TTG Chapter 166

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 166: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (11)

Before Wei Xun and the devil merchant started to make trouble, the notes of “harmony” appeared in the group of tourists visiting Leigu Hutong.

Yun Lianghan “disappeared.”.

“I sent you a message 45 minutes ago.”

Zhou Xiyang and Mei Ke’er said goodbye to the half life Taoist. After they said goodbye, they continued to experience the project and collect clues and props. When it was almost half past ten, Zhou Xiyang suddenly withdrew. He took Mei Ke’er straight ahead until he found yuntianhe, who was passed on to the ghost alone, at a “Overpass divination” stall.

Listening to his kind and merciful words like “believe in shepherds and live forever”, Meckel shook her beard silently. But Zhou Xiyang was beside yuntianhe.

There is no cloud Lianghan.

“Separate actions are more efficient, Liang Han said.”

Yuntianhe smiled and shook his mobile phone. His eyes were strange: “I thought you would go to him after you received the news.”

“Always give them time to discuss and hesitate.”

Zhou Xiyang said casually, “what’s more, I’m sure he’ll come back to you. There’s no doubt about the crime. Give me another chance.”

Before he set out, he went to yuntianhe. After negotiation and exchange, yuntianhe promised to send a letter to Zhou Xiyang immediately when yunlianghan left him.

Price  this journey  as long as there is no change in yuntianhe, Zhou Xiyang and others can fight him without reason, and can prevent him from approaching c-50.

“The night tour to beat drums and Hutong was too easy. Sure enough, it made some people think crooked again.”

Zhou Xiyang hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled coldly.

“It’s all about zero.”

Mei Ke’er meow said: “the guardian is in place. It’s difficult to start with guide Cui again. There are Yu Hehui and guide Cui. Yun Lianghan was almost killed by Yu Hehui before. I think he should be more careful.”

“It should be   there was a change at the werewolf side of the west side, so I caught fish in troubled waters. I’m sure I’ll follow.”

Zhou Xiyang glanced at meike’er and opened his hand. In his hand was a little wolf made of hair.

The news came on October 10.

The three werewolves gathered and were intercepted by her at the entrance of the drum beating alley.

Zhou Xiyang immediately closed his eyes and felt a little.

Previously, Zhou Xiyang left a pinch of special sunflower pollen on Yun Lianghan. Later, he gave Wei Xun a sunset warm stone.

The sunset warm stone and the special sunflower are cultivated by Zhou Xiyang. The sunflower and sunflower pollen also have the same characteristics. Zhou Xiyang could tell from the state of pollen that Yun Lianghan was secretly close to c-50.

Only once, because Yun Lianghan is likely to find sunflower pollen. After all, he prefers shadows and is more sensitive to things that turn to light.

He sensed that Yun Lianghan touched the vicinity of C  50.

Yun Lianghan and the three werewolves have already lurked behind C  50.

Now the tour guide and tourists are separated from each other. Zhou Xiyang is afraid that if they get close to the tour guide, they will lead the ghost to them, so they are not near c-50.

“It’s all together, OK.”

Zhou Xiyang nodded slightly and moved his wrist: “I should also clean up the safety factors of the brigade.”

“Hey, hey, you’re fishing on purpose.”

Mei Ke’er meowed, “I’m afraid I’ll lose Cui?”

“He will have problems.”

Zhou Xiyang took out a red cap and put it on his head. The hat was embroidered with the words “funeral palace Tour team in the suburbs of Beijing” and “brigade leader: Zhou Xiyang” in black.

At the moment, the red cap is shining slightly!

As the leader of the brigade, Zhou Xiyang was able to impose sanctions and punishment on the passengers in the brigade when he found that they had committed “crimes” and “attempted to escape the track”, and the hotel would also assist!

This time, he deliberately kept away from c-50, deliberately asked people to focus on Yun Lianghan and them, and enforced the law for fishing.


Zhou Xiyang wore a cap on his back and smiled wantonly. The orange red □□ turned around between his fingers and clicked to open the insurance.

“Without the help of the hotel… It’s easy to kill the four of them.”

