TTG Chapter 158

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 158: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (3)

At this moment, Zhou Xiyang’s attention in the CMB is all on the person who is behind the C250.

It’s strange. Zhou Xiyang paid attention to this man when he was standing in front of C250 at the door just now. The man wore a light blue cloak of the same color as C250, covered his face with a mask, and dressed the same as C250. He found the paper man hidden in the crack of the door faster, and his strength was absolutely weak.

Those who can enter the journey with “C 250” can be his own tour guide puppet. In the journey of double tour guides, there will be a third tour guide.

But this man is definitely closely related to C250. Even in the eyes of the hotel, they are the same person, so they can come in.

Some can be the abyss biological form of C250, and others can be the spirit and monster. He is one of the cards in C 250.

This kind of existence should be absolutely valued by the passengers on this minibus. It is absolutely better to test C 250 indirectly by testing him than by using the devil merchant.

However, the passengers on the whole CMB seem to ignore the existence of that person. Even the half life Taoist didn’t look at the man behind him when talking to C 250.

Even Zhou Xiyang was the same. Before Ming Ming, he wanted to know who this man was. But after watching the C 250 drawer for a while, I completely forgot the existence of that person. When he walked through Zhou Xiyang’s seat after he followed the C250, the familiar and strange feeling made him suddenly note again.

It can be ignored and has a low sense of existence… It is most suitable to be an assassin or a Pathfinder.

This made Zhou Xiyang slightly stunned. He thought of a person.

He turned his head and followed the man’s back. He was seeing him stop at the seat behind Zhou Xiyang’s car with the pace of C 250.

“Director C, my chair is really comfortable.”

“Please help me.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xiyang frowned. This kind of script is familiar to him, which is specially designed to guide you! After all, the tour guide’s duty is to pay attention to such tourists. Maybe the hotel will punish them slightly.

Veteran tour guides will totally ignore it. The points deducted for this punishment will not hurt them, just like ox hair.

However, the new tour guide who has a deep life and is shy in his pocket is easy to be fooled!

“Really? Let me see.”

Yes! Listening to C 250, Zhou Xiyang frowned and snorted coldly, “I think the seats are good. Can the minibus produced by the hotel still have a way to make you full?”

There is absolutely no problem with the driving tools produced by the hotel. This man is looking for trouble and leading you there!

What he reminded was obvious, but——

“I also think your chair looks comfortable.”

C 250? Say so!

The dark tide inside the minibus is surging, and everyone is watching this side. The westerner with red hair and green eyes, like a bear, has been pestering the devil businessman. He looked at the side of the devil where he was, and his eyes twinkled with a fierce light.

He will come on this journey to the East. Of course, he has learned Chinese and can understand the thoughts they communicate.

Only shallow thinking can understand, and deep thinking can also understand.

If this man is going to kill C250, should he do it in advance to save backwardness?

However, his keen intuition told him that there were dangerous things near C250.

Let the first fool try his way.

“Hey, C 250 is really a guy who can cause blood everywhere.”

The half life Taoist sighed that now C250 was in the middle of the minibus, and he was sitting in the front position. If he wanted to see it, he had to turn his head back.

“A juicy walking chicken is called flower chicken. Everyone wants to have a bite. Xiao Tian, what do you think of my metaphor?”

Bai Xiaotian was also looking over there with a light voice: “he picked a good time.”

“Yes, who chooses the time is good.”

The half life Taoist tut said, taking a zombie arm, he frantically patted and tore the scraps of paper stuck on his chest.

“Now let’s get out of our seats.”

The paper snow blown in from the window is very big. Half of the people’s paper can be completely white in an instant, but the paper scraps fall slowly at the position of someone. What’s terrible is that the scraps of paper falling on the empty seat are accumulating and condensing at a very fast speed, and finally condensing into a paper man!

Counting the driver’s guide seat and the 12 seat minibus, there are ten passengers. Now there are paper people in the remaining two empty seats!

The two paper men both lowered their heads, and no one underestimated them. The test of the hotel for the passengers is far more severe than that of the guide. Even if the C250 and the devil merchant have passed the test against a small paper man, the passengers have not passed the test of boarding the bus!

If you leave your seat, the scraps of paper will quickly form a paper man on their seat. What happens when a paper man takes his seat?

Extremely dangerous journey, no one dares to take his life to try!

Even Zhou Xiyang was shouting back. No one could get off his seat to help C 250 at this time. So for Yun Lianghan, this is his best chance to attack and kill!


Bai Xiaotian didn’t make a sound.

He means that the timing of election C 250 is good.

No one can interfere with him. What a good chance for Liwei.

Since you bring your cards with you, you want to hide. We must let people clearly realize how strong this card is in order to have enough deterrence.

