TTG Chapter 16

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (16)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 16: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

“Brother Hou –!”

“Xu Chen!!”

“Lin Xi!”

In the sound of the call, everyone rushed to the courtyard in the rain. Everyone had weapons and was ready to fight. Now, unlike the mountain road, they had to drive eight bodies. If the three people had an accident, the rest of the bodies would fall on them, and the task would be more difficult!

At this time, the passengers seemed United. Miao Fangfei and Zhao Hongtu rushed to the front. Miao Fangfei took a knife, Zhao Hongtu pulled a bow like a full moon, and three arrows were ready to go. Zhao Hongtu aimed at the corpses, but the scene surprised them.

In front of the corpses, Hou Feihu screamed, Xu Chen collapsed and cried on the ground, while Lin Xi hugged a corpse and whispered on its shoulder. Before the abnormal three people, there was a busy guide Bingjiu standing there!

“What did you do!”

Zhao Hongtu, who had the best relationship with Hou Feihu and was the most impatient, pointed his bow and arrow at Bing Jiu. His eyes flashed fiercely. Just as his finger was about to loosen, he was “accidentally” hit by Shi Tao.

With a savage force, Shi Tao directly bumped Zhao Hongtu into the muddy water and chewed his mouth full of mud.

“You –!”

Zhao Hongtu’s angry eyes turned red and glared at Shi Tao. But before he could get up, he was trampled down again by a foot wearing high-soled hiking boots.

“Shut up.”

Miao Fangfei’s eyes were cold and full of deterrence. The spotted snake wrapped around Zhao Hongtu’s arm and pulled it back like a rope.

“Brother Zhao, I know you’re worried, but Miao team is right. You can’t worry now.”

Wang pengpai hurriedly advised them on the side: “Flying Tigers are living in a nightmare. Guide C is helping them. If you are impulsive, it will be bad! ”

I don’t know whether it was the fat man’s persuasion, or whether Zhao Hongtu didn’t want to really fight with Miao Fangfei. He gritted his teeth and trembled with anger. Finally, he threw the bow aside, pushed away Miao Fangfei’s feet, and got up. A pair of eyes are still staring at Bingjiu, full of distrust and vigilance.

Zhao Hongtu doesn’t know what overpowering drug Bingjiu gave Miao Fangfei. Each one is loyal like a dogleg, but Zhao Hongtu won’t believe Bingjiu’s nonsense!

Some of the people he knew before were under Bing Jiu. He knew how crazy and cruel the tour guide was.

He will stare at Bingjiu and never let him hurt brother Hou again, even if he gambles his life!

Zhao Hongtu here is sad and angry. He is the enemy of the whole brigade and fights alone. Wei Xunzheng over there is amazed and studies the three people captured by resentment.

After Wei Xun inspired the title task, he wandered to the corpse group courtyard. After all, there is a strong resentment here. Wei Xun also wants to “feed” his own horn to see if there can be anything new.

However, his “horn” seemed to be very picky about food and was unmoved by the complaints among the corpses. Wei Xun stared at the corpses for a long time, his eyes were sour, and he did not observe any new complaints, increasing the progress of the task.

Just then, he saw Lin Xi coming this way.

Wei Xun’s figure was covered by the body. The three people didn’t find his existence, but their noise was heard by Wei Xun.

It seems that Lin Xi found a special rotten corpse. She thought it was a special task and she couldn’t deal with it, so she took Hou Feihu and Xu Chen together.

But Hou Feihu was a straight man and wanted to call everyone in the brigade, so he had a dispute with Lin Xi. Finally, Xu Chen adjusted around calmly. They decided to come and have a look first, confirm that there was a task, and then call their companions to save everyone for nothing.

Special tasks?

Hearing this, Wei Xun was not sleepy and waited with great interest.

I don’t know if the tour guide can answer the special tasks of passengers.

But when the three men first arrived at the edge of the corpse group, they seemed to be trapped by some phantom sound. Meanwhile, Wei Xun felt a strong resentment among the corpses.