Since knowing that the only link guide on the way home of C  50  and an Xuefeng link guide, the four people who wanted to kill C  50 and seize the token of 30 degrees north latitude were on Zhou Xiyang’s death list.

C  50  absolutely  can die. If you kill them, you won’t have any worries!

He did not block the live broadcast. Zhou Xiyang knew that countless people outside were paying attention to the journey.

This killing is also for those people. In order to make an example of others, knock on the mountain and shake the tiger!

“Well, it’s like you did it alone. We’ll help, too.”

Meckel complained: “half life, even if it’s a little coughing and coughing, but it’s red and stiff enough. It’s no problem to entangle individuals.”


Zhou Xiyang nodded slightly and looked at yuntianhe: “you also go with us.”

Because of the stability factor, he will stay behind.

Yuntianhe didn’t refuse. The three carried the red lanterns and walked to the exit of Leigu Hutong.

“Yun Lianghan is right. We are more used to acting alone.”

On the way, yuntianhe smiled.

Yun Lianghan is used to acting alone, so is Yun Tianhe. Tourists trained by the tour guide alliance like them, whether they hide their identity or not, have the same venue as other tourists.

In particular, yuntianhe was so pious that he almost printed the word “I came out of the shepherd alliance” on his face. He was completely different from the hidden passengers. What’s more, he is of mixed race, and his title is biased towards the west, so he will be excluded. It’s certain.

“But I’m the same as Yun Lianghan.”

Yuntianhe longed and said, “I really admire director C. he has had a journey… He is a genius. He is a real shepherd.”

“Give passengers experience, guide passengers to unite, and let them all live, but don’t give them excessive doting. Severe, compassionate, crazy and irrational, this is the shepherd.”

“Raising pigs… I like the word. Many tour guides in the East and west areas say that they raise pigs, but they do the work of killing pigs. They just live as alternative butchers.”

Yuntianhe language became more and more fanatical: “the means of dream chasers are too gentle, the means of life players are too violent, puppet master… Tut.”

“Only Cui Dao, he can really shepherd!”

“How dare you say that“

Mei Ke’er asked, “you’re a good Cui guide. How did you kill Yun Lianghan? He didn’t mean well.”

“Do you think this journey is too peaceful?”

Yuntianhe asked back, “it’s so peaceful. It’s like the group led by Cuidao, and more like the group led by the dreamer.”

“Yun Lianghan… Their blood should bring some of the same.”

Yuntianhe’s gentle smile, Tibet’s morbid madness.

“A shepherd should be able to control his flock at any time.”

A shepherd who can be killed by a sheep is a real shepherd.

“You’re crazy.”

Meckel’s cat ears flew up. At this time, Zhou Xiyang in front suddenly accelerated.

At night, at the entrance of Leigu Hutong, they confronted two huge werewolves on October 10.

The one in front is rough and thick, with bulging muscles. His red hair is like a steel needle, like an incomparable soldier. The one in the back is slightly thin and fast, and the night is like an assassin.

They had just exchanged hands. On October 10, she held a scabbard in her left hand and a scarlet oil paper umbrella in her right hand. The red lantern was pinned behind her waist. The faint light of fire reflected her strong clothes.

“On October 10, you misunderstood something.”

Mia didn’t become a werewolf. She carried three red lanterns and was protected behind her. She said with a good voice and on October 10:

“We just want to meet the devil merchant, and we have to fight Cuidao.”

“I stopped you only because of the danger ahead.”

On October 10, he said coldly.

“You led the attack on us, October 10.”

Augustus showed his tusks, green wolf eyes and a touch of cunning: “even if the hotel judges, it will favor you!”

“October 10th, I believe you are kind.”

Mia followed her gently and said, “let’s go, at least say what’s dangerous ahead.”


On October 10, I glanced at Mia’s red lanterns and hissed coldly:

“It’s dangerous. If you want to pass, I’m afraid the red lantern in your hand will be destroyed.”

She opened the scarlet oil paper umbrella and put it on her shoulder. The pale umbrella bones were really made of long bones. It was strange and terrible.

