhang shook his head: “without a team leader’s certificate, you and the other party can only connect moderately, but not deeply. Because it is a deep connection, you are the leader and guide of that brigade. ”

“Only get the team leader certificate and become the team leader and guide.”

Wei Xun was surprised. What did you say about the original version? “Don’t worry, I should get my license next month.”

“So, after deep connection, it is also a replacement?”

“Young man, team leader assessment, you can’t hold it.”

Clay figurine Zhang warned, but he didn’t doubt that Wei Xun was talking nonsense. Although the vast majority of middle and low-level tour guides are secretive about the team leader assessment, from the three levels of clay figurine Zhang, the team leader assessment is not too difficult. Moreover, it will be easier to do it in two steps.

Because you can start the team leader assessment task in any journey, and the difficulty of the journey will increase accordingly.

If you are already a tour guide at the peak of silver, probably in front of C and at the end of B, most of the trips you receive will be dangerous, and the difficulty will be slightly increased. It is very possible to reach super dangerous or even extremely dangerous. It is even more difficult to complete the task goal.

However, at the C250 level, most of them received difficult groups, and even a small number of security groups. Even if the difficulty increases, it will only be dangerous at most.

At that time, it is not difficult to contact several familiar passengers in advance.

However, after the tour leader’s task and becoming a golden tour guide, the hotel stipulates that the golden tour guide must receive an extremely dangerous tour group every month, and the Golden Tour Guide is the most deadly.

Therefore, clay figurine Zhang will warn C250 that the team leader’s assessment is □□.

“Besides, deep connection is not a good thing to remove.”

He also nagged about the deep connection: “at that time, all the people in our team were full of light, and I cancelled the brigade at the last moment when I turned into a clay figurine. It can be said that since then, chasing dreams has become a free man guide, so he can be another object.”

“But normally, the brigade will not be disbanded unless there are only three passengers left. If you want to disband the brigade, you also need to pay a great price. The light points will be up to millions. As long as the brigade is not disbanded, you are the leader and guide of the brigade. Tour guide, tour guide, tour guide. ”

According to Wei xunruo’s thoughts, the original deep connection is not to be lifted, but the price is too high. According to the clay figurine Zhang, I’m afraid the dreamer has never given up on him or lifted the deep connection with the clay figurine Zhang.

“Alas, if he had been relieved, I would have exploded the Inca Sun Gate, but it would be better to blow him up than to be a tortoise bastard.”

Clay figurine Zhang sighed helplessly, “you know I don’t explode. The sinister Inca sun gate channel is connected to you. Let me suppress it.”

He turned into a clay figurine for five years and endured the erosion and pollution of the crazy sun for several years. His strength was constantly weakened. He didn’t want to live long ago.

But he has to live, because he is dead, and the dreamer is dead.

“Don’t scold people in front of me.”

Wei Xun said lightly, “the past has nothing to do with me, but don’t let me regret saving you.”

“Sinister is a commendatory word for the tour guide… OK, I won’t say it.”

Zhang guai, a clay figurine, chatted up, and then wondered, “since you don’t see the playful man, why didn’t you ask me and zhumeng not to be enemies with him, or not to kill him?”

“If it’s your request, we’ll agree and return it.”

“Not necessary.”

Wei Xun understated: “with you now, you can kill people who play with their lives? And I don’t believe in promises. Promise is a kind of thing completely based on people’s conscience. It will go back at any time and has no meaning. ”

Then he smiled: “moreover, the enemy is a kind of thing, which is easier to use than friends.”

“Didn’t you help the hippies suppress the Inca sun gate passage in five years?”

When communicating with clay figurine Zhang, Wei Xun explained that the abyss clock did suppress the passage of the Inca Sun Gate, and the passage led to the terrible eight layer sun.

Once the channel is completely unsealed, the consequences will be unimaginable. In fact, when the hippies were trapped in the Inca Sun Gate, the punishment of the hotel was in front of them. It was precisely because the passage that should not have appeared appeared appeared appeared.

Until the channel problem is solved, the noumenon of the hippie is not allowed to return completely.

