TTG Chapter 155

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 155: One bloody Road, two people going together

“Woo -”

The ethereal and pleasant whale sounded, and the black and white killer whale scratched a beautiful water mark and connected Wei Xun to his head.

Walking with a whale in the vast sea is really fantastic and romantic. Wei Xun was interested and wanted to stand up. He remembered the killer whale performance in the aquarium. Someone said that the killer whale got up with its snout, jumped into the air and finally fell into the water. The scene was unspeakably happy.

But as soon as he wanted to stand on the top of the killer whale, I didn’t know if the killer whale thought of him, Wei Xun said that the killer whale was panicked and swallowed it in his mouth.

Wei Xun:?

“You don’t want me to leave?

Wei Xun knocked on the tooth of the killer whale. The killer whale was really  and even could stand up in the closed mouth of the killer whale. His hands were soft and hot under his feet, and his tongue was like a thick cashmere carpet. As soon as Wei Xun had the sign of going out, the whale tongue trembled and rolled like a coincidence, which just made Wei Xun fall.

It doesn’t hurt. It’s like falling into a pile of soft and warm cotton. In addition, killer whales hum to him gently.

Or it’s not a song. It’s just the sound of whales chirping when killer whales are happy. It’s ethereal, sweet and lonely. It seems that people can think of icebergs and ice sheets under the lead gray sky, and whales singing in the boundless lonely ocean. That kind of magnificent and dreamy feeling is intoxicating. It’s hard to pay attention to the passage of time.

Wei Xun paid attention to the passage of time. Instead of being influenced by the whale song, he stood up again and touched the whale’s mouth. When he repeated his old technique and tried to overthrow him, Wei Xun said lazily:

“Restraint, self-control. ANN, are you out of control?”


The orca’s long cry was a bit of grievance, but he still opened his mouth and let Wei Xun out.

Sitting on the whale, Wei Xun was lost in thought.

An Xuefeng’s willpower is stronger than □ □ Xun. When he wants to release pain in his own spiritual fantasy, he must contact an Xuefeng, and an Xuefeng can control the speed of release.

However, in an Xuefeng’s spiritual space, referring only to the ocean, as long as Wei Xun is there, an Xuefeng will gradually heal himself. Moreover, Wei Xun can clearly feel that he can’t maintain the speed of relief like an Xuefeng.

The speed is under the control of the killer whale. Even when Wei Xun approaches the killer whale, the killer whale swallows it into his mouth, or just floats on the ocean without touching the killer whale.

As long as you are here, killer whales can relieve themselves. Whether Wei Xun is close or not is not very different.

“Are you addicted?”

Wei Xun smiled and stroked the smooth back of the killer whale. A slender, flexible black tentacle emerged from the back of the killer whale and tentatively extended to Wei Xun.

When Wei Xun held the tentacle in his hand, he seemed to hear a satisfied sigh from the killer whale, and he began to sing again.

The fact that the tentacles grow on the killer whale sounds a little lost San. But Wei Xun knows that the killer whale is unusual. It grows tentacles because Wei Xun sits on its back, and the killer whale can’t touch it with his fins or hold it with his mouth.

Only when the tentacle is held by Wei Xun can it feel at ease and happy.

For an Xuefeng, this has actually crossed the line.

Obviously, you can relieve and release without contact.  you can’t help but touch, and you can’t help but want to get closer. If you don’t want the other person to leave you, you need to stick your body together to be safe enough.

But Wei Xun doesn’t know this. He only knows that he can’t control an Xuefeng’s relief speed here.

“Is it because it’s too shallow?”

Wei Xun doesn’t think it’s just a matter of strength gap. After all, I’ve heard from the dreamers. Even if the strength gap is too large, the tour guides and tourists help each other. When they help one party, the control is in the hands of the other party. It’s just that the other party may be influenced by some guidance.

can’t control the relief of an Xuefeng. More likely, this ocean can only be regarded as the “periphery” of an Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy. The connection between60463.

