TTG Chapter 153

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 153: Clay figurine Zhang [End]

The bee Taoist returned to his brigade station. Recalling the night of the butcher alliance, he was still frightened and hard to calm down.


He buzzed blankly. As soon as he thought that the dark orange cloak appeared just now, they were all thrown back to the butcher Alliance… The bee Taoist dared not think about it. The strength of the dreamer was too terrible for him.

Not only him, but also other butchers who were thrown back to the butcher alliance. Those who were stationed in the brigade went home immediately, those who did not return to reality immediately, and none dared to stay. However, good Yin and Yang butterflies and psychic media are all concerned. No one is too frightened to control the situation.

But the bee Taoist returned to the station and looked at the center of the hall. The abyss bell tower that used to be suspended there disappeared.

Did the butcher alliance fail in this fight?

But they are all alive, and so are yin-yang butterflies and psychic media.

But there must be no victory, otherwise why would dream hunters throw them back to the butcher alliance? Lord Xi Ming? Where has a puppet gone?

For a moment, the bee Taoist thought very much. A normal butcher guide wouldn’t think so. Their spirit has been polluted for a long time. Even if they can make up for it later, the damage caused will not be made up.

Mending San and healing mental injury are actually two different things. But most of the tour guides only know the person, not the latter. They didn’t connect with passengers, and they didn’t even know about the psychic fantasy.

Only the bee Taoist, who drinks purified magic honey for a long time, even if mixed with ordinary magic honey, his diet is different from other middle-level butcher guides.

The same is the low San value. Why can he still keep his mind while other butcher guides can’t? The same is to restore the San value. Why can he immediately return to normal combat when he is full, but others are always in a trance?

Taoist bee is not stupid. He has figured out some over the years. He also wondered why there were so many tourists in the alliance. They couldn’t see the shadow on weekdays, but now the bee Taoist understood in a trance.

But it’s impossible for him to connect with passengers or join the brigade. The price of betraying the butcher alliance is too high.

However, the bee Taoist also wanted to find a way for himself, such as selling some unimportant newspapers to outsiders, or helping outsiders. For example, this time, the task given to him by the contact person was to kneel down when he saw the crimson cloak and shout, ‘I’ve seen adults’.

As long as he yells, he can get a chance to enter the abyss node!

In fact, the bee Taoist can guess who the contact is. The forces with abyss nodes are no more than those. The most powerful one is the shepherd alliance. He asked why there was a crimson cloak over there and what the purpose was. He was not interested. The bee Taoist only focused on his own interests.

If he doesn’t find a chance to fight again, he may be gone!

It’s the hippie who betrays a puppet and cooperates with the dreamer puppet master. It’s the hippie who has another plan. These bee Taoists don’t care.

What’s the meaning of betrayal without betrayal? They are all dying people, people who join thriller global hotels, and murder and betrayal are as common as home. The bee Taoist just wants to live.

It’s also good to join the butcher alliance and work for people. Live, live better, this is his only goal!


“Mutual Aid Association…”

Taoist bee changed back to human shape. He took out a small badge. This is a lavender, incomplete butterfly scale wing. He got it the night of the butcher League.

The bee Taoist has always been cautious. Although he has exchanges with outsiders, he has never thought of completely departing from the butcher alliance and joining the organization. It is because he firmly believes that the best organizations can be added. Only the best organizations can have sufficient resources and growth space, and there can be a way in the future.

This was what he thought in the past. The butcher League is also the most secretive Major League across the East and west regions. Just the abyss clock tells the time twice every time, so that they can absorb the breath of the abyss, which is a great benefit.

But it’s too slow. It’s too slow for the bee Taoist. Even if he gets a chance to enter the abyss node this time, it’s just a drop in the bucket. He was badly hurt, and the butcher union was not a little polluted mentally that night.

Moreover, on that night, the puppets of dream chasers, puppet masters and life playing people played a big game. Under the battle at this level, even the yin-yang butterflies and psychic media in the past were like mole ants. This made the bee Taoist afraid and frightened, but also full of ambition.

He also wants to be that person!

He also wants to be a strong man!

“Mutual Aid Association…”

Taoist bee clenched the badge in the book and made up his mind. He’s going to see what the organization is all about first.

