TTG Chapter 159

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 159: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (4)

[tour guide C 250, do you agree that Zhou Xiyang is the leader of this trip?]

[Note 1: during this trip, Zhou Xiyang is the strongest passenger (super four-star)]

[Note 2: during this journey, Zhou Xiyang was the first passenger to pass his own strength and the test of riding]

[if you agree, passenger Zhou Xiyang will hand over some of the spoils to you during this journey]

That’s why Zhou Xiyang handed in the paper money?

It’s an extremely dangerous journey. Do you play so many tricks?

Wei Xun looked at Zhou Xiyang with interest and took the paper money he handed in.


Then Wei Xun gave the paper money to Yu Hehui.

Now Wei Xun and Yu Hehui each have a piece of paper money in their hands. The two paper people sitting in the empty seat narrowed their narrow eyes and elongated their mouth lines painted with scarlet color, as if they were laughing. Their paper faces were full of greedy and salivating expressions, but they still didn’t move after all.

In this journey, the brigade leader is not an easy job. The brigade leader himself will encounter more dangers. There are disputes in the East and west areas and those “big men” who can mess around at any time. It’s hard to say that Zhou Xiyang won’t hold the court.

But Zhou Xiyang still stood up and decided to be the captain.

After handing over the paper money, the paper snow blown from the window of Zhou Xiyang was still there, but it was much smaller. He even left his seat, but the paper snow blown by him did not condense into a paper man, but simply piled up.

Zhou Xiyang said calmly, “the paper man came for the paper money. Tear the relevant seat and take out the paper money from the seat.”

Yes, what he said is simple. Just tear the relevant seat and take out the paper money. But the problem is that only the strength of the super four stars and the strongest person on the journey can get the seat! Only Zhou Xiyang is the first in the brigade in terms of strength. His strength has reached the special level four-star, and others can’t!

It’s an extremely dangerous journey. It’s not like Xiangxi that Miao Fangfei has the strongest strength. The brigade in this brigade will be recognized by the hotel, have certain real power, and even punish passengers!

Therefore, the strength of the team leader, the number of supporters in the team, and the relationship with the tour guide will be considered by the hotel. Everything is to maximize the survival rate of passengers during the journey.

The one who has the greatest chance of surviving the tourists and the one who leads the team to complete the scenic spot perfectly is the leader of the brigade!

“Who needs my help?”

Zhou Xiyang calmly glanced across the whole CMB. He knew that someone had sealed the real strength in the brigade.

Do you want to expose your strength and do it yourself, or do you want Zhou Xiyang to help you and agree that he is the first person in the brigade and let him become the brigade captain?

Wei Xun understood Zhou Xiyang’s intention. Zhou Xiyang stood up frankly and just asked who needed help. It was yangmou. Is to let them choose.

Wei Xun thought for a moment. If he was Zhou Xiyang, he would not do so.

The uncertainty is too high. If the brigade leader is a position that involves vital interests and must be obtained, Wei Xun will do whatever he can to ensure that he gets it. Thunder is needed in times of crisis.

Compared with him, Zhou Xiyang seems too decent.

But among the decent, they are also smooth. The fastest way is to tear up the seat, take out the paper money, and without hesitation give the paper money to Wei Xun to ‘bribe and bribe’ him.

Is this An Xuefeng’s former subordinate.

It is said that Zhou Xiyang used to be the vice captain of An Xuefeng in the Criminal Police Brigade in reality. An Xuefeng must trust Zhou Xiyang very much, so he will give the sunset brigade to him and let him become the head of the brigade.

An Xuefeng

Wei Xun was a little distracted. The crisis just now left him nowhere to daydream, but now when he thought of An Xuefeng, Wei Xun felt a small current passing through his blood, making his fingers numb.

He wanted to touch the golden red feather.

Fortunately, the shouting of half life Taoist interrupted his distraction.

