TTG Chapter 152

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 152: Clay figurine Zhang [11]


The golden red bird suddenly sneezed and emitted a small spark, which was burning on Zhang’s head.

“Hey, team an! Take it easy, take it easy, don’t crack my head! ”

The earth green little mud turtle screamed. The snake wrapped around it spewed out a column of water and extinguished the flame, but the top of the little mud turtle’s head was still burnt.

They are now in the abyss clock node, and they have reached the station on their way home.

Before, the clay figurine Zhang entered the clay sculpture state to resist the pollution of the crazy sun, but it is also equivalent to self sealing and can’t move. There are only two ways to get out of the abyss.

Either he broke the seal with the help of the dreamer, broke away from the clay sculpture state and returned to the people, but the crazy sun pollution in the abyss clock is too terrible. He and the dreamer can be polluted.

Or with external help, move his whole clay sculpture out of the abyss. To the relatively safe and stable outside, and then gradually recuperate and unseal.

With an Xuefeng’s help, they will take risks.

A normal clay figurine, Zhang clay sculpture, of course, takes action. For example, now the little clay turtle can crawl all over the ground without being sealed. He regretted his blackened skull and worried about an Xuefeng:

“Hey, team an, your mental state is very good. Can you even control the fire? It’s time. ”

“Your team doesn’t have a tour guide yet?”

“There is no guide.”

The Firebird said coldly. It spit out a flame again, but it fell on the top of the little mud turtle in light gold, and filled the place that burned black to the crack.

“Your flame is very dry at first sight. I’ll burn it directly.”

Zhang Tut, the clay figurine, said, “it’s really OK without a guide. I’m afraid you can’t find a solution if you’re like this. Hey, if you want to be redundant, we hope the brigade and dream chasing models can help you. ”

“The dreamer has solved the problem.”

Firebird said impatiently, “I’ve seen you for ten years. Why do you talk so much. Hurry up, I’m very annoyed. ”

“If I’ve been in the modern world for ten years, of course I’ll put it all out.”

Clay figurine Zhang Le said with a smile. A man’s virtual shadow appeared on the top of the little clay turtle. He has messy hair and stubble all over his face. He looks at the vicissitudes of life, but his eyes are black and bright, like two stars.

An Xuefeng vomited out a flame again, and the man’s virtual shadow was blurred. Obviously, this kind of pain and suffering. But when the clay figurine’s face was distorted, he laughed: “no matter how hard you try, no matter how big the fire is, no matter how big! An Xuefeng, you fire man, you sun fire of life frolickers, can you exert yourself – lying trough! ”

The flames roared up and directly engulfed the virtual shadow of his whole person. The little mud turtle under the virtual shadow was immediately burned with cracks. The shadow of the flame suddenly disappeared and reappeared. When he was cruelly burned by the flame, he shouted: “an Xuefeng, do you have animals

“Is the fire alarm large enough?”

An Xuefeng sneered and sucked back some flames, which made the illusory figure feel better: “can it be compared with the sun fire of life playing people?”

“Comparable, comparable, fuck, you are so calm and calm when you are young. Why are you so violent now? You are completely excited by it?”

The clay figurine Zhang Wuyu said, his virtual shadow sat cross legged in the fire, looked at an Xuefeng, tut tut shook his head: “tourists who haven’t had a tour guide for ten years… It’s too scared, tut. I’ll go back to chase dream models. He wants to take care of me for a long time. I have to be like you. ”

An Xuefeng didn’t bother to kill him. The clay figurine Zhang talked to himself with great strength. Finally, he urged: “the fire will burn bigger. According to your current burning method, I will knead him into a puppet two days later.”

“If you untie the clay sculpture and recuperate, you can knead the puppet immediately.”

“OK, I want to untie the clay sculpture. I’m afraid I’ll be strengthened by the hotel soon.”

Zhang Youyou, a clay figurine, said, “I feel the deep hostility of some of the main people towards me. Really, if I unseal now, I can be assigned a journey immediately.”

“One of the principals on duty now…”

An Xuefeng said faintly.

“···? I don’t remember the new principal in these ten years? ”

The clay figurine frowned and said suspiciously, “I should have no hatred with him, but it looks like I killed his mother.”

