TTG Chapter 157

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 157: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (2)

The scene of the yellow cloth bag hitting people was just photographed in the live picture just opened!

When Wei Xun and the devil merchant entered the journey, their joint live broadcast [guide B125, guide C 50, live broadcast of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing on the 10th and 9th night] was directly recommended on the page of “world zone” in the live broadcast section of thriller global hotels, which surprised countless people!

“Lying trough!”

It’s rare for everyone to get together at the cinema on the way home. Wang pengpai originally transferred to the channel in the mixed area. Mao Xiaole also looked forward to it. He said that posters might be published on this double guided tour.

After all, the tour guide who can usually take the extremely dangerous journey is definitely the guide up the golden step. Tour guides of this rank can already choose whether to start live broadcasting.

Every extremely dangerous journey is a contest of life and death. It is necessary to work hard by means. In this case, people can no longer have reservations. If the live broadcast is opened and the recording screen is repeatedly analyzed, it is inevitable that it will be targeted in the future.

Therefore, the extremely dangerous live broadcast is very rare, and the thrill and excitement of each time is absolutely enough to be on the page recommendation list of each district. As long as it is on this list, the hotel will open the screen poster. Just like when Wei Xun and B 49 took the drunken Western Hunan regiment together, they were on the “page recommendation list” of the Asian region at the same time, with open screen posters.

But the difficulty of each district is absolutely different!

Not all kinds of special channels, special channels. Just look at the live broadcast list on page. If the whole brigade is guided tourists in a single area, such as northern Tibet, they are all from the eastern area. Then there are two pages in the list of “sub area” and “east area”, and the latter is more difficult than the former. The west side is similar.

However, if it is a mixed brigade with members in both East and west areas, the page list is divided into two pages: mixed area page and world area page.

Especially in the world area, it’s very difficult! There is only one place on the world zone’s “live” page list, that is, the most wonderful, the highest person, and the most recommended live broadcast by the hotel!

However, Mao Xiaole and others only speculated that after the live broadcast of the “funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing” began, they would only be recommended on the page of the mixed area. After all, people who pay attention to c-50 and the devil businessman are not too many in terms of the total number of thriller hotels, most of them are high-level people.

At most, the awareness of C’s 50 is very popular in the Eastern District, but they are not famous directors after all. It’s incredible that they had tens of thousands of viewers at the beginning of the broadcast.

The funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing is neither a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, nor a fifth order extremely dangerous close to 30 degrees north latitude. It’s just the first-order extreme danger, and the relative strength of the two tour guides is very weak, and they may even get on the bus and be killed. This kind of journey that will be judged by the hotel as “extremely perishable group at the speed of light” cannot be listed as the highest “world zone” as soon as it comes out.

It is reasonable to say that their live broadcast should first be hung on the page list of the mixed area to test the water. Only when they are stable and spend the first scene will they go to the corner of the world to test the water push.

But in fact, they jumped directly to the top of the recommendation list on the page, and even squeezed the A5 little witch with “Mexican day of the dead”!

Little witch, this is not an ordinary journey. Her journey is a double confrontation. She has a competitive relationship with another Western brigade. It is said to be related to the year-end celebration, so she will be the top of the list recommended on the “world zone” page.

But now, she was crushed by the group led by c-50 and the devil merchant!

“Sleeping trough, this shit!”

When countless new visitors were puzzled, the leaders of the major brigades and tour guides in the East and west regions quickly understood what. At the next moment, the information prompt sound pushed by the hotel is on the mobile phone of each tourist guide. When you open, you see an eye-catching poster emerging, occupying the whole mobile phone screen!

A dark gold exquisite chain divides the poster obliquely, and on the right is a tall figure obliquely dressed in an indigo cloak.

Half of his body was covered by a cloak, but the other half was a pearl translucent soul. The light on the soul was pale gold, and the disguise of the medieval aristocracy was faintly visible, like the noble Duke in the ghost. The translucent silver gray gauze covered his cloak, shining like a flowing river of stars.

On the top of his head were scarlet characters.

[West: B125]

He held out his left hand and grasped the old pocket watch on the dark gold chain. The chain was pulled to the right by him, but he couldn’t pull it completely into his side.

 on the left side of the poster, a demonized right hand also grasped the dark gold chain!

