TTG Chapter 162

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 162: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (7)

“Devil merchant, you don’t go too far.”

Wei Xun sneered: “the ball of the heavenly fox is my exclusive prop. You can see it if you want to see it?”

“Where have I gone too far? It’s just a deal. There are times and times.”

The devil merchant smiled and walked into the ear room with Wei Xun.

The ear room of this quadrangle courtyard is located in the west of the house, close to the gable of the house. It is much lower than the house. When the tall devil businessman enters the door, he lowers his head, and the inside is narrow and narrow. After entering through the door, there are two rooms.

On the outside is a small square table and two chairs. Inside is a bedroom with two single beds, a wardrobe, a wooden washing rack and an enamel washbasin.

Half a century is not like ‘modern quadrangle hotel’

After entering the bedroom, Wei Xun frowned. He strolled around and looked in the bedroom. When he saw that the bedroom was connected with a bathroom covered with a hat, his eyebrows relaxed.

You can only take a bath, but it’s not a problem at all for Wei Xun. Before, Tibetans often took a bath, but it made him uncomfortable.

“The bed is small.”

The devil businessman who followed closely commented.

The place where the tour guide lives in the Tour team is not as good as that of passengers. The tour guide usually can only sleep in a narrow companion room during each journey. For example, in this quadrangle, the passengers sleep in the wing room, and their guide can only sleep in the ear room according to the regulations.

But to be honest, the safest place for the tour guide is the staff of the hotel. The best room in the quadrangle should be the room where the head of the family lives. However, there is one reason why you are the best in your room during this journey. The ear room is the closest to your room.

The deterrence of the tour guide can radiate to the house, reducing the probability of the emergence of ghosts and monsters.

Of course, this is a very important guide. Most tour guides will stay in the best room that the tourists should live in if they “take the initiative” to invite them. Moreover, if they live well, the passengers who invite them to stay will not be allowed to make a ‘confession’.

For example, when Zui Mei lived in Xiaolong Yizhuang in Xiangxi, Lin Xi, Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao invited Wei Xun to their room. They not only offered to please, but also wanted to invite him to live in Xiaolong.

However, Wei Xun drew VIP experience coupons from the compensation package at that time.

[VIP experience voucher – you will enjoy the best accommodation and the best food in all the projects of our hotel!]

[time limit of experience coupon: 15 days]

The room he lived in was innumerable times better than other passengers. Naturally, he would not live in their small broken room.

In northern Tibet, Ding Yi lived with Lin Qiming.

The VIP experience voucher has long been invalid. During this journey, Wei Xun and the devil merchant showed their cooperation to the outside. On the surface, there is no bias towards any camp. Naturally, the two tour guides have to live together.

The devil businessman has traveled more than Wei Xun. In each previous trip, he always enjoyed the filial piety of the passengers, lived the best and ate the best. To be honest, this is the first time he really stayed in the guide’s “companion room”.

However, he has struggled from poverty to the present, and is by no means a person who can not bear hardships. Especially this is a room with Xiaocui


He coughed softly, looked at Yu Hehui and said, “there are only two beds. Where does she sleep?”

“Sleep what sleep.”

Wei Xun received the clothes change from Yu Hehui and wondered, “do you sleep at night?”

“Good evening, of course, I have to go out for adventure!”

“This is an extremely dangerous journey.”

The devil merchant is speechless. He thinks he is a very adventurous and life-saving guide, but how can Xiaocui be more crazy than him. This is an extremely dangerous journey. It’s most common to be careful first.

But think again… The devil merchant is a little mixed.

Alas, Xiaocui will work so hard to improve her strength as soon as possible, have the strength to protect herself and get a certain initiative. The devil merchant’s mood can’t help being complicated at the thought that such an excellent Xiaocui is subordinate to others in the Mutual Aid Association.

Thinking of the Mutual Aid Association, the devil merchant’s heart moved. He suddenly took out a pair of unilateral glasses and put them under his hood. This is a prop to block the live broadcast. Seeing him doing so, Wei Xun raised his eyebrow and took out a golden bell.

This is a series of Dapeng golden wings he got in northern Tibet. If you hold two at will, you will get the title of “False King” and block the live broadcast.

Wei Xun has been wearing a necklace, the key item of the confrontation mission. As long as he takes out another item at will, he can block the live broadcasting room.

It’s better than a shielding cloak.