“… want to capture the ten degree carrier of the north latitude of the dreamer.”

An Xuefeng said, glancing over the fact that he broke his hand, he naturally said: “I grabbed it back, but he still wants to give it up.”

“Is that so? I thought your boy had provoked someone in charge. He picked a soft persimmon and pinched me. ”

Clay figurine Zhang has a little letter, but he still believes it. He sighs: “it’s easy to be a fool alone. It’s easy to dream these years. Even with your help, he must be targeted everywhere. Hey, I wanted to let my dream come to you at that time. If you want to pursue your dream and join your team, he will at least worry about food and drink before you die. ”

An Xuefeng said with a smile, “come on, you’ve talked to wan’anfu, Ji Feihong, Le Tianren and Chen Chaoping. You still have a model with me. When I know?”

“Who let you take the lead at that time? Am I afraid of you?”

Clay figurine Zhang sighed helplessly: “you are such a person again… Things are done, everyone is liberated together, things are done, you take everything, you are modern, can I trust you to pursue my dream?”

“Like Wan’an poverty, they are wise and can live. They can live long. Unexpectedly… Tut. ”

I didn’t expect that all my old friends are dead now. Feihong brigade is still there, but Ji Feihong is gone. Like him, the brigade and people were all gone. The brigade captain of that year, counting him, only an Xuefeng and WAN Anfu are still there.

“They are also smart people. They are all fools.”

An Xuefeng said faintly, “they could have survived.”


Clay figurine Zhang’s tone was a little sour and said, “you know, when you were talking about your dream, you were enthusiastic and eager. Tut, you really hated me. I had to recognize you as a leader and change jobs to be a tour guide there!”

* *

“An Xuefeng forced you to do something beyond normal communication?!”

The dreamer dared to believe it, and the tone Rose: “strange, strange, I think his mental state is better. He vented all his anger on you?”

“The word vent is too appropriate.”

Wei Xun coughed and explained: “at most, it’s mutual, after all…”

After all, I’m also very happy. I want to be more careful.

“He makes you addicted!”

The dreamer was shocked, raised his voice and confirmed again: “* * * and an Xuefeng, are they all to you…”

“Normal relief and release.”

“, you normal relief and release!”

The dreamer looked very excited. Wei Xun felt that the dreamer and Yu Hehui opened their mouth to relieve the silence. Could he still understand the wrong meaning?

To relieve and release this thing, Wei Xun explained it literally. He even thought that it would be better if he had physical contact with reality and mental relief.

Anyway, it’s all over. Try more if you can.

 according to the dreamer’s reaction

“Did I get it wrong?”

Wei Xun frowned: “does an Xuefeng mean that?”

The previous possessiveness and love all came out of adventure, and Wei Xun also cared about emotional problems. But the release of psychic illusion can relieve this. He is really cool and exciting. Wei Xun’s body is too weak before, which is considered to be addictive. He also cares to have a deeper and better relationship with an Xuefeng.

However, according to the thinking of normal tourist guides, the connection seems to be only a simple cleaning of mental garbage?

Original  bed companion  only mutual cleaners.

Wei Xun tutted with a slightly regretful tone.

He is too busy to do more work in this area. He wants to be together with students and mental problems. He can see that it is efficient.

But now look at it like this.

Wrong solution… What does an Xuefeng mean

Hearing the regret of C 250 tone, the dreamer was numb.

This is really addictive!

Connecting this kind of thing, even if the C 250 newcomer is clear, an Xuefeng should understand!

But considering that an Xuefeng’s mental condition was so bad before, he would get out of control and make some things to recover, which is also possible.

Again, there is a gap between the strength of model C 250 and an Xuefeng. He can enter an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy, find an Xuefeng’s hidden spiritual problems, and solve and appease them. Model C 250 and an Xuefeng use some special means.

Through the connection on the other hand, Biyu can improve the closeness and adaptability between the two people, so that C250 can connect with him

“Hiss -”

The dreamer took a breath of air conditioning. He thought of an Xuefeng’s initiative to contact him and asked him to help the clay figurine Zhang. In fact, I only want to help clay figurine Zhang, and I also want to see C 250!

