TTG Chapter 156

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 156: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (1)

It’s not just a day and a night.

Yu Hehui thought silently.

When he and Wei Xun dealt with the Mutual Aid Association, it was the night of 9.15. Wei Xun said he went to see An Xuefeng on September 16, but in fact, he left on the evening of the 15th.

On the morning of the 17th, I made an appointment with clay figurines Zhang and them.

In other words, Wei Xun has disappeared for one day and two nights since he went to find An Xuefeng.

One day and two nights, if it’s all about relief

Yu Hehui rarely dared to think down. No, or since Wei Xun and An Xuefeng were connected, he was afraid to think down.

“You said they didn’t have a moderate connection, did you?”

He asked for confirmation again.

“Yes… Some people, An Xuefeng, are in bad condition. Invite me to take a look at them on the way home.”

The dreamer was a little helpless and mentioned a little: “the spiritual fantasy of An Xuefeng on the first floor is an ocean. When the people he cares about are dead or seriously injured, he can awaken the transformation of An Xuefeng in the spiritual ocean. If he is forcibly awakened by outsiders, An Xuefeng will be deeply hurt by his spirit.”

“In other words, only when I commit suicide in his spiritual fantasy can I awaken An Xuefeng and comfort him. That’s An Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy. If I successfully awaken him, he doesn’t want me to die, I won’t die.”

“But you should know that I have no connection with An Xuefeng, and I am not his team member.”

The dreamer shook his head seriously: “even if I really committed suicide in his spiritual fantasy, it doesn’t necessarily touch his sleeping consciousness, because there is no connection between us. Moreover, I still have xingzang to be saved.” in the end, I didn’t wake up An Xuefeng. ”

The dreamer is a little sorry.

If he committed suicide and didn’t wake up An Xuefeng, everything would be really over.

“Bing 250 established a shallow connection with An Xuefeng. I guess it was when he was first robbed by * * that he comforted him and established some relationship with him. Or it was Bing 250 comforted by An Xuefeng who had such a connection. Bing 250 then entered An Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy and committed suicide. Only then did he awaken An Xuefeng and formally connect with him.”

After the dreamer finished with his own experience, Yu Hehui was slightly stunned: “that is to say, he, C250, committed suicide in the spiritual fantasy of Andui, and only then did he have a shallow connection?”

My mother, Yu Hehui heard it for the first time!

But think about it, with Wei Xun’s character, not to mention how he analyzed suicide to awaken An Xuefeng. It just means committing suicide in someone else’s house. With his character, he may be able to do it.

Yu Hehui was a little suffocated and subconsciously looked at the dreamer. He still hopes that he can make a good relationship between Wei Xun and the dreamer. After all, the dreamer is the guardian of his next journey. So he kept secretly telling the dreamer that Wei Xun had to risk his life to live Barbara.

However, Yu Hehui feels that Wei Xun is a little madman who is desperate for stimulation, which has been completely exposed!

Yu Hehui silently looked at the dreamer with his eyes covered by a hood mask. When he couldn’t see the watch, he looked at the clay figure with eyes. There is a little self abandonment in my heart.

Wei Xun is a good boy. It seems to be true that he works hard. He can’t stand up.

“Well, what, Huihui.”

Zhang xingzang, who was stared at by Yu Hehui, was a little angry and smiled: “it’s a little too much for team an to do this.”


Yu Hehui subconsciously sends out the modal particle of “doubt”.

But the next moment, he suddenly stood up and was happy: “C 250 back! I’ll pick him up on the way home!”

After that, Yu Hehui disappeared into the room.

“Hey, Huihui, he’s suffering.”

Seeing that Yu Hehui couldn’t wait to get up soon, the dreamer sighed.

“Yes, it’s hard to do.”

Zhang xingzang patted the mud embryo in his hand: “but if I get there, I’m afraid I’ll do the same.”

“It’s really impossible. An Dui dragged such a big way home and the sunset. He didn’t fall down. Hey, if you say so, it still worried Yu Hehui.”

“He learned about the severity of addiction.”

The dreamer is serious. In fact, he deliberately told Yu Hehui about An Xuefeng.

The tour guide has always cherished his life. Bing250 and An Xuefeng are not relatives. Even from the relationship with life playing people, he and An Xuefeng may be enemies.

From this point of view, how can he just wake up An Xuefeng and commit suicide in An Xuefeng’s spiritual fantasy?

This is the effect of addiction!

