TTG Chapter 163

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 163: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (8)

[Hengdian film and television city journey is a first-order extremely dangerous journey of experience in Hengdian three years ago]

[yes, I remember that at that time, the leader of the team was the leader of the fourth brigade, and the tour guide was also a member of their brigade. He was a top-ranking second-class tour guide]

[in this journey, the scenic spot project was originally not related to grandma of the Republic of China. It seems that a passenger wants to be a branch scenic spot and open the courtyard of the Republic of China]

[yes, yes, that’s how grandma of the Republic of China was activated!]

[unexpectedly, this is a sequel journey! The half life Deputy group knows a lot. I admire him so much!]

[I’m so excited to watch the live broadcast of the extremely dangerous journey for the first time! I’m here for the half life Deputy Group. How about you?]

[how is the sequel journey back? I believe you are familiar with the journey, but how is the sequel journey back?]

In the live broadcast room of funeral Palace on the outskirts of Beijing, countless bullet screens were rowing rapidly, and the live broadcast was almost blocked by bullet screens. The screen brushing bullet screens are [!!!] and [the old house is on fire! The old house is on fire!!!!]. I strongly sigh that these dozens of discussion trips are out of tune with the bullet screens of the semi life deputy regiment of Laoshan. After they are sent out, they are like a stone sinking into the sea. They disappear at a whiz.

“Yu Tuan, this, this barrage can’t be held down at all.”

In the viewing Hall of Laoshan brigade and regiment, dozens of people were crying, clattering bullets, making forums and posting posts. The leader, the young Taoist, with pale face and godless eyes, looked like ghosts and people. He murmured and spoke in a trance.

How could this happen? For the first time, I watched the live broadcast of the extremely dangerous level, and also watched the heroic posture of the half life deputy regiment. What’s more, it turned out to be the live broadcast of the confrontation mission between the East and the west, and their east still outnumbered the West in terms of number and strength.

Yu Tuan has specially opened a private viewing hall with the best equipment and live projection effect for them to watch and study.

So many happy things coincided, which should have brought more happiness. He also specially asked for annual leave with the company. Even his parents arranged various blind dates, just to come to the brigade and regiment station to watch the live broadcast.

However, why did it change like this.

“You are the backbone and elite of Laoshan people’s daily life. You are the half life leader of Pingli people’s daily life. Everyone can see how good you are and how much effort you have made.”

Yu Xiangyang said coldly, “if something goes wrong, you should also tell me what to do.”

After a pause, he said again with profound meaning: “just now, team Wan called team an, and team an’s mobile phone has changed… Understand?”

The Taoists shivered and began to bring a barrage with a sad face. They posted on the forum and tried to distort the wind direction. Not only they, but also they raise all kinds of paper people, ghosts, demons, etc. one ghost, one mobile phone, all of them go to battle.

[focus on the confrontation between the East and the west, okay? Does anyone know this devil businessman?]

[brothers, this is the live broadcast of the world area. Don’t let the people in the West see jokes!]

Great! We are stable in the East for this confrontation mission!]

[it’s said that the reason why the half life Taoist doesn’t connect with the tour guide is that he has an affair with Yu Tuan…]

[yes, yes, yes, it’s said that because of this, they don’t have a third party, even a tour guide]

[through the grapevine, they were together in real time!]

When posting this post, the young Taoist’s hand trembled. In order to change the subject, Yu Tuan has made such a sacrifice – alas!

Half life deputy regiment, you can have snacks. Don’t be so big!

Fortunately, the Laoshan brigade’s efforts have played a role. The topic of “the old house of an brigade is on fire” has been turned over. Some people began to discuss the private life of Yu Tuan and half life deputy regiment of Laoshan brigade, and all of them moved to the forum to post.

The barrage in the live broadcast room and the forum are full of joy. I think the confrontation task should be stable.

The audience in the west side scolded and sour.

[shit! Is it stupid for the major brigades and tour guide alliance to let the devil businessman run to the east side to fight?!]

[behind the scenes! There’s definitely behind the scenes here. It’s not fair!]

[what? What’s the name of the east side people?]

