TTG Chapter 160

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 160: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (5)

“Ah –!”

The extremely twisted and harsh roar exploded in the ears of the devil merchant and Wei Xun, accompanied by the noise like the friction of paper, which made people’s brain buzzing.

The giant paper man with golden red flame disappeared, and the paper shell outside the minibus was burned. The air was not only filled with the smell of smoke after the paper was burnt, but also mixed with the smell of fat roasted rotten meat. The scorched marks are still stuck on the outer wall of the car, like piles of carbonized grease, and the surface is still stuck with dirty gray paper ash.

[di, you have offended Qianjia paper and won the hostility of Qianjia paper!]

[di, you hurt Qianjia paper and won the appreciation of Qianjia paper!]

The prompt sound of the hotel was sounded in the minds of the devil merchant and Wei Xun. The devil businessman who was still watching Wei Xun suddenly regained his mind, his face changed slightly, and Wei Xun was also stunned.

This giant paper man was originally called Qianjia paper, but why did he get “appreciation” when he hurt it?

Is it related to the assessment tendency of the team leader or the final goal of Qianjia paper?

As long as you cheat the devil businessman, it will be clear whether it is also the “appreciation” of thousands of papers.

Wei Xun’s brain turned rapidly. On the surface, he smiled and took back the guide flag. In front of the whole minibus passengers and the devil businessman, he took a breath and blew out the flame of the golden and red feather.

“Sure enough, the paper payer had to use fire.”


The CMB rattled, and the body, which was almost rollover, came back slowly. In the process, the body made a sour squeak. The car was shaking violently, as if it would fall apart at any time.


The minibus is coming and continues to drive forward again.

There was silence inside the minibus. No one could have imagined that these two C-class tour guides could really lift the crisis of this level!

And the golden red flame——

“Thanks to you, I hurt the soul of the paper man.”

When all the people’s eyes fell on Wei Xun, Wei Xun turned his head and looked at the devil businessman. Rao glanced deeply. He was polluted by paper into a gray guide flag.

“Your flame is also very powerful.”

The devil merchant nodded modestly, and the guide flag was quietly put away by him. The two guides did not pay any attention to the tourists’ different eyes, but flattered each other.

Obviously, this is where they are.

But now no one interrupted them, and the passengers were shocked and unbelievable.

“Hello, Xiao Tian, have you arrived?”

Half life people keep their voices down and rarely get excited with Bai Xiaotian: “the flame, you’re the flame, I don’t have eyes. It’s like a Phoenix Fire?”

“Xiao Tian, what do you say about the paper man?”

“It’s Phoenix Fire.”

Bai Xiaotian also rarely changed his expression. He lowered his head and wiped his eyes, and a small bag bulged up at the collar of his robe. Then a small paper man climbed out of his collar and burst into tears (scraps of paper). Half of its body was slightly blackened, as if it had been burned by fire.

“Sure enough, the paper man who can burn you across the air is the Phoenix Fire!”

“It’s amazing. This C 250 is really prepared. You can use his previous means when driving. Now, it’s complete with water and fire. Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough

The half life man spoke too quickly, and suddenly a heart splitting cough made his face paler, but he still couldn’t hide his exuberant expression: “when the paper man saw it, he had to curse his mother. It’s too rude to talk about martial virtue!”

Bai Xiaotian tried to interrupt: “deputy regiment, let me tell you –”

“Don’t interrupt and listen to me. Did you hear who c 250 said just now?”

The half life man is mysterious and lowers his voice: “An Xuefeng, he just said an Xuefeng! You’re a fool like Zhou Xiyang! Wuliang Tianzun, people here don’t use water and fire, but they can burn all the paper outside as soon as they can. It’s definitely not a mortal thing. I guess in his hand, either an Xuefeng’s Phoenix Feathers or an Xuefeng found him Jinwu feathers of Qile orange!”

“Vice regiment -”

“No, no, no, the golden red flame is definitely a phoenix feather. Limitless Tianzun, he didn’t have any means to activate the feather, just stabbed it out. The flame is the guardian of Phoenix Fire’s automatic counterattack! Xiao Tian, you know what it means!”