Yu Hehui didn’t realize the severity of addiction. Bing 250 went to see An Xuefeng, and he didn’t stop him. For example, An Xuefeng is normal and OK, but An Xuefeng’s spirit is very easy to get out of control. Under the action of addiction, C250 has great potential. It will meet An Xuefeng’s requirements, even if those requirements are too much!

It’s like suicide.

Addiction has made C250 “An Xuefeng commit suicide”! After realizing this, Yu Hehui should be more alert. There are some things that the dreamer can’t say after all. After all, he’s not a returnee. No matter how good the relationship is, it’s not mentioned.

But Yu Hehui can. Although he is an old returnee, he is also a restorer rescued by C 250. Moreover, it seems that he really cares about C 250 and attaches great importance to it.

With him as an intermediary, the relationship between C250 and An Xuefeng should be cooled down. In addition, the next step is to enter the team with C 250, which is a good chance for C 250 and An Xuefeng to score.

With Yu Hehui blowing from the side, this matter should be solved.

If yu Hehui knew that the dreamer thought so, he would become a confused fox group on the spot.

Joke, Wei Xun committed suicide because he was addicted?

Dream chaser, this is a small pattern.

According to Yu Hehui’s explanation of An Xuefeng and Wei Xun, Wei Xun is definitely the kind of An Xuefeng who has restrained again and again, hid again and again, and even wanted to kick Wei Xun out.

In fact, both Yu and Hui doubt that Wei Xun actively pursues addiction.

This day and night, I don’t know who dragged who. That is, Yu Hehui also wants to maintain some external image for Wei Xun. It’s hard to say it outside.

Especially when Yu Hehui knew that Wei Xun was taking a bath in An Xuefeng’s bedroom bathroom after he went home, he was full of mixed flavors.

It’s only a few times. I’ll go into the house.

In the private space of the bedroom, An Xuefeng let Wei xunjin and let him take a bath. Yu Hehui wondered who made him addicted.

In the private reception hall outside the bedroom, Yu Hehui and An Xuefeng sat on the sofa, looking at each other speechless.

It’s not appropriate to say sitting, because An Xuefeng is still in the state of Phoenix. It was wet all over and there were still drops of water on its feathers. 60037.

Yu Hehui only saw An Xuefeng silently bow his head and comb the feathers under his wings. Yu Hehui seemed to see a touch of color in the fiery red phoenix feathers, but An Xuefeng soon closed his wings and couldn’t see it.

The atmosphere was a little awkward.

“An Dui, he is still a new tour guide after all.”

Hearing the sound of the water in the bathroom stop, Yu Hehui took the time to Euphemism: “one day and two nights… It’s a little too much.”

“Moreover, I heard from dreamers that mental relief only involves the spirit, not the body.”

You and Wei Xun relieved each other and left him to take a bath, which is not quite right.

The key is that Wei Xun actually takes a bath in An Xuefeng’s bedroom?

“What the dreamer said may not be right.”

An Xuefeng finally spoke, but his voice was a little hoarse.

Then he said, “the badge of the ancient, so that he can wear it on his journey.”

Yu Hehui looked at An Xuefeng in surprise. How did he know that Wei Xun had this badge?

Then An Xuefeng said a few words briefly, all of which were related to Wei Xun’s tools. In particular, An Xuefeng also mentioned several tools obtained by Wei Xun in northern Tibet and some things he sent to Wei Xun.

It was sent to Wei Xun, not to C 250.


Yu Hehui had infinite thoughts in his mind, but based on his understanding of An Xuefeng, one thing when An Xuefeng mentioned was that he was completely sure.

“He should be a little tired to go back today.”

But An Xuefeng interrupted Yu Hehui’s words, only faintly: “when clay figurine Zhang extracts essence, Qi and spirit… Let him pay attention.”

Then An Xuefeng disappeared, and the next moment Wei Xun came out of the bathroom. Yu Hehui saw that he was not wearing a hood, but wearing a mask and cloak, revealing wet pure hair.

“Go ahead.”

Wei Xun looked at the back of the sofa where the eye Phoenix had stood, said nothing else, and didn’t ask An Xuefeng’s whereabouts. Yu Hehui listened to Wei Xun’s voice. He was hoarse and tired, but there was a satisfied light pleasure in his fatigue.

When they left, a red figure appeared again. The Phoenix didn’t disappear. He just disappeared.