[the Oriental tour guide has the strongest connection, an? Shit, I don’t believe it. He ranks only 250!]

[why didn’t the devil businessman connect with the leader of our strongest brigade in the west? Is our West really going to die?]

[even if Ann is connected, it’s not the strong who will take the lead? The devil businessman, I’ll take good care of you and kick the ass of the east side guide!]

[hey, guys, I heard from the east side that Ann’s house is on fire! He doesn’t have time to take care of the east side guide!]

[Yun Lianghan! Kill another one, kill quickly, I’ll take care of you!]

There is a one button translator in the live broadcasting room. The bullet screen of passengers in the west is blue, which is very conspicuous. The eastern audience began to fight back.

[I didn’t say that even the butcher alliance knows that there is no, smashing and chaos in the confrontation mission!]

[hee hee, laughing at sour dogs]

[hurry, hurry, hurry!]

[everybody, don’t poison naicui, let them say!]

The journey was broadcast live from the minibus. God knows how angry they were when they saw that Yun Lianghan wanted to attack and kill C 250, and how worried they were when they knew that C 250 was only the deputy director.

Especially during the extremely dangerous journey, the spiritual pollution to the tour guide is everywhere, and everyone puts their heart into their throat.

The devil merchant has alienation, but who knows if there is C250! His rank is so low that he should have no . If you are really polluted by spirit, the situation will be worse!

At that time, there were many people in the west side in the barrage of the live broadcasting room. They cheered Yun Lianghan, let the devil businessman run over and kill C 250, and opened a gambling disc to bet when C 250 would die. It was really annoying.

Fortunately, when the situation reversed, it was the turn of the people in the east to laugh and watch the West jump.

“Finally, no one said that an Xuefeng’s old house was on fire.”

Wan Anfu, the leader of the metaphysical brigade, sighed: “no, half life, he still has to be covered in sacks.”

He blew an Xuefeng’s Fengniao state out, and Lu Shucheng was accidentally injured by an Xuefeng’s Fengniao state when he first entered the team, which deterred him from changing into a wolf for several days.

A ghost king in red said gloomily, “seriously, when I saw him working and rowing with a zombie arm, I saw that he completely forgot to broadcast this live.”

“I saw it when he asked Zhou Xiyang to help tear the seat.”

A beautiful and dignified woman said coldly, “he has such a good face. If he was broadcast live, he would definitely try his best to show it.”

Remember the live broadcast, half life Taoist would never say “I can’t fight without Yu Xiangyang”. He’s very hard spoken. It’s more difficult to listen to him praise and admit who’s powerful than to go to heaven.

Seeing that Yu Xiangyang is working so hard to wash him, it’s great to hear that he even sacrificed some of his own image.

“I suspect he said later, ‘did an Xuefeng’s old house catch fire on purpose'”

The ghost king in red said coldly, “it’s all about whether an Xuefeng has an affair with C 250. Don’t worry about it.”

“He knows the sense of propriety. He should have seen it when he saw Fenghuo on the front minibus.”

Wan’an said: “but he lowered his voice when talking to Bai Xiaotian, and the live viewing angle was so blocked that he couldn’t see his mouth.”

“Team Wan, don’t get lucky.”

Someone said reluctantly, “this Phoenix Fire is an Xuefeng’s, and C250 activates the Phoenix Fire protector. What does this mean? Understand? Understand.”

“No, C250… Ah, no, director Cui is really a guide connected by the security team. If so, it’s good.”

Someone said with a smile: “I was afraid that C would die in 250 seconds. After all, there is too much mental pollution in the extremely dangerous journey. It is impossible to prevent. It is a killer of low-level tour guides.”

“However, I said that he has a good hand in spirit. Besides, I can rest assured that he has prepared various props for him when he goes on the journey.”

“Just connection is enough. The old house is on fire… They shouldn’t think otherwise.”

Wan Anfu murmured, “if Bing 2500 really helps an Xuefeng… He will be completely defeated. The enemies are a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh on the way home.”

* *

“Captain, captain.”

