TTG Chapter 164

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 164: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (9)

“Must do it tonight?”

He managed to suppress his inexplicable excitement. The devil merchant coughed softly as if he were talking to himself:

“It’s too dangerous. I can try to find out what I can… On the contrary, I can make a decision before tomorrow night. Don’t be in a hurry.”

Wei Xun understood what the devil merchant meant. He said “Guardian”!

You should know that in this journey, you can not only have a double guide, but also a guardian. Only contact the guardian after the early morning of the first day of the journey.

Even if you are on a step-by-step journey, you also want the tour guide to spend the first day by himself, so as to realize the significance of exercise.

What the devil merchant means is that the team leader’s assessment tendency choice does not need to be in a hurry for a while. It’s better to discuss with his own guardian first.

“I know.”

Wei Xun was unmoved and said faintly, “I don’t want to rely on others for everything, otherwise I won’t cooperate.”

“Cooperating with guardians, is it better for passengers from the Eastern District to cooperate?”

“Furthermore, if the guardian of the guard knows about…, she will continue to sit back and watch me cooperate, and let me kill and control me first?”

Wei Xun smiled jokingly: “my guardian is nothing more than dream chasers or puppet masters. They are all good-natured. After all, they will consider my opinions no matter how much I am in the open.”

“Down there… Gee.”

After secretly rubbing the devil merchant’s eye medicine, Wei Xun shook his head and took the lead in walking to the passengers, leaving only a figure of the devil merchant and a faint word:

“Maybe my chance to cooperate is only tonight.”

The original happy heart of the devil merchant disappeared in an instant. He understood the words “confrontation mission” deliberately omitted by Xiaocui. The devil businessman just wanted to say that he didn’t disclose it, but he didn’t say it.

Yes, Xiaocui is right. The guardian will guide them on the whole journey and the fight against the task will be exposed sooner or later – not to mention their live broadcast outside, maybe it will be exposed.

The devil merchant contacted with A5 little witch. Before he went on his journey, the little witch would also take the group of the Mexican festival of the dead, which had to be broadcast live. He asked a few questions curiously. The little witch casually said that any journey involving the end of the year celebration should be broadcast live, and it will be promoted in the world area.

If this is true, outsiders may know his confrontation mission with Xiaocui. If you think so… Yes, Xiaocui is right.

The devil merchant thought to himself that although he heard Xiaocui’s provocation, what she said was true. They may have another chance to cooperate tonight. According to the style of the black widow, after contacting in the early morning, she is afraid that she will directly ask the devil merchant to release the black widow poison spider and make Xiaocui into a spider puppet.

Even if you don’t kill Xiaocui, you should control her. In the East and west areas, you can only win and not lose. Now is a good time.

Since they will go to Zhi’s courtyard tomorrow, they will be overwhelmed by the danger of the scenic spots. There will be too many accidents at that time, so it’s hard to start.

For a moment, she was confused about the devil merchant. Xiaocui played it down, but she broke the illusion of harmony.

The devil merchant made up his mind and went to the passengers carrying red lanterns. They get together in twos and threes. People are looking at the length of the candles burned by the lanterns and estimating the time they can stay in the drum beating alley.

“I will go to Zhi’s courtyard tomorrow morning. This time, we should complete as many projects as possible.”

Zhou Xiyang was quite relaxed: “enjoy hutongs, taste snacks, take group photos, play hide and seek, pick up second chance nails..the projects are dangerous and difficult. Everyone is a veteran traveler, so I don’t need to say more.”

Everyone present was an old hand. For their class, almost all they could go were extremely dangerous journeys. Not to mention going once a month, we can get a trip at least once a quarter. Everyone has a lot of experience.

Even if the third level is extremely dangerous, Zhou Xiyang doesn’t panic at all. He only reminds him: “what we must pay attention to is the time. The brigade has repeatedly stressed that it is on time. This time, the stipulated time will return to Siheyuan before the red lantern goes out, and the return time should also be included in the transfer.”

“Understand, this kind of scenic spot project can’t help us.”

Half life Taoist Fu was very unpredictable. Lao Cheng patted Bai Xiaotian on the shoulder and said lightly: “Xiaotian, do you remember what I said to him before I came out?”

“Deputy regiment, you said that you have just trained a red stiff and want to practice your hand.”

In front of outsiders, Bai Xiaotian gave half life Taoist face.

“That’s right.”

Half life Taoist waved the dust, and a zombie with eight feet of body, red face, fangs and dry skin appeared in front of them.

“Did you refine this?”

Zhou Xiyang Qidao came forward to have a look and discussed with half life Taoist priest. He found that the zombie was refined on a hundred year old stiff with his and Yu Xiangyang’s flesh and blood. Under the control of half life Taoist priest, it was at least the top of super three stars, close to the strength of super four stars.

Even if it is not as good as Yu Xiangyang, the title of “zombie”, let alone passengers, it is enough to transfer on this journey.