“唳 -”

When he looked at Wei Xun in the direction of leaving him for five minutes, the Phoenix made an annoyed sound. It spread its wings and took out a handful of hair hidden under its wings.

When he was carried on his back by the guide in the form of a killer whale, he secretly bit it off when he was so tired that he only walked towards him mechanically.

From the moment when he was on the road of blood, no, it was the first relief. He had become addicted and became more and more serious.

Almost like a thief, he bit off this small pinch of hair without the other party’s permission.

With this handful of hair in his mouth, An Xuefeng has countless thoughts in his eyes, including self disgust and annoyance, hesitation and loss, as well as the same fatigue and relaxation as Wei Xun.

However, he still didn’t destroy the rub hair after it, but it was precious and important. He hid it in his own wings and rubbed it with attachment.

* *

“Wei Xun, just now there seems to be…”

Yu Hehui thought of the color he saw and looked at Wei Xun’s hair. He had a subtle premonition in his heart.

“Have my hair?”

“Do you know?”

Yu Hehui was surprised and gave Wei Xun a cup of magic honey water to moisten his throat. His voice sounded too hoarse, as if he had been shouting for a long time.

“How can I? I don’t know. Does he think he’s secretly gnawing at my hair?”

Wei Xun sneered and drank this cup of honey water. His voice finally got better.

“If he wasn’t so heavy, I wouldn’t be able to move my back. I must frighten him. Ha, have you ever seen An Xuefeng jump up?”

“You… How do you…”

Yu Hehui didn’t laugh with Wei Xun. He frowned and looked puzzled: “although the tour guide has a hotel secret, no normal genetic information can be measured, whether hair, blood or others. But they are all” hair, don’t you think… ”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Wei Xun chuckled: “he doesn’t know what I mean.”

Wei Xun put on his hood and after a short communication, the two returned to the hotel. Without the host, the hotel will be temporarily blocked. Dream chaser and clay figurine Zhang were still their actions when they left. They didn’t act again until Wei Xun came back. Yu Hehui was relieved to go out.

Fortunately, dreamers and clay figurines have a good temper and don’t care at all. Wei Xun began to communicate with clay figurine Zhang about making puppets, and the dreamer put forward his opinions. Yu Hehui should have been involved in such a big thing as puppet, but somehow he was a little divine.

After preliminarily discussing the puppet appearance information, Zhang xingzang began to follow and observe Wei Xun closely and collect his essence. Dream chasers also have their own things to prepare. After hiding Zhang Xing here, they leave first.

Yu Hehui was absent-minded. When she went to the iron tree area, she saw Xiaocui eating scorpion meat wrapped in black hair human skin. The dip was purified magic honey with Jade Scorpion paste.

In order to let Xiaocui extract the smell of the inverted horse poison King Scorpion as soon as possible, Xiaocui gave out the scorpion. During this time, Xiaocui had excellent food, and the female bees next door were greedy and crying.

“Yu Hehui, would you like some?”


Yu Hehui just wants to be quiet. Xiaocui doesn’t say anything more. She is happy to eat her own food. On the contrary, Yu Hehui couldn’t help but ask him after seeing him so relaxed.

“Aren’t you worried?”

“What are you worried about?”

“Worry… Worry about the next journey.”

Yu Hehui took a turn.

“Why should I worry?”

Xiao Cuili, of course.

“It’s very dangerous. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll die.”

“If there is a master, the master lives, I’m sure he lives. If all the masters die, I can’t live. What am I worried about?”

“It’s not like that.”

Yu Hehui is a little speechless. When did Xiaocui become so relieved? Doesn’t he always strive to climb up and win Wei Xun’s trust?

“The more the master trusts me, the safer I am.”

After walking with Yu Hehui several times, Xiaocui has a fairly good relationship with him. Moreover, Yu Hehui is obviously a person that Wei Xun attaches importance to. Xiaocui is willing to have a word with him.

“The more obedient I am and the less I think, the more the master trusts me.”

Xiaocui has experience in this field.

For example, when he tested Wei Xun’s preferences several times and wanted to win Wei Xun’s favor, Wei Xun was wary of him.

When he stopped thinking and did what Wei Xun said, Wei Xun had a better attitude towards him.

Especially when choosing the code for the mutual aid association this time, he and Yu Hehui both put forward suggestions, but it was obvious that Wei Xun had an idea for a long time, and the inquiry was just a situation.

From then on, Xiaocui completely realized.

He explained Yu and Hui: “he has his own ideas for matters related to the master himself. You don’t have to think too much.”