Wang pengpai hung up the tenth phone call from Qi Lecheng, crossed out his screen swiping message [really? Really? Has an team really found a guide to relieve him?]. Under the gaze of Mao Xiaole, Wang Yushu, Wanxiang spring and the Deputy Group of sunset brigade, he coughed and knocked on the door of an Xuefeng’s bedroom.

No one spoke.

“At this point, the captain should be taking a nap. Xiao Liu, don’t worry.”

Wang pengpai was so happy that he persuaded the deputy regiment of the sunset brigade to leave and made eyes with Mao Xiaole.

The four of them looked at me and you. Finally, they had a tacit understanding and went to the cinema in silence.

Wang pengpai looked at the live broadcast screen. The live broadcast section of C250 is still black and shielded.

“That’s what I said.”

Wang Yushu looked at the live screen, looked in the direction of an Xuefeng’s bedroom, and finally nuzui to Wang pengpai.

“That’s what, that’s what.”

Wang pengpai smiled twice, stopped talking and rubbed his hands. On his white fat face, he was happy, wanted to laugh, a little depressed and a little difficult to speak.

His eyes were a little trance. It was the feeling of looking forward for countless years, from hope to despair and then to calm. He didn’t think about it at all, but suddenly saw a turn for the better.

After a long silence, Wang pengpai looked at Wanxiang spring and said:

“Xiao Peng, tell me.”

“When the captain woke up, I felt wrong that night.”

Wanxiang Chun said calmly, “the rot spots on my wings have decreased.”

He spread his wings, pulled his right wing and lifted his feathers. Under the feathers, there is no common skin and meat, but large and small cyan gray, deeply trapped in pits and rotten holes, which makes people’s scalp numb.

But in the small area of the wing tip, new pink meat grew.

“Team an, but the mental condition has reached the limit, and when you use two tokens at 30 degrees north latitude, you can’t get better even if the situation doesn’t deteriorate seriously.”

Wanxiang spring put away his wings and Jane said briefly, “I asked. He didn’t elaborate. He just said that the mental condition of an team has really improved.”

Then he looked at Wang Yushu: “you should feel it, too.”

“I feel a little.”

Wang Yushu said, “no, it doesn’t mean that the spiritual comfort captain is a dreamer?”

“The dreamer failed before. He couldn’t do it, let alone he didn’t add our way home.”

Wang pengpai realized that he was still in a trance and looked up to see that the live broadcast was still blocked. He couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone, clicked on his own mobile phone and recorded a paragraph before opening it, muttering:

“Yes, this is the captain, Feng Yu. It’s Feng Yu. I protect the Phoenix Fire. Hiss… The captain seems to have been in a phoenix state these days“

“Captain… So, Cui, Cui guide, really comfort the captain?”

Wang Yushu’s expression was also a little trance. He tangled and said, “it’s only a few days. The connection is enough. It’s comforting…”

“No wonder I want C 250 back safely. It’s estimated that it will be connected. It’s also very good.”

On the contrary, Mao Xiaole was the one who calmed down the fastest and said happily, “it’s good that the captain finally found a guide! Hey, I’ll tell this good news to Mr. Sanshui. He doesn’t have to worry about it any more. There will be a guide on his way home!”

“Well, Xiao Le, here you are.”

Wang Yushu looked a little toothy and hesitated: “you… What, Wei xunga doesn’t understand the travel plan. Tell him about the connection between the tour guide and the tourists. This is the constant connection.”

“Don’t listen to what half life old house is on fire.”

“Isn’t it always connected? What else is on it?”

Mao Xiaole wondered.

“What else? Director Cui said, ‘an Xuefeng said you don’t look at me’. An said this to deter others.”

“Yes, I think so.”

Mao Xiaole said unhappily, “fortunately, they have points in the metaphysical Laoshan mountain. When no one brushes, the old house is on fire, and there are fewer hot posts on the forum, otherwise it looks like something.”

“Yes, let Wei Xun stop listening to them and don’t be unhappy.”

Wang pengpai patted his chest and promised: “an Dui’s character is good. He will never recognize people and flirt with them. You can rest assured Wei Xun! Hey, you say it’s noisy. You tie it with Wei Xun. He listens to what you say.”