“Sunset, come on, hurry up. I’m suffocating from the smell of this paper snow!”

Half life Taoist shouted, blocking his nose with the zombie arm. The urn said, “help Xiaotian, too.”

“Deputy regiment, please have a good attitude at least.”

Young Taoist Bai Xiaotian said politely, “team Zhou, please.”

With the sound of team Zhou, the gold medal was completely put on the surface.

“Team Zhou, help me, too.”

Another person greeted him lazily. He looked small. He was still a teenager, but his hair was rebellious and dyed silver gray. He had a pair of cat eyes. He felt arrogant and cold.

But as soon as he smiled, his very pleasant smile immediately destroyed the coldness.

Wei Xun soon matched him with the brigade list.

Meckel, deputy regiment of the crimson brigade, is a super class two-star.

I’m an acquaintance. I met him at the northern Tibet election. Later, I heard Mao Xiaole introduce them casually. The crimson brigade has two sub regiments, Peng Yingwu, a six tailed silver fox, and Mei Ke’er, a six tailed Black cat.

Black cat.

The black cat can ward off evil spirits. It should be very useful in this journey.

“I can do it myself.”

The cold voice was faint. From the back seat, she was holding a sword. Like the swordsman in martial arts novels, but then she came to Cambridge with a strange red oil paper umbrella. The umbrella seemed to have sticky blood coagulating on it.

Paper snow fluttered and fell on the scarlet oil paper umbrella, but it was swallowed by pus and blood on the umbrella surface.

“October, you’re here this time?”

Zhou Xiyang was surprised and said, “team Zhou, I don’t need help here.”

After that, she stood up, took the umbrella as a sword, cut down fiercely, the fishy wind rose, and a knife edge red with pus and blood appeared directly on her seat! At first glance, it’s like the seat is bleeding if life is split. It’s terrible.

The thick blood even dyed the flying scraps of paper into blood, and it was very aggressive to infect the paper blood outside the CMB. It was arrogant and wanton.

On October 10, the mysterious Lone Ranger traveler, special stage star!

Although she didn’t ask Zhou Xiyang to help, she said that team Zhou also recognized his status.

Zhou Xiyang nodded slightly and looked at the man in the fourth row of the bus.

“I don’t need help either.”

The man smiled gently. He obviously looked Oriental, but he wore the robe of the Lord in western red. Holding a cross in his hand, he was very pious.

“We are all lambs in God’s pasture.”

He whispered devoutly, like a holy light flashing around him. Those flying scraps of paper became real paper when they were beside him.

Yuntianhe, a lone traveler, is said to be a mixture of Chinese and western. It is called “Lord in red”, a special star!

But Zhou Xiyang frowned after hearing his words.

It’s not that he is too allergic, but he will say “we are all lambs”. It’s very likely that he is a passenger raised by the shepherd alliance!

Only the tourists of shepherd alliance will firmly believe that the tour guide is a shepherd and the tourists are lambs.

Without the protection of shepherds, weak lambs cannot survive in the cruel world.

Therefore, it is most correct for tourists to support, believe in, fight for and die for the guide. Everything is for a better future.

In fact, the number of tourists who take refuge in the shepherd alliance far exceeds that of the butcher alliance. They even think from the bottom of their hearts that the shepherd alliance is right. You can’t survive in this cruel hotel just by relying on the tourists. The guide is the Savior of the passengers.

The more guides shepherds have, the less guides from other schools, and the more tourists have a bright future.

They are not as cruel and dangerous as the passengers raised by the butcher alliance. But in fact, they are even more terrible and paranoid. They even publicize this kind of thinking, which has really attracted a large number of precarious middle and low-level tourists. Crazy letter is just like evil.

They are not even limited to the shepherd alliance in the East, but also in the countless huge tourist groups in the East and West.

“Guide C, here you are.”