So that what appears on this floor is not an Xuefeng himself, but the shape of the killer whale, and it can only rely on physical contact and slowly heal itself close to Wei Xun, but Wei Xun can’t make it get better quickly, or even addicted.

“Since the shallow layer is not enough, I’ll take a look at the next layer.”

Wei Xun pinched his tentacle, loosened it and jumped down from the killer whale.



“Woo -”

Wei Xun dived in the ocean for a long time, and the killer whale swam beside him and accompanied him. From time to time, he made worried and nervous calls, which seemed to urge Wei Xun to get to the sea quickly.

In the cognition of killer whales, people can’t dive into the sea for too long, otherwise they will die.

But this is an Xuefeng’s psychic fantasy. Wei Xun didn’t feel any suffocation after diving for so long. Naturally, he didn’t suffocate and die like normal diving.

However, Wei Xun did not find the cemetery.

Recalling the events of that day, it seems that the cemetery appeared only after the killer whale became an Xuefeng and regained consciousness.

That is to say, no, the first layer of killer whales should be pacified first, so that it has human consciousness. Will the cemetery not appear?

That’s too slow and boring.

Moreover, an Xuefeng’s willpower is too strong. If he really regains his consciousness, it will be difficult for Wei Xun to control the rhythm again.

“Where did you get hurt?”

Wei Xun is not a person who gives up easily. After a little thought, he swam to the killer whale and touched the bloody scars on its body.

Last time, I found that the killer whale had multiple horizontal, seven vertical and eight wounds. These scars could not be seen as old and new, but each one was bleeding outward. However, when Wei Xun appeared, the wounds were temporarily blocked by mucus.

But  it’s just blocking, not healing. It seems that  I know  I don’t like dirt and I’m afraid of blood contamination .

Or… Is it some kind of hiding?

When the mucus disperses, the blood continues to flow.

Wei Xun tried to touch, comfort and even kiss, but he could not heal even the smallest wound on the whale. However, when he kissed, the killer whale was obviously very happy. He chirped lightly and cheerfully, and his head arched in front of Wei Xun. He even took the initiative to shrink his body, become like a dolphin, and squeezed into Wei Xun’s arms.

No matter it changes or shrinks, the scars are still there, even more eye-catching because it can be seen completely.

Wei Xun was thoughtful.

After the killer whale and the cat had a kiss, Wei Xun felt that the sea’s rejection of the cat was getting stronger and stronger. An Xuefeng felt that the relief was enough and the cats could be divided.

How can this be.

Wei Xun hugged the dolphin’s killer whale, and his forehead was opposite to it. The killer whale was full of figures of him. The beautiful Pearl was full of reluctance and attachment. It seemed that he knew that Wei Xun was leaving and cherished every minute with him.

At this time, Wei Xun rubbed off the mucus on a scar.

Blood gushed out quickly.

“Whine –”

The killer whale seemed nervous and panicked, subconsciously struggling, but Wei Xun kept comforting it, murmuring with it, and even touching its kisses, cheeks and pores.

“Whine –”

Under the appeasement of Yu, the killer whale becomes docile again. Wei Xun realizes that the killer whale is watching Yu secretly, hesitating and nervous.

It seems that he doesn’t cry because of pain. He doesn’t want to be covered with blood, which annoys Wei Xun. Moreover, there is a deeper emotion hidden in it.

“I don’t hate it.”

Wei Xun whispered, looking down at the blood from the wound. Strangely, the blood did not diffuse in the ocean, but fell straight down, just like a pillar of blood falling into the abyss. When it fell to a certain depth, it no longer fell, but bent and extended in one direction.

There’s a play.

“I don’t hate snow front.”

“I don’t want to leave snow front.”

“I like you best.”

The killer whale was immersed in each other’s promise and was full of joy. An Xuefeng’s consciousness immersed in the killer whale didn’t stop Wei Xun in the end. However, the killer whale didn’t notice the gentle smiling man and lightly scratched the four scars on his body.

The blood falls like a column. The blood gathers together and extends forward, like a faint blood path.

Sure enough.

Wei Xun’s guess is right.

If you don’t hurt the killer whale and scratch the wound, you can’t go down.