Previously, Wei Xun thought it was too troublesome to take two things, but now think about it, this kind of combination can be used as a prop of Wei Xun, which can misunderstand each other very well.

For example, now, the devil merchant will think that this golden bell is his shielding prop.

[your live studio is blocked!]

“Do you know why I can become a devil merchant when my strength is low, so that many people are willing to choose to trade with me?”

Knowing that Xiaocui blocked the live broadcast, the devil merchant smiled deeper.

The devil merchant said faintly, “guiding people’s thoughts, making people trust you, incline to you, and finally make contributions for you. This is a profound and complex means.”

“Will you teach me this method?”

After understanding the meaning of the devil merchant, Wei Xun was very suspicious. But he was obviously moved and pondered for a while. Wei Xun was specious and said, “is there any way to make people be affected by the real person when facing the projection?”

Sure enough.

The devil merchant smiled to himself. He tried to find out.

In fact, what he said before was to test who the “moral education class” in the mutual aid association serves! The name of “morality class” is too obvious. People with a little idea can think of it as soon as they hear it. It is definitely a course similar to “brain washing”.

Now look at  think  think  think of the person who brainwashes members and controls them in the morality class  is Xiaocui.

“It’s simple.”

The devil merchant said easily, “just let the projection have a trace of soul will… I’m good at soul.”

Since Xiaocui has been promoted in the open, her intelligence must talk about the benefits of being right. And the big guide behind the scenes can definitely see Xiaocui’s talent and will train her to a certain extent.

In fact, some big tour guides definitely have many precious props in their hands, and even extremely rare items, which can be seen from the welfare rules of the Mutual Aid Association alone. But judging from the devil businessman’s keen intuition, the most valuable thing in this mutual aid association is “thinking about moral lessons”!

Sure enough, Xiaocui has the same ambition as him and wants to really build a force that is completely loyal to her.

The devil merchant appreciated Xiaocui more, but he was more vigilant. How can we get people’s trust and loyalty? Of course, affecting the soul is the simplest!

The devil merchant checked the species of Chinese native Fox and found that they all have similar witchcraft that can affect people’s will and soul. Therefore, the devil merchant has always been wary that he has melted something into his soul. If there is an outsider trying to affect his soul, the devil merchant will know at the first time.

Including before, when receiving the ball of Xiaocui Tianhu, the devil merchant was on guard.

OK, Xiaocui hasn’t done anything to him.

Yes, yes, there are really things that can affect the soul. It’s right to hide them and influence them silently. How can they be directly handed over to him for inspection.

“What is the price?”

Wei Xun said that he had really changed his mind about the devil merchant. He was not a high-ranking man, but a treasure. He dug more and more treasure!

“Before the third scene, whenever you don’t have to, lend me the ball of the heavenly fox to observe.”

The devil merchant said, “if you promise, I’ll teach you.”

The devil merchant is more interested in Xiaocui. Tianhu doesn’t have any information. He is a powerful creature that can’t be found in his current class. Xiaocui can influence people’s soul now. She definitely has countless backhands and is a terrible enemy.

In the previous exploration, the devil merchant’s special means printed a trace of the smell of the ball of heavenly fox. After the big price analysis, he found that the power covered on the ball of Tianhu (the camouflage made by Yu Hehui on the ball of magic insects) can be derived from the original “inner alchemy” of Tianhu!

Exploring the sphere of the heavenly fox is the most important purpose of the devil merchant, hidden in a casual tone.

Only when you know yourself and the enemy can you win a hundred battles. Even if they cooperate temporarily now, they are the absolute enemy in the confrontation mission.

There can only be one winner.

Image projection and soul will were only used by the devil merchant in the earliest days, but they have not been used for a long time now. Because it is too easy to be perceived by the strong. If the other party intercepts your soul will, it will be able to analyze all your information. It is too dangerous.

But under the shelter of the Mutual Aid Association, Xiaocui can do this.

It’s a good deal for a thing that has been discarded and meaningless. In the eyes of the devil merchant, it’s a cost-effective deal.

“I don’t care what you want to do.”

Wei Xun suddenly smiled and said seriously, “but I must have a trace of thousands of paper souls.”


The devil merchant frowned. After talking for a long time, Xiaocui was obviously moved, but she returned to the original one?

“I’m really interested in influencing others and adding projection to the soul will.”

Wei Xun said faintly, “but life is gone, nothing. It’s not my style to sit and wait for it to kill me.”

