TTG Chapter 165

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 165: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (10)

When the devil businessman said, “I have Oriental ancestry”, the whole live studio was completely fried. The audience in the west side scolded the devil businessman as shit and a traitor to the West who worships the East and flatters the foreign. It’s better to go to the East and be a dog. One party scolded the tour guide alliance of the Western brigade team and said that the independence and adjudication had forced the devil businessman into a monster.

Another party was surrounded by devil businessmen and felt that the pursuit of freedom, dignity and dignity were really cool. The audience in Fangxi District kept arguing, and the audience in the East District turned into a monkey show. Others fanned the flames and said that they welcomed the devil businessman to the east side as a redundant son-in-law.

For a time, the live broadcasting room was filled with a happy atmosphere, but the people of major brigades and major tour guide alliance were not happy. They looked at Wei Xun and the devil businessman discussing the team leader’s assessment task, with an unspeakable expression on their faces.

“Double tour guides, guardians, confrontation tasks in the East and west areas, team leader assessment, and two tour guides assessment together…   where’s the mom stack buff?!”

Grass is a cursive word in the hearts of big men.

“Not yet. I didn’t go in.”

Shepherd alliance, Pinocchio youyou road.

“I’m not worried if Yun Lianghan can kill C250.”

Butcher alliance, yin and Yang butterflies are indifferent.

“I think the passengers in the team were killed by both of them.”

“Guy, it’s only the first day of the journey. Let’s make a complete mess!”

The dream chaser’s team leader is stationed. The dream chaser and Zhang xingzang watch the live broadcast together. When he thought he was dead, Zhang xingzang gave all his points and props to the dreamer. Now see “I’m as poor as a rag, I can live in peace of mind” and “I’m living a soft meal at the brigade station of the dreamer.

Although the dreamer wears a mask and doesn’t show his face, Zhang xingzang’s old partner can still feel the dreamer’s complex and speechless mood. Deliberately ask:

“Hey, chasing dreams, how can all the people survive this journey?”

“As long as C 250 and the devil merchant don’t die, all the staff can survive.”

The dreamer was silent for a long time and slowly said, “did I think so before?”

As long as C 250 and the devil merchant do not die, the brigade can maintain apparent harmony. If one side dies, it will completely fall into scuffle and never die. Those who hide their strength will take action, and the situation will no longer be contained.

“I thought the journey should be a game between me and the black widow.”

Zhang xingzang smiled and joked: “now see” no, no? ”

“I’m arrogant.”

Dreamer youyou road.

Before, I didn’t pay attention to the extremely dangerous journey, and I didn’t think it would pose any threat to some experienced travelers who have experienced great storms. I think the most dangerous ones should be C250 and devil businessmen whose strength is far lower than that of the journey.

Now, see “dream chaser”.

♪ I don’t even think I’m aware of the danger of C 250 and the devil merchant. See all kinds of intriguing passengers who are wary of each other. They are in even more danger!

“In more than an hour, you can contact C250 to wipe your ass.”

Seeing the dignified tone of the dreamer, Zhang xingzang began to comfort him:

“It doesn’t matter what happens in an hour. What’s more, Yu Hehui is staring at it.”

“And C250 knows it well. Look at how many people pull on the back. Ah, they directly deceive the devil businessman in the West.”

“I’m now looking for more information, thinking and morality.”

Before, Zhang xingzang and dream chasers were engaged in the hope project. At a glance, they saw that the devil merchant’s attitude towards C250 was not very right.

See the moral lesson of thinking in the Mutual Aid Association. C250 definitely has corresponding means. Zhang xingzang is interested in coming. He is also interested in adding the points allocated by the dreamer to the Mutual Aid Association. Krypton is a member of the Council, which is called to contribute to C250. In fact, I’m curious about the ideological and moral course. I’ll see what C250 plans to do.

Now see “Zhang xingzang feels more strange”.

“There’s something about the fox ball that day.”

Clay figurine Zhang hehe said with a smile, “Yu Hehui has also learned bad things and helped him do it.”

“So, don’t worry. Is there a place where Yu Hehui can’t hold on?”

“You’re right.”

The dreamer finally relaxed a little: “it’s me.”

There was a little smile in his voice. He didn’t mean it. He thought, “well… I know. I always like to go in the worst direction.”

Ten years’ practice of pursuing dreams, see “suffering, accounts receivable, pressure”.