He had not noticed the obvious resentment in the corpses before, and now he knew that the resentment should be hidden. Hou Feihu activated it only when they approached. But whenever Wei Xun wanted to track, the resentment disappeared. When he turned his head, the resentment reappeared. Several times, Wei Xun confirmed that it could move freely among the corpses.

As a result, Wei Xun was found by Hou Feihu before he caught him. As soon as the popularity is prosperous, the complaining ghost naturally disappears and can’t be found again.

This made Wei Xun unhappy. He glanced at Zhao Hongtu and others. With a cold hum, he turned and left. He only said two words with guide Mai when passing Lin Xi.

Zhao Hongtu refused to admit that he was terrified by Bingjiu’s eyes, as if he had been stared at by a fierce beast. After Bing Jiu left, he regained his mind and hurriedly went to find Hou Feihu. When he stepped on his legs, his legs were soft and almost made a fool of himself.

“I saw that I was eaten alive by the corpses.”

Simply Hou Feihu and others have woke up. Hou Feihu apologized to the people with a bitter smile: “the illusion is too real. I still have bone pain now.”

“Terrible, terrible.”

The most inspired Xu Chen is still shivering and crying with a runny nose and tears. When Lin Xi woke up, she pushed away the body in her arms. Her face was very ugly. It seemed that her clothes were dirty and dirty. She took off her coat and threw it away. Without saying a word, she went to her house.

“Hey! XIAOLINZI, it’s not safe to be alone! ”

The fat man shouted kindly, but Lin Xi didn’t look back and walked faster.

“Whatever he does, you can’t die with Bingjiu.”

Zhao Hongtu did not hide his disgust for Lin Xi. When he turned to Hou Feihu, he became concerned and nervous: “brother Hou, what did Bingjiu do to you?! Is he — ”

“No, it’s me.”

Hou Feihu shook his head, and his eyes were a little complicated: “obviously, I didn’t have a bad feeling, but as soon as I came to the corpses, I was in a nightmare. Yes… It’s Bingjiu. He saved me. ”

Hou Feihu patted his ear: “he should use the guide wheat. I heard him say that the scenic spots can’t make noise. I woke up all at once.”


Zhao Hongtu still doesn’t believe it. His life is sulky. However, Hou Feihu glanced at the passengers. Suddenly, his eyes coagulated and said eagerly:

“Is everybody here? What about the main house? Is there no one guarding it? ”

“No, everyone is here.”

Miao Fangfei shook her head solemnly. In the case of possible accidents among Zhao Hongtu, the remaining passengers must act together, and it is impossible to leave anyone alone.

“Go back, I have a bad feeling!”

Hou Feihu said eagerly, but he was impatient and rushed back. His words made the passengers feel cold, and Zhao Hongtu’s face was even more ugly.

Hou Feihu’s title is extremely useful. He said he felt ominous. There must be a real problem!

They hurried away, and no one noticed that the corpses in the heavy rain were quietly changing behind them. All the corpses turned their heads, with rotten and white horror faces and gloomy resentments staring in the direction of the main room.

I wonder if it’s an illusion. Compared with the first day, they seem to be closer to the main house.

“Gee, I finally left.”

After a while, Wei Xun, who had already left, came back with a bamboo pole tied with tough lines and hooks. It was a simple self-made fishing rod.

Wei Xun tried to throw, and his posture was quite professional. When he was too sick to leave his house, he did all kinds of exciting things, and he went fishing in the open sea alone several times.

After confirming that the “fishhook” could be thrown to the center of the corpse group, Wei Xun threw the pole with satisfaction. Noticing that the corpses did not know when to turn their heads, when they were looking at him in a faint way, Wei sang blinked at the corpses, then adjusted the guide, who was under the collar.

“Cough, Hello, Hello, can you hear me?”

Wei Xun auditioned if there was no corpse next to him. Then he was full of emotion and said seriously: “look, this is the morgue of Xiaolong Yizhuang. Don’t be afraid. Although these bodies seem real and terrible, they are only precious wax statues. ”

Wei Xun repeated it three times, put down the guide Mai and walked to the corpses. I saw that the corpses who were still staring at him had really become like wax statues, and even the smell of corpses was light.