Wei Xun said to himself, “I must try. Can I take the initiative to lead it!”

Ah? Kill? Who killed her?

The devil merchant was a little confused.


The devil merchant suddenly thought of the key!

Before the moon lit door, Xiaocui talked to him about Qianjia paper, saying that “Qianjia paper was angry and said you killed me.”.

yes! That’s it!

The devil merchant said this for Xiaocui on purpose, just to cheat him, but the devil merchant thought it over and thought it was wrong.

Although he was lucky when he started on the minibus before, in fact, it was easier to grab the soul of a thousand pieces of paper than the devil businessman imagined.

He never thought he would succeed! After all, he can’t even see the shape of thousands of papers!

So… The soul of Qianjia paper is likely to peel off, so he can collect it. The peeling of the soul of Qianjia paper is definitely related to Xiaocui’s golden red, which burns down the flame of Qianjia paper.

The devil merchant fully understands!

Why did he clearly take away a trace of the soul of Qianjia paper, but the hotel prompt he got was just [you offended Qianjia paper and got the hostility of Qianjia paper!].

The original hatred was all attracted by Xiaocui’s self-test!

Being targeted and chased by a terrible monster, Rao is a devil merchant. I can’t figure out how Xiaocui can survive!

Xiaocui… Will she die.

“You’re dead. I’m the winner of the mission.”

When the devil merchant said this, I don’t know how complicated he was. There was no excitement and joy half imagined.

“Die? I can’t die.”

Wei Xun sneered and was not afraid. There was no half nervous fear in his tone, and even he could hear excitement and ambition: “Hey, devil businessman, don’t you want to lead the big guy over again?”

“Now, you haven’t entered the most dangerous scene. We can lead it past you, or even kill it!”

“Kill it? It’s impossible.”

Said the devil merchant flatly.

The giant paper man is too strong, even stronger than the ghost monarch sealed in his magic mirror. It is absolutely impossible to kill.


The devil merchant is in trouble.

If Xiaocui is really stared at by the giant paper man and she holds a trace of the soul of Qianjia paper, she may indeed attract each other.

Her golden red flame is not an ordinary thing. If she attracts hatred, he may be able to steal a few more souls with the devil merchant nearby.

What the devil businessman wants is his team leader assessment task! On thousands of papers, there may be a tendency of team leader assessment! I’ll make sure before tomorrow evening. In fact, he doesn’t have much time.

A snow-white round thing threw it at him. The devil merchant subconsciously avoided it. When he saw what it was, he rarely caught it in a hurry.

“How can you throw the ball of the heavenly fox!”

Xiaocui threw it. It’s the ball of the heavenly fox!

“Well, that’s it.”

Wei Xunliao took a shower when he changed his laundry. The fight on the minibus was so dirty that he felt like he was full of paper smell.

“Are you going to take a bath?”

The devil merchant was surprised. He just went to the hotel and didn’t explore what was bad. Did he go to take a bath?

I love cleanliness so much. I’m really a lady.

But holding the ball of Tianhu, thinking that the rhythm of the conversation just now was somehow in Xiaocui’s hands, the devil merchant was inexplicably unhappy. He threw the ball of Tianhu and deliberately said:

“I didn’t promise anything. There’s no contract between us. You’ll test the ball of the heavenly fox. Aren’t you afraid I’ll go back?”

Wei Xun was too lazy to speak. He just turned over and made a gesture to wipe his throat

If you go back, I’ll kill you.


The devil merchant suddenly smiled, and all the subtle unhappiness in his heart was swept away.

Looking at the “puppet” who followed up in the bathroom, the devil merchant was meaningful. When he heard the sound of water, he sighed:

“Hey, old man, she’s so hot.”

‘Oh, with all due respect. He is a man. ”

A gloomy and sour voice sounded from the cloak of the devil merchant. It was a dialogue that only they could hear each other. A pale figure looms, a ghost monarch living in the magic mirror.

He looked in the direction of the bathroom and said, “he set up a mutual aid association you added?”

“She’s just a person on the surface. There are at least three strong men like black widows behind her.”

The devil merchant smiled and played with the ball of the heavenly Fox: “even if you kill her, the mutual aid association will not be dissolved.”

Since the addition of mutual aid societies and the “welfare rules” for the ancient, the devil merchant has become more and more handy in dealing with the ghost monarch in the magic mirror, and even dared to release him temporarily.