The channel will spill a large amount of crazy solar spiritual pollution, and the playful people must deal with some pollution to prevent them from affecting the world.

Therefore, he used special means to connect the tunnel to the abyss Festival and insert a clay figurine into the surface of the abyss.

It can be regarded as killing mental pollution with clay figurines.

“You use a help word. It really makes people’s teeth itch.”

The lame little mud turtle’s face turned green: “your guide is really more than you.”

“Well, I’m telling you, deep connection, don’t touch it. In particular, it’s best to find those with similar taxes and growing faster than you. Tour guides need more resources than tourists, and they need support at the initial stage. ”

I haven’t talked to living people for a long time. Clay figurine Zhang Shizhen nagged. When talking, he couldn’t stop the car: “let dream chasing take you and introduce you some good ones. Gee, my old friends were almost the same. Otherwise, there were many good people. ”

“If you are not a brigade captain, don’t ask, but don’t be cheated by the brigade captain of small and medium-sized brigades. You should choose the connection object well. “I don’t believe anyone who has not yet closed his mouth.”

Clay figurine Zhang sighed: “it’s too true to chase a dream at the beginning. We hope the team can join us. Otherwise, with his “Fu”, we will first increase the development of tour guide alliance, and it will be better for him to follow us anyway. ”

Wei Xun asked curiously, “so you were cheated by the dream chaser?”

“It’s my insight. I can see from my eyes that he is a tour guide endowed by the tour guide. When he doesn’t understand the tour guide passengers, I have a good talk with him about the journey several times. He has talked about the tour.”

The clay figurine’s eyebrows fluttered and then sighed: “it’s just a lie… You think more and do more. It’s really a person like you. It’s not a lie.”

“The dreamer joined our team because of his ideal, and we finally fought because of hope. At that time, we ourselves will be the whole complete group. The dreamer’s belief is our belief, and our belief is also his belief. There is no difference.”

Speaking of these words, he was still very calm. For nearly ten years, the past was like a cloud in the past and dispersed in a moment. When the topic turned, clay figurine Zhang talked about Wei Xun again.

“You… To tell you the truth, if you want to connect passengers, you’d better connect those with higher level and stronger than you.”

The clay figurine Zhang said: “you love the abyss Festival and adventure. You will soon become stronger, but you are also more prone to mental pollution. You need to solve mental problems frequently. If you connect with passengers who are with you, or just stronger passengers, he can deal with your mental pollution problem, but he will be unable to do what he wants. ”

Wei Xun continued: “so you were unable to deal with the mental pollution of dreamers at that time?”

“How can that be?”

The little mud turtle vehemently retorted, and Zhenzhen said: “indeed, chasing dreams was really a Fu at the beginning. But at that time, he was just a class c small tour guide, and I was already a high-level tourist! ”

“Not only will I not be unable to do what I want, but I also have to concentrate on preventing addiction to chasing dreams. However, the gap in strength lies in, alas! I tell you, if I’m a sister or I’m a sister, our children have to be a sister… Ah, you’re a dream chaser! ”

The tone of the clay figurine Zhang changed very naturally. In an instant, he was full of enthusiasm and joy of meeting after a long separation.

But the other party is not very grateful.

“Zhang xingzang, you look good now.”

The guide wearing a dark orange cloak quietly appeared beside Wei Xun, with a big golden red bird standing on his shoulder. The dreamer first nodded hello to Wei Xun, then looked down at the little mud turtle and said faintly:

“If your legs are broken, how many words are there?”

“You’re busy first.”

Wei Xun was considerate and said, “elder Zhang, the clay figurine, has been trapped for so long. It’s better to rescue him first.”

“Thank you so much.”

Zheng Zhuo, the dreamer, thanked Wei Xun: “I’ll find you after I solve his problem.”

Although the dreamer’s tone when he said “after the event” was like saying “after the event”, the little mud turtle trembled and his face looked greener. But what’s the relationship between Wei Xun’s and Wei Xun’s.