“Of course I’m tied up with Miss Wei! We also made an appointment to have breakfast together… No?”

Mao Xiaole responded and questioned, “why is Miss Wei unhappy?”

“You are still young, you don’t understand.”

Wang Yushu said with a smile, “the front * * is different. Wanxiang spring projects the scene opposite the door with ice crystal roses. Mao Xiaole calculates divination. They see the tendency of ‘reproduction / love’.

In addition, an Xuebao gave special treatment to Wei Xun all the way, and Mao Xiaole and Lu Shucheng reported it after they came back. During the election meeting, an Xuefeng held Wei Xun (young leopard) all the time!

We almost understand that Wei Xun is the opportunity for their return! * * * and an Xuefeng are essentially one person. Seeing each other, an Xuefeng definitely has ideas in his mind!

Therefore, Wang pengpai invited Wei Xun several times and pushed Mao Xiaole out to play a good game with Wei Xun. They not only wanted to do a good job in the game, but also secretly wanted to do a good job in his views on an Xuefeng.

It’s not that they say that an Dui is a good captain, sometimes violent and sometimes depressed, but he’s definitely not a good lover, and he’s also a man. Wei Xun doesn’t accept it.

The most important thing is an DUI. He bears many responsibilities and regards his journey home as more important than his own. Such a person is very likely not to delay Wei Xun and directly suppress his feelings. At that time, if Wei Xun really adds a way back… Hey, it’s really cruel!

Wang Yushu has cut several sadistic cuts on the spot. She cooks before she leaves. It’s very spicy every day. As a result, they can’t invite Wei Xun out for dinner, so they set aside money for Mao Xiaole to invite Wei Xun to a restaurant outside.

If this goes on like this, it will not let Wei Xun completely accept it, at least it will change. If there’s another chance, right? Maybe it’s over!

Who knows, just like this, an Xuefeng suddenly joined the tour guide!

All the returnees are actually happy, but it sounds impure. Of course, they know that this is the “guided passenger” system, but Wei Xun has just entered the travel management system, which is not afraid of his misunderstanding.

“Teacher Sanshui is not unhappy. There is nothing between him and an Dui!”

Mao Xiaole was unhappy and stressed: “you see, he also sent me a message saying congratulations on having a guide on his way home!”

“Ah, this…”

Wang pengpai looked at Mao Xiaole’s mobile phone. After seeing the news, he smiled. Somehow, he began to have toothache. Somehow, he felt a little guilty for an Xuefeng.

“Besides, I really don’t think there’s anything between Wei Xun and an DUI. An DUI and Cui Dao are nothing. Why do you lead the mandarin duck spectrum?”

Mao Xiaole couldn’t understand it at all. Well, the live broadcast split screen in Weixun was unblocked. People on the way back subconsciously looked at it. When Mao Xiaole saw the picture on the live broadcast, he couldn’t help complaining:

“To tell you the truth, I think the devil merchant and Cui Dao have more meaning.”


Staring at the picture on the live screen, Wang pengpai and others were speechless for a moment, and their mood was a little complicated.

“Cui! You don’t have any!”

As soon as Wei Xun went out, he was seized by the devil merchant.

“I feel the flame. Is it paper again?”

“Hey? I’m leaving for you.”

After taking a good bath, Wei Xun changed his clothes and came out, he said that the devil merchant was not in his ear room.

“No, I’ve been watching outside.”

The devil merchant looked up and down, but he couldn’t see whether Xiaocui was hurt through his cloak. Even if Xiaocui’s tone was still as usual, he was not at ease. She is so strong that she will never show weakness.

Especially when the “puppet” did not come out with her, the devil merchant’s heart sank again.

“You’re so repellent to fire that I can’t stay in the room. You know, I’m a ghost.”

The devil merchant was worried and alert and said, “so, is it paper again?”

The devil merchant even noticed the Phoenix Fire! No, of course he felt it, and yes, it was not in the realm of psychic fantasy, but in the journey.

Wei Xun is a little sad. He originally thought that even if he was a little wrong because he lived with the devil merchant during the journey. But at least in the bathroom, he was happy.