It’s no use thinking too much.

Those speculations and schemes are all for outsiders. It’s happy to be a little fool around Wei Xun.

“Would you like some?”

This time, Yu Hehui took the honey water he pushed and took a sip of it. God was a little tangled and sighed.

“I’m still worried…”

An Xuefeng should know about Wei Xun’s dual identity, but he didn’t say.

Wei Xun has no special hidden identity in An Xuefeng’s face.

It is equivalent to that both parties know what the other party knows, but they tacitly don’t talk about this.

This worries Yu Hehui more than being frank.

Yu Hehui couldn’t guess Wei Xun’s psychology. This man really had too unexpected ideas.

But what An Xuefeng meant, Yu Hehui could guess roughly.

He saw Wei Xun’s dual identity, but did not say that it was an expression of his attitude.

An Xuefeng is going to deal with it as’ I didn’t see it ‘.

In this way, if one day the two sides are hostile for some reason, they will tear their faces. When Wei Xun comes back in another capacity, he will still give asylum as if he didn’t know.

C 250 is the tour guide connected with him.

Wei Xun is an important passenger who wants to return home.

For Wei Xun, An Xuefeng will give him two asylum opportunities.

But this is also equivalent to An Xuefeng’s understanding that they have great potential to be hostile in the future.

In fact, Yu Hehui has been worried that Wei Xun is a blood relative of life playing people and will be close to the power of the butcher alliance. Will be against them in the future. After realizing the meaning of An Xuefeng’s words, Yu Hehui felt that “what I worried about has come true”, so he became more restless.

He wanted to change the situation, but he didn’t know where to start.

Because both An Xuefeng and Wei Xun look too calm!

Gan, is he really the only one worried, but he’s really worried about losing his hair!

So worried, and no one to talk to Yu Hehui, the devil changed it, put it on others, and chatted with Xiaocui.

“If it were you, how would you help your two friends?”

“Do they need help?”

Xiaocui looked at Yu Hehui strangely: “according to what you said, they had a preliminary contract (connection) when they first met, and the second time they met was to do it directly for one day and two nights. When they saw both sides, the principle of one side began to regress, and the other side also had a deep tacit understanding with the other side… What else to worry about?”

“Maybe they’ll get married the third time they meet. You haven’t finished worrying. Other people’s babies have thousands of babies… Ah, are humans thousands of babies?”

“They’re not babies… No, I don’t mean that.”

Yu Hehui’s idea was biased by Xiaocui. He was about to refute it, but he was stunned.

It seems, it seems, what Xiaocui said is very reasonable!

Yes, team leader An is obviously backward in principle. As usual, he must not do such a thing. Two more chances? In the past, if there were threats that hadn’t grown up, An Xuefeng wouldn’t give each other any chance at all!

They must have a deep connection. Yu Hehui is convinced. Even today, An Xuefeng seems unable to influence Wei Xun in ideas and ideas, but the sense of mutual trust and security between the connected tour guides and tourists will definitely exist.

This is the contact and integration of the spiritual fantasy, gradually leaving each other’s breath in the depths of the dream. To the point of dream chaser and clay figurine Zhang, only one look can tell what the other party is thinking. This is tacit understanding. They are true comrades in arms. They understand each other’s beliefs and beliefs, and the choices and decisions of both sides.

Not only An Xuefeng but also Wei Xun are affected.

It’s not addiction, but deep. Wei Xun is willing to take a bath in An Xuefeng’s bedroom instead of returning to the brigade station!

Although there are reasons why Wei Xun’s cleanliness mania wants to wash immediately and doesn’t want to delay, there are definitely aspects in which he feels safe.

At least for the moment, taking a bath in An Xuefeng’s bedroom seems safe to Wei Xun.

“If I care, it’s chaos.”

Yu Hehui murmured that he had always been smart, but Wei Xun and An Xuefeng were important people to him. He didn’t want to see that they would stand opposite the enemy in the future.

But Xiao Cui said, wake him up.

Only two connection relief, both sides have such a big change. What if the number of relief times

At this moment, Yu Hehui’s ideas changed subtly.

* *

Wei Xun and clay figurine Zhang got along well all day. On this day, whether Wei Xun went to the abyss node or dealt with the affairs of the Mutual Aid Association, Zhang xingzang followed Wei Xun and observed all his words and deeds meticulously.

This makes Wei Xun a little upset.