Before Mingming, the person who pursues dreams is the most active and always full of hope. Now, however, it has become much lower and more negative.

However, it’s also important to follow the dream. See “come back” and “relax”. When they are alone, they occasionally show a real, low and gloomy mood.

If you don’t completely hide it and carry everything yourself, it’s not enough.

Zhang xingzang was a little distressed, but he didn’t show it on his face. Instead, he showed a big smile. He roughly hugged the dreamer’s shoulder and hugged him: “come on, do spiritual relief and let him infect my enthusiasm… Hiss.”

Zhang xingzang frowned: “an Xuefeng and C 250 are two guys, so I can’t look directly at the relief word.”

“Yes, an Xuefeng can also make moves when pressing the  key.”

When it comes to relieving the dreamer, he comes to the “bed companion” mentioned by C 250. His expression is also a little wrong. See “there is a mask to cover it. The dreamer’s tone remains unchanged and puts the topic on the right track.

“If you choose the team leader assessment, an Xuefeng may be able to do it. After all, there is a ‘examiner’ in the team leader assessment.”

“It’s also a step-by-step journey and a confrontation task. It’s reasonable for the examiner to correspond to the first person in each district. In addition, it’s said that Bing 250 and an Xuefeng are deeply bound.”

“ if you rank first, you are a tour guide.”

Zhang xingzang also teased the Dreamer: “isn’t the C 250 and the life playing people deeply bound? Maybe you’ll be the examiner… Alas, don’t be depressed! I’m just talking nonsense -”

The dreamer suddenly became gloomy again, and youyou said, “I think what you said is very reasonable, and the possibility is really great -”

“Not big, absolutely not.”

Zhang xingzang was resolute and took hold of the dreamer’s cloak: “don’t worry, come to relieve yourself. They are not dolls, they are all old hands. Passengers will take care of themselves.”

“It’s only been more than an hour. If you don’t look, no one will die.”

* *

“Are you crazy? Are you trying to die?”

During the funeral palace trip in the suburbs of Beijing, the devil businessman’s previous chic and wanton was completely gone. He stared at Wei Xun strangely and couldn’t believe his ears.

“Do you think we can try to find out the real strength of Qianjia paper just by the two of us?”

Wei Xun asked.

“Of course –”

Of course not.

“What is it? The team leader’s assessment tendency is determined. See the corresponding scenic spots for assessment.”

The devil businessman told Wei Xun the assessment information he knew, trying to eliminate the dangerous method: “it’s not that we simply fight with monsters. The assessment is about our comprehensive team leadership ability, communication ability with NPC, etc. at that time, there will be the help of tourists, even the help of the scenic spot itself.”

It’s not hard!

For example, the assessment of Mr. Skinner, the devil businessman, is more likely to lead the brigade to find those escaped skins, or meet Mr. Skinner’s wishes and eliminate his grievances through special ways, such as “performance in front of the emperor”, so as to pass the assessment of the team leader.

Definitely not with Mr. Skinner. Fight!

“Do you understand?”

The devil merchant tried to change Wei Xun’s method: “moreover, I said that the scheme of” is not tenable. Well, I didn’t find the tendency of team leader assessment at all. ”

Speaking of the devil, the merchant is the devil. Just now, I asked Xiaocui, “now see summoning thousands of papers.”, In fact, there are black widows and werewolves who have just called in the air. See ♪.

As a result, when Xiaocui said in high spirits, “call a young man, and if you don’t call the monster who is in charge of the team assessment, you’ll also come.” the devil merchant was stunned on the spot and didn’t have time to deny it immediately.

She was cheated out by Xiaocui and got the team leader’s assessment tendency.

“Do you think it won’t kill you?”

Wei Xun glanced at the devil merchant and asked, “if thousands of papers can kill me, you must be sure that the monster won’t do it?”

Wei Xun passed the team leader’s assessment for the first time by virtue of the devil merchant, Huyou!

“That’s what annoys thousands of people.”

The devil merchant was speechless, but he couldn’t help but remember the scene when Mr. Skinner raised the bloody iron hook and fell from the top of a year.

Can’t some monsters do it?

A: I checked the team leader’s assessment materials and said that, but everyone’s situation is different.

The devil merchant has received the system prompt [you offend thousands of papers and get the hostility of thousands of papers!]. Obviously, those terrorist monsters can also think and have normal emotions. See.