The ghost monarch knows that the devil merchant released him, just to take the opportunity to leave more marks on the magic mirror. But he is too lazy to care. He has been locked up in the magic mirror for thousands of years. He really misses the outside world. Even if the world has already undergone earth shaking changes, this is not his former home.

What the devil merchant thinks, he knows, but he just wants to completely control the magic mirror and subdue him. But this is not simple.

“If you don’t approach love, you will become unfortunate.”

The ghost monarch sneered. His original death had something to do with his favorite love woman.


The devil merchant smiled: “I’ve never met this thing before.”

When he was young, his family fell and he grew up in an orphanage. He sold his last family pocket watch, bought a guitar, sang rock and roll, wrote songs, practiced musical instruments and performed all over the world. He stayed up until he got a terminal disease. After dying, he entered a thriller global hotel and became a tour guide.

He has been busy all his life just to live with dignity. Love has nothing to do with him.

Cough, he just appreciates Xiaocui. It’s human nature.

Such an excellent opposite sex can always attract people’s attention.

The ghost monarch was speechless, too lazy to say anything, and returned to the magic mirror. He reminded the devil merchant that since he entered this journey, he began to become more and more unlucky.


But I can see that the man probably didn’t understand. The ghost monarch won’t remind you again.

Around them, they are a relationship of anti phagocytosis and integration, and never die. They are not friends. Why.

Maybe the more unlucky the devil businessman is, the luckier he will be.

But the devil merchant didn’t care about the ghost monarch at all. He stared at the ball of the heavenly fox in surprise. Just now, under his touch, the golden grain suddenly appeared on the surface of the snow-white ball!

This pattern is fleeting, but it excites the devil merchant. After being stimulated, Tianhu internal alchemy will automatically reveal the body pattern defense!

Obviously, it is the powerful momentum of the ghost monarch that affects the ball of the heavenly fox!

Is she a Golden Fox

Golden Fox.

It’s special. It’s beautiful.

The devil merchant fondled the ball of Tianhu and tried to show her again.

He has never seen a Golden Fox. Sure enough, Xiaocui is the most special!

* *

“There is a very powerful presence around the devil merchant. The ghost is a little stronger than me.”

In the bathroom, Wei Xun opened a shower. In the sound of the water, Yu Hehui communicated with him: “but he should be bound by a prop, and the devil merchant is suppressing him. From a comprehensive perspective, I’m close to him.”

“I drew the power of inner alchemy, camouflaged the magic bug ball and some camouflaged the responsible magic bug, but he couldn’t see it.”

“I’m at ease when you do things”

Wei Xun said casually, “I’ll summon another thousand pieces of paper tonight, but I saw a child running past at the mouth of the drum beating Hu.”

“Go and see what you can do.”

It’s not easy for children who will appear in such places. Let’s think about the name of the city in the guide’s words.

Although it is somewhat true, Wei Xun doesn’t want to be influenced by children.

“Will you call a thousand papers tonight?”

Yu Hehui was not surprised. He was used to Wei Xun’s resolute style.

“It shouldn’t be too dangerous… I felt it at that time. It seems to be some kind of spirit. ”

As the old saying goes, when you always talk about something, it will gradually come to life.

Sometimes asking God to worship Buddha is more than just seeking spiritual comfort. It is said that God cannot ask easily, and Buddha cannot worship easily.

It has been believed by countless generations and precipitated by hundreds of years of history. Stories and legends about him and the city even fall on articles and spread widely. The past imperial city, the current political center and the whole city are located in his body.

It’s hard not to be a spirit.

“If he is really spiritual, it should be the greatest help we can get on this journey.”

Yu Hehui is used to thinking about passengers.

“But on extremely dangerous journeys, the cost of seeking someone’s help is probably more dangerous than the mission.”

What are the legends about him in this city? What are his self identified responsibilities? What is the price to pay if you want to invite him?

It’s terrible to think about it.

It is even more likely that they will have a hostile relationship when mother Zhi goes to the funeral.

“I believe they are all mature passengers. I’m not worried at all.”

Wei Xun smiled: “I just want you to see his attitude. It should not have much impact to summon thousands of papers. After all, he didn’t show up when thousands of papers arrived on the minibus. ”

It’s more likely that there is something he wants to do in the drum beating Hu’s clothes. After all, he just flashed past and appeared after the passengers entered Hu’s clothes.