I will send him leaflets to explain that the organization should grow up in the early stage of development. If there are really top tour guides like puppet masters behind it, as a “veteran” who first joined the organization, he may get a better chance



The machine has scanned the badge, indicating that a new app is being downloaded, which makes the bee Taoist confused. Although the butcher alliance he joined is a large offline organization, the bee Taoist online organization also knows something about it. There will be a new app download, which shows that this is a core building group, not a common forum group.

“Core building group…”

The core building group means that there will be good rules in this organization!

Thinking of this, the bee Taoist suddenly looked forward to the Mutual Aid Association. The app was ready soon, but he wanted to go in. Taoist bee looked at the app icon at will and was suddenly stunned.

“This is…”

The icon of the mutual aid app is almost the same as the butterfly marked by the hotel, but its wings are incomplete!

In fact, the bee Taoist had noticed it for a long time, but he didn’t notice it at that time. After all, he thought that this mutual aid association was also a common forum group or chat group, focusing on thriller global hotels, so the signs were similar to hotels.


The bee Taoist breathes sluggishly, his pupils shrink suddenly, and his forehead perspires.

However, this mutual aid association is based on the core building group.

But its app icon is the Mariah butterfly, which is the same as the hotel!

What does that mean?!

* *

“Organization at 30 degrees north latitude -”

The devil merchant took a breath of air conditioning and stared at the app icon just downloaded. He thought of it for a moment. After she left last night, he immediately went to have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of what happened at night. After she understood everything, the devil merchant sighed heartily.

Are these people at the top level?

It is said that in this battle, only the puppet division appeared, and others were either puppets or energy incarnations.

Even so, it also blew a hole in the virtual Hall of the hotel, leaving the mysterious butcher alliance nowhere to hide!

But that doesn’t mean the butcher alliance is weak! It is said that under the double coercion of the dream chaser and the puppet master, the butcher alliance still succeeded in evacuating with a large number of butchers, and only one of the hippies at the Inca Sun Gate withstood the pressure of the host of the hotel. How powerful it is!

Even if the devil businessman is a tour guide in the West rather than a person in the East, his heart is surging. He wants to be strong enough to match those strong ones.

Besides the butcher alliance, the focus of the program is C 250. The new star tour guide, supported by dream chasers, puppet masters, an Xuefeng and the way home, can be called a new tour guide in the world. Even if he was a devil merchant, he was so dull that he had no sense of being.

This makes the devil businessman’s heart complicated, but he has a deeper curiosity about the mutual aid association established by C 250.

Was this organization built by C 250? Was he just a puppet? The devil merchant still remembers that night, Xiao Cui said, “do you think this is what you want?” When, the melancholy mood.

The devil merchant’s mind was agitated. Second, he contacted Xiaocui and asked her for some leaflets. Xiaocui didn’t ask him where the one he gave him went, but directly gave him ten, and asked him to develop if he had friends he knew.

That natural tone made the devil businessman laugh and cry, but he was relieved. Xiaocui is indeed a determined woman. She is not silent, but still optimistic and full of unyielding ambition.

[if you let me help you develop people, what benefits can I get from you?]

The devil merchant joked.

Fang replied, “it’s the greatest advantage to let you join the mutual aid association first!”

The devil merchant smiled. He smiled happily.

“Xiao Cui, tut.”

The devil merchant doesn’t know why he is so happy. Maybe it’s Xiaocui’s tone. It felt as if they were the founders of the Mutual Aid Association. They wanted to develop the organization and make it grow.

“What do you think?”

The devil merchant shook his head and laughed at himself.

In this mutual aid association, maybe Xiaocui is just a puppet on the surface, behind which are those big guys.

The devil businessman thinks this kind of organization is very capable, but he still attaches unspeakable importance and expectation to this organization.

However, when I downloaded the fraternity app, I saw that it was marked by Maria’s incomplete butterfly, and the devil merchant’s heart sank.

He is more knowledgeable than the bee Taoist. Even if the bee Taoist has deeper experience and strong comprehensive strength than him, he ranks . But the devil merchant has contact with the black widow of level s and the little witch of level A. in fact, the level of knowledge is much higher than that of the bee Taoist.

He could see at a glance that it could be marked by Maria’s incomplete butterfly, which showed that the core of the mutual aid association was definitely a 30 degree north latitude object.