The thin and tall tour guide wearing a light blue cloak has a hood, and the snow-white curly hair falls on the pale and bloody jaw and neck, which is more elegant than the nobility. Looking up again, the upper half of his micro side was covered by a turquoise mask.

This mask is extremely ancient and mysterious, which makes him look like a traveler walking slowly in the long river of time. But the magic pattern exposed under the mask and the publicity of half of the dark devil’s wing show that he is not a traveler, but a devil!

At the top of the devil’s wing, the scarlet words like a crown were on his head.

[Eastern District: C 50]

He stretched out his enchanted right hand and grasped the ancient pendant on the dark gold chain. The chain across the center was stretched to the extreme by them from left to right. It seemed that it would break the next moment!

[is it the revival of the ancient king or the return of the former princess?]

The big golden characters are right under the poster, and the characters are printed with black and red treacherous lines, which looks dignified and scary.

[who will the final victory of this confrontation mission cost?]

[who can win the celebration warm-up competition at the end of this year, East and West? -]

[priority, priority, choice, edge, right!]

“Day your mother, hotel I day your mother!”

Wang pengpai directly broke the “Princess” and scolded, and was extremely excited: “still against the task? The princess

“Damn it, aren’t you afraid that all the princes and princesses will die in the head?”

“The hotel is crazy.”

Wang Yushu couldn’t believe it. They had anticipated all kinds of situations in advance. The worst thing is that the west side is threatening. The guide of the devil merchant invited the black widow as the guardian. The west side attacked and killed C 50 at all costs and robbed the token of 30 degrees north latitude.

To tell you the truth, no organization is greedy for tokens at 30 degrees north latitude, but in fact, since An Xuefeng, dream chasers and puppet masters all spoke, most people have stopped.

You can’t rob. If you rob and say no, you have to get revenge. It’s half good. Since it has nothing to do with me, the attack on c-50 in the western district also has something to do with us. The alliance of dream chasers and shepherds on your way home is powerful. Go to protect it and we can watch the play.

Even when Laoshan brigade crowded two Taoists, they all took the attitude of watching a good play.

But ♪ I thought of going to the theatre and saw myself!

The East-West confrontation mission and the year-end celebration are not comparable to the keepsake of a 30 degree north latitude journey that has not been fully opened up!

Keepsake, even if snatched, also makes someone become a pioneer.

The victory or defeat of the celebration at the end of the year involves the interests of the whole district in the coming year. It must be won from the beginning of the warm-up competition. The right to choose sides is even more important. The one you get will have an advantage in the warm-up competition.

If I had known that c-50 was the representative of the Eastern District for the confrontation mission, I would have been watching the excitement. In particular, I think of the devil businessman who swaggered around the Eastern District for so long. It is rare for both tour guides and tourists to have the same complex feelings.

The shepherd alliance and butcher alliance were even more regretful when they were chasing the devil merchant. They wanted to go back and stab the devil merchant on the spot!

“Xiao Peng…”

Wang pengpai looked at Wanxiang Chun, but saw him shake his head: “the hotel has special and strict protection for the confrontation task. When I was chasing the devil merchant, I found something different.”

He paused: “I even thought about that direction.”

“This is a duel between the two tasks. The hotel will not let a higher level participate in it.”

This year, it seems that this is the strength of the double star tour guide in the East and West. From a certain point of view, the hotel is very rule-based. How can you let a big man in the east side shoot the small guide in the west side on the way, and you can count as a victory in the confrontation mission in the east side.

“Don’t let a higher level participate? This whole fucking journey is a high level except the two of them!”

Wang pengpai is speechless, which is simply unimaginable: “the usual confrontation tasks are mostly solved in a small journey, or the abyss Festival. Why is it so outrageous this time?”

“It’s reverse thinking. When the hotel does this, no one will think that B125 and c-50 will be the representatives of the two zones of the confrontation mission.”

Wanxiang chundao, in fact, even if someone guessed at the beginning, when they saw that C ᜎ 50 had brought an extremely dangerous group, those people turned their eyes away from him.

Extreme danger group has too many variables and too many dangers. It is definitely not a good place to fight against tasks.