“No, I’m in a hurry. You can get in touch with Zhou Xiyang and them”

Wei Xun began to take off his clothes, and the dark gold pendant was put on his pale skin, making it more luxurious and dazzling. Obviously, they are all men, but Yu Hehui subconsciously avoids his eyes. Somehow, his mind is full of “Tian Wei Xun Hui”, covered with red marks. The scene was deeply rooted in his mind.

Team an is really

That’s too much.

After all, he is an old captain. Yu Hehui can’t say the word “beast”.

“Why didn’t Zhou Xiyang take the initiative to invite you to live in his house!”

Not to mention an Xuefeng, Yu Hehui rarely gets angry.

Wei Xun loves cleanliness so much that he can’t take a bath in this small bathroom!

Even if Wei Xun doesn’t go, Zhou Xiyang has to invite him! Can’t he see the identity of Wei Xun?

Half life Taoist saw it!

“I have to talk to him!”

The heat was steaming, and it was unusually hot. Yu Hehui looked at the golden red feather that Wei Xun took into his bath – the heat was transmitted from it.

This blazing heat is not aimed at Wei Xun, but at his Yu Hehui. In the burning heat, there is even a hint of expulsion and exclusion!

Yu Hehui was choking inexplicably. He cursed in his heart, turned into a little fox, jumped up, opened the small square window from the bathroom to the courtyard, and jumped out.

“Ding Ling -”

Wei Xun put a red rope through Jinling and wrapped it around his wrist. Jinling, necklace and live screening continue.

“Qianjia paper is too dirty.”

Wei Xun took a feather and turned it around. The soft fur fell on his fingers as if snuggling. But thinking of it poking into the eyes of thousands of papers, Wei Xun put his feathers on the flowers without expression.

“You have to have a good wash.”

Suddenly he said with a smile, his eyebrows and eyes full of joy: “speaking of  this  is a mandarin duck bath.”

After playing for a while, Wei Xun felt it was too troublesome to take a bath with feathers. The circle of the devil’s tail, which had been wrapped around his thigh, loosened, and the tip of the tail flexibly explored the feather and entangled the feather. When the tail tip wrapped around the feather, the feather leaned back shy and reserved, trying to stay in Wei Xun’s hands.

But it was eventually taken away by the devil’s tail and soon entangled and messed up.

“Don’t play with dirty feathers.”

Wei Xun freed his hand to take a bath, and the devil’s tail wrapped around his feathers to flush. What he revealed in the place of devil alienation was more the undisguised desire and hope of Wei Xun’s instinct. Wei Xun thought rationally that the feather was dirty and needed to be cleaned, but the devil’s tail had been entangled.

And the tail can’t be taken back for the time being, because Wei Xun’s San value has not been high since he entered the quadrangle hotel.

This is Wei Xun’s current message:

[guide information]

[Code: C250]

[rank: Silver zero order five stars + + +]

[death countdown 240:11:55]

[points: 27351]

[San value: 50]

[team leader assessment task in progress]

240 hours,  days, not lower than the safety value, but his San value is materialized. The plus sign after his rank is the effect of low San value band.

If the death countdown is too low and the San value is too low, the strength of the tour guide will be improved.

Wei Xun doesn’t mind the low San and low death countdown. What he cares about is how he eats purified magic honey since he got off the minibus. The San value is stuck at the value of 50

There are four possibilities. First, he is conducting the team leader assessment task, which is one of the tests to see whether the tour guide can often lead the team under the condition of low San.

The second is the spiritual oppression of the tour guide brought by the extremely dangerous journey. Maybe their rank is too low, so this oppression is particularly strong.

Third, the quadrangle is strange, hiding monsters that will make people lose San.

Fourth, the appreciation of Qianjia paper.

Of course, it is possible that all the above are.

First, second, it can be confirmed only by looking at whether there is alienation in the devil businessman. Fourth, wait tonight. As for the third question

Tonight, visitors will have a night tour to beat drums and enjoy the night scenery of Hu. This afternoon, Wei Xun went to the rear courtyard behind the house to receive and distribute the red paper lanterns of the passengers.

The rear courtyard is a row of rooms behind the house, which is usually the place where the women’s dependents live.

Wei Xun can understand whether there are any oddities in the quadrangle this afternoon.

“Tut, you are so slow.”

Wei Xun is a little impatient. He has been pestering feathers with the devil’s tail for a long time, but the other party is stubborn and refuses to release half the heat.