Now an Xuefeng is absolutely awake. According to the dream chaser’s understanding of an Xuefeng, if an Xuefeng really made any mistakes under mental control, he will definitely come forward in person, apologize very solemnly and seriously to C 250 and make compensation.

But now an Xuefeng has turned into a Firebird, and dreamers have heard it “chirp” at C 250! However, C250 obviously knows that the Firebird is an Xuefeng!

Properly hidden copy, secretly observe.

What does an Xuefeng mean?

He’s guilty!

Does he want to make mistakes and go on like this?

This is a trick to the guide!

The more dreamers think about it, the harder they feel.

Guo bing250 didn’t mention this to him today. I’m afraid it will really go on like this? After all these years, the dreamer still believes in an Xuefeng’s character. He thinks it’s necessary to talk to an Xuefeng about it.

No matter what, he and clay figurine Zhang, the planner of the rescue plan, owe a lot of favor. Even an Xuefeng is his good friend, and he has been looking for a tour guide for so many years. Dream seekers can see C250 so addicted.

What’s more, Yu and Hui are sandwiched between them. Alas!

“It’s easy to be addicted to mental relief.”

The dreamer calmed down and said, “the more times in a short time, the easier it is to become addicted.”

Fortunately, C 250 will take you on the journey soon. If you go back after half a month, your addiction symptoms will be reduced. But before going on the journey, he absolutely can relieve each other with an Xuefeng, otherwise it will be difficult to quit!

“What are you going to do with them?”

The dreamer changes the subject. He knows that even the most intelligent tour guide can hardly control himself after becoming addicted. In addition, an Xuefeng’s strength is too strong. If you can stir him up a little, C250 will enter his spiritual fantasy.

Many models are useless in this regard. A good way is to make C250 busy. He is only five days away from his next trip. He is busy and has no time to think about these things.

Asked by the dreamer, the butcher guides who were admitted into the node of Hongshi abyss by Wei Xun. At the moment, they are in front of them. In the distance, they only pass the master of Wei Xun’s abyss node. The dreamers are too powerful for the butcher guides to find them.

Wei Xun said, “send it back to the butcher alliance.”

“OK, I’ll throw them back for you.”

The dreamer also guessed that C 250 had something to do with the hippies. It was no surprise that he decided to let these butchers and guides go.

In fact, last night, we asked “C250” to activate the abyss node so that the yin-yang butterfly could take in all these butcher guides. I’m afraid they were all run over by the aftermath of the dream chaser’s battle.

Since the yin-yang butterfly was not prevented from accepting the butcher’s guide at that time, the dreamer “C 250 face”, now he will do it to them again. Instead, he took the initiative to say:

“The psychic is still in the hands of the puppet master. I’ll get him back later.”

“Thank you very much.”

Wei Xun smiled and said that he also changed the topic from the flow of kindness:

“My Mutual Aid Association, chasing dreams, what do you think?”

“If you only use items related to 10 degrees north latitude, the item will be traced back to the keepsake, and the item will have too much impact on the development of the item.”

The dreamer frowned: “it’s too risky. If you recognize it, you’ll probably rob it. After all, you can get information about the journey from every item related to the tenth degree of north latitude. If you know yourself and your enemy, you will be in danger of a hundred battles. ”

“What’s more, the items you have in your hands related to the ten degree journey of new north latitude are more coveted by countless people.”

The dreamer shook his head: “but if you really want to accommodate the existence of black widow and me, you can only build an organization with the related objects of the tenth degree of north latitude as the core items.”

“Yu Hehui model is limited from the west to the East. He can stop the black widow’s peeping.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “plus chasing you, I’m worried.”

“Together with Yu Hehui, it is more than enough to stop the black widow from peeping at the core.”

The dreamer pondered, “but it’s good. Your core can hide itself. Let me think.”

The dream chaser originally wanted to support the battle with the clay figurine Zhang and an Xuefeng and the C250.

But now he has directly abandoned an Xuefeng’s option. A single clay figurine Zhang can still be separated from the clay sculpture, which is too useful.


After the dreamer thought for a moment, he took out a small crystal bottle the size of a medicine bottle.

It contains a bottle of gray sand.