Most of their eyes focused on Wei Xun, a new star passenger in the East and the Holy Son, a new star passenger in the West. Mao Xiaole often invited Wei Xun to visit him on his way home. In fact, it was An Xuefeng’s instigation. It was because some people in the West had plotted to do it.

But who could have thought that the situation would develop like this!

“I’m afraid I’ll die first…”

As long as he dies before the devil merchant, the east side of the confrontation mission will lose!

Wang pengpai was helpless. To tell the truth, the people who sneaked into the journey all thought about seizing the token of 30 degrees north latitude. Not only the people from the Western District, but also some passengers from the eastern district.

When C 50 was in danger, even if Zhou Xiyang, the head of the sunset brigade, and other returning parties were in the team, those people in the Eastern District would not really do it, but they might also stand idly by.

Even if Zhou Xiyang wants to protect c-50, it is difficult. After all, he is a passenger and c-50 is a tour guide! When the tour guide has countless individual actions, the tourists can’t participate in them!

“It’s troublesome.”

Wang Yushu frowned: “there’s no way to pass the news. The people of the brigade don’t know it at all.”

It’s difficult to convey information to the journey. On the way home, only the best are good at it. But now he is in the brigade of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing!

“The Laoshan tour group went to two people. What did Wan Dui Ken get?”

“It’s two people. One is our man and the other is the unlucky half life Taoist.”

Mao Xiaole looked at Wang pengpai silently: “I said how lucky this guy is this time. He really let him squeeze into the brigade. It seems that he is still unlucky.”

As a Taoist, Mao Xiaole and the metaphysical brigade, as well as the Laoshan brigade and regiment, have good relations. Before, he thought it was too heavy and could squeeze it. Half his life after listening to it, he laughed at him happily.

“Look at this. The scenery of this journey is definitely difficult.”

Wang Yushu tutted: “the tourists who are in trouble are in a mess. It’s impossible to spare time to kill the guide… Tut, look, it’s really the same as I said.”

“The first-order extreme danger jumped directly to the third-order extreme danger?”

On the other side, at the station of the metaphysical brigade, several Taoists, several zombies and several ghosts sat in the same room to watch the live broadcast. The scene was unspeakably strange.

“Xiangyang, I told you, half life is really bad luck for him.”

Wan Anfu, the leader of metaphysics, sighed.

“I also told him that he couldn’t transport such a good crowd.”

The speaker is an extremely tall zombie. He has blue skin, strong physique, exposed fangs and scarlet eyes. He looks very fierce. At the moment, he stands to watch the live broadcast. It’s like a wall. He’s definitely more than two meters tall.

“He is a corpse control Maoshan sect. I can go. He is very weak and lucky?”

Yu Xiangyang sneered, “what’s the use of smashing people with cloth bags? Why didn’t he smash the devil businessman to death?”

“You said, there is a confrontation mission. He is willing to smash the devil merchant.”

A ghost sighed, “half life is stupid. He’s reminding the guide that there’s paper in the seam of the car.”

They are the most proficient in metaphysics on this journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. They can see something strange at a glance.

“Don’t say half life.”

Another sad Taoist sighed, “even with half a life’s help, neither of the two guides can get on the bus.”

The extremely dangerous journey, even the initial minibus, hides a fatal danger. It’s definitely not easy to get on!

At the moment, countless people in the whole East District, whether tour guides or tourists, have caught up with the live broadcast.

  1. those who are safe must not die!

* *

Wei Xun and the devil merchant didn’t know what happened outside the brigade. Even if they find that their points have soared, the number of viewers in the live broadcast is probably more than expected, and they don’t care about it.

“Is this what you call ‘ambush on all sides’ and’ all eight enemies’?”

The devil merchant’s voice was very low, like squeezed out of his teeth, almost gnashing his teeth.

Look what I told him before the trip. What? Both of them are in danger. As tour guides, they must unite. Even tourists in the same area can’t fully trust them. Only they who are tour guides, even if they have a competitive relationship, are absolute allies.

The devil merchant also thinks it makes sense, but look what the passengers shout on this bus?

It’s a big fan meeting!

The Taoist priest who threw the cloth bag at him was not happy. He beeped over there and said, “throw it to C 50. Who asked you to pick up my cloth bag.”