Bai Xiaotian’s strength is low, but he is also an experienced passenger. He has not been promoted because of his poor title and bad luck. His experience is not good.

Zhou Xiyang breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Yun Lianghan again.

“Did you really give all your money to C250?!”

Yun Lianghan was crazy: “when it’s time to spend money, brother, take out the money quickly.”

“See? Director Cui smiled at me.”

Yuntianhe donkey’s lips are not right for the horse’s mouth, and his smiling face is happy. In the face of Yun Lianghan’s question, he didn’t understand: “this money originally belongs to Cuidao, but it doesn’t belong to me. How can you think that the money is still in my hand?”

“What’s more, don’t you want to buy items that don’t cost money?”

“But the project is absolutely dangerous!”

Yun Lianghan is about to Yue. Isn’t it clear that such scenic spots can experience the project with or without money, but the effect of “no money” experience is absolutely poor, that is to say, they will face more dangers.

Who are the people in this drum beating alley? All the ghosts they meet in a while!


Yun Tianhe became serious: “suffering makes us strong. Only by giving all our resources to the guide can we not be lucky and fight with our lives every time.”

“Only in this way can we become strong. Lianghan, don’t live up to Cuidao’s good intentions.”

Yun Lianghan was crazy at that time. Zhou Xiyang nodded secretly not far away.

Indeed, yuntianhe is so deeply influenced by the shepherd alliance that he can grow to this level after being squeezed all the way. His hard power is definitely stronger than the passengers who rely on buying props to support each journey.

The children of the poor are in charge early. Although yuntianhe is only a super three-star, I’m afraid its real strength has long been close to the super four-star.

Yun Lianghan stared at Yun Tianhe, and Zhou Xiyang could hardly rest assured. He and Meckel will stare at the werewolf on the west side on October 10.

“Director Cui, when we move freely later, please don’t get too close to us. It’s dangerous.”

After thinking about it, the passenger has nothing to worry about. Now he is worried about C250.

Zhou Xiyang gently advised: “the main attractions of the tour are to train passengers. When you visit the drum beating alley at night, I’m afraid the ghosts will be the same as us, or even more so.”

Super ghost, it’s very dangerous for C 250. Even if yu Hehui stole two super five-star paper men, it was also deterred by the Phoenix Fire. Who knows how many times Ann’s phoenix feathers can be used.

“But for tour guides, they don’t have to be too close to tourists in free activities.”

Zhou Xiyang’s meaning is clear! Stay away from the tourists. Don’t get too close to them. It will save you from being affected by ghosts. Just play by yourself.

“If you want to experience in the scenic spot, at least wait until after 0:00 tonight.”

If yu Hehui is escorting you before you, Zhou Xiyang doesn’t worry about Cui Dao very much.

But now that he knows that he is very likely to be the only guide who can connect with the safety team and the return journey, Zhou Xiyang is almost holding it in his hand. He is afraid of falling, including it in his mouth. He is afraid of melting, and he starts to lose his hair!

“OK, I’ll have a look at the edge of the alley.”

Wei Xun readily agreed. He’s thinking about the team leader’s assessment.

So far, he has got a tendency of one and a half team leaders’ assessment, which he got on the CMB and in the siheyuan respectively.

So… Does this drum beating alley also tend to assess the team leader?

But Wei Xun is not pursuing more now. He is thinking about a problem.

Wei Xun keenly noticed one thing, that is, the remarks on the assessment tendency of the two team leaders.

Remarks on the tendency of traditional funeral paper people,  [after selecting this tendency, you will complete a series of team leader assessment tasks in the scenic spots of  paper tie photo!]

The remarks of donkey shadow puppet are not enough [after selecting this tendency, you will complete a series of team leader assessment tasks in the scenic spots related to “performance”!]

There are four scenic spots in this trip, including Leigu alley, Zhijia courtyard, funeral palace in yangshou town and the tomb of Tianshou mountain. First, eliminate the drum alley, because the team leader’s assessment prompts, “select the assessment tendency before the next night”.

Visit Leigu Hutong. Tonight, they will go to Zhi’s courtyard tomorrow.

If the “Zhizha” scenic spot and the “performance” scenic spot are located in Zhijia courtyard, yangshou town funeral palace and Tianshou mountain mausoleum respectively, it should be that a team leader has not been found.

But no matter how many you find, a tour guide can only choose the same.

This involves the problem of difficulty before and after. The assessment tendency of devil businessmen should also be related to the scenic spots of “performance”.

There is no doubt that Qianjia paper is powerful. However, this only appeared after Wei Xun completely obtained the traditional funeral custom paper binding tendency.

However, the shadow puppet in the back yard appeared after he only obtained the incomplete tendency.

Which side is stronger? Which of their corresponding scenic spots is more forward and easier to pass?

Wei Xun is thinking about which one is more beneficial to him!

“OK, OK.”