Yuntianhe uses a cross to draw a relative seat. His cross and the scarlet oil paper umbrella on October 10 are special props. Both of them are super stars. With special props, their strength will reach super four stars, which is enough to cut the seat.

Without hesitation, Yun Tianhe handed the paper money to Wei Xun, looked at him with intense attention, and whispered:

“I will identify with whoever you identify with as brigade captain.”

Yuntianhe has a pleasant voice and elegant intonation. It seems that it can recite hymns at any time:

“Director C, I’m impressed by your strength. In this journey, everything I have will belong to you.”

“I appreciate you, too.”

Wei Xun asked Yu Hehui to take the paper money in yuntianhe’s hand. After getting the paper money without any hands and feet, Wei Xun looked at yuntianhe with appreciation.

No wonder who doesn’t like such passengers.

Not to mention anything else, although the comprehensive strength of the shepherd alliance is not as good as that of the butcher alliance, the passengers trained are really clever. Even if a normal tour guide meets such tourists, he will not be willing to kill them.

Wei Xun looked again and was wary of Yun Lianghan, who was dressed in Shadow Armor and had a dark face.

Who would kill him at all costs at the beginning of the journey just to capture the ten degrees keepsake of north latitude?

What is the origin of Yun Lianghan?

C 250 is in him.

Yun Lianghan stood in the car like a hedgehog with a fried thorn. He was very alert. As a passenger secretly trained by the butcher alliance, he knows that his life value is at this moment. Kill C250, take the ten degrees keepsake of north latitude, and send it back to the organization in a special way.

At all costs, even if the body dies, everything is for Lord Yin and Yang butterfly.

This is Yun Lianghan’s psychological preparation long before departure.

If you fail once, you have to bear the burden of death. After all, the tour guide will never leave tourists who kill him.

You have to kill passengers as soon as possible, preferably now. Even if C 250 doesn’t move, Zhou Xiyang will control him and kill him in order to show their loyalty to him and get his support.

But the reality is different from Yun Lianghan’s imagination.

No one shouted at him, and no one killed him.

This makes Yun Lianghan feel uncomfortable.

Yes, the people in this brigade should not know that he is a member of the vicious butcher alliance. Yun Lianghan’s identity is well hidden. His contacts with the butcher alliance are in private.

Should these people in the minibus only turn him into an extreme traveler?

Or maybe it’s their plot to let him relax his vigilance? No, it shouldn’t. If others don’t know he’s from the butcher alliance, there’s no absolute need to kill him.

Yun Lianghan was on alert and walked back to his seat step by step, ready to be attacked at any time.

In fact, no one really paid attention to him.

Even Zhou Xiyang didn’t give him half a look.

Somehow, Yun Lianghan felt a punch on the air. He was inexplicably a little lonely.

yun Lianghan returned to his position step by step, but Bing 250 and his assassin didn’t do it, and he didn’t seem to want to kill him. Zhou Xiyang didn’t pay attention to Yun Lianghan at all.

——Anyway, Yun Lianghan’s paper money was dug up by the tour guide, so he passed the assessment with the help of the tour guide and did not show his strength, and he had no right to choose the leader of the brigade.

Moreover, even if he was not included, Zhou Xiyang had enough votes and won the support of more than half of the passengers in the tour guide’s brigade.

After all, there are only two people in the Western District, which can’t be compared anyway.

[Zhou Xiyang becomes the leader of this trip]

The prompt sound of the hotel announced the end of the selection of brigade captain in someone’s mind. The devil merchant looked over there with a dignified look, but not too much.

In this journey, people from the Eastern District have too many advantages in both the location and the proportion of people. He has been ready for this job for a long time.

However, external pressure will also promote the internal unity of the west side, but it will help his devil businessman better gain a foothold in the small group in the west side!

There are a large number of tourists in the Eastern District, and the strength is not weak. It is true that there are few tourists in the Western District during this journey, but it is not that they do not seize the opportunity. In this brigade, the devil businessman is the main guide! His rank power is stronger than C 250.