He looked at the big golden red bird on the shoulder of the dreamer. The bird looked like a mythical species in the legend. The golden red feathers burned like a flame. The three feathers on the top of the head fell back, and the tail feathers were very long. It looked noble and gorgeous, very beautiful.

Its eyes are like two grains of gold, like the eyes of a dragon, indifferent and dignified. The big bird was staring at the clay figurine coldly, but when Wei Xun looked at it, he turned his head sharply.

The big bird blinks and cries softly to Wei Xun.


* *

“Do you see the bird brought by the dreamer? That’s awesome. ”

Returning to his brigade station, Wei Xun praised Yu Hehui. He gave Yu Hehui permission to allow dreamers to enter the station, and then enter the abyss festival through the abyss bell.

Of course, dream chasers are generous and have no hidden breath at all. Wei Xun knew exactly what he was talking about and induced clay figurine Zhang to talk about that topic. It was a small dig.

Who told him to say that life is dangerous.

Wei Xun was in high spirits: “you said, if my golden winged ROC’s blood was cultivated, wouldn’t it look so good? It’s beautiful and powerful. ”

He sighed: “other tour guides are all those powerful pet partners, but I don’t have many who can take it.”

Yes, he’s only a variety of insects. Yu Hehui is a beautiful and gorgeous fox, but it’s a human, not a pure animal.

He was so impressed by lying to the snow leopard that now Wei Xun is full of different yearning for his wild animal partner.

Yes, the other tour guides have all the things they need. Why didn’t Wei Xun!

Yu Hehui was interrupted by Wei Xun. He forgot that he just wanted to say something. He thought down his words and felt some heartache.

Which man doesn’t like powerful beasts? But Wei Xun’s main demons, Xiaocui, Xiaojin and even emotional demons are not the main attack, and the magic bee colony is very aggressive, but it doesn’t look like the queen bee, so it doesn’t look as bright as the fierce beast.

But he himself, the fox animal state is the second most noble and gorgeous. Unfortunately, his Yu Hehui is not a pure fox, but a person

incorrect! How can he pity that he is human?!

“I’ll give it back to you. I’ll be stupid if I take it down again.”

Yu Hehui was angry. He threw the ball of the devil bug to Wei Xun. He met the devil merchant at 0 a.m. and has been carrying the ball of the devil bug for seven or eight hours. No wonder he is more and more wrong.

The most terrible thing is that things take a long time. You will ignore its danger. After all, the “responsibility” is too positive, and there is no guidance and contradiction of the seven emotions.

If you were on guard, but suddenly feel happy, you will doubt that you are affected by something.

But no matter what you are in any situation or any emotion, you will have a sense of responsibility.

The responsibility devil bug is really terrible.

Watching Wei Xun’s third generation also put into the ball of the devil bug and let it reunite with the responsible devil bug, Yu Hehui was scared.

[you are the observer of , and your swarm will also distinguish your real enemy from your potential teammates!]

After the third generation scored the ball of the magic bug, the bug ball has many new attributes. Indeed, its so-called observation is to more intuitively detect the outsiders’ sense of responsibility to Wei Xun and how happy they are.

Moreover, the magic bug ball will be more numerical. Unlike when Wei Xun directly used the third generation of ladle, it is only perceived by about one generation, which is not specific.

Like now, Wei Xun looks at Yu Hehui with the ball of magic insects.


For his gaze, the fox cub was more vigilant and his back neck hair was slightly fried: “you just returned now. You should have a good rest. Do you have any new ideas? ”

[sense of responsibility 80-90]

[joy 20-90]

People are living things, and emotions are constantly changing. Wei Xunhui sees that Yu Hehui has a high sense of responsibility for him. Basically, his parents who are very responsible will have a strong sense of responsibility, and they are relatively stable.

But the joy went up and down like a roller coaster.

Obviously, Yu Hehui is happy to meet Wei Xun and get along with him, but he is not happy with all kinds of crazy adventure ideas that Wei Xun often comes up with.

“The third generation of ladles is very useful.”

Wei Xun sighed involuntarily.