You can’t get such a thing at 30 degrees north latitude just by Bing 250. Even if the devil merchant can guess that the “traveler” who pioneered the “chieftain King’s tomb” may be Xiaocui, it’s just a journey at 30 degrees north latitude.

Look at the degree of deformity of the butterfly. There should be more than three items at 30 degrees north latitude in the core.

“Sure enough… Just a puppet.”

Sure enough, is Xiaocui just a puppet on the surface.

With a complicated heart, the devil merchant clicked into this app. To tell the truth, a core online organization with a big man behind it, and he joined as a group of people, this is a big opportunity anyway!

But at the thought of Xiaocui, and at the thought that she might also be subordinate to others in this mutual aid association, the devil businessman was somehow confused.

If… This organization is really Xiaocui’s.

[please select your number]

“Choose the item number. It seems that there should be shielded items in the core or auxiliary items.”

The devil merchant commented: “the number is a ghost.”

He always used this number when he engaged in underground trading in the western district. Although his title is devil merchant, in fact, his alienation is ghost.

The black widow knew his name, and the devil merchant continued to use it carefully. After all, I’m afraid there’s an old man from the east side behind the Mutual Aid Association. Looking at the performance of the black widow, I should say that the mutual aid association is very curious and may have come in.

The devil merchant just wants to be with the black widow. He is always cautious.


[ I can’t afford it. Your title doesn’t conform to the core values of the Mutual Aid Association. Would you like the mutual aid association to recommend the number?]

“The core values of the society?”

The devil businessman immediately laughed. He once heard that an online organization was engaged in core values. After all, to tell the truth, online is not as good as offline, and this is an anonymous organization. Even if you have a core value, will anyone really believe it? Will you do it from a value point of view?

It’s all superficial and perfunctory.

“OK, then recommend it.”

The devil merchant said casually, and then he was stunned when he saw a long string of numbers recommended by the Mutual Aid Association.

“Peace, kindness, beauty… What is Xiaocui doing?”

The devil merchant was speechless. He didn’t say that the tour guide didn’t really match these titles of truth, goodness and beauty. Xiao Cui set the number of the Mutual Aid Association as this. Not only did he see some twists, but I’m afraid other tour guides didn’t have much interest in joining.

It’s better to play some numbers related to the abyss or the color of the core. This person wants to join after seeing it.

Even the name “Mutual Aid Association” is a little dull to tell the truth. It’s better to use the words “mystery”, “north latitude” and “Butterfly”.

“Really, why are you worried about the development of the mutual aid association?”

The devil merchant laughed and chose a number.


He has always wanted to live with dignity since he was a poor child. If you just want to live, just want to live well, with his “endowments and potential”, you have already made a head under the “black widow living werewolf alliance”, why have you been trying to seek self-development independently?

What he pursues has always been dignity.

[B125 devil merchant, selected No.: dignity]

[congratulations on becoming a member of the mutual aid association!]

Just a member?

The devil merchant was slightly stunned. He thought that with his strength, not to mention being a judge knight, he could at least be a congressman first.

Are the 36 members now full? It shouldn’t be. The mutual aid association is really a new organization. Usually, this kind of Organization ranks automatically according to its strength and enjoys various benefits according to its ranking. Just like the hotel one, it also urges its members to strive to improve themselves.

After he found that he was just an ordinary member, the devil businessman was a little depressed, but the next moment, his heart turned upside down!

[it is determined that the most applicable rules in your mutual aid association are as follows:]

[Rule 5. Members of the mutual aid association will gain more advantages in fighting against the ancient!]

Gain more advantages in the resistance and battle with the ancients!

The devil merchant was stunned immediately. He immediately thought of his magic mirror!

When he opened a branch line of his journey, he got an amazing broken magic mirror in the deepest treasure chest of the undead ship, which was sealed with a powerful ghost monarch.

As long as the magic mirror is repaired, it can become a legendary prop. However, the ghost monarch will also be completely imprisoned in the magic mirror. Therefore, every time the devil merchant uses the magic mirror, the magic mirror will penetrate out madly, and the magic mirror will become more and more broken.

When he came to the East District and was chased by several major organizations, the devil merchant used the magic mirror several times, which also made the ghost monarch in the magic mirror more restless and active.

