TTG Chapter 161

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 161: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (6)

“Free activities this afternoon. You can visit Leigu Hutong and its surroundings as much as possible.”

In the courtyard, the devil businessman Jane said briefly: “now, in the off-season of tourism, there is only one group of passengers in the whole courtyard hotel. You can see that here is a two-way courtyard, front yard, reverse room, backyard, east-west wing room. Everyone can stay.”

“But be careful.”

“Before 8 o’clock tonight, everyone must return to the siheyuan hotel. An important itinerary will be announced.”

When the devil merchant finished, he winked at Wei Xun and said no more. It is reasonable to say that the distribution of houses should be dominated by him. Because Siheyuan and Xiangxi’s “Xiaolong Yizhuang” Hotel, which can be divided into rooms at will, have different names and pay attention to where they live.

It is reasonable to say that the tourist should please the guide so that he can be assigned to a better room, where there is oil and water. But the devil merchant knew it. To get along with these big passengers, even if you have just made a stand on the minibus, sometimes you have to give in a bit. You can’t pinch everything in order to have a future.

He let go of the house distribution and wanted to go back with Wei Xun.

When Wei Xun walked to the devil merchant, he looked back with interest at the passengers. They had quarreled.

Or Augustus’ voice is too loud. It sounds like a quarrel.

“We want to live in the front yard.”

Augustus, the red haired werewolf, said in the first loud voice to deter the fierce. His eyes swept everyone.

“Mia, you also come to live in the front yard. We werewolves must live together! That woman, if you want to live with mia, you can live here!”

He made Zhou Xiyang and others frown.

The front yard is a row of houses at the southernmost end of the whole quadrangle. It is close to the toilet, and the doors and windows to the north have poor daylighting. In the past, it was usually used by servants.

The owner of the family, the eldest son’s eldest daughter-in-law in the East Wing room and the second son’s second daughter-in-law in the West Wing room. Although now they live in the courtyard hotel, they haven’t paid attention to that for a long time. However, you must be careful during the journey. You may encounter identity use in the later scenic spots.

Augustus wanted to live in the front yard as “servants”. Zhou Xiyang didn’t mind, but Mia and October 10 had a room. According to Augustus, October also lived in the front.

“October, what do you think?”

Zhou Xiyang asked.

“It’s good to live in the front yard.”

On October 10, he said coldly, “guard the gate and save the wolf dog from going crazy and biting people outside.”

Zhou Xiyang’s eyebrows relaxed. It’s best to be willing on October 10. As she said, the front yard is closest to the gate, and someone looks best. Then he wanted to laugh.

On October 10, I lived in the outer yard with three werewolves. It was really like a man with three “evil dogs”. Since Augustus called the “woman” on October 10, it seemed as if she had no name. On October 10, he retorted, calling him “the wolf dog” is also reasonable.

“Wolf dog? Did you see a wolf dog outside?”

Augustus frowned and didn’t react. If there is really a wolf dog outside the quadrangle… If they want to live in the front yard near the street, they have to think about it. After all, even he was completely unaware of the existence of the wolf dog.

“I’m sorry, Augustus. He always doesn’t know how to say. It’s easy to make people angry. But he doesn’t mean any harm.”

Mia sighed, apologized and smiled at October 10. In a soft voice, she said to her, “that door smells strange. It’s not a good bone. We werewolves have a keen sense of smell. It’s hard to pass under it every day.”

“That’s why Augustus let us all live in the front yard. Be careful when you live in the back yard.”

Mia said that the moon door separated the front and rear courtyard of the quadrangle. Now the devil merchant and Wei Xun are standing in front of the moon gate.

The courtyard house is simple and slightly dilapidated. In the past, the white wall became light gray. On the dark colored tiles, there are unknown vines, showing a kind of lifeless brown yellow in the intermittent cold rain.

The name in the wall is almost a round door opening, which can allow two people to pass at the same time.

“You said it bit you?”

Wei Xun touched the edge of the lower door opening. In the inner dimension of the round moon gate, there is a circle of jade that looks like a “wrapped edge”, but it is not a jade.

Yu Hehui wrinkled his nose and whispered, “bones.”

Like two deformed and bent ribs, the left and right ribs are connected up and down to form this round door.

“Good, very distinctive.”

Wei Xun said happily, “I just like living in this special room.”

Before, Xiaolong Yizhuang lived in a 360 degree corpse view room. This time, they lived in an unusual quadrangle.

“Your cloak is bitten here?”

Wei Xun looked at the moon shining door and saw several pieces of broken blue rags.

The devil merchant Ning chongdao, using the guide’s flagpole as a staff, picked up all these pieces of cloak rags.

“It doesn’t count, but it shrinks.”

He was afraid to look at the middle of the moon gate: “this house, it lives.”

He went to the house to get the room card. When he came out, two door panels suddenly popped up from the round door. There was a lot of money. The hem of his cloak was clamped and easily torn out.

The devil merchant shuddered. He claimed that he would never damage the hotel cloak! If he walks slowly, I’m afraid the whole person will be in the backyard or broken by the moon students. The devil merchant worried that the street door would suddenly close. At that time, he didn’t deal with the fragments of his cloak and went out directly.

Now the moon gate is exactly the same as when I first entered. In front of Wei Xun and his puppet, the devil merchant didn’t hide it and deliberately mentioned the difference of this door.

Because their guide wants to live in the ear room in the backyard, he passes through the moon gate several times a day, and Wei Xun will find something different sooner or later.

Moreover, the devil merchant is also worried about when the door will close and trap himself. In return, he hopes Wei Xun can see the way.

After all, even if we learn to say “China” and cram some knowledge of Chinese funeral customs, the history of this country is too long, there are too many taboos on all kinds of large and small customs, and the devil businessmen are completely different.