But I don’t think so.

In such a mood, there was something heavy in his tone.

“Yes, it’s revenge. Fortunately, I have a flame.”

“You know.”

Wei Xun sighed and said, “it’s impossible to prevent, so I must deal with it in advance.”

When talking, Wei Xun politely wanted to take back his hand. He held the feather in his left hand and the tentacle in his right hand. The aftertaste of the pain was still there. He didn’t want to be destroyed by the devil merchant.

“You’re right.”

The devil merchant took a deep breath and regretted it for the first time. He released his hand, but not completely. The devil merchant grabbed the Tianhu ball and put it into Wei Xun’s hand.

“I shouldn’t have let it leave you.”

God knows how regretful and frightened the devil merchant was when he realized that Xiaocui was using Fenghuo again. He still had the ball of Tianhu!

Who knows how many times and how long it will last? Thousands of paper attacks were impossible to prevent, and he didn’t feel anything different before the attack!

Terrible, such an enemy is really terrible. If Xiaocui really dies this time

“I didn’t mean to.”

The devil merchant said solemnly, “I want to defeat you. I don’t want to play this means.”

And if Xiao Cui is dead, he will be alone, and those Eastern passengers will never let him live.

Moreover, although the confrontation task is divided into victory and defeat, it is not divided into life and death. It’s rare to have an equal talent opponent. If he dies, the devil businessman will feel lonely.

Yes, that’s it. So he doesn’t want Xiaocui to die.

The devil merchant felt at ease.

“Well, I’ll take it first. I really need it.”

Wei Xun accepted the ball without too much refusal, but said, “but our previous agreement has not been invalidated. When I don’t use it, I will give it to you for observation.”

“Don’t refuse. It’s a deal. The exchange said, give me the soul of a thousand pieces of paper.”

Wei Xun took the opportunity to say. It’s good to have this soul early. The devil businessman is not a fool. If he also sends a certain assessment tendency, it’s very likely that he will realize the real reason for the existence of thousands of papers.

“I knew you would say that, huh?”

The devil merchant’s mood finally relaxed slowly. He wanted to take back his hand to take things. Until this time, the devil merchant seemed to just realize that he was still holding Wei Xun’s hand. He coughed and let go if there was nothing beside him.

[Oh, shet! If you shook his hand for so long, not to poison him, I really can’t think of any reason!]

[two minutes and thirty-three seconds, Fu · CK, after holding it for so long, does he have glue on his hand?!]

The audience in the Western District broke the defense. They just quarreled with the barrage in the eastern district. They said that the devil businessman would definitely turn the eastern district tour guide to the ground. The deputy director should honestly follow the leader and fart!

As a result, I saw the scene of the devil merchant “xinweixun”! It’s not hypocritical. They even shook hands!

[devil merchant, don’t be so obsessed with him? I don’t have such a obsessed boyfriend!]

[you are the enemy, the enemy!]

[devil merchant gay!]


[Fu · CK, I thought they had a leg. Look at the poster. What’s it, king and princess!]

[it’s not fair. Why is the devil merchant a princess!]

[will he have children for C 250? Oh, if the handshake says “let’s have children”, yes, the devil businessman wants to have children for C 250!]

“You want your soul on this coin.”

The devil merchant had no idea what the barrage was arguing about in the live broadcast room. It was strange in the atmosphere. He rarely thought about it when he spoke: “but I won’t give you this coin. Do you have a prop to carry your soul?”

Wei Xun looked up and saw that the devil merchant had a golden ancient Greek coin with a hell three headed dog engraved on the face.

Once the ancient Greek died, his family would put a coin in the mouth of the deceased when decorating the body, which was the boat fare paid to the ferries of the underworld. But the coin in the devil merchant’s hand does not carry the soul, and it carries the soul at the level of thousands of pieces of paper.

“I have.”

Wei Xun took out his old man badge. Under the cover of his wide cloak, he touched the hand of the devil merchant. The devil merchant handed over the soul of a small half thousand paper bags to him, and wrote it down secretly.

Xiaocui has a badge like a prop to store her soul.