However, he doesn’t have an effective section to suppress his side, and the devil merchant wants to use this magic mirror in his upcoming journey.

“The old… How old is it?”

After a brief excitement, the devil merchant quickly calmed down. This rule is too vague. What does it say about the ancient? What are the advantages? What are the advantages?

It is an ancient one in the rules of the Chinese Communist Party. It is only for one hundred years. The ghost monarch in his magic mirror has a history of 1000 years!

The devil businessman is a businessman. These verbal traps are the most acute. I was aware of several loopholes that can be contained in them.

Moreover, this benefit rule can only be enjoyed by members. For a rule with unknown effect, it is a fool to donate money and materials blindly or complete the task to obtain contribution points.


“You are a group of members of the Mutual Aid Association. Do you have any benefits?”

Asked the devil merchant skillfully.

[you are one hundred members of the mutual aid association and enjoy special benefits! You can test the rules of the most suitable degree for free!]

“Sure enough.”

The devil merchant smiled with satisfaction. He knew that a group of people who joined the organization would certainly enjoy various benefits. This is what latecomers cannot get.

“Xiaocui is too refined.”

This welfare did not take the initiative to show. If he didn’t ask, wouldn’t he miss it?

At the thought of Xiaocui, the devil merchant’s heart got better. After he was sure, the lavender incomplete butterfly scale and wing badge became cyan gold.

Turquoise gold is the symbol of the congressman.

Later, the devil merchant felt the special pressure of the frozen but not scattered clothes attached to the clothes badge.

The devil merchant’s face changed slightly. The pressure brought him a sense of vicissitudes of life no less than the ghost monarch! Even better! Not only that, in his majesty, he vaguely felt a more terrible and deep, but unable to peep, just like the bottomless sea.

The devil merchant’s heart changed completely. He solemnly took out the magic mirror. In the past, once the half broken magic mirror was taken out, without his call, there would be shadows and black fog surging inside. The ghost monarch attacked the magic mirror all the time in an attempt to get out!

But this time, there was no difference in the magic mirror next to the badge! The restless ghost monarch waiting for an opportunity to break through was like sleeping for a while without any movement.

Even the devil merchant can feel a trace of fear and fear from the magic mirror.

Sure enough! This rule can restrain the ghost monarch!

But the next moment, the cyan and gold on the badge faded, and the magic mirror immediately showed signs of agitation. The devil merchant was terrified and took it back immediately.

“Fu · CK… It’s not even half a minute.”

He complained and complained, but he laughed again.

“This is really…”


This is the chance!

The devil merchant has determined that what he needs is this rule! Not only fu magic mirror, he knows countless ghost related relics, and even some ghost abyss nodes in the west, he can enter.

Those ghosts are all ancient!

I’m afraid it was only when the mutual aid association was established in the early stage that such good welfare rules would be brought out for members to enjoy. He has enjoyed the early establishment of the mutual aid association!

As long as you take out 100000 points or equivalent items, you can become a congressman! This is the price after discount, and the same is the initial welfare of the mutual aid association!

Although the price is very expensive… No, not at all! Compared with the welfare rules, this price is not expensive at all! What’s more, completing the task of the mutual aid association or providing various information to the mutual aid association in exchange for contribution points can also offset points.

The devil merchant’s heart pounded with excitement. He chose on the spot and sold some of the newspapers he knew. After all, he knows the vast majority of newspapers, and the black widow actually knows it. Although the black widow should not do such a thing as selling newspapers, the devil merchant sold his newspapers first. After all, if he sold them first, his newspapers would be worthless.

After the newspaper is sold, it needs to review its value. The devil businessman temporarily strolled around the mission area of the Mutual Aid Association. He found that the mission area was also classified with the “three levels”, from safety level, difficulty level, danger level, super danger level, extreme danger level to 30 degrees north latitude level.

After all, he is only a guide of B125. He is only an ordinary member. He can only see level III tasks. The rear task area cannot be opened, but there are no tasks in level III task area.

Also, the current members of the mutual aid association are all big men, and the initial income should be all elite talents. Like the devil businessman, it should only belong to potential investment. How can there be low-level tasks.