The more excited the emotion was, the lower the voice of the half life people was. It was almost whispered. Only the two of them could hear it.

“Fenghuo guardian, who dares to call you the master of an Xuefeng? A new tour guide can let the dreamers and shepherds join hands to protect you on the way home. It’s difficult just because he is the pioneer of 30 degrees north latitude and the keepsake of 30 degrees north latitude journey?”

When it comes to “mouth”, half life people only make a mouth shape.

“Connecting tour guides”

This C 250 is probably an Xuefeng’s tour guide!

Everyone knows that the team has never had a tour guide on the way home, not only in the public, but also in the private. In fact, the people in the high-level strong circle think that the way home is almost over, not only because they can’t add new people on the way home, but also because the team doesn’t have a tour guide!

However, anyone who has been to the 30 degree north latitude journey clearly understands how important a tour guide is for a brigade. Middle and low-level passengers still need a tour guide. A brigade going to the 30 degree north latitude journey must have a tour guide. The only way home is a different kind!

The returning team members have not been crazy yet. First, they are strong, and second, their brigade leader an Xuefeng is too strong to bear the mental pollution. However, they all know the fact that an Xuefeng’s recent situation is different from that of Japanese drama.

Half life people know more, because the Maoshan sect, which controls zombies, is a rare tourist who doesn’t need the help of a guide. It can even be said that the more mental pollution, the stronger the cooperation between him and Yu Xiangyang.

The price is that Yu Xiangyang is becoming more and more inhuman, and his appearance is becoming more and more savage. However, his half life is weak, and he is usually unlucky.

However, it’s inconceivable that without the help of the tour guide, he will not be affected by mental pollution! Half life people are the leaders in controlling the flow of corpses. The two teams of metaphysics on the way back have feelings. He occasionally heard an Xuefeng chat with them. Mao Xiaole, who was on the way back, didn’t communicate with him, just wanted to learn his methods of controlling corpses.

They all want to let the passengers go to other wild roads to eliminate the impact of mental pollution. At that time, half life people guessed that an Xuefeng couldn’t connect the tour guide. I’m afraid it’s true.

If the leader of the brigade cannot connect with the guide, the whole brigade cannot connect with the guide.

But now come on

“Captain an, he’s so cruel.”

Half life people sighed, looked at their faces, and even some overwhelmed Zhou Xiyang showed a touch of emotion in his tone.

It’s a big deal.

Card “Guo Bing 250” is really an Xuefeng’s Guide. It may be the only life-saving straw on the way home in the past ten years!

Darling, how can an Xuefeng be willing to let such a baby come into this extremely dangerous journey.

Those who sneak in with their seal strength can think of killing bing250 to win the treasure. I’m afraid either the forces behind them are not too afraid of the way back, or the western area far away from Tiangao emperor. Killing bing250 now can not only win the keepsake of 30 degrees north latitude, but also kill the way back. It may be the only guide on the spot!

“Zhou Xiyang is crazy.”

Half life people sigh.

He’s desperate to protect C 250!

However, the situation is not so bad. Not many people know about an Xuefeng and Fengniao beast. Even if they hear that C 250 says “an Xuefeng”, they don’t necessarily guess in which direction. After all, before the dreamers, they said they wanted to protect C 250.

“Let’s go back. I’m sure we have to help.”

The half life man patted Bai Xiaotian on the shoulder: “you paper man came from Mao Xiaole’s paper man. You are his paper man’s cub. You also owe his kindness and have to repay it.”

Mao Xiaole didn’t come to communicate for nothing. He was good at controlling paper and temporarily left one of his own life paper people in the metaphysical brigade for people to observe. As a result, although half life people handed it in without reservation, Mao Xiaole was suspicious and rebellious, refused to refuse to trust others, couldn’t raise their own zombies, and couldn’t learn the essence of half life zombie controlling.

But his paper man was figured out by the unknown.

An Xuefeng and Mao Xiaole didn’t care. They said it was his fate, but they always felt guilty about the metaphysics of Laoshan.

This time, the suspected little tour guide came in, and they were not sure they had to protect it.

“Deputy regiment, are you sure he needs our protection?”