This is also an opportunity that western travelers must seize. They will help the devil merchant stabilize his position!

After discovering the alliance on the east side, the red haired werewolf Augustus quickly responded, and his attitude towards the devil merchant can be called a two-level reversal. Under his protection, the devil merchant took out the magic mirror and summoned the ghost monarch hidden in the magic mirror, which neatly solved the problem of paper money for people in the West.

What’s more, the people from the west side are all werewolf passengers!

In the west side, as long as it is a werewolf department, both tour guides and tourists are inseparable from the werewolf alliance. The werewolf alliance can be called the home of the devil merchant.

The people in the western district quickly united together, while the seven people in the eastern district gathered together, but there were forces from all sides, and they wanted to attack and kill the dung stirring stick of C 250. It’s easy to quarrel.

The situation is delicately balanced.

“The setting sun, come on, don’t let you do it in vain.”

Half life Taoist called Zhou Xiyang over, avoided other people, and said mysteriously, “here’s a good thing for you.”

“This is –”

What the half life Taoist gave Zhou Xiyang was the small paper money under the word Fu.

“These two kinds of paper money are different.”

He lowered his voice: “this is the paper money hidden under the blessing.”

Compared with the rough big paper money, this exquisite small paper money is really different. It is even as heavy as a real coin in your hand.

Wei Xun knows this. He just took the small paper money in the hand of half life Taoist and bumped it.

“Don’t rob me of my paper money.”

The half life Taoist didn’t stop him, but said, “grievances have heads and debts have owners. You go and rob Yun Lianghan. Really, don’t rob if you don’t rob.”

Yun Lianghan:??

Wei Xun returned the small paper money to the half life Taoist, but he didn’t go and still stood by his seat.

After arriving at the front, Wei Xun took a turn on the minibus.

Zhizha Jintong is at the front door of the car. Wei Xun thought Zhizha Yuxiang would be at the back door. So he just stopped at Yun Lianghan sitting next to the back door of the car.

But zhizayu wasn’t there.

After wandering around, Wei Xun returned to the seat of half life Taoist.

Jin Tongyu is always together.

The seat of half life passer-by is the nearest to the front door of the car.

When his mind moved, Yu Hehui took a step forward, picked up the nagging half life Taoist and put it aside. Here, Zhou Xiyang just drew the seat of the half life Taoist. Before the contents were exposed, he was blocked by Yu Hehui.

Zhou Xiyang was stunned at first, and then he saw Yu Hehui make a gesture to him.

This is the combat gesture agreed upon by the returning people when they fought side by side many years ago. It was designed by An Xuefeng and originated from the Criminal Police Brigade.

The meaning is: [cover]

It’s him.

Zhou Xiyang was full of mixed feelings. He turned aside quietly and left room for Yu Hehui to move. The tall and straight body blocked the eyes of others behind, and even the half life Taoist was blocked by him.

Yu Hehui quickly felt something out of the torn seat. He quietly returned to Wei Xun. He gave it to him under the cloak.

It’s a small ball of paper.

Like the one originally caught in the crack of the door, with Yu Hehui’s strength, the paper ball was still a paper ball in his hand and did not become larger.

With Yu Hehui’s hand, Wei Xun held the paper ball. Under the badge of the destruction witness of the ancient country, the paper ball was soaked rapidly and began to melt. It didn’t even have a chance to change into its original form, and even begged for mercy.

The golden boy paper man in the car shivered and made the minibus faster. The devil businessman who holds the soul of the golden boy paper man, if he has a book, looks at Wei Xun.

“Where’s the camera?”

Wei xuntan turned around and walked to the devil merchant. No one came to his hand and was on the verge of melting, like a piece of paper like cream.

[you captured zhizayu!]