The backhand of C 250

The devil merchant stared at the figure after C 250. His face was deep. No one could see what he was thinking.

“Since the seat is comfortable.

In full view of the public, listen to C 250 and the good way:

“Dismantle it.”

Dismantle it?


You’re crazy!

Yun Lianghan scoffed that the means of transport of the hotel can be dismantled if you want? Of course, you can dismantle it. Therefore, the defensive power of this means of transport is based on the strength of the strongest in the brigade. After all, the hotel encourages passengers to become stronger, and the strong always have privileges.

But if you have enough strength, you can stay where it’s cool.

You can wait any longer.

Seeing that Bing 2500 was willing to come closer again, a fierce light flashed in Yun Lianghan’s eyes. The shadow of Bing under the seat suddenly attacked like a sharp arrow, and he knew when he quietly circled around Bing 2500’s skin. He was insidious and wanted to stab his back!

But the next moment, Yun Lianghan’s face suddenly changed!

“I really like to cooperate with people.”

Wei Xun smiled and sighed, “especially with the enemy.”

At least the shadow dared to sneak from behind, and Yu Hehui, who was guarding behind Wei Xun’s shadow, caught it! He seemed to grasp it lightly, but there was a faint sign of collapse in the sharp sword gap of the shadow, but Yun Lianghan had to take care of the shadow. He looked down and found a snow-white hand running through his chest and holding his heart!


It’s the sound of the heart being crushed alive.

Yun Lianghan’s breathing suddenly stopped, but his body gap turned into a strange shadow and flowed away. The next second, the shadow gathered in the back of the minibus, and Yun Lianghan appeared again from the shadow. After his face turned pale and a blood hole was broken in his chest. Even if the shadow was blocked, the blood still stopped flowing downward.

Hide your breath, reduce your presence and kill with one blow. This is the top title of assassination!

He didn’t feel anyone after C 250 at all just now!  however, is this his bottom card!

Yun Lianghan’s face is gloomy and his brain rotates rapidly. The man has the top title of assassination, which puts him at a disadvantage. But when the assassin shows up, he can attack and kill, and the threat is greatly reduced.

The most important thing is that he doesn’t feel that there is a big gap between himself and the other party. Yun Lianghan is a special level two-star, and the assassin may be a special level three-star to four-star.

He has to pay a great price for this gap. But for the sake of the butcher alliance and the order of Lord yin-yang butterfly, Yun Lianghan is full of enthusiasm when he thinks that adults can watch it live!

The most important thing is that he took action against C 250. This is a dead enemy. The other party will definitely die. He should kill him in the minibus before reaching the scenic spot!

Come on.

Yun Lianghan sneered in his heart, and the shadow quickly attached to his body, like a shadow armor.

He’s so easy to kill!

But Yun Lianghan did not wait for the assassination he imagined.

The innocent assassin who had just crushed his heart was under the command of C 250, using his sharp claws——

Tear the seat.

“It was rude of you to ask your passenger friend to leave just now.”

C 250 sighed.

“You’re right. I’m a little rough.”

A husky, low female voice came from the assassin’s mouth.

It seems that they really didn’t take Yun Lianghan’s attack to heart. The assassin crushed his heart to “invite” passengers to leave, so as to facilitate the inspection of seats.

Seeing that she could easily tear open the seat, both passengers and devil businessmen on the whole minibus fell into silence.

This is exactly what Wei Xun wants.

He has countless ways to check the seat in the space, whether with the devil bug or the devil’s power. But since Wei Xun brings Yu Hehui to the side of the car, he is going to show Yu Hehui’s card.

The previous neglect and concealment are all to make Yu Hehui show her hard power, resulting in greater deterrence!

Are you afraid of a visible strong man, or are you more afraid of a powerful assassin with strong hidden means?

There was silence, leaving the sound of paper snow rustling and falling.

Zhou Xiyang, who sat recently, saw it most clearly, but at the same time, his thinking was also strange.


Zhou Xiyang looked at Yu Hehui subtly, and then his eyes coagulated.

Why is there a piece of paper money hidden in the violently torn seat!

When the assassin handed the paper money to C 250, the two paper men sitting in the empty seat turned their heads together, with pale paper faces and dark eyes staring at him. It was really strange.

All the passengers present were stupid and understood in an instant.

Why did the two paper men keep their heads down after they were born.

They are paper money in the “look” seat!

“Tear -”

Zhou Xiyang also tore open his seat. He is a special four-star. He is the most powerful person in this brigade!

“Then hide paper money.”

After Zhou Xiyang took out the paper money, there was a layer of light gold on the funeral paper money inside the outer circle, which seemed to be trying to imitate the real copper money, showing a false strength. After examining it, to everyone’s surprise, Zhou Xiyang turned to hand over the paper money to C 250.

“Guide C, here you are.”


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