They won’t do it directly to the guide? No, they will. Xiaocui was attacked by thousands of papers before.

Will Mr. Skinner do it to you?

The devil merchant could not help becoming suspicious.

“, anyway, I think is an opportunity.”

Wei Xun looks out into the depths of the drum beating alley, where the passengers can see. The night is very dark. I can’t see the figure of people. I can only see the bright and dark lights of the group.

It’s the light of the lantern.

However, it can be found that there are far more than ten light spots.

Not only the light of lanterns, but also… I don’t know what gives off a faint light.

At night, the drum beating alley began to be “lively”.

“When the tour guide is the team leader, he can only choose that way.  because they can’t fight the terrible monster at all.”

“So we can only give them the choice and use ‘monsters won’t kill me’. The team leader’s assessment considers that the comprehensive quality of the tour guide comes from me.”

Wei Xun said: “do you know how high the mortality rate and failure rate of the tour guide leader’s assessment are?”

… the devil merchant didn’t know what he had said, but he didn’t say it at the end.

Wei Xun didn’t know that “a” directly meant “a deep smile” and omitted to mention:

“But we are different from their tour guides.”

The double tour guides, who have received the assessment tendency of team leaders, can attract monsters at the same time.

“When the monster comes, it is more likely to kill us first.”

The devil merchant retorted, “can you guarantee that they will kill each other?”

“I can guarantee that the monster and we will not have the same ‘dimension’ for the time being without confirming the assessment tendency.”

Wei Xun said: “they can mentally pollute us, but they can’t attack directly. They are limited by rules.”

“But the monsters themselves are very likely to attack each other in the same ‘dimension’.”

Wei Xun chuckled: “in fact, I said” kill thousands of families “before, but I just” stop “. But I also found that” team leader assessment tendency “when I know” team leader… I think “team leader” may succeed. ”

“Look, if they kill each other and weaken each other, there is absolutely only advantage for us.”

“Even if they don’t kill each other, there is a great possibility that they will contain each other. One mountain can’t tolerate two tigers. I also understand the meaning of this sentence.”

“The worst possibility is that we can lose San together. Anyway, we haven’t determined the assessment tendency, and they can’t kill us. And we also have more opportunities to observe them.”


The devil merchant was a little moved, but he was a little tangled.

Yes Real Yes Adventure! It’s an extremely dangerous journey. Can you play around?

“The guardian will supervise me in the early morning of this morning, and we will go to Zhi’s courtyard tomorrow morning. We must confirm the team leader’s tendency tomorrow night. Tonight is the best opportunity.”

Wei Xun said no more, only a little: “go yourself.”

He turned his back and walked towards the entrance of the alley. Nian didn’t return and said faintly, “I hope what you just said is true.”

Become stronger, control your own destiny, live with dignity in the Thriller Hostel.

Only the dignity earned by oneself can be looked down upon by others.

Instilling a lot of anxiety into the devil merchant, Wei Xun and Yu Hehui went to the entrance of the drum beating alley.

“The child I saw before ran through it.”

Wei Xun looked out and it was dark everywhere.

“I didn’t find anything different when I came to the house”

Yu Hehui shook his head for years and communicated with Wei Xun with his heart: “I told Zhou Xiyang that if you are the spirit of the city, it is difficult for us to find it if you don’t want to appear.”

“However, the rate of taking the initiative to find passengers will be very high, and Zhou Xiyang will pay special attention.”

* *

The drum beating hutong is neither wide nor wide, but the passengers see “gradually dispersing in the dark”.

“Alas, it’s a pity that we don’t have money.”

Half life Taoist walked with Bai Xiaotian, a kind of scenic spot project involving supernatural things. Even holding hands is possible. See walking apart in the dark. The most terrible thing is holding hands for a while, but when I returned, I found that it was not my teammates but ghosts.

But half-life Taoist has his own way. Let Hong Jiang go. See between you and Bai Xiaotian, one person holds Hong Jiang’s hand. Zombies don’t live or die, and they won’t be affected by ghost and Yin, so their peers will not separate.

Half-life Taoist rambled that they passed all the way through various shops selling snacks, taking photos and renting rickshaws, but they didn’t stop. Half-life Taoist had a clear goal and walked fast until they found a paper binding shop.