Bai Xiaotian’s tone was flat and questioned: “he protected us just now.”

“I suspect you are making a quarrel with me.”

Half life  popular hum : “he’s still a little weak… Cough, I’m too lazy to argue with you, , what did you just want to say? Did you hand in the paper money?”

Bai Xiaotian wanted to interrupt him for the first time just now. He must have something to say.

“Handed it in.”

Bai Xiaotian: “it’s real money.”

Half life people are cautious: “no accident?”

“No accident.”

“Then, no wonder I can’t feel the mildew in my body.”

Half life people are happy, and then wonder, “what do you want to say?”

“Just now, when Bing 250 and the devil merchant used the guide flag to expel the paper monster, the assassin brought by Bing 250 caught the two paper men.”

Bai Xiaotian was expressionless: “with the paper money we just handed in.”


Bang bang.

The half life man shivered and broke the finger of the zombie arm in his hand.

“C 250… No wonder Yin and Yang butterflies attach great importance to their existence.”

When the half life man whispered with Bai Xiaotian, Yun Lianghan was also frightened, but he was not frightened by the C250 flame.

When he arrived, the assassin took the opportunity to catch two five-star paper men!

The assassin’s action was as easy as carrying a rabbit’s ear. He carried two “five-star” paper men directly!

Although Yun Lianghan showed that the two paper men were in a strange state and did not resist, it also showed that either the assassin made a means or he realized that the five-star paper man was different, so he aimed at the opportunity.

Just now, the assassin just killed “him” once. The assassin is a real assassin. Yun Lianghan has been a killer, and he is even more impressed.


A chill ran through Yun Lianghan’s back. He felt fear and fear after he knew it.

The assassin’s strength is far more terrible than he imagined!

In fact, before departure, Yun Lianghan felt that his strength was not bad in this journey. Although he appeared to be a “class II star”, in fact, he was “class III three star” with only a little points.

Moreover, his title is a complete set of supporting titles, which can be used together, even comparable to the golden title. Yun Lianghan also assassinated high-level tourists and tour guides. He even killed a five-star tourist at the cost of his own serious injury!

So he thought it was very simple to assassinate C 250.

Even just now, Yun Lianghan was thinking that he could be a lone wolf in the brigade with his own strength and wait for the opportunity. There was no problem.

But now, Yun Lianghan has a sense of crisis.

“Yuntianhe, we cooperate.”

Yun Lianghan seriously whispered, “I don’t want to find people in the west, and you don’t have an organization. We can survive in the journey by forming a temporary alliance…”

“You also think our eastern tour guide is better!”

Yun Lianghan: what do I mean?

Yuntianhe’s cheeks were red and his eyes were bright. He talked in a fanatical and excited tone:

“Tour guides are great shepherds. We should respect them, but we are from the East. Sure enough, I prefer the tour guides in the East. Lord, I hope you can forgive me.”

He prayed for a while. Yun Lianghan endured to listen a little. As a result, he was tired of it.

What tour guide will protect us, just like a shepherd protecting a lamb, even if he is like a low-level tour guide, his real strength is also strong, and he must not be despised.

What kind of tour guide will eventually protect us. For example, God bless his people, and we should devote ourselves to the tour guide as piously as we believe in gods.

Yuntianhe is a demon.

Yun Lianghan is convinced that he simply doesn’t understand the brain circuit of Yun Tianhe! Obviously, this man also went to the assassin to rob the two paper men. Yun Lianghan thought that this was the tour guide. They were Ma Wei, but Yun Tianhe thought that this was the paper money they paid to the tour guide, so the tour guide was protecting them!

Ah, you can’t buy a paper man without paper money. You can’t buy a car.

The great tour guide directly grabbed the paper man so that the passengers of the whole bus can safely drive the bus!

What are the reasons for the tourists not to thank the tour guide!

“I’ve heard that the tourists raised by the shepherd alliance are different from the public.”

Yun Lianghan heard the people nearby whispering.

“My swan is really so good at picking candy for himself in the behavior of tour guides and tourists.”