It’s not because of the dutiful team Zhang, but

Wei Xun wanted to touch the golden red one. An Xuefeng gave him the feather.

But Mo Zhuo’s exclusive desire is haunted. Wei Xun doesn’t want others to see this feather that belongs to him.

He is still very efficient in processing all kinds of information and preparing things, but he thinks of An Xuefeng every five minutes. Every seven minutes is like touching his feathers.

Wei Xun thought about the blood path he had taken behind An Xuefeng’s back. When he arrived, he had completely forgotten the time and would only turn to him mechanically. When he really carried An Xuefeng to the cemetery door. Wei Xun has almost lost his consciousness.

But when he stumbled to the ground, the killer whale turned into a man and hugged him.

Wei Xun seemed to hear “thank you” and “are you all right?”

The other party was still calm and calm, but his hand was trembling, and Wei Xun felt it. When he spoke, he was very close to his ear and felt a hot breath. An Xuefeng’s hand was placed on Wei Xun’s waist in a regular way. He didn’t touch it indiscriminately, but his hand was strong and tightly held.

Their embrace was very restrained. Except that An Xuefeng’s hand held his waist and Wei Xun’s head could not lean against An Xuefeng’s chest, they had no other contact except these two points, but they were like patients with skin hunger and thirst who found the only good medicine for each other.

Wei Xun was really in a trance when he just came out of the spiritual fantasy. An Xuefeng has a big gap with his strength, which is equivalent to stepping up the comfort level and consuming a very large amount of energy.

Wei Xun only remembered that he complained and muttered “I want to take a bath”, because the blood on his body was too sticky.

But I didn’t expect An Xuefeng to take him to the bathroom in his bedroom.

In fact, An Xuefeng wakes up when he leaves the bathroom guard Xun, but he is not the kind of person who will run away. He was calm, wearing a mask after taking a bath, and aftertaste the feeling that was very strange to him.

Touch, hug, security, relax.

From birth to death, Wei Xun’s family hardly held him in his memory, and there was no skin contact. My brother seemed to hold his hand when he was going out to college, but only this time.

Wei Xun is used to being independent and relying on himself. He was very suspicious. His family was all missing. After that, Wei Xun filled his home with cameras. When he and the wanderer got back together, he also felt that he would soon die and found a home for the pancake.

Any contact is purposeful.

But this hug at the gate of the cemetery was uncontrollable, entirely out of this. It is a sense of security, a sense of relaxation, a feeling Wei Xun has never experienced.

Different from the pleasure brought by pain, it also made him feel happy.

“Do you know that physical contact during mental relief is better than complete mental comfort.”

After finishing his chores, Wei Xun chatted with Zhang xingzang while sending messages to the devil merchant.

“Really, everyone should experience it.”

Wei Xun said casually: “I think the connection between tourists and tour guides is too shallow to grasp the true meaning.”

“I’ve been connected to chasing dreams more often than the rice you’ve eaten.”

Zhang xingzang scoffed. He had already begun to knead clay embryo, and began to carve clay figurine in real life. He was also distracted and chatted with Wei Xun.

“Next time you can hold the dreamer after mental relief.”

Wei Xun sighed: “the tour guide’s spirit relief is very tired. The hug after relief makes the other party completely relax and feel safe.”

“After all, you and he are so separated. They should feel a little less. The physical contact between the tour guide and passengers is a sense of pull in.”

“Hiss, I’ve never lost my sense of pursuing dreams.”

Zhang xingzang pushed loudly, but the speed of making mud embryo was faster, and he subconsciously looked aside.

Tut, it’s really strange that chasing dreams is not around.

The clay figurine who had been chatting with Wei Xun while making clay embryos opened his mouth and began to concentrate on accelerating the carving of clay figurines. Wei Xun didn’t say any more when he saw that he was getting faster, but looked at the message from the devil merchant.

[be careful, Pinocchio of the shepherd alliance attacked and killed me. Our information about the mission can be exposed]

Wei Xunhui: [it’s not information exposure, but he wants to kill you. Instead, join me as a double tour guide]

[yes, to tell you the truth, people want to kill me on the journey. I’ll be your double guide. Then I’ll kill you on the journey and take your 30 degrees north latitude Keepsake]

[although An Xuefeng, the dreamer and the Puppet Master said they wanted to protect you, there were any unexpected dangers during the journey]

The devil merchant was indeed attacked, but he was lucky after joining the Mutual Aid Association. Roll to [members of the mutual aid association will gain an advantage in fighting against the old people], suppress the magic mirror and escape several times with it.