This is the naked threat!

All the passengers on the scene understood each other’s meaning. Every word was full of deep meaning and an invisible confrontation.

“Instead of blocking us, like behind us.”

The white werewolf olena, who had been silent all the time, joked: “a shadow mouse has already drilled in… Be careful to bite off Cuidao’s head.”

“Mice can eat people. I know, but I like wolves best.”

The light of the lanterns at two points in the darkness was close, and it was half life Taoist priest and Bai Xiaotian. Just listening to the cold hum of half life Taoist priest, the red head roared fiercely and overflowed. Unexpectedly, the light of the lanterns was much dimmer, and the surrounding darkness flashed a little phosphorous, and the well intentioned ghosts peeped in the darkness.

If the lanterns go out, I’m afraid the ghosts of the whole drum beating alley will riot!

“Squeak –”

In the courtyard in the alley, the old wooden door opened a crack, and the door panel made money at the sight of it. The door couplet of “heaven is peaceful” turned into evil and different black and white, and the rolling fog spilled out, as if two tall and thin figures were sketched in the hazy.

Immeasurable Heavenly Master, this red stiff cloth can work!

Half life Taoist took a swipe on his cheek and glared at October 10. Now that the candle was burned, the lantern light was already dim, so he had to bear the red and stiff ghost. He wanted to put out the Lantern Candle. He provoked the ghost riots and angered the seventh master and eighth master. The consequences can be imagined.

Young life, why didn’t Zhou Xiyang and his family come here? Did Yun Lianghan really cooperate with the people in the West and touch the c-50? Didn’t he stop it even on October 10?

Crazy, crazy, is this really fishing? Yes, yes, it’s too hard!

“You’re all here.”

However, the Taoist priest in the upper half of the Ming Dynasty put on an unfathomable posture and said in a deep voice, “retreat, want to move forward again. I’ll put out your lanterns.”

His eyes are on the situation, three to four, the werewolf is on the first level, three levels, and the half life Taoist is also on the third level. However, his hands are red and stiff, and his strength is discounted, while the werewolf side has a place to know. It is said that Yun Lianghan has sneaked into the body of c-50.

The situation is optimistic!

The situation is now in their favor!

Augustus winked and would never wait for Zhou Xiyang to come! Although he was afraid of the scarlet zombie, he also determined that the half life Taoist would dare to extinguish the lantern. Because just now their lanterns were dim, even the lanterns on October 10 were dim.

It’s a move equivalent to dying together. Everyone who has a little brain knows that half life Taoist priest will never do it!

“Ouch –”

Hesitation, wolf roar, signal of attack! Augustus’s muscles were tense and he was about to kill, but at this time, his heart suddenly throbbed, as if something extremely dangerous had happened.


Mia screamed behind her. Augustus turned back and was shocked to find that all the lanterns in her arms had gone out!

Only her arms, even the half life Taoist priest and Bai Xiaotian’s hand, all the lanterns left behind her waist on October 10 went out.

“Half life -!”

Shock and rage made Augustus redder. This half life was so crazy!

In order to obstruct them, all the lanterns were put out!

“ me!”

Half life Taoist was stunned and heard Augustus roar his conscious retort. But my heart is in a mess. My God, why did the lanterns suddenly go out without warning?

Red stiff is also obedient. There is no riot at all.

This is terrible!

“Woo –”

“Hee hee, hee hee –”

Ghosts cry and laugh. In the drum beating alley in the sudden darkness, without the suppression of lanterns, all ghosts have revived and rioted! The half life Taoist  went to the board of the paper bar shop. He complained and joked, stared at the half life Taoist  and took the paper people in the paper bar shop to attack him without hesitation.

Half life road faces are green. The paper bar shop, the board, the fierce ghosts of super three stars, and those paper men are also lack of super one star, which is extremely dangerous after the riot, not to mention other more powerful old ghosts who are attracted by the breath of living people and are gradually waking up!

“Go back to the courtyard!”

Half life Taoist’s voice changed. He grabbed Bai Xiaotian and was about to run back. But he didn’t pull it.

“Xiao Tian?!”