Yun Lianghan glared at her angrily, and she made a face at him with silver gray hair. Yun Lianghan felt the attention of others, and Yun Tianhe was still there praising the guide. He was not embarrassed, but Yun Lianghan’s face was hot, and a mixture of anger filled his heart.

Forget it, don’t cooperate! Yun Lianghan is calm and wants to go aside. He wants to stay away from yuntianhe and draw a clear line with this person.

“I think what you said is that a person is weak. We should consider a temporary alliance.”

But yuntianhe’s words made yunlianghan turn back.

Yes, we have to cooperate. After all, he and yuntianhe are single person families, and they may be arranged to live together when staying.

It’s a long time ago to form an alliance. Anyway, Yun Lianghan doesn’t plan to start again until he finds out the assassin’s real strength. There’s no big conflict between him and Yun Tianhe.


Yun Lianghan still felt a little ashamed to stand with Yun Tianhe. He only reserved the word “en”. Yuntianhe is a “three-star” in the end, and there is no loss in cooperating with passengers who can open their seats by themselves.

But one second later, Yun Lianghan regretted it.

“You think so, too. Our I Cui guide group should take the initiative to safeguard the interests of the guide!”

What I Cui guide group?

Yun Lianghan was at a loss. Then he listened to Yun Tianhe carefully:

“One thing we have to do is to get back his paper money for director C.”

The paper money in the passenger’s hand should be handed over to the two five-star paper men.

C 250’s hand grabbed the two paper men.

Therefore, the paper money in the hands of passengers should be handed over to C 250.

These people didn’t pay it. They haven’t thought of it yet. Their I tour guide group is responsible for reminding them to help C 250 recover the paper money.

When Yun Lianghan struggled to straighten out yuntianhe’s ideas, the whole person was not.

Lord yin-yang butterfly, you’re right.

After being unbelievable and irritable, Yun Lianghan’s mood was a little low.

The journey was really difficult.

“This additional function is good.”

There, after confirming that Yu Hehui had successfully captured the two paper men, Wei Xun stood next to the devil merchant. They looked at each other’s brooches.

The additional function of the devil merchant guide brooch is “guest”.

[guide Brooch (silver three-level four-star): additional function “foreign guest”]

[the guests from outside the city are very warm. When you encounter difficulties, the ‘people’ in the city will be eager to help you – but be careful, you and your brigade are not qualified to receive their help, which still needs a small test]

“It’s not an additional function of the cooperation class. It’s complementary.”

The devil merchant frowned. “Beijing” and “foreign guest” are actually against each other.

“Only” Beijing “can be accepted by” objects “and” people “in this city.”

“Outsiders can get help from the ‘people’ in this city”

It can be said that the identity of foreign guests and Beijing is impossible.

However, the advantage is that they are more flexible to pass the journey through the function of brooch.

For example, it is Wei Xun’s Brooch “Beijing” that works when he is on the CMB.

If you encounter difficulties such as “people” or problems, you can use the additional function of the “devil merchant” brooch.

“Come on, we need to work closely together on this journey.”

The devil merchant handed the brooch to Wei Xun and held out his hand to him like a gentleman: “Xiaocui.”

He said, but his eyes swept over the figure of the woman in a light blue cloak standing behind Wei Xun, Rao said: “your puppet is very good.”

“I also think my puppet is very good.”

Wei Xun shook hands with the devil merchant and touched a point.

“It’s almost the station. You haven’t finished your roll call. I should check the passengers, too.”


The devil merchant gave him a deep look and continued to call the roll. No one was bothering him this time. He cooperated and shouted at the roll call.

There were ten passengers in total. On October 10, yuntianhe and yunlianghan were three people, all of whom were one family.

Half life people Cen Qin and Bai Xiaotian, Zhou Xiyang and Mei Ke’er of the crimson brigade are two families.

The remaining three west side people are three person families.

“We will stay in the Leigu Hu color quadrangle Hotel, which only provides two room and three person family rooms.”

The devil merchant’s business reminder: “travelers who walk alone know each other. Those who are willing to live together can register with me. If they don’t, they will be assigned randomly.”

“We are together.”

Yun Lianghan raised his hand impatiently, but in fact, his pace towards the devil merchant vaguely showed that he couldn’t wait – he really didn’t want to stand with Yun Tianhe and ask for money for C 250!


