TTG Chapter 154

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 154: Relief before parting

It’s over, Wei Xun. He’s addicted!

Listening to Wei Xun’s words “I want to find an Xuefeng to be refreshing” and “I think I’ll see you in ten days and his heart hurts”, Yu hehuixin is extremely complex and can be called a hundred flavors of miscellaneous things.

On the one hand, an Xuefeng is the captain of his brigade. He had countless kindness to him in the past. Knowing that an Xuefeng’s mental state is very poor and he hasn’t touched the guide in the past ten years, Yu Hehui is very worried. He hates him. An Xuefeng immediately changed his temper. Find a guide to alleviate his mental problems.

Now, however, an Xuefeng is looking for a tour guide, but the tour guide he is looking for is Wei Xun!

And Wei Xun was addicted once!

Yu Hehui was worried. Some tour guides deliberately addicted young and excellent tourists, so as to manipulate them and make them obey their orders. For example, some tourists in Shepherd alliance and butcher alliance were actually very talented tourists in those years.

It’s much more difficult for tourists to addict tour guides. However, the strength of an Xuefeng and Wei Xun is quite different. The spirit of the former an Xuefeng is out of control. He must stop, control himself and make Wei Xun addicted. Although it’s a matter of Tao, Yu Hehui also understands it.

Next, as long as the two meet, the addiction will slowly go down. However, Wei Xun becomes strong enough, and the two will gradually resume contact. It is also a normal connection between tourists and tour guides.

But the problem is, both of them fucking want to wait!

Looking at the Phoenix like bird on the dreamer’s shoulder, Yu Hehui feels wonderful. Just a few days? Haven’t you even been here for a day? Have you found it??

Don’t say he just came to help clay figurine Zhang. He came to apologize to Wei Xun. If you want to make a formal apology or make it clear, how can you be serious?

Wei Xun always likes people outside. When he heard that he was silent about an Xuefeng and praised Firebird, Yu Hehui was overwhelmed by his expectant eyes.

But an Xuefeng was restrained. Under the close observation of Yu Hehui, he was not alone with Wei Xun. Yu Hehui can rest assured of Ann’s self-control.

However, Wei Xun is such a person!

Yu Hehui found out earlier that Wei Xun had his own special intention, and he basically listened to advice. Once a decision is made, it is difficult for others to change.

This character is also good, but coupled with Wei Xun’s cautious and suspicious character, his courage to fear any danger and keen observation, he has never doubted himself and has been working hard to survive as a guide in the hotel.

But at this time, Yu Hehui was bothered.

Wei Xun said he would engage in moderate connection, then he would definitely engage in it!

“Look at this pile of magic bees. Do you want to take them all?”

Yu Hehui is also smart. He advised Wei Xun that “the matter between the tour guide and the passengers is urgent”. If not, he just had to work to hold Wei Xun down.

Wei Xun is a bit of a workaholic, and any preparations should be made in advance. Just now, the mutual aid association has just been established. Although Yu Hehui has been entrusted with the operation, there are still many things to be decided.

I can’t help it. They’re really short handed now.

“It’s enough to pick more than 100 magic bees in good condition and add up to 300 with the former group.”

Wei Xun took out a round ginger beehive: “the mother bee No. 1 has more than 300 magic bees, and if there are more, it can also move.”

“Also, prepare some ordinary magic honey with bee pupae for magic bees to eat. Let me see, in ten days, it takes about 100 kg of pure ordinary magic honey, and only 30 kg if you add a drop of purified magic honey.”

This ordinary magic honey and magic bee were handed over by the bee Taoist priest. The black market of purified magic honey  one or two  is worth about 20000 points because it  only  restores the San value and  reduces mental pollution. And ordinary San items are completely in the same grade.

In spite of his crime, Taoist bee basically sells purified magic honey. This time, he turned it over to the mutual aid association to exchange 200 kilograms of ordinary magic honey.

Compared with purified magic honey, ordinary magic honey is much cheaper. In addition to its good taste, it also feeds magic bees and attracts some sweet loving magic insects. One kilogram of difference is worth more than 250 points. These two hundred kilograms of ordinary magic honey add up to 50000 points.

In addition, he paid 50000 points and was promoted to junior Councillor.