But Bai Xiaotian stared at the entrance of the drum beating alley. His eyes flashed a trace of amazement. He also looked over there on October 10. His scarlet oil paper umbrella was trembling.

“Seize the opportunity!”

Augustus roared at this moment, and the wolf howled. His red hair was as white as the moon.  the werewolf roars the moon and attracts the moonlight. Even if the night sky is blocked by thick clouds, the moon still appears on the wolf’s hair! Reflected by the moonlight, several fierce ghosts around him were calm, as if enjoying the moonlight.

“Follow me!”

Augustus took the opportunity to rush out, but Mia and olaine slowed down. Fortunately, they were slow, because in one second, an orange red bullet flickered, the afterglow of the sunset, coerced the hot temperature, and directly hit Augustus like a falling sun!

There are still traces of red light in the dark, and the fierce ghosts they touch send out mournful and painful wails one after another. The smoke of gunpowder dispersed, and half of the werewolf’s head was sunken by the bullet, full of scorch marks, but he was not dead. The collapsed skull recovered rapidly and made a rattle.

Zhou Xiyang said fiercely, “Augustus, go back, or I’ll kill you.”

“Zhou Tuan!”

Half life Taoist aimed at the neutral position and dragged Bai Xiaotian like his relatives. When he saw that Zhou Xiyang had no lanterns in their hands, he wanted to cry without tears

“Really? I turned off the light!”

“You stand in the way.”

Zhou Xiyang grabbed the half life Taoist and pulled him back.

“Stop, stop what?”

Half life Taoist turned half a circle like a top. He stumbled and was held by red stiff before he stood firm. He glanced back in his consciousness, and his eyes were almost staring out.

“Clatter – clatter -”

 harsh sound of chain dragging on the ground.

“Pusu — Pusu –”

 penetrating sound when the mourning stick shakes.

I saw a black and a white face, a clear face, and two tall thin shadows caged in the fog like shade, walking slowly towards them.

The riot in the drum beating Hutong disturbed black and white impermanence!

I’m afraid this drum beating alley connects the underworld. This quadrangle courtyard is a residence where black and white are impermanent on earth. In order to suppress here!

Black and white impermanence is threatening. I’m afraid it’s only to suppress ghosts and arrest the sinners who lead to the drum beating alley! Listen to the truth and lock your soul for a few days and nights. You will naturally know the truth.

But their passengers can be ordinary people. Who knows the consequences of Yin difference soul locking!

“Chaos, complete chaos…”

Half life Taoist  how do you know  how do you know  when you get to this position, seeing that black and white impermanence is getting closer and closer, he shakes his hand, feels a token from the yellow cloth bag  and bites the tip of his tongue ruthlessly. A mouthful of blood mist sprays out. Half life Taoist’s face is also pale and gray.

But the broken token on his hand was shining, which was a seal character of “Mao”!

The golden light shines, and the faces of the half life Taoist are a few more. They live in the dignity of Gao Lin:

“This is the order of the true king. It’s like the true king’s presence. You should act according to the true king and retreat from the Yin!”

Ying Zhenjun, whose full name is “Mao Di Xian to Zhen San Guan, protect life, Chong Hui, protect Ying Zhenjun”, is the ancestor of Maoshan sect and the three ancestors of San Mao Zhenjun. He has the function of governing ghosts and the gate of Zhenyin palace. At the moment, he is just in his position!

Although the impermanence of black and white in front of us is regarded as our own honor and should only be a wisp of consciousness, this Yin difference is also likely to kill, which can only be suppressed by our functions. As soon as sanmaojun’s token came out, black and white impermanence stopped. However, they didn’t retreat, only hesitated.

After all, it’s only half a token, and Sanmao Jun, a local immortal, has little access than Shangmao Jun. he suffers from Tai Chi, including Dongyue and Si Ming Si Lu.

Can make black and white impermanence hesitate, but can’t make them retreat, just delay time!

I was going to… At least use this token at the funeral.

Half life Taoist vomited another mouthful of blood and was in a trance.

It’s only one night!