The ‘boss’ at the door of the store was pale, with sleeves and didn’t even give them a face. Obviously, he was too lazy to look at the poor.

Half life Taoist stood at the door a little and looked at him. The boss floated up and glared at them. For a moment, the boss turned gray and two tears of blood flowed down his eyes. His neck seemed to have been broken by strange forces. At the moment, he stretched like a rubber band, circled around the boss and stared at them miserably.

When you see, the candles in the lantern burn violently, and the bright lantern stimulates the boss. The boss suddenly shrunk to him, and the blood flow in his eyes became more turbulent. He looked at the half life Taoist’s eyes with resentment and fear.

“Hiss, the lantern, even the ghost of the super star can frighten?”

Half life Taoist was very surprised. He looked at the red lantern carefully and took a breath of air conditioning: “that Cuidao… Won’t buy all the money for the lantern!”

There is no shopping shop in the extremely dangerous journey, so it is impossible to simply get the task items with points.  this tour guide plays a greater role.

Excellent and powerful tour guides can collect necessary materials in advance. Please refer to “change to” for passengers when receiving task props. Of course, if it is a team of tour guides and tourists who unite as one, the tourists have no selfishness in collecting important items and hand them over to the tour guide.

There are not many passengers who can reach the super class. Almost all the circle are acquaintances. Even the patchwork team has a certain tacit understanding. Just like the paper money on the second China bus, if there were no one from the west side, they would cooperate to force the super five-star paper man back and get off with the paper money.

As for whether the paper money is handed over to the tour guide in exchange for the items of the whole team, everyone has it, but it is thin, or only half of it, just enough to change the basic task props, or all of it… It depends on the passengers’ system, the ability of the Tour team, and the skill of the tour guide.

So when Wei Xun sent Yu Hehui to the minibus to search for paper money, Zhou Xiyang half life Taoist didn’t say anything about what he knew, and even covered for a / R.

However, according to the half life Taoist priest, it is also a matter of utmost benevolence and righteousness to hand over half of the paper money to the basic task props. Compared with the experienced passengers who are resistant to exercise, C250 needs more paper money to protect themselves. Maybe they can buy it in case of danger.

“The lantern can burn for four hours.”

“No wonder Zhou Xiyang said that C 250 is reliable.”

The half-life Taoist sighed a little: “when you get up, you are a dream chaser like tour guide again.”

Feeling for a while, the shopkeeper became more and more vicious and ugly, but the half-life Taoist was not in a hurry. Smiling, he took out a small radio from his sleeve and pressed on. The pure and sweet Taoist music sounded, and even the darkness in this place seemed to be dispelled.

The shopkeeper immediately stared at the radio in the hands of the half-life Taoist without moving his eyes.

Not only the shop owner, but also the paper man, paper horse, Jinshan Baoshan and Yuanbao paper money in Zhizha shop – all opened their eyes, greedily and covetously stared at the radio and listened to Daole.

When the half life Taoist turned off the radio, the whole paper bar shop almost rioted. However, when I saw the picture, the blood that had been silent roared forward, and the red hair sent out unbearable heat.

Whether paper people or ghosts full of Yin, they are most afraid of Yang and fire.

The paper objects in the paper bar shop no longer changed, and the shop owner changed back to his original shape. His face was ugly, and then he put up his sleeves. He is still greedy and eager to try, but he is afraid of red lanterns and red stiffness.

“How much…”

The most important thing is the quiet opening.

 when the half life Taoist doesn’t speak  Bai Xiaotian steps forward and throws out a small paper man. The paper man landed and became a handsome man who seemed to come out of animation.

“is the Taoist music sung by the river turtle, which can wash all the sadness in the soul.”

The handsome man of the paper man began to haggle with the shopkeeper.

The most half life Taoist used a radio to exchange things for a year’s paper cow, a paper horse and a pair of golden children and girls in the paper bar store.

The shopkeeper who lost money in bargaining looked at Bai Xiaotian fiercely and pulled the radio with him. At the next moment, the whole Zhizha shop disappeared directly from the Leigu alley.

It is impossible for passengers to buy anything from the paper bar store.


Half life Taoist quickly put away some paper ties, made a face at the wolves in the West who had just arrived and were seeing the disappearance of the paper ties shop, followed him with lanterns and disappeared with Bai Xiaotian. See in the dark.

“Xiao Tian, why is this life paper man still an animation character?”