Therefore, he was curious about the other rules of the Mutual Aid Association. The devil businessman was keen to see the benefits, but he stood still and did not directly rise to the middle rank.

After all, this is the organization of C 250. Who knows if there is anything fishy in it. They have a competitive relationship. The devil businessman won’t let himself get involved.

Just like the “Ideological and moral lesson”, the devil businessman didn’t listen to one.

In fact, this class doesn’t work well. It’s too suggestive. Even a word like “exchange and mutual assistance time” may not be so frightening.

Habitually thinking about the development of the Mutual Aid Association, the devil businessman continued to send messages.

[ so, do you want to cooperate?]


[how about you pretending to be me and I pretending to be you? We can exchange cloaks and disguise masks. In this way, if someone wants to sneak attack and kill you and seize tokens after getting on the bus, he will come at me]

[are you daydreaming, devil merchant]

Wei Xun is not polite [there are seven people from the East and three people from the West. Do you think they will kill you first or me first?]

Even if you want to kill C 250 and seize the keepsake, the first thing to do is to eliminate dissidents. C250 is weak. Kill the devil businessman. He will be completely in the hands of the passengers. At that time, kill and take whatever you want?

[but cooperation is OK. Well, I have a puppet…]

“Did you tell the devil merchant about the puppet?”

“This puppet is not that puppet.”

Late that night, Zhang xingzang finished his day’s observation and began to close the door and carve clay figurines. Wei Xun showed Yu Hehui the chat record with the devil merchant today. After all, Yu Hehui and Xiaocui have always been the big friends communicating with the devil merchant.

“I said ‘puppet’ is you.”

With a smile, Wei Xun picked up his own light blue cloak and put it on Yu Hehui. He stepped back and looked at it. He was very satisfied.

“Then you will look like the day you met the devil merchant. Put on your cloak and get on the bus with me.”

“Don’t I hide by your side?”

Yu Hehui was surprised: “I’m actually good at assassination and sneak attack.”

“No, you just stand behind me.”

Wei Xun smiled: “then they will think that I have a stronger mace than you.”

The hidden means is the killer mace. There are three forces speaking for protection. It’s C250 on the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. It’s extremely dangerous to take part in the journey. Isn’t there a killer mace?

Wei Xun is a killer mace, but it’s not convenient to take it out. For example, the magic seed of * *, the love of * *, and some spiritual pollution related to 30 degrees north latitude.

In this way, simply put Yu Hehui on the surface. Tianhu is still very bluffing, and Baixiao, they should know Yu Hehui rescued by Shi bing250.

Yu Hehui will naturally bring in the allies on the way back. You know, with the sunset brigade on the way back, there are enough three people to come in!

Moreover, Baixiao is hiding his identity. He is a member of Laoshan brigade. This time, the half life people of the deputy regiment of Laoshan also came in, adding up to four.

There are ten people on this trip, including four people from their own side, three people from the west side, and three tourists with different positions. The power is still balanced.

“And although I say I’m true, you’re a puppet…”

Wei Xun lengthened his voice and joked with a smile: “will the devil merchant believe it?”

“After all, you are the one who has met him all the time.”

On the evening of September 18, Zhang xingzang made a puppet. The small clay figurine is only as big as a palm, wearing a light blue cloak and a mask. It looks a little strange. But when Wei Xun injected his strength, the little clay man quickly became exactly the same puppet as him.

As like as two peas, they look completely different.

“Take it with you, and then get in touch with some people you know. It will automatically learn how you behave when you contact others.”

Zhang xingzang’s suggestion.

After Zhang xingzang left the puppet, Wei Xun took back his power and turned the puppet into a clay sculpture again. Then he put on the title of passenger and renewed his strength.

The puppet this time is Wei Xun.

On September 19, Wei Xun took the clay figurine for a day. He went to see Mao Xiaole, had a long-awaited breakfast with Mao Xiaole, and got the lucky charm drawn by Mao Xiaole. For lunch on the way home, Lushu orange and Baixiao are not there. Wang pengpai said that they have something to go out and will be back soon.

If you go out, you’ll come back soon. In fact, it’s a journey. Veteran travelers will say that the more casual the tone of some things, the higher the feasibility of reality. The more solemn, the more likely it is to be a flag.

This is a kind of jargon.

“It seems that Baixiao and Lushu orange should have set out for Beijing.”