He has the status of a devil businessman!

“Do you believe what they shout?”

Wei Xun smiled, took the yellow cloth bag from the devil merchant and looked at it.

He saw the dark red color in the yellow cloth bag seeping out slowly, like blood.

At the same time, the guide badge in front of Wei Xun’s cloak was as silent as death. It was light gray, and there was no hint at all.

[guide Brooch (silver zero order five-star): additional function “old Beijing”]

[there are too many old people in this city. They are very unfriendly. Only the same “old Beijing” can be accepted by them – but Xiaoluo, whether you and your brigade are qualified to be recognized by them still needs a small test]

Wei Xun clearly realizes that the additional function of the guide brooch is essentially different from the previous two times! Plus this time, Wei Xun has seen the additional functions of the guide Brooch three times.

The lowest level of difficulty is the journey to northern Tibet. The additional function of the guide Brooch “Rhodiola” is that it can not be affected by high reaction. There is no too much repetition.

On the ultra dangerous journey to Western Hunan, the additional function of the guide’s brooch is “believe in science”. Although it can keep the brigade away from supernatural dangers, it also says that “when the badge is getting hotter and hotter, maybe you should start believing in something else”. Its protection has limits, and not all supernatural dangers can be protected.

This “old Beijing” function can not even be directly recognized. Tour guides and tourists must pass the test before the additional function of the brooch can work.

It’s an extremely dangerous journey.


The devil merchant said in a low voice, “I feel very bad that there are vicious and dirty souls peeping at us.”

The brooch obtained by the devil merchant should have different functions, but Wei Xun asked. Now is not the time to communicate.

“I’ll pull it out. Can you control it?”

“Of course.”

The devil merchant snorted and smiled, “I’m an expert in the soul.”

After a few words of communication, they established a cooperative relationship. Before, the devil businessman just complained and joked. He knew clearly that this trip was different from every time he had experienced before. In fact, both of their tour guides were at a great disadvantage!

No matter what the eastern and western districts, and no matter what else, they are tour guides. Those people are tourists, and their interests are different. Even if it is cooperation, it must be the case that strength is better than or at least equal.

There is a great difference in strength. Talking about cooperation is a sheep into a tiger!

Therefore, he must cooperate with c-50, and c-50 is the same. Only when they are added together can they gain a firm foothold in this journey!

Passengers who want a token of 30 degrees north latitude will attack and kill C 50, but those passengers in the Eastern District, even those in the Western District, are very likely to solve the eye-catching thing of his devil businessman first.

Cooperation, so as to survive, for both of them.

“Look behind you.”

Wei Xun stepped forward and gently pushed Yu Hehui: “let me come.”

The moment Huang bubao was thrown down, Yu Hehui stood in front of Wei Xun. At the moment, he stared at the seam of the open car with cold eyes.

Hearing that Wei Xun was going to come by himself, he was worried for a moment, but Yu Hehui hesitated and took a step back. He and the devil merchant guarded behind Wei Xun.

This is an old-fashioned bus. In the past years, the adhesive strips on the seams of the bus are aging and cracked, and the cracks are like dense cobwebs.

In the almost completely broken crack, there is a dirty ball of paper.

Some quality people stick waste paper balls or sweet candy to this kind of land in their spare time. It’s very troublesome to clean up. The paper ball is stuck here and supports the adhesive strip. At that time, the minibus may not be closed firmly when it is closed, and it may be dangerous when it comes.

It is the duty of the tour guide to ensure the safety of vehicles and passengers.

At the same time, it is also a test for tour guides.

The red oozing from the yellow cloth bag became heavier and heavier, like blood.

“The hotel is really stingy.”

If this kind of thing is done by tourists, the hotel definitely has a single task and points reward.

But in the tour guide, it’s all responsibilities and included in the salary.

Wei Xun shook his head and extended his hand to the paper ball.

“Hey, you, why did you just reach out?”

Inside the minibus, all passengers pay close attention to the scene in front of the bus. They are concerned, but equally indifferent. “People” are like giving a helping hand.

Every passenger who can open up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude can be underestimated. Even if C’s 50 level is very low, he definitely has countless cards.