“This is the spiritual pollution of the dead Sahara. I solidified it. It can be counted as the items related to the dead Sahara.”

He handed the crystal bottle to Wei Xun: “when you submit the core object, pick a few and submit them together, which can confuse the breath of your core object.”

“Even if the black widow perceives the core object, the ten degree object of north latitude, she will only think it’s me.”

The dreamer smiled and said, “death Sahara has been open for many years, and they all roughly know the spiritual pollution and virtue in it, so their curiosity will be too great.”

Like the crazy sun of the Inca Sun Gate,  praise and worship,  the black sand of the death Sahara,  the death is strange and the spirit is stagnant.

We all know more or less about these ten degree journeys in northern latitude. In the final analysis, the chieftain King’s tomb in Wei Xun’s hands is an incomplete and mysterious ten degree journey of new northern latitude. Everyone wants to know what kind of mental pollution is there.

Wei Xun asked, “will this affect you?”

“ yes, this is only about some mental pollution during the journey, and , and  keepsake.”

Dream chasing humanity: “you see, there are so many crazy sun pollution in the abyss clock node. Whether they are wiped out or collected, they have no impact on the life playing people.”

Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully. A ray of the sun he had pulled from the back neck of the psychic with human leather gloves was something like the dream chaser.

“If so, you can find some more. They are the same journey of ten degrees north latitude. The breath between them will infect and interfere with each other.”

The dreamer suggested: “while you are the founder of the Mutual Aid Association, the items related to you occupy an absolute core position, and you will be affected by other things.”

Wei Xun intended to use the glove of human skin right hand, which was shed by human skin maggots, as the core. It is related to the chieftain King’s tomb, and the pollution of the chieftain King’s tomb can be related to “molting”.

This journey has not been developed yet. At present, it is the final state of the journey.

As for the dreamer, find more models… Don’t worry about models. Wei Xun has a lot of models at present.

Items related to the chieftain King’s tomb include human leather right gloves.

Items related to death, the dust of the dreamer gang.

The items related to the Inca sun gate are all in the whole abyss clock node. Just grab a ray of crazy sunshine.

Even the crow badge took over the “water” dropped from an Xuefeng’s book, which should also be related to the sinking of Western Europe.

There are only seven ten degree journeys in north latitude. From this point of view, Wei Xun has obtained more than half of the relevant items!

Wei Xun offered an invitation: “dream chasing, do you want to be a vice president?”

“It’s enough for me to be a judge.”

The dreamer apologized and smiled: “you know, even if hope exists, I will always be the vice president of hope association.”

The hope brigade of clay figurine Zhang Dai and the dream chaser formed the hope alliance. The two organizations almost poured out in the war ten years ago and called the hope association.

But after the war, the whole army was destroyed and died for hope.

The dreamer joked, “but you keep the code of hope for me.”


Wei Xun and the dreamer looked at each other. Although they were all wearing masks, they could feel that they looked at each other and smiled.

In fact, it’s also important to meet again. How much trust and tacit understanding can we have with our comrades in arms who live and die together?

In a good atmosphere, everyone should understand each other and take the initiative to be polite.

The dreamer knew that bing250 was suspicious, which Yu Hehui reminded him. Yu Zhimeng’s dreamers all set the meeting and exchange places in the abyss node of C250, because the owner of the abyss node of C250 is safe here.

It’s just polite for C 250 to invite him to become vice president. The vice president has the right second only to the president, and there is also the dust of the dreamer in the core. It must be reassuring that C 250 will also be reassured.


* *

“It takes human skin right-hand gloves, crazy sun and sunshine, and silencing ash and sand as the core.”

The dreamer sent away the butcher guides in the abyss node, and the clay figurine Zhang is here. There are only Wei Xun and Yu Hehui left in the station.

Under the gaze of Yu Hehui, Wei Xun is filling in an illusory application form in front of him.

When he put the leather gloves and sand wrapped in the crazy sun light on the application form, these items were automatically integrated into the form and became the pattern behind the column of [core items].

With the outer contour of the central people as the core, the lines drawn to the sun on the left and right and the quadrilateral representing sand grains are respectively. They are the same size and can be divided into front and back.