[you have obtained a complete team leader assessment tendency: ‘traditional funeral paper tie’, please determine your team leader assessment tendency before the second day of the journey, otherwise it will be randomly selected by the examiner!]

Brush and pull——

A faint, inaudible sound.

“What’s the matter with you?”

The devil merchant did not answer Wei Xun’s question, but asked instead. There were worries and vigilance in his language.

“I’m fine.”

Wei Xun took out his thermos cup and drank water. He was clear and spoke briskly. He looked out of the window and reminded the devil merchant, “come to the five zang organs temple. Why don’t you read the guide?”

The devil merchant gave him a deep look and began to read the guide’s words perfunctorily, leading the tourists to the roadside scenic spot Wuzang Temple site.

But in fact, there is nothing outside.  the paper money under someone’s seat was dug out, but the paper scraps’ Blizzard ‘has not stopped. The paper scraps have pasted a layer of glass, and everything outside is foggy, like being blindfolded by a piece of paper.

It was better in the car. The passengers passed the small test. The additional skills on Wei Xun and the devil merchant Brooch all played a role. Even if they were salivating and staring at everyone before, the two paper people sitting in the empty seats were silent and lowered their heads again.

But the passengers still looked dignified because they felt that the speed of the minibus was getting slower and slower!

“Is it possible that the paper has gone from the wheel hinge?”

“There’s too much load on the car. You should kill the two paper men.”

“The minibus is about to become a paper car. The paper car won’t move. Tear off the paper shell outside the car!”

The passengers in the car have experience and quickly put forward one by one. The wheels and paper killers that needed to go out and get off for inspection were put aside for the time being. Without hesitation, they leaned out of the window to remove the paper shell by various means.

No one put it away. Even Yun Lianghan was grimacing and manipulated the shadow to tear the paper. Werewolf passengers in the western district are even more werewolf like. Most of them lean out and violently tear up the paper shell adhered to the minibus.

“What’s the matter?”

The passengers in the minibus are busy, and Yu Hehui stands next to Wei Xun. The contract between the two allows them to communicate spiritually. Yu Hehui also felt Wei Xun’s state at the moment.

Wei Xun’s quiet words can’t hide from the devil merchant, but it can’t hide from Yu Hehui. The food in Wei Xun’s thermos is purified devil honey water. Just now he drank a whole bottle!

“No cash”

Wei Xun’s words made Yu Hehui tremble if he didn’t have his money.

“Just now the San value returned to zero”

“I really don’t have money. I have a name tag.”

Wei Xun is very calm. Indeed, he marked two abyss nodes and fused one. In addition, the name card and the connection with * *, the loss of San’s gold Sutra will not have a great impact on Wei Xun. Even if the San value instantly returns to zero, he can’t resist alienation in a short time.

I’m afraid the devil merchant just felt the devil’s breath on him, but Wei Xun was not alienated – the only tail that couldn’t help growing was also hidden under the cloak and wrapped around Wei Xun’s thigh, which the devil merchant couldn’t see.

After eating a handful of purified magic honey sugar balls, Wei Xun looked out of the window.

“Did you get it?”


Yu Hehui looked warily out of the car window: “paper snow, paper shell?”

Yu Hehui can’t find it.

Wei Xun ate a handful of purified magic honey sugar balls. In just half a minute, he ate a hundred drops of purified magic honey. But the rapidly rising San value soon fell rapidly.

Because of the unspeakable terror, he stared at him outside the window.

That’s a huge paper face.

At first, Wei Xun only thought it was an eye. After all, the eye was too huge and occupied the two connected windows. The dark pupil was just divided into two halves by the middle. He stared at him outside the window.

But Wei Xun soon found that it was not the case. He saw another eye outside the last window of the car. The vast expanse of white outside the window is actually a huge pale paper face.

The two eyes were slightly curved, like laughing, full of joy. They looked at him as if they were very friendly and kind.

But Wei Xun was reset to zero by its San value!