It’s a perfect match for the responsibility devil. If the light is responsible for the devil bug, Wei Xun can’t confirm how much the other party is affected by the devil bug, so he can’t really rest assured.

However, there are three generations in the market, so it is very simple.

“You’re not going to use the third generation to build the core of the Mutual Aid Association.”

Yu Hehui cautioned, “the third generation is too low. It is easy to be found and destroyed. And it is Xiaocui’s own life bug, which is also connected with the responsible devil bug. If it falls into the hands of others, they will have great insight into your countless secrets! ”

Yu Hehui lowered his voice: “I didn’t tell you that behind the devil merchant last night, there was a very powerful existence, almost comparable to the dreamer. I suspect the other party is the western director. ”

“The leaflet you asked me to give to the devil merchant is very rare, but it will fall into the other party’s hands. You should think about it clearly.”

From the second incident, Wei Xun realized that his personal strength in the hotel was still too small and inconvenient. Like the concealment provided by the hotel where he only trades for large transactions, once he appears in the mall to buy goods, or even just on the forum, he can be locked by outsiders.

And the source block of the news only relies on the devil merchant to buy it from him. It’s too unstable and restrictive. It’s easy to be caught by the other party.

Therefore, Wei Xun decided to establish a secret anonymous organization to trade various intelligence items in private.

In fact, there are many kinds of organizations in hotels. Generally speaking, they are all kinds of brigade and tour guide alliance. In a small way, forum groups, even shopping groups, are actually loose organizations.

Of course, anonymity means that members of the organization are anonymous to each other. Wei Xun wants to master all their information.

In his opinion, Yu Hehui said that in the past, the rudiments of many tour guide alliances were anonymous associations and anonymous groups. After the development and expansion, he bought a resident in a hotel and turned from online to offline, becoming a real tour guide organization.

Wei Xun will not consider purchasing the “offline organization” in the resident for the time being. He is thinking of an online anonymous organization with him as its core.

Yu Hehui gave him some suggestions.

The third group is a chat group based on the web app chat system

The hotel’s app is complete. Before, Wei Xun communicated with an Xuefeng through the hotel app. The group also relies on the hotel app and takes the hotel app as the main body to pull the group.

The problem is that the rules of the group should be in accordance with the hotel, which means that all the passengers in the group are real names and all the tour guides are real codes. Those who build chat groups to communicate are usually small brigades who can’t afford a 10 square meter brigade station and can’t apply for the establishment of a brigade. They are more like several friends

It is not in conformity with Wei Xun’s requirements and is directly passed. What he wants to do is to be the manipulator behind the scenes, not “group leader C 250”.

The second is the forum group based on the creepu app forum system.

Similar to the former, the forum group is also an organization for people to communicate and trade. And the title is displayed on the forum. Everyone has countless titles. After joining the forum group, if you want to hide your identity in a low-key way, you can choose one that is not commonly used, such as’ mosquito does not bite ‘,’ barber ‘and so on.

If you want to obtain the status of “Taoist priest of Maoshan”, “old corpse of mountain village”, you can choose the senior title of “familiar” and “Taoist priest of Maoshan” as your code.

However, it does not meet Wei Xun’s requirements.

Neither chat group nor forum group can play the role of responsible devil. At present, with its rank, it is still impossible to “see words like people”. Others will not feel responsible for Wei Xun when they see his words.

Yu Hehui is also well-informed. Wei Xun is so picky. He still came up with an organization model that meets Wei Xun’s requirements.

That is to build a group with items as the core.

Unlike chat group and forum group, which rely on creepy app, if you build your own group with items as the core, you can set your own rules without violating the basic principles of the hotel.

Of course, there are many restrictions on the sample construction group. First, it is the level of the core. From low to high, items are divided into ragged, ordinary, unique, special, amazing, legendary, peak, and unknown.

 it can support the core of an online group, at least if it is a special grade item. However, the category of items at the category level also relatively limits the strength of the members of the group.

Yu Hehui originally suggested that Wei Xun build the group with the “invisibility cloak” as the core. The “spirit loss fee” is one of the items that an Xuefeng compensated Wei Xun before. The “spirit loss fee” reaches the “legend” level, which is a very powerful shielding prop.