After returning, Yu Hehui said, “all passengers carry their luggage to the spot.”

Veteran travelers don’t have the benefit of “one click transmission” for newcomers. They all arrive at the destination first like normal travelers. After the group information is completely released and the hotel bus arrives, they will board the bus according to the prompts and wait for the arrival of the tour guide.

“See if you have any more.”

Wei Xun bought Yu Hehui a broken inner pill. The number of three is very important for Nine Tailed Tianhu. When its tail grows to three, six and nine, its strength will be greatly improved.

Three pieces of broken inner alchemy restored Yu Hehui’s strength by far more than 3%.

The attributes of Yu Hehui are:

[Tianmen fox fairy]

[nickname: Xiao ]

[host: Wei Xun]

[status: 30% recovery]

[strength: Tianji five stars (super four stars)]

[loyalty: 100]

“Super four stars, you are as strong as the strong passengers in the brigade.”

Wei xunxiao.

“Most of them are suppressing their strength, but I will work hard.”

Yu Hehui is serious.

That night, Yu Hehui didn’t sleep. He practiced with Xiaocui mother bee all night. Wei Xun slept soundly. An Xuefeng was in his dream. Maybe this is not a dream, but a connection. When you are mentally active when dreaming, and the other party has a strong tendency to contact, you will dream of the other party’s figure.

Logically, the next step is to pull into the spiritual illusion and comfort each other. But An Xuefeng was stunned and turned into a phoenix flying!

This made Wei Xun frown in his sleep.

On the same night, the bee man packed up all his belongings. He took all the precious ones with him, and generally sold all his big ones. He wants to find a clothed fish and exchange it for the reward for going to the abyss node.

Bee people nervously take out their badges. Look, the Golden Blue Badge means that he is an intermediate member of the mutual aid association and enjoys two welfare rules.

[members of the mutual aid association are easy to get the friendship of ancient demons]

[members of the mutual aid association will have good luck]

These are the two welfare rules he roll to! In fact, compared with illusory luck, bee people want [members of the mutual aid association are easy to establish relations with abyss objects in the abyss node]. Unfortunately, with his luck, he didn’t roll to two things.

It is also accepted.

“Luck… Is also important.”

Bee voice and human voice.

He stayed in the abyss node for a whole day. He had solved the node of the clothed fish, which contained the abyss object he wanted to establish contact with.

That’s the abyss worm queen bee!

It is said that it is a variant of the queen bee and the abyss worm, and has the great power of both. The bee man threw all his wealth and resources into the bee this time. What he wanted was alienated promotion!

It is a state of alienation that limits his development potential. This time, the bee called it breaking the boat.

If you don’t succeed, you will become benevolent!

“Hair ghost B 49, I will always stand on your head.”

The bee man cheered himself up and left the brigade station.

* *

“Of course, you need to establish a connection with that abyss.”

Shepherd Union, puppet master looks at the cocoon shell of the semi transparent face. The object inside is completely different from it. It is half transparent and looks like a ghost. The other party is restless and wants to wake up.

“Don’t wake up in such a hurry. You won’t be needed for this C 250 journey.”

The puppet master calmed the cocoon shell and calmed the agitation in the cocoon.

“This time… It’s very lively.”

She chuckled, “I’m going to see it myself.”

Pinocchio failed to kill the devil merchant, and Fagui B 49 did not wake up. To others, the efforts made by the shepherd alliance this time seem to have failed.

But the puppet master’s goal has never been these. This is just a cover up she threw out!

She has her own way to sneak into this journey in a special way.

* *

On the morning of September 20, a 12 seat minibus drove from the great wall of Juyongguan to Beijing. After the station, the tourists got off one after another, and even the driver got off.

However, there were two people dressed as ladies on the bus, but they never got off the bus. With the passage of time, the surroundings became noisy gradually. Pedestrians came and went, and the traffic police commanded the traffic. In fact, this medium bus stopped in a different place, but no one cared at all.

“Oh, less luck.”

The sickly and dejected looking green man sighed and touched the air conditioner vent above his head. I don’t know when the air outlet was blocked by a small blessing.

The word “Fu” is like the one that will be pasted on the door when passing through the door. On the square paper, there is a word “Fu”, but it is missing on the left.

“Before the journey begins, we’ll cut our blessings. Oh, my God, we look difficult this time.”