At the moment of returning to zero, he looked out of the window and saw that the two giant paper eyes turned scarlet like blood, with a smile still in their eyes, but full of greed and salivation. For example, when the vulture came to rotten meat, the hunter looked at the prey!

In a trance, the bus seemed to become transparent. Wei Xun came to a huge paper man. His upper body was lying on the medium bus, his lower body was floating, and the miserable white paper was directly connected to the gray sky. The paper man’s head hung down, his face pressed close to the minibus, and the greedy “outside” Xiang Weixun was happy.

It’s like humans watching broilers in cages.

This giant paper man appeared after Wei Xun was prompted by the hotel [you have obtained a complete team leader assessment tendency: ‘traditional funeral paper bar’!]!

“Is it so exciting…”

Wei Xun sighed that it was too easy for him to collect Jintong jade. The original problem was waiting for him.

No wonder after the tour guide chooses the leader for assessment, the difficulty of the whole journey will increase.

It’s such a big guy!

Wei Xun didn’t confirm it, but just got it, the giant paper man appeared. The reason why the minibus slows down is because of it. Wei Xun’s San value returned to zero again, and he went to the whole giant paper man through the bus.

The giant paper man was originally floating, but the sticky gray and dirty pulp flowing from it seems to be limited, like a giant spider silk, between the paper man and the minibus. It has not been pasted together, but the pulp connects them, which slows down the travel speed of the minibus.

In fact, after the appearance of the giant paper man, the paper snow outside has long stopped falling. The paper shells outside the minibus are actually the condensation of viscous pulp!

At the moment when the giant paper man’s eyes turned red, Wei Xun calmly ate a handful of purified magic honey sugar beans.

San value is full, the giant paper man’s eyes turn black, and the paper face returns to a happy and friendly smile.

I’m afraid what you get after you drop the San is true, and what you get after the San value is full is false.

But in any case, Wei Xun has not chosen this assessment tendency. As long as he doesn’t get out of control, he can’t sell the giant paper man.

Realizing this, Wei Xun’s expression changed subtly.

In the panic of Yu Hehui, Wei Xun dropped San and returned to San several times. The giant paper man’s eyes turned red and black and changed several rounds.


Wei Xun smiled.

“Cui, the situation is wrong.”

The devil merchant’s language is dignified. After the minibus slows down, he starts to get hairy behind his back. It seems that there is something unspeakable and extremely terrible outside the window. But he looked out of the window and saw nothing but a vast expanse of white.

The most terrible thing is that it is a vast expanse of white. It is a part of the monster.

Maybe when the monster turns around, they will see the huge monster eyes that fill the whole minibus window.

Western style terror is different from Chinese style terror. Many of them are bloody and super huge terror monsters. Devil businessmen have experience and are skilled in brain repair.

But he couldn’t believe it.

No, even the first scenic spot hasn’t arrived yet. How can you encounter such a monster?!

Is this the increased difficulty of team leader assessment!

“Maybe we should join hands to use the guide flag.”

When he said this to C 250, the devil merchant rarely felt guilty. He was not sure whether Xiaocui had passed the team leader assessment during the journey – probably not. After all, she only went through one journey and didn’t need to be in such a hurry.

But the devil businessman was assessed by the team leader at the moment when he entered the journey.

The difficulty of this journey, from “first-order extreme danger” to “second-order extreme danger”, definitely has a lot of reasons.

Although C250 just said there was no gold, the devil merchant felt that at that moment, she was filled with alienation. Uncontrolled alienation definitely came from the sudden decline of San value.

Although it’s not easy for the devil businessman, he can still control himself without showing alienation.

, this kind of journey is still too reluctantly for Xiaocui. What’s more, he made the journey more difficult.

The devil merchant shook his head and shook away some guilt that somehow appeared in his heart.

“You’re right.”

Wei Xun was absent-minded and took out the guide flag. Secretly, he charged Yu Hehui:

“At the moment we waved the flag, you grabbed the two paper men.”