However, soon, the bee Taoist handed in 150 inferior magic bees (one valued at 100 points), 50 low-level magic bees (one valued at 1000 points), a mummy (valued at 25000 points), and some other kinds of honey, flower seeds, bee eggs, bee pupae, with a total value of about 100000 points, He was promoted to the middle level.

In fact, when a junior member is promoted to an intermediate member, he only needs to pay another 50000 points. The bee Taoist abruptly smashed 50000 in the face in order to change the welfare rules.

“I’m optimistic about Taoist bee.”

Wei Xun sighed: “decisive enough, cruel enough.”

The bee Taoist is the strongest among the tour guides who join the Mutual Aid Association. Among the butcher tour guides who receive Wei Xun leaflets, his strength is only medium. Moreover, his talent is not as strong as that of Wei Xun, and his alienation state is also the kind with a lot of advanced space.

But apart from the black widow, the bee Taoist is the fastest to make a decision and join the Mutual Aid Association. It is also not hesitant to take out a large amount of wealth and directly hit the middle-level parliamentarians, so as to draw the rules.

If you just say this, it only means that this person may like gambling or be reckless. But at the same time, the bee Taoist also saved a lot of money. It can even be said that some B-level tour guides are rich, such as the bee Taoist.

Wei Xun knew, however, that Taoist bee still had at least fifty or sixty kilograms of purified magic honey. He didn’t sell these purified magic honey at all.

The bee Taoist is reckless, but patient and cautious enough to hibernate. When he finds an opportunity, he will hesitate □ □ □ □ in exchange for the opportunity to ascend to the sky step by step!

Therefore, Wei Xun appreciates him. Only those who make money and give up money can bring enough benefits to the Mutual Aid Association (Wei Xun) at this stage.

Compared with the bee Taoist, even the pattern of the devil merchant is somewhat different.

“Now there are 150000 points in total.”

Yu Hehui said.

Now the Mutual Aid Association , the adjudicator has a dreamer (hope), the knight has Yu Hehui (Guardian) and the black widow (good)

The black widow paid 300000 points in one breath and directly promoted to senior Councillor. However, she handed in the owl feather with the smell of Babel Tower and jumped to the knight position.

But apart from her, the tour guide pays less points directly. The bee Taoist paid 50000 points, the devil businessman paid 30000 points, and the five butcher guides paid 30000 points. The rest were exchanged with various items.

The butcher guide is recognized as the poorest guide.

First, to join the butcher alliance, you should at least have the title of executioner ([executioner (blue title): the butcher team will be awarded the title three times). Of course, the hotel has a very harsh judgment in this regard. As long as the brigade team kills the butcher team, it can be regarded as a tour guide butcher team. Even if the tour guide doesn’t think so, he just doesn’t lend a helping hand and looks on coldly.

In the view of the hotel, as a tour guide, it is the fault of the tour guide not to protect the passengers and lead the team. In fact, many tour guides, even those from the butcher alliance, have the title of “executioner”. Veteran tour guides like dream chasers even say that they will have the title of “butcher”.

But no matter what, the tour guides of the butcher alliance are very poor.

If it is intentional homicide and is found by the hotel, there will be a large fine.

It’s more terrible to kill people. The destruction of the tour group shows that the strength of the tour guide can’t protect passengers in this level of journey. The tour guide must have gone through one or more zeros if he wanted to survive.

The death countdown returns to zero, the San value decreases sharply, and buying life and buying back San props requires a lot of points. The butcher tour guide often maintains the dissimilation state and has been in the state of low San and low death countdown for a long time. In this way, points can also be saved for future needs.

Therefore, Wei Xun’s points are actually less than expected. It’s props. There are few miscellaneous materials.

In addition to the bee Taoist priest, Wei Xun’s favorite is a butcher guide ranked B 44. In addition to offering five kilograms of fierce scorpion poison and one hundred kilograms of scorpion wine, she also handed in 100 adult white scorpions and more than 100 scorpion eggs.

“B 44, pour horse poison.”

Wei Xun was also impressed by the butcher’s Guide. When he handed out the leaflets, he chose Taoist bee, a selfish and righteous person, but he also preferred the guide of magic insects.

After all, guide Wei Xun wants the title of demon bug controller. The more demons he controls, the more advanced he is.

Unfortunately, among the Seven Magic insect guides Wei Xun likes, only two are the bee Taoist and the horse poison.