Moreover, the core of group construction also has a corresponding impact on the organizational rules of construction. If Wei Xun uses an invisible cloak as the core building, any member of the group will completely hide his title and real name to achieve absolute privacy.

Legendary items are also enough for special passengers and golden high-level tour guides. It is absolutely enough for the current Wei Xun.

But Wei Xun didn’t agree.

Wei Xun said with a smile, “you see, if you build a team with an invisible cloak, the western director will certainly not be able to add it.”


Yu hehuixin scolded him for his disorderly code and said with worry, “you… The water on your face is too deep. Hold -”

“I can hold it.”

Wei Xun shook his head: “the pattern of small fighting is too small. It has no attraction at all.”

“Have you ever been to the throne? In a word, as long as the throne is high enough, even if you put the dog up, the people below will only think that the king is on the throne.”

Wei Xun said faintly, “because the throne is too high and mysterious, they will spontaneously add all kinds of illusions to the existence on the throne, which is the real king in their imagination.”

“What I’m going to do is make a difference.”

“But… It’s too dangerous.”

Yu Hehui frowned: “even if the throne is high enough, if he is so tall, he still sees that he is a dog on the throne.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as a knight of the same height stops him, it’s enough.”

Wei Xun smiled lightly. He was dressed as a tour guide. His face was covered by a light blue cloak and a bronze mask, but Yu Hehui showed his wild ambition from his smiling tone.

“Just give me enough time, not too long.”

“I will grow into a real king.”

“You are really… Alas, too crazy.”

Yu Hehui was silent for a long time, and finally had no choice but to sigh.

“What kind of person you are, you should be a tour guide.”

“Well, Yu Hehui.”

Wei Xun smiled and stretched out his hand to Yu Hehui: “would you like to be my knight?”

“Gee, that’s right.”

Yu Hehui was angry, grabbed Wei Xun’s hand and shook it. Suddenly he was embarrassed and said, “Wei Xun, you have built a mutual aid association, and let my brother add it.”

“Don’t you worry that I’m too crazy? Will the Mutual Aid Association bring you collapse?”

Wei Xun asked curiously, “eggs shouldn’t be put in a basket.”

“Although you’re crazy, you haven’t failed so far.”

Yu Hehui said with a smile, with the cunning in his eyes: “fragile eggs, of course, must hit the safe basket.”

“I didn’t expect you to have confidence in me.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Yu Hehui then said, “if the devil merchant is behind the black widow, or a higher-level guide. Even if it is restricted from the west to the East, I can only barely stop her peeping. ”

“To be on the safe side, you’d better find another ‘Knight’.”

* *

“Xingzang has recovered well and is in good condition. After two days of rest, you can start to pinch the clay figurine.”

In the red stone abyss Festival (Wei Xun’s abyss Festival), the guide in dark orange cloak and the guide in light blue cloak walk shoulder to shoulder.

“He needs to get along with you and observe all aspects of you. Then use the clay figurine. ”

“Don’t worry. I’ll go to the extremely dangerous group.”

Wei Xun and Shan said, “clay figurine, elder Zhang, take a break.”

“After the clay puppet is done, it’s best to let it adjust with you.”

The dreamer shook his head and gave a time for the clay figurine.

“It’s also the guardian. Although the guardian doesn’t enter the journey with you at the same time, I can remotely assist you, guide you and protect you if necessary.”

The dreamer said seriously, “would you like me to be your guardian?”

“It’s my pleasure.”

Wei Xun smiled and then asked curiously: “will the total strength of the guardians be limited?”

“If the guardian of the devil merchant is S3 black widow, will that affect you?”

“Double guides, double guardians… Tut, indeed.”

The dreamer pondered, “you’re right. If you’re the only one on a journey, I, as your guardian, will give full play to my strength when necessary to protect your life.”

“But if the devil merchant is also the guardian, considering the hotel, the overall strength of the guardians will be the highest limit to prevent excessive interference with the journey. At that time, my strength will be weakened, and so will the other party. ”

“That is to say, the higher the difficulty of the journey, the stronger the strength of the guardian?”