[tour guide mai (five stars of silver scale): a mediocre tour guide Mai, an experienced tour guide, can never say anything wrong.]

This is the power of tour guide Mai. Of course, it is not an invincible prop. Where tourists exist, the power of tour guide Mai will be greatly weakened. Just like just now, he just woke up Hou Feihu, and Wei Xun must come close to their ears to speak.

Now there are no passengers, only him and the corpses. The power of tour guide Mai seems to be greater.

This gave Wei Xun an illusion that the passengers were going to be tested and the corpses were more targeted at them. As a tour guide, he was hired by the hotel, and the corpses didn’t respond to him.

But even so, there are still a few tour guides who are so bold as Wei Xun. He made two circles around the corpses, found a good angle, and then waved a fishing rod.

He’s crazy about fishing for bodies!

“Brother nine, there’s a different corpse in the yard.”

Just now, Lin Xi deliberately found him, and his words still echoed in Wei Xun’s ears. His sharp eyes passed through the corpses and locked on a dead body near the center.

Wei Xun threw the rod and tried several times, and finally, the hook firmly caught the flesh of the corpse.

“It’s strange that it’s a corpse, but it has two face values.”

“Whine –!”

The scream of bitterness and resentment sounded. The next moment, the corpse moved, the rotten corpse collapsed, exploded like a bomb, and the swollen head shot at Wei Xun like a shell. Then a blood shadow cracked the skull from the inside, the bloody membrane wings stretched, and the claw tips were as sharp as a knife.

Illusion, auditory hallucination. Wei Xun once fought against creatures with this ability!

Throwing down the fishing rod, Wei Xun held the guide’s flagpole and fiercely resisted the attack of the monster. The other side’s strong strength made Wei Xun step back a few steps to stabilize his body.

Two appearance values. Sure enough, something was hidden in the body.

This is a corpse flying fox three times larger than that encountered on the mountain road!

* *

“Good boy”

After changing her clothes, Lin Xi, who was walking to the main house, couldn’t help thinking of Bingjiu’s praise just now. Her eyes were sour.

Praise, praise.

Sure enough, he can become very useful.

And Bingjiu is willing to save him!

Thinking of the words of Bingjiu in his ear in front of the corpses in the yard just now, the slightly cold breath brushed his ear, which made Lin Xi feel that she had never throbbed.

At that moment, he almost loved Bingjiu.

He will become stronger and stronger. If, if one day, he can really compete with Bingjiu——

Lin Xi returned to the main room in a good mood, but after entering the door, Lin Xi’s smile froze.

It was a depressing and dignified atmosphere. All the other passengers were in the main room, with extremely gloomy faces.

After Lin Xi came in, everyone looked at him with suspicion and fear. Zhao Hongtu even flashed his bow and pointed the tip of his arrow at Lin Xi, impolitely:

“Stop, don’t move.”

Lin Xi knew the current affairs very well and let Miao Fangfei put cinnabar on his face, but also endured not to move.

When the atmosphere in the room calmed down, he opened his mouth and asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Where did you go just now?”

Seeing Lin Xi’s face full of vermilion and no change, Zhao Hongtu’s questioning tone was better.

“I went to find brother nine.”

Lin Xi is frank. There’s nothing to hide.

“Well, Xiao Zhao, Lin Xi didn’t do it.”

The fat man sighed: “ask director C later. If you really find director C, Lin Xi won’t have time.”


Zhao Hongtu snorted coldly, but he finally put down his bow and arrow in anger. Being interrogated as a prisoner for a long time, Lin Xi was impatient and looked ugly: “what’s the matter?”

“Four more bodies.”

Xu Chen said with a bitter smile, but what he said made Lin Xi creepy: “the coffin has been disturbed. Now there are bodies in each of the twelve coffins.”

“And the bodies as like as two peas are treated.”


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