It seemed that it could sense that Wei Xun’s pain was real and accumulated to a degree that was almost out of control. He just wanted to be refreshing.

Restraint, abstinence, not addiction, even a feather of An Xuefeng, are implemented in place.

“An Xuefeng, you are really good.”

When his needs were not met, Wei Xun smiled angrily. He stroked his Adam’s apple and the * * magic seed was hidden here.

“Have you finished?”

He whispered, and his fingers could clearly feel the pulsating tremor.

“To this extent… You should be able to”

After establishing a connection between the brigade and * *, Wei Xun found that when his San value decreased and his body became alienated, the closer the connection with the abyss Festival.

** * as the principal, there should be restrictions and frequent contact with him should not be allowed.

However, as an abyss creature connected with Wei Xun in the abyss Festival, when Wei Xun’s San value decreases, * * * can be connected to Wei Xun in another way through the connection between the magic seed and the abyss Festival.

In the dark, Wei Xun lost his vision. He smiled.

The * * called out in this way is not a human shape, but his abyss state. He regarded the abyss as ugly and filthy and did not want Wei Xun to see it.

Therefore, Wei Xun would cover his eyes every time he went to the hotel.

Wei Xun leans comfortably against the wall, but behind him is not the cold wall, but the slippery and cold tentacles. The soft tentacle wrapped around his body, as if he knew that human skin was too fragile, so it wrapped around the tail of the demonized devil.

The golden red feathers of the “occupied” territory were angry.

Across the infinite distance, Wei Xun seems to feel an Xuefeng’s anger and confusion in a trance. He doesn’t understand that Wei Xun’s abyss is just for, for——

“In order to help you relieve yourself, recover as soon as possible”

Wei Xun looked up, restrained and repressed his voice, and breathed a sigh.

The angry feather finally ignited the flame, and he felt the pain of his dream.

All right.

Wei Xun was so painful that he was so happy that he shed tears. His tears melted into the shower water, slipped down and were swept away by his tentacles.

On the first day of his journey, he successfully developed a variety of ways for feathers!

I think I’ll be satisfied if I give the feather to his An Xuefeng.

Out of the window of the ear room, a greasy silver cat, which was only passing by, was so frightened that it flew its ears and ran back to the room!


It screamed and attracted the attention of everyone in the house.

“Eh, Meckel, aren’t you a black cat? How did you dye it?”

The half life Taoist who had just visited with Bai Xiaotian said strangely, “I thought it strange to see your grandmother’s gray hair before.”

“The black cat is too evil ward off. He is afraid that he will be targeted in this journey. He dyed the paint bucket in advance.”

Zhou Xiyang briefly explained that he realized that Meckel was in a wrong state and seriously said, “what’s the matter?”

“Meow – meow – meow!”

The silver gradually turned round and round in a hurry, but it couldn’t change back. It was terrified. It sounded very pathetic.

“Oh? Let me see.”

Half-life Taoist priest passed by strangely, picked up the cat, looked at it for a few times, and said:

“It’s all right. It’s just that the evil spirit has been suppressed. It’ll be fine in a minute.”

“Is the evil spirit suppressed?”

Zhou Xiyang took over his flying ears and touched Weiqu Baba’s silver gradually. His eyes suddenly turned orange red, like two sunsets, but the next moment Zhou Xiyang was stunned: “the afterglow of the sunset can’t be lifted. It’s a deeper and more sacred flame!”

“Hey, I see.”

Half-life Taoist suddenly said with a smile, “Hey, I said Meckel, did you go to director Cui and try to plot something wrong, but you were affected.”


Silver gradually became angry and jumped directly on the half-life Taoist’s face, grabbed him, and shouted.

Until he was pulled off by Bai Xiaotian with his back neck, he blew his hair and waved cat fist out of thin air.

“Deputy regiment, people who talk disorderly will be tongue pulled out.”

Bai Xiaotian pulled out a small paper man and put it on the back of the silver layer. The little paper man suddenly became red, as if he had absorbed invisible heat, and the silver gradually narrowed his eyes comfortably.

“What’s wrong with what I said? Look, your paper man and Mao Xiaole can absorb heat. It must be the Phoenix Fire of team leader An.”