Inverted horse poison is the poisonous tail of scorpion essence in travel notes. It is highly toxic. Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie were stabbed by her. They both retreated in pain. Even when the Tathagata Buddha preached in Leiyin temple, they were stung by the scorpion essence on their left thumb, which was unbearable.

It is said that inverted horse poison has the most toxic scorpion. She even raised a scorpion king. That’s why she ranked in the bee Taoist. In addition, inverted horse poison is also very good at business. Her scorpion wine, scorpion meat, scorpion poison, scorpion eggs and other things are very popular at the auction.

Only scorpion wine has not purified magic honey, so it is cheaper. She is always alone and only has a little friendship with Taoist bee.

Scorpion belongs to Arachnida and is also a kind of magic insect. Wei Xun expected the inverted horse poison to bring him some excellent scorpion species, and he valued the inverted horse poison of scorpion wine.

Like a bee Taoist, he can deliver purified magic honey, and he can also deliver female bee eggs and female bee cocoons. Inverted horse scorpion turns in severe scorpion poison. It is the top inverted horse poison, but the next level fire scorpion poison. Scorpion wine is a top-grade wine, but this tonic wine that needs to be drunk often to improve the human body will not be big for a while.

These 100 adult white scorpions are even more poisonous scorpions, but specially trained by inverted horse poison, especially white jade scorpions selling meat.

This White Jade Scorpion is as big as a dog, but it is gentle and completely non-toxic. The meat is crystal clear and tastes like crab meat, but it has more fragrance than crab meat. Moreover, it is as cold as crab meat. Eat it for a long time to warm and nourish your face.

However, the most precious thing about the White Jade Scorpion is its meat, but its’ royal jelly ‘. Other scorpions store venom in their tail hooks, but the “venom sac” of the White Jade Scorpion stores a kind of milky and mellow liquid. This liquid is more mellow and sweet than wine. It is the favorite of abyss worms.

In the abyss, the White Jade Scorpion nest is connected with the abyss worm nest. The White Jade Scorpion feeds the abyss worm, which protects the safety of the White Jade Scorpion. In reality, ants graze aphids and obtain honeydew produced by aphids.

But what Wei Xun valued most was the more than 100 scorpion eggs.

This is the real thing. It comes from the scorpion eggs of the inverted horse Scorpion King. Many tour guides want to raise an invincible Scorpion King. Sometimes they buy a scorpion egg at the auction in the hope of good luck.

But in fact, these scorpion eggs produced by the Scorpion King are actually its food, each has defects, and the hatching probability is almost zero. Even horse poison can’t cultivate a second Scorpion King.

Therefore, although the price of these 100 Scorpion King eggs is high, they are actually just Chinese and Chinese.

But Wei Xun has a mother worm!

Luo Cuigang is an advanced mother of milala. Wei Xun gives her all the more than 100 scorpion eggs. It’s important to hatch. As long as she extracts the abyss breath of the fallen horse Scorpion King, she can give birth to a scorpion king.

Most of the magic bees brought to the female bees, scorpion eggs, scorpion venom and other things Wei Xun gave to her. In this respect, he is relatively fair. Even if he wants to play a balance between the mother bee and luocui, it is also very important for luocui, as a “King”, to increase her strength and protect herself.

The mutual aid association was temporarily on the right track. Wei Xun also made a lot of money, but he made money quickly and spent money quickly. When he built the Mutual Aid Association, he spent 300000 points. Although he had a deposit and a mental loss fee from captain an, Wei Xun still borrowed more than 100000 from the hotel.

Registration fee, construction fee, APP north latitude template fee, badge fee and so on. The hotel really made a lot of money.  at the abyss node  before, a group of butcher guides died because of the heavy mental pollution in the re butcher alliance.

They all died under the condition of alienation. They can be regarded as abyssal creatures, and there are many highly valuable Eastern creatures in their bodies. But all of them were recycled by the hotel, which made Wei Xun only sigh.

In addition to paying off the loan and improving the mutual aid meeting, Wei Xun also bought a few props in the hotel mall, such as his portable honeycomb, which is specially used to pack magic bees. Magic bug ball temporarily only contains five magic bugs. How can 300 magic bees be stuffed in.

In addition, Wei Xun really bought a large storage prop this time. Yu Hehui is now back in human shape, waiting for his journey. When he has something to do, he is sent by Wei Xun to carry out the task alone. He has it at hand. His belly capacity is enough to hold the East.