When he offered a token to stop the impermanence of black and white, Zhou Xiyang stepped forward with an extremely dignified face. Chaos, the whole drum beating alley was completely chaotic. From the moment the lanterns went out, everything was completely out of control.

He’s going to protect c-50!

“Bang bang bang!”

The six bullets took the afterglow of the sunset and shot it into the four heaven and earth. It was bright around, as if it were night, only dusk in the west of the sunset. Where the setting sun shrouded, the rebellious ghosts wailed and fled to the ground.

Late at night, the sunset is still there, and ghosts are out!


A bullet landed in front of Augustus, warning. The situation is changing. Now it’s time for civil war!


Augustus stood in front of olaine and Mia, and the wolf’s eye flashed a cruel light, but when he saw that the black and white “Oriental dead” came out and understood that the opportunity had been lost, he was willing and angry, his sharp claws crushed the ground, and roared: “Zhou Xiyang, half life Taoist must be severely punished!”

If you want him to go crazy and turn off the lanterns, how can you cause such confusion!

Really? I did it!

Half life Taoist almost vomited blood, and Zhou Xiyang rushed to the front, eager to protect c-50.

Just then a broken shadow rushed to his face.

“Go away!”

Zhou Xiyang punched Yun Lianghan out of the shadow without mercy.

“Where’s director Cui?!”

He picked up Yun Lianghan’s collar. There was no hotel broadcast. The pioneer of 30 degrees north latitude was not dead. Yun Lianghan should have no hands. Zhou Xiyang was relieved for the time being.

“Danger… Danger…”

The cloud Lianghan was covered with blood, full of chaos and trembling! His eyes were full of extreme panic, and the shadow was controlled and came out from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose, which was a sign that the essence was completely out of control. But in such a chaotic and terrible situation, he still spoke like a controlled voice:


  1. zero danger!

Zhou Xiyang’s heart vibrated. Gu Xiyang killed Yun Lianghan. Zhou Xiyang pinched his mouth and stuffed a sunset stone into it to seal his shadow. Then he threw Yun Lianghan back and rushed out.

“Wait a minute!”

But this time, he stopped him on October 10!

“Get out of the way!”

Zhou Xiyang was so anxious that he almost shot on October 10: “C  50 is in danger!”

“ he’s in danger…”

On October 10, he murmured and howled. Zhou Xiyang didn’t hear clearly.

But he also heard clearly.

Because just at the moment, an indescribable, huge shadow shrouded in.

Like a cigarette end, it understated and extinguished the sunset light reflected by Zhou Xiyang with six bullets.

For a moment, the drum beating alley was silent, and those howling ghosts seemed to have disappeared without any sound.

“Also —  fire –”

Terrible, the black shadow of Pang  shrouded  came, and the other party’s voice was harsh and distorted, such as the friction of paper, showing a little regret.

“Is there a fire -”

Dark, you can only see a pair of giant, black and white, slightly curved paper man eyes. One eye has a window. In front of it, all passengers are as small as ants. They were frightened, shocked, and looked up. Their minds were blank and completely confused.

It scanned all the passengers and glanced over the black lanterns.

The fire of the lantern also devours the extinguished.

“Is there a fire -”

It rumbled and asked again, but the passengers couldn’t understand the giant paper man. They could only hear the numbing, almost crazy noise. In front of them, there were countless strangely distorted patterns and colors,  essence  pollution!


Half life Taoist vomited blood again, and the token on his hand was completely dim. But black and white impermanence did not continue to approach and move forward, and they stood in place like stunned.

“God, God…”

This is the monster of heaven!

With his white eyes turned over, the half life Taoist trembled and fainted on the ground. I’m afraid the only one with the least pollution on the site was red and stiff. He carried the half life Taoist with one hand and Bai Xiaotian with the other. He fled and rushed back to the siheyuan.


At the gate of the courtyard, he collided with a huge red wolf. He saw that the red wolf was trembling all over. The wolf’s hair was messy, the wolf had no eyes and foamed at the mouth. He reluctantly carried Mia and olaine. When he entered the courtyard, he was paralyzed and trembled. He gasped hard.