Wei Xun is talking about the two paper people piled up on the empty seat.

“I’m afraid they have five super stars in their strength.”

Yu Hehui warned: “very strong. They are the ultimate test for the passengers and tour guides on this bus.”

The two paper men sat quietly in the empty seat of the minibus. They didn’t feel there, but in fact, some passengers didn’t ignore them!

Obviously, these two paper men will be their last test!

“It’s time for the guides to do it.”

Half life Taoist approached and heard the dialogue between C 250 and the devil merchant. Instead, he lowered his voice and Bai Xiaotian said, “you secretly give the paper money to the two paper people. Remember, you have to pay ‘real money’.”

There are two kinds of paper money hidden on the minibus. One is the ‘□□’ hidden under the seat, and the other is the ‘real money’ hidden on the air conditioning port above everyone’s head after the word Fu!

The two paper men are eager for money. They can see it in their greedy eyes. But every time they stare at the “□□” under the seat, which is misleading to passengers.

The paper scraps flying from the window are also attracted by the “□□” under the seat, which is even more misleading.

Not everyone is like a half life Taoist, because it’s usually too unlucky. He is particularly keen on the gold items of “the word of blessing is missing” and “the word of blessing is not reversed”. Even if people in the western region have learned Chinese, they can’t understand all aspects of Chinese culture.

“Those two silly paper people, hey, they can’t be stupid.”

The half life Taoist whispered, “believe it or not, if you give □□, they will let you off. Even in the scenic spots behind, they will definitely come to you in the middle of the night.”

No money, no getting off. Get out of the car, but you will definitely be chased by paper men in the back.

Only by giving real money can we have no worries at home.

“Hey, super grade five-star paper man, what a good material. If I get this material, I will definitely raise a pair of paper men similar to Mao Xiaole’s life paper man!”

Half life Taoist regretted and said, “Alas, it’s a pity that Yu Xiangyang didn’t come with me. No, fuck the corpse. I can’t beat the five-star paper man.”

In addition to giving money, you can beat the two paper men to death. The special five-star paper man is definitely a good material and may be useful in the next scenic spots.

But now in the minibus, Zhou Xiyang, the most powerful on the bright side, is a special four-star, one star less than the paper man. Those who deliberately hide their strength should not be so shallow as to unseal their strength for the sake of a paper man.

What’s more, everyone in this car is not single-minded. When fighting, we must always guard against the rear.

Half life Taoist just looked at the paper man and sighed.

“Do you hear me?”

Yu Hehui said, “even I don’t want to deal with two special five-star paper men at the same time.”

“I heard it”

Wei Xun took out the guide flag and the devil merchant and walked forward. He was happy and whispered to Yu Hehui:

“It’s nice of you to wait until Bai Xiaotian gives the paper money to the paper man. It’s good to pay back a wave of their money.”

Yu Hehui:?

“I promise that the two paper men will not have any counterattack.”

Wei Xun holds a purified magic honey sugar ball and controls his San value to slow it down.

“In that case, you can catch them”

The eyes of the giant paper man outside the window gradually turn red.

“If you’re sure they won’t fight back”

Yu Hehui’s words also became serious: “I can”

“OK, that’s it”

Wei Xun’s language was light. He just found that his San value returned to zero. When the giant paper man’s eyes turned red, the paper men on the two medium buses were trembling and dared not move when they were deterred!

It’s a pity that this is not for nothing.

“Be careful, that feeling is coming.”

Holding the guide flag, the devil businessman first walked to the window and looked out.

He who does not know has no fear. The devil merchant is standing in front of the giant paper man. The black giant pupil is bigger than his head.

“Xiao Cui, you –”

The devil merchant just wanted to say that Xiaocui you were standing next to me, but he came to Wei Xun with a bright red guide flag and walked to the end of the carriage.