The devil merchant then looked at October 10: “Madam October 10, which two person family do you want to share a room with…”

“I only live with women.”

October 10th interrupted him with indifference. She was dressed in strong clothes, wearing a hat, and the falling black yarn covered her face, but it could also vaguely show her beauty and coldness.

“Man, it affects my speed of drawing my sword.”

Hearing her say this, Zhou Xiyang and others had no choice but to smile. The half life people whispered, ‘you have an umbrella in the scabbard, how can you say it’s pulling a sword’, but they didn’t dare to say it out loud.

Although October 10 is mysterious and low-key in the Eastern District, it also has a lot of popularity. It is said that every time she is in the brigade, a man will die. I don’t know whether it’s true or false.


The devil merchant looked at the assassin behind C 250, and then looked at the passengers in the west side:

“There are only two ladies in the brigade. You want to ask Miss Rosalyn’s opinion.”

“I have no problem.”

The gentle and pleasant female voice sounded, also speaking Chinese, with clear pronunciation, like a lark singing. Rosalyn is the petite of the three west side people. She has snow-white skin, amber color and deep eyes. The long brown curly hair was tied up, and the smoke gray wolf’s ears between her hair were very soft, which set off many tenderness of her.

“MIA –”

The other dark haired westerner, who had never opened his mouth and looked cold and lonely, frowned. He had amber eyes, but he looked sharp and cold against his black hair.

But when Rosalyn clapped his hands, the man stopped talking.

“MIA will go if she wants.”

The strong man with red hair laughed, but he tore his sticky paper shell with one hand.

“We werewolves are not provoked by anything.”

Mia Rosalyn, olena Rosalyn.

Werewolf brothers and sisters with strength of “level 1” and “level 2” respectively.

Augustus, a powerful three-star werewolf, is obviously the leader of the central and western region of the brigade.

“The big guy outside the window just now… I arrived.”

After he said this, the faces of several people in the car suddenly changed, and even the devil merchant frowned.

Wei Xun looked back at him.

The werewolf Augustus.

Wei Xun wrote it down.

Wei Xun had been thinking before that the giant paper man outside the window should not be found only by the person who received the team leader’s assessment.

If this is the case, the giant paper man only targets him, even if it is not evaluated by the team leader.

In the final analysis, the leader of the tour guide is the ability of the tour guide to lead the team. Whether he can lead the brigade to exert extraordinary strength and defeat monsters that exceed the personal strength of passengers.

Therefore, Guo Weixun chose the funeral paper tie as the team leader’s task tendency after the card. After that, he should take the passengers to complete the challenge of giant paper man.

So there are two possibilities for passengers to be less than a giant paper man.

First, Wei Xun has not completely determined the task tendency, and the team leader assessment has not officially started.

Second, the strength of some people is too weak to be seen.

Like half life people, they.

Only passengers with enough strength can really be aware of the giant paper man.

As an indescribable monster, of course, not everyone can perceive it.

The stronger the strength, the more spiritual pollution. On the contrary, the weak will not be attacked by the spirit because they can’t find it at all.

“Thank you.”

Bai Xiaotian nodded to Wei Xun. Just now Wei Xun tore off the paper shell stuck to him.

“It is also the duty of the tour guide to help passengers.”

Wei Xun nodded. In the chaos just now, all the passengers leaned out of the window and tore the paper shells stuck outside the minibus. They were all contaminated with dried pulp and paper scraps, which looked like paper people.

These things stick very fast like paint. Clothes are still, and what’s terrible is that they stick to the skin. It almost congeals with the skin and is bloody when torn.

The passengers on this bus are all in the Jianghu. They have their own means. They are very skilled and don’t have to worry about the guide at all.

However, Bai Xiaotian handled it slowly. There were too many scraps of paper on his body, and some of them still stuck to his skin. The scraps of paper stuck very tightly on his body. Even if he was half-life, he was a little worried about people’s help.

After Wei Xun took the shot, the guide flag was swept, but the paper shells began to loosen and cleaned up a lot. When Wei Xun met Bai Xiaotian, he could clearly feel that the mental pollution of the paper scraps was like a parasite trying to drill into his body. That’s why the paper scraps adhered very firmly.