If you don’t keep going down, you can’t completely cure its pain.

Killer whale is a little liar.

It makes people think that as long as there is company and comfort, they can gradually recover.

In fact, it is really useful. With comfort and company, an Xuefeng’s consciousness will gradually wake up and control the overall situation.

In fact, it’s just a layer of spiritual comfort, which can make you play an important role.

As for the second layer of arousing deeper connection and closer relationship, it is not easy to let people down.

Who is a normal guide who can trust each other and enter the “spiritual fantasy”?

It’s normal to start slowly. Let’s see what happens.

But Wei Xun wanted to be faster and closer. He was born without pain, had a deviation from the natural pain of others, and could pick up an Xuefeng’s scars without changing his face.

Let the flowing blood condense into a blood road to the cemetery.


The killer whale seemed a little weak. It couldn’t float and sank down. When it sank, the killer whale still looked at Wei Xun reluctantly, and there were all the shadows of Wei Xun.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be with you.”

Wei Xun only scratched four scars. As soon as he could condense into a blood path, he stopped.

In fact, Wei Xun vaguely knows that if he picks up more scars, the killer whale will be completely weak. The weakness of the killer whale means the weakness of an Xuefeng’s spirit.

In fact, the weaker your spirit is, the more you can invade and control it.

But in the end, Wei Xun still didn’t do so. If he had done it before, Wei Xun was never a good man and everything was self-interest.

But now

“If you don’t do it, I’ll give it back to you once.”

Just for that feather.

When the killer whale finally fell, he had no strength and didn’t move. Wei Xun stood on this road of blood.

He wanted to move forward, but Wei Xun found that the wounds on the killer whale increased rapidly, like the endless damage brought to it by this blood path.

When Wei Xun carried the smaller killer whale on his back, the scars on his body no longer increased. But Wei Xun felt extremely heavy, as if he was carrying a mountain. His waist bent down, and he swayed for a long time and gradually stood upright.

It’s not easy to follow this path.

Is it to abandon the killer whale and get to the cemetery by yourself, or to carry it, bear the weight and move forward step by step?

The former strongman and the former protector have become a heavy burden. Are you willing to stand up and move forward together with the burden?

Of course, Wei Xun is not stupid. If he really wants to throw down the killer whale, he can’t say that an Xuefeng will squeeze out his spiritual fantasy on the spot.

This road of blood is exactly for two people to share.

“I haven’t recited anyone yet.”

Wei Xun gasped and took a step forward. This step was very slow, very heavy and very firm.

“You are the first.”

Another step.

“After this blood path… I’ll enter the second layer of your spiritual fantasy.”

One step.

“Then I’m faster than you.”

Another step.

In fact, Wei Xun didn’t do this out of kindness. He just wanted to see an Xuefeng lose control and become addicted after rapid relief.

Just for this kind of thing, I carry an incomparably heavy weight. Is it meaningful to go on the road of blood?

It’s quite interesting for Wei Xun. Those who don’t know are fearless. Wei Xun dares to do what even dream hunters dare not do.

No one can understand Wei Xun’s ideas for a long time. In reality, people call them crazy and say they are unreasonable. But for some people who sink into the abyss, only crazy people can save them.

Step by step, Wei Xun was bleeding from the heavy pressure. His blood was mixed with the blood of the killer whale and left on the blood path he had passed. It was like a new blood path cemented with the blood of two people, covering the old one.


I don’t know how long it has been. The weak killer whale is whispering. It seems to persuade him not to continue. If he does this again, Wei Xun really hurts.

“I’m in pain now. You’ll have to make me feel better then.”

Wei Xun smiled, his blood blurred his sight, but his eyes were burning and divine.

Cemetery, right ahead.

* *

At this moment, in Wei Xun’s residence, clay figurines Zhang and Yu Hehui, the dream chasers who came on time, sat opposite each other in silence.

“It’s been a day and a night…”

Yu Hehui said quietly, “you have experience in chasing dreams. Tell me, is this the time for normal relief?”


The dreamer choked for a moment.


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