The monk talked endlessly. He took out a box of cinnabar from his yellow cloth pocket, touched it with his index finger and then stretched out to the word “Fu”: “let me see if you don’t turn the word” Fu “upside down. It’s all right if you don’t have any luck. As long as you really get it… Oh!”

As soon as the scholar touched his finger stained with cinnabar, the blessing word floated down. And behind the word “Fu”, there is a small paper money stuck!

“Well, there’s such a sinister plot behind the blessing character… Oh, my God, go and stick the blessing character on the air conditioner mouth of other seats with adhesive tape.”

“Don’t let them fall. Paper money looks unlucky.”

As he said this, he carefully tore off the paper money on his blessing character, and then stuck the blessing character back upside down to enjoy it:

“This is the blessing, Xiao Tian. Why don’t you go?”

The silent Shi Xiaotian obediently glued all the other blessing words. When he came back, another tourist happened to get on the car. The man’s face suddenly pulled down, like a horse’s face, with drooping eyelids and an unhappy look on his face.

The new passenger is a westerner with red hair and green eyes!

“Oh, the terror of the west is always killing people. A bloody big guy is frightening people. How can you understand the charm of our east. I don’t know our traditional Chinese culture. Be careful not to die without knowing what’s going on.”

“Vice regiment, it’s not good to curse people.”

Xiao Tianna: “he doesn’t seem to understand. Why don’t you speak English?”

“Come to our eastern boundary. Why do we speak English? Little sky, you silly head!”

I hate iron but not steel. I patted Xiao Tian’s head hard. I snorted coldly. At the end, I muttered: “Heaven’s spirit, earth’s spirit, boundless heaven’s blessing, only one westerner…”

But soon afterwards, two more Western faces came up.

The man’s face was completely black. Fortunately, five more east side passengers came up soon. Among them, he had acquaintances, which made him happy, but he was not in a hurry to chat up.

Including him and the three Westerners, the eyes of passengers are staring at the door of the minibus.

I don’t know who muttered:

“All the passengers are here, and the guide should be there.”

Yes, the guide is coming soon!

They tried every means to squeeze into the journey, just for the guide! For a journey of 30 degrees north latitude!

[travel information]

[Leigu alley + Zhijia courtyard + funeral palace in yangshou town + funeral palace in Tianshou mountain on the 10th and 9th nights in the suburbs of Beijing]

[level: Level I extreme danger]

[group type: 10 person small group, special car, double guide]

[tour guide: B125, C250]

[itinerary date: 9.20 Wednesday departure – 9.30 Saturday return]

[travel Description:]

[it is said that in the past, people’s funeral after death was divided into two types: large and small. The small funeral was sent to the funeral palace from home, and the large funeral was sent to the mausoleum from the funeral palace. Only when the large and small funeral were complete, the soul of people after death could rest in peace and go away. However, in the past, the funeral of the past generation has long been replaced. The past funeral customs have dissipated with history, leaving only those in the pile of old papers Traces.]

[however, in Zhi’s courtyard, Zhi’s mother-in-law died. Her last request was to send her to the mausoleum according to the rules of big and small funeral.]

Why do people always disappear late at night in the drum beating alley?

What is the origin of Zhi family courtyard that does not exist in the records?

Witnesses said they saw a paper man walking freely on the street at 3:00 in the middle of the night. Is this true or false?

The funeral Palace on the outskirts of Beijing on the 10th and 9th night is extremely dangerous and thrilling. Let’s escort mother Zhi, fulfill her last wish and explore the secrets hidden in the city]

[di, you choose to conduct team leader assessment during this journey!]

Wei Xun opened his eyes and found himself standing next to a medium bus. Yu Hehui in a cloak stood behind him. The tall devil merchant in an indigo cloak stood beside Wei Xun.

Wei Xun nodded at him, made a gesture and motioned the devil merchant to get on the bus first. After all, he was the main guide of the brigade.

But in fact, both Wei Xun and the devil businessman were a little absent-minded. He said that the difficulty of this journey jumped directly from the first-order extreme danger to the third-order!

Shouldn’t you jump to the second order? How can I go to the third order directly?!

Obviously, this has something to do with him, no, it should be that they all intend to conduct a team leader assessment on this journey.

It’s troublesome.

The devil merchant’s face was dignified. Behind the mask and hood, the surface was still calm. He was ready to get on the bus.

But just then, a heavy yellow cloth bag suddenly hit him.

“Flash! Get out of the way!”

“Get out of our way and see C 250!”

“Director C, director C, are you there?”

Devil merchant:????


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