But in fact, where did the ancient old man’s badge store his soul? Wei Xun just used it to temporarily suppress Qianjia paper so as to transfer it.


When suppressing the soul of Qianjia paper, Wei Xun was surprised. When the silk soul fell on the badge, it first resisted, and then was stunned by water vapor.

This ancient badge witnessed the fall of the “ZhangXiong Dynasty”, which was a country 1600 years ago. The upper limit of its scope is within 1600 years.

In other words, the history of thousands of paper products has probably exceeded 1600 years. But with the smell of dripping water, it was still suppressed. But at the same time, it is also weakening rapidly, and I’m afraid it will disappear soon.

After thinking about it, Wei Xun put the soul test into one of the super five-star paper men. Sure enough, the soul of Qianjia paper man was more in line with the paper man. It quickly drilled in and showed Wei Xun a trace of closeness and joy.

But it was the “appreciation” of thousands of papers, but Wei Xun relentlessly pressed the badge on it and suppressed the other party.

“Thank you.”

He nodded at the devil merchant, and they staggered in two directions.

Wei Xun went to the rear cover yard to pick up the red lanterns to be given to the passengers during the night tour tonight.

The devil merchant went to the front yard, and Augustus came to him.

“Hey, ghost, look what we sent!”

A tall brown red werewolf roared, “we found a dungeon!”

“This is not a dungeon, Augustus. In Oriental terms, this is a cellar.”

Mia said. She gently looked at the devil merchant: “come on, ghost. There are things we can’t open.”

Passengers can’t open things?

The devil merchant was stunned and approached him before he found MIA. They were standing in the southwest corner of the front yard and next to the toilet of the quadrangle. The land was excavated, and below it was a pit more than four meters deep. The white werewolf olena was still under the pit. He also became a werewolf. He set a fire at the bottom of the pit, then jumped up and held a jar in the wolf’s claws.

Mia said, “Augustus smells blood here.”

“Hum, there is also a fat cat. I roared it away.”

Augustus showed his muscles proudly: “there are many difficult beasts’ blood corpses in this dungeon, at least super three-star ones, but all of them were torn by me!”

Then he urged: “ghost, hurry, while the woman in October is out, look at what’s in the jar. It’s definitely a good thing!”

Bloody smell, beast blood corpse

The devil merchant frowned. He looked at Augustus and saw that many tufts of wolf hair had fallen off his arms, exposing his skin and even terrorist bite marks. Obviously, those beast blood corpses are definitely not as easy to deal with as Augustus said.

He looked at olena holding the jar again. The white werewolf didn’t seem to have a jar, but the devil merchant didn’t relax. He put on special gloves and touched the jar a little.

Then he was stunned.

“We protect you. There won’t be . Don’t dally.”

Augustus urged: “some things are only opened by the guide, and we won’t hurt you!”

After the devil merchant received the jar, he was satisfied and said with a smile, “that’s just right.”

But the devil merchant didn’t trust these wolves to open it. When he touched the jar, he got the travel manager’s hint!

[you found the skinning knife, and your team leader’s assessment increased the tendency of ‘Mr. traditional skinning’ (incomplete)]

[only the traditional Skinner can completely peel off a skin with soul. It’s great to use this skin to make a shadow play. It’s a performance in front of the emperor. Of course, it has to be peeled alive. But the Skinner was very angry. He peeled off the skin and ran away!]

[after selecting this tendency, you will complete a series of team leader assessment tasks in the scenic spots related to ‘performance’!]

[please determine your team leader’s assessment tendency before the second day of the journey, otherwise the examiner will randomly select it!]

[Note: the software you have obtained is incomplete, please collect it completely, otherwise you will not be able to choose the traditional peeling tendency]


The devil merchant’s brain was shocked, and his San value fell sharply, almost to zero. Holding the jar, his hand instantly turned golden, semi transparent and pearl, and his ghost alienation could not be contained!

“Hoo –”

“Hoo –”

Heavy, bloody, breathing sound came from the devil merchant’s head. Without much thought, he immediately completely turned into a state of nothingness. For a moment, the hook fell from his head with a strong smell of fishy blood and directly penetrated his body!