The devil merchant regretted to quit the mission area, but he also thought that he could send tasks in the mission area at that time. As long as you provide a small amount of points and remuneration, you can send tasks. The mutual aid association is equivalent to an intermediary organization.

After completing the task, you can choose to get the reward of the devil merchant, and you can also choose to contribute this reward to the mutual aid association in exchange for your contribution point.

The devil merchant can get 100000 points, but other tour guides may be shy. They don’t have such large mobile points in their pocket. Maybe he will release some tasks now, which will attract the strong to solve for him!

The devil merchant immediately saw the business opportunity, but he was not in a hurry to send the task, but went to see the obligations of the Mutual Aid Association.

Yes, although he sold the newspaper first, it was because the newspaper transaction was not unique. He could sell it without selling other people’s newspapers first. But the devil merchant didn’t do it.

He must first clarify the obligations of the members of the Mutual Aid Association.

In addition to enjoying benefits, an organization always has obligations that must be completed. Some things are harmless, but if you promise not to look carefully, you will suffer later.

The devil businessman carefully read the obligations of the Mutual Aid Association several times and was satisfied.

It is roughly the minimum accumulation amount of some monthly contribution points and the amount of tasks completed. When some mutual aid members are in danger and ask for help, nearby mutual aid members should provide help, etc. Members have the obligation to protect the Mutual Aid Association.

The only thing that makes the devil businessman hesitate is the “Ideological and moral education course”.

[members of the mutual aid association shall receive four 15 minute ideological and moral education courses every month. They shall be completed in one time or in batches]

* *

“Ideological and moral education… Is it really a hope alliance?”

In an ancient castle on the cliffs of the coast of northern Europe, a petite and beautiful woman sits by the window with a dignified and elegant posture, like a beautiful oil painting. Outside the window is a leaden grey sky, seabirds fly, roll the waves to the rocks, and form the white foam of the big beach.

The sea breeze blew her flaxen curly hair, the layers of lace gauze skirt blew gently with the wind, and the tulle covered on her face was also blown and lifted, vaguely revealing the brownish red terrorist scars on her face, like the traces left by severe burns. And in her purse is a turquoise gold badge.

Obviously, the woman has turned in her points and has become a member of the mutual aid association!

“Do you want to use the hope monster to influence people? But your failure proves that the hope monster is not very useful, and your hope monster… Is dead.”

With a smile, the woman raised her hand and sprinkled a handful of grain out of the window. Some of the sea birds, who were used to feeding, flew over and competed. Some of them were brave enough to even fall on her to peck at the grain.

Suddenly, she grabbed her hand and broke the neck of a seabird. Scarlet bird blood stained her snow-white fingertips and smeared the burn marks on her cheek. But other seabirds did not seem to notice the death of their companions. They still frantically scrambled for grain, and even tore and fought for it.

“Don’t you give up? It’s interesting. The welfare rules of the mutual aid association also have some meaning.”

“Can you become a knight by making a great contribution…?”

She left the dried seabird and let it be swept away by the waves. Then the woman smiled and took off a white feather from behind her hair.

This feather is longer than your finger. It’s an owl’s feather.

In 586 A.D., the kingdom was destroyed by the king of New Babylon, and the Jews who demolished the holy city of Jerusalem once viciously cursed the Babylonian tower known as the “gate of God”, saying that “the wild animals in the desert and the wild animals on the island will live there, and the owl will live there, and it will never be inhabited, and the world will never be inhabited.”*

This owl feather is the curse left by the Jews who were enslaved in the past, and the spiritual pollution turned into thousands of years later.

“I don’t know if this item of Batong tower can be regarded as a major contribution?”

The woman smiled. She loosened the feathers between her fingers, let them fall, spin and finally disappear.

“Can the items collected from the journey of 30 degrees north latitude be condensed into a complete Maria butterfly?”

“I’m also curious about this.”

Journey at 30 degrees north latitude, pioneer of baton tower, black widow.

* *

“Ideological and moral lessons? Chasing dreams. You actually set up this mutual aid association?”

Zhang xingzang put his head on the shoulder of the dreamer and hummed. He was badly burned by an Xuefeng, but his spirit was also solid. Coupled with the comfort and relief of the dreamer, it doesn’t take two years. Now it’s almost as good as a puppet for C 250.