However, after Wei Xun contacted Bai Xiaotian, he easily cleared away these mental pollution. It’s not just Wei Xun’s reason, but the perfect cooperation between Bai Xiaotian and him. This is a very subtle feeling, which is different from the spiritual fantasy of Jin’an Xuefeng.

Not as close as you are, but also as harmonious as milk and water. Wei Xun only played a guiding and soothing role, and Bai Xiaotian spontaneously crushed those spiritual pollution.

Is this the spiritual connection with the return brigade?

“Oh, my God, your strength is still poor. I don’t know how dare you drill into this journey.”

Half life people are nagging, and their tone is a little worried. The strength of the first-class star is at the bottom of the brigade. Bai Xiaotian is really not safe.

“If you were brother Xiang Yang, you would be there. Tut, cough, what, Xiaocui.”

Half life people are close to Wei Xun. For the tour guide, matching the title is undoubtedly a sign of closeness, and the tour guide is happy to hear it.

Director C seems too unruly and twenty-five is too stupid. When Wei Xun communicated with the devil businessman, half life people listened and knew that this twenty-five should be a well-known title of “Xiaocui”.

He immediately changed his mouth and smiled at Wei Xun:

“Xiao Cui, cough, cough, if you want to sell your two paper man cards, consider me.”

“The vice regiment doesn’t need…”

“Shut up.”

The half life man pressed Bai Xiaotian’s head and smiled at Wei Xun: “if you don’t sell the whole, even spare parts will do. You are satisfied with the price I offer.”

Bai Xiaotian is a paper controller. If he can get the “five-star” paper and melt it into his paper man, he can also enhance his strength.

“OK, I’ll give you priority.”

Wei Xun guessed who half life people bought paper for. He looked at Xiaotian and smiled:

“But I don’t lack points.”

“If you want to buy paper… You can exchange some information I’m interested in.”

Suddenly, the minibus stopped.

“The drum beating Hu station is here.”

In the screeching sound, the front and rear doors were all opened, and a cold and humid vapor came from the outside, mixed with a faint smell of Yin rot.

[this trip is extremely dangerous. Please follow the guide and complete all scenic spots on time!]

This prompt sounded again, especially in “on time”, which was more like adding stress.

The passengers looked different and kept them all in mind.


Taking a deep breath, the devil businessman took the lead in driving the car with a guide flag and a dignified look. As the main tour guide, he will contact the hotel and get the room card.

As an assistant guide, Wei Xun led the passengers to wait outside and explained some local customs.

“Passengers can wait in the car first. It’s raining outside.”

Wei Xun watched the figure of the devil merchant disappear into the deep Hu, and then looked back. The emperor capital is raining at the end of September. The continuous autumn rain is not big, but it is very dense. If you don’t hold an umbrella, you will get wet soon.

But instead of staying in the car, the passengers all left the car and looked at the surrounding environment. All the scraps of paper and snow in the sky have disappeared, as if returning to reality from a dream. However, except for them, there were no other pedestrians around Hu, and there was no sound of traffic in the distance, only the sound of rain.

Compared with the wild of snow mountain grassland, the travel location is in the prosperous city. In the scenes that can be seen in daily life, it will bring people deeper psychological pressure and associate more terrible and frightening ancient legends and urban strange talk.

“It is said that in the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di wanted to build a capital city in this boundary. But this is a Youzhou in the bitter sea. There are evil dragons who can turn over rivers and seas. Ordinary cities can’t suppress evil dragons and take root here.”

“So Liu Bowen and Yao Guangxiao came up with ideas and worked together to design an ‘eight armed Nezha city’ in Youzhou, Kuhai. Although it is a legend, the structure of Beijing city is exactly consistent with the body of eight armed Nezha.”

Wei Xun: “the Zhengyang gate is Nezha’s head, and the two wells in the Zhengyang gate are Nezha’s eyes *, the five internal organs we just passed are the center of Nezha’s five internal organs with eight arms, and the ten mouth ahead is his food mouth – of course, with the reconstruction from generation to generation, these places have been lost.”