Numerous Wei Xun purchased a lot and finished the (five-star) mall discount card in the gift bag of the National People’s Congress (50% off, making the number of times 5 / 5).

[at present, your demon bug:

Mother worm:

One millara level Mother (one native insect)

High level demon bug:

Responsibility demon bug: 1

Human skin maggots: 1

Female bee: 1

Valentine magic mosquito: 1

Medium level demon bug:

Human skin maggots: 3

Stinger bee: 30

Parasitic wasp: 1

Low level demon bug:

Black maned magic bee: 135

White Jade Scorpion: 100

Blade Mantis: 3

Inferior devil bug:

Inferior magic bees: 150


Medium size Swarm: 1]

These are the demons under Wei Xun. Some of them have no advanced skills, such as blade mantis and White Jade Scorpion. In addition, thirty of the magic bees that broke out when he fused the abyss node became medium-level poisonous sting magic bees. If Wei Xun merges the abyss node again, other magic bees also have advanced abilities.

However, he plans to integrate the abyss clock node. How crazy this node is and the pollution of Yang. If he rashly integrates, he may become a Yang madman.

“It’s hard for you.”

Wei Xun’s busiest time for Yu Hehui was the management Mutual Aid Association of Yu Hehui, and the value of the items and props turned in was determined by the hotel. However, the value of various intelligence sold by the devil merchant and whether there was anything wrong depended on Yu Hehui’s judgment.

He is also a man who has been dead for ten years. In fact, he is clear about the changes and development of various forces in the hotel in the past ten years. Yu Hehui has made great efforts to deal with everything in order.

Wei Xun said, “I’ll buy dozens of wisdom puppets to help you later.”

The intelligent puppet is similar to a robot. It is set up to process all kinds of information. Wei Xun bought the wisdom puppet just to help Yu Hehui. The wisdom puppet purchased by the president will serve as the customer service of the mutual aid association and even some trust in the future. Now the members of the mutual aid association are still in the exploratory stage. Wei Xun has also turned off the chat channel and no one is chatting.

However, the chat channel, task channel and so on always have to be fully turned on, but the mutual aid association has few people at present. When talking like this, Wei Xun’s bottom lines are all lost. He didn’t have time to open his own number, so he simply bought a smart puppet to set off the atmosphere.

Real wisdom puppets are expensive to sell, but there are ‘replicators’ who sell replicas, and the price is much cheaper. Wei Xun has seen that the “smart puppet” has the best sales. It is said that this puppet has a very strong analytical power to think independently.


Listening to Wei Xun’s mouth open and mouth closed, he is dozens of intelligent puppets. Yu and Hui liver have pain. Even if he had money, he didn’t spend so much points!

“Anyway, the devil insect also thinks you are Luo, and the intelligent puppet thinks you are Luo. In fact, there is no difference in the Mutual Aid Association.”

Yu Hehui reminded: “I’m enough to judge the value of intelligence information. If you’re entrusted, the devil will still do it.”

“It makes sense, but the devil is stupid.”

Wei Xun thought: “wait until my title is upgraded.”

Wei Xun found that the devil bug absorbed the breath of the abyss and really advanced. However, with advanced strength, it is difficult to make great changes in intelligence. It is also a medium-level magic bee. The wisdom of the parasitic bee is much stronger than the other 30 advanced magic bees, and it is also convenient to communicate.

The biggest problem is that the parasitic wasp ‘drank’ Wei Xun’s blood.

However, Wei Xun has planned to use the blood at the butterfly tattoo more often. He plans to wait until the title of demon bug controller is advanced. He will play a role in communicating with the demon bug and improving the wisdom of the demon bug.

“By the way, you haven’t smoked these four blind boxes yet.”

Seeing that Wei Xun had handled everything, he stood up. Yu Hehui sighed that he was really efficient and handed over four blind boxes with a smile.

In one journey, passengers can experience all the journey items completely, which is a “blind box”. Wei Xun has not only experienced all the projects, but also completed the branch scenic spots and the journey line. This time, he won a total of four blind boxes.

“It takes luck to open the blind box.”

Wei Xun smiled. He put on a light blue cloak and a mask. The original bronze mask has changed into gold after being integrated into the fragments of Zhang Xiong’s gold mask.