Zhou Xiyang was relieved to see director Cui cooperate so well. Fortunately, director Cui is reliable. You know, even Yu Hehui is unreliable in his eyes. Zhou Xiyang guessed that the guardian of C 250 may be a dreamer. After zero, Cuidao will be much safer if he can guide the dreamer in the space.

Before this tour, don’t get involved in C250. If the two tour guides are together, they won’t be dangerous.


“Don’t get too close to the devil merchant.”

Zhou Xiyang suddenly woke up, looked on guard at the devil merchant coming here, and whispered, “the man behind him may be the black widow, the black widow. She is good at making people into spider puppets without saying a word.”

“Don’t get too close to the devil merchant. Be careful.”

Zhou Xiyang gave Wei Xun a round ruby, warm and light in the night, just like a sunset.

“In case of danger, come to me immediately.”

After that, he glanced at the devil merchant and made no secret of his voice. It was intended to warn!

Of course, the devil merchant heard it. His face remained unchanged, but his heart was somewhat unwilling to succumb.

Xiao Cui and Zhou Xiyang, why do they all think that he is the devil merchant, the thread puppet handed by the black widow, and a knife?

Yes, please ask the black widow to be the guardian. In order to rely on her experience and guidance to survive this journey.

But the devil merchant knows the purpose of his trip.

Whether he takes part in an extremely dangerous journey, becomes a double tour guide, or chooses to conduct a team leader assessment, his only purpose is to live, become stronger, and not be another string puppet!

No, in order to surrender to an organization!

Otherwise, he can’t come to the east side and meet Xiaocui alone without telling the werewolf alliance and black widow forces.

People are going to die, and they have entered the thriller global tour. Why can’t they have fun as they like?

Even if it can bring real benefits to the organization, camp and glory, if it involves the slightest loss of freedom, the devil businessman will run away with inner resistance in the first reaction.

After all, glory and fame have to pay a price. He has been attacked and killed by major brigades in the West since he boarded the guide star list. He has been forced to become a werewolf by the werewolf alliance. He has been hinted by the black widow force to be loyal to the black widow and become a spider puppet in her hands.

The law of the jungle is more incisively and vividly reflected in the tour guide circles in the western district. Of course, if the devil merchant is not so excellent, he will not attract so many solicitations.

Maybe others will think it’s glorious and get used to it, but the devil merchant’s bones still have a rebellious spirit. He won’t give in until he’s really at the end of his rope.

In this confrontation mission, the devil merchant pays more attention to the extremely dangerous journey itself and the team leader’s assessment itself.

If he can pass the trip and the team leader’s assessment, he and C 250 will become gold tour guides, and their strength will definitely increase significantly.

Because of the confrontation mission, Xiaocui can be said to be a good partner.

[princess’s Thoughts: Princess Aurel always misses King Zhang Xiong. Every two hours, you will get the real-time location of the king!]

[King Zhang Xiong’s guilt: the king will not hurt you and cannot attack you]

That’s all, the devil merchant doesn’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back by her!

Xiaocui is afraid that there is a similar impact effect, so she has been testing his attitude, the possibility of cooperation and absolute hostility.

There are no absolute enemies and friends in the world, only absolute interests.

And Xiaocui got the assessment tendency of paper man, which doesn’t conflict with his peeling first.

Xiaocui can use his power to test the paper man. Why can’t the devil merchant use her power to deal with the skinning first?

The black widow, even if she is a guardian, can only do it once from beginning to end. All the others are given oral analysis and guidance. How can you compare with Xiaocui’s proximity?

Everything is for profit.

“Let’s go.”

The devil merchant looked motionless and took the brigade out of the quadrangle. After calling the names and emphasizing once again that they must return to the courtyard before the red lanterns go out, the veteran passengers are dissolved and move freely. Xiaocui didn’t follow the passengers, and neither did he.

They walked to the entrance of the alley together.

[what’s the matter? What’s the matter? No, no, it’s going to be a showdown!]

[Zhou Xiyang, come on! The devil businessman wants to do something!]

The audience in the East District who saw this scene on the live broadcast were worried. The audience in the west district were excited. They shouted loudly and asked the devil businessman to kick the Oriental boy’s ass to see who was really strong!

“Don’t worry.”

When he came to the entrance of the alley, the devil merchant said faintly, “no one can control me, and no one can deter me.”

He raised his eyes and looked at the audience outside the screen through the dark night sky.

The devil merchant knows that the black widow’s men, even herself, may be watching the live broadcast.

Those big guys in the East should also be watching.

“All I want is to become stronger, take control of my destiny, and live with dignity in the thriller brigade.”

“It can be discussed, but no one wants to command me or control me. Don’t make me anxious.”

The devil merchant smiled low, his laughter was wanton, his tone was rebellious and meaningful:

“From my ancestors… I’m also of Oriental descent.”

If you push me, I can join the east side.

He rubbed the sky fox ball in his hand and felt Xiaocui’s surprised eyes. He just felt unspeakable pleasure.

“Come on.”

The devil merchant threw the ball of Tianhu to Xiaocui.

“Now summon thousands of papers?”



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