When he got rid of the wolves, the half life Taoist slowed down and stared at the paper man on Bai Xiaotian’s shoulder.

“I feel like I was an anime character the year before last. At most, I changed from two years to seven years? But there was no substantive change!”

Mao Xiaole has a special way of raising paper people. The paper people raised by Mao Xiaole correspond to the paper people in different ages.

The paper people raised by these methods are naturally supported by countless people’s cognition, which is almost spiritual. For example, Mao Xiaole’s mastery of paper is superb. A’s original life paper man is the paper man in the eyes of the “older generation”. It can be called a supernatural monster, mysterious and powerful. It can be called the king of paper bar!

But the paper man raised by Bai Xiaotian is not a beginner. See the beginning level, which corresponds to the paper man in the eyes of “young people”.

Commonly known as paper man.

Bai Xiaotian’s paper man is a bully and is good at bargaining.

“Deputy regiment, why do you buy some paper ties?”

Bai Xiaotian just handed over a message to the Taoist priest. When he had a chance to express himself, half life Taoist priest immediately diverted his attention.

“Cough, I don’t understand it.”

Half life Taoist praised Bai Xiaotian and coughed. I know there must be a lot of visitors outside. See, especially the Laoshan tour group. This trip is not dangerous for you. It can be regarded as a rare field trip.

It is also rare to learn with extremely dangerous journey.

“First of all, from the attack on the minibus, we know that the elements of this journey are definitely paper.”

Half life said humanity: “the brief description of the journey focuses on ‘mother Zhi’s funeral’ and Zhitong paper. Next, the scenic spots in Zhijia courtyard will definitely involve paper people. The dangerous scenic spots will start from Zhijia courtyard. The night tour of Leigu hutong is an opportunity to accumulate materials and information clues.”

“This is an extremely dangerous journey. There are many opportunities. The siheyuan was explored once on the minibus. Now see” once “. The discovery of the siheyuan is not mentioned for the time being. Since the second scenic spot involves paper people, the most important thing to visit the drum beating alley at night is to find a paper bar.”

“It’s also very important to buy anything. Men burn horses and women burn cattle. They are all exquisite.”

Half life Taoist will explain it a little.

Men burn horses when they die. In the past, it was said that men die. They were officials in the underworld. The rules in the underworld were strict. People who were late were severely punished. They rode quickly.

Female dead burned cattle. It said that there was a blood pool in the underworld. When people died, they could only be reincarnated after drinking the sewage produced in the sun. In ancient times, women worked hard all their life, washing and cooking, and used more water. Cattle can help women drink dirty water and avoid the punishment of blood pool.

“Of course, modern times are not popular, and all the above are feudal omissions. But the journey introduction says that mother Zhi should burn paper cattle for funeral according to the past rules… But why do I still buy paper horses?”

Half life Taoist is quite happy. See “Xiao Tian, why?”

“If mother-in-law Zhi is a paper man, she undergoes a funeral in the form of a person, so she can become a person.”

Bai Xiaotian also cooperated: “paper people are rare in the world. It’s more difficult to get sealed than ghosts. Although paper people carry a single character, they are easy to decay and extremely fragile, and they are destined to be perfect only after they are burned by fire. And paper is most afraid of fire. Therefore, it’s easy to be spiritual, but it’s difficult for adults.”

“If she’s an adult, she can’t have a little sin on her body. But the paper cow helps people drink dirty water in the underworld and get away with punishment.”

If there will be punishment, it means the crime of sexual intercourse. Push it backwards, because there is no small sin, so you can’t burn paper cattle.

“The paper man has no gender and depends entirely on the shape cut by people. She has a funeral as a man, killed a man to absorb Yang, and reshaped her body.”

Bai Xiaotian said, “but it’s a crime to kill people, so grandma Zhi will design us to kill each other, and she will let her ghost paper man kill us. Buying paper to tie the golden boy is to let her go the way of reshaping her body.”

“But at the same time, her transformation from a woman to a man will definitely cause ghost trouble. Therefore, she has a double, and the paper tied jade girl is a double.”

“If you reshape your body and replace your identity successfully, then the paper horse will be burned to mother Zhi, and the paper cow will be burned to the double’s paper tie jade girl.”

“Good, good, good analysis. I have the style of dividing the way home.”

Half life Taoist Shuang, go on. For the students, the night tour of Leigu alley is just an appetizer, which is really not difficult.