[the mask of the tour guide (incorporating the fragments of Zhang Xiong’s gold mask): the tour guide is an elegant and mysterious gentleman hidden in the dark. Each tour guide should have his own mask. This mask looks old and simple, with the dead breath of the destruction of the ancient]

There are many strands of golden lines on the bronze mask, as if it were mottled and simple patterns. In particular, a circle of golden lines in the eye socket shows its mystery.

“I have an appointment with Mao luole to get the lucky charm today. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll say that the fixed blind box and the items of * * will be issued.”

Go find Mao luole to get the lucky charm.

Yu Hehui opened his mouth and closed it. Indeed, if he is lucky enough, the blind box will open a very precious item. For example, Xu Chen, who was drunk in the beginning, issued * * double-sided adhesive with the title of “bonding” in the blind box.

But the probability is lower than winning the lottery.

“Take five white jade scorpions and five kilograms of magic honey, and I’ll take it to Lushu orange.”

Wei Xun said briskly: “she made the stewed beef we ate before. It’s a gift.”


Yu Hehui has not seen deer Book orange in his human form. He is familiar with the member who joined his way home ten years after his death, but he also knows something about deer Book orange. Because she is a childhood sweetheart in reality, she has talked about the girl who lives next door and has good cooking skills when talking with the former brigade.

Only once did I think about it, Lushu orange also entered the brigade and joined the way home.

“She will like this gift.”

Yu Hehui smiles, arranges Dongxiang for Wei Xun and watches him leave.

Finally, there was a faint sigh.

Wei Xun is right and knows the truth, but the problem is, if he goes to see Mao luole and Lu shuorange, why should he wear a mask and a cloak?!

When going out as a tour guide, Wei Xun really knows who to see.


Yu Hehui certainly saw it, but he also knew that Wei Xun cared about it. He would say to meet Mao luole and Lu shuorange. In fact, he is moving and passing the steps.

Did Yu Hehui still point to his nose and say, “you must have gone to see an Xuefeng in your guide dress!” Are you? They are all adults. You should take care of each other’s private life.

But Yu Hehui still couldn’t help worrying.

In his opinion, Wei Xun’s demand for an Xuefeng stems from addiction, but only physical pleasure. And he said that he would be influenced by an Xuefeng’s thinking in the future. Just now, Wei Xun’s demand for an Xuefeng is actually due to normal emotion.

Wei Xun is addicted. Why is an Xuefeng addicted? It is even said that his addiction will be deeper and heavier than Wei Xun. This is the only tour guide who has been connected and relieved with him in ten years. It’s just that an Xuefeng has strong willpower, is used to hiding and doesn’t show it.

Most importantly, Yu Hehui is worried that Wei Xun and an Xuefeng are only spiritual relief to each other, and they may even have a personal and physical relationship that can be developed! Just thinking about what I saw that day, the traces on Wei Xun, Yu Hehui sat and stood safe.

People like an Dui, if they really lose heart, they will be responsible for a lifetime! Captain an can have a proper relationship with gun, friend, bed and companion. If he wants to be distracted, he must be looking for his wife. But Wei Xun… Hey.

“If Ann’s team is normal now, the problem is that he is also mentally normal.”

Wei Xun left Yu Hehui like his father who watched his daughter go to the bar. He was full of worry and couldn’t express it. He most sent text messages to dreamers.

“C250 also wants to talk about feelings, but if the security team insists on talking about feelings with him… I think their relationship is on the road of breaking the law and committing crimes!”

“Don’t worry, the relief between tour guides and tourists is spiritual, it is in the spiritual fantasy, and it will involve the body.”

The dreamer comforted him: “an team has a sense of propriety. During this time, he plans to change.”

The human state can be controlled, and the animal state is always OK. Wait until C 250 enters the journey.

After saying this, they were both silent.

The dreamer’s words show… With an Xuefeng’s strong willpower, he also controls himself. He depends on the wild mind to become an animal to maintain his reason and prevent himself from doing anything illegal.

Yu Hehui’s words show that… Bing 250 and an Xuefeng may have a serious and pure relationship between tourists and tour guides.

I want to know from Yu Hehui that bing250 has a good relationship with him, and has a relationship with a dreamer who is only a pure tourist guide.

I want to know from the dreamer that an Xuefeng is addictive and has strong willpower. Yu Hehui, who is also a serious tourist guide, also has a snack plug.