“Take the destruction witness of the ancient country (badge), invisibility cloak, responsibility devil bug, red stone abyss node, gambler’s dice, Madman’s knife and Yu Hehui’s inner alchemy as auxiliary materials.”

Wei Xun then put the seven items up in turn.

Like the core objects that can be changed after becoming the core of the organization, auxiliary objects can also build certain rules for the organization, but they can only leave a brand on the application form and can be added later.

Because of this, Wei Xun listed the badge that can sink into the atmosphere of Western Europe as an auxiliary.

After all, if the core is handed over, you want to withdraw unless the organization is dissolved. However, it is submitted as an auxiliary material, which does not affect the future use of Weixun.

Wei Xun thought carefully about using the two exclusive items of the madman’s knife and the gambler’s dice as auxiliary objects. The important point of the application is that the auxiliary materials leave a breath mark on the application form, which is easy to be destroyed.

Even if it is destroyed, Wei Xun can be recast according to this brand if he is strong enough.

Of course, if these two items are destroyed, the rules of the mutual aid association will be turbulent accordingly. However, their grades in the auxiliary materials are low and have a great impact.

After submission, the pattern behind the column [Auxiliary] has changed. With the abstract waves and the flying blackbird as the core, there is a looming cloak behind it. In the front of the waves and blackbirds, a circle represents the responsibility devil bug, while under the waves, the fox head and crossed dice and knives.

Above all the patterns, there is a crack representing the abyss.

The grade status of the same article can be seen from their position in the pattern. To Wei Xun’s surprise, the status of the responsible devil bug is very high, almost comparable to the waves that represent the sinking of the western continent.

Although there is too little breath attached to the badge, it is perfect. But even so, the status of the responsible devil bug is very high.


[after review, your organization can reach the level of ten degrees north latitude]

Ten degrees north latitude is an advanced level that can accommodate top people.

“The name of the organization is’ Mutual Aid Association ‘”

When the organization name and level are confirmed, the application form is like a wave. Wei Xun saw a gilded pattern appearing behind the “mutual aid society”, but when the patterns of the human figure, the sun, the sand pile and the sea waves gathered together, they dissipated vaguely and turned into a butterfly with residual wings.

The logo of the thriller global hotel, Maria butterfly.

This is the dream chaser’s model. Will the presence of core objects be confused when a variety of objects with ten degrees of north latitude are together?

Wei Xun saw more things from his book.

After the collection of items on the 10 degree journey at north latitude, it turned out to be the sign of the hotel!


In the past, the only way for the model to leave the hotel was the 10 degree journey north latitude, and the model had only the 10 degree journey north latitude and the way back. However, this performance after the gathering of objects at ten degrees north latitude makes people think and fear.

Is the modern hotel, or the abyss, the way home for all?

Wei Xun didn’t continue to guess. It’s meaningless to just guess. Even if Wei Xun speculates on the essence of the hotel, it is of no use to his current models, because the level of strength is here.

There are definitely more people who know about the journey of ten degrees north latitude. For example, an Xuefeng, who has opened two journeys, should know more about the journey.

“I’m going to see some other trips later.”

Wei Xun said to himself, the butterfly on the sign is incomplete, and the items on the ten degree journey of seven North latitudes are not good enough.

If you have this, can you make up for the butterfly?

Even with this model, it can’t be completed. The ten degree journey in seven North latitudes is not complete, and there are still undeveloped journeys?

The chest was slightly hot. The place where the butterfly pattern was located trembled like induction. Wei Xun stroked his chest thoughtfully.

What kind of journey does the Maria butterfly fragment in his hand represent.

“The mutual aid association shall have a speaker, a vice president, a ruling, seven knights and sixteen members.”

Wei Xun nodded the table and suddenly said with a smile, “the dreamer is the judge. Yu Hehui is a knight. C 250 is the vice president. ”

“Wei Xun is the chairman of the Council.”

With his words, various names gradually appeared in the column of “organization members” on the look list. Only the names of the president and vice president were tangled for a while, but they were successfully passed after they were signed.

“Sure enough.”

Wei Xun said with a smile. Yu Hehui beside him was relieved and smiled and sighed, “I didn’t expect it to be really good.”