“No skin — why no skin –”

The devil merchant’s brain rumbled and heard the roar of anger and distortion in a trance. When he looked back with all his strength, he saw a huge scarlet twisted figure standing behind him. It held a hook in its left hand, but its right arm was directly broken. Mr. Skinner, hook the living creature with the hook in his left hand and peel it with a skinning knife in his right hand.

But his head is not a head, but a huge twisted donkey head!

“Devil’s merchant? Devil’s merchant, don’t you?”

In a trance, the devil merchant came back to God, the terrible butcher like figure disappeared, and there was only a filthy stench of blood on the ground. His San value was almost zero.

“Devil merchant, you’re a waste. Come on, connect with me!”

Augustus cursed. He became more animal, completely changed into a reddish brown wolf, and bit the arm of the devil merchant.

The devil merchant is the guide of the werewolf alliance. Even if he doesn’t join the brigade, he will temporarily connect with werewolf tourists. The San value quickly stabilized under the connection. When it rose to 20, the devil merchant had roughly recovered his mind.

He pushed away Augustus, who had taken some medicine to return to San, but the San value could not return to full, up to 50.

The devil merchant looked at the jar in his hand and found that it was broken, revealing a sharp knife inside.

It has been buried underground for so many years, but there is no trace of corrosion. This knife is surrounded by cold evil spirit and resentment.

“Devil merchant, what happened just now.”

The white werewolf olena asked, afraid to look at the pool of blood.

“What is this knife?”

Augustus grabbed the knife and said discontentedly, “without attributes, it’s not a prop.”

“It’s not a prop, it’s a task item, or…”

Mia looked at the devil merchant. She was still human, with a calm and rational light in her amber eyes: “the difficulty of the journey changed after the beginning.”

Mia whispered, “from first-order extreme danger to third-order extreme danger.”

She looked at the devil merchant, but the devil merchant was silent, as if he were sinking. After a while, he said faintly:

“Yes, I decided to finish the team leader assessment in this journey.”

“This is my assessment task tendency.”

He took the sharp knife back from Augustus.

“Are you crazy? Ghost, are you crazy!”

Augustus couldn’t believe it. The wolf’s face was full of shock: “you, you’re so weak and make the journey more difficult. You’re looking for death! How dare you!”

“She dares, why don’t I dare.”

The devil merchant’s voice is very light, full of countless complex emotions.

Team leader assessment tendency, so I got the team leader assessment tendency!

In a trance, he asked what was white and why the difficulty of the journey jumped two steps, directly from one step to three steps.

He is also white. Why does Xiaocui want thousands of paper souls so much? He knows all about it.

“We’ll help you.”

Mia said calmly, “devil merchant, we are together. I know that as a tour guide, you don’t trust tourists very much and would rather join hands with that Oriental tour guide.”

“The difficulty of the journey has increased by two levels. I’m afraid director Cui also chose to finish the team leader assessment in this journey, but he didn’t tell you, did he?”

But I didn’t tell her.

The devil merchant thought.

“Let’s go to the scenic spots tonight.”

“Let me think again,” he said perfunctorily

* *

At 8:00 p.m., all the passengers gathered in the courtyard of the quadrangle. After the devil businessman named the names, he announced that there were travel plans, gifts and night tours.

Enjoy Hu, taste snacks, take group photos, play hide and seek, pick up door nails, etc. there are more than ten activities to choose from.

But before the red lantern goes out, you must go back to the siheyuan hotel.

The devil merchant’s tone was normal, but Wei Xun noticed something slightly different. He felt that the devil merchant’s eyes fell on him more frequently.

What happened?

Wei Xun never let go of his intuition. He sent the red lanterns to the passengers, if any.

Wei Xun thought of the situation he encountered when he went to the rear cover yard to get the lanterns.

There are two old people living in the back cover yard. They have white hair and messy hair. They look poor with a broken quilt covering their legs. As soon as Wei Xun entered the house, the door opened. The old man smiled sadly and said in a strange and frightening tone that they still lacked a lantern skin.