The half-life Taoist covered his face, put down his hand, and saw that his face was covered with cat scratches. He said depressed: “this is not the first time. An Dui’s Fengniao attitude is to restrain all kinds of monsters. At the beginning, Lu Shucheng was deterred when he just returned. As a result, he became a wolf for several days. When he met An Dui, he walked with his tail –”

“Vice regiment, did you forget that it will be broadcast live?”

Bai Xiaotian stretched out his hand, and the cat blocked the mouth of the half-life Taoist and said seriously, “after you go out, you will definitely be bagged by the Return Home Brigade.”

“Oh – bah, bah, bah!”

Half-life Taoist ate a mouthful of cat hair, but he didn’t care about it at all. He saw half-life Taoist’s face showing a frightened look. Looking around, it was rare to stumble: “immeasurable heaven, straight, live?”

“Our journey is live?”

He really forgot! God knows how many years he hasn’t participated in the tour with live broadcast. Since he was promoted to super level, no, since the senior tour, the tour guides in the tour are all golden level and can choose to turn off the live broadcast.

He’s really used to it. He’s surrounded by acquaintances. It’s nothing to talk about casually.

But it’s live!

“Well, the Phoenix fire plume will not overflow its deterrent power for no reason.”

The half life Taoist immediately said, “maybe director Cui is in trouble. Let’s go and have a look. Xiyang, you really are. How can you let director Cui live in your little broken ear room and not invite him to your room?”

With that, he stood up and looked like he was eager to defend Cui Dao.

“Cough, half-life.”

Zhou Xiyang’s face was a little delicate and had a bad intention. In fact, he was worried just now, but Yu Hehui sitting next to him was still calm. Zhou Xiyang knew that Cuidao should not be in great danger.

Why did the Phoenix fire ignite when there was no danger?

Identity of C 250

A little deeper, Zhou Xiyang was a little happy, but a little uncomfortable.

In particular, it was discovered by Meckel and known by half-life Taoist and Bai Xiaotian.

“He’s here. Director Cui will be fine.”

Zhou Xiyang said tactfully and changed the topic: “just now you said, how many werewolves are looking for the cellar?”

“Cellars, dungeons, all those involved in the evil nature of buildings during the journey to the west side, such as foreign houses, churches and ancient castles. Fortunately, it’s not winter, otherwise they really find a cellar to store Chinese cabbage in winter, so they will be interested.”

Half-life Taoist said that he was absent-minded. He looked at Yu Hehui, Zhou Xiyang, and then looked again and again. He was suspicious:

“It’s strange. Why don’t you worry about it?”

“Deputy regiment, why are you so worried about the Return Home brigade? Do you want to change jobs?”

Bai Xiaotian stood up and took the half-life Taoist Qi Qi to the outside: “Shi Yutuan asked me to watch you and run around.”

“Xiao Tian, you’re wrong!”

Half-life Taoist opened his eyes wider and wider. He didn’t know where the hole opened. He really wanted to understand it!

After years of absenteeism, we finally have a small tour guide. Even if the tour guide enters the journey, team An asks people to take their own life feathers with them. When it’s dangerous, it’s protection. When it’s not dangerous, let people relieve it through feather inspection

Half life Taoist thought it over, and he blurted out:

“Immeasurable God! No, an Dui, his old house is on fire -”


This time, half-life Taoist covered his mouth.


Zhou Xiyang and Shan smiled.

“You really know a lot… If you know so much and don’t tell your brother, isn’t it unkind?”

At the end of the sentence, he has to gnash his teeth.

“Oh, No.”

Half-life Taoist wants to cry without tears, live broadcast, this damn live broadcast!

He decided to be a mute in the next journey and never, never speak.

* *

“You should know that this is a sequel journey.”

After being educated, the half life Taoist was depressed and said, “well, in fact, even if you don’t tell me, I’m sure you’ll share the news. We’re a brother brigade.”

It’s just that my brothers have settled accounts clearly. These messages are for the exchange of resources. Everyone knows them well.

But who let the half-life Taoist not control this mouth and put the safety team test on the live broadcast. He can only bleed.

“You know the journey in Hengdian film and television city a few years ago. The scenes of the palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the palace of the Qin Dynasty, and Hong Kong street were very famous. Originally, they were all survival groups, but in the last scene, Hong Kong Street group was destroyed.”

Half-life Taoist said humanely: “according to the schedule, we should go to Zhi’s courtyard tomorrow. Be careful, grandma Zhi.”

“She may be the ‘people’s grandmother’ who led to the collapse of the tour group and hid in Hengdian.”


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