Before, I had just made a shallow relief with the devil merchant. Augustus held on a little longer, but now he has completely held on.

“This, this…”

His mouth was clear, he was like a goat crazy, and his eyes were full of fear.

Siheyuan is close to the entrance of Leigu Hutong. Through the crack in the door, he can see the terrible and huge paper man.

What a monster!

“Heaven, the monster of the sky stage -”

Zhou Xiyang bit the tip of his tongue and his heart beat like a drum. His eyes were like a kaleidoscope of mottled color patches, and his ears were buzzing like thunder. The afterglow of the sunset shrouded him, making him barely resist the fine pollution.

Tianjie monster, more than super level, comparable to the horror monster of peak passengers!

At the peak of Yu Hehui, the sky level five stars!

Why does it appear here? Why… He’s going to save c-50, c-50, live!

He must get him back!

Trembling, Zhou Xiyang took a step, his heart was about to jump out of his chest, and he couldn’t breathe. Terrible sense of crisis and crazy gaze, falling from the top.

Zhou Xiyang, controlled and trembling, raised his head.

 pair the eyes of the giant paper man.

“Do you — have — fire –”

It stared at the sunset around Zhou Xiyang and coveted his eyes.

But when Zhou Xiyang listened to the paper man, he only felt the terrible impact of the essence, which made him almost crazy.

“Eh, Zhou Tuan?”

Hazy, Zhou Xiyang seemed to hear the sound of “C” 250.

“How did team Zhou get in the way? It’s too dangerous, tut.”

the sound of “C250” is full and there is no feeling of weakness. Only some surprise and human care.

“Thousands of papers, I have a fire.”

C 250… Okay?

Zhou Xiyang only heard this last sentence. When the pressure of the essence was removed from him, he finally couldn’t hold it anymore. His body shook and he half knelt on the ground.

Wei Xun nodded on October 10 and saw her leave with Zhou Xiyang, Mei Ke’er and Yun Lianghan. Then he looked at Yun Tianhe.

Yun tianhe was bleeding from his orifices and trembling all over, but he worshipped all over his face, smiled with joy, shook his hands, desperately took a picture of Wei Xun, and then ran back to the courtyard.

“All the passengers have left. At last it’s safe.”

Wei Xunshu took a mouthful of   at a moment, a huge white paper face stood in front of him, his dark eyes stared at him, his scarlet lips grinned to the roots of his ears, and his smile was frightening.

“Fire paper”

But the voice of the giant paper man didn’t fall. On the whole paper giant body, it rushed in the direction of Wei Xun, and suddenly printed a giant hook mark.


The violent and hoarse voice sounded in the dark sky behind the giant paper man.

“I want—skin—”


A sour scream sounded, and the paper man’s body opened a hole, but it closed quickly. Only a scarlet blood color flowed rapidly from the mark. The giant paper man, Wei Xun, looked back, stared at the blood mark on his body and touched it.


“Wet the paper –”

Thousands of papers were angry, and their voice was as sad as a wail.

“Ignition – burning -!”

“They are really noisy. They are noisy. My San will fall out again!”

The devil merchant’s complaint came from behind.

“All the passengers have gone back?”

“They all went back.”

Wei Xun said, “there are few of them.”

When the angry qianjiazhi tried to turn around and fight with the Skinner, Wei Xun ignited Fengyu in time. The thousand pieces of paper attracted by the flame turned around and rushed in the direction of Wei Xun. Wei Xun immediately extinguished his feathers and walked forward. Without the flame, Qianjia paper like  lost his goal, but with a trace of instinct, he began to move forward with  Wei Xun.

“Are you afraid?”

The devil merchant walked around and looked at the terrible giant paper man.

After they get the tendency of skinning and living, the devil merchant can also find these terrible monsters. At the thought of the giant paper man on the bus that day, when his guide flag poked the paper man’s eye out of the window, the devil businessman was crazy.

“I’m afraid that the passengers will die by accident. It’s too bad for me.”

Wei Xun said, reflecting on himself: “ I didn’t expect that thousands of papers would absorb all the fire in the lantern.”