Clay figurines not only pay attention to mud shells, but also pay attention to essence, Qi and spirit. It is said that the old clay figurine Zhang Zhuo, the real clay figurine in the past, would eat and live with Zhufang for at least half a year when he was a puppet, not only to observe people’s every move, but also to squeeze Zhufang’s spirit into the mud.

Therefore, it is said that the statue of a healthy person wants to lose his life, precisely because he pinches the essence and spirit into it. Therefore, the “clay figurine molding” and the “not changing the look” are proposed, and some adjustments should be made.

It is said that in the longest time, Zhang once sat down with Fang for three years before finally pinching out a clay figurine. The clay figurine had all kinds of supernatural manifestations when it was half pinched. If it was completely pinched, it would be no different from a real person. Therefore, when the clay figurine opens and pinches the clay figurine, it is intended to make the clay figurine longer.

Long life means long life, and with these long life, clay figurines are not exactly the same as the master’s family, so they will not take people for them, but will concentrate on protecting the peace of the master’s family.

Zhang xingzang is a descendant of the clay figurine Zhang qiaoshao. In fact, he doesn’t knead clay figurines in reality. After entering the journey and obtaining the initial title, he picked up the old art and gradually broke into the name of “clay figurine”.

Now, although his real body is plastic sealed in the little mud turtle, he is no different from ordinary people and can pinch clay figurines under the burning of an Xuefeng’s flame.

“No, this is his organization.”

The dreamer shook his head: “Ideological and moral lesson… I hope he doesn’t use evil insects, but some other paragraphs.”

The dreamer sighed sadly: “after all, magic insects can only make people have a stronger sense of love or belief, but they can’t really change people’s hearts.”

In the past, the hope brigade hoped that after the collapse of the league. Clay figurine Zhang doesn’t know life or death. Only the dreamer lives alone. The dreamer wants to quickly reorganize a new hope alliance with the hope demon worm to organize people to rescue clay figurine Zhang. But the newly formed hope alliance appeared traitors, and finally failed.

The dreamer also realizes that the hopes of others may be different from his. I hope the devil bug can arouse people’s hope, but it can’t really make them share with the dreamer.

“Or love the devil.”

Clay figurine Zhang couldn’t hear the slightly lost tone of the dreamer. He laughed and joked: “if they all fall in love with you, they will take your hope as hope!”

“All fall in love with you, and then someone wants to kill you because of too strong love, and someone commits suicide because of asking but can’t love, and finally becomes a pot of porridge?”

Dream chasers don’t have a good airway.

The clay figurine Zhang hehe smiled and stopped talking. They enjoyed a rare peace and companionship.

Suddenly, the dreamer was surprised.

“Why is there a new knight so soon?”

As the adjudicator of the Mutual Aid Association, dreamers feel when new people join and promote. At this moment, he suddenly felt that a new knight had been found in the mutual aid association!

It is normal for ordinary members to be promoted to members. 100000 points or items of corresponding value are enough. This half year’s dreamers have realized that seven ordinary members have paid for promotion and become members of Parliament. Others also pay money and materials in exchange for contribution points.

In terms of making money, C250 is set up in great detail. Even ordinary members can temporarily test a rule after paying 100 contribution points (about 10000 points), which is only a one-time, limited time and short time limit.

The most cost-effective way is to pay 100000 points at a time and become a junior member, so as to enjoy a welfare rule.

Then go up to krypton and become an intermediate member of Parliament, you can enjoy two welfare rules.

But I’m angry that no matter whether the junior member or the intermediate member, the welfare rules are given to you at random,  you don’t get what you want! If you want to change the benefit rules, you have to change them again.

Of course, if you are a member of Parliament, you can choose two welfare rules without random suffering.

“The rules that members can enjoy are not enough for some people.”

The dreamer smiled. As the adjudicator, C250 opened the back door for him. The dreamer can enjoy six welfare rules, comparable to the vice president.