In the final analysis, they are worried that this addictive relationship is too distorted, and at present, an Xuefeng’s strength is far more than C250.

Yu Hehui, who knows Wei Xun better, is worried that an Xuefeng will hurt Wei Xun physically and that Wei Xun will hurt an Xuefeng mentally. He is in a dilemma.

“An team has discretion.”

The dreamer said, “he’s going to talk to C250 this time.”

“C 250… He also has discretion.”

Yu Hehui mourned and said, “he is going to make a moderate connection with an team this time.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll do it.”

The dreamer said in the language of an experienced person: “an Xuefeng has many problems in his spiritual fantasy now. When I tried, he already had five difficulties. I’m afraid there are more now.”

“The C250 shallow connection only touches the dilemma of the first layer at most. If you want to reach the middle connection with an Xuefeng, you should at least explore half of the depth.”

The dreamer also relaxed: “I’m nervous. They should be serious connection and communication this time. There will be other things.”

“Moreover –”

The dreamer patted the clay figurine Zhang, who was communicating with them, while concentrating on playing with the mud.

“It’s evening now. It’s time to pinch clay figurines for C 250 tomorrow.”

That’s right. Wei Xun will forget his business.

Yu Hehui was a little relieved.

* *

“Why did you let me in?”

Wei Xun smiled and seduced: “do you want to have a deeper connection with me?”

“Speak like this.”

His mouth was blocked by the golden red wings. The other party looked serious and his tone was also very serious: “Mr. bing250, we’re here to talk about the damage I caused to you during the last connection and the next solution.”


Wei Xun smiled and said, leaning forward, his cheeks rubbed with the golden red silky soft bird feathers, but the other party first moved away from him, leaving only a trace of hot temperature.

The place where they are now is Wei Xun’s spiritual fantasy territory. The snow capped peaks and snow capped mountains are still the same, and the original peak collapsed due to release and relief has the prototype of “ice peak” again. That was the painful accumulation of Wei Xun during this period.

“I want to correct it. I think it’s hurt.”

Wei Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly and seemed to be aftertaste. He sighed, “you make me very comfortable.”

“It’s comfortable and addictive.”

An Xuefeng was moved and said solemnly, “I apologize for my loss of control at that time.”

“Yes, you were out of control.”

Wei Xun smiled: “so let me hug you again and I forgive you.”

An Xuefeng, who appeared in his mind this time, is a beautiful golden red bird, the one Wei Xun saw on the shoulder of the dreamer.

Like the snow leopard and the white wolf king, this big bird with a burning flame is very bright and dazzling among icebergs and snow fields. Moreover, it is more sacred and noble, like upright, majestic and indifferent divine bird.

For example, in the mural room and on the sculpture, the divine bird for people to worship and pray. When looking at it with golden eyes, it looks like an insight into people’s hearts, which is exactly the same as the wildness of the leopard and the majesty of the wolf.

How would it feel to hold it in your arms?

It’s like blasphemy.

Wei Xun smiled and leaned in front of his face, his fingertips skimming over the side where the bird feather gently brushed. It’s a soft bird feather, but it brings hot pain like a thorn whip. If you hold it completely in your arms

Wei Xun is already excited.

“Too much stimulation for a short time will make you addicted.”

An Xuefeng was still calm, but the next moment, to Wei Xun’s surprise, he pulled out a flying feather from his wings with his golden beak.

“I’m really sorry. I’ll help you get rid of this addiction.”

The golden red bird said gently, “but soon you will enter an extremely dangerous journey. We have enough time. When you feel that you are about to lose control, you can make this feather.”

He will come to see C 250 this time. In fact, the reason is exactly the same as Yu Hehui and the dreamer’s guess.

C 250 psychic fantasy problems accumulate faster than others. This iceberg and snow peak, dark clouds, strong wind and heavy snow, is like the spiritual fantasy of a guide who has been polluted by spirit for several years.

It seems that someone is trying to guide him and let him lose control as quickly as possible.

Especially when an Xuefeng looked at the tip of the iceberg that had just been cut off a day ago, there were signs of remodeling in such a short time. He was also aware of the problem of C250.

Even if he took over the extremely dangerous group, it was like a ring-to-ring conspiracy. The extremely dangerous group difficulty is high, and C250 is bound to return to zero. It’s easy to get out of control when mental turmoil is over.