“You’re just going to get your room card. It’s reasonable that you shouldn’t be shot.”

Wei Xun tut said that the main and Deputy tour guides have different tasks during the journey, mainly involving communication with passengers, route selection, allocation of accommodation, introduction of scenic spots, etc. The deputy director will lead the way, collect and distribute tickets, communicate with NPC, etc.

Of course, these jobs can also be negotiated. After all, people now have a good relationship with the devil merchant. It’s not yet time to start.

There is no one else in the quadrangle. It’s safe for the devil businessman to take the room card, just like when Wei Xun entered Xiaolong Yizhuang to take the room card. Moreover, he can observe the shape of the room first and get the first opportunity. No matter what he thinks, it’s a good thing.

Except this moon gate.

“It’s not about you, so it’s about physiological action.”

After examining, Wei Xun soon lost interest in the moon gate and walked quickly to the back yard. The devil merchant was slightly stunned, and then his face suddenly changed.

He understood what Wei Xun meant!

The devil businessman just thought about the Chinese traditional folk customs. He made some taboos. They ignore the place where they live, which is a “body” city.

Eight armed Nezha City, drum beating alley, if viewed from the body, there will be various physiological reactions. It’s the same when the moon shines, just like people open their mouth and shut up.

The devil merchant frowned and walked into the backyard with Wei Xun. He realized that his attention was biased, which was also the disadvantage of traveling in a foreign country.

In foreign countries, people always pay more attention to the traditional customs, especially in a country with a long history like China, which is mysterious and scary in the eyes of tourists in the West.

Like this kind of courtyard building with national characteristics, like the funeral paper man just encountered on the minibus, the devil businessmen put their attention on the taboo of folk customs. And although the devil businessman has learned Chinese, it is not his mother tongue after all.

The name of the five zang organs temple, which is as simple and clear as the five zang organs temple, is good. When it comes to drum beating Hutong and esophagus mouth, the devil merchant’s method immediately associates it with the homonym of “ribs” and “esophagus”. Once there is a problem, his first reaction is to think about folk customs.

Sure enough, I was a little tied up.

The devil merchant reflected on himself, but he was not in a hurry. As he said, he is a master of soul and face. And he caught the soul of a golden boy on this journey.

Even the soul of the giant paper man… He stole a trace.

What is faster to learn than to learn directly from the soul. He just had no time. He analyzed his soul in a few hours, and the devil merchant could thoroughly grasp the information in the journey.

In the afternoon, passengers are free to move. It’s a good time.

“Qianjiazhi was furious and said he was going to kill me.”

They thought about each other and chatted absently. Suddenly, Wei Xun casually said, “devil merchant, did you steal its soul?”

Wei Xun is deceiving him to get “appreciation”!

Wei Xun didn’t think that the devil businessman could really steal the soul of thousands of paper, but his guide flag was polluted by thousands of paper and turned into paper gray, which was seen by Wei Xun.

The guide flag is not so easy to be polluted. It directly represents the hotel, even higher than the guide cloak. So the devil businessman must have done something on the guide flag.

I stole a trace of mental pollution from you and stole some of its pulp?

Wei Xun deliberately said that it was like bargaining.

He stole pulp, hurt the paper man, and stole a trace of thousands of paper souls – he directly deceived the devil merchant with the most rare!

How did she say that I stole a thousand pieces of paper and a trace of soul?!

The devil merchant was shocked, his face remained unchanged, and his brain thought quickly.

She’s cheating!

The devil merchant soon realized this. After the giant paper man retreated, Xiaocui said, “thanks to you, she hurt the paper man’s soul” — she should have said it. He hurt thousands of paper man’s souls!

But he didn’t know that it was not only hurt, but he really stole a trace of soul.

But Xiaocui is very smart. She directly uses higher to cheat.

Oh, can I not understand what you think.

“How could it be? You look up to me too much!”

The devil merchant retorted firmly in a tone. The corners of his mouth under his robe were hanging up, but he was smiling. He enjoyed talking and fighting with Xiaocui: “you can hurt thousands of papers more by the flame.”

“You and I know why Qianjia paper is angry.”


Wei Xun was surprised that the devil merchant couldn’t answer.

He didn’t really steal a thousand pieces of paper, did he?!

“You said,” I did hurt its soul. ”

The devil merchant said deeply that it’s not advisable to be weak. He doesn’t want to leave the impression of a soft footed chicken in front of Xiaocui.

But before he finished, Wei Xun cut him off firmly: “you stole its soul!”

Good guy, really? He cheated!

The devil businessman really can’t be underestimated. He is really an expert in soul.

Wei Xun immediately became interested. What is Qianjia paper? If you can study its soul first, it is likely to get twice the result with half the effort!

“Meet in half.”

Wei Xun lowered his voice, and Chi naked threatened: “you must refine your soul. Do you want to wait for the passengers to go out freely in the afternoon?”

“I’ll help you protect the Dharma in the afternoon if you order me.”

“We can live together. You can’t hide any small moves from me. If you want me, I’ll deliberately make trouble with you… Hum.”

Live together

The devil merchant’s heart flashed, yes, he and Xiaocui will live in the same room. He didn’t think about this before, but now he turns around

Oh, a gentleman should not live with an unmarried lady. Although the ‘Lady’ now uses a male voice, the body under the cloak is thin, but it is also like a man.

“It’s impossible for you. There’s too little soul.”

Xiao Cui is so clever that it’s meaningless to hide her name. The devil merchant put out his price directly.

“But when I analyze the soul, you can watch. And -”

The devil merchant was meaningful and looked at Xiaocui and her “puppet”.

“You want to see the ball of the heavenly fox.”

Who is the master and who is the puppet?

He’ll be back soon.


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