But don’t look at what happened just now. It’s so easy! The owner of the paper bar shop is a ghost of the super star, and all kinds of paper bars are super monsters. It’s normal. If the super class one or two-star passengers come, they may have to suffer for years.

“Eh, why didn’t Zhou Xiyang guard C250?”

Half life Taoist priest and Bai Xiaotian continued to visit the alley at night. I saw Zhou Xiyang’s shadow with my sharp eyes.

Zhou Xiyang was blindfolded and seemed to be looking for something. But on his back, there are eight gray and black kids lying quietly.

Zhou Xiyang looked for it everywhere, but the kids were silent. They stuck to Zhou Xiyang’s back like a pyramid. In any case, they couldn’t find it. After a while, the kids played with Zhou Xiyang, made a movement and silence, let a lie on the ground, and let a hit the wall, laughing viciously and silently.

Seeing the rare scene of Zhou Xiyang’s embarrassment, the half life Taoist covered his mouth and had no exit reminder. I didn’t see any tension, so I stood next to Bai Xiaotian and looked up.

Finally, the kids seemed to be tired of playing tricks. The most important thing was that a kid quietly floated out of the sewer and flew to Zhou Xiyang –  the nine kids gathered together. I’m afraid they were one, greedy and swallowed it!

“Find them.”

But the next moment, Zhou Xiyang smiled. In the electro-optic flint room, he held his collar in one hand and took off his T-shirt in one hand. With a shake of his wrist, he wrapped all the kids hanging on his back. The other hand is like an eye, firmly grasp the kid who just floated over!

“Hide and seek, I win.”

For details, please refer to “wipe off the blindfold cloth”. Carrying the squeaking, crying and Howling kids, Zhou Xiyang backhanded touched out a big white rabbit milk candy and crisp candy. Eat the sugar by yourself and burn the sweet sugar paper to the kids.

After a while, the nine kids had sugar in their hands, and they were all coaxed. They whispered to Zhou Xiyang one by one and disappeared with laughter. See the dark alley.

“They came very quickly.”

Zhou Xiyang put on his T-shirt and looked at the half life Taoists.

“For the journey, please refer to the eight armed Nezha city. Nezha may be the help or enemy of our journey. Please inquire about the news in advance.”

“It’s said that Liu Bowen and Yao Guangxiao were very distressed when they received the imperial order to design the city and suppress the evil dragon. One night, they also dreamed of a child in red before they had the design of the eight armed Nezha city. When they got the information, they started with a child and let me know whether it was a child’s Nezha or not Less news. ”

Zhou Xiyang said to himself. Obviously, like half life Taoist, he also took the opportunity of this journey to give field analysis classes to the people of the sunset brigade.

“In hide and seek, I choose to be a ‘ghost’. First, I want to be a person for the kids, and they will be happier. Second, I find all the kids, and if they lose, I can get nine pieces of information. If I am a person, even if the hidden kid wins, only the kid who is a ghost can get one piece of information.”

“Of course, don’t play with those with poor strength.”

Of course, there must be more than two brigades in the live studio. But it doesn’t take much trouble to talk about it. Maybe it can attract more people to join the sunset brigade and Laoshan brigade.

After that, Zhou Xiyang greeted the half life Taoist.

“Isn’t Meckel with me?”

Half life Taoist Qi: “where’s the man?”

“Pick up the doornail.”

Speaking of Cao Cao, when Cao Cao arrived, he saw a silver white cat running over with a red lantern in his mouth. When he ran to the children, put down the lanterns and began to meow and scold.

“Meow, what’s the name of picking up door nails? It’s a kneeling nail board! It almost killed me… Cough, it’s simple for me.”

Meckel also kept his image before the live broadcast: “why do you pick up the door nails? You don’t understand it. The palace gate of eight armed Nezha City pays attention to ‘nine vertical and nine horizontal’, and there are 9981 door nails on each door. It is the number of Zhengyang, which shows the majesty of the royal family.”

“Only the Donghua gate has a total of 72 nails, nine horizontal and eight vertical. The odd number is Yang and the even number is Yin. Donghua gate can be called a ‘ghost gate’.”

“Grandma Zhi is not a normal person. She can only go through the ghost gate when she goes to the funeral. But it is not allowed by the Yin difference to let the paper man go to the funeral in a human situation and go out of the city. The seven masters and eight masters are guarded on the door of the quadrangle where we live. Black and white are impermanent, and it is very likely to come out to stop us at that time.”