They want to see if C 50 can pass the initial test. They also want to grab the token of 30 degrees north latitude at the first time in case C 50 seconds dies!

Only one young Taoist who looked sick and somewhat mean looked out with his hand. When he saw Wei Xun’s tiger, he stretched out his hand and couldn’t help it. He pointed out loudly:

“Is the cloth bag I gave you a decoration? Why? It’s so sweet. First touch it with vermilion!”

“Hey, you! Why don’t you listen to advice!”

Seeing that Wei Xun is still like “hearing”, the Taoist priest can’t wait to push away Wei Xun and take out his own hands.

“Deputy regiment, you are noisy.”

The dull young Taoist next to him covered his ears: “he doesn’t have to touch cinnabar, you see.”

Half life Taoist ♪ pay attention to what the young Taoist is saying. At the moment, he stares at Wei Xun’s hand. Wei Xun wore gloves. His fingers still looked slender under the black split finger combat gloves. He grabbed a corner of the paper ball and pulled it out.

It seems that a small mass of dirty white paper is pulled more and more, and the more it is pulled, the more strange and frightening the picture is. In the end, Wei Xun pulled out a paper man from the front of the car and the seam!

The paper man was full of fat and skin like folds. It was covered from head to foot, and the neck tilted back like a broken one, with no effort at all. But when Wei Xun pulled it out completely, the paper man was strange and slowly straightened his neck.

His face was completely exposed.

Its face is pure pink. There are more folds on its face than on its body, like pink maggots. Its facial features are distorted and deformed, and it can’t be seen clearly. Its face is deeply sunk, like a vortex of evil.

The black eyes are more than white eyes. The eyes composed of upper and lower curved lines and medium black pupils look at Wei Xun from the depths of the vortex. At the same time, the soft paper hands quietly wrap around Wei Xun’s arms.

Wei Xun directly grabbed his hand and stabbed the paper like An Xuefeng did when he mentioned him. For a moment, the paper pricked people trembled like an electric shock, and its two hands held by Wei Xun were melting!

No, or it is more appropriate to say that the paper collapses and breaks after being soaked in water.

“Don’t… Kill me…”

The paper man begged for mercy directly after being held by Wei Xun! Both the passengers in the car and the devil businessman thought they would see this scene, and the half life Taoist was stunned.

But Yu Hehui was relieved.

It’s really lucky. It seems that the line view magnet of this journey definitely involves paper people!

Paper is most afraid of two things: water and fire. Water can make paper rotten and soft, making it lose its lethality. Wei Xun wears the crow badge (the witness of the destruction of the ancient country) before his journey, and he also has the rule of the Mutual Aid Association against the ancient.

If An Xuefeng reminded, Wei Xun put it on the box. But after all, his strength is limited, and the city is too old. Once he is in trouble, Wei Xun’s badge can’t be held down. Even if it has a trace of “sinking into Western Europe”, it is only a drop of water after all.

But paper people are afraid of water! The western continent was drowned by the sea and sank, with its “interest” badge attached, which is definitely more targeted to the paper man than other ancient people!

Yu Hehui put down his eyes and looked at the sky. I saw that the sky was gray. I didn’t know when. Some fine white magnets began to fall in the sky.

Like snow, but not snow. After these white magnets fall on the body, they are like a layer of paint, which is difficult to wipe off. Yu Hehui turned his nails into animals and took off the next layer with his sharp nails, only to find that it was paper.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

The devil merchant urged, fearing to look at the sky: “it seems that this is a limited time test.”

The paper snow is getting stronger and stronger. They must get on the bus as soon as possible.

“Here you are.”

Wei Xun handed the paper bound golden boy to the devil merchant. Just now he planned to give the paper bound man directly to the devil merchant, but Wei Xun heard the prompt from the hotel:

[you captured the paper bound golden boy, and your team leader’s assessment increased the tendency of ‘traditional funeral paper bound’ (incomplete)]

[funeral paper binding refers to the paper binding articles such as Jinshan, Yinshan, paper man and paper horse used in sacrifice and funeral activities. After selecting this tendency, you will complete a series of team leader assessment tasks in the landscape related to paper binding!]

[please confirm your team leader’s assessment tendency before the first day of the journey, otherwise the examiner will choose at random!]