With the reconstruction, these places have not been found. What are the things they have found in the places they have passed before?

The haze of the sky darkened the buildings, and the pattering rain seemed to return to the ancient capital. Even Wei Xun’s voice became strange, as if stabbing the distorted voice of the announcer in the radio.

“The North-South big trees on both sides of the five zang organs temple, together, are Nezha’s spine. The outward extending roads and Hu trees are Nezha’s ribs.”

Wei Xun joked, but his words were creepy: “we are now in the right half of Nezha with eight arms. The place we want to live tonight is one of his ribs.”

Drum beating beard, rib beard. The cold wind blew, the shadow of the trees swayed, and the buildings in front seemed to live, watching their arrival.

“The room card has been handled.”

A quarter of an hour later, when Wei Xun had begun to introduce the passengers to the instant boiled mutton and sesame paste pancakes that must be eaten in the city, the devil merchant finally came out of the drum beating Hu. He still looked calm and led the passengers to Hu’s inner house with a guide flag, but Wei Xun keenly found that there were many irregular tears in the cloak of the devil merchant.

It’s like being bitten by something.

The drum beating beard used to be very wide, but the deeper it went, the narrower it became. It was really like a rib. The devil merchant led the way, and Wei Xun pressed the array behind. His mind moved slightly. He looked back, but he saw a short figure passing at Hu’s mouth.

Like a child running past.

But how can such a place be a normal child.

“This quadrangle hotel is located in the quiet Leigu Hu, which has a history of more than 500 years.”

When he finally reached his destination, the devil merchant opened the street door and took the lead in.

“This is a card door.”

Half life man and Bai Xiaotian fell behind the brigade, and he was next to Wei Xun. I spent half my life looking at the surrounding environment carefully. I didn’t miss any plants and trees. I also took photos and records from time to time. Naturally, the speed should be slower.

“The card does not have the meaning of the card.”

There are a variety of systems for the door facing the street of the quadrangle. In front of us is the card door. However, its door is not carved with “card” or the pattern of “card”, but a fuzzy rectangular pattern.

This makes half life people’s expression always dignified.

He was not relieved until he reached the couplet engraved on the door panel. In the courtyard, the door panels facing the street, which are more exquisite, will be engraved with couplets. Most of them are couplets such as “loyal and honest family members have been handed down for a long time, and poetry and books have helped the world”.

But the door panels in front of us are not, and the engraved couplets are not.

Mia, the werewolf sister in the west, is also slow. The camera in her hand is more advanced than that in the hands of half-life people. She takes more and more detailed photos. Obviously, in the team over there, she also does the work of collecting information. When she got to the door couplet, Mia looked slightly changed. She immediately put on the camera and stopped shooting.

“Hey, Mia, you’re too slow.”

Just then, the red haired werewolf Augustus turned around and returned to the door. MIA was too slow and was the one with poor strength, but she was smart and had a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. Augustus turned back to her at once.

Noticing Mia’s eyes, Augustus opened the door and showed a little surprise.

“This door is also engraved with the words’ make money at first sight ‘and’ heaven is peaceful ‘?”

Seeing the half life man holding his face standing next to him, I remember that he said before, “a fool doesn’t understand Chinese culture.” Augustus sneered and proudly said: “make money and peace. I know it. In Chinese, it means very, very much.”

“Come and live here. Don’t worry too much.”


The half life man couldn’t help laughing: “yes, it means very, very.”

Half life people are happy: “when the seventh and eighth masters guard the door for us.”

After that, he shook his head and entered the gate with Bai Xiaotian.

“Spit! Dwarf.”

Augustus waved his fist at the back of the half life man, and his face was dissatisfied and depressed: “what seven masters and eight masters are difficult? I was wrong?”


Mia sighed helplessly: “it’s the word of black-and-white impermanent official hat at the sight of making money and heaven’s peace.”

“Black and white are impermanent… You can be regarded as the God of death in China.”

“It’s safe for us to live here because of the threat of death. But when we live here, we are also equivalent to the ‘soul’ marked by death.”

“When we finally want to leave, we will never have trouble.”


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