As the deputy regiment of the crimson brigade, meike’er stripped her cocoon and analyzed and meow: “no, I don’t think the guide in the journey is a person. Grandma Zhi let the Hengdian brigade die before. She is a selfish and bad thing. At that time, she is likely to leave us and let us use it as bait to delay the negative difference and go to the funeral quickly. In order to prevent her from backwater, the doornail is very heavy.”

From a cat to a man, he has nine shiny door nails on his hands.

“Press the doornail on the ghost door, and it will become the Yang door. If mother Zhi can’t get out of the funeral, she must rely on us. It’s impossible to leave us and run away alone. Of course, if mother Zhi is obedient and willing to cooperate, she can also be used to stop ghosts.”

Meckel smiled cunningly, revealing sharp tiger teeth.

Everyone looked at each other and laughed.



[mother asked me why I knelt to watch the live broadcast!]

[is it my illusion? Mingzhi’s compound hasn’t been there yet. How do I feel that we have arranged all the arrangements for mother-in-law Zhi??]

[ valuable  live broadcast! I’ll buy it  see!]

[there is a saying that some big men may be a little weak at the same level. When they encounter the battle of knife, gun and gun, they are a little strayed, but they have no experience and ideas. Like a journey involving folk customs, it is most suitable for them to play]

[cough up, just tell the half life Taoist directly]

[sobbing is a feast for the eyes. Is it a journey? Is it extremely dangerous!]

[the lanterns bought by Cuidao are also powerful! Yuntianhe specially said that they are the red lanterns with the highest quality! Cuidao’s lanterns are poor, and they won’t be so easy]

“I can still see the cooperation between you without you.”

The dreamer’s residence, Zhang xingzang sighed.

Sunset, crimson, metaphysics, the grand brigade in front of the eastern district. Both the regiment and the deputy regiment have experienced a hundred journeys.

“Before she went to Zhi’s courtyard, she arranged all the funeral for her mother-in-law Zhi.”

Yes, I understand. From the fact that they still have time to explain, we can see that even if the journey is adjusted, the extremely dangerous journey is no longer for them.

“Of course, it’s also the lantern bought by C 250 for the people. The burning time is too long. Otherwise, some guys won’t have time to chat.”

Zhang xingzang said with a smile: “don’t worry about it. C250 and Zhou Xiyang’s accounts are also reliable.”

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt this year.”

The dreamer didn’t mean to laugh. He was a little flustered just now, like an ominous sign. He hurriedly disconnected and relieved by Zhang xingzang, and hurried out to see.

Zhang xingzang may feel pain for years if he is in a hurry and rude manner.

“It’s okay, I don’t hurt.  it’s okay.”

Zhang xingzang and the dreamers watched the live broadcast of the meeting and watched Zhou Xiyang’s another project. Suddenly something happened. Zhang xingzang looked at his watch: “at 10:30, the night tour of drum beating alley is coming to an end. Can you contact C250 soon and go to sleep?”


Dream chasers yawn, the title of “a” and dream have “a”, and the most important thing is to keep enough sleep every day.  for many years, you can’t sleep well at night. Now see the clay figurine Zhang finally returns, and the dreamer can sleep.

Of course, the dreamer didn’t intend to sleep, so he was a little worried. But now see the performance of Zhou Xiyang’s dreamers. People who pursue dreams are completely relieved.

Before leaving, you should look at the live broadcast room. It’s a glance that makes the dreamer stop.

“How did Cui Dao and the devil merchant get together again?”

“Let’s talk quietly.”

Zhang xingzang took a casual look: “it’s normal for young people to like to whisper.”

But the dreamer felt something was wrong. He perfunctorily responded to Zhang xingzang’s urging and stayed to see where he was.

However, the dreamer saw that Wei Xun was happy to pat him on the shoulder. The devil merchant had no choice but to shake his hands for years. He was most likely to compromise. He took out a skinning knife.

Wei Xun took out the super five-star paper man with thousands of paper souls, took out the phoenix feather and lit the fire. The devil merchant pierced the palm with a skinning knife,

The two got together.

Next moment——

Throughout the funeral palace live studio in the suburbs of Beijing, the split screens of all tour guides and tourists suddenly disappeared.


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