Fortunately, qianjiazhi and the skinning butcher also suppressed all the ghosts in the drum beating alley, even the black and white impermanence.

“I didn’t expect that this drum beating alley is the intersection between the underworld and the sun, so that thousands of paper and skinned people can show their appearance.”

It’s reasonable to say that special class passengers like Zhou Xiyang may have to go to thousands of stores and their strength is in place.

Only those passengers who can be deterred, such as he Lushu and orange, are able to seal. However, Wei Xun is connected with the essence on the way home. They are polluted by the essence. Wei Xun can also relieve them.

All the other passengers who came in with the power of sealing were frightened. It’s good to be a demon behind the province.

It’s a good plan. It’s a lot of carving with one arrow. Wei Xun had never thought of the particularity of Leigu Hutong.

“I will be careful this time.”

Wei Xun made a conclusion.

“Be careful?”

Yu Hehui youyou said that he has now become a fox cub, curled up in Wei Xun’s cloak, spilled his cloak in anger, biting and whining.

“You said you’d just call it out!”

“It’s hard to call it out once and make the best use of everything.”

“I said this fear again.”

The devil merchant was speechless.

“On the contrary, we didn’t confirm the team leader’s assessment tendency, not to mention that they also asked for us.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “then why should I be afraid.”

“You’re really  – Hey!”

The devil merchant has completely convinced Wei Xun. Only his courage to Wei Xun has his thinking beyond ordinary people.

“It’s amazing that you can think of such a way.”

The devil merchant looked at the thousands of paper and skinned people in the “queue” and said again, “how did you think of it?”

Wei Xun looked like truth or falsehood: “peel the skin of the people who covet you. If you go ahead, of course it will go with you.”

At the moment, Wei Xun walked in front with phoenix feathers, and the devil merchant stood side by side with him. Qianjia paper was attracted and followed Wei Xun closely. And the skinning students were blocked by thousands of papers and walked at the end.

This is the best queue order. They made several rounds outside before they finally stabilized.

“Come on, I went to the back just now. The Skinner didn’t kill me.”

The devil retorted like a businessman.

“That may be a giant paper man. If you have a back, it looks like a giant human skin.”

Wei Xun shrugged his shoulders and told the truth.

The truth is, he has a shadow donkey in his hand.

There will be a tendency to complete the complete assessment. For example, golden children and young women should be together, such as skinning. Students are looking for lost skin.

Wei Xun’s bottom line is that after he knew that he had burned thousands of pieces of paper, what he found was “the appreciation of thousands of pieces of paper”. Therefore, Wei Xun dared to speculate that the most urgent appeal of Qianjia paper might be to let him burn it with Phoenix Fire, and he ate Wei Xun and killed Wei Xun.

Of course, if Qianjia paper is integrated into the team leader assessment, the demand may change, and then it is simple.

But now, as long as Wei Xun San’s value returns to zero and thousands of paper eyes turn red, it will be ‘easy to get along with’.

As for the monsters with the tendency of complete team leader assessment, the monsters with the tendency of complete team leader assessment, and the monsters with the tendency of Skinner butcher assessment, compared with the strength of the people, the thousand paper is better than the Skinner butcher.

Therefore, the peeling machine can’t cross thousands of pieces of paper and will be blocked by it. Even if the skinning is cruel and terrible, it will be more than a thousand pieces of paper.

On the contrary, Qianjia paper has become Wei Xun’s protective wall.

“I want 90 percent.”

Wei Xun held out his hand to the devil merchant. Just now, the devil merchant slipped around. He must have picked up something.

“I can take the risk of being skinned or raw skinning. I’m seven and you’re three.”

This will make the devil businessman say that he will be skinned.

The two negotiated the price, and finally reached □ □ points, Wei Xun 6 and devil merchant 4.

“It’s all old ghosts!”

The devil merchant readily took out a crystal bottle and poured more than half of its gray ‘liquid’ to Wei Xun.

“All the ghosts in the drum beating alley are scared silly by them.”

Then he took out a storage bracelet and threw it directly to Wei Xun.