[rule 1. Members of the mutual aid association are more likely to get the favor and title of top monsters]

[rule 2. Members of the mutual aid association are more likely to get the friendship of ancient demons]

[rule 3. Members of the mutual aid association are easier to establish relationships with abyss creatures in abyss nodes]

[Rule 4. Members of the mutual aid association will have better luck]

[Rule 5. Members of the mutual aid association will gain more advantages in fighting with the old people]

[rule 6. Members of the mutual aid association have stronger resistance to mental pollution during the journey of 30 degrees north latitude (hidden rules, enjoyed by knights and above)]

There is a rule 7. The dreamer estimates that it can also be 30 degrees north latitude, and can only be enjoyed by knights and above.

To tell you the truth, knights enjoy three rules, which are actually only one of them. But cherish it. The six or seven rules for knights and the welfare rules related to 30 degrees north latitude.

Therefore, C250 is very strict in this aspect. You can’t become a knight after paying money. You must make great contributions.

“Great contribution… The new Knight ‘beautiful’.”

Dream chasing humanity: “it should be the black widow. Maybe she turned over the items of Bagu tongta.”

“Baguitong tower… Eh? Remember that at that time, the pioneer of baguitong tower didn’t seem to be a black widow?”

Zhang xingzang wondered.

The man died, and the black widow inherited his keepsake

“It’s this… Hey, dreamer, are you really going to help C 250?”

The clay figurine Zhang said lazily, “aren’t you afraid that he will become two playful people? After all, they are similar in blood, alienated and of the same kind. Maybe they are brothers.”

“What kind of person is he? He will see it with his own eyes.”

The dreamer patted clay figurine Zhang’s head: “he will be his guardian on the next journey.”

“Sure enough, you’ve really grown up.”

Clay figurine Zhang sighed: “it’s not the little guide who would have been cheated if he only listened to a slogan.”

“Ha ha.”

The dreamer smiled and suddenly asked:

“How did an Xuefeng talk to you about deep connection? Tell me again.”

“Ah, that’s not good.”

Clay figurine Zhang Shan smiled: “this is a private topic between the brigade leaders. I’m sorry to tell your guide.”

“Sure enough.”

The dreamer said faintly, “he talked to you about deep connection.”

“Ha ha.”

The clay figurine is a little stiff.

* *

“Wei Xun, will you really let the black widow become a knight?”

Yu Hehui seemed a little worried.

“She turned in the items related to 30 degrees north latitude, and paid enough points and props. Of course, she is qualified to make such a contribution to the project.”

Wei Xun smiled and carefully put away the pure white owl feather.

Roughly speaking, apart from the lost ancient Maya of the astrologer, he has seen other objects at 30 degrees north latitude.

“Come on, look at this.”

Today’s meeting is a great harvest after the opening of the Mutual Aid Association. Not only the black widow directly krypton to the knight, but also seven krypton to the junior congressman. But what Wei Xun didn’t expect most was that the bee Taoist went out of his way and lost his fortune directly to the intermediate councillor!

Sure enough, the welfare rules of the Mutual Aid Association, which are ambitious but lack of opportunities, are precious opportunities for those who want to fight.

But now we have no time to count the booty, because the hotel’s latest group prompt appears!

[delegation information]

[journey Name: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing]

[journey level: extremely dangerous]

[with travel: not determined]

[with regiment type: 10 person small regiment special vehicle double guide]

[tour guide: C250, B125]

[itinerary date: 9.20 Wednesday departure – 9.30 Saturday return]

[brief description of the trip: omitted]

“Everything else is fixed except the itinerary and itinerary brief.”

Yu Hehui opened his mouth and didn’t go on. After seeing the information, his worried heart rose to the extreme.

At the moment of departure, it will not reveal the city, nor will it reveal the brief itinerary. Only the name of the itinerary can give people a rough guess. The difficulty of the extremely dangerous group can be seen from here.

Even though Wei Xun made such preparations, accumulated such materials, and even contacted the dreamer as the guardian, Yu Hehui was not at ease.

This is an extremely dangerous group. There will be several terrorist attacks on the bus! Wei Xun, can he really survive.

“The journey is about to begin. Ming, Hou, Hou are going to find a clay figurine and a puppet.”

Wei Xun seemed very calm: “then go to find an Xuefeng.”


Yu Hehui asked subconsciously, “what do you want to do with team an?”

“Do it.”

Wei Xun smiled, his eyes narrowed slightly and exhaled gently.

“It’s hard to see an Xuefeng in the next ten years…”

He nodded his heart and said with a smile, “you have to be cool enough.”


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