This problem must be solved before.

Of course, an Xuefeng helped C 250 one day and one night to cut off the half painful snow mountain, making him out of control and minimizing his sex. But if so, C250 will also be completely addictive.

This is the only person who connects with him and soothes his spiritual fantasy in the past ten years. Moreover, the defect of an Xuefeng’s division doomed him not to be able to affect the “C 250” but to be influenced by him.

In that case, it should be the best choice and best in his interests to make C250 completely addicted and completely leave him.

But an Xuefeng has his own principles.

With this feather, C250 will survive a ten day journey. Even if it is completely alienated and breaks down, it will get out of control.

This feather is very beautiful. It is like a crystal dark red feather tube, red feather, golden, soft tip and edge. When it is picked up, it seems that golden light spots float and fall. The beautiful feather is like a work of art.

“Captain ANN, you are a good man.”

Wei Xun picked up the feather, enjoyed it for a while, and then put it away. It was difficult to be serious.

“Well, today, Ann team will help me out and I’ll help you again, okay?”

The golden red bird didn’t make a sound, which was the default.

It was still like the pain swept by the flame, as if the whole person had been thrown into the flame. The golden red feather is like a dense and windy flame. It burns blood vessels from the fragile skin and then the internal organs. The heart is in severe pain, as if it had been dug out by life, leaving only a hole.

Pain and happiness are like a lingering snake. Wei Xun’s eyes were only golden red, and the corners of his eyes were physiological tears overflowing due to pain, but it was clearly painful, but he desperately wanted to grasp the golden red feather.

Dig out the chest of the heart. It’s really cold. Even if the fire will bring extreme pain, it will also bring boundless warmth and blazing. This is the warmth he wants to plunder, imprison and take for himself.

But he was unable to grasp the bird’s feathers. Even if he was willing to stretch his hand, his fingers were painful and convulsed, he could only watch the soft red feathers slide through his fingers. The other party pulled away without mercy, without a trace of hesitation. His golden eyes looked at him.

Is it concern or worry? But Wei Xun pays full attention to these. With the tip of his tongue against his teeth, he was panting, there were still tears on his face, and his naked skin was damp and red, but Wei Xun’s eyes soon returned to reason and calm.

It turns out that this is an addictive feeling.

61. Only the other party can bring satisfaction and pleasure, otherwise it is endless emptiness and cold. want to separate, want to belong completely, want him to belong to himself completely, the desire for monopoly and destruction raised by desire.

It is the struggle and confrontation between reason and desire.

What a good thing. It’s addictive.

An Xuefeng closely observed the state of C 250 and saw that he soon recovered calm and relaxed a little.

Sure enough, the dreamer is right. Moderate relief can alleviate the symptoms of addiction.

The release of an Xuefeng claimed that he had grasped the right benefits, which caused the tip of the iceberg just solidified by C 250 to collapse again. In addition, he didn’t feel much rough pain. He grasped the time and was accurate enough. If you extend it a little longer, it will be more irritating.

Sure enough, it is the right decision to become a Phoenix. Compared with the snow leopard and the white wolf king, the Phoenix basically has no desire and hope, and it will easily be aroused. It is better to keep calm.

But even so, when Bing 250 looked at him and cried to hold his wings, an Xuefeng still shook his heart and almost restrained and connived at each other.

The influence of the tour guide on him, the completion of the tour guide’s wish and the realization of the tour guide’s desire have begun to initially affect him. Once it was relieved, but it made him mentally floating. Strange   dreamers say that it’s best to contact frequently and get familiar with each other’s breath for the first time.

When you are really familiar with it, you will easily be driven out of control by the other party.

“An Dui, let me help you.”

For example, now, he can’t refuse C250.


An Xuefeng closed his eyes and sank into the boundless ocean again. Only this time, he had a little more expectation in his heart.

The originally silent ocean…  he is the only one.

An Xuefeng closed his eyes, so he didn’t look at the mouth shape made by Wei Xun’s silent smile.

“So… Am I addicted to you?”

Why did you make me addicted, but I didn’t make you addicted?

Why are you still so calm?

I relieved it. Is it fast enough?

So… I’ll work harder this time.

Wei Xun closed his eyes and sank into an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy, into the deep and silent ocean.



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