“Their goods have all fallen to the ground!”

The devil merchant was in high spirits. His eyes looked around like an eagle. It was like entering a free supermarket and going to “rush to buy”

“Don’t worry, there are many people ahead.”

While talking, Wei Xun kept controlling his speed and took the giant paper man forward. Its body is in taipang. It directly occupies the whole alley and sweeps away the past. No ghosts can be spared.

Wei xunteng took action. The devil merchant was like a diligent little bee. He picked up things everywhere. Fierce ghosts, little ghosts, ghosts and items they sold were all let go.

Suddenly, Wei Xun’s eyes were sharp. There was a black chain on the ground. He wanted a white mourning stick. When the devil merchant didn’t notice, he quietly put it away by himself.

This can be the black and white impermanent mourning stick and soul hook!

When Wei Xun put away the two items, there was a house in the distance of Leigu Hutong. A paper man floated up and looked around, as if he wanted to see the situation here.


Wei Xun quickly noticed that he lit the phoenix feather and threw it out. He just heard a crash, and the thousand pieces of paper behind him rushed out like a dog. There was a paper man in front of Fengyu. Qianjiazhi thought he was going to rob the fire. He was furious and swallowed it in one bite.

Directly killed by the second.

The passengers trembled and felt cold on their necks.

I feel like I’m the monkey who makes an example.

Have you ever seen a monster at midnight.

On that day, the passengers suddenly remembered that they faced the fear of fierce ghosts when they were on a journey to the supernatural.

“Is it terrible for the team leader to assess?”

Zhou Xiyang woke up, but his mind was depressed. He drooped his face and looked anxiously at Wei Xun in front of the giant paper man. I want to bring him back quickly. It’s too dangerous there. I feel that if I want to rush out, I will be in danger. The whole person will be fine.

“Limitless Tianzun, how can there be such a team leader assessment!”

Half life Taoist was miserable and breathless, with no eyes: “this, this is not integrated into the scenic spot, the original monster!”

“Damn it, this, this, they swept the whole drum beating alley, meow.”

Meckel’s six tails were all scared out. He was pitiful and surrounded himself like a cat ball.

“I knew it. It’s useless for us to go on the task of beating drum Hutong scenic spots.”

As soon as he said this, all the passengers were at a loss.

Ah, why do they bother to buy things and play games with ghosts?

“Only drum alley.”

Mia’s little female wolf was also insane. She said two words with a wolf’s sob.

“Dongfang die  I’m sure  I’ll stop grandma Zhi from going to the funeral during the next trip.”

“But Cui Daohe took the weapon of Dongfang’s death, which definitely affected the rear journey. Therefore, the paper man in Zhi’s house floated up. As a result…”

It was killed by a giant paper man.

The passengers passed silently and saw that the giant paper man returned to Wei Xun. Without Wei Xun’s hand, Feng Yu went out. Thousands of papers are burned.

He spit Feng Yu to Wei Xun like a dog who picked up the ball.

“Fire paper fire”

It buzzed and roared, “it was like rain for a moment, and the measured items fell in front of Wei Xun.


Wei Xun was surprised that the thousands of paper bags were so good that they could find out what they had dropped in the street. The thousands of paper bags were destroyed and destroyed the whole drum beating alley. Pick up everything to please him. That’s all. In this pile of things, Wei Xun found a miserable paper man torn to pieces.

 the one killed by thousands of papers.

“Oh, this paper is rotten.”

Wei Xun pretended to know the goods and even touched his hands. He kicked the paper ball to the gate of the courtyard like kicking garbage.

If this involves the scenic spots, he, as a tour guide, touches them, I’m afraid they will be repaired and sent back, and they can be disclosed to passengers. After all, ‘maintain scenic spots’.

However, when passengers find it, they will be restricted. Because the hotel decided that it was very reasonable that they found it in an extremely dangerous situation (facing thousands of paper and peeling raw).

Zhou Xiyang shook his hand and picked up the ragged paper printed on Wei Xun’s shoes.

[you found the housekeeper of Zhijia hospital!]

For a moment, Zhou Xiyang was silent.


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