If you want to join a group or forum group, Wei Xun will definitely succeed in doing so. But now the mutual aid association is an organization based on its core. Under the premise that it violates the basic premise of the hotel, Wei Xun can set various rules.

Of course, it should also comply with the rules of core and auxiliary objects.

Wei Xun is a member of the mutual aid association by setting the number of tourists and tour guides, because Wei Xun uses the exclusive weapons representing tourists and tour guides, such as the knife of Madman and the dice of gambler, as auxiliary materials, and Wei Xun uses the number of titles to make the hotel recognize his double number.

So this rule can succeed.

However, if he takes Yu Hehui’s broken internal alchemy as an aid, Yu Hehui can join the Mutual Aid Association.

Because Yu Hehui’s “Resurrection” can be counted among passengers and tour guides.

In the same way, Wei Xun can set the rule that “in the Mutual Aid Association, all members are matched by code names, and” expose the true “because there is a legendary invisibility cloak in the auxiliary.

As for the code, of course, the code can let members start randomly. In this way, it seems that the code is too unified. As for the code, both people and non-human around Wei Xun actively put forward their opinions. Yu Hehui proposed to use the Tarot brand name as the code. In this way, it seems that the code is more popular and is rejected by Wei Xun.

After all, the number of tarot cards is too small. Although there are only a dozen or a few people in his association, Wei Xun should plan out the posture of the future people in advance.

Xiaocui Qiai proposed to use the insect name. Like magic spiders, magic ants and worms, they sound good, deep and powerful.

But he was also rejected by Wei Xun. His Mutual Aid Association asked both tour guides and tourists. It’s too deep. Good.

Magic mosquito Xiaojin was smart and directly flattered: “the master must have thought about it, buzzing!”

“That’s right.”

Wei Xun smiled and looked at Yu Hehui: “remember what I told you before, recasting the glory of the hope alliance, my generation’s tolerance.”

Thinking that Wei Xun used the responsible devil insect as an auxiliary, Yu Hehui pulled his mouth and said helplessly: “ yes, yes.”

“This is an empty word. Our mutual aid association has become more active.”

Wei Xun said excitedly, “hope, responsibility, peace, kindness, good, morality, love, dignity, sincerity, justice, compassion, sacrifice and protection… These are the codes of the mutual aid association!”

Ah, this

“Good code!”

Magic mosquito Xiaojin asked, “support!”

“Be responsible to Wang, love Wang, everything is good for Wang, cherish sacrifice and protect Wang’s dignity… These codes are really good!”

Xiaocui sighed with longing.

“Good, love, responsibility…”

Yu Hehui looked strange. He knew that Wei Xun would take all the butcher tour guides in the early stage. When he thought that the butcher tour guide called this code… Ha.

Yu Hehui was very interested: “it’s very interesting.”

He felt Wei Xun’s evil taste.

“Well, I think so.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “the code of the dreamer is hope, Yu Hehui. What kind of code do you want?”

Yu Hehui thought for a moment: “guard it.”


Wei Xun filled it in one by one. Yu Hehui tilted his head and was curious to see what code Wei Xun gave himself.

Then he saw Wei Xun’s code name “C250” responsibility.

Uh huh, Yu Hehui nodded and could guess that, to be honest, he is now a little responsible PTSD.

What’s the code name of Wei Xun?

To tell you the truth, Wei Xun is really coquettish with his two roles as president and vice president, but Yu Hehui knows something, because the chairman of the meeting has great authority and great benefits brought by the organizational rules.

The organizational rules can also bring benefits. Compared with the Wei Xun setting rules, “the members of the mutual aid association are more resistant to the spiritual pollution of the ten degree journey to north latitude.”

This rule can be established because Wei Xun uses the ten degree object of north latitude as the core object.

A total of seven rules related to benefits can be set in the organization of ten degrees north latitude, which is of great value.

Of course, if you buy a hotel and transfer the online organization to the offline organization, the benefit rules can be increased to nine.

Therefore, Yu Hehui will have such doubts, because the construction mode of Wei Xun’s organization is actually the prototype of the alliance of tour groups and tour guides. In the organization, the president will always have great authority and enjoy all treatment. The treatment enjoyed by the vice president will be lower.