[Note: your current tendency is not complete, please collect it completely, otherwise you will not be able to choose the traditional funeral paper tendency]

The team leader’s self selection tendency for assessment, he even met it here!

But this is not the time to think about it. Wei Xun directly gave the paper bound golden boy to the devil merchant. He got the tendency of self selection on the golden boy, so the devil merchant can’t get it anymore. It’s OK to give it to him.

Then Wei Xun boarded the minibus, handed the yellow cloth bag to the young Taoist, and looked at the young Taoist beside the Taoist.

They are half life Taoist and Bai Xiaotian of Laoshan brigade.

“Thank you.”

“Hey, 50, you really have a hand.”

Half life Taoist picked up the yellow cloth bag and suddenly said happily. He smiled and put the cloth bag in his arms.

“It deserves to be the strongest star tour guide in our Eastern District this year. Even if the rank is temporarily low, it’s not better than those fools?”

The “silly big” devil businessman who boarded the bus behind Wei Xun had good Kung Fu. He heard the Yin and Yang of half life Taoist. He held out his hand and grabbed the withered and soft paper bound golden boy. Two black shadows penetrated into the paper body like lightning and caught a virtual shadow.

The devil merchant moved too fast. Seeing how he moved, he put the virtual shadow back into the paper human body. Wei Xun only saw the two dark shadows dormant back to the devil merchant’s wrist, like two small snakes and two slender black chains.

“Go and drive.”

He speaks Chinese. Although he is stiff, he is fluent.

The car problem has been solved, but the minibus still runs automatically, that is, they need a driver this time.

In this heavy snow of paper scraps, paper man is the best driver.

Zhizha Jintong obediently walked to the driver’s seat. It was too short to stand and drive, but the bus did come. However, in a few seconds, the devil merchant completely controlled the soul of the paper man, and his means were really amazing!

【 trip announcement 】

[please guide B125 and guide C 50 to lead the passengers to stay in the characteristic Siheyuan hotel of Leigu Hutong before 10 noon. Be careful not to be late!]

[this is an extremely dangerous journey. Please follow the guide and complete all scenic projects on time!]

The guide brooch on Wei Xun’s chest is getting hot, which is an additional function of “old Beijing”.

He passed the test, and so did the devil merchant! In this extremely dangerous journey far beyond their rank, they successfully boarded the minibus, which is far beyond the imagination of countless people.

Of course, it’s not admirable, but it’s also a threat to the big tourists in the team. Tell them that their two guides have countless cards, especially that they have cooperated in one.

Not a soft persimmon.

He and the devil merchant looked at each other. Their faces and expressions were hidden under masks and hoods, but they also had a tacit understanding.

“Hello, passengers. I’m the tour guide of this trip, B125.”

“Hello, passengers. I’m the tour guide of this trip. C. 50.”

“Next, we will accompany you through this ten day and nine night trip.”

In the moving CMB, all passengers focus on them with different eyes and expressions.

This makes Wei Xun think about the first time he led the team. It was also in the driving car, but the middle-class passengers carried large and small bags, but the passengers on the car had storage props. At most, I carry one or two small portable bags.

Most of the tourists in Western Hunan are numb with fear and fear, but these big guys have a lot of money, thinking, greed, worry, but fear in their eyes.

“There is a fear of the journey and a fear of the guide. To climb to their level, those unnecessary fears and fears can no longer be seen.

These passengers are different from the Group Wei Xun took before, but they are also too different.

Is there a lot of difference in the degree of danger between the extremely dangerous group he is now leading and the ultra dangerous group he is completely new?

At that time, the passengers of the team were also big men for him in terms of hard power. What is the essential difference between them and today’s big men.

However, they are all tour guides and tourists. They are more and more step-by-step to lead the group and more and more step-by-step to convince the passengers.

Wei Xun has experience.

Even if he only took the tour once as a tour guide, his experience in this area is better than that of the devil businessman.

The devil merchant took out the passenger list and coughed: “now start the name –”

“Hey, ghost, let’s talk about what functions are attached to your guide brooch.”