But Wei Xun was not afraid at all. He put out several “real paper money” directly.

Except for the half life Taoist, only October 10 and Zhou Xiyang sent the real paper money, but they gave the real paper money to the five-star paper man and it fell into Wei Xun’s pocket.

After the passengers got off, Wei Xun secretly sent Xiaocui to search all the real paper money.

He saw that the two “old men” were very poor, so he tried to test them with money first. Sometimes there are dangers, but you are not prepared enough in advance.

This is only an extremely dangerous journey. There is a solution to any danger. Sure enough, after taking the money, the two old men changed their attitude and tried to ask Wei Xun if he had any other money.

Wei Xun gave all the ten coins to the two old people, and they happily gave him the lantern. Looking at Wei Xun, he looked very kind and gave him a slap in the face shadow donkey.

At the next moment, Wei Xun heard the prompt of travel management.

[you have got the shadow donkey, and your team leader’s assessment increases the tendency of ‘traditional donkey shadow puppet’ ((incomplete)]

[shadow play is an ancient traditional art among Chinese people. Old Beijingers call it “donkey shadow play” , this ancient art of shadow play has been handed down for thousands of years. After being made into shadow play, donkey skin has gradually gained aura in each performance because of people’s love and admiration. When the shadow play ends, it is also when it really gets spiritual, and it will become a human in the next reincarnation!]

[but some people use vicious means to peel off its soul when peeling! Let the shadow puppet endure the pain of peeling forever!]

[after selecting this tendency, you will complete a series of team leader assessment tasks in the scenic spots related to ‘performance’!]

[please determine your team leader’s assessment tendency before the second day of the journey, otherwise the examiner will randomly select it!]

[Note: the software you have obtained is incomplete, please collect it completely, otherwise you will not be able to choose the traditional donkey shadow play]

The giant shadow puppet appeared in the shadow of Wei Xun, smiled softly and firmly grasped his legs. By integrating thousands of paper souls, paper man and phoenix feathers, Wei Xun fled the back cover yard, but then sank.

He thought there would be other tendencies, but he didn’t expect to find one in the courtyard so soon.

According to experience, the other half of this tendency is very likely, and it is also in the quadrangle. When Wei Xun went to Zhou Xiyang later, he heard that meike’er was telling Zhou Xiyang that the people in the West had dug up something in the front yard.

The other half of the tendency may have been obtained by the devil merchant.

It seems that he guessed that the origin of thousands of paper products is not simple, and it is very likely that they are similar to the team leader.

Wei Xun thought it all out.

“Here you are.”

After the devil merchant explained, Wei Xun stood next to the devil merchant, handed him the Tianhu ball and said with a smile: “I don’t need it. Take it first.”

“Give it to me later.”

The devil businessman was stunned when he got the “ball” of Tianhu. Bai Weixun said, “what do you mean by ‘one minute’?” thinking of their agreement on “killing thousands of papers together”, the devil businessman looked complex and ridiculed.

Xiao Cui, you’ve been hiding from me. Are you still going to use me.

“This evening, I’m going to bring a thousand pieces of paper when I go to beat the drum.”

Wei Xun said faintly. Only he and the devil merchant could hear clearly: “the devil merchant, up to now, I won’t hide it from you.”

“You said before that you wanted to defeat me. You didn’t want to play this trick. To be honest, I think you’re naive.”

“But I never like to owe people. Since you are sincere to me, I will tell you the truth this time.”

“Qianjia paper is my team leader’s assessment tendency. This time I just want to see if it has a chance to win. If not, I’ll give up this tendency.”

Wei Xun chuckled: “yes, it’s dangerous. So I’ve been thinking about it. I feel that if you know so much about the soul, you’ll be more likely to survive.”

“But I told you.”

Wei Xun said smartly, “whether you help or not, it’s up to you.”

The devil merchant clenched the ball in his hand. He subconsciously looked up and saw MIA waiting for him not far away.

She told me!

The devil merchant’s mood is hard to imagine. He is happy. Some are very happy and even want to go back to refute MIA.

Xiaocui didn’t hide it. She told me about it!


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