“Before you, after me.”

Wei Xun tidied up the guide flag.

[guide flag (silver zero order five-star): bright red guide flag, which allows passengers to quickly find their own guide; experienced guide can lead passengers to the scenic spot smoothly under any circumstances!]

The last half sentence of the guide flag has changed. Now the bus is blocked and the guide flag is working.

The silver zero order five-star guide flag, even if coupled with the guide flag at the higher level of the devil businessman, the combined force of the two, I’m afraid, is a drop in the bucket.

Even if the tourists don’t put much hope on the guide flag, they are still trying to use their own strength to tear the paper shell glued outside the bus.


Wei Xun heard Zhou Xiyang’s happy voice. After the passengers tore off those heavy paper shells, the slow minibus moved normally again.

What Wei Xun noticed was that the adhesive between the giant paper man’s face and the minibus was torn and broken, making the giant paper face uncontrollably want to float away to the distance.

But the paper face is far away, and we can’t observe Wei Xun, the giant paper life, any closer.

Without the drag of the giant paper man, the minibus moved forward normally from .

Taking advantage of the time, many passengers went to pay for the two paper men. After passing the five zang organs temple, it was the drum beating alley for another ten minutes. It will arrive soon according to the original speed.


I’m afraid he won’t be able to get off without paper money!

“Hey, yuntianhe, let’s go and get the paper money back.”

He found yuntianhe, and the man’s paper money was also in the hands of C250. He must have regretted it now.

For example, if they work together, they are definitely not afraid of the assassin C 250. Both of them are surnamed Yun, which is also fate——

“I believe director C will protect me, just as a shepherd protects his lamb.”

But yuntianhe was not in a hurry. He looked peaceful and happy, and advised Yun Lianghan: “you have too many hostility in your heart. It’s disrespectful to attack the noble guide just now. As long as you sincerely ask for his forgiveness, he will protect you, just as he protects me.”

“Are you a fool?”

Yun Lianghan could not stare at him: “the tour guide protects the passengers? Protect Baba! Is there something wrong with your brain -”

“Creak – creak -”

Suddenly, the minibus clattered violently, making a harsh sound. The speed suddenly slowed to the extreme, like the hands of a giant dragging the minibus! The violent vibration made some passengers look dignified. They clenched their teeth and no one screamed. They all kept calm.

But calm doesn’t mean no fear! They found that the entire window on the left of the minibus had turned pale, and the minibus was leaning like a □□!

Wei Xun clearly saw the sticky pulp flowing from the paper man’s face. His whole face tried to stick to the window, and even tried to get close to Wei Xun. At the same time, Wei Xun’s San value returned to zero, and the giant paper man’s eyes suddenly turned evil scarlet.

“Right now!”

For a moment, the devil merchant’s body turned into a translucent ghost. He couldn’t control alienation! At the moment when San’s value dropped wildly, he roared and stabbed the guide flag out of the window, like a spear, but the next moment his face suddenly changed!

The bright red guide flag was polluted into paper like gray in an instant, and the gray is still spreading upward! Then, the gray suddenly retreated, and the devil merchant seemed to have a golden red light. He subconsciously looked at the back of the car, and the fire was reflected in the direction of Wei Xun.


While Yu Hehui shot, Wei Xun stabbed out the guide flag and was stabbing into the eyes of the giant paper man!

The guide flag, which is lower than the devil merchant’s rank, can’t hurt the giant paper man, but Wei Xun quietly tied something at the top of the guide flag when he just sorted out the guide flag.

What he tied to the top of the guide flag was the golden red phoenix feather given to him by An Xuefeng!

“I’m really sorry.”

Wei Xun smiled and looked at the feather as if he were gentle and crazy: “but An Xuefeng said he wouldn’t let you hurt me.”

At the next moment, the Golden Red Phoenix Fire exploded in the pupil of the giant paper man!

Paper man is most afraid of fire!


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