“Yes, but you should remember that the guardian only acts when it is most dangerous. The hotel will restrict my custody after the first time. ”

The dreamer said seriously, “so most of the time, guardians don’t take the shot easily. Many times, our experience and consciousness are more powerful than that shot.”

“I see. Then you don’t have to do it. ”

Wei Xun said sincerely, “even if you see me return to zero, alienation, loss of San, self mutilation, don’t care. I will communicate with you when necessary. ”

“Then you will be the subject.”

Dream chaser Xiang tou, he has a really good temper and respects Wei Xun’s decision.

“Don’t call me an elder. You can call me a dreamer.”

“Good dream chasing, but I haven’t got a good title yet‘ The words of “passenger” are strange. ”

“I’m sure you’ll be ready soon.”

The dreamer teased, “but you have to hurry, otherwise the code c 250 will be with you for a long time.”

Both of them are good at controlling the communication atmosphere. In addition, the dreamers are in a good mood. They want to make friends. Wei Xun also pushes the boat with the water. They have a very pleasant conversation.

One kind of pleasure is between being a tour guide. The dreamer can be regarded as Wei Xun’s first tour guide friend. After all, Yu Hehui is a passenger. He knows some topics vaguely.

It’s better to talk with the guide about the guide.

“Yu Hehui… He is very interested in you. Although they all say that the fox is cunning, the fox will also be the most sincere to the people he wants.”

The dreamer said briskly, “you have a shallow connection with an Xuefeng, and Huihui will also feel happy.”

After all, Yu Hehui is still on his way home. Wei Xun and an Xuefeng are connected in a shallow way, which is equivalent to connecting with the whole way home. Yu Hehui, as a responder, is closely watched by the hotel. He can’t connect with the tour guide.

Wei xunzhen is connected with an Xuefeng in a shallow way, and the dreamer is sincerely happy for Yu Hehui.

When it comes to the dreamer, Wei Xun looks strange.

“Chasing dreams, I want to ask you some questions about connection.”

Wei Xun said modestly, “it’s offensive, but I really don’t understand it.”

The dreamer smiled and said, “you said. In terms of connection, it is really important. ”

“You and clay figurine Zhang are deeply connected, aren’t you?”


“Are you deeply connected with other people in the hope brigade?”

“Yes, xingzang is the leader of the brigade, and I am the leader of the brigade. I have a deep connection with him, which is equivalent to a deep connection with the whole brigade. ”

“That is to say, they all enter your spiritual fantasy to comfort you?”

“ not really. In fact, psychic fantasy is not a good thing. It’s a lot of dangers. It’s better to fix two or three people, not too many people. ”

The dreamer shook his head: “if xingzang is in a bad state and my mental condition is too poor, Jingrou and Wenchang will also help.”

Wei Xun was curious: “is Jingrou a lady?”

“Yes, Jingrou is very strong. It is the doctor of our team.”

The dreamer sighed: “her technique is more gentle, and the place of spiritual fantasy is actually more fragile. Xingzang always tries to be fast and rude. Reckless man, tut,  he is always competitive at every time

It seems that the faster the relief is successful, the more powerful he is. It’s really outrageous.

Wei xunruo seemed to understand his thoughts: “what if he has a strong desire to monopolize and doesn’t let you find others?”

“Adults should know everything. They don’t have as much exclusive desire as children.”

The dreamer waved his hand and whispered, “passengers are not used to it, and it is not conducive to the harmony of the brigade. Of course, on the surface, we are fair and just, but you can comfort him below. ”

“After all, comforting each other is a kind of thing. It’s really addictive, and you can understand it.”

“Yes, what you said is reasonable.” Wei Xun frowned: “but if I don’t want too many people to enter my spiritual fantasy, it won’t have much impact.”

He pondered, “after all, I’m a cleanliness addict. If I’m a bed companion, I’m enough.”


The dreamer was stunned and interrupted Wei Xun: “what did you say?”


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