The president can enjoy all the benefits of the rule belt, while the vice president can only enjoy six of its rules, four of its rulings, and two of its members.

Although Wei Xun has the title of a tourist, Yu Hehui thinks he will use more “tour guide” than “tourist guide”. Even at some point, he will become a pure tour guide.

Until then, with the current settings, will you drag yourself back?

“Virtual reality, real reality, virtual reality.”

Aware of Yu Hehui’s doubts, Wei Xun smiled and said, “since they all think there is someone behind C 250.”

“Then let someone behind me.”

And Wei Xun doesn’t really agree with the rules of many hotels.

Hide your real name from the tour guide and only match it with the code.

This is the hotel’s protection of the reality of the tour guide, but it is also like the tour guide’s “Hotel”, a labeled tool man.

Only prisoners, criminals, see people’s running dogs, will be matched by codes.

Wei Xun is Wei Xun.

What tour guide, tourist, C 250, or other titles.

He’s just Wei Xun.

Wei Xun smiled and said, “the conference leader, Wei Xun, code name is” master. ”

Only Wei Xun, the master of the Mutual Aid Association.

The title given by the hotel is C250, .


Yu Hehui savors it carefully. He suddenly falls into meditation. From this code, he really knows Wei Xun, understands Wei Xun, and sees the deeper heart of Wei Xun.

He has never been disturbed by powerful hotels, dangerous journeys, rules and hidden rules in countless hotels.

However, he has always been firm in moving, believing in what he believes and identifying with what he agrees with.

He started from the implementation of rules.

And the creation of rules.


“Dominate this code, is it very positive?”

Yu Hehui asked modestly, “do you think it matches the codes of ‘hope’, ‘honesty’ and ‘Guardian’?”

“Of course, the big man behind him is the master of everything.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “as long as I have a voice in my association.”

* *

“Is the mutual aid association established now? He moves so fast. ”

The dreamer smiled with a brooch. He and Yu Hehui asked a group of people who had been approved by Wei Xun to join the Mutual Aid Association. After the application form was submitted successfully, as long as they paid a certain amount of money, the hotel would provide a sub app for them to download. At the moment, in the dreamer’s mobile phone, there was an app named “Mutual Aid Association” marked by incomplete butterflies.

“You’ve got twenty-five cents.”

Cold, the dreamer asked.


An Xuefeng was still in a bird state, burning clay figurines, and Zhang said: “part of the mental loss fee.”

“I knew it.”

Dreamers sneer. To set up an organization, especially an organization of ten degrees north latitude, the registration fee should be at least 100000 points. C 250 a tour guide who has only gone through one journey, even if he sells his kidney and sells medicine, he can earn so many points!

And Yu Hehui’s money for buying incomplete inner alchemy, as well as all kinds of. When the dreamer thought deeply, he felt very afraid of thinking carefully!

Sure enough, an Xuefeng’s idea is absolutely normal!

went to apologize toc 250, went to see him, but began to make money every other time. What’s this behavior?

This is the act of keeping money!

God, is an Xuefeng really an invisible slag emotionally?

The dreamer ignored that the bed companion actually had no more feelings than Bao Yang. An Xuefeng helped him a lot with his friends for so many years. He made accusations and remained silent for a long time. After that, he only gave a cold hum and gently reminded him:

“C250 will soon be short of money.”

After reading the rules of the Mutual Aid Association, dreamers understand that ordinary members can’t get the benefits of the rules. They can only use basic task trading and other sections. Starting from members of Parliament, they can get some benefits of the rules.

However, the benefits of the rules of the mutual aid association were so attractive that he couldn’t help but be moved after reading them. Other members must be like this. The C250 program has been set up. If you want to upgrade from an ordinary member to a member of Parliament, you need to complete a certain amount of tasks, or submit intelligence information, etc., and accumulate contribution points.

If you want to be promoted from a congressman to a knight, you should make a great contribution to the Mutual Aid Association.

But for those who want rapid promotion, they have set up a shortcut!

Then donate money and materials to the Mutual Aid Association.

As long as you donate enough, you can become a congressman!

Moreover, members have only 16 seats. First come, first served!


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