But someone broke the devil merchant’s words! That’s a westerner with red hair and green eyes sitting in the row. He looks like a brown bear. The narrow seat was almost crowded away by him, but he complained rudely:

“There’s more and more paper outside. Ghost, can your additional functions protect the minibus?”

Indeed, the wind rolled the scraps of paper all over the sky and pasted it on the minibus, and the windows were covered with a layer of white like snow. The wiper of the CMB is completely useless. If it goes on like this, I’m afraid the paper snow will paste the whole CMB into a paper car!

In the paper car, of course, there can be no living people. If this minibus turns into a paper bus, they will all die. Not only that, some windows on the minibus were closed, but some windows were in disrepair and could not be closed. Paper snow blows out of the window and sticks firmly to people’s body, gradually wrapping people like paint.

Extremely dangerous journey, fatal danger everywhere!

But the devil merchant sank his face and broke his words to him, which was threatening him as a tour guide. Even if the devil merchant knew this man, he would never tolerate such behavior.

In particular, the man said he was asking the devil merchant, but his provocative eyes looked at C 50. Obviously, his real purpose is not the devil businessman, but Xiang Zhuang’s sword dance, intended to be Peigong!

But Wei Xun was indifferent and completely ignored the confrontation there, but was looking for a car slowly. It is the task of the tour guide to make a name and communicate with passengers.

As an assistant director, Wei Xun would be better off running errands.

She really doesn’t care about it.

See the complete “C 50” here. The devil merchant complained and couldn’t help laughing, as if he knew more about C 50. In fact, this is also a trust in him. I believe he can handle it well, can’t he?

Of course he can handle it.

In fact, Wei Xun paid no attention to the devil merchant. There are people from the west side on both sides. If he can’t subdue him any more, it will be too useless. At the moment, Wei Xun’s attention is looking for something.

He is looking for a “jade girl”.

Paper bound golden boy and paper bound jade girl always appear in pairs. Before, the hotel suggested that ‘your team leader assessment increases the tendency of’ traditional funeral paper binding ‘! (incomplete), Wei Xun believes that Zhizha Yunv is likely to be on this minibus.

Find the jade girl, the tendency will be complete!

Now it’s nine and a half, and it’s still one and a half hours away from ten, that is, Wei Xun has one and a half hours. He patrolled the China bus and found the paper.

So what happened to the devil merchant really couldn’t attract Wei Xun’s attention.

“Hey, C 50!”

“Director C, I have a magnetic problem -”

“Director C, why is my seat uncomfortable? Come and help me?”

In fact, the noise from the devil merchant can’t attract too much attention from passengers. It’s a fox for thousands of years. You can see such an obvious idea at a glance. It’s better to talk to C 50 more than to see the people in the West.

Wei Xun finally went to the passenger who said the seat was uncomfortable. Just now he seemed to see a human shadow under the man’s seat.

The shadow is not big, almost as tall as golden boy. Is it possible that the paper bound jade girl could hide under this man’s seat?

“Director C, my chair is really uncomfortable.”

The passenger said with a smile that he looked very friendly. When he talked with Wei Xun, he really looked like a normal passenger to feed back to the guide.

This kind of script, it is reasonable to say, the tour guide should also solve it.

“Look -”

He even turned to his side for convenience.

But in the live broadcast, the leaders of various forces who saw this scene frowned.

“This man wants to do something about C 50!”

Wang pengpai patted his thigh and scolded, “is he crazy?!”

“I’ve seen this man.”

Mao Xiaole said gloomily, “in the butcher alliance, he should be a bug cultivated by the butcher alliance. Yun Lianghan, that’s his name.”

Even across the live screen, the man’s small movements can’t be concealed from their eyes. Yun Lianghan’s good shadow will devour him in an instant when he bends down to check at 50! He’s trying to kill C 50 while everyone is unprepared!

For him, now is the best chance!

[is he a fool? He wants to kill C 50!]

[test a Baba! Damn it!]

What is he doing? Is he going to let us lose the game in the east

[what a shame!]

[East traitor!]

Live broadcast of the barrage and various forces, countless people are breaking the barrage and scolding, among which the butcher alliance scolds the most.

“If Yun Lianghan really kills C 50, I’ll chop him first.”

Yin and Yang butterflies stare at the